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Follow free-agency news through this interactive graphic

Most of the Lakers' free-agency news has passed, with Coach Phil Jackson staying for one more season, guard Derek Fisher re-signing in a three-year deal and guard Steve Blake joining the team. But this interactive list put together by The Times' graphics department still serves as a pretty good page to bookmark as the Lakers finish the rest of free agency. Once the 2010-11 season starts, the graphic will become a good reference for anyone who needs a quick brush-up on everything that happened during the 2010 free-agent sweepstakes.

Here's how the graphic works. After clicking on any team's logo, the icon will move to the center of the page. The tan lines indicate players who left a particular team, and the blue lines indicate a team's off-season acquisitions. Above the graphic, you can see a list of the remaining free agents as well as whom each team re-signed and added.

-- Mark Medina

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What about the players that are coming from other sources, like out of the US? I heard the Spurs signed a brazilian guy, Splitter (C). He's very good.

Yes Justa, I'm stirring the pot and causing trouble, LOL. Of course if you want, you can always have the kind of trouble that say, Mike T would bring. I'd hope you'd prefer me, LOL.

pretty coo MM...

safe to say the big FA losers so far have been the clippers..

brian cook.. HAHAHA.. he aint even worth a 10 day contract!

How bad is Rasual Butler?


pretty impressive. make sure u r not high or drunk to mix up the colors. :-)

don't jinx the Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: ouchhhhhhhh | July 21, 2010 at 04:37 PM


The getting high or drunk comes right after I slip on that jersey...lmao

While I enjoy a dose of the Lakeshow...of course...

okay laker nation im done for today...

see you tommorow...

gnite to all

One important distinction that doesn't get pointed out here too often regarding Bynum's injury is that all 3 were freak accidents.

Wait a minute, all 3?!! The first 2 certainly, but not the 3rd. Right?

Well, this season's was an aggrevation of last year's injury.

He does not have an injury this year if last year doesn't happen.


No haiku today...we are going old school...

There once was a man from Barcelona...
A Spaniard who knew how to ball, ha...
He is tall, but no way makes the NBA...
His mother, "In Med school you must stay"...

Then one day he ends up in Memphis...
He said, whatever, I'll try this...
But after 7 years...He was in tears...
I'm tired of all this bleakness...

Then on Feb 08, a big change of fate...
The Purple and Gold, could no longer wait...
For a healty AB, to circumnavigate...
All of a sudden, Pau fell upon our plate...

Now the kid from Barcelona...
Has a rock star persona...
2 Rings, a Gold and an MVP...
And he is part of the Real Big 3...

So the story is done, and the moral is clear...
Don't be a doctor, and play ball with no fear..
End up on the Lakers...and all will be clear...
So now listen to Barcelona cheer...

typo -

End up on the Lakers...and all will be clear... = End up on the Lakers...and all will be dear...

Are you kidding me?" added journeyman Mike James. "You have the No. 1 or 2 two-guard (Wade), the No. 1 three-man (James), and a top three power forward. The Los Angeles Lakers have to be feeling that one."

We didn't get Jeremy Lin?..Bummer! That really hurts maybe if Luke retires the pain won't be so bad.


Paul's list of preferred destinations consists of the Knicks, Magic and Lakers, and members of his inner circle already have sent word to the Hornets of his desire to be traded to one of those teams, sources say. If Paul has his way, he's played his last game in a Hornets jersey.

Nice, user friendly graphic chart. Just looking ahead @ who I see as the biggest potential threats in the Western Conference next year:
1. OKC-They were the biggest threat LAL had in the playoffs this year and they're only going to be more experienced. Kevin Durant's game is scary good and he has plenty of pieces around him.
2. Houston Rockets- If Houston is healthy, watch out. Yao will be back, Ariza, K.Martin, A. Brooks...and they have solid role players like Scola & Brad Miller.

Basically, everyone in the Western Conference has gotten a little better, except for the Utah Jazz, who lost more shoes than Gordon Heyward can fill, and the San Antonio Spurs, who, after getting swept by Phoenix, have shown that they are getting old fast. But hey, they at least resigned Matt Bonner!

BD -

but the Lakers have:

No. 1 guard - Kobe
No. 1. defender - Artest
No. 1 power forward - Pau

The Heat have to be feeling that...

Paul's list of preferred destinations consists of the Knicks, Magic and Lakers, and members of his inner circle already have sent word to the Hornets of his desire to be traded to one of those teams, sources say. If Paul has his way, he's played his last game in a Hornets jersey.

Posted by: BD | July 21, 2010 at 05:39 PM
So there's still a chance CP3 will land in LA?

I mean, I think he'll go to NY...but

Lewstrs- So the story is done, and the moral is clear...
Don't be a doctor, and play ball with no fear..
End up on the Lakers...and all will be clear...
So now listen to Barcelona cheer..

That's off the HOOK, Old School.

Last thread someone said.."if Barnes is so important than why doesn't any team keep the guy?"

The exact same could have been said about Artest - and look how he turned it around and is now a VALUABLE Laker for Life. Right now when Artest goes out our choices are Luke (when and IF he's healthy), an unproven green rookie, or (more likely) making Kobe log extra minutes at the 3. Barnes would provide similar rugged defense to Ron-Ron and also allow an already overworked Mamba to get a little more rest. And with Durant likely waiting in the West finals and LeBronze or Pierce after that, what we need MOST is good backup defense at the 3 and what we need LEAST is Luke or a rookie or forcing Kobe to shift over and play more and harder minutes.

Do WHATEVER it takes to sign Barnes, then resign Shannon and Mbenga and we've got an unbeatable team 1-12. If Dr B is willing to spend 25 mil + to sign Kobe, a few more to lock up these guys and insure Phil his final 3-peat is well worth it - especially with Sasha's contract coming off the books after this year.

CP3 could end up in LA. It'll cost Bynum. Doubt they'll take LO and filler, but I guess it depends on how desperate they get.

Another way to look at Odom's contract is that it's pretty much an expiring deal. Next year there will be a lockout. Year after his deal has a low buyout. If NO is looking to shed Salary, LO/Sasha isn't a horrible option.

Now if Bynum has another major injury, he's ours for the duration of his deal. Which I believe we'll also be done with the year after the lockout.

Looks like Powell's going to Atlanta for the Vets minimum.

I liked JPeazy...I wish him nothing but the best...

We should go for Chris Paul in a heartbeat. We can find any 7 footer, and Paul will make him a star with the alley oops he throws. Paul is only 25 and he could be that star to shine throughout the night when Kobe has called it a career. We shouldn't pass on this. If Drew gets hurt again, we're doomed.

The scenario of Paul for Bynum is an interesting one, but I'm not sure it's one the Lakers are willing to do. The Lakers, generally speaking, overwhelm teams with Kobe's perimeter play combined with their ridiculous length upfront. If you take Bynum away, you eliminate a HUGE part of the equation. Putting Odom's inconsistency at the 4 and Pau at the 5 isn't quite as formidable (though it's still better than most frontcourts). If you added Paul, yes, your backcourt would be unbelievable, but both Kobe and Paul can't dominate the basketball late, so it limits how great both of them are, at least somewhat (just like LeBron and Wade's greatness will be limited playing together, at least to a certain extent).

I mean, Paul is a great great player and clearly he's a better player than Andrew Bynum. But for what this team needs, I'm just not sure it's the right fit. And you'd probably have to give up more than just Bynum, I would guess, to get Paul. I really think Mitch is all-in with Bynum at this point. We have won back-to-back titles with Bynum pretty close to a non-factor in the playoffs. Imagine if he is actually healthy.

Then again, to play Devil's Advocate, if Bynum injures his knee again and ends up as nothing more than a talented-but-always-injured player, Laker fans will rue the day they could have had Chris Paul for Andrew Bynum (if that's the best deal New Orleans could get).

By the way, Magic Johnson said recently that he would not have done what LeBron did in going to the Heat.

1) Duh! Of course you wouldn't have, Magic!

2) I'm not sure I'll ever be able to forgive Magic for this year picking the Celtics to "win it all" on TNT. Really, Magic? Really? If you HONESTLY felt that way, you should have avoided the question, but to actually say it when WE, LAKER NATION, knew that was crazy talk... dude? What the heck?

Magic, if you haven't noticed, your fricken statue is outside Staples Center!

3) Magic was my favorite Laker. He's now around my sixth favorite Laker. How could he say that?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


With the intense focus on the 12th through 15th player on the rosters of the Lakers, Celtics, and Heat, we need to remember that it will still be the top 6 players on each team who decide the championship, which means that the “real” matchups have already been determined for each of the three elite teams. So let’s see who has the advantage among the top 6 players:
Position-Player Rankings - Comment
PG-RONDO/Fisher/Chalmers – Of course, the Lakers know how to keep Rondo in check.
SG-BRYANT/Wade/Allen – Laugh at the slight edge to Lakers prognosticators – KB is big edge.
SF-JAMES/Pierce/Artest – This is why the Lakers “traded” Ariza for Artest. Closer than it looks.
PF-GASOL/Garnett/Bosh – Super friend comes up super short when compared to 2 champions.
CE-BYNUM/Perkins/Ilgauskas – A healthy Drew makes this the biggest mis-match of any position.
6M-ODOM/Miller/Davis – Lamar is the most talented player among all three teams’ benches.
Whether you agree or disagree with my ranking, what is interesting is that the Lakers have the best player at 3 of the 5 starter positions, including power forward and center, and 4 of the top 6 positions when considering 6th man. The Heat’s definite weakness is at power forward and center, where they are outmanned by both the Lakers and the Celtics. Shaq could have a big impact on these matchups.
Anyway, as long as Drew stays healthy, the Lakers are still in the driver’s seat.

Jon K,

I believe that Magic was simply going for reverse psychology. Maybe in his mind he thought that he could live with saying that as long as his Lakers won. Maybe that was his bargain with the man upstairs.

Because, as you all know, God is a Laker fan.

On the CP3 deal you could throw in Sasha with Bynum and ask for Okafur. he is a servicable center he will do all the dirty work while Gasol still does most of the scoring. If we had to throw in one of the rookies so be it or even Odom I still might consider it. The real question is would CP3 fit in the triangle. What do you Lakers fans think?

Our current core and scheme delegates Bynum in the mix...

Here we go again with Bynum trade scenarios...

trade kobe

Lewstrs, If Bynum played a full season healthy I might agree with you however he has proven that he cant stay healthy for a full season and he is one more injury from being a complete bust. I simply suggest that they should consider making a move on him before his value becomes zero or at least not in the same conversation as a CP3 deal.

Tracy McGrady was asked on his twitter, "Any chance of joining the Bulls?" and he responded: "yes, there is a chance.. i love the bulls roster...minutes take care of themself... i want to win" When you look at that in addition to the fact that David Aldridge is reporting for that T-Mac has a work out scheduled with the Bulls next Monday, it looks like Chicago is going to be McGrady's new home.

However, McGrady also said on his Twitter: "clippers, bulls, lakers, heat.... but that could change by the morning... lol.. this is the NBA" OK, He might not have meant that list to be in a certain order, but according to his workouts, it is. So if things fall through in Chicago, Welcome to Lakerland. Tracy also said that he'd "def lace em up with ron again". So we have that going for us..

So you lose Bynum, for CP3, who is not the kind of PG the triangle delegates...

Who will replace Bynum...Pau...who plays best at PF...who takes Pau spot...LO...who comes in when they get a rest...

You have just neutralized our biggest advantage...The length of our front court and Bynum's defensive presence in the paint...

Saying, getting CP3 on the Lakers will automatically make them multiple rings, is the same mentality, saying the 3 Mojitos will win 7 rings in a row because Bosh/James signed...

Big Chill - Yes Bynum and his history of injuries is a huge risk...But one I'm willing to take, considering the other options...

All scenarios have huge "ifs", but in retaining Bynum, the only "if" is health, but the other factors of importance are already desire, chemistry, skill, and knowledge of the system...

And there is no guarantee that the new guy won't get injured either...

In conclusion, after weighing all the factors, I would risk the health factor of Bynum, and go with our present starters for the 2010-2011 season...

LEWSTRS, Okafur would have to be part of that deal as well as CP3 he is a little undersized but he is a servicable big that doesnt need the ball and he would still get you 12ppg and 8rpg. to be honest his career numbers are not to far off from Bynums. So Okafur would be your starting center along with Gasol at the power forward spot. One other thing Okufar is more durable he doesnt miss to many games.

Chill -

You really think it is good we have to acclimate 2 new players to our system on both ends of the floor...

Our great defense would be effected immediately, considering AB vs Okafur...

We scrap the chemistry we have acquired in the last 3 years, on the eve of a 3Peat...

Just doesn't make good sense to me...

Lakers decided AB will be the future of the team when they gave him his big contract...

At this time, in the big picture of the league, we have no choice but to stick it out and hope it works out like the FO projected it to...

I just checked career stats and Bynums are 10.3 ppg. and just under 7rpg, 1.6bpg. Okafur's career numbers 13.1 ppg and 10.2 rpg with 1.8bpg so we loose a little size but you also get CP3.

I here ya LEWSTRS, I am just playing devils advocate in reality its not going to happen. Your spot on when you mention chemistry it goes a long way. Lets just hope Bynum stays healthy next year.

I'm with LEWSTRS here in saying that we don't need to do anything. Here is why I believe so:

1) We just won 2 titles in a row with Bynum contributing very little in the playoffs. So at worst, you know that even if Bynum gets hurt again, you're good enough to get to the Finals.

2) If Bynum is healthy all year, a two-time defending NBA champion is immeasurably better.

3) Say you make a trade where you get Paul and give up Bynum. Maybe it works out really well and we just dominate, but it's also a legitimate concern that we would lose our edge without the length upfront and we bow out in a tough series against a tough-minded team. Also, consider that Paul is coming off a knee injury of his own and that in 2 of his 5 seasons he has missed significant time. With the Lakers as constructed now, you know you can absorb the loss of Bynum if you have to. If you made this trade, and Paul got hurt, you're in worse shape, because now you're back to having weak PG's AND you've lost your frontcourt depth.

What I'm saying is that in numbers 1 and 2, you know you have a legit chance to win the title, without any question; but in number 3, you may not because of a change in the team dynamic. We just won, Laker fans...why do we need to do anything? Mitch has made little tweaks in the last couple of years (getting Artest, getting Steve Blake), and that's all this team needs as long as Kobe and Gasol are in their primes for the next 3 years. (Next year, we can use the mid-level again to make another tweak, and the same in the following year, etc.)

Let Chris Paul go to the Knicks and try his luck with Amare and maybe 'Melo next year. (That would be good for the league, actually, a revived New York team.) The Lakers are good enough to win without a 100% healthy Bynum (it's been proven!) and with a 100% healthy Bynum, we'd be unreal.

The Lakers is not like a jig saw puzzle...

Just because there is piece the same shape as the present piece, and it might even fit the mold, it doesn't necesarily mean it will has to have some same DNA, or it won't a body rejecting an transplanted

Chill and Tony -

Now I would be very excited having CP3 on the Lakers if PJ in not back in 2012...

Tony, your point is well taken but in kinda helps prove my point, your spot on when you say that we have won two championships basicly without Bynum that further proves we dont need him to win. The bonus is you loose someone that has not helped you win but you gain someone that could put you at the top of the food chain for several more years to come. The key is to also get Okafur so you still have a center I really dont like Gasol at the 5 for long periods of time even though he has had to do it due to Bynums injuries. Personlly I think the chemistry may even get better with a true point guard that drops what 12 or so dimes a game you could then speed up the game a little and get back to some Show Time also guys/gals remember Phil is only back for one more run the triangle may not be around after next year.

Even if Phil isn't back in 2012, Kobe and Gasol will be, and the triangle fits their talents (especially Gasol's) perfectly. I mean, if you could get Paul without giving up Bynum, ok fine, but we all know that's not gonna happen and I don't see any reason to drastically change a championship team. Even if Phil is gone in 2012, the Lakers are going to continue to run the triangle. It's what Kobe wants and it's clearly the perfect system for Gasol, too. Shaw will probably be the next coach and he's learned under Phil, so I don't think the offense will change.

I am pretty sure we are looking at a triangle offense as long as Kobe and Gasol are on the team. Maybe once that window is over, then we can look at changing our offensive system.

Adding CP3 could extend Kobe career and lets all be honest the Lakers dont really run the Triangle that well even the Logo said so himself. West said they do a lot of isolation with Kobe and Kobe then reacts to what the defense does thats not the triangle my brotha. Let CP3 get into the lane and create for Kobe on the wing or gasol in the post both those guys would thrive with a true point like CP3. Keep in mind also defensively CP3 is top 5 in steals wich would lead to a lot of easy buckets for kobe & Gasol who both run the lanes very well. Dont get me wrong Lakers fans I would love to see Bynum reach his full potential and stay healthy but thats yet to be seen.

I sure wish people would take the time to learn the basics of the collective bargaining agreement rules before commenting on the blog.
IE : Wishing Mitch would do whatever it takes to sign Matt Barnes, HELLO, MITCH CANT DO WHATEVER IT TAKES, he can only offer what we are allowed to offer, which is 1.8 million MAX 1st year, 8% raises, two, three or four year deal, basically the balance of the MLE not spent on S Blake. He can't go over that amount, and he can't do a sign and trade with one of our players like Powell or Mbenga to get him from Orlando, because Barnes has only been at Orlando one year ( NO SIGN & TRADES ALLOWED ON 1st YEAR PLAYERS)

>>>One important distinction that doesn't get pointed out here too often
>>>regarding Bynum's injury is that all 3 were freak accidents

You know what? Collisions between two players happen ALL THE TIME in the NBA. EVERY NIGHT. And pretty much every player in the league gets crashed into hard at least once or twice a year.

Some people don't get affected as badly. Their bodies don't break as easily. You run into them, they get up and keep playing. Kobe takes the kind of hits that cripple Bynum 10 times a year. 7 times he walks it off and as no effects. 3 times, he takes an injury but is able to play at 80% until he recovers.

Bynum seems to be a twig-man (or at least his legs). You bump into him with any force at all, and he's out for awhile.

Any insurance company will tell you. If something happens once, it's a freak accident. If something happens every year, it's not a freak accident.

Whenever the Heat play the Lakers, it's not a big edge. Kobe and Wade usually cancel one another out. As for Lamar have an edge over Miller, Miller is a 48% 3 point shooter (one of the best in the league). Z is 7'3", Pittman is 6'11" and 330 pounds. Joel Anythony is a good rebounder and shot blocker, Artest won't score as much because he'll be busy with James. You beat Boston only because you out rebounded them...You won't get 3-4 shots at the basket against the Heat this year. If it were as simple as some of you fans believe, why are you recruiting more players? Because you don't even believe its going to be that easy. Out of 80 point from our starting 5, we only need 20 points per night from our bench.



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