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Derek Fisher's visit with Miami just part of the negotiating process


Lakers guard Derek Fisher landed in Miami on Saturday and listened to LeBron James' pitch about joining the Heat. Fisher then sat in a swank South Beach hotel and heard Miami Heat owner Micky Arison and team President Pat Riley make the same case.

With each day passing in which the Lakers and Fisher haven't reached an agreement over his contract, it appears Lakers fans have increasingly expressed concerns that Fisher will indeed leave  the Lakers for the second time in his 14-year career. That concern heightened once fans heard the news regarding Fisher's willingness to consider joining the Heat's "Super Team" in James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh

Some argue the Lakers will let him walk, with some believing that's a wrong move because of his leadership and others claiming it's the right move because the Lakers have already picked up free agent guard Steve Blake. Some argue Fisher will decide to leave on his own, with some believing that's a wrong move because the Lakers are more poised to win a title than Miami and others claiming he deserves better than the Lakers' reported offer of one year for $2.5 million, a decrease from the $5.048 million he made last season. Then there are some, such as myself, that see it for truly what it is: a negotiating tactic.

This is simply part of the free agency process and it doesn't deviate from what Fisher said in his exit interview: "I won't make a decision before I know exactly where I stand here." Lakers fans appear split on whether Fisher deserves more than what the Lakers are offering, and I presented in detail why the Lakers should ultimately grant Fisher the multiyear, $5-million a season he wants. Regardless of where you fall in this debate, you can't fault Fisher for exploring other options. That doesn't mean he doesn't want to play for the Lakers. That doesn't mean he's going to leave the Lakers, either. Fisher is simply assessing his other options like any responsible employee would do.

There's also practical reasons why Lakers fans shouldn't be concerned just yet. The Times' Mike Bresnahan and Broderick Turner report that the Miami Heat want Fisher to be their starting point guard. But it remains unclear how much they could pay him. Though ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin and Ramona Shelburne report the Heat are willing to hold off other offers until Fisher makes a decision, the story also states the Lakers have made a second offer to Fisher that's worth more than the one-year, $2.5-million offer that they originally proposed. Lastly, the South Florida Sun Sentinel's Ira Winderman reports that "there is an expectation from all sides that Fisher will wind up back with the Lakers after this well-publicized dalliance, which likely will wind up as nothing more than a bid to drive up his value."


Still, there's some fans who have expressed offense that Fisher would even consider meeting other teams. Not to be overly cynical, but the talk that Fisher should remain loyal to the Lakers is incredibly overblown. As much as the Lakers value Fisher's leadership and as much as Fisher wants to be back with the team, the organization and Fisher are both looking out for their best interests. The Lakers have financial matters they must address, as does Fisher. But in no way does that mean Fisher isn't taking a realistic approach about it. He may be seeking higher pay, but he's really just trying to maximize his market value. He wants to be on a championship contending team, and he's trying to see which team -- the Heat or the Lakers -- would want his presence more. And by visiting other teams, Fisher is showing to the Lakers that other teams indeed are interested in him, which could prompt the Lakers to increase their offer so they don't lose him.

When I mentioned that possibility in some of the recent live chats, some Lakers fans countered that the Lakers allowed Trevor Ariza to walk to Houston after they couldn't reach a deal. But that circumstance is different. One, Ariza doesn't have as much history with the Lakers as Fisher does. Two, the Lakers were in the process of acquiring Ron Artest, which proved to be an essential swap. And three, Miami has the chance to threaten the Lakers for an NBA title. Houston didn't. Even if the Lakers are looking at other options to fill their backcourt, they don't want the Heat having the luxury of plucking away one of their major assets and thus making it more difficult to three-peat.

That brings us back to the present moment. It's not exactly clear what will happen regarding negotiations between the Lakers and Fisher. But one thing's certain. Fisher's visit to Miami will probably spur the Lakers and Fisher into reaching an agreement rather than Fisher joining the Super Team.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Derek Fisher fouls Boston forward Paul Pierce while going for a steal in the second quarter of Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals. Credit: Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times.

Photo: Lakers Derek Fisher (2), Ron Artest (37) and Kobe Bryant (background) begin to celebrate after their 83-79 victory over the Boston Celtics earned them the NBA championship last month. Credit: Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times.

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I read all the player-by-player comparisons on the last couple of threads and I have one thought about Pau Gasol being equal to or slightly better than CB3. I think Pau's quite a bit better. He's a much better passer, a better back-to-the-basket player and pure shooter. Advantage - Lakers


Steve "The Other North American" Nash requires the ball too much to get things done in the Triangle.

Moreover, "Crying... Crying... There's No Crying in Basketball" [Borrowed from Tom Hanks' line in "A League of Their Own"].



Fisher to the Heat? No way is DFish taking that seriously. Agree that its a pure market assessment tour.

Miami runs and runs and you think Fish doesn't know that with those three he's the slowest guy on court? AND he's the PG.

Chris Bosh 6'10", 230 lbs, 7' 3-1/2" Wingspan

Pau Gasol 7' 0", 250 lbs, 7' 5" Wingspan

Besides being more skilled than Bosh, Pau is Taller, Bulkier and longer.

Pau Will Make Bosh Look Soft!!!!!!

Plus 2 Rings Experience.

Far Superior to Bosh!


I hope this article comes up in google results next week if he signs with Heat. Stick to your guns Mark.

Kobe neither fear nor respect these new upheaval schemes trying to dethrone him. (well, maybe he has some respect for D-Wade before all this hoopla took place because it seems D-Wade was a stand up guy before he joins or help creates this circus) But he is well aware of their existence and capabilities. Fisher won't detect to the enemy. The Last Stand will be the Grand One. The original one hit wonder Three Amigos has been slayed, and now a new copycat Three Miam-egos is created to try to take over his kingdom? Bring it on!!! It's gonna be a fun ride. Can't wait for the season to start.

FCM- have we given you your membership button and engraved megaphone in the K Bros honorary 'talking people down from the ledge' club?

Here's a short note to everybody who everybody who is amping up their outrageometer (Rick *ahem*) over Fish maybe leaving;


Interesting. It thought this might be a bit more on the crazed conspiracy side, but the interesting thing to me was all the kowtowing and um, gently massaging that the Heat was doing to go out of their way to set stuff around Lebron. A lot of completely legal stuff, nothing risky about writing it, but something no reporter from ESPN was ever going to touch with a ten foot pole.

Do Mitch and Dr Buss have a secret that they have that they aren’t telling us? Here’s the secret; if healthy, the Lakers roster as it is is better than Three Fraud Lite in Miami.

Yeah, we need a better nickname. Who came up with ‘the Three Mojitos?’ Not bad.

To be fair, one part of the people on this blog have been ripping Lebron up and down for being all about himself and not being willing to do what it took to win, and the other half is ripping him up and down for joining better players in Miami and not doing it the hard way, on his own, or whatever.

FCM- Would it be too much trouble to find a definitive answer as to whether or not the Lakers actually offered Fish 2.5 Mil? I know Dave McMenamin can’t make up his mind, but are there actually any facts involved, one way or the other?



Yeah, although I bet everybody is going to love everything about Lebron if the Heat every win a title. Some people just want to cheer for the winners. Oh wait, BSPN is already cheering for Lebron. Never mind.

Marc B- good information. If I might summarize slightly, under the current CBA, you can pay your own players whatever you want. So far as FAs go, the Lakers can offer 1.75 Mil left of the MLE to somebody, and the veterans minimum (Not very much, less than 1.7 Mil, unless the guy has been in the league for thirty two years or something) to whoever they want, but they have to pay luxury taxes on all of it.

RE Farmar- something to keep in mind; He wasn’t trying to get more money than the Lakers offered him, the Lakers didn’t offer him anything, they didn’t want him to come back. They wanted Steve Blake, and they got him.

HOGAN & MARC…The post was obviously made with tongue in cheek but also to make the point that when one door closes another opens, meaning even if Fish were to decide to sign with the Heat, the Lakers might then be inspired to make a great move, which in my opinion would be to trade for Darren Collison, whom I believe would be the perfect fit for a Lakers team that needs to get younger while not sacrificing their front court length advantage if they are to continue to be the best team in the NBA. While obviously wishful thinking, I wouldn’t consider it a bad joke. It’s a deal that would benefit both teams and solve a point guard problem the Lakers will not be able to solve otherwise.
Collison average 19 points and 10 assists per game subbing for CP3 for 37 games last year as a rookie. He shot 50% from the field, 40% from beyond the arc, and 85% from the line. He is as fast and quick as any point guard in the league and cover man-to-man full court like an NFL defensive back. His long arms and anticipation are why Ben Howland often subbed him for Jordan Farmar defensively when the two played together at UCLA. His rare combination of defensive prowess and length along with his outstanding ball handling, play making, and long range shooting abilities make Darren the perfect option to run the Triangle or any offense the Lakers might adopt after Phil Jackson retires.
Okafor would actually add to the Lakers defensive length and shot blocking ability. He would also be good insurance since he is primarily a center although he could easily backup Pau at power forward at times although it is looking like Caracter may also make the roster, which gives us even more size. With other teams bulking up to take advantage of Odom like Big Baby did, Okafor makes us tougher, especially on defense, and younger by 4 years than Lamar Odom.
The deal also accomplishes the unthinkable, which was the hole in the roster due to Luke Walton. New Orleans will take Walton because the deal will save them over $23M, which to a franchise like the Hornets, is the difference between losing money and bankruptcy. For the Lakers, they do not really give up anything except financial flexibility in years 3 and 4 but they get their point guard of the future WITHOUT giving up their top four players OR increasing their payroll for the next two years. How would that be a bad joke.

I told you a couple of days ago that Fish is history. He doesn't need La La Land. They need him. Did you get that? He doesn't need you. You need him. Better ante up you cheapo ingrates.

And given the harsh disparagement he so often receives on this love/hate board (depending of course on which way the putrid SoCal wind is blowing, or lunar cycle, whatever, and I ain't making this up), why on earth would Fish forego an opportunity to pick up another ring?

And don't fool yourself Milton Free-man, he will pick up another ring or two when he goes to Miami.

What does he play for? Rings!!! He'll have more rings than a Baldwin Hills bathtub, and definitely more the Saint.

I've heard they have some good evangelical churches down that way. Fish'll like that.


Sorry if I'm sounding pedantic or something, i'm tired, i've been yelling at kids all day, and I actually had a conversation with a kid that went something like 'even if you do have to go to the bathroom really bad, you don't need to grab your genitals in both hands and look like that guy in 'Saving Private Ryan' who was trying to hold in his intestines or something.

Ok, it didn't really go like that. I get paid money to make it sound nicer than that, not that the kids ever notice.


LakerTom- I remember back in the day when everything you said wasn't 'tongue in cheek'

you know i love you, but if you see Martin Sheen and a few other guys coming up the river toward you in a patrol boat, you should probably give them a big leeway.

Dang, I should have saved that line for Sonny. His was much crazier.

A happy day for globalization, or something. A Sacramento Kings fan is cheering for the Miami Heat on the Lakers Blog. Whoo.

Nope. Not a Miami fan.

Fortunately, I'll only have to cheer for them twice next season.



Regarding DWade/Bosh/LeGone, one great nickname came from one of the other blogs (SS&R?). The Nazgul (Lord of the Rings): former kings who became corrupted souls in their lust to acquire Rings.

It might even have been from Bill Simmons, but who cares? BS has totally flipped from bashing Kobe to bashing LeGone. He even credited Kobe taking over the game in 2008 Beijing, not LeBron, when USA almost lost the lead. Bizarre, but as someone said, it's cats and dogs living together with both Lakers and Celtics fans now bashing on LeGone and his Nazgul friends.

"And given the harsh disparagement he so often receives on this love/hate board (depending of course on which way the putrid SoCal wind is blowing, or lunar cycle, whatever, and I ain't making this up), why on earth would Fish forego an opportunity to pick up another ring?"

Yeah, you'll see some real crazy people making comments on here. Thankfully, though, I don't think Fish bases his professional career on what the Lakers Blog thinks, but if he did, he would probably appreciate that 89% of us want him back.

Scott- Bill Simmons quotes 'Lord of the Rings?' Dang Peter Jackson. Used to be you had to read a book to make a halfway literate allusion.

Sonny - so you'll be cheering for Miami the 2 times they play the Kings? Interesting.... Glad to see you finally came on over to the light!

And i'm still not reading BS. I am sort of impressed that BSPN lets him say anything bad about the Golden Boy, but i assume he hates on Lebron for the same reason he hated on Kobe; he gets paid money to write crap about people.

What does he play for? Rings!!! He'll have more rings than a Baldwin Hills bathtub, and definitely more the Saint.

I've heard they have some good evangelical churches down that way. Fish'll like that.


Posted by: Sonny Belfast | July 11, 2010 at 06:01 PM

What in the world is this guy babbling about? It looks like we need a translator here - fans of perennial losers seem to speak a different language.

Yeah, i'm rambling. What are y'all doing on this fine Sunday evening?

phred - I don't think I was being condescending. I was just pointing out the differing opinions expressed in the live chats. If you go to them, those sentiments were all shared. I'm just explaining why I don't think at this point it's nothing beyond a negotiating tactic.


LakerTom- I remember back in the day when everything you said wasn't 'tongue in cheek'

you know i love you, but if you see Martin Sheen and a few other guys coming up the river toward you in a patrol boat, you should probably give them a big leeway.

Posted by: phred | July 11, 2010 at 06:05 PM

Are you kidding pred? Tom ould be thier personal photographer! Not as good as Dennis Hopper, but just as crazy.

I'm sure (Darren Collison) Fish will (Darren Collison) be wrapped up soon (Darren Collison), and we can (Darren Collison) obsess about (Darren Collison) filling out the rest of the (Darren Collison) bench.

I love my LAKERS, we really need to re-sign Fisher and hopefully Shannon, got Blake done, now its Mike Miller,and Shaq-I know I know (that should be taboo) but just for the mininum and he's another big body-7+ footer), and Shaun Livingston if he's healthy. Plz just get rid of sorrya** Luke Walton on down, they really never play and are just sitting around collecting rings no real support. Hey look at Phoenix-I know we beat them but they could just put in another 5 and keep going, we need some good youthfullness and this is the best time to get it, you win the Championship you dont often get good draft picks. But take a look at this !!!
PG - Fisher / Blake / Livingston - 6'2, 6'4, 6'9
SG - Kobe / Shannon / Shasha - 6'7, 6'4, 6'7
SF - Artest / Miller / Eubanks - 6'9, 6'9, 6'9
PF - Gasol / Odom / Caracter - 7'0, 6'11, 6'9
C - Bynum / Shaq / ????? - 7'0, 7'2,
Now this is a team with even more height, with the power to throw different line-up's at you at any time, doesn't matter what Big 3, The 3 Ego's or any other team comes to town. LAKERS look good and win more Championships for along time (HEY SOMEBODY TELL MITCH)


Nurse Ratched has rescinded your day pass and insists you return to the home immediately before you pose a threat to yourself or to others.

That;s nice Sonny boy. I'm glad you will be rooting for Miami when they play Boston.

FCM- I didn't think you were being condescending. Really. Wouldn't blame you if you were, though.

"How would that be a bad joke."

It's one thing to report it accurately. It's another to say it happened and fool people.

Just like how you said Kobe will become a defensive stopper from Team USA style so Bynum can be the number one option.

Just like you said that Bynum will be an All-Star last year.

Just like you said Bynum was the second option and now you retracted that saying Pau Gasol is the second option.

Just like how you sided with Prfraud36 in bashing Phil because he put Odom in crunch time instead of your boy.

It's a bad joke primarily because we all know what you want to gain by this trade: Having Bynum get his precious minutes so he can be a stat jacker.

Los Angeles is the place of Championships not of stat jackers. That's Alex Smith's job lol.

"Moreover, "Crying... Crying... There's No Crying in Basketball"

obviously you don't remember that. OR Derek Fisher crying after he led the Lakers to victory in Game 3 Mark B (Note that I spelled with a 'K')

phred - 2 words - percoset & vodka


89%? Maybe you're right, today.

But how about tomorrow...when you read that Fish made the best possible move he could make to secure yet another ring? How much appreciation will be shown him when that happens?

Miami is definitely in Heat. It'll be fun watching them bend the Hollywood Troupe over. If it's not already a blow-out, Fish will probably swish the three to win the game.

Although, the Lakers must first get past some other rapidly rising teams, starting with the mighty Thunder.


Rick- there you go. Um, wasn't Nurse Ratched the bad guy? Wasn't Jack the good guy? I'll take that.

Ah, Justa...we are thinking alike again.

I'll just say this: if Fish signs with Miami for the same or less money, he should never be welcomed back in LA. Period.

Given the stakes this year, his betrayal would rank among the worst in the history of the Lakers franchise.

Well, you had a good run. But I'm afraid, Miami is now the team to beat.

Concerning Apocalypse Now...I have only two words:

Purple Haze...

rather, Purple and Gold.

I'll take Purple and Black.



Why ruin a perfectly good vodka with percoset?

$2.5M is an insult to the fish. The Lakers need to do better. I love the fish but he is worth a lot more than that

He should walk if he isn't given a worthy deal.

If Miami offer a multi year $5M year deal Fish shouldn't turn it down, if all the lakers can manage is $2.5M

$2.5M for the fish, what a joke. C'mon Lakers put your hand in ya pocket.!!

If the Heat are waiting on DFish, they're stupid. Miller is a much bigger need for them and should be their top priority.

The Lakers should up their offer to either drive out the Heat or force them to overpay for DFish with their precious remaining cap space and lose Miller. And as much as fans don't like all this waiting, it puts the Heat at risk of Miller getting impatient and signing elsewhere for more money.

And I have to laugh at press reports who say DFish would be great for the Heat "due to his sharpshooting ability". They obviously didn't watch the regular season.

Sonny- Sports fans sure are a fickle bunch, huh?

"But how about tomorrow...when you read that Fish made the best possible move he could make to secure yet another ring? How much appreciation will be shown him when that happens?"

Like always, I will be glad that he is on the Lakers. Are you trying to make this easy?

Lakers have the top two rated rookies in Las Vegas......

A lakersblog Haiku for your enjoyment

LeFlashBosh implodes

Percocet and Vodka

Lakers champions!

See the way this works, is, there's this thing called a negotiating process. The Lakers offer him a deal that is a little on the low side, and if nobody else offers him any money, he takes it. If he talks to another team, then he can go back to Mitch and say 'well, Mitch, the Heat are going to pay me like 2 mil, but they will give me my own plane, a big house, a diamond car with big platinum wheels, and LeBron, Wade and Bosh will take my dog for a walk every day and let me win at Wii. Can you top that?'

And Mitch says 'Sure. 3.5 Mil, no plane, Kobe will let you ride in his helicopter, you can be on Lamar and Ron's reality tv shows, and we give you a star on the walk of fame'

and Fish says 'Sure.'


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I hope you win lot of money on your bets after the first game.

world champion this year with the lakers basketball
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greetings from Spain

P.D. I miss Wimbledon, Roland Garros, Tour de France ....
The list is too long

1) Doesn't 'percocet and vodka' only have six syllables? Don't you need seven for a Haiku?

3) I prefer Whisky and Ambien.

C) None of these would be enough to convince me that the Lakers would ever trade Odom and Luke for Okafor and Collison, and if they did, the hornets would probably not take it, and even if they both did, no way does it actually make the Lakers better. But, I have to ask, how does trading a Center for a PF actually increase Bynum's minutes? I don't think LakerTom would expect that to happen.

If you want to know where Fish will end up next year, go find out what Kobe Bryants take is on the matter. There is no way Derek doesn't come back.

Tongue-in-cheek or not, LakerTom, I think your trade scenario has tremendous merit. Let Miami overpay for Fish so they can’t also sign Mike Miller – and then the Lakers can bring Collison and Okafur aboard. For 2010/2011 and 2011/2012, the combined salaries of Collison and Okafur would be less than those of Odom and Walton (actually saving JB $1 million in each season after factoring in the luxury tax) – and the Lakers would have both a vastly improved 1-2 punch at point guard and a defensive-minded back-up center/power forward. New Orleans gains the advantage of getting to dump unwanted salary in 2012/2013 and 2013/2014.


In your zeal for Spanish sports, you forgot to mention Lewis Hamilton.

Remember, Lewis, the racer?

I'm just a poor what do I know.

By all...back to Burma for a few days. Don't be too hard on Fish when he goes in Heat.


Phred - oh I thought that's what you were suggesting when you wrote, "have we given you your membership button and engraved megaphone in the K Bros honorary 'talking people down from the ledge' club?"

Rick - hmmmmmm - I don't know - percoset & vodka has a nice ring to it - don't you think? Better than phred's whiskey & ambien....!

5 - 7 - 5 syllables for a haiku is correct. Here's my pulizer award winning one:

On Figueroa
June's parade joyously loud
O'Brien is home


you got me phred. I was counting my studder

Bosh would give Gasol a very very very hard time come finals time. bosh will force gasol to the elbow on the offensive end and bosh's quickness with the pivot foot move will be too much for himn to handle. on the otherr hand gasols height will kill bosh too so its a win-win. but miami will win it next yr 4 sure

PHRED… You are right. I would use Okafor to reduce Pau AND Drew’s minutes. He is not the offensive player or versatile weapon that Lamar is but he is an excellent rebounder and shot blocker. The reason to do the deal has nothing to do with Bynum specifically. It’s about getting a great defender and outside shooter and overall floor general without giving up Bynum. Imagine the Lakers with an all-NBA defender like Rondo who was also a great shooter and free thrower. That’s Collison.

Remember when the champagne still hadn't been shampooed out of Ron's hair and everybody wanted to trade Bynum for Bosh?

I think a Heat team with wade, lebron and a healthy Bynum would have been a little scarier against Pau and bosh than the way it currently stacks up. I know the key word is healthy. The world cup is over!!! GET THAT SURGERY DONE NOW!

FCM- no, i meant talking people down from the ledge, as in talking them out of jumping, not as in talking down to them from the ledge. If that was what you were thinking. Perhaps I am just confused. No, scratch the perhaps.

phred - ahh you know what, you may need to give me that megaphone

Sonny Belfast, this is your captain speaking: Shut up - you're embarrassing and undeserving. And grow up - quit picking on little kids, bully. Go home and eat your pasta, scrub.

LakerPangloss- That is an extreme best case scenario, even over the course of several seasons, I don't think Collison playing at that level is a given. And next year, Odom is definitely more useful to us than Okafor, even if Okafor is as good as you hope, which is also by no means a given. We are the defending Champs, we might actually be better this year than last year, we don't need crazy gambles.

Just like how you said Kobe will become a defensive stopper from Team USA style so Bynum can be the number one option.

Just like you said that Bynum will be an All-Star last year.

Just like you said Bynum was the second option and now you retracted that saying Pau Gasol is the second option.

Just like how you sided with Pfraud36 in bashing Phil because he put Odom in crunch time instead of your boy.

Just like how you campaigned for Odom NOT to return to LA in the 09 Off-Season because you wanted your boy to get the minutes and used crap like "MITCH's Plan B is Andrew Bynum!"

Just like after LO re-signed you campaigned LO at PG so Bynum can be on the court more and you abandoned it in favor of Farmar then back to that idea then to Collison AGAIN.

It's a bad joke primarily because we all know what you want to gain by this trade: Having Bynum get his precious minutes so he can be a stat jacker.

And now you are justifying it by "less minutes for Pau AND Bynum" when in fact 1) Okur's production will drop even worst than is Bosh has been traded for Bynum since Okur will be on the bench and 2) Isn't the ball handler Odom is that allows KB to play SF role and score so he'll be stewing on the bench while Bynum gets more minutes.

You aren't fooling us you know......and you must be thinking that New Orleans are idiots huh for even considering that trade.

Los Angeles is the place of Championships not of stat jackers. That's Alex Smith's job lol.

Spiffy it would have been different. Bosh was leaving Toronto. Had he been traded to LA for Bynum the Raptors would have sticked with Bynum. Only reason Toronto did the sign and trade with Miami was to get something out of nothing from Bosh going to Miami (had Toronto chose not to trade with Miami Bosh would have went to Miami anyways just no draft picks to Toronto and a shorter contract).

So that logic of Bynum with Bron and Wade in Miami is incorrect.


D Fish, sign the God damn contract from the Lakers. The whole world knows Miami can't offer you more than the veteran's minimum. Who are you trying to fool? Go to the Heat will eliminate any chance you could have had to be a Laker coach in the future.

Joseph- Fisher will be back, but he would be foolish to factor in 'possible coach of lakers at some point' in his decision. There is no way to legally guarantee Fish that he would get a coaching contract, so he would be banking on nothing more than a promise, the Lakers aren't going to bind themselves into a commitment with a 'coach of the future' when they don't know what other coaches will be available or what personnel or financial situation they may be in, and frankly, If Fisher does for some insane reason, just for the sake of argument, sign with the Heat, and then goes on to coach in the NBA, if he was really the best person for the job, the Lakers would probably hire him anyway.

third paragraph. you didn't spell Miami right. come on guy. this is the l.a. times. step your game up.

Another thing Mitch the Snake Kupchak needs to focus on right now is getting a back up center. Technically Bynum is still on IR, while Mitch is screwing around looking for guards. If Bynum doesn't heal, you've got another thing coming. Right away the Lakers would lose the height advantage.

Forget Mbenga, go after Patrick O'Bryant for the veteran's minimum - then send him to a crash course with Kareem, plus some pumping iron sessions. That will give the Lakers at least an insurance for Bynum.

I've been saying this all along since summer begins, the Lakers needs to get an insurance big man for Bynum. Don't f_*$ up on this, Mitch.

when the ship is going down, the mouse is the first to leave...


Like the Secret Service, we have unlimited black Suburbans
to escort DFish to the Lakers training camp in El Segundo...

====------ === ------===
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll - - -PAY DEREK FISHER -------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

====------ === ------===
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll - - -SIGN DEREK FISHER ------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

====------ === ------===
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll - - -LOVE DEREK FISHER ------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

====------ === ------===
/_____l______l__ ___\____
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

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enjoy the game
dont be stupidfish
Let's Go L's!
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Kobe is having a meeting with Dwight, Carmelo, and DWilliams and ask them to join him in L.A. to form the second "Dream Team" countering the "Superteam".

Starting Lineup:

C= Dwight

"Lakers win champion every year"!

Belfast-mania, you're sounding a wee bit snarky these days. We won't be too hard on Fish, he'll retire a Lakers. Good luck to your Kings this year, DeMarcus could be a good one.

Dfisher will go to Miami I bet and he won't regret it at all

Sonny Belfast,

>>>Better ante up you cheapo ingrates.

That's completely unrealistic and unfair to Buss. He's paying out the highest total salary in the league and the most luxury tax. Last year one (possibly two) of the players on the team earned more from the team than the owner did.

Buss sacrificed a TON to keep the core players together, and he's wrapped up the most important players - Kobe, Pau, Bynum, Odom, and Artest for the next 3 years at least. Which will cost him much more luxury tax.

Fisher's skills were clearly showing signs of deteriorating last season. When you're as seriously stacked deep in salary as the Lakers are, you don't overpay a player based on how well he played for the Lakers in 2000-2002. You look at how he played last season and assume it's only going to get worse.

The amount they offered him is a fair amount. There probably isn't another team in the league willing to pay more. Miami probably doesn't have enough to offer more (or even as much).

And as a final point, the Lakers would like to keep Fisher. Despite his declining skills, his leadership would be an asset to the team.

But they don't NEED him.

With or without Fish, the Lakers are the favorites to repeat as champions.

If you were Derek Fisher, how could you look at yourself in the mirror each morning knowing you were making considerably less money than Luke Walton, substantially less money than Sasha Vujacic, and seriously less money than Steve Blake?

This negotiation is not about Derek Fisher, but rather about the Lakers' regret over how much they are paying Luke and Sasha. Including the luxury tax, Luke and Sasha cost over $20 million per year, and they sit near the end of the bench and provide negligible value to the Lakers each year.

Certainly a value that could otherwise be had from other players for far less than $20 million per year, if only the Lakers were not tied in to their long-term contracts.

Without these contracts, the Lakers would have no problem paying Fisher what he wants. Instead, however, they are trying to balance their books on Fisher's back.

The Lakers may view Fisher's $5 million request as $10 million including the luxury tax. But this is backwards. It's the players at the end of the bench who have caused the problem. It's time for Laker management to admit their own mistakes, and get on with it.

Not worried about his visit to Miami, this is clearly a negotiating tactic.

I'm calmer than I should be throughout this period. Usually I'm a wreck. I'm not sure why but I will attempt some self-analysis.

1) My gut tells me that Blake is going to be a huge addition. Really.

2) We won the Championship this year with everyone hurt. My gut tells me that won't be the case next year. Bynum will FINALLY be healthy... and it will be a big deal.

3) I'm going to say what I've thought for a while... Farmar is a cancer. He's more like skin cancer than pancreatic cancer (**cough**SMUSH PARKER**cough**), but cancer all the same. The guy is a jerk. Teams win through synergy--synergy is truly blessed--Farmar does not build synergy.

4) FISHER BUILDS SYNERGY! My gut feels weird about this, but it really is up to Dr. Buss. My gut tells me that Fisher wants to retire a Laker, but he wants some respect. He may never have his number retired as a Laker, but he deserves to be in the discussion. Dr. Buss needs to communicate that to him in some way. Money is one way to communicate that.

5) At the same time I understand Dr. Buss's perspective, we won despite everyone being hurt and the large majority of our bench playing like crap most of the time we really needed them. We get healthy, we shore up our bench, WE GOT THIS!!! Oh wait, shoring up our bench costs money. FRICK!

6) The Heat will have no bench, ergo our bench becomes crucially important now.

7) I think we're going to be okay. When Phil leaves there will be a lot of huge changes. This year we'll make it through.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Obviously, D-Fish is a valuable asset for LAL, but to say the Lakes need to up the anty is not necessarily true. In fact, Miami is only cosidering a 2yr/4 mil deal, which is much less than what the LAL are offering.

This proves that D-Fish value is far less than he thinks and others who think the LAL should pay. Remember, D-Fish needs to understand his value is with the LAL and their style of play. When he went to Oakland he was a starter briefly til BD showed up and did not get much play after that. Then he went to Utah and became a scrub, b-4 a few decent performances, particularly after he returned from his absence due to his daughter's ailment.

So, when you look at the big picture D-Fish needs to be here more than not, particularly because this is the only offense that is conducive to his style of play. Do not underestimate the LAL management, who has always done what it takes to put the best team on the court. Therefore, if D-Fish is smart, he needs to really look at his opportunity of being a champion another time and stay in Los Angeles.

If not, the LaL will replace his position and move forward to win a 17th tying Title.

I read this column almost everyday but rarely post as a lot of you guys are much more knowledgable than I am in some ways, but I would like to add a couple of points, if I may.

1. We need Fish if for no other reason than to keep Kobe in check and be the inspirational leader to the team that he has been as well as the occasional productive PG that he can be.

2. I hope that Fish realizes and is not delusional that he doesn't have it anymore to be a "starting" PG anymore. If the Heat are promising him that to sway him, I feel sorry for them.

3. I love Fish, but he needs to finish his career in L.A. next to Kobe to secure his Laker legacy. For similar or less money to go to the Heat is just lunacy. He can make more in endorsements than here than he can in Miami. Also, you know that Fish would be a perfect candidate to become part of the Laker organization after he retires just like Shaw, Rambis, Kupchak, etc. As HC, who knows? If he puts the work in, maybe, but I see Shaw as the next Laker HC more than Fish. I think that's why he pulled his name when PJ came back. If PJ retires next year I think Shaw becomes HC.

4. We need more at the PG spot than just Blake and a possible Sasha. I don't trust Sasha. He's not disciplined and he's erratic in his shot. But you gotta give him props for those 2 FTs at the end of game 7 after sitting out the whole game and then swishing those 2 through after being ice cold on the bench.

5. I'm fine w/Farmar leaving because he doesn't have the discipline to get better at this time in his career. Maybe a few lumps will make him work on his game like he needed to do.

6 Love Brown and his dunks and athleticism but he also needs to work on his game and I think he's realizing now that maybe he shouldn't have opted out as I don't think he's going to make much more than he would have. It would be nice to have him back, but if there was somebody who is a better fit for this offense and can play defense, I'd go with them.

7. Don't think Mitch will ignore the b/up center spot just because of AB's injury history. On the other hand, I don't think that AB will be chronically injured throughout the rest of his career. He's been unlucky and this last injury is minor in comparison to his others and he will be the superstar of this teams future when Kobe declines.

8 Fatty, can't tell you how happy that post made me in relation to our 2nd rounders being the top 2 rookies in the rookie league. Mitch made it sound like in his press conference after the draft that Ebanks had a good to decent shot to make the team as an Ariza like player, but Caracter's chances were limited. I hope this proves to him that Caracter can play and to keep him, especially if Luke doesn't get better. I really want to keep both players and I think they will because when you count their roster they will need them to make the minimum roster number plus they are cheap in salary. We might have 2 bargains there. Hope we sign them to 2 years and PJ will finally trust rookies in there to develop because most of our starters are over 30, besides Pau.

9. Hate the hating on Luke. Know that it's more about his contract than him, but he was hurt this year and tried and gotta give him credit for that. What's the story if he retires due to injury? How does that affect our cap? Do we get anything back - like all of it or part of it? That would really free up some space cap wise and give Dr. Buss a chance to either save some money or get somebody worth something in FA.

10. How long is Sasha's contract for? Is it done after this year or next year. Another player who I think that we could get better value for money wise.

11. Would love for us to finally get a young PG to develop and be an additional weapon for us to take some pressure off of Kobe as he grows older. Right now we have Blake, maybe Fish, maybe Brown; but what happens if Blake gets hurt?

12. Would we bring Crit back even though he's not playing in the summer league cause of injury regardless or is he a lost cause and does not have it?

13. The Lakers are one of two teams that I still follow on the West coast and I believe in that their management has a trick or two up their sleeve that they haven't brought out yet to surprise the rest of the NBA. I could be wrong, but I feel it in my bones. Dr. Buss is not gonna let those pretenders in Miami take away what's rightfully ours.

I live on the East Coast so I don't get too much Laker news unless I stay up real late. I lived in SoCal for the first 35 years of my life and Magic/Kareem are my favorite players of all time (forgive me Kobe lovers). I do love Kobe and his attitude of always getting better than he currently is. I remember Magic having the same attitude. Love that the Lakers are more than an "organization", they are a family - past, present, and future.

Lastly, I think even w/the super 3 in Miami, we have them beat. They have to find a coach who can command all 3 egos, they need to find a system that will let all of them feed off of each other, and finally, there is only 1 ball for 3 guys who are gonna want it. Also, it usually takes time for a team to mesh and figure out what it takes to get to a finals and they still have to get past some formidable teams to get there. This will not be a cake walk.

Most of you will not remember this, but in the mid 70's the 76ers signed just about every star in the NBA at the time including a guy by the the name of George McGiniss(sp). Everybody before the season gave them the crown. The problem was that there egos couldn't mesh and they imploded and lost. I look at this as very similar. Maybe in 3 years they'll be something, but not now. That's why I want Mitch to concentrate on young talent now. Those 2 draft picks might be stars and vital to this team by the time the 3 in Miami make a run. We might not be able to beat them then, but I wouldn't count Mitch out of it to continue to bolster this club to compete with them and the west.

Count me as a party to the Fish surburban and GO LAKERS! What do we play for? RINGS!

Sorry, guys. Had put in breaks in the post to make it more readable but I guess you have to double space for it to take.

Hope you can read it w/o falling asleep.

I have lost a lot of respect for the Laker organization- particularly Kupchak for insulting Fisher with a few crumbs to retain his services are all he has meant to the team. If Kobe had the guts he would deman the team to keep Fisher, or else. Amazingly Walton, Sasha & Blake (who has never won anything) seems to have more value that Fisher. What a disgrace to the Laker organization to position Fisher to even consider leaving. This will come back to haunt LA as Miami will defeat LA if they don't do the right thing.

The only resolution for the Lakers to free up more salary: force Luke Walton to retire, this guy is the biggest piece of garbage, he's been faking a back injury for the past two years so he can get free paychecks from the Lakers. The man is a disgrace to the organization, the fans, and the human race. Message to Walton: give back your salary you worthless piece of sh** !!!

an outrageos proposal may bring this team to another level. Not forgetting that those guys play our lovely sport but are also business men in which money drive almost grand part of their decisions and that any superstar have his own entourage to maintain. Keeping the lesson Phil has teach to his own players along the years underlining the most important element is "us" instead of "me" which generate necessary flow to build a group of winning men/system - which helps generating additional money to them - if the big ones really trust on this they can share part of their own salary to the teammates they believe are fundamental on the group. Making 14M in one season or making 13M make no difference, or making 5M or 4,5M in a season still no difference at the end. If such millionaire trust in someone a "small" effort like this can demonstrate how "us" is more important than "me" to create a legacy to the group of people that make this "job" together. This may help to have D-Fish back. Think over



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