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Jeremy Lin would help Lakers even if it complicates their backcourt

It only took a strong showing in the Las Vegas Summer League to create enough buzz to get Lakers fans excited. But that's what happens when Jeremy Lin of the Dallas Mavericks held his own against No. 1 draft pick John Wall, the Lakers need to bolster their backcourt and, well, fans don't know what to do with themselves other than talk basketball during the off-season.

But, as reported by ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin, the talk surrounding Lin, an undrafted guard from Harvard, isn't just a pipe dream. The Lakers' interest in Lin is real as the two parties continue to be in negotiations. It remains unclear whether this will happen, if Lin is just picked up for training camp or if he's only given a training-camp contract.

If Lin were to join the team, however, the 6-foot-3, 200-pound guard would bolster the backcourt even if it'd complicate the rotation. That's because the Lakers would carry six guards and affect the roles of Shannon Brown and Sasha Vujacic. If Lin joined the team, the chances that Brown would come back would be fairly slim. But it would also eat into Vujacic's playing time, which I think will actually prove valuable considering he's entering a contract year.

With Lin's Draft Express Profile suggesting thathe has a mastery of the game, strong playmaking abilities and good judgment, his presence would significantly bolster the Lakers' backcourt because he'd serve as a youthful option to a unit that is aging. But with the same profile mentioning Lin could improve his athleticism and Summer League results need to be viewed skeptically, the Lakers are going to need to make some concessions. Are they confident Brown can mold into more than a dunker? Or do they think Brown just doesn't have the skill-set to play consistently? Are they confident Lin's dazzling performances will translate to success with the Lakers? Or do they think he still needs some experience before they consider taking him?

I mentioned last week why the Lakers should re-sign Brown, and despite Lin's play during Summer Leauge, I stick to that position. Still, if the Lakers opt for Lin, the acquisition would shelp the Lakers reach their goal of improving their backcourt. Lin also carries a background that the Lakers would embrace given their media market and international presence. Lin, who's Taiwanese, would become the first American born Asian to play in the NBA since Rex Walters and Wat Misaka. The Lakers already boast plenty of international flavor with Pau Gasol (Spain), Vujacic (Slovenia) and D.J. Mbenga (Democratic Republic of Congo), though it's unclear the Lakers are going to keep Mbenga. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has made plenty of trips to Asia, sharing basketball know-how with kids while promoting his shoe as well as for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and has developed a strong appreciation for Asian culture. In that respect, Lin would be immediately embraced.

Surely, Lin would go through some challenges, but his background has shown he's managed to overcome those. After winning a state championship at Palo Alto High, he couldn't even get a Division I scholarship. Yet, he excelled at Harvard and made the All-Ivy League first team twice. Lin went undrafted, but still managed to create buzz off his Summer League performances. We'll find out soon enough what choice the Lakers wind up making, whether they pick up the hot prospect or stick with Brown. Even if Lin doesn't show up in El Segundo next season, he can be comforted in knowing he's at least done something right. And that is giving the Lakers and their fans something to talk about during the dog days of the off-season.

--Mark Medina

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/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll- - -SIGN JEREMY LIN ------]
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Laker Tom
Jon K.
Nemaia Faletogo
Magic Phil
K Love
Cool Guy
Art - FL Laker Fan
Ice Cube
Psycho Drama Queen
enjoy the game
Jamie Sweet
Michael Rose
Gilbert Battung

that's it? That's his highlight reel? Man, by this argument, Freddy Jones would be better than Lebron.

I'll reserve judgment for now.

Larry- You mean ‘Companion.’

God we must already have entered the boring part of the summer if a whole column is being dedicated to Jeremy Freaking Lin.

If anyone thinks an on-the-cheap undrafted rookie is a better bet to help us in the finals than Shannon Brown who scored in double digits starting for Kobe and has played 2 years in the triangle, they ought to get their head examined.

BTW, Lewstrs , what happened to our MBring MBack Mbenga Mbandwagon?

I think Shannon can help the team better than Lin at this point, but to let a kid like Lin to walk away is a sin. We must sign him now, even if we're not going to utilize his talents for now. We need to rebuild at some point, and Bynum, Lin and Shannon are the future Lakers. Under Kobe's wings we can have a nice and smooth transition in the next3-4 years.


====------ === ------===
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll- - - Mitch Sign DJ MBenga ------]
L___(@)l______l__ ____l(@) J

Jay Jay
63 Footer
Magic Phil

If we get Lin, Ebanks and Caracter AND they end up being as good as my gut tells me that they can be, well, Mitch is the fricken MAN!!!

I'm actually getting a bit nervous about some Mike Penberthy prospect out of Harvard. I don't know why. My Lakeraholic Psychic Sense is going off.

This kid is no Sun Yue, methinks. He might be able to actually contribute in a meaningful way, and that's all we can ask for a rookie.

Now let's balance our youth with TMac and Shaq!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jay Jay,

New, exciting and cheap is always a treat. That's what Ebanks, Caracter, and Lin represent: Hope in the unknown.

Brown is known and, yes, we should resign him... along with TMac and Shaq.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I know our payroll is huge but why not bring in Lin even if we re-sign brown? Assuming we will be bringing in another big that would still only be 14 guys. If the guy has potential, bring him in cheap and see what happens.


What else does this guy have to do to prove he belongs in the NBA? He torched UConn, BC, and Georgetown the multiple times they played, outplayed John Wall in the summer league, and was one of 20 finalists for the John Wooden (best DI player) and Bob Cousy (best DI point guard) awards. He keeps getting no respect, excels with the unjust hands he's dealt, and is the biggest sleeper in this year's crop of rookies.

Jeremy Lin is the most productive and efficient per-minute player on the Mavericks summer team for scoring, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks. He's shooting 55% from the field, and 66% from 3-point land. His last game he took only 6 shots and scored 12 points. His game is legit, he can play with the best.

Even though he showed he can hold his own (if not dominate) against the #1 overall draft pick John Wall, he still has a TON of potential to grow, and the sky's the limit for him. He is learning more every single game.

Simply due to race, he was California's only HS State Player of the Year in history who wasn't offered any college DI basketball scholarships. He keeps getting no respect his entire career.

Internet comments about Jeremy being less athletic are completely bogus, lazily made simply because he's Asian American. Lin has been the most athletic player on the Mavericks summer team, with eye popping spin moves, out-rebounding other guards, and getting steals and blocks no other guard is able to do. The disparaging comments about Jeremy Lin are ignorant fans who have never actually seen the kid play. Anyone who sees him play becomes a fan and know he can play at the NBA level. I've watched Jeremy Lin since his college career against players drafted in the 1st round, and he is NBA legit. His game is already good enough to play 15 minutes off the bench and give a team positive +/- differentials.

Sun Yue's you tube highlights are nice too. MM the topic of the hour right now is Bynum and Kobe's surgery, let's be real here. This is the only pressing issue concerning the Lakers right now. If these two aren't a 100% during the season, we lose out on a chance at home court advantage in the postseason. I also am hearing LO is looking good so far with TeamUSA. That's what I need updates on, real players who are ready to go to war against Boston in the finals. Forget the small fries.


I am not on the "Invite Lin to Training Camp Bandwagon", I'm on the "Give Lin a Guaranteed Contract Now Before Dallas Does Bandwagon".

Michael H,

I'd argue we need a 3rd string point guard. Neither Sasha nor Shanon are that guy. Fish is 36 with plenty of long post seasons on his legs. He's unlikely to play the full 82 this year. A 3rd string point guard with some upside sounds like a necessity rather than a luxury.

I have my reservations, but I'd be curious to see if Lin can be that guy.


via Harvard's newspaper twitter:

"Jeremy Lin tells The Crimson he will select an NBA team to sign with either 'tonight or tomorrow'."

I guess we'll know soon enough. When you take into account his defense, Lin would be at least as effective as Brown or Vujacic -- and much, much cheaper.


The side of the Suburban says - SIGN JEREMY LIN

I changed the banner anyway...

Gotta sign Brown. There ain't nothin but garbage left in the free agent bucket

Looks like the Warriors finally woke the hell up -- ESPN says they're close to signing Lin. Perfect fit for him. They need a backup combo guard who can defend. And obviously, Lin will have a huge following playing in the Bay Area.

There is not a scintilla of evidence that Lin would help the Lakers - or any NBA team. Since when has the summer league ever been indicative of future NBA performance?


Shaq, Shannon and the 3 rooks. Lin is definitely worth adding a 14th man. His game is worth the $875,000 gamble. Besides the Laker organization will make that back ten fold in PR.

There is not a scintilla of evidence that Lin would help the Lakers - or any NBA team. Since when has the summer league ever been indicative of future NBA performance?

Posted by: Jim | July 20, 2010 at 06:23 PM

How quickly you forget William "Smush" Parker! lol

I agree.

Sign him. What are the odds that both Fisher and Blake go an entire season with absolutely no game-limiting injuries? One tweaked ankle between the two of them, and we'd be down to just one point guard (the Dunkster -- Brown -- is still an SG in my book). Even if Lin doesn't crack the 12-man roster at the start of the season, for a minimum salary he'd be valuable insurance as a reserve.

Although I'm not what you would call an avid boxing fan, mainly due to the horrendous amounts of corruption that has infested the sport, I will state that I am a Pac-Man fan. (Probably because I too am 1/2 Filipino)

I do find all this "pussy-footing" around between Manny & Floyd rather annoying no matter what the reasons. I just wish they could finally agree on something and let this fight finally happen.


From all that I've read and seen of this kid Lin... Please Mitch do not let this kid slip through the cracks... we need to give him a chance and see if he can possibly flourish as a Laker with Caracter and Ebanks.


IMO Kobe is already the GLOAT... I love Magic & Kareem as much as anybody and I wasn't around to enjoy West or Wilt , but when Kobe was drafted then traded to the Lakers and then we got to see him play, right off the bat, I knew he was gonna be special. I was the only one of my friends, who by the way were hardcore Jordan fans, who would say Kobe would end up being as good as Jordan and maybe even better. Oh and believe me when my buddies would laugh at me and say I was crazy and say that NO ONE would ever get close to being compared to MJ. But who's crazy now?

I think we need both Shannon's Brown (the athletic dunker) and Jeromy Lin ( court savy & very quick) on this Lakers Team . Shannon would bring in toughness, slashing, dunking specially when Kobe is resting while Lyn appears to be a solid passer & could be the quickest guard on team, he would be great if you wanted to change the pace and catch people by surprise and throw a harpoon at the other team. I think he would become the 5th guard on the team ( sorry Sasha) and a nice peace of the bench.

One thing i have seen on Lyn is he watches how the defense is standing and reacts very quickly & accordingly to it. He attacks when people aren't ready. I know Kobe of all people would respect and appreciate that.

justa- I just ordered my 'the angels are watching the phone box' t shirt. I think I have gone over to a real Dr. fan.

Posted by: phred | July 20, 2010 at 04:48 PM

phred - COOL! I gotta get me one of those. Can you post a link? Have you seen that episode yet? If so - what did you think? (Or did you just get it on my recommendation?!) REAL DOCTOR FANS UNITE!! LOL!!

Shaq ain't coming. 1st of all, Kobe is not going to sign off on that acquisition. Second, someone is going to pay him a hell of a lot more money to destroy their team chemistry than the Lakers can offer. He'll go to the team offering the most money in the city with the best food.

And let TMac take a brisk walk down Figueroa without breaking down for 20 games before the Lakers offer him a deal. I don't think he has it in him, and I doubt Mitch does either.


MM you out there?????

Question - can we have a chat Saturday during the Team USA game? (Does anyone else want that? LOL!)


yeah, i watched the episode this afternoon. I stopped halfway through to order the t shirt. Moment of impulse. Also I think Carey Mulligan sort of melted part of my computer...dayum.

phred - thanks!! Tell me what you think of the EPISODE - not the girl lol! It's DEF one of my fav's - top 2 or 3.

RICO TICO is right, sigh them both.
Also HaloAnt mentioned "slip through the cracks". That's exactly the term for Lin. Even you're not impressed by 1 SL game, he's valuable, we must have him.

Sorry guys. ESPN is reporting that Lin is close to signing with the Warriors!!

JJLong...urgh, apparently he's a GS fan...well, then I understand.

Justa- it was pretty awesome, and I don't say that about too many tv shows. but I think it was part of a really good run with 'human nature' and 'family of blood' all three in a row, I sort of got sucked into watching those today. So, I haven't gotten much else done, but all three were great.

great wit, some pathos and emotion, a lot of great characterization and real actual well, depth. All within the constraints of a 42 minute sci fi tv show with more plot holes than a Harry Potter book written by David Lynch.

Come to think of it, that would be awesome, too.

ok, that sounded a bit too reviewish, but i'm still working through it in my brain.

good stuff.

Stein reports that the Warriors are guaranteeing half of Lin's first-year salary. Quick, Mitch, time for a pre-emptive strike! Offer the full minimum -- guaranteed. You're going to have to fill in a 13th slot with a minimum-salary player anyway, so why not make it Lin?

GS 1/2 of full? OMG!!! Mitch, give him FULL, WTF?

more th0ughts- I think part of it works so well because the writers, the actors and the directors are all really good, better than your average tv writer, but also they take the character and the concept really seriously, enough to sell it to the audience. But not too seriously to subvert the overall ideas to make a good story.

Serial drama is hard, but you get to start with good characters. It's hard to conform to the expectations of the core audience and still be fresh and interesting. Dr Who seems to be really good at striding that line.

I dont' know, can i discuss it in detail without losing the audience of Laker fans? Oh wait, they are salivating over an undrafted pg from harvard. Never mind, we have a lot of space to fill here.

Jeez. You guys lose it over Luke Walton getting less than an MLE contract after a good two seasons, you want to hand over a fully guaranteed rookie contract to a guy who had one good summer league game?

Way to learn from the past.

Lin's staying home. Next. Smart move by the Warriors. Lin will sell his contract's worth of Jerseys before the ink dries.

Kurt Thomas anyone? How about a viable 3rd string point guard out there somewhere?


Didn't Luke get a full MLE? For the max number of years.

And it seemed stupid then and more stupid now.

500K guaranteed for a kid who may not cut it against real NBA ballers seems stupid too.

Shannon before someone looks at him to play against us. He beat us in overtime for Charlotte before joining us. Too versatile on both ends of the court and needs some playing time..........................C'mon Mitch.

When he played 20 minutes he had 20+ points and 10 rebponds, don't those games count. See Shannon jump!

Wow - Donkey just resigned 2 years $9 mil w/ the Celtics.

I need to get out more - they're just THROWING money around out there.

phred - agreed about the cast & directors/writers/etc - LOTS of talent. The writer of "Blink" is now the show's director?Producer? Something like that... His episodes are by far the best (can't think of his name right now). Hopefully the quality of the writing won't go down this new season.

I think the reason this episode is so good is because it's completely out of left field. You just don't expect the premise of the story - the weeping angels doing what they're doing. (Don't want to be too much of a spoiler for anyone else)! Add in some good time travel stuff and a cute guy (ok and girl) and voila! Excellent episode - kinda creeps you out but you can't turn away!


htj- I don't have exact numbers. You could probably ask LTLF. I think it was slightly less than the MLE, but I'm not sure the CBA was exactly the same back then.

Either way, it's not my money to throw around, that's Dr Buss's call. I guess if the brain trust et al want to take the risk, that's their deal, but when we signed Luke, the end of his deal sort of coincided with the projected end of Kobe's 'window of opportunity' ie, we were locked into the salary cap mostly anyway. That salary cap is damn low.

But there might be different standards now, like maximizing our chances to win a title this year or next year, if there is a next year. Not sure why any rookie would be the secret to that.

And as for long term? Well, long term is drafting or signing a future superstar, a Kobe, a KG, a Lebron, not finding the next Mike James. We don't need a guy who, after years of seasoning could be a vital (or at least decent) role player.

Nothing against Lin. I don't know anything about how he will do in the future. Neither does anybody else, honestly. You kiss enough frogs, etc. You guys are right, a 13th roster spot probably doesn't matter one way or another. That's why we aren't going to waste guaranteed money on it to compete with the Golden State Warriors.

Sorry, I'm giving into my inner ranter. I've been trying to cultivate him lately.


much love


Well since it appears that we will not win on the Jeromy Lin sweepstake. That paints things very clear. SIGN Shannon Brown NOW. He want to be a Lakers, he understands his roll and is happy with it, coming of the bench. He helps our teams last year. Was a top 8 rotation player and is explosive on offense. He understands our triangle offense and is perfect fit to back up Kobe at the SG position.

SO MITCH , SIGN HIM NOW!!! and if you need another reason he is the best available free agent guard left. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

justa- Steven Moffat. is a beautiful thing.

Yeah, I don't want to get into any spoilers (for y'all future Dr. fans out there)

I think that the set up was brilliant technique, though. The ending wasn't even quite as good as the set up and the narrative. The idea of the play between the past/ the present was a great concept, well executed. I almost knew what was going to happen, but it was fun seeing how they did it.

the ending wasn't anticlimactic, though. Predictable, but not anticlimactic.

Oh, and I now hate Shia LaBeouf more than ever. What the hell does that Seth McFarlane Lite have, anyway? Jerk.

Jeremy Lin is going to be playing in the NBA next year, and by the middle of the season getting playing time because of his skills, athleticism , and hustle. The question is DO YOU WANT THAT TO BE ON THE LAKERS or watch it happen on some other team. As much as I love Shannon, their is no way Shannon can get to the rim in traffic like Lin can, and that what we need. He's way cheaper than Brown and we could spend that extra money on a Laker Back up big. ALL YOU PEOPLE THAT SAY WE SHOULD SIGN SHANNON, SHAQ AND LIN PLUS OUR DRAFT PICKS ARE NOT BEING REALISTIC. We don't have unlimited cash, space or playing time.

I say sign Lin and Mbenga or another decent 6' 10"+ center and call it a day.

Man, is there something in the position of the sky in July that makes everybody dramatically overrate certain players and misunderstand the collective bargaining agreement or something?

sorry, restate. (still pimping that RCOTD) (not really)

Man, is there something in the position of the sun in the sky in July that makes everybody dramatically overrate certain players and misunderstand the collective bargaining agreement or something?

so has there been any word from Mitch or whoever, how many players the Lakers plan to roster this year?

last year we went with the league minimum of 13, which if that happens again, we only will sign four more players...

which I am hoping for Brown, the two draft picks, and Mbenga...

if they do decide to carry 14 (or even15) then there is room for someone like Lin and or another big back up or whatever---

I just have the feeling we will again only have 13 players, and Brown and the two draft picks definitly make the most sense, with another back up center being probably desirable and Mbenga makes the most sense if jackson will actually utilize him....if not him, then maybe Kurt Thomas or ???

I just don't see Mitch going up to 14 players (or 15) unless it's for someone who really makes the team tangeably better---and then it's still down to where is the playing time going to come from etc.



Jay Jay,

If we can only sell our Lakers Blog threads about Jeremy Lin, then the kid could have signed by now. Unfortunately, it is the reverse. We are generous in talking, chatting but our F/O can only offer 1/2, freaking one half of the rookie contract. This like giving a beggar a dollar, then asking for 50 cents back. What a miserable Championship team? First, they cannot afford a program in the parade; Second, they could not trade their garbage players; Third, they want a cheap player and still asking for a bargain. Whaaaaa! cupcake asking for discount at 99 cents store! Now we know why there is delay on Shannon Brown signing, perhaps he is gone for good too. Maybe, just maybe Mitch include the blog bandwagon as part of the negotiations. It goes like this: Mr. Montgomery, you kid Jeremy is popular among the Laker fans and he is patronized the Father of the Blog, LakerTom. We heard your kid from him, so consider our meager offer, you kid got love and that love could be translated to dollars. Here is the map of Southern California and there are three Chinatowns here vs. only in Dallas and in SF, c'mon accept the half now and we'll pay the other half on monthly basis in terms of fan love."

Phred, I think the CBA is a mystery to most folks year round.

It's not just one good Summer League game, Lin, won at the college and high school level, and has point guard skills

No, I don't really have any doubt that if we could sign Shannon Brown for half of 475 K, that we would have any problem pulling the trigger. It's not a real choice there.

I think the choice is whether we get another good backup C, or not. Then we resign DJ, or not, then the question is about how much roster space we have for a SG, then we resign Shannon, or not. That's about well, that's about it.

Floyd- exactly. well said.


Edwin- sorry, you had me for a minute there, but wha? We can only offer 1/2 a rookie contract?

tomK- It's the NBA. everybody was good at either the high school or the college level. There are a lot more roster spots to go around in high school and college.

Jordan Farmar- great high school and college player. Smush Parker? same. Luke Walton? same. A hundred guys who won't ever get past the D League? Yep, great HS and college players. Not really what we are looking for.

Well, technically Smush was a great schoolyard/ summer league player. Not so much c0llege.

But y'all see what I mean.

sorry, I'm getting long winded and expository here, but do you guys know what happens when NBA scouts see a good HS or college player? They draft him. Just sayin.

True, for every dollar spent with the Lakers, it is equivalent to two dollars. We are talking here of rookie contract the bottom of the totempole. If we can sign a Superstar for 24M, a lazy star for 8m and a bench warmer for 6m why can't we give this kid the maximum? We have spent too much on things that are not important but pathetically poor in seed money for the Lakers future. We bank on PJ coaching forever, no way at some point he has to retire. Lakers has to prepare the future now by investing and developing "cheap" young talents. It is like the abundance of fruits comes from a healthy and sturdy a tree. A full grown tree starts from a seed which undergoes proper nourishment, water, sunlight and fertilizer before it becomes beneficial to man. Those are our rookies and Luke Walton is an exception to the rule. lol!

actually, sorry if I am doing the internet equivalent of shouting and stifling good conversations (is that possible?)

I think Floyd pretty much has it nailed. Unless there is a major FA opportunity of some kind (Raja Bell, Matt Barnes were probably candidates there, now maybe Kurt Thomas?) I think we do resign Shannon and Mbenga and go with the draft picks. I think that is pretty much the worst case scenario, unless somebody actually comes up with more money for Shannon. In this FA market, that is possible. We probably have some sort of contingency plan there.

We probably do need another guard. That might explain possible interest in Lin, as well as guys like Gerald Green, who are complete long shots, if UPS leaves.

But there are a few other options out there, and we do have Bird rights to Shannon, if we really want to use them, we can get him back.

We don't need any more guards. We need a back up center.

If GS has offered Lin 1/2 year guaranteed, then why do the Lakers have to beat that?

Shouldn't they just match and the draw being he wants to be a Lakers or possible not?

Edwin- I agree with the ideal, but not the reality. Luke Walton is not the exception, and there are a lot of guys out there who will seriously underachieve. Don't get me wrong, it is damn hard to succeed as a player in the NBA. Don't undervalue our Superstar and our Lazy Star, they are known NBA players, valuable commodities. Good veteran role players are commodities. Long rookies and might be's are very common.

You make a good analogy, though. A giant redwood spawns thousands if not millions of seeds over a life time, but very few take root and grow. It might not be a serious mistake to overwater a sapling, but overwatering a seed would be crazy.

Damn, I am going to analogy hell here.

*long shot rookies

Fatty- Because it's training camp. A halfway decent rook who goes to GS training camp has a serious chance at making the team. Laker's training camp, not so much. We can get more good players at our training camp without guaranteeing them a dime. If we miss out on a future superstar, well, if he is playing for GS, we can sign him later.

I don't see the logic in equating Walton's 4-5 mil yearly salary to a potential half-mil for Lin. The risk-reward ratios are nowhere comparable. And beside Lin's providing insurance for an injury, he just MIGHT come in handy when Chris Paul, Williams, Rose, et al are blowing past Fisher and Blake.

Well, it was fun while the thought lasted:
Sources: Lin near deal with Warriors

Now, can we focus on getting rid of bynum, lo, sasha & walton please?

There must be better proven vets than an untested Lin if you want them to contribute this year.

But if we want to develop a player, that's fine with me. But I would not expect Lin to have any roll as a developing rookie on this team that is competing for a Championship.

PJ would never use someone so untested when it counts. Lin could not even be considered insurance, no matter what his potential is this year.

Can someone please throw phred a lifeline? Or maybe be his mobile shoutout? And while you're at it, maybe move the sun? Just don't blink, phred. You'll be ok.

Phred, I know just trying to play with Luke. I might awaken him from a deep coma due to freaking nerve. lol!

Anyway, being the Champs I would like to appeal to Dr. Jerry Buss. Sir, I am one of your gatekeeper in the blog on your treasury chest . I always try to downgrade the wishes of avid fans in order to protect your financial. On Lin, Brown, the two draft picks plus Mbenga( if possible), i think this will not put you in a predicament if you sign them now. Get these players now before others get hold of them. Your front office is worst than the US Congress when it comes to negotiations. It is so painstakingly slow and killing your very impatient fans. Sir, we're dealing with small chips, you already have two aces on hand and so much money from other sources, go for it and buy them out now so that we can look forward to preseason. Forget Raja, forget Barnes, forget McGrady, forget Shaq they are all distractions to our future destiny. Thank you Dr. Buss.

allnet- ok, bear with me on another analogy.

The odds of any human dying in a asteroid strike are greater than a human being dying of anything besides heart disease, car accident or cancer, despite the fact that no human, ever, has died of an asteroid strike. Why? Because risk to reward ratios. The odds of an asteroid strike are amazingly low, but if one hit, roughly six and a half billion people would die.

that's risk to reward ratios. Buying lottery tickets might also be a good analogy. Why? Because there are a thousand, maybe thousands of Jeremy Lin's out there. The hype surrounding a summer league game and an offer from GS isn't that hard to come by. Two good seasons in the nba? Very finite.

I'm going to extremes here, but the amount of illogic surrounding Jeremy Lin has reached similar levels. Not that big a deal, guys.

I'm with Laker Truth, HalosAnt, Magic Phil and Edwin on this one guys. Lin is a risk worth taking and Mitch should offer him the full guaranteed rookie contract. It's about letting Lin develop and study under veterans Kobe, Fish and Blake and possibly contribute now and be our PG of the future. Can Lin do any worse than Sasha, Luke, Farmar, Brown, Morrison or Powell did this past year, I for one don't think so. The key words for Lin are intelligent and fearless. He'll give us a guard who will attack opposing guards and bigs in the paint, something that ONLY Kobe has done on a regular basis! Now is the time to add that young, dynamic PG that we've been wanting for a long, long time.

It's even worse if we let him to go a team in our own division! Mitch needs to get this done! Adding Lin, Caracter and Ebanks will make us a better bench and better team this year! Don't say Summer League doesn't mean anything because guys like Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans, Stephen Curry and John Wall have played in it, and no one is saying they can't ball. Get real people, our two rookies and Lin can ball as well. Out with Mbenga, Powell, Morrison and Brown and give us Caracter, Ebanks and Lin.

Hey justa, can I ask you a favor? Seriously. Can you send me an E-mail tomorrow and clairify this for me. Thanks.

If Lin wants playing time, Golden State is a better bet for him than the Lakers. If Mitch is gonna bet the Lakers' house, ranch, and the dog on this kid, I'd be surprised. Mitch is looking for a 3-peat, not rebuilding. I love all the buzz and excitement, but if the Lakers sign Lin I'll be really surprised.

Justa- Ok, i'm sorry I compared you to a companion. I'll be ok, you just need to reverse the polarities on the negative drive couplings. Or am I mixing sci fi references?

Edwin- dude, we have a current dynasty. Give Buss some credit.

[bashes head with brick] oh no, nemaia, not you too? I'm adding '[position] of the future' to 'sense of urgency' and 'luke and phil suck, we will never win a championship with them' to my list.

phred? You compared me to a companion? LOL - missed that one! Besides - I am a GREAT companion - to my hubby. As it should be - no? Anyhoo - just make sure you don't forget to activate the flux capacitor and prime the transducers.

LEWSTRS- Add me to JD reunion bus, Thanks

Sorry, Laker Land, for losing out on Jeremy Lin. But at least you can still own him in fantasy leagues...

Phred, we know Dr. Jerry Buss. He was a generous owner since he arrived here in 1960 and to this day, however I can't fathom the negotiating style of his F/O. You can't beat the Warriors who are only offering 500 grand and we are the Champs. Yes dynasty but with a fringe of luck into it. The injured got healed and based on elimination, we got the home court advantage against a perennial rival. If you are talking of future dynasty, got to invest on small amount, trade the non-working asset during the season and focus on dynasty. What have we added so far? Only Blake. Maybe, they would ask the two draft picks to start at a minimum too. Whoaaa Lakers is the equivalent of Wal Mart in 2010.

I think its a slow news week to get this worked up over one summer league video. Maybe we should all watch the WNBA or something?

If Shannon Brown is still in the cycle Mitch could be using Lin to leverage Shannon......

"Mitch is looking for a 3-peat, not rebuilding."

EXACTLY! Besides why would Lin want to come to LA? He's not going to get minutes (being buried behind Fisher and Blake and even if Fisher reduced his minutes to 20 or so Blake is sure going to get the rest), and wants to play in the NBA *NOT* the D-League and wait 2-3 years. The Lakers can trade WHATEVER the hell they want it's up to Lin and as much as money and championships can be enticing they won't be the ONLY factors. You came to the NBA to be PLAYING not sitting your butt on the bench or in the D-League.

Besides our window to win is NOW.

Every team will have a rebuilding year and the Lakers are not immune to it. The Lakers had to rebuild at the end of Showtime and at the end of Kobe-Shaq. They did not have to last long but they will happen regardless. NOW is not the time though. We are using as much talent to use Kobe's best years to win MULTIPLE titles. You think Sasha is going to be a quality starter? Most signs point to a big fat no. And as much Caracter and Ebanks were solid in the Summer league remember that is just summer and the regular NBA is far SUPERIOR in talent level than the Summer League. Besides to be truly develop they need PT and behind quality players such as Gasol/Odom/Bynum/Artest and even KB at the SF slot at times it ain't going to happen as much! HOPEFULLY they will be ready to handle longer minutes when Kobe's Lakers has to end.

Yes it's fine to worry and think about Future talent. That being said you don't SABATOGE our present just for the future. Why bother trying to mess our window to win more titles just for the sake of having youngings on our team?

Besides.....Lin is leaning toward Golden State:

So find a new topic to discuss about Mark Medina LOL!

Justa- not really, it was an abstract joke, blame Mamba24. I hope you are more than a great companion to your hubby, it's a pretty platonic and frustrating job, companion. More phred's speed, really, when you come down to it, he loves those frustratingly obscure analogies.

Nemaia -

Why should the Lakers pay more than GS for Lin?

Shouldn't it just be a match of a partial-guaranteed if we are bargaining correctly?

We are the Lakers, right, the Champs, and GS are the Chumps, no?

ESPN confirms Lin is @G State. Gone. Next subject.

I agree with many others here that Lakers should go for Lin and Brown. Ebanks is more of a 2/3 as is Brown. Where Lin looks so much more comfortable with the ball in his hands. He is more of a 1/2 and could possibly be the heir to Fisher in 3 or 4 years. Brown is incredibly athletic but will never be a PG. Some of his mistakes can be alleviated with better training and basketball smarts. I also think he will blossom with Farmar out of here. But Shannon simply does not have that innate ability to know what to do with the ball in his hands. He is and always will be more of a finisher than an initiator which is fine but again rules him out as PG. Sasha is here because these contracts are guaranteed otherwise he would be gone. Blake is clearly a PG who will help tremendously but his window really will be only 3-5 years. So take a cheap flyer on Lin. Defensively and offensively he looks like he can play more than effectively.

Rick, Phred and other Laker fans on the flip side of the Lin coin, please see where I'm coming from because I certainly know where you're coming from. We're all talking about guys who will be on the end of our bench, regardless if it's the three rookies or three veterans who have maxed out their potential. The difference in my eyes is that at least the rookies(Caracter, Ebanks and Lin)may be equal or possibly better at this time than Mbenga, Powell and Morrison are, and the former have yet to even scratch the surface of their potential. The only edge the latter three have is experience. What's wrong with having three young players that are talented, hungry and eager to help us win? The other three simply turned into bumps on a log and the fact is the three rookies are just more athletic and talented. PJ may give them more playing time if they prove they can contribute on both ends of the floor.

My point is, I don't think these rookies can do any worse than the guys we've had on the bench the past two years. I think they can make the team and contribute with energy and better overall talent. They can help us, even in limited roles with our drive to threepeat.

Edwin -

"Whoaaa Lakers is the equivalent of Wal Mart in 2010."

We already have the highest salary in the NBA. Why would you say Dr Buss is cheap?

Edwin- ok, lean in close to the speaker. Closer. No, a bit closer. Are you paying attention? Ok then;


I'm sorry, I don't want to attack Lin, he's probably a nice guy, he could be good some day. Like Fish, or another long shot rookie.

But he ain't special. Jerry Buss isn't looking at one choice and thinking 'hmmm, could he be good?' He's (well, Mitch, Jerry is probably got better people to do with his time) looking at a thousand different options. Golden State offering him 1.2 a rook minimum? There are probably 58 teams out there that could offer that. More, really. There are lots of training camp spots, and lots of owners with way too much money to spend.

We can't offer 58 different guys 1/2 a rookie minimum. There is nothing particularly good about Lin. We happened to have noticed him. Big whoop.

Ok, if the last five or so seasons have taught us nothing, it's 'do not compete in contracts with Golden State' They have nothing to lose.

phred - no worries here - after 18 years of marriage you know I got it going ON! Hubby's a happy man lol!

Mamba24 - it's all good. Blog buds. No worries. You don't need an email from me to further clarify!

I would pick Lin over Shaq any days....change is coming!

Nem- thanks for responding, but because it is the 13th spot. It isn't worth a bidding war. But the 11th and 12th spots haven't been decided. It might be Kurt Thomas and Shannon Brown, and then we would discussing Caracter, Ebanks and Lin. But of the three, I don't want Lin. Lin isn't special. Caracter and Ebanks have already cost us the money we could have sold the draft picks for.

I can't hope to dump enough cold water on y'alls Lin enthusiasm. But I would love to.

Hey, I know it's not important, and I'm spending my free time arguing against an abstract hope instead of for one. But I do respect the job Mitch does, and if he decides against spending money on Lin, I want everybody to respect that, too, and I know it's hard to convince anybody of anything around here, so I want to get my vote in early.

Cupcake score in the off-season 2-2. Fisher and Blake signed, failed on Raja and Lin. next is Shannon Brown, will it be 3-2 or 2-3? I give credit to Mitch when a player is not being discussed in the blog or media circles like what he did in trading Kwame or trading Vlad, it has to be a top secret negotiation. When it is an open negotiation, we are always beaten by other teams unless of course the players wanted to play here like Malone, Payton, Artest, Blake and Fisher. He is a GM good in clandestine operations not a good GM in an auction market or in a horse trading ventures. We're done with Lin and wasted our efforts of imagination of what could be from a poop on what it is. Waste of threads and waste of posts from passionate bloggers 7/24.

justa- poor guy. He must be tired. And patient. LOL.

Phred, have you played basketball in high school or college. It seems that you are just riding here with discussions without any affiliation. To which side do you really belong? I read some posts where you were high on rookies, then go for low....are you awake or still engage in "loveter". lolove

Phred, the Lakers have to fill the rest of their roster, and Buss clearly wants to do so as cheaply as possible. Can you offer some better suggestions about whom he could be pick up (beyond Ebanks and Caracter) for 473K?

Justa- you should have your husband drop by one of these days. It might break some hearts, but he sounds pretty cool.

Is Lin gone for sure? Someone post a link for proof so we can all move on and so phred can dump away...

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