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Jeremy Lin reportedly going to Golden State

So much for all that speculation over the Lakers possibly getting Harvard guard Jeremy Lin. ESPN's Marc Stein recently reported that the Golden State Warriors have reached a deal in principle for Lin with an offer to guarantee more than half of Lin's $500,000, first-year salary.

That gives my earlier analysis on what Lin could provide to the Lakers a shelf life of around six hours, a sign that news is slow in Laker land.

Hey, tomorrow I'll break down what Shaquille O'Neal would bring to the Lakers if he returns. But on second thought, I'll pass. It's not only painfully obvious he wouldn't be a good fit -- Shaq is old, Kobe Bryant would be a little mad and Shaq is old (whoops, I already said that) -- and I don't see it happening.

--Mark Medina

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Has anybody heard from Complex-brotha or Noah recently?

Jeremy Lin had a pretty good showing in Summer League but as has already been mentioned, SO DID SMUSH PARKER. lol so Summer League must be taken with a (rather large) grain of salt. Still have that spot open for Tracy McGrady! Any word on how his work out went with the Clippers this past week? Would love to see Tracy McGrady become a bench contributor. Yes, injuries are a risk as he is the 2nd most injured player in the NBA these past 10 years trailing Grant Hill. But look at what Grant Hill has been able to do in PHX-he's a solid contributor to that team. McGrady is a 31 year old former scoring champion who could potentially contribute off the bench for cheap.. Need I say more?

MM -
Is there ANY way that we can talk Lin out of signing with the Warriors? We need a playmaking guard with some lateral quickness; Fisher, Blake have no quickness and Brown has no playmaking ability....
Can Laker fans get online to a site where Lin might be monitoring and talk him out of it? This might be the Lakers greatest regret over the summer of '10 when they look back at the guard that got away...


As a Warriors fan, I'm stoked the Lakers didn't pick up Lin. I completely agree with hubbit, Lakers will regret not getting Lin. Lin will ball on D-Fish and Blake easily.

hubbit ---- feel free to take a trip to the Bay Area and maybe you'll see him there. I'm sure Mitch tried every trick in the book. Or maybe Jeremy got scared because of how much pressure the L.A. TImes Lakers blog would give him


Lin was a legit baller long before Summer League, dude. That was just the moment NBA teams caught on -- mostly thanks to his highlight-reel performance against John Wall.

Jeremy Lin is "the guard that got away"??? Derek Fisher, had he not resigned, would be "the guard that got away." When you consider that most 2nd round picks fail to impact the NBA or even make rosters, it is even more so for undrafted players. Jeremy Lin has potential but if the Lakers fail to 3-peat next year, it won't be because of a lack of Lin.

MM -
I have family in the Bay Area, but I think I'll wait until he shows up at Staples Center. Pressure from the Bloggers? Hey, it appears that Lin has put himself in pressure situations having to prove himself on every level, and did so... he probably would like the challenge...remind you of anybody? Oh well, time to go to bed and hope that the Lakers can find someone else to help us bloggers forget about the "Asian Steve Nash", The "Tai-phoon", the "Tai Triple Double", etc., etc....


Screw Lin, TMac, and any other unknowns (at this stage in his career, TMac is a definite unknown). What the Lakers need is a big man + a perimeter defender (ala Bruce Bowen/Raja Bell) so as to cover Wade in a potential Finals meeting with Miami.

Some of you jokers have the BBIQ of a three-toed sloth. We need a big man to back up the injury prone Bynum, and a perimeter defender who can drop the occasional three, period.


That's why Raja Bell would have been a PERFECT fit.

Too bad.

Dan_NBAExpert -

Since we already have Fisher in the fold (and even when he was visiting with Riley and the Heat, it was clear he wasn't going to abandon Kobe...) I was referring to the need for a capable baller that could run the point and stay with the quicker guards in the league that could spell our thirty-something-old point guards and be a long-term solution to Blake's eventual replacement in 3-4 years if not sooner...


I blogged about the Heat needing a good 1 on 1 defensive center to win the Championship. They don't need a scorer at C. GUESS WHAT PEAPLE. LOOKS LIKE KWAME BROWN IS GONNA MAKE HIS WAY TO MIAMI!!! I said if the Heat sign Kwame Brown who doens' t need to score any,they are gonna win the championship. Kwame is the perfect role player for those 3. All they're missing is a veteran point guard and the championship is theirs next year. I'm sorry but if the Lakers don't get Kwame for next year I"M 200% sure they will win next year if they get him. I hate having to vouche for such a screw up. With the right coaching Kwame is enough for them to win a championship. We all better pray he doesn't wind up with the Heat.


Laker brass need to do something to get Kwame off of the Heat team through sign and trades or maybe an extreme backup like Mbenga was. GET KWAME AWAY FROM HEAT PLEASE!!!!!!!

johnny -

You sound like the Big-Calve-Lovin'-
Kwame-Lovin' Mike T of old... I'd be happy with Kurt Thomas...Even Mbenga could bang with Cake-Tossin' Kwame...


I nominate this as the RCOTD:

"Jeremy Lin has potential but if the Lakers fail to 3-peat next year, it won't be because of a lack of Lin."

Posted by: Dan_NBAExpert | July 21, 2010 at 12:45 AM

Johnny, If U R Shaking In UR Boots, Then Either:

1) Become a Miami Fan; or

2) Give Up NBA BB.

I for one am not worried about Mammy Brown. Paper versus Reality. Me, I'll Take Reality. Lakers R The Back-to-Back Champs!!! And They've Gotten Better...

The Only Team That Beats The Lakers R The Lakers Themselves...



Sasha is in his contract year, he'll ball this year with **plenty** of incentive. Lin/Brown would only take valuable minutes away from Sasha.

Remember, any other Laker would have probably choked one of those key free throws at the end of game 7 against Boston, including Kobe, but this guy (Sasha) has freaking ice water in his veins -- he later said he wasn't even nervous!

Two biggest effing free throws in Lakers history! For that and nothing else, he deserves a solid shot for extra minutes next year (and the fact that he's in a contract year!).

The Lakers should sign Shaq and call it a day -- Kobe should suck it up (PLEASE!!!) and welcome him back for the betterment of the team, this also guarantees that Shaq will retire with less rings than Kobe.

What killed Boston in game 7 was rebounds. If the Celtics somehow end up with Shaq, that would not be good for the Lakers.

Shaq can hold his own very nicely against Bynum -- in fact, the only center in the league that pushed Andrew around last year with ease was Shaq, not Howard (in their two meetings with the Cavs).

In fact, Shaq was the only reason I was leery of a potential Cavs face-off in the Finals, not LeBronze!

Hopefully, the fat bastard will accept a minimum dollar contract, he only has roughly $250 million saved up, even after his divorce!

"Two biggest effing free throws in Lakers history! For that and nothing else, he deserves a solid shot for extra minutes next year (and the fact that he's in a contract year!)."

If the Lakers signed Bell Sasha would have not gained minutes Ludwing so make up your mind.

"Oh well, time to go to bed and hope that the Lakers can find someone else to help us bloggers forget about the "Asian Steve Nash""

Like we forgot about the "Chinese Magic Johnson" Hubit?

Sign Shaq and call it a day -- Kobe should suck it up and welcome him back (PLEASE!!!) for the betterment of the team. What killed Boston in game 7 was rebounds. If the Celtics somehow end up with Shaq, that would not be good for the Lakers.

Shaq can hold his own very nicely against Bynum -- in fact, the only center in the league that pushed Andrew around with ease last year was Shaq, not Howard (in their two meetings with the Cavs).

In fact, Shaq was the only reason I was leery of a potential Cavs face-off in the Finals, not LeBronze!

Hopefully, the fat bastard will accept a minimum dollar contract, he only has $250 million saved up, even after his divorce!

You guys who are panicking that we didn't get Lin are:


Kwamay Brown hell add Chris Washburn as a potential player the Lakers were losers after Showtime sheesh!

KB Blitz -

Regarding the "Chinese Magic Johnson", Sun Yue never impressed me.
This Lin kid does...besides, I was just having fun...who knows? maybe one day Jeremy Lin will be called one of those names...and you saw it here first...


Chris Washburn! LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Some of these jokers don't even know who that is! He's the guy who pissed away a promising NBA career on crack and whores. A top-five draft pick, no less! What a moron! He deserves to be living in his car!


Kwame Brown??? What are you people smoking?! The dude has body language issues. Bad Karma. Lazy. Bad attitude. Bad vibes. Bad chemistry. Bad, bad, bad period! I rather go to war with that fat bastard, Shaquille, or even the Ninja black belt, Monsieur DJ Mbenga. I just don't know what in Hell PJ has against this guy, other than the fact that Mbenga never met a shot that he didn't like to take!

KB Blitz,
Asian, got it, we get he would not be the crucial piece to a championship this year or for probably 2 more, but if he turns out to be a slight late bloomer like Nash, then will we be kicking ourselves over a few thousand, ok maybe one hundred thousand times 2....I say if you got space, and he looks like he has potential, why not??? C'mon you crazy Kardashians, fall in love with him, and slide a check over to Buss....look he's a project, as was Sun Yue, but I think China wanted Sun to play and not rust....Jeremy would have been great for practices, maybe able to mimic all the great young guards.......that's worth a paycheck.

KB forgot to add Roy Tarpley, who's probably still promoting Coke.

That only shows that Lin is a born LOSSER after all.He choose the Warriors over the Lakers?that's pretty ridiculous decision.He is really out of his mind.Why would he choose playing with a pretty good talent-laden young point guards lineup in the warriors over the old point guards in the Lakers?He is not weighing his best chances to play right away.can he compete with the likes of monta ellis and stephen curry in the PG position?He is CRAZY if he thinks he is better than those two.If he only chooses to sign with the Lakers,he will have the chance to play right away especially in a matchup with those teams which has young point guards coz fisher and blake will have the hard time guarding those young and quick point guards out there.

Second reason,monta ellis and stephen curry are the franchise players of the Warriors,so it would very hard for him to find a playing time in the long time considering that ellis and curry are still very young.With the Lakers,he will have the chance to takeover the PG spot of Derek Fisher once he retires two years from now.

KB Blitz,

For someone in the caliber of Raja Bell I would have been fine with the idea of Sasha getting reduced minutes next year, simply because Bell's uber **defense** would have been worth the sacrifice in Sasha's minutes.

But I just don't think Brown or Lin's contributions would be worth the sacrifice in minutes for Sasha (in his contract year) -- neither player would bring to the table what Bell would have, assuming the wrist injury would not have had any lingering effects on his defensive prowess.

Hey, rholly dreamer, it's "loser" not "losser."



With the warriors,you will never have the chance to get a RING in the near future.WAKE UP AND YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR DECISION AND SIGN WITH THE LAKERS!


Monta Ellis would be the starting SG and Curry is the starting PG. The only other G on the team is Charlie Bell. Lin, if he proves himself, can get 10 min a game behind Steph Curry and may spell Ellis also.

Warriors are known to give undrafted players a chance to play so it's better for J-Lin to play some at GSW than riding on the bench in LA.

Is there anybody who knows the twetter account of Jremy Lin and let him know that it will be a better decision to sign with the lakers.

Mark B with a K and Hubbit, with a Smeagol,

I think Kwame would actually make it hard on Gasol to score because he's fast laterally. Bynum would have to improve and I think that Bosh is lesser defensively than Kwame defensively only. On defense a healthy Bynum should guard Bosh because he can make it harder on Bosh than Gasol would as his length and weight is more of a mismatch than Gasol's length and weight, and Gasol would be like a defensive roaming center because we don't have to worry too much about Kwame scoring. But when it comes to our offense Gasol wouldn't be neutralized by Kwame but he will make it harder on Gasol just like he did on Yao, and Dwight Howard those years he was on our team. I'm not saying he's the best defensive center but he's very quick laterally which means Gasol's shooting percentage would go down, leaving Bynum as the offensive big man in the paint who must contribute baskets.

The SF position and SG positions scoring wise advantage goes to the Heat.

from a scale of 0 to 3 at their position based on how much they have an advange over the player on the other team who will probably be guarded by them. Some of you might think it looks like soccer scores but I don't give a rat's. Do any of you give these scores any different kind of number based on my criteria below, and please be serious.
C Kwame 0 vs Gasol 1.5 Ilgauskas at C would give Gasol a 2.5!!!!
PF Bosh 0 vs Bynum 0 Playing it safe for now, we don't know if Bynum will be healthy
SF Lebron 2.5 vs Artest 0 Artest is okay on defense but because of his shoddy offense I shoot Labron up to a 2.5!!
PG Wade 0 vs Kobe 1 Wade is superstar but can't stop Kobe and Kobe can slow Wade a bit.
PG ???? 1 vs Fish 0 Fisher is a team player and adapts well
3.5 2.5 WE LOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As you can see based on this representation the Heat have a 3.5 to 2.5 advange. If someone thinks Gasol should have a 3 here I don't agree because based on the turnover ratio that Kwame will cause Gasol grief he will actually cause us more possessions than an average center trying to score (which he will score but at a poor percentage).

My scale is based on things like which player on what team will have a higher shooting percentage and a work best to make the team run smoother. The first part is measurable but the second part is subjective. Some thing don't ever show up in stats. Most of you will not believe me, but that is a risk I'm willing to take. If the heat use Ildrunas at center the advantage to the lakers goes up to about 2.5 to Gasol making it an even draw at about 4 point to each team and dragging the game on to a very likely game 7 in which like we've seen, anything can happen even dramatic comebacks (thank god!).

Another variable is Bynum's play. We've seen him play like an allstar the past 3 years for about 15 games each year and very good for about 25 more games, but then just okay or he's injured. If he's at his peak during the playoffs next year I give the 1 point advantage over Bosh up to 2 because Bosh isn't a Great defender especially with a big body like Bynum.

The point guard position will be a mismatch if Fisher is the starter no matter what PG the Heat use, unfortunately that's the way it is. IMO he's lost a lot of speed, and we got that 1 lucky shot, but I really hate to write this part.

I'm not M. T., I never thought Kwame was a savior, but in the right system with 2 to 3 real scorers he is the perfect fit. Basketball is about finding the right cog to go into the machine that will make it run smooth.

As far as being scared, I'm not. I'm very happy the Lakers won 2 championships in a row. Because of it I don't really feel like they need a third (but Kobe will, which is a good enough). I think it's gonna be a fun year in the NBA and anything can happen. If the Heat win it all, I'll be disappointed but will still feel okay.

Meant to say PG position up above.

Lin looks awesome. What Sun Yue should have become.
Another guys who'se on his way to a similar style is Grievis Vasquez for the Grizz. Right now though Lin is a better chemistry guy. He's great.

Jermey Lin,

Im so disappointed in your pick in the Warriors.....Havard i guess ur not as smart as i gave you credit for lol. You coulda learned from a champion like Derek Fisher and a savy vet like Steve Blake and been our future point guard. You pick at team with Monta Eliis and Stephan Curry who get major minutes and still learning the game. Winning a championship to a team that wont see the playoffs anytime soon. to the person that said Lin would ball Blake and fisher up, YOU ARE CRAZY yeah why hyped Lin up to be our 3 point guard he was still a development. He has a lot of turnovers, he drive wildly to the basket and is very sloopy and out out oof control a lot of the times. i thought the lakers triangle would slow him down and give him more control but in Goldenstate hes gunna be horrible just wild offence. Yes, i still want him on the lakers and want him to change his mind but i am very dissappointed and this runied my day. Well back 2 the 3peat..... next moves are sign Shannon Brown if we cant get lin, brown knows the offence and does his part that he can. If no Shannon look at Tmac and see what he has. Pick up a back up Center Shaq would be nice. He bowed down ALL YEAR to Lebron and did what the teamed needed from him. He can be on the end of the bench like Mbenga and retire a Laker. Kinda like when John Salley sat the bench and won a champinship. It could work trust me i can see it now and Kobe is a grown man he can handl Shaq they have a lot of great memories together dont be drama queens...............Guys i like in free agency we should take a looks at................Darius Songaila, Bobby Simmons, Quinton Ross, Joel Pryzbilla, Michael Redd, Fabricio Oberto, Sheldon Wiliams, Patrick O'Bryant, Nazr Mohammed, Sean May, Jamaal Maglorie, Acie Law, Richard Jefferson, Jarvis Hayes, Trenton Hassell, Joey Graham, Stephen Graham, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Jason Collins, Jarron Collins, Rodney Carney, Josh Boone, and Joe Alexander.........thats all folks the best we can get. Laker fans theres players still who do you like on my list???????????

Kwame! Kwame! Kwame!

And Smush!

Athletically gifted and Strong.

At this point I'm all for giving Sasha major minutes as Kobe's backup. I do think the contract year thing will have an impact on his performance, and not so much because Sasha can make more money, but because this could very well be his last year in Los Angeles. And Sasha's been a memorable Laker, love him or hate him.

Like other bloggers, I was very impressed with Sasha's ability to calmly hit the championship-winning free throws after riding the pine for the entire season. Not many people could do that. In fact, Dwight Howard's two misses in a similar spot last year led to some incredible moments in the finals with the Magic.

I ecpect big things from Sasha. He'll be makig more than all the new additions combined, so, he'd better do something.


"That only shows that Lin is a born LOSSER after all.He choose the Warriors over the Lakers?that's pretty ridiculous decision.He is really out of his mind"

rholly dreamer,,

Derek Fisher chose GS over the Lakers too. You'll never know he could still be a Lakers next year. So be nice! Sasha's contract expires and Fisher gets really too old this year. I'm sure LIN will only get a one year contract from GS. Lakers can pursue him then.

LIN is very smart... unlike what I am hearing in this blog!

Lin knows Phil won't play him as a rookie on a championship team especially with Fisher, Blake, Sasha and Kobe already set at GUARD positions. LIN choose GS where he immediately gets playing time in his home crowd. Plus the run and gun will showcase his talent easily and quickly build his stats.

He only signs a year or two with GS.

He knows Lakers will pursue him again sometime in the near future because he is confident he will be able to get minutes IN GS who is not a playoff contender, it is like auditioning his talent at the NBA level for the Lakers. Is that HARVARD BRAINS enough for some of you people!

He gets a year of NBA level experience. He is able to show what he can do. He makes sure Phil does not destroy his career by giving him only 39 minutes of playing time in one season. Lakers will probably pay him more money after a year of solid performance.

So why go to the Lakers now and sit on the bench? Loose your confidence and loose your NBA career.

Shaq playing center for the Lakers? There's a better chance of Tyronne Lue playing center for the Lakers.

So why go to the Lakers now and sit on the bench? Loose your confidence and loose your NBA career.Posted by: Staples 24 | July 21, 2010 at 04:09 AM

Makes sense to me Staples24!

KB forgot to add Roy Tarpley, who's probably still promoting Coke. Posted by: humanomaly | July 21, 2010 at 01:22 AM
Now you know you just plain wrong Humanomaly! ROFLMAO!!

Ludwig, btw, Lakers already have a good defender to put on DWade. His name is Kobe Bean Bryant.

also, the Lakers already picked up a pretty decent big man to help back-up Bynum/Gasol/Odom. his name is Caracter, who happens to be the 3rd best player during this summer's vegas league (according to

there's no need to go out and sign anyone else.

i would've liked to see Lin sign with the Lakers, mostly for personal reasons (i'm asian american, as well), but i agree that he's an unknown. Lakers just don't have the cap flexibility to add an unknown right now. better off to wait a year or two, wait for Lin to develop, then try to sign him as a free agent. (after Fish retires)

BACK UP CENTER....we still have people to sign Lakers

Jason Collins, Jarron Collins, Joel Pryzbilla, Fabricio Oberto, Sheldon Wiliams, Josh Boone, Patrick O'Bryant, Nazr Mohammed, Sean May, Jamaal Maglorie or Shaq

iF i keep hearing Dj Mbenga or Kwame Brown names to come to our team ima scrub zone please........

Hey Mark Medina,
Any chance you could breakdown what guys like Kurt Thomas, Joe Smith, any other potential backup big, could bring to the Lakers. Also, who the front runners are to come to the Lakers. It's obvious we need one more big for the bench. Thanks.

Because the warriors were 1 unexperienced guard away from being contenders


I would have enjoyed reading your take on Shaq returning. It may or may not be viable, but it isn't such a bad concept.

Anyone remember when we had Mario Elie in training camp back in the day? I always regretted that one. Especially when the Spurs tore us a new one in 1999 at The Forum in the playoffs. Elie said, "We shut it down. The Forum is closed!". That one hurt. Hindsight is 20/20, I guess.


Shannon shot 80% from the foul line, what did Shasha shoot.

I think we should sign Shannon. He's young athletic and should be better with the triangle this year. We need a team for NOW while Kobe, Pau, and Ron are still in in their prime. We need a backup center for Drew in the worst way. Any news on TMac? I think he would really help[if he's healthy]!!I think he's ready to show his doubters he still has it.

Make sense for Warriors to capture the large Asian population in the Bay area.

Make sense for Warriors to capture the large Asian population in the Bay area.

Looks like this coming season's Lakers will look pretty much like last year's Lakers.
After all the gnashing and debating looks like we just traded Farmar for Blake.
The 10-13 players just see garbage time anyway or only play during foul trouble or injury.

Still, not a bad thing. Last years team won it all and Blake is an upgrade over Farmar so actually the team improved a notch.

Not over yet though, I suppose Mitch could still pull something off that will surprise and amaze us all.

Lots of clamoring for a back up C, yet Mbenga didn't play any memorable minutes last year even with Bynum injured.

Besides, we have a deep roster of great bloggers...
Posted by: Rick Friedman | July 20, 2010 at 10:30 PM

That is very accurate.
Not only is the a great breadth and depth of Laker and basketball knowledge in general here, there is also a great depth and breadth of general knowledge, wit, wisdom and humor.

If everyone on Earth died of some type of mutant virus which only killed those who weren't Laker bloggers I would guess there is enough knowledge here to start the world over again and not miss a beat.

The biggest problem might be ever agreeing on anything as a group, but from a knowledge standpoint, no problem.

Those that point out Smush having a good summer league totally miss the point.

Smush was athletically gifted and was a legit basketball talent. Where he started to fail was his mental IQ and emotional EQ. In those respects, Smush was a train wreck! His positional defense also sucked, but that's mostly because I think he lacked effort staying in front of people. Smush relied on his hands too much on the defensive end (and he had perhaps the quickest hands in the NBA)

Lin is quite the opposite. I doubt he's as athletic as Smush, but I'll bet you his mental acuity is massively better. His team dynamics are probably top notch compared to Smush as Lin came from a University environment and Smush came from street ball.

Having pointed out the error of your ways, this is really Raja Bell all over again. The Lakers would offer Lin a rookie minimum type of contract - but guaranteeing 500k of 1 million is excessive. If you knew FOR SURE that he's the next John Stockton, then it's obviously a small price to pay.... but let's get real and look at the odds here.

And if you're saying Lin isn't so smart going to GS even though he'd make perhaps 25% more money in the same state and closer to home, then you're the fool. Lin has no guarantees other than the one he could negotiate after the summer league performance - he owes it to himself to maximize that outcome. He's not some 30 or 35 year old veteran that's made 50 million in his lifetime and can afford to choose the superior team in exchange for 250k less money.

Are you bloggers accurate that Kwame is playing for the Heat now?? If so, their team just went down a notch... let Kwame go to Miami all day long because he'll make them worse. Substantially worse.

Would rather have Mbenga than Shaq. Would rather have Shaq than Kwame, but it looks like Caracter gets the job instead.

Will the Lakers sign 2010's version of Bob Mcadoo? Something needs to be done - because this Laker fan is NOT content in the off season thus far.

Shannon and Sasha are capable guards. Shannon isn't signed, so if signing him means giving up money for a quality backup center, we shouldn't sign him, and instead rely on Sasha to backup Kobe (or maybe even Blake, who I assume will have some time at the 2 spot).

Bynum has proven to be very injury prone. And yet, Bynum was the key difference in the last Championship series due to his size and strength. Hence, it is imperative that we get a true center to backup Bynum. Lamar is undersized, and we can't wear out Pau being Bynum's backup.

When you look at Boston and Miami, our likely opponents should we reach the 2011 Finals, the match ups at every position are all washes...except the center position. Whoever controls the middle, controls the series. This is why Bynum was so valued against Boston.

We don't need another guard on our roster, which is why all the talk of this Lin guy was ridiculous. We need a backup center, and the only center that matches Bynum in size and strength is Shaq.

The only way Mitch could usurp GS's offer would be something like "guaranteed 100% of your contract at 750k " - maybe 100% of the smaller amount is enough to do it...

Jeremy Lin would be the replacement for CJ Watson who is going to Chicago Bulls. He knows he will get his minutes with Golden State Warriors.

I heard Kobe and Lin were going to have dinner tonight...maybe we still...never mind.

Still need 2/3 combo defender with 3 point making ability.

IMHO Caracter will no do the job as a back up center. He can play along Gasol at PF, but that's it. He may have trade value for a true back up center.

"Still need 2/3 combo defender with 3 point making ability."

And why can't this be Sasha? Why are some of you so down on Sasha? He barely played last year, so there's no way for him to get into any kind of rhythm, and thus play like he's capable of playing. Sasha is big enough to play the 3, and he's a good shooter enough to play the 2. He's also a pesky defender, which is why Phil played him moreso for defensive assignments, than offensive firepower.

We're paying Sasha 5 million. We are already wasting money on Luke. No need to waste more money on Sasha, who has proven he has skills. If for whatever reason Sasha falters, give Blake more time at the 2.

Regardless, there's no need for more resources at the guard/Sf positions, which is why I suspect Mitch hasn't signed anybody that's been rumored to come here. The priority is the center position.

The Warriors must be desperate to give him a contract before training camp. This Asian dude's feet are so dam slow it's funny! He's no C.J. Watson or Curry so this should be interesting to watch up here in the Bay. Let's hope Shannon comes back so he can jump & dunk over little man.

Smart decision by Lin to sign with GS over LA:

1. Guarantee $$
2. Playing time - GS have no "true" pg...Curry is only pg on roster...Monta & Charlie Bell are combo guards. Lakers will have DFish/Blake and probably Shannon.


I wish it could be Sasha, but it hasn't been. Why does PJ not have the confidenece in him? I don't know. Sasha could not defend the likes of LBJ or even Paul pierce, Matt Barnes could at least bother them.
Truthfully, I wish Luke was a viable option to trade. So I believe we will go for three with those two on our bench.

Pls sign Shaq. DHoward is down in Houston right now working learning post moves from the Dream. That is BAD news for the rest of the league. The new superman will be unstoppable if he improves his post moves by just 25%. Lakers need another big body should we meet up with Orlando in the finals.

Lin would be wise to sign with GS over LA.

1. Guaranteed $$$$
2. More playing time. GS only have Curry as PG...Monta and C. Bell are both combo guards. CJ Watson signed with Chicago the other day. Lin will get a chance to play for GS, but would only play garbage time for Lakers.

Safe to say then that DJ Strawberry gets the invite to camp?

Why is everyone says that Shaq is not in shape? Round is a shape, isn't it?

Sign Shaq? You guys who think this are out of your freaking minds.

Can you say: Out of shape, old, huge ego, no lift, can barely run, not good chemistry with Kobe, and on it goes. Not to mention the fact I can never forget him coming to camp out of shape and finally getting surgery and healing on company time. Talk about disrespectful.

No Shaquille, thank you very much.

Jeremy Lin had a pretty good showing in Summer League but as has already been mentioned, SO DID SMUSH PARKER

Using that convoluted logic, we should steer clear of anyone who shows promise in summer league because Smush Parker showed promise, PLEASE !!!


My turn, GOD is Love, Love is Blind, Ray Charles is Blind, = GOD is Ray Charles

That makes about as much sense.

Just Another Fan --

I normally do not go out of my way to criticize a blogger, but in YOUR case, I will make an exception.

Who the hell are YOU to show up on this L.A. Lakers blog and spew your toxic venom?

Your entire post was one thinly-veiled RACIST rant against someone who is not-even-a-member-of-the-Lakers!

You claim Jeremy Lin's, "feet are so dam (sic) slow it's funny!" Really? That is not what I saw, nor what I read from those who really should know: Those who covered him during his entire time at Harvard.

Furthermore, if his feet are "so dam slow" why would the GS Warriors be, "desperate to give him a contract" as you claim?

Then, you go out of your way to mention that Jeremy is "Asian." Did you even realize that Jeremy Lin was BORN in this country and this makes him Asian-AMERICAN?

Does his appearance make him any LESS of an American than any other American?

Then, your parting shot was to "hope" that Shannon returns, " he can jump & dunk over little man."

By "little man" I assume you are again referring to Jeremy. Do you even know that Mr. Lin stands a legitimate 6'3" in his bare feet? Shannon stands 6"4" by comparison. By the way, as others will attest, I am one of Brown's biggest supporters on this blog, and am fully cognizant of Shannon's incredible athleticism.

However, if you stood them back-to-back, they are almost the same height. What makes Jeremy Lin a "little man" in your opinion?

You are merely subscribing to some RIDICULOUS stereotype that those of Asian heritage are puny, or weak, or scrawny.

Would you consider Bruce Lee to be weak? You might even stand taller than a different contemporary, Jet Li, but do you think you would 'stand' a chance IF you faced off against him in a REAL fight?


P & G R

Mitch should try harder to go after Lin. Lin reminds me a lot of Steve Nash when he first came into the league who had the "no-fear" attitude when attacking the interior. Lin will continue to improve his passing skills and has the potential of becoming a solid point guard.

Shannon shot 80% from the foul line, what did Shasha shoot.
Posted by: hopalong | July 21, 2010 at 07:02 AM

He shot 100% on the two that won game 7 against Boston !!!
All that matters

Question : Am I the only guy that wants to see Cleveland somehow beat Miami for the Eastern Conference Championship ?

Man , would that be poetic justice !

Ray Charles is dead...God died???

Good point! Lin would have been a good signing. Not sure why MK did not pull the trigger. He is a low risk investment costing at worst 500K. Yet Sasha and Luke have 5 mil. contracts. I would put my money on Lin.
But let's move on just like we did with Raja and possibly Barnes and T-Mac and Brown. Where do we go from here.
BIG MAN I guess, hopefully soon.

Wow, Jeremy Lin made a more honorable move than Derek Fisher in the post-season. Fisher took the money and the guaranteed ring, while Lin did neither. We were going to offer Lin more $$$, but he knew he'd get much more playing time at GS than he would here. Plus he's from the Bay Area and could hang out at C-town anytime whereas C-town in LA is basically V-town and sucks anyway. Anyone that's seen this kid ball knows he's the real thing. He destroyed John Wall, the #1 pick in the draft, it was embarrassing, plus he went to Harvard and has a higher IQ than the entire Lakers collectively. Kobe probably didn't like the fact that his 98 IQ wouldn't be the highest on the team anymore. This kid is smarter than Phil Jackson and could probably teach him a thing or two about Zen. The Wizards even made John Wall sit out the rest of summer league after being embarrassed so his confidence wouldn't be shattered even before the first game of the season! Damn, it would have been nice to have Lin though, he kills Sasha, who is a joke, and could have given Fisher a great opportunity to rest those aging legs before the playoffs. Hope he has a good season at GS and the Lakers pick him up for 2011-12 when Fisher retires and Blake has been proven a bust.

the Laker could miss out on the opportunity of signing Lin but waited until they see what he is capable of .... he could be a deciding factor if they don't 3-peats ... ohmen

Hey guys we got a new post up


You don't think this has a little to do with Golden State now being owned by a Celtic minority owner? Golden State really hates us now.


>>>Hey, tomorrow I'll break down what Shaquille O'Neal would bring to the
>>>>Lakers if he returns. But on second thought, I'll pass.

You realize what that means, don't you.

You focus a lot of time and energy about Jeremy Lin (I was kinda surprised at how passionate some people were for or against him) and he signs with another team.

That means that if you deem Shaq not even worth blogging about, then the Lakers will have him signed by the end of the week.

KB Blitz,

>>>"Two biggest effing free throws in Lakers history! For that and nothing else,
>>>he deserves a solid shot for extra minutes next year (and the fact that he's in
>>>a contract year!)."

Yes, because Sasha never played for the Lakers before he took those two free throws.

Oh wait. Yes he did.

Sasha hit 44% of his 3-pointers and was a harassing defender in his last contract season. Remember Carmelo Anthony getting kicked out of a game for strangling Sasha? In that season, Sasha also scored 20 in an NBA finals game vs the league's best defense.

And in the 2010 playoffs, Sasha hit 40% of his 3-pointers. He had a very good moment vs Phoenix, when he was shutting down Tragic, and then he let Tragic bait him into hitting him which was a very bad moment.

I could rattle off some more stuff he's done if you like (and yes, there has been some bad as well), but don't try to diminish Sasha to two free throws. He was a solid contributor in 2008, and could be again.

forget Lin. forget Shaq. forget Matt barnes and raja bell and tmac.

i put a lot of stock into ebanks and caracter. cross my fingers.

Makes sense that he goes somewhere with a guaranteed contract. Warriors being his home-town team, and most likely to give him some PT given their more thin at guard spots than the Lakers or Mavs, also make it a good decision. In 2 years, we'll see if he's the real deal. As a Bay Area resident, I look forward to hearing about his progression. As a fellow Taiwanese-American, I wish him well!

Because the warriors were 1 unexperienced guard away from being contenders

Posted by: Derek | July 21, 2010 at 05:45 AM


who cares about a back up pg that won't have anything to do with the 3 peat?

sign a veteran big man and be done with it. we all know Socks ain't playing 82+ next season.

for the people who are saying lin is a loser for picking the warriors, why don't you try saying that he's loyal for picking the team he grew up liking and watching? he was born in palo alto in the bay

loyalty is a rare trait these days (see LBJ, jordan farmar, etc)

Purple & Gold Reign,

Please dont compare Jermey Lin to the Great Bruce Lee thats the dumbest thing i ever heard. I agree with the rascist remarks but ur riding Lins scrotum 2 hard my friend. Let it go and let him prove himself first beofre you crown him to be up there with Bruce Lee Why??????? Because hes asian so you seem rascist urself kinda. Lakers would take John Wall over Lin anyday and Wall will have a 10 times better career then Lin............Nuff already

He gets a guranteed contract in his hometown. Good for him. Next subject.

Any word on Barnes? I think Shannon Brown ain't comin back either way. Sasha will get the bulk of the minutes at the 2 guard until they find a trade partner for him during the year. Lakers might sign one more player and that's it and they are done. Current roster has 9 signed players. Add Ebanks and Caracter and you are at 11. Barnes plus a Vet Center rounds out the squad. No room for Brown.

Funny how much the attitude about Lin shifted once it was announced he was probably going elsewhere.

805LakersKing --

Everyone who abides by the L.A. Times guidelines has the right to self-expression, and this Lakers Blog provides a platform to do just that.

I've read some of your posts, and whether I agree or disagree with your opinion is immaterial, I defend your right to share your thoughts as long as you adhere to those same guidelines.

However, when someone like "Just Another Fan" appears out of left field and posts RACIST garbage, that is completely inappropriate and MUST be answered.

By the way, let me ask you 805LakersKing, out of all the posts on this thread WHY did you feel compelled to reply to what I wrote?

The problem with you, getting in the middle of this, is that YOU DID NOT READ WHAT I WROTE carefully or accurately!

Show me where I compared Jeremy Lin to, "the Great Bruce Lee?" You won't find it, because I NEVER DID THAT.

I rebuked him for his STEREOTYPICALLY RACIST view that Asians are weak. That's it. To make my point, I referred to one of the few STRONG MALE ROLE MODELS that Asian-Americans have, that being the long deceased Bruce Lee.

The White Establishment and Media subtly (or, not so subtly) works to emasculate portrayals of Asian Men, and that is a FACT.

Other "Minority" men are victimized in somewhat different ways: If they are not portrayed as weak, effeminate, or wimpy, they are portrayed as gangstas, or thugs, or criminals. It is the White Man who gets the girl at the end, and rides off into the sunset. It is the White Man who 'saves the world' or rescues the poor huddled masses of colored folk...often from themselves.

Have you been living in a cave? Have you not heard about the very RECENT controversy over the WHITE casting of "The Last Airbender" for example? This very paper covered that issue extensively.

Why do you think studies have shown that Black Girls, if given a choice, would rather play with White Dolls? THINK ABOUT IT.

Yeah, sadly, racism is alive and well in America. And, that is also a FACT.

As for your prediction that, "Wall will have a 10 times better career than Lin" that is pure speculation. How would you know how their careers will unfold? Do you have a crystal ball? Let BOTH of them help their respective teams AND survive their FIRST full season before you blurt out a statement like that.

P & G R

I should simplify what I mean about Kwame. Who are the top 3 defensive centers in the NBA.
1. Dwight Howard
2. Andrew Bynum
3. Kwame Brown

The worst offensive center is Kwame Brown but they don't need him to score. They won't sign Kwame because then they would be a laughing stock, so thats just hoping though. I know what Kwame can do with 3 other legitimate scorers on the team. It's not a pretty picture people. When Chris Mihm was the starter the Lakers were actually a very average team, it wasn't until Kwame became center that the wining percentage went up. Had the Lakers had a PG and a PF who were consitant back then, they would have been a way better team. Basketball needs only 2 and 1/2 legitimate scorers to be a championship team. Heat have that, they only need positional players who are average defensively and don't really need to score. Kwame is good defensively and doesn't need to score. The post guy for the Heat is Bosh. They would be fine, but Kwame probably wouldn't be a starter because of his history. I hope they don't realize what Kwame could bring their team because then I feel confident that they will win it. Biz Z is not a good defender, just a big body.

Laker J,

I hasn't been Sasha because Phil hasn't given him a chance. Sasha is a capable player, well, just as capable as Shannon.

Jeremy Lin is a scrub and I can't figure out why he has gotten so much attention when other summer pro PG's have done better (Pooh ? for example). This guy will be a bench warmer and never amount to more than that watch.

I'm sorry but if the Lakers don't get Kwame for next year I"M 200% sure they will win next year if they get him. I hate having to vouche for such a screw up. With the right coaching Kwame is enough for them to win a championship. We all better pray he doesn't wind up with the Heat.

Posted by: johnny | July 21, 2010 at 12:53 AM

johnny, though I'm not willing to go so far as to say they'll win it all next year with him, I have been thinking that Kwame would be a good fit as the backup to Drew. He's a physical presence in the paint and a pretty good defender who wouldn't be needed to score...just play D and rebound. Plus, though I wouldn't go so far as to say he 'knows the triangle well', he is at least familiar with it and should know where to be on the floor as far as proper spacing. Hope they at least make an attempt to get him.

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

Darin B,

So just like your life then.

Lakers if you're listening or rather reading this post - PLEASE SIGN SHAQ!
TRUST IT! Bynum benefits! Kobe benefits! Everybody who loves the Lakers will benefit! Shaq will play hard on a team that has a chance to win a championship, & with so much talent on our Lakers team, everyone will benefit, GUARANTEED! Just focus on the positives Shaq would mean to the Lakers, they far out-weigh the negatives. This is about winning. Even the worst of enemies in the NBA or any sport will become the closest of friends, when they're winning together. Winning has it's own influence, that works, Magic! When you're winning everybody's happy! A THREE-PEAT IS A CERTAINTY! TRUST IT! DO IT! LAKERS PLEASE SIGN SHAQ! PLEASE!



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