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Derek Fisher to return to the Lakers [Updated]


Derek Fisher will return to the Lakers. 

The deal is a three-year contract, with the third year a player option.

It took a little time, and some give-and-take on the financial front, but the Lakers and Fisher just weren’t ready to part ways.

The Lakers agreed to terms with their veteran guard, bringing back a steadying locker-room influence who just happens to be one of the top clutch shooters of the last decade.

The negotiations got off to a slow start, with the Lakers not willing to match the $5 million per year Fisher was paid under his previous contract. After re-signing Fisher, the Lakers now have two solid, chemistry-enhancing veterans, the other being Steve Blake, at ball-handling guard in their backcourt.

"I have decided to continue with Kobe [Bryant], continue with our teammates and the fans of Los Angeles," Fisher said in a statement. "While this may not be the most lucrative contract I've been offered this off-season, it is the most valuable. I am confident I will continue to lead this team on and off the court. Let the hunt for six begin..."
Fisher repeatedly endorsed playing alongside Bryant.
"At the end of the day, there's one person I could not turn away from. Kobe Bryant asked me to stay but supported whatever decision I made," Fisher said. "He and I have played together for 11 seasons, came into the league together as kids, and has been loyal to me even when others had doubts. We have won five championships together."

Fisher, who turns 36 in August, will be the starter at point guard. Blake, whom the Lakers recently acquired after he agreed to a four-year, $16-million contract, will be the understudy. 

For an interactive graphic on all the NBA free-agent moves so far this off-season, click here

-- Broderick Turner and Mike Bresnahan

Photo: Derek Fisher celebrates his fifth NBA title. Credit: Lucy Nicholson, Reuters

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3 years?

d-fish brings leadership and late game clutch ability, great deal for the lakers

Now that that's over...




Thank you God....D Fish is way classier than going to MIA

Welcome back, Fish.

I think with this decision you'll retire with more rings than LeBron James will get in his career. Welcome back to the championship team.


Interesting twist -- ESPN says three year deal, last year as a player option. Depending on the dollar amounts, could be a great deal for Fisher.

But 3 years? What is he going to do in 3 years?
1 or 2 years, then ass. coach. Actually, Next season PJ will be gone, I think it's a great chance to have B Shawn as a coach and Fish as asst coach.

Kobe with the assist.

Btw, Miami played the Fisher courtship well. Think about it - they bump up Fisher's market value by giving him an offer slightly more than the Lakers were willing to pay. If they get him, great, they get a proven winner with unparalleled experience, on a team that doesn't need any more stars. If they don't get him (which they didn't) they force the Lakers to pay slightly more, further limiting the Lakers ability/desire to sign lower middle tier players to fill out the roster. No lose proposition.

This is great news, the captain is back. Now let's get busy with the bench, Bell, T Mac or re-sign Brown bring back DJ.

Now that is how a classy NBA Champion announces his decision. This just goes to show you that Kobe and Fish have a much deeper relationship than just b-ball. These are the Lakers Jordan/Pippen duo. I love them both to pieces and I thank Fish for not holding out and making us stress.

Love you Fish!!! Road to your 2nd 3-peat starts now baby!!!!

So now Shannon Brown is the one guy left.

It'd be nice if he decides to re-sign with the Lakers as well. But if he doesn't, I'm not too worried about it. With Fish & Blake to cover the PG minutes and Kobe & Sasha to cover the SG minutes, I think the Lakers will be fine. They need one more guard as a backup, preferably a combo guard, but whether it's Shannon or someone else, I think the Lakers core lineup is now set.

Big Fish in a small pond! Go get that sixth ring!

Big Fish in a small pond! Go get that sixth ring!

Welcome Back D-Fish!!! A team as talent-rich as the Lakers needs to concern itself with the intangibles that make it a TEAM instead of a collection of individual stars. Even Pat Riley recognized that. D-Fish provides all that and more.

Big Fish in a small pond! Go get that sixth ring!

Big Fish in a small pond! Go get that sixth ring!

Welcome Back D-Fish!!! A team as talent-rich as the Lakers needs to concern itself with the intangibles that make it a TEAM instead of a collection of individual stars. Even Pat Riley recognized that. D-Fish provides all that and more.

Big Fish in a small pond! Go get that sixth ring!

Big Fish in a small pond! Go get that sixth ring!

Big Fish in a small pond! Go get that sixth ring!

Big Fish in a small pond! Go get that sixth ring!

Big Fish in a small pond! Go get that sixth ring!

Fish is a downright assassin. Truly invaluable teammate. Leader amongst leaders. Heart of a champion and rocks of steel. Great to have you back. Anyone that wants to step up can get some.

D-Fish was undercover spying in Miami...

Thank you FISH!! I love the way you handle your business.

Fisher back = One more ring next year.

Miami Heat = Marx Brothers on board stateroom.

To many egos on board to became a true team.

Kobe/Fisher next year will have six fingers with their correspondent NBA ring.

Whatever he's making is probably too much but you could write it off as back-pay owed for all the times he's bailed the Lakers out. God bless the guy, though, he needs a back-up who can play through most of the game for him at a speed that won't allow other guards to drive past for uncontested lay-ups.

Great to hear Fish is staying. I'm really enjoying some time away from basketball, but believe me, I read the BLOG daily.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

What time is the one-hour ESPN special?

I'm really glad Fish is staying... Let's get ready for a 3peat!!!

I have that shirt!!!!!

wtg fish...

I missed his one hour announcement on ESPN. How long into the hour did it take for Jim Grey to ask the question? I'll bet his clutch shooting highlights looked far better than James' did, too. Poor Miami, dumped on a national tv show. I feel sorry for them.

downtown attorney - i totally agree with you, miami played it perfect. they will undoubtedly be a force to reckon with next year, but i'm not worried. i would like to see one more nice piece added, Shannon or Raja. as for center, i don't see a better all around fit than DJ.

It's welcome news for sure... and ditto what LTLF said, we're in decent shape now.


Welcome back, now lets try to get Shannon Brown back.


such good news, thank God. i've always loved me some dfish on the lakers(not the blogger). when Derek came back from Utah, i knew it was winnin' time again. i'm getting that same feeling about next year. now let's pray for good health for the entire Lakers team this comeing season and post season.

Great, and, truthfully expected news.

Go Fish!

DJ Mbenga and T-Mac now???

Thanks, Derek! You have always been one of the classiest,toughest players in the NBA. Your leadership was sorely missed when you left us. You are one of the few who prove that it isn't always about the stats. What you bring to the game is not quantifiable. I'm really looking forward to the NBA Finals next year - Lakers vs. Heat - what a monster series that will be! Like an All-Star Game at the end of the season!

BTW, I am so happy for you, your wife and your daughter. Congratulations and best wishes to all of you! I can't tell you how much it affects me when I hear of a well-known person who suffers a personal tragedy such as your daughter's fight with her eye cancer. Every time I have heard of something like this, I wonder how any of you (sports stars, rock stars, politicians, etc) are able to deal with the constant scrutiny of everything you do. I was fortunate to have raised four children who never had to deal with any of this.

Welcome back, Fish! Let's see that Three-Peat!

To Sonny Belfast,

I hope you're enjoying your crow, wherever you are in Burma.

I used to have respect for you as one of the acceptable trolls around these parts, but you've been nothing but inflammatory and downright disrespectful the last few weeks. All this from a Kings fan who, quite frankly, knows NOTHING about winning.

Bye, bye, Blackbird.

Go Lake Show!

Way to go Fish.........done with all class. So happy to have our GLUE guy back. Lewstrs.. the Sign Fish caravan worked. Now let's get BACK TO BACK TO BACK

I'm nominating the following for RCOD:

"I have that shirt!!!!!

Posted by: Magic Phil"

HAPPY GIRL!!! :) :) :)

woo hoo! PLG

Yes!!! Kobe is the best player on the planet, but D Fish is truly the backbone of the Lakers!

I know it's just business, but the lakers front office could've shown more respect for the man without whom we don't win the last 2 rings. Glad it all worked out, six baby!!!

ESPN was going to give Derek a one-hour time slot tonight to announce his decision... until they found out it wouldn't be with Wade LeBosh and the Me-ami Heat. When they found out it was going to be with the Lakers, they decided to give him a ticker at the bottom of ESPN 8, the Ocho, right after the Arkansas Amputee Bowling Championship - Women's Division.

thins deck u r the best of the best

Go to Harry

Click on the July 11th Le Show (first thing on the home page)
When the pop-up opens, click on
Jim Gray-LeBron James Interview: the outtakes.

You won't regret it.

Also, sorry to note that Harvey Pekar died. In his home in... Cleveland.
What the hell, let's blame LBJ.

Thank you!!! GO LAKERS!!!!!

One comment that perhaps never came out:

The first year that Derek came back, the team was on the road for Thanksgiving. Everyone had to stand up at the dinner table and tell what he was thankful for. Derek stood up and said that he was thankful that he was a Laker; that he had been around the league and the Lakers were definitely the best place to be, and that everyone on the team should definitely appreciate being a Laker.

Now, that's class! Welcome back Derek.

way to go Fish!!

Heat ain't so BAD. Fish already played em like a fiddle. Go LAkes!

THANK GOODNESS that's over! We love you, Derek!

Now let's start making plans for #17 next June.

Mazel Tov!


Now sign Shannon!

Interesting insight on the Kobe-Fisher relationship and bond. Awesome.

Good signing. I like the 3rd year player option, because if Fish's play drops off (which most likely he will at 39 then), the Lakers can groom him to be a player/assistant coach. Mitch the Snake Kupchak does his Jekyll & Hyde trick goes back to Mitch the Brain Kupchak.







The shrewd move of the Miami visit, was the reminder to Laker brass of the true value of Fisher. Congratulations Derek and thanks Riles! ;-)

Thank goodness,our captain is back!!!!!I wonder if this can show LeQuitter what it means to be loyal,not onlu to the team that raised you but to the fans and the City.Fisher said he's doing it for the fans and the City,that's unheard of.Thank you Fish,I can honestly say that I love you,my entire family loves you.You are an inspiration to a lot of people and my Godson loves you,you are his favorite player and have been since day one.Love you baby,thanks again!!!!!

Your a class act Fish.... Loyalty is what its all about..
Bring on the Heat!

In the end, we all did our part to get Derek Fisher to sign with the Lakers.

"I have decided to continue with Kobe, continue with our teammates and the fans of Los Angeles,"

Now back to the business of signing us some free agents Mitch....

Welcome back D-fish..let's do this!!

Thank you Fish for not just chasing the dollar; wish they had offered you more on the front end...we all know you're worth it.

Well done, Kobe, nice assist. Time = Trust and Loyalty

1) Awesome Fish is back! We need him!

2) What are the financial terms?

3) Didn't Fish ask for two years? We're giving him three? Okay...

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


W00t! Glad he'll be back!

Like prior years, I suspect Fish's minutes will decrease during the regular season. Having Blake as a backup will only make this easier. And, the minutes will increase in the post season (with a vet guard as a backup).

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank the message ???!!! :) :) :) :)

Best news I've heard all day! So glad he will be back!

Get Shannon to play both ends of the court and have a repaired shooting hand.

Now thats been takin care of, Mitch can now focus on the more important free agent signing:


DFish is staying! YAY!!!

Now let's go get that 6th ring.

Hunt for 6!!!

Go Fish! Go Lakers!

Year one: Start in the backcourt. Pass on valuable knowledge of The Triangle to BLaker. Plant the seeds for future success.

Year two: Start the first half of the season, 1st and fourth quarters only... predicated on the lead after halftime. Reduce minutes to under-30. Show BLaker the finer points of The Triangle.

Year three: Bench. Limited action to save energy and reduce risk of injury. Transition to the bench, a la Brian Shaw. Hand over the reins to Blake, or whatever sterling acquisition that may come down the pike.

Another Laker Lifer. Welcome back, sir.


I would like Blake to start and Fisher to finish. Blake is a more capable basketball player right now. Blake is younger, more athletic, and plays better defense, but he doesn't always have the late game clutch shooting.

The 3rd year will have the biggest money attached to it. Buss is great at deferring the money to offset current contracts.


Fisher=NBA's class act

We love you, Derek! Now go get number 6!


16 points
10 rebounds...

8 fouls and 8 turnovers.


In another year he'll be another Sasha or Luke, overpaid relative to his worth and every laker fan will want to get rid of him and wondering why the heck we signed him for 3 years!!!

Welcome back, Mr. Fisher ! Oh, pardon me, never left actually. Just scouted the Miami dream machine. Felt he can lead the Lakers dismantle it. So, where do I sign, Mr. Buss?

Yay!!! El Presidente has returned!!

Fisher was looking to join a Championship team. He just did.

LeBron who?????

Miami will loose in June against the Lakers AGAIN!

Wade said, Undonis Haslem is the ultimate Miami Heat Warrior. Well, Miami just felt the ULTIMATE HEART of a 5-time Lakers CHAMPION!!!

Thank you, Gracias, Arigato, Merci', Salamat Derek Fisher....

Whatever you did not attain in your contract, let the Lakers Blog get you some promotional contract. You are much decent than the false King. You will not regret not making additional 2.5 m next season for it will come to you in long term relationship with purple and gold. If Brian Shaw takes over next, next season, you will be the first person to replace him as Asst. If Mitch K., needs an Asst., since Ronnie Lester is being considered by other teams, there is always room for the organizational man. Fisher's talents are not only confined on those last minutes/second clutch shots but also in handling people. There is no age gap in handling people because that is the most difficult thing to achieve, not all good NBA players are good organizational men.

I loved this comment back and forth on ESPN's blog about the Fisher signing:

"Looks like Pat Riley's master plan fell apart. He also missed out on Jordan Farmer. I guess he'll be looking to sign Shannon Brown next."

"With the lack of cap space the Heat has, Riley has Adam Morrison on speed dial right now."

Surf and Turf are back together.

Derek FISHer and Kobe BEEF.

Lakers kept the team = Heats celebrate the additions of MM6, CB4 and LJ23, while the lakers celebrate rings

Excuse my English

Now I DON'T have to burn my Fisher Jersey !

Now, all we need is the 2 time champion Mbenga!

From Smush and farmar to FISH and BLAKE!

From Kwame and Mihm to BYNUM and GASOL.

From luke and sasha to Luke and Sasha (time to change maybe)? me thinks yeah! Caracter and Ebanks!

Steve is feisty and not a pushover -- kinda like ShaSha without the mental lapses..I proclaim that his defense will improve under the tutelage of Kobe/RonRon and the coaching staff....

I think we need to bring back Shannon (hope he gets a shooting coach and works on his ballhandling skills in the summer) ring in TMac and another brut like Craig Smith (can we afford) for down low and we wayyyyyyy better on the bench next year -- get healthy and we'll be gettin it in, in June yet again!!

Question, if Ebanks and Caracter are the top rookies in the Summer League, why are the Lakers losing games in Las Vegas? A coaching problem, poor closer or poor teammates could be some of the reason but it's bad habits for new 2nd or 3rd Lakers group always losing to fellow newcomers. This could be another inconsistent LO, good scouting report and lack of grit and drive to win games.

Too bad Derek agree to the Lakers too soon. He should have hold up longer. And ask Espn to hold an hour long show to announce his decision. Says he will make the announcement within ten minutes.

finally this thing with fish is over. if lakers stay healthy this will be one of better seasons for this team. i think that with miami trio, lakers will be focused from the start. i wish lamar skip national team and gets healthy and rested for training camp. can't wait for season to start. i'm so hyped. i hope we will find decent big body, or maybe caracter will be good enough to be ours big baby and that ebank will cover sf position well. anyone knows whats going on with luke? surgery or something?
greetings from sarajevo, bosnia&herzegovina


"Excuse my English"

No problem, brother. No need to apologize as long as you are attempting to communicate in our common tongue. It is appreciated.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I'm nominating the following for RCOD:

"I have that shirt!!!!!

Posted by: Magic Phil"

Posted by: random lurker | July 12, 2010 at 02:20 PM

Fisher jersey is something to be proud, healthy and wise, we can all wear with pride.

Burger king jersey.....swell head like the king running Burger King for years...he's just made for Burgers that's it!!! Rev Jessie Jackson was so wrong in trying to tie Lebron to slavery....Wow I love the reverend but he made an error here in referring his royal highness His Majestry BS Lebron, where can you find a slave earning almost a billion dollars who could command the BSPN to a one hour soap opera. He thinks that was great and his choice would turn gold, it was a backlash and I believe the Miami Heat would absorb the disgust of the nation. It's overkill, overhype and oversell, the reaction today is purely negative. Bad PR because it was done in poor taste.

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