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Derek Fisher's stay with the Lakers indicates strong relationship with Kobe Bryant


While Derek Fisher mulled his options, Kobe Bryant reached out to him to make sure he'd eventually choose the Lakers. When Fisher and the Lakers hadn't reached an agreement a week into free agency, Bryant publicly argued the two needed to find a way to find common ground. And when Bryant looked at the possible scenarios heading into July 1, he left it up to General Manager Mitch Kupchak to handle the business before reiterating two things: Phil Jackson needs to stay as head coach if he's healthy enough and Fisher needs to return.

The latter part became official Monday with The Times' Mike Bresnahan and Broderick Turner reporting that Fisher agreed to a three-year deal with a player option in his final season. Although the terms of the agreement haven't been reported yet, Fisher indicated in a statement on his website that "while this may not be the most lucrative contract I've been offered this off season, it is the most valuable." Though Fisher mentioned he "listened to every coach, every general manager, even potential teammates in order to make the right decision," there was one guy Fisher singled out in his statement.

"At the end of the day, there's one person I could not turn away from. Kobe Bryant asked me to stay but supported whatever decision I made," said Fisher, who also received reported interest from Miami, Cleveland, Chicago, Minnesota and New Jersey, though he indicated in his statement there were other options the media didn't report. "He and I have played together for 11 seasons, came into the league together as kids; he has been loyal to me even when others had doubts. We have won five championships together."

It can't be overstated enough how Bryant and Fisher will prove instrumental in the Lakers' quest next season for a three-peat. Looking at the individual accomplishments alone prove impressive enough. Studying how the two work together adds even more significance. Bryant's credentials and the fact that he'll enter the 20010-2011 season with more rest and in better health than he had last season suggests he'll be even more dangerous. Fisher's clutch shots and locker room presence will help keep the team together, particularly when the Lakers go through lulls in focus and complacency during the regular-season grind. Or as Fisher put it in his statement, "I am confident I will continue to lead this team on and off the court. Let the hunt for six begin." But it's the on-court relationship between Bryant and Fisher that will prove even more valuable to the team's pursuit than their individual successes.

Just as Bryant managed to get in Fisher's ear during contract negotiations, Bryant shared during the NBA Finals that Fisher's the only player on the team that he'll truly listen to at all times. No one questions Bryant's desire to win, his skill-set and work ethic, but few have the credibility to privately and publicly question Bryant (just ask Shaq). No one questions Fisher's leadership credentials and professional attitude, but not everyone would go out of his way and emphasize how highly important Fisher has been to the team like Bryant did during free agency. 

When I asked Bryant before the playoffs how Fisher's leadership affects the team, Bryant felt guilty calling him a "glue guy," because he's "much more than that," as Bryant put it. Teammates universally respect Bryant's talent and work ethic, but they don't universally like Bryant's gruff exterior and tendency at times to take over games on his own, which actually prompted Fisher to bail Bryant out of a bad shooting night in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Fisher's emphasis on sacrificing and staying positive resonates with most teammates, which helps relay Bryant's message in a different tone. Likewise, when I asked Fisher after the season if Bryant's ability to fight through injuries helped push him along through his third consecutive 82-game season last year even if the two are self-motivated, Fisher agreed and added they both study each other's routines and work ethic. He believed that helped set an example for center Andrew Bynum, who fought through torn cartilage in his right knee for much of the postseason.

During the negotiating process, plenty of fans debated Fisher's worth and wondered whether the Lakers truly needed him for another championship run, particularly after they signed Steve Blake to a four-year, $16-million deal. I had often shared the argument that the Lakers should've offered more to Fisher based on his playoff run and clout in the locker room, adding those qualities couldn't be found anywhere else. Bryant also felt the same way. Thanks partly to their relationship, Fisher opted to turn down offers to Miami and stay on the Lakers presumably for the rest of the 36-year-old's career. And if their history proves anything, it that's the relationship between Bryant and Fisher will be instrumental once again toward a title run.

Said Fisher: "I have decided to continue with Kobe, continue with our teammates and the fans of Los Angeles."

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Derek Fisher announced Monday that he will remain with the Lakers Credit: Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

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LEWSTRS the Lakers should look into getting unrestricted free agent Patrick O'Bryant for back up center. All they need him to do is rebound and block shots behind Bynum. O'Bryant only made the minimum last year, I'm sure if the Lakers offer him the same he would come on board. He's a very athletic 7 footer just need to be in the right system to blossom, plus O'Bryant is only 24 still has ample opportunities to improve. The Lakers can even bring Kareem back to tutor him if needed.

team core is titanium-strong again! we have an excellent backcourt, an intimidating powerful frontline, and of course, the best coach! let the hunt for 17th begin!

Laker Tom - "Coke is Kobe. Pepsi is LeBron"

The analogy is only good if you are a Coke drinker.

For me, I like Scotch.

Kobe would equal a nice rare Scotch, while James would be a bottle of Safeway brand Whiskey, caramel colored, aged to 30 days, and of course, in a plastic container.

LOL @ Laker Tom...

Miami drinks Pepsi...I hate

Glad that Fisher agreed to sign with the Lakers. Now it is time to get Mike Miller or Raja Bell. Phil Jackson should try to utilize the bench players more in to the triangle system so that they will be ready at the time of play offs possibly against the Heat from the east. Lakers should sign the draft picks Eu Banks and Caracter. Caracter is in the mould of Glen Baby Davis. Phil should use him for his size and rebounding abilities. Finally,I feel Fisher will be in the Laker's coaching staff after retirement or in the front office. That is the tradition with the Lakers management for players loyalty. Or he may be entering politics. But Fisher is too nice and honest person for politics. Best of luck to Fisher and Family-Mr.Loyalty.

Vish Sherman


He'll play first year.. Second years start decaying and third year be fossilized

It will be a very painful and slow degenerating process for all lakerfans

Fatty - Kobe would be an Islay (a Bowmore or an Ardbeg): very strong and not to everyone's taste.

II hate hate this this double double posting posting ..

II hate hate this this double double posting posting ..

alright! FISH IS BACK! looking forward to another great season...
Miami might be a tough team, but THE TEAM is BACK together. we'll rock out another championship *3-peat!* watch out miami XD


that's wat lebron deserves..a traitor like him

LEWSTRS… Actually, Kobe is to Coke like LeBron is to New Coke. LOL!
And Pepsi is really a woman’s drink. Kobe and Coke, the real thing.
LeBron and New Coke, just pretenders. Just like Pepsi and Miami,
always pretending to be Coke and New York but falling short.
Like Lakers vs Clippers or Yankees vs Mets. Beatles vs Monkeys.

>>>I'm just thinking that if we have a super shooter from 3, we will be unbeatable.

I have a feeling that Sasha will be missing this year and the Machine will be back.

If Sasha can stay healthy and hit >40% on 3-pointers, then that spot is pretty well covered by Fish, Machine, and Blake.

Jon K,

"Blake and Odom. There's ONE more player out there--a veteran--we need to come off the bench. I can feel it in my gut. One more guy. That's all we need. We need THAT guy so we can keep the bench on the floor longer and protect our starters from injury. He's out there."

The bench has Blake and Odom, Pg and PF, Bynum/Gasol at C, what is missing is SG and SF, You are asking for one more veteran for this two positions basically, right?

Well, Lakers roster shows Sasha 5MIL a SG, Walton 5MIL SF, both are veterans who has triangle experience, so why look outside?

Beacuse Sasha and Walton are not doing their job.

Why not trade them then?

re. Edwin Gueco & Riley being a 'traitor' to the Lakers by trying to sign Fisher, etc.:

Riles isn't 'betraying' anybody...he's doing what any good GM would do - trying to build a championship team. Would you expect him to NOT go for the best possible players just because one of them is a Laker?

Using that same logic, Jerry West shouldn't have 'stolen' Shaq from Orlando and Kobe from Charlotte, and Kupchak shouldn't have done the same to get Gasol from Memphis (West's former team, for crying out DARE he betray his former boss like that!).

Riles helped us win 4 championships as a coach and another as a player. Give him his due as a prized part of the Laker legacy, and let him do his job!

As for Fisher...GOD BLESS HIM for showing integrity (as he always does) by choosing commitment, loyalty and excellence over money, fame and ego...let the hunt for six begin INDEED!

has anyone talked about trying to get Rony back?!?

Jay Jay -

DJMbenga made almost 1 mil last year...But he is a free why can we sign him for less, if he gets no offers...

Does he automatically have to make more than the previous year...

Ay Caramba...these salary rules are so confusing...

Posted by: LEWSTRS | July 12, 2010 at 05:19 PM

He made almost 1 mil last year because it was the NBA mandated minimum salary based on his playing time in the league. Because he has been in the league for one more year his minimum salary will jump for anyone who signs him. He is the Minimum Salary Scale for the upcoming season. Years of service refers to year of service in the NBA not for a team.

Years of Service ------- Min. Salary 2010-11
0 .................................. 473,604
1 .................................. 762,195
2 .................................. 854,389
3 .................................. 885,120
4 ................................. 915,852
5 ................................. 992,680
6 ................................. 1,069,509
7 ................................. 1,146,337
8 ................................. 1,223,166
9 ................................. 1,229,255
10+ ............................. 1,352,181

This is going to be DJ's 6th year in the league


I have a feeling Sasha will have a good year...all he needed was more playing time to get his confidence back...

Machine comes back, Kobe healthy, AB healthy, Artest more acclimated...

We should run the the Western Conference like crap through goose...

The finals, I see Orlando or Boston coming out on top...

No Pepsi in the Finals...

>>>Why the Heat even went after DFish is beyond me.

Because Fish is like Horry. He may suck for part or all of the season, but when a critical moment in a critical game shows up, he usually comes through.

Neither Wade nor LeBron can shoot 3-pointers well. But if it got to the finals and one of them was driving the lane, they want to kick out to a 3-point shooter who's not going to freak out. Fisher is that kind of player.

Even if you had someone who usually shoots a higher percentage, like Anthony Morrow or Kyle Korver, you don't know if they're going to be successful or choke in that high pressure environment until they're in it.

Anyone who wines about Fisher doesn't understand what being a Laker means. Let me ask you, if we could win by trading away all our current starters for an unbeatable dream team, would you do it? It wouldn't be the Lakers we know and love.

Derek bleeds purple and gold. We know him, we love him.

GOOOOoooooooOOOOO LAKERS !!! (all a ya'll)

PS Jon K, great thought about the unfairness of differential taxes.


Great piece and I couldn't agree more, it would have been nice to see a few more dollars, but it really speaks volumes to how much Kobe and he respect one another and their belief and trust in one another. I'm sure we'll have to endure another season of "He's too old, too slow, too bald etc." but then when he brings a team together in a moment on the edge, he will be revered. Like Sisyphus and his boulder, Derek Fisher has his ups and downs.


That roster is looking pretty set. I had little to no expectation we would actually sign Mike Miller, especially once we signed Blake. A sign and trade with either Sasha or Luke would be a hard sell, they are endearing to us but just don't command enough worth.

I think the Lakers might still look to improve with NBA tested players. There are a ton of free agents out there and lots of the big NBA money is gone. For some guys it maybe doesn't boil down to a few extra million to play in Minnesota if you can come to the Lakers.

I've missed all the SPL games thus far but am excited to see how our picks do. I'd be in to adding a rookie big, but I think the Lakers should try to look at guys like:
Kwame Brown
Zyldrunas Ilgauskus (more likely to end up in Miami)
DJ is still out there, too, although he might be able to play overseas and make more money) just for a little insurance, but I'm hoping for a healthy season from our guys who play a lot of international ball.

I wouldn't be adverse to Lamar playing some international ball. he comes into camp every year not in basketball shape. It then takes him a good third of the season to get himself going and this year he was also slowed by his shoulder. If he doesn't play international ball then it only ought to be because only rest and rehab weren't effective.

I'm not too sure what guard out there would best fill our needs. If Sasha struggles and we don't bring back Shannon Brown, who would you want backing up Kobe, and possibly Ron:
Roger Mason (will be tough because he's young and is in sort of a Farmar position in that he feels the need to prove himself and thus will need minutes)
Shaun Livingston (big health questions and also would be bullied in the playoffs)
Keyon Dooling

To be honest, I have a hard time seeing the Lakers take a chance on those guys and they'll be looking for guaranteed money for the possible lock out. More likely, we'll start off the season with a rookie or d-leaguer and look to trade up before the deadline, if needed to fill out those last four spots (I'm assuming our picks make the team, not always the case with the Lakers).


Thanks for putting Fisher's release up, it was nice to read the whole thing.

I'm glad Derek stayed home. There's nothing like it.

Yep, we overpaid Luke and Sasha, it has been an issue for roster bench upgrade the last 2 years and still is a problem up to this point. Atleast Sashas's contract expires next summer, Walton is another 3 years.

It is pretty obvious Sasha will not get an extension this year. The Walton contract is the most painful one of all.

>>>Now dfish and luke r LOCKED for the next three years

I have two thoughts on this.

One, your point is the exact reason why he did it. He figures the cap is screwed until Luke is done anyway, and I have a good core in Kobe, Pau, Drew, Lamar, Ron-Ron, and Blake for all three of those years. So it's not like he's going to have to go acquire lots of free agents - maybe a couple of MLE or less guys.

And the second is this (and I actually suggested it in an earlier post).

Fish was asking for 10 million for 2 years. But that would suck as it would be doubled every year meaning it would add 10 million to their already enormous salary+tax for the next two years.

But what if he makes it 8 million instead of 10... and spreads it out over 3 years instead of two.

Now they'd pay him 2.7 million each for 3 years, and have less of an impact on the luxury tax each season. Whether he works the third year or not is irrelevant. He gets closer to the AMOUNT he wanted, and the Lakers don't have to take as big a hit to their budget for the next 2 years.


Kobe = Johnny Walker Blue Label - A rare blend of the finest whiskeys. Powerful and smooth. Improves over time. Although the Blue Label is not as heavily marketed as the Red Label, the Blue Label is is the preferred choice for anyone who loves whiskey.

Lebron = Johnny Walker Red Label - Based on the label and packaging, looks like a quality drink, but don't be deceived. Although it is one of the most popular scotch whiskeys in the world, and will give you a decent buzz, it will also give you a hangover of epic proportions when the buzz wears off. You cannot drink the Red Label alone, as it is meant to be mixed with other drinks, preferably of higher quality.

Caracter and Ebanks both did not play well today at summer league. Besides PJ does play rookies. So who is will relieve Artest at the SF position?

This must be the most immediate need right now. If Ron gets in foul trouble early and JAMES AND WADE are in there, WHEW! BACK UP PLAN ANYBODY!!!

I do not think PJ will send Ebanks to cover James. League's TWO TIME MVP vs a rookie, not happening for Phil.

MITCH, no vacation yet, still have a lot of work to do.

You all should consider yourselves embarrassingly gullible if you for a moment thought Phil and Fish were not coming back.

They were all marketing ploys and maneuvers to wring as much money out of Jerry Buss' pocket as possible!

With the kind of team the Lakers had (with the exception of the SuperHeat) there is no easier coaching job in the universe: just roll out the basketball and sit back in the (high) chair and watch the team wins. The only times Phil has ever left his teams were when they were breaking up with superstars leaving. He's always been smart about coaching teams that were "guarranteed" NOT to fail.

As for Fish, let's face it he's not going to find much better offer than from LA. At his age and based on his spotty record that is sure going to get worse not better with time, he won't find much more money elsewhere that is worth uprooting his family.

"CLASSIFIED ADS" from the Lakers!


Carmelo Anthony type would be nice...

JAMIE… More important than the 9th to 13th players is the fact that the rotation is now pretty much set, baring some pleasant but unexpected surprise from Mitch. Kobe, Fish, Ron, Pau, and Drew start. Then Lamar, Steve, and Sasha come in for Ron, Fish, and Drew or Pau and Kobe slides to the 3. Since Drew, Pau, and Lamar cover all the 4 and 5 minutes, all that is left for a 9th man would be time at the 3, which I am guessing might go to Ebanks, especially if Luke is injured. You never wish for any NBA player’s season or career to end with injury but there is a possibility that Luke might end up like that, which would give the Lakers another $3M via the disabled player exception to sign a replacement. Now we need to see on whom they spend the $1,8M left in our MLE. Would love to see Bell but he wants to play in FL. It still bums me that Miller is going to sign for the MLE. I would still prefer him over Blake, even though I like Blake and we did need a point guard more than shooting guard.


I hope you're right with your assessment of GM Riley. In fact, Riley has an inkling of what bosh was saying that they have been talking about this unity caravan of the tres amigos, then there is a violation of the rules. Sam Gilbert should probe further when, what, how, where, why did the tres amigos start talking of going to one team.

Here is the scenario on the coaching switch for the Miami Heat. Spoelestra will coach for the first 10-15 games. If the winning % is 75%+ (12-3) E S will continue coaching. If they fall less 10 wins in 15 games, PR will ask Mikey Arison, Heat owner to fire ES and appoint PR as the new interim coach.

What the Lakers should be looking now is a defensive minded stopper in a big perimeter body, the focus is Lebron and Wade.

No more shooters with no defense please..., Sasha, Blake, Fisher can all shoot. None of them can guard Lebron!

Laker Tom -

Coke - Lakers Products

Coca-Cola - Kobe Bryant
Fresca- Pau Gasol
Cherry Coke - Ron Artest
Barq's Root Beer - Derek Bulldog Fisher
Fanta Strawberry - Lamar Odom
Powerade - Andrew Bynum
Squirt - Sasha Vujacic
Vanilla Coke - Steve Blake
Coca-Cola Zero - Luke Walton
Devin Ebanks - Dr. Pepper
Derrik Caracter - Sprite

3 years hmmm...I know it's only $3 million but still 3 years (since more than likely Derek will exercise the 3rd year). So he's playing until 39 I would rather have it be 2 years and be a team option for the 3rd.

That being said welcome back Derek Fisher. Never doubted you would be leaving for Miami.

With a very quality back up now things are more looking like Fisher will get less than 20-25 minutes while Blake will split the remaining because he won't be trying to score as much like Jordan was and can be the leader off the bench that Farmar was supposed to be but failed at.

Now to just see how our bench will eventually sold into.

LEWSTRS…ROFLMAO. That was funny. Now what products does Pepsi family have?


Coke - Lakers Products

Coca-Cola - Kobe Bryant
Fresca- Pau Gasol
Cherry Coke - Ron Artest
Barq's Root Beer - Derek Bulldog Fisher
Fanta Strawberry - Lamar Odom
Powerade - Andrew Bynum
Squirt - Sasha Vujacic
Vanilla Coke - Steve Blake
Coca-Cola Zero - Luke Walton
Dr. Pepper - Devin Ebanks
Sprite - Derrik Caracter

Quatro - Phil Jackson

We don't need to invest any more money into the 2 or 3 positions. Lets concentrate on the center position. We can't rely on Lamar being there. It isn't even his natural position.

Forget Mike Miller or Tmac. Trust in Sasha, who knows the triangle and has proven himself already. We're paying him, might as well use him. Use the remaining money on the backup center position.

Pepsi is a woman's drink???

What the hell Laker Tom????

Ok - I like Pepsi - but still. Kinda sexist... no? Is there gonna have to be a throw down between us old man??



Laker Tom -

Pepsi - Heat Products

Pepsi Cola - LeBron James
Pepsi Max - Dwyane Wade
Pepsi Free - Chris Bosh
Mist - Udonis Haslem
Diet Pepsi - Mario Chalmers
Mountain Dew - Mike Miller

Bacardi Mojitos - Pat Riley (he will need many when things start unraveling in Miami)

Rumor has it that Lebron James drinks 'Mug" root beer, when out of Pepsi...

lewstrs - for that epic work (still lmao) you can be Coke Classic.


Remember 2006-2007 season? I"m sure that no one save for a few memories like when KB went of for 50+ points for 4 consecutive would like to remember that. But remember why Kwamay started over Bynum when Kwamay was coming back from a severe ankle injury in December? That's because when Kwamay got back Bynum was playing very sub par. He didn't hustle to either ends of the course and people were complaining about his lack of conditioning (he fixed that the next off seasons at least). So you can't say it's easy to overtake Kwamay when you are playing like a scrub like Bynum was that season.

At the beginning Kwamay started a big reason was Bynum was getting late to practices and the first game. But Bynum still got more minutes, in fact almost the same amount of minutes as Kwamay and was productive in that role even though minutes fluctuated. Even if Kwamay hadn't been injured Bynum would have overtaken Mr. Small Hands as the starting center. Even though I'm highly critical of Bynum at the time being there he was hungry and was determined not to look like the scrub in the summer of 2007 when Kobe blasted him in that video.

As for Trevor....again Trevor was more or less getting very similar minutes as he was being the starter. 23 minutes versus 27 minutes as a starter. 8.3 FGA as a starter versus 7.0 FGA as a reserve...not too much of a big difference. Trevor was showing he should be the SF in the game in clutch time. Yes it took Luke to want to go to the bench to get Trevor to start but it rarely mattered considering Trevor was already getting significant minutes as a RESERVE. Why couldn't Jordan do that? Simple he wasn't as good as Trevor is. Trevor's impact in the 2009 Finals was bigger than Bynum's 09 and 10 post season combined. Jordan in the 2009 Playoffs was nearly non existent in the Denver and Utah series as Brown stole his minutes.

Jordan when he played to the offense was good and could have been the starting PG by now. Instead he wanted to play out of the offense since he wasn't comfortable playing without the ball. When you are talented as a Kobe Bryant then it can be tolerable but not when you are designed to run the offense when the reserves are in.

Jordan Farmar simply did not have what it takes to succeed as the lead guard in the Lakers. Oh yea 1 game big deal well just like what Hobbit stated he did get his chance as a rookie in the last part of the season and then get embarrassed by Steve Nash where it had to be Shammond Williams and Smush Parker try to be sent at Nash to try to disrupt him when Farmar couldn't.


You seem to be a vinyl guy in a digital world ....

Tell us old man is there any young players you would want
to see on the Lakers?

Posted by: Todd | July 12, 2010 at 12:51 PM

Sure here's a list of REAL good young players:
Eric Gordon, Blake Griffin, Derrick Rose, Brandon Jennings, Ty Lawson, John Wall, Monta Ellis, OJ Mayo, Darren Collison, and to top it off out of all the young superstars I would like the most is Dwight Howard. Plus I would like to see our 2 draft picks next season.

Of course those names save for Caracter and ebanks are most likely not coming to LA barring something crazy happening but point was is that those players you *develop*. You don't go and put Jordan Farmar was the best PG next to CP3 or Sasha as the next Reggie Miller or Shannon as the next Dominque Wilkins.

*Scrubs* can't be developed. You on the other hand seem to have a thing for scrubs.

As the song says: NO SCRUBS!

Anyone notice Pepsi product sound like female hygiene

lewstrs - if you're not careful, I'm gonna demote you.....

Sedentarism is a good thing. DON'T DO EXERCISES!! hahaha

Well i'm happy that we settled Fish's situation.

Now, we need another young guard?


When's the Lakers next summer league game? I only see tomorrow night at 10 pm - is that right?

WOW is it true Darth Stern fined Dan Gilbert 100K for his remarks...

Well so much for the investigation on tampering...

Darth is sending a message not to mess with his prodigal son...

He must think he is the all powerful Ayatollah...

No matter what happens, Derek Fisher will go down in Lakers history for his clutchness, leadership, and hard work. He's up there with Robert Horry in clutchness.

I'm glad he's on our team.

Go Lakers!

justa -

Next game is here in Vegas...against the Kings at 5:30...

I am attending...Sprite and Dr. Pepper with hot dogs...;-)

Anybody heard anything about Shaun Livingston? Is he still available? If so, Mitch should consider him for that last guard spot, if they don't bring Shannon back.

Just sayin'...

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!

For the record, Coke is my drink but in the following order:

1. Fountain drink with ice (throw in some popcorn on the side)
2. Glass bottled (Mexico style)
3. Cold can

I'll pass on the plastic cold Coke. I always pass on Pepsi. I use to dilute it with water but no more. If I hit up a restaurant that serves Pepsi, I drink water.

I attend Lakers/Thuggets games in Denver at the Coke Center, not the Pepsi Center.

Cölöradö löves öür Wörld Champiön Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mamba24!!!!!!!!!Where you been hiding? You need to celebrate with us. It really is refreshing to see a bond and friendship as strong as Kobe and Fish. There goes that idea that noboby wants to play with Kobe. Also, did anyone see the PAINED look on Darth Stern's face when he said The Desision was probably not a good idea for Princess to do? But in no way was there colusion. Yeah Right!!!!!!!!!

lewstrs - tues at 5:30? TV shows that as grizzlies vs bucks (5pm start)
wed @ 5 is bulls/clippers
thurs @ 5 is dallas/washington....

The first time I see Lakers is vs Kings tomorrow (tues) @ 10 pm....

Is that right or am I not seeing something...

Does anyone else remember a comment made earlier in the year, around mid-season --- I think it was by Fisher himself --- that he had never been to Kobe's house?

Funny way to treat your "brother."

Hope I'm mistaken about this, but I remember it pretty clearly.

Well, Kobe was a single child, right?

LeBron James has tatoos on his body about "loyalty", yet shows none. DFish just goes on quietly demonstrating it. Miami, I wish you the joy of the Three Twerps for as long as it lasts. Somebody's going to come along with a better deal and those three'll all but trample each other in their eagerness to leave. Funny... Fisher has more championship rings than LeBron, and he didn't have to stage a self-aggrandizing media orgy, participate in unethical collusion, or refer to himself in the third person to get any of them;)

justa -

Lakers website says, Thomas and Mack in Las Vegas...

Lakers vs Kings - 5:30 pm...

My tickets starts at 1:00 pm, so Lakers game is probably last...

jimjoyce - yeah - I remember that comment, but not the context or tone. Still - even if it's true I don't think it's as big a deal as you may think. These guys are together more than they are with their families. Games, practices, training camp, travelling, team meetings & get together's etc etc. If they want private time at home with their wives & children, why look at that as being a problem?


I believe the Black Mamba has 2 sisters.


Also, you're correct, DFish did say he's never visited Mamba's home but, I wouldn't read too much into it though.


Next summer league game is tomorrow night @ 5:30pm against Sacramento. Matchup to watch: Caracter/Cousins. Both outplayed Greg Monroe head to head and both have versatile, low post games. I liked what Caracter said when asked how he felt about going up against more hyped players(like Monroe)drafted before him, "I don't pay attention to the names on the back of the jersey, I just play my game." What will it say about Caracter if he more than holds his own or outplays Cousins tomorrow night? Sure, Caracter needs to cut down on fouls and turnovers, but averaging a double-double of 17pts and 10 boards is nothing to sneeze at, even if it's just summer league. He might be the biggest surprise and most consistent player(at least of the bigs)in the summer league so far.

Another matchup to keep an eye on is Ebanks against Casspi. Ebanks length and quickness should help do well against Casspi, as long as Ebanks doesn't gamble too much or just depend on his length. He must move his feet and harass Casspi or whoever he may be guarding. One important lesson he'll learn under Artest and Kobe is when to play off someone and when and how to body up someone effectively. I'd like to see Devin attack the basket more or pull up for mid range jumpers. He has also been a pleasant surprise as well for us.

Both Ebanks and Caracter are 6'9 but vastly different in body type and skills, yet both bring skills and assets that the Lakers need coming off their bench. I was disappointed when we passed on DeJuan Blair last year, but Caracter is similar with possibly better post moves, but not as polished a rebounder as Blair. It will be nice to have another player who can bang and yet has the ability to put the ball in the basket with either hand. Ebanks brings defense, slashing ability and a pretty good mid-range jumper(Ariza clone). I could definitely see him running alongside our second unit leaders in LO, Blake, Sasha and another possible FA veteran(Bell, TMac, Livingston, Barnes?).

Nice to have some youngs guys to be excited about! Go Lakers!

So I've got the DVR going with the Laker game from today - and these "announcers' SUCK. The entire game they're yapping on and on and on and on and on about the fricken Knicks. And not just about the guys on the floor. They're talking up Amara like he really IS black jesus. Yeah so we're playing the Knicks in this game and they should talk about them a little, but the WHOLE FREAKING TIME??? Not one peep about the Lakers. The guys on the floor. The Fish resigning. The 16 championships. Kobe's basketball camp.Nada. Nyet. Nishta. Nothing. Ridiculous.

Just watched this interview w/ Caracter...he talks a little like LO, voice tone, rhythm, inflections, etc.

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!

HUGO… Best of all are the 8-oz cokes in glass bottles. 1 big swallow.
You can drain a whole 6-pack on a hot afternoon. Must be something with
the ratio of coke to glass. Fountain cokes can be great or questionable.
Mexican cokes have too large a glass to coke ratio. Gets sort of like plastic.
Like Grey Goose in a frosted shot glass. S-A-T-I-S-F-A-C-T-I-O-N-!

Nice to hear that Fish is coming back.We need his leadership in and out of the court.Show me your sixth ring very soon.Fisher,you are a Laker forever.


just another moronic point

he has 2 sisters!!!!!!!!!! wake up punk. for someone who has all that hatered towards kobe, u should know all the details

u r a failure!!!!!!!!!!!!

what's next. that he does not read the LA Times?


What happened when we played the Yankees?


Marlins 4 - Yankees 2


Who's coke and who's pepsi?

Great Coke, Pepsi, Scotch comments.....

Sorry Hugo, "No Coke, just Pepsi" at my house.

Anyone else read about CP3's comments at Melo's wedding? He apparently mentioned forming his own Big 3 with Melo and Amare in NY. Talk about a full blown arms race now. That would be a formidable trio, on par with what Miami has right now. CP3, Melo and Amare may actually complement each other better on the floor than Miami's Big 3.

In any case, we'll have to see if our formula of one superstar, one All-Star, and a bunch of good role players can keep winning championships.

Last man I want to be right now is spoestra.. Riley is just waiting for the right time to strike. He will patiently wait till the team is peaking then throw spoestra to the curb (ala stan) and try to claim all the credit

Riley is on my most hated list these days...

He was never much of a GM rebuilding the heat in their early years.. Made some horrible moves like giving lamar a very big longterm contract.. Then suddenly all his luck changed:

- dwade fell in his lap with the 5th pick.. (Gift 1)
- lakers had to desperately unload shaq last minute to appease kobe and shipped him as far as possible (gift 2)
- then stern literally handed him a ring (gift 3)
- then he somehow he managed to dump a way past his peak lardass shaq to kerr (a very young and dumb GM trying to make a quick impression on his team then)... Either that or he duped kerr but I doubt its the latter (gift 4)
- then finally he was the lucky beneficiary of all 3 superfriends wanting to play in south beach (gift 5)

I probably should give that greaseball more credit but really how much of his achievements have been just a product of pure dumb luck??!!

Kobe = Johnny Walker Blue Label - A rare blend of the finest whiskeys. Powerful and smooth. Improves over time. Although the Blue Label is not as heavily marketed as the Red Label, the Blue Label is is the preferred choice for anyone who loves whiskey.

Lebron = Johnny Walker Red Label - Based on the label and packaging, looks like a quality drink, but don't be deceived. Although it is one of the most popular scotch whiskeys in the world, and will give you a decent buzz, it will also give you a hangover of epic proportions when the buzz wears off. You cannot drink the Red Label alone, as it is meant to be mixed with other drinks, preferably of higher quality.
Posted by: LAKER TRUTH | July 12, 2010 at 07:16 PM


Riley better not pull that stuff he did to Stan Van Gundy, and do the same to my Pinoy brother Erik Spoelstra...

Like I said, Riley will have many headaches soon...

He has to try to form a team to fill the roster with the 3 Mojitos...
He will get pressure to fire Spoelstra...
He will have to deal with Lebron's groupies, who have the full run of the Heat facilities...
He will have to juggle PR issues...
He will have to come with an offensive scheme to accommodate 3 big egos...
He will need to come up with a good defense...
He will find out Lebron is uncoachable...
He will see the consequences of his young players parting too much in South Beach...
He will find out they will not win the championship next year...

Though I'm not as enamored with Fish as most of you, the best thing about this signing is....
DFish the blogger, will be cracking me up for another 3 years with his over-the-top manical discourse on how Fish is too old, can't shoot, can't dribble, can't defend, and can't make a layup.
I imagine during the third year of Fisher's contract, DFish will be in the loony bin

Very creative Laker Truth. Have you guys heard of coconut wine (unrefined)? That's Caracter, he is explosive but right now the taste is bad, he is raw, while the spirit has immediate impact. However, Lakers has to request of change rules to 10 fouls. lol!

After Farmar taken by the Nets, it was reported that the other two free agents are being evaluated. Jazz is looking at Shannon in their radar while Wizards are trying out Morrison. I'm happy for these two guys who got out without any fanfare or any grandstanding. They just abide with PJ and move on to where they are destined.

Loved the article, and the responses have been amusing. All I can say as a long time LAKER fan is that I am so happy he is back. I LOVE DFISH!!!
We need his maturity and leadership on our team!!!


WISHY WASHY- Get your names right. Do you even read this blog? How else can you confuse phred with pfunk?

I love Fish. I have always loved Fish, will always love Fish, and never question what he gives to the team, even when he struggles.

Hey guys we got a new post up


To keep Fish is heartwarming, and you have to like the way he won game 3 for us. What a competitor. Fish is a leader and must do a ton off-camera, that we fans never see or understand.

Please keep him as the clippers kept that little bald headed shooting guard. You need a leader off the bench, or in the 4th qtr when many players start puckering, going invisible or passing. LEt .4 play as long as he can.

But definately find a bench player that can get in the way of russel westbrook. Kobe won't be able to do it next year. The guy doesn't need to score just muck up the fast break of the quickies...

Good luck Jordan Farmar, his heart was in the right place (laker gold) but he didn't care enough about assists.

Good post fatty

Why don't phil use more players during the regular season, sure we needs the wins to get the home court advantage, but the bench never matures and gets its own identity until they get some minutes. Would it have been so terrible to play powell and Mbenga 6 minutes per game?

LAkers need to reduce the minutes of Kobe and Pau. Kobe picking up minutes at the 3 and Pau at the 5 is not the best way to go over the long-haul. Pau is a freak in that he can go 43 per night like its nothing.

Like fatty said, Fish needs to have his minutes limited.

One last thing, watching Artest wrestle down Pierce was the best basketball play since Odom on Christmas day slapped KG in the rump. Pure entertainment. Congrats Ron on keeping it together and being smart enough to hire a professional PR person and sports psychologist. More NBA ballers should do this.

I'm not sure we got such a great deal here. 3 years? He's going to be 38 his last year. He's already on his last legs, and last year didn't exactly inspire confidence. He was great making some big plays down the stretch, and if that's why we brought him back, great. But over the course of the season and playoffs, he was already being blown past by nearly every PG on the opposing team.

I wonder if this whole Heat "courtship" wasn't just Pat Riley's sneaky way to get the Lakers to over-commit to Fisher. From what I understand, the Heat wasn't offering more than the veteran's minimum, other than a chance to play with Lebron-Wade-Bosh. They already had $4-5 million dollar per year deals with Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem in place so there was no way they could have paid Fisher more than the minimum. I believe he did get higher offers from some third-tier teams though.

Seems like Pat got what he wanted which is to get Lakers to blow their salary-cap on Fisher for the next 3 years, taking away their ability to sign better free agents for years to come, especially if we need short-term replacements if Bynum gets injured during these years or Artest drops off/leaves, etc.

Rumor is that the Heat might sign Iverson to the veteran's minimum so you wonder if they ever were really committed to Fisher. Offering him the minimum when the Lakers had already offered more, plus with all the backlash that Lebron has received I think guaranteed that Fisher was staying with the Lakers. Pat Riley, you sneaky oily mastermind, you.

Thanks to those who corrected me about Kobe having two sisters. (I guess that does mean he didn't have a brother though.)

Not hatred, just a little balance to the hero worship that usually reigns here.

He's immensely talented, but IMO rather bizarre personally, which also IMO sometimes helps but more often hinders the Lakers' play.

JAMF: From prior posts it sounds like you have a sophisticated understanding of human psychology. Don't you think it's possible that the dominant tone here is to forgive (actually forget) everything with respect to Kobe, and isn't that exactly the stance taken by those who "enable" someone with psychological issues?


>>>but his value to the Lakers this year is probably not much less than Powell's,
>>>and his potential value is exponentially higher

I'm with you on that, but I'd like to see Caracter be this successful in some preseason games vs slightly better competition before I commit to keeping him.

I think you'll agree with me that Ebanks looks so much like Ariza in both his body type and how he plays that he seems like a no-brainer to not only make the team, but to get a 2 or 3 year contract right off the bat.

Psycorp: It doesn't matter if Fish starts or comes off the bench. We need him on the TEAM! Great news. I am a long-time Laker fan and I would have been devastated if he had gone to Miami. Go Lakers!

Laker Tom,

Soda is terrible for you and Coca-Cola is probably the worst soda you can drink. High fructose corn syrup and phosphoric acid. Not good.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Staples 24,

>>>Yep, we overpaid Luke and Sasha, it has been an issue for roster bench
>>>upgrade the last 2 years and still is a problem up to this point.

Oh, so it has prevented the Lakers from signing someone. Presumably because they didn't have want to spend more money since they were already overspending on Sasha and Luke. Is that your conjecture?

Well, let me point out that the Lakers spent their FULL MLE last season and most of the MLE this season and in both cases got pretty much the best player they could get to fill the role they needed filled (starting SF last year with Ariza questionable, backup PG this year with Farmar leaving).

What's more, they kept the two free agents they most wanted to keep - Odom and Fisher. They didn't OVERspend on them, but convinced them to sign for more reasonable amounts.

You could argue that they lost Ariza, but they basically replaced him with a BETTER player in Artest.

MAYBE they will lose Shannon Brown. Don't know yet.


Sasha's and Luke's contract HAVE MADE NO DIFFERENCE in who they've been able to acquire in free agency.





So whine and moan and bitch all you want, but guess what? Sasha and Luke are still here. And they haven't hurt the team at all. And in some cases they've come through in the clutch. Luke hit 80% of his shots in the finals in 2009. Sasha hit some CLUTCH free throws to seal game 7 vs the Celtics.

I prefer to cheer for my team and to recognize their contributions, even if they aren't All-Stars.

>>>It is pretty obvious Sasha will not get an extension this year.

Last time he had a contract season, Sasha played very well. He'll probably do the same thing this season.

Will you cry when they re-sign him next summer?

Saw the news yesterday afternoon and celebrated by having Fish for dinner. Given that Derek has always been a leader on and off the court, no surprise that he chose to continue to walk down the same path he's been leading for years, unlike the sheep that FOLLOWED the path to Miami because they couldn't do it without DWADE. Now if they can get Bell or Barnes they will have the depth they need to run the sheep into the river next year. I hope Lakers fan remember the financial sacrifice Fish made to remain a Laker and everything he does on and off the court. Next year when his numbers are down and everyone is calling him a step slow, don't forget what the TRUE Fish and Lkaer fans know, he delivers when it matters. I can't wait to yell FFFFIIISSSHHH again next year as one of his deadly rain maker threes splashes down through the net and when they ask Kobe about it, he will simply say, "That's Fish."

I am glad Lakers and Fisher worked this out. It is not easy to meet the demand of an NBA season for a 36-39 year old starting guard. He will be like a team assistant player/coach after Jackson retires after next season.
2010-2011 season should be interesting on the east coast.
2011 NBA final: Lakers vs 1Orlando 2. Boston or 3.Miami?

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