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Hornets guard Chris Paul reportedly expresses interest in joining Lakers

Chris Paul

What started as a toast soon became a declaration. Only 11 days after New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul proclaimed at Carmelo Anthony's wedding that the two would "form our own Big Three," with New York Knicks forward Amare Stoudemire,'s Ken Berger reports that Paul wants the Hornets to trade him. One of Paul's prospects would fulfill the prophecy he made at Anthony's wedding. One of the others would make fans of the defending champions jump up and down in excitement and suddenly wonder why they made such a 24-hour fuss over Harvard guard Jeremy Lin.

"Paul's list of preferred destinations consists of the Knicks, Magic and Lakers, and members of his inner circle already have sent word to the Hornets of his desire to be traded to one of those teams, sources say," Berger writes. "If Paul has his way, he's played his last game in a Hornets jersey."

Whether that translates to Paul joining the Lakers remains to be seen. Nowhere in Berger's report does it indicate that the Lakers share the same interest. Meanwhile, the story makes it clear that New York and Orlando have made progress in pursuing Paul.

Here's Berger on the Knicks' interest: "Team president Donnie Walsh's first step was signing power forward Amare Stoudemire to a five-year, $99.9 million deal. The move wasn't successful in swaying James or Wade, but it represents the first piece of a strategy designed to land Paul, Parker or Anthony -- or perhaps, even two of them. According to sources familiar with the Knicks' strategy, part of the reason for orchestrating the sign-and-trade for David Lee -- which yielded young talents Anthony Randolph and Kelenna Azubuike from Golden State -- was to stock the roster with attractive assets that could be used to acquire such marquee players if the opportunities presented themselves.

Here's Berger on Orlando's interest: "Paul's inclusion of the Magic on his list dovetails with's report June 30 that star center Dwight Howard has asked Orlando management to pursue a trade for Paul -- although Magic General Manager Otis Smith said by phone Wednesday that he is unaware of such a plan. The team that has most aggressively positioned itself to reap the benefits of CAA's latest power nexus is the Knicks, who struck out in their pursuit of this summer's Big Three but perhaps didn't whiff permanently.

Chris Paul

As far as the Lakers? Well, as I mentioned before, the article doesn't indicate that the Lakers share the same interest. But's Matt Moore includes the Lakers, Magic, Knicks, Hornets, Cavaliers and Trail Blazers as the teams most likely to get him. With Paul having two years left on his contract worth $34 million, Moore suggests that the most plausible scenario involves trading center Andrew Bynum and a handful of short-term contracts (i.e. Sasha Vujacic and Luke Walton). Though I mentioned earlier Wednesday that Bynum will remain an effective presence inside even if the off-season surgery on his right knee slows him down, I wouldn't be opposed to the deal itself. But I can't help but wonder how that would fundamentally change the way the Lakers play.

Bynum and Pau Gasol mutually benefited from each other inside, and the Lakers' triangle offense flourished when the ball moved from the inside out. Lamar Odom often took advantage of mismatch problems because teams were left worrying about the Lakers' big men or about stopping Kobe Bryant. Odom's versatility gave them a valuable chess piece in that regard. And if Paul played for the Lakers, Derek Fisher presumably would come off the bench, a role he'd accept but that perhaps would dampen his invaluable role in holding the team together.

There's no doubt that teams should be very afraid if Paul arrives in L.A. But his open-court style would change playing alongside Bryant and having to work within the triangle. I imagine Paul and Gasol instantly forming chemistry, but Gasol's effectiveness inside wouldn't be the same without Bynum.

We very well may see Paul's demand for a trade result in him going to a team other than the Lakers, making this post as irrelevant as the post analyzing what Lin could bring to the team. But if Paul happens to join the defending champions, the question wouldn't be so much how would he fit in the team as how  the Lakers' system and personnel would fit with the new acquisition.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Hornets point guard Chris Paul reportedly listed the Lakers as one of three teams he's like to play for next season. Credit: Lori Shepler / Los Angeles Times

Photo: If Paul joined the Lakers, the move would add speed to the backcourt. Credit: Lori Shepler / Los Angeles Times

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RDlaker248 , of course if Bynum can stay healthy for full season, then most fans would prefer Bynum or Chris Paul. But that is a big IF, Bynum has not giving us any reason to believe he can stay healthy. I think with Chris Paul, Kobe, Ron Artest, Paul Gasol, Lamar Odom as starting five, the Lakers should be fine, with that guy Caracter I heard is very good back up. What I think should have happened is trading Bynum for Chris Bosh, then there will not be Big Three in Miami right now.

So, we may have the opportunity to trade a very talented, potentially very high upside but also injury prone young center for one of the best players in the league?

No brainer, IF the coach is willing to give up the triangle and he and Kobe are willing to put the ball in Chris Paul's hands. With his ball-handling, penetration and passing, and the shooting and finishing abilities of Kobe, Pau and Lamar, this team would be unguardable.

And, from Jerry Buss's point of view, Paul's speed would seem to be very very attractive, as he could transform the Lakers into a running team again.

But without the necessary buy-in from PJ and KB, it's a mistake.

CP3-In my opinion, he's the best PG in the NBA. His acquisition would be a great thing only if LAL only had to give up Odom, Sasha, Luke, Blake, future picks, etc. Anything else is too much of a makeover, IMO. There is no way Bynum should be traded.

Amazing how much discussion something that has zero chance of happening can promote though!

LAL818 - since I live out here now, I really can't go back to Boston.

Your post has wounded me so much, it hurt. I think I shall go away, cry and never post here again.

"we are the true laker fans and we knows what's best for our team" - I am truly glad you "knows" what best for your team. Doesn't this thing have spell check?

First of all, I think the "Old 3" did pretty well last year, thank you very much. There is nothing going on with us right now, we are not in the CP3 hunt. We ARE in the TMAC hunt, though, there is just nothing to report right now!!

Next, I post on the Globe, not the Herald, get your facts straight.

Next, I will match my basketball IQ with yours ANY DAY of the week and twice on Sunday. Remember, I said this trade would NOT happen. He will either go to NYK (that's the New York Knicks) or he will not be traded at all. Regardless, they will not give him away, they are not Memphis!!

Next, this is a free country, and I shall blog on whatever web-sites I please. I have not written anything offensive about you or the lakers, it's a FOS thing.

Lastly, I am not making any suggestions on what you can do to improve your team. Please re-read my troll posts very carefully. This thread is a waste of time, he is not coming here, and if Kupchak did it, he should have his head examined.

MM (whoever you are) - thank you for letting the mean and nasty trolls in. I realize it's a lakers love fest here, and justifiably so, you have a great team. GOD forbid, you should have any dissenting opinions on a public forum.

So, LAL818, maybe I'll leave now, as your ascerbic words have hurt me to the quick..................but then again, maybe I won't.

>>>Why trade a center for a PG?

Not just "a PG"... the best PG in the NBA, still in his prime.

>>>Small point guards don't win championships because they have no bearing
>>>on interior play.

Tony Parker (MVP)
Chauncey Billups (MVP)
Rajon Rondo

Point guards can and DO win championships.

@ART... LMAO. You’re right. Mbenga for CP3 should work since he is a “better” defender than Drew.
After all, it has been “indisputably shown that Mbenga is a better shot blocker than Drew.” Just ask the guy with the burro who never played the game but thinks his selective use of sketchy stats substitutes for intelligence and judgment.

NO to CP3 for Bynum Bandwagon here!

There are two simple issues to entertain. #1 What happens if we get CP, #2 what happens if we don't get him.

Paul will make the likes of Knicks and Orlando much better, championship-contending type teams. Which is good for us because they can take series to 7 games against Miami.

If he goes to Blazers or Mavs, then we are the ones being taken to 7 games series just to advance.

He can and should come to LA only if we have a chance to sign Marc Gasol when he becomes a restricted free agent next year or if we can also trade for him. It is imperative that we have a capable 7 footer in the lineup to win championships. Gasol can do that for us at a lower price tag than Bynum. Under the Lakers Salary Cap situation we can only trade for him.


Trade LO and Shannon Brown (after we sign him) for Monta Ellis.

Trade Andrew Bynum, Walton, and #1 pick to Memphis for H. Thabeet, Sam Young and Marc Gasol.

Sign Kurt Thomas.


PG Monta Ellis/Blake/Fisher
SG Bryant/Ellis/Sasha
SF Artest/Young/Ebanks
PF P Gasol/K Thomas/Caracter
C M Gasol/Thabeet

Sooner or later GS will want to move Monta and he can be as good at that position as anyone if he embraces it. My feeling is that with Kobe, he will.

Thinking out of the box a little bit and keeping the team competitive now and for the future!


@ Giant Green Bald Headed Lunatic - since your telling me you moved to LA and need to be on this Blog to comment about the lakers... you need to change your name... we dont like trolls around here, if you move to LA you better be an LAL fan or else... and yes you were commenting about trading Bynum for CP3 like that gives you a good BBALL IQ... i mean were gonna surrender our center for a PG? oh wait not just a point guard as some of you must say... the best point guard... it will never happen im sorry to all the laker fans that would love for that to happen and for once i agree with you on this BALDY! second, yeah the big 3 did good you say huh? i agree to some degree but no all... since Game 7 you were up at the end of third quarter then you get beat up by the lakers so what? like you gave up half way? or suddenly tripped over the finish line... we have more dominant teams on the WEST as of last year than your east... thats why your BIG 3 or OLD 3 did a good job, there was no team in the East besides, Orlando and CELDICKS that could come to the finals with the lakers, but in the west we go through more challengin games than your whole conference, i mean they dont say WESTSIDE THE BESTSIDE for no reason... so before you say they did well check your facts, they had no team in the east to stop them, you think they will get past Miami this year? i dont think so... if they do? oh well more fun for us ahaha im actually going for the TROLLS next year in the finals with lakers, but doubt thats gonna happend...

and FYI apperantly you didnt read the article to know whos MM but you can surly comment on my grammer mistakes since i type a little bit too fast and i dont use spell check for that matter im sure you can U N D E R S T A N D every sentance i type so stop whinning like your any smarter than me... Mark Medina is the heart and Soul of this blog, his not only the author of the article but he is the adminstrator who bans trolls like you, so stop complaining and change your troll name, if your in LA, your an LAL fan, we dont take kindly to other teams fans coming here and talking about whats best for our team, and yes you can match my BBALL IQ anytime, im up for the challenge... based on your comments my little cousine has more IQ than you..

so stop contadicting yourself, you say your not suggesting anything but yet your saying we need to trade bynum for CP3 on the other post? hmmmmmm dosnt make sense to me on what your saying.... so stop with the TROLLS change your name and become a real basketball fan, BECOME A LAKER FAN, the only reason you moved here because we kicked your BUTTS in the finals and your just another banwagon hopper, so i say to you my dear Troll Fan, WELCOME TO LOS ANGELES, where we bleed Purple and GOLD 24/7 especially on this blog...

I'm on the Just Say No to CP3 in LA for this year Bandwagon. He simply does not fit into our triangle system because his style of play keeps the ball in his hands too much. We do not need CP3 to three-peat. Heck, we repeated with a slow, aging guard in Fisher.

Next year, however, with no PJ and the possibility of running a different offense, then yes, let's say hello and welcome to CP3.

We are good with the pieces that we have. The grass, imo, is definitely not greener with CP3 if we have to move key pieces in our system that has made us successful these past two years.

No stupid trades.

Long Time Laker Fan,

Don't forget Isaiah Thomas among the point guards that don't win championships. : )

>>>Again, teams that are perimeter-intensive don't win championships (read
>>>Phoenix, read the Sixers v. Lakers 2001 Finals). Teams with effective bigmen
>>>(Bynum/Pau, Duncan, Perkins/Garnett) win championships

Okay. Duncan was the only quality big on the 3 championships for San Antonio in the 2000's.

The other two high quality players were Tony Parker (a point guard) and Manu Ginobili (a wing player).

Parker won the MVP for one of those championships OVER Duncan.

The other big men on those championship Spurs teams? An aging David Robinson and an aging Kevin Willis in 2003, an aging Robert Horry and Rasho Nesterovic in 2005, and Francisco Elson and Fabricio Oberto in 2007.

What I'm trying to point out is that you don't need two all-star big men to get the job done. Duncan was the ONLY All-Star big man on any of those teams.

Guys like Odom and Okafor (if he was in the trade) would be totally acceptable big men on a championship lineup alongside the one All-Star (Pau).

In fact, Odom+Okafor is WAAAAY better than Elson & Oberto.

Hey All,
Adding the "Lakers" to his list, is just a ploy to get teams to act..He will not be traded to the Lakers.

'good' point guards are a dime a dozen now in the league after the no hand-checking rule. we used to see only a handful or premier pt guards back in the day at any one time, but now, they are everywhere. even no-names i never heard of before are 'supposedly' great pt guard players and such. well i say, hmm ok cool.

but bynum is considered the best center in the NBA behind dwight howard. (and even at that, i would say a healthy bynum's versatility can allow him to match up better against howard in the long run)

'good' point guards are a dime a dozen now in the league after the no hand-checking rule. we used to see only a handful or premier pt guards back in the day at any one time, but now, they are everywhere. even no-names i never heard of before are 'supposedly' great pt guard players and such. well i say, hmm ok cool.

but bynum is considered the best center in the NBA behind dwight howard. (and even at that, i would say a healthy bynum's versatility can allow him to match up better against howard in the long run)

Oh and another reason L.A was on his "List"? To get the L.A market to read the articles and generate more hits/ad revenue..

LAL818 - That was sarcasm. Boy, you are dense. I said as a Celtics FAN, I would love to see the trade because it would weaken the lakers. But, it will not happen, Kupchak would be foolish to do it.

CELDICKS - very clever, gee, never heard that one before, Mom write that for you, or is it an original?

I know who MM is, he is the guy who took over for the K Bros. He can ban me if he wants, but I seriously doubt one can get banned for disagreeing with you on a trade for Chris Paul.

Let's hear your logic on why this trade should happen. I have no idea about your basketball IQ at the moment. You know a lot about the lakers and NOTHING about the Celtics. I know a lot about both, so I'm ahead so far. Insults don't count, by the way, so your incredibly impressive CELDICKS comment doesn't do anything for me.

Most of your rant was too long and stupid for me to read, but anyone with knowlege of the game knows the CelTICS had a MUCH harder road to the Finals than the lakers did. Miami, Cleveland and Orlando vs OKC, Utah and Phoenix.......which would you rather face?

Kicked our butts in the Finals? Wow, you are good, very high IQ. A four point win in Game SEVEN is a real butt kicking......makes me want to be a lakers fan right now.

A word of advice - NO ONE takes kindly to being told what to do. I know plenty of people out here who are not lakers fans. Didn't know it was a requirement for living in the 818 Area Code. And if it was, I wouldn't have moved, Communism is dead. I will be a Celtics fan until the day I die, while you sound like someone who will jump off the bandwagon when koME retires!!

Have a great day, thanks for playing IYF Celtics basketball!!

A lot of people are suggesting a lot of CP3 trade variants that just don't line up. You can't just throw a bunch of names into the mush pot and say, "here's the deal". A deal has to work financially, and also it has to make sense for both teams.

In that light, let me suggest a few trades that do work financially and then we can talk about if they work for the teams.

First of all, let me preface this by saying that Paul is under contract for the next two years, so he has no way to FORCE a trade. If New Orleans doesn't want to trade him, they don't have to trade him. PERIOD. So New Orleans will NOT accept a trade where they get nothing but junk back. So you can forget about a Sasha+Luke for Chris Paul trade, because it won't happen.

1. Straight up Bynum for Chris Paul.
This works financially, but probably doesn't work for either team. This would leave the Lakers short-handed in the front court, and would leave New Orleans short-handed at PG. Yes, Collison would be okay to take over starting, but this would leave them with CRAP as backup PG.

If the Lakers want to make an offer for Chris Paul that New Orleans would accept, then they would have to include either Derek Fisher or Steve Blake in the deal. And since Fish is Kobe's good luck charm, it has to be Blake. (note this means that the trade couldn't happen until December 15, as that's the first day that Blake could be traded)

And if New Orleans wants to make an offer that the Lakers would accept, then they have to include a legitimate big in the deal. And no, Darius Songalia is not a legitimate big. That means either Okafor or David West. West is cost effective, while Okafor has a long pricey contract (though less than Bynum's shorter but pricier contract). So it's gotta be Okafor.

So now the basic terms of a deal that would be minimally workable for both the Lakers and New Orleans is Paul & Okafor for Bynum & Blake & whoever to match salary. Here are a couple of deals that work financially:

2. Okafor+Paul for Bynum+Blake+Vujacic.
This kinda works for both sides. Sasha is an expiring contract, so NO drops some salary next summer. And he's at least a servicable player for one year for them as well. The one negative is that this is a big increase in salary for the Lakers - they're probably COUNTING on Sasha's expiring deal to help reduce their luxury tax load for the next few years. This deal would make that situation much worse

3. Okafor+Paul for Bynum+Blake+Luke.
This works better for the Lakers. They offset the increased salary for Okafor & Paul byt dumping off Luke's guaranteed money for the next 3 years. (I'm sure some of you are wetting yourselves with pleasure at the thought of dumping Luke right now).

OTOH, having to take on Luke for 2 extra years and 10 million may be a deal killer. or it may not. Remember when the Lakers traded off Shaq? They were willing to take on Brian Grant's crappy contract (much much much worse than Shaq's) because it got them the best two players (Odom and Butler) that any team was offering them. If Orlando is only offering them Vince Carter and the Knicks are offering Eddy Curry's expiring contract and Ray Felton, then a deal that gets them Bynum and Blake might sound pretty attractive, even with the Walton poison pill.

Fact of the matter is, I don't think a deal gets done. While I'm sure Jerry Buss is salivating at the prospect of getting Chris Paul and going back to a Showtime offense when PJ retires, I doubt the Lakers will break up a championship squad.

Now if the Lakers LOSE this year and Paul wants a trade NEXT summer, then yes, I could see the Lakers pushing for a deal. But right now, I think the Lakers will stick with the squad that got them the last two rings.

What a lot of people are missing or perhaps ASSUMING is that Bynum will be 100% healthy this season as well as post-season. Part of the reasoning of trading Bynum for CP3 is that he's likely WON'T be completely healthy this season, and even less chance so in the future. The man is having his second major knee surgery in a little over two years in a few days! Albeit it's on a different knee, but not sure whether that is more reassuring or worrying.

If he was not injury-prone, then yes, it might be wise not move him, not when he's part of our proven nucleus that's won two titles the past two years. However, he IS injury-prone, under an expensive near-max contract for the next 3 years, which we will EAT and have it counted against our salary cap if he goes GO DOWN with ANOTHER season-shortening/ending injury. Looking back the past 3 years, what do YOU think the chances are of that happening?

And now let's look long-term. One issue that hasn't been addressed is which Laker do you think is more critical to our team's championship success this year and in the future? Kobe Bryant or Andrew Bynum?

How is this relevant? With Bynum, Kobe is still playing the heavy minutes that he needs to keep our team in contention throughout the season, and more so during the playoffs. With CP3, however, his minutes gets reduced with Paul picking up a major part of his workload in the guard position, while maintaining offensive production with Kobe on the bench and playing increased minutes. CP3 is only 25 years old. The Lakers don't have any other guards that you can say are able to do that.

With Kobe being 32 next year, how many more years do you think he can play at a MVP-caliber level? Obviously, with less minutes required of him throughout the season, his ability to perform as an elite player is lengthened, giving him maybe one or perhaps optimistically two additional years playing near his prime. No matter what, less minutes Kobe plays per season from here on out means a longer and more sustained career for Kobe.

Besides that, once Kobe slows down or even retires, who is going lead this team back to championship contention? Do you really think Bynum, even if 100% healthy, along with Gasol, Fisher, Odom and Artest are going to be able to carry us to future titles? Please. As much as I love the team, I know that's not going to happen, when in 2-3 years, 4 of those guys will be OLD veterans. No, we need another "superstar" AND young player to put us over, and Chris Paul is the best chance we have to land a player anywhere near that class for many, many years. We certainly aren't going to find someone like that in the draft, not when we're winning titles every year. Free agency? With what cap room? Ditto goes for trades since we won't have any movable pieces then that we can give up without severely weakening our squad, or getting back substantial value, not with the age of our team.

No, Bynum is our best bet RIGHT NOW given that he is young and still perceived to have upside. Yes he does, but he is also an injury liability, and down the line, if his injuries do catch up with him, he will no longer be tradable, unless for scrubs, and certainly not for an MVP-caliber player like Chris Paul.

Hmm, trade a perpetually injured center with "potential" for the best point guard in the league? Why, yes, I think I might do that.

The Lakers then would have Blake and/or Fish to dangle for bait for an acceptable big body.

Let's get some value for Bynum before he goes down in history as the next Sam Bowie.

@Art-FL & puddle....

Thanks for the responses. I guess I'm old school when it comes to things like that. I don't do instant gratification.

CP3 Does NOT want to come to the LAKERS

Sources told Broussard on Thursday that the Knicks and Magic are on Paul's list of preferred destinations, but the Lakers are not. Sources told Broussard that the Portland Trail Blazers and Dallas Mavericks are also in the running if Paul were to be traded.

Well 1st of all a nice package with Andrew Bynum is the only way we get CP3. They are not going to trade for LO, Sasha, a bag of Doritos and 2 maple bars. Now the question becomes is Bynum healthy more important to the Lakers than a max contract MVP caliber point guard. Chemistry matters. The ability to play PJ's system matters. Pau moving to the center position against guys like Dwight Howard and Kendrick Perkins matters. See it's much more complicated than a simple swap, especially since 7 footers don't grow on trees.

I guess the real issue is will Andrew Bynum be healthy in the future. If not then it's an easy decision to make, ship his a$$ out. But if he's a 100% going forward then no freakin way. Especially since I don't see how we pay Kobe's max salary, Gasol's close to 20 million dollar salary and now CP3's up and coming max salary. Talk about highest payroll in the league. They might be operating at 120 mil a year when it's all said and done. I can honestly say however that if we could get a serviceable back up at center with this trade, we would be a lock to win against ANYBODY, period. It just seems like without a healthy roster a formidable 3 is always a threat (hence '08), and to be honest CP3, Kobe, Pau plus Ron and LO, sheesh. Even Lebron gotta be scared to even approach that team in a finals matchup. I say if they'll take Luke's contract, do it. It's about to get crazy in the NBA, everybody is stacking teams. Maybe we should just embrace the new state of the NBA. Listen to what the Hornets want Mitch. I'm not saying do a stupid trade, but if it sounds good, listen. Definitely listen.

The focus of this discussion should not be CP3 as a Laker. But rather how do the Lakers continue to win championships against teams with "The Big Three".

CP3, Mello and STAT in NY or Wade, LBJ, and Bosh in Miami, or any other trio of "Superstars".

First, don't push the panic button. We are the Champions and the championship goes through us.

Second, don't become complacent and think that what has worked will continue to work with the same personnel.

Third, seek to improve and look towards the future as well.

With that said, our glaring need is a back up Center.


>>>per 36 minutes Bynum gets 1.7 blocks
>>>per 36 minutes Mbenga gets 2.9 blocks.

While that's true,

Bynum gets 4.1 fouls per 36 minutes
MBenga gets 6.8 fouls per 36 minutes

Which means that MBenga would foul out in 32 minutes and thus get only 2.5 blocks, and he would also give the other team 4 extra free throws, since he mostly fouls while trying to block someone shooting.

>>>Since it has been indisputably shown that Mbenga is a better shot blocker than Drew

I'll dispute it. Mbenga gets more blocks per minute, yes. But he also gets more fouls per minute. So while MBenga would get 0.8 more blocks per 36 minutes than Bynum, he would give up 4 free throws while doing it.

You do the math. .8 blocks = minus 1.6 points for the opponent.

4 free throws = about 3 points for the opponent.

So the net effect of MBenga's more aggressive shot blocking is +1.4 points to the opponent as opposed to Bynum.

In other words, Bynum does a better job of assessing when he is capable of blocking and when he isn't. MBenga just tries to block everything.

>>>Amazing how much discussion something that has zero chance of happening
>>>can promote though!

We're talking about Jerry Buss here. He had his team trade away their starting center and two of their best role players to get Shaq.

Don't rule out that he'd make a move to get Chris Paul.

>>>Don't forget Isaiah Thomas among the point guards that don't win

Yep. I was only going for recent ones, so that some of the newbs here would actually remember the teams. I doubt the person who posted that PGs don't win championships was watching the NBA when guys like Isaiah was playing, let alone Dennis Johnson (finals MVP in 79), Jerry West (finals MVP in 69) or Oscar Robertson. No... It could ONLY be about Centers. Nothing else matters.

Although lakers would be a great fit for paul which i dont think theyd need to give up bynum to acquire and if they had to i wouldn;t do it having ,that big man threat is HUGE to good agile 7 footers who have played together for 2 years now theres nothing like 2 dominant big men especially considering bynums only 22, i think new york is the best place for him and i even think that carmelo isnt gonna sign that extension and follow paul and amare there, the knicks have some great trade assets right now walsh made out great with getting rid of david lee in a sign and trade, felton and randolph are 2 of the players knicks could use in the paul trade so i hafta take my hat off to donnie on this one, although the knicks missed the lebronwadebosh sweepstakes, i actually think a combination of paul carmelo and amare and all the young talent that new york has could out due the heat and even the lakers. my guess is the knicks land paul and carmelo(most likely through free agency next year, but the knicks with paul and amare would easily slip into 4th seed in the east at the minimum they could even be a 1 seed with that type of talent and roster.) im very excited to see what comes with all of this in the next few days, although i like seeing many teams with superstars, this is exactly what the nba needs, renew that new york vs miami rivalry in the east, and youd also have orlando boston chicago in the mix, and ofcourse out west we already know how it is. okc is gonna be a team to beat in the next 2 years, sacramento is gonna be on the rise with tyreke and cousins, people are saying that players coming together creates less competition but the truth is there is SOOO much competition in the nba now that players feel this is what needs to be done especially to compete with the lakers who are still the top dawg.

IF Bynum could stay healthy, then yes, this would be a bad trade. BUT, if I were Jerry, I would roll the dice on Paul since the Lakers most likely won't be running the triangle next year and years to come.
We may be putting this year's championship in jeapordy by shaking things up, but Paul would give us a much better chance to win multiple titles in the future.
I wish Bynum wasn't so injury prone, but the fact is, he's never 100% when we need him th most. More importantly, if this injury trend continues, he will have a short NBA career.

>>>Since it has been indisputably shown that Mbenga is a better shot blocker than Drew

I'll dispute it. Mbenga gets more blocks per minute, yes. But he also gets more fouls per minute. So while MBenga would get 0.8 more blocks per 36 minutes than Bynum, he would give up 4 free throws while doing it. LTLF


That was my quote you responded to.
It was a joke to Laker Tom that he understood and that could only be understood if you had read all of the previous posts leading up to that.
But thanks, you made my point for me.

Bynum is not going anywhere, he is untouchable except for Howard. You do not give up his length for a point guard, I agree, everybody other than Kobe, Bynum and Gasol is in play.
I give him one more year before thinking of trading him, if he bust this year, (less than 18-10)

C Paul/Fisher

Odom and sasha plus walton and blake for cp3 and west. Then go resign Brown for cheap as kobes backup. works for both parties. No one will beat the lakers....


Lakers actually save 2 mill on this deal but only got 10 guys with 3 to 4 spots to fill. Vet mins. maybe resign shannon. IDK but the first one is good with me.

ya over all we need to keep bynum hes a great center, but having paul would give us more options for quick and dangerous point guards idk its a toss up if the lakers can find a way to keep bynum and get paul I would say go for it.

i think we should go for cp3 in LA. hes a really good pg and derek getting a little bit too old( even though he is clutch) rite now the laker are rdoing bad because of their ball movement. they get so many turnovers! they need a good pointgaurd like cp3 so they can excell to the championships again. before sasha and farmar were traded it was an easy decision. because you just trade sasha,farmar, and blake. if thats not enough, give in Characters. these bench players are very helpful for N.O.
but now, they should trade Characters, Ebanks, and blake. The lakers cant rely on kobe and lamar to pass the ball. la get paul.

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