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Hornets guard Chris Paul reportedly expresses interest in joining Lakers

Chris Paul

What started as a toast soon became a declaration. Only 11 days after New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul proclaimed at Carmelo Anthony's wedding that the two would "form our own Big Three," with New York Knicks forward Amare Stoudemire,'s Ken Berger reports that Paul wants the Hornets to trade him. One of Paul's prospects would fulfill the prophecy he made at Anthony's wedding. One of the others would make fans of the defending champions jump up and down in excitement and suddenly wonder why they made such a 24-hour fuss over Harvard guard Jeremy Lin.

"Paul's list of preferred destinations consists of the Knicks, Magic and Lakers, and members of his inner circle already have sent word to the Hornets of his desire to be traded to one of those teams, sources say," Berger writes. "If Paul has his way, he's played his last game in a Hornets jersey."

Whether that translates to Paul joining the Lakers remains to be seen. Nowhere in Berger's report does it indicate that the Lakers share the same interest. Meanwhile, the story makes it clear that New York and Orlando have made progress in pursuing Paul.

Here's Berger on the Knicks' interest: "Team president Donnie Walsh's first step was signing power forward Amare Stoudemire to a five-year, $99.9 million deal. The move wasn't successful in swaying James or Wade, but it represents the first piece of a strategy designed to land Paul, Parker or Anthony -- or perhaps, even two of them. According to sources familiar with the Knicks' strategy, part of the reason for orchestrating the sign-and-trade for David Lee -- which yielded young talents Anthony Randolph and Kelenna Azubuike from Golden State -- was to stock the roster with attractive assets that could be used to acquire such marquee players if the opportunities presented themselves.

Here's Berger on Orlando's interest: "Paul's inclusion of the Magic on his list dovetails with's report June 30 that star center Dwight Howard has asked Orlando management to pursue a trade for Paul -- although Magic General Manager Otis Smith said by phone Wednesday that he is unaware of such a plan. The team that has most aggressively positioned itself to reap the benefits of CAA's latest power nexus is the Knicks, who struck out in their pursuit of this summer's Big Three but perhaps didn't whiff permanently.

Chris Paul

As far as the Lakers? Well, as I mentioned before, the article doesn't indicate that the Lakers share the same interest. But's Matt Moore includes the Lakers, Magic, Knicks, Hornets, Cavaliers and Trail Blazers as the teams most likely to get him. With Paul having two years left on his contract worth $34 million, Moore suggests that the most plausible scenario involves trading center Andrew Bynum and a handful of short-term contracts (i.e. Sasha Vujacic and Luke Walton). Though I mentioned earlier Wednesday that Bynum will remain an effective presence inside even if the off-season surgery on his right knee slows him down, I wouldn't be opposed to the deal itself. But I can't help but wonder how that would fundamentally change the way the Lakers play.

Bynum and Pau Gasol mutually benefited from each other inside, and the Lakers' triangle offense flourished when the ball moved from the inside out. Lamar Odom often took advantage of mismatch problems because teams were left worrying about the Lakers' big men or about stopping Kobe Bryant. Odom's versatility gave them a valuable chess piece in that regard. And if Paul played for the Lakers, Derek Fisher presumably would come off the bench, a role he'd accept but that perhaps would dampen his invaluable role in holding the team together.

There's no doubt that teams should be very afraid if Paul arrives in L.A. But his open-court style would change playing alongside Bryant and having to work within the triangle. I imagine Paul and Gasol instantly forming chemistry, but Gasol's effectiveness inside wouldn't be the same without Bynum.

We very well may see Paul's demand for a trade result in him going to a team other than the Lakers, making this post as irrelevant as the post analyzing what Lin could bring to the team. But if Paul happens to join the defending champions, the question wouldn't be so much how would he fit in the team as how  the Lakers' system and personnel would fit with the new acquisition.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Hornets point guard Chris Paul reportedly listed the Lakers as one of three teams he's like to play for next season. Credit: Lori Shepler / Los Angeles Times

Photo: If Paul joined the Lakers, the move would add speed to the backcourt. Credit: Lori Shepler / Los Angeles Times

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At first I wanted this trade so badly, but after thinking about it for a while, I don't think this would be the best decision. I believe keeping Bynum would be better for the Lakers as a team. (If he's healthy)

There's a lot of good PG around the league, but very few good C, so I'd stick w/ Bynum.

hornets have no leverage now that paul wants out. same with shaq in 2004. the problem is we dont have anything to offer the hornets other than odom and sasha. they would probably get the most return by dealing with orlando. knicks have garbage. still dont think the lakers will deal andrew. paul will then want max money after next year and doubt the lakers can afford to to that. can they?

I agree with the other posts. I would prefer to keep Bynum. There are plenty of PGs in the league and solid centers are difficult to find. Bynum is an above average center when healthy.

What I took away from his preferred destinations? He wants to join amare or dwight but he thinks the Lakers are a nice destination and a way to get a championship.

Does he really want to join the Lakers? How many times have you read 'I want to join teams, X, Y, Z...and oh, the Lakers too'. I'm not buying that he's as sincere in believing something can be worked with the Lakers as much as he believes something can be worked out with the Knicks or Magic.

The Lakers will need another big if Andrew leaves. When the luxury tax is included, the lakers just spent $15M a year on their point guart position...can they afford to spend more?


Paul and a 4-5 from NO would be the only thing that makes sense. In return Blake, Bynum, Sasha and Walton are available.

Unfortunately besides Okafur, there is nobody on the NO roster that the Lakers would wany, since I am sure that West will be staying if Paul leaves.

Unless the Lakers see value, they will not make the trade.

DFish remember what got you banned at first?

In regards to CP3: You DO IT.

Whether it's Bynum or Odom doesn't matter (Bynum more likely to go instead of Odom because Bynum's youth would be intriguing to New Orleans plus the Hornets already has a Power Forward named David West).

MM, I'd understand that viewpoint if Bynum was a *KEY* factor in previous playoff series. The fact is he hasn't been unfortunately due to injures. That did not mean though that LA simply were not good enough to win back to back titles. KB/PG are the biggest factor and after them Odom/Ariza was in 2009 Playoffs and last playoffs was Artest/Odom not to mention in 08 the Lakers made it to the Finals WITHOUT Bynum and managed to win 2 games against that Celtics squad that had their Big 3 in their primes. Not to dismiss Bynum's contribuations to the team overall the last 2 years but he wasn't the big factor that made the difference it was Kobe and an improved Pau Gasol that propelled him to being the "Most skilled Big man in the NBA" after having the soft label since his Memphis days.

Again if it's an upgrade: YOU DO IT. CP3 is a much bigger upgrade over Fisher and Blake in every way save for the leadership of the team when it comes to Derek. Other than that he's a a better defender/playmaker/shooter than either PG the only question is he willing to play second fiddle in LA or even at times 3rd (do you think though CP3 wouldn't know that since he had interest to the Lakers?). He's in the top 2 PG's of the league (Bowlie Cut Chin Strap Deron Williams has my vote barely) and finished 2nd in 2007-2008 MVP voting behind yours truly Kobe Bryant.

This is not a 33 year old Gary Payton. This is a player that is coming into his prime and has everything save for rebounds (being 6'0 doesn't help him gobble those rebounds). Yeah we hate to lose either Bynum or Odom but if it's an upgrade DO IT. Just leave KB and PG.

What I took away from his preferred destinations? He wants to join amare or dwight but he thinks the Lakers are a nice destination and a way to get a championship.

Does he really want to join the Lakers? How many times have you read 'I want to join teams, X, Y, Z...and oh, the Lakers too'. I'm not buying that he's as sincere in believing something can be worked with the Lakers as much as he believes something can be worked out with the Knicks or Magic.

Posted by: #4 | July 21, 2010 at 10:43 PM

With Powell gone, who's going to hug Kobe now?

Sorry, I wrote this before I read FCM’s piece, but I think it still is worth posting.

Edwin, LT, if I could respond shortly, and bear in mind this isn’t about me being a good GM. This is about Mitch Kupchak being a good GM. I think he has made the smart moves this summer, probably the best he could have under the circumstances, with our limited amount to offer vs the amounts other teams could. Steve Blake was probably the best fit for the price.

What I do think to be true

-I don’t think Chris Paul is a good fit for the Lakers. This year, he would not be worth trading anybody significant for. He will want a max contract next year, and I don’t think he is worth a max contract to us, at least under the expectations we have now.

-I don’t think the Hornets would trade CP3 for Odom, Sasha and Walton. I don’t think Edwin thought so either, so I responded facetiously. Personally, even if they would, I don’t really want to do the trade, I think Odom is more valuable and we already have Fish and Blake, who are probably smarter, tougher, more veteran players who are a better fit. CP3 is better, obviously, but not so much better that he would fit in right away. He also doesn’t help us match up well with any of the teams in the East in the playoffs.

-I don’t want Okafor. I don’t think a decent center with a ridiculous salary is the ideal piece, as he would basically be our third string center behind two great centers. If Bynum is really injured again next year, Okafor won’t save us. I also don’t think we should take on Okafor’s rather large and unwieldy contract to get rid of Luke’s smaller and unwieldy contract.

-I think that unless we offer Bynum, New Orleans can get better offers from other teams for Paul and Okafor anyway.

-No, I don’t want Collison either, if we have to take on Okafor’s contract. That stinker is not a good asset.

-Contract aside, Okafor is a center. He can’t replace Odom.

Anything else?

re this thread;

Blitz- Andrew Bynum wasn’t a huge contributor in the FINALS. He was a huge contributor in THE PLAYOFFS, which allowed us to reach the finals. Also he did help against Perkins some, especially when he landed on him and knocked him out of the series. ; )

Lrob- True. Of course, if I wanted to make excuses, I was pretty much screwed from the draft position onwards, and I completely neglected the team after October, due to family stuff, but I won’t make excuses, I didn’t get it done. Next year, though, that will be interesting. Come to think of it, we should probably start to plan next years league.

CP3 to the Lakers will never happen - but I'd swap Blake Sasha and Drew and our #1 pick for him in a heartbeat. Paul, Kobe, and Gasol? Plus Artest and LO? Geez that team could win with Benoit Benjamin in the middle.

Finally, I have to say; Kobe, Pau and Andrew were all injured at various points last year. If all three are healthy this year, they are the Big Three for everybody else to worry about. If they aren't healthy this year, well, that gets tricky.

But I think our best strategy is to roll the dice with what we have, hope that Odom can contribute steadily (I'm not saying consistently, i'm not going to debate that term one way or another), hope that Artest can improve on offense and stay dominant on defense, and hope that our two headed PG system will let Blake be tough and Fisher be clutch.

If everything goes well, bring it on. Now is the last gasp, every thing is now in readiness, we only await the beginning of a long, glorious and unpredictable ride to the Finals.





Staples- I think Phil should hug Kobe. Those guys need to be tight.

Not a good idea to deal the young 7' Bynum with big time upside.

"This is not a 33 year old Gary Payton. This is a player that is coming into his prime and has everything save for rebounds (being 6'0 doesn't help him gobble those rebounds). "

Yes, and this is also a player coming off a knee injury who is about the worst fit for the Lakers system as you could find. Trade Bynum for Paul? That is ridiculous. What makes the Lakers the dominant team in the league is their length. You trade Bynum and you are become the Miami Heat.

This is a joke of a deal and it makes no sense unless it is for Odom & Walton (or Sasha) and the Lakers then re-sign Brown and pick up Kurt Thomas with the rest of the MLE. Otherwise, forget it.

Lakers 2011


Trade Odom, Sasha, Caracter, Ebanks, 1st rd draft pick, and Morrison(sign and trade) for Paul and bad contract (peja/posey).

They get Odom cheap, and 10 mil expiring contract, young talent in Caracter and Ebanks and a 1st rd draft pick. A lot of inexpensive assets perfect for NEW ORLEANS plan.

Good analysis Phred that is also possible to do nothing. Opportunity only knocks once, the question remains which player represents "opportunity in the future" Is it Bynum? is it in Odom? or is it with CPaul? On the other side, Williams and Demps will also have the last say on what Knicks and Magic can offer.

I would keep andrew
also would trade other guys like luke walton, josh powell, adam morrison, and

"Blitz- Andrew Bynum wasn’t a huge contributor in the FINALS. He was a huge contributor in THE PLAYOFFS, which allowed us to reach the finals."

Games where Bynum had a Huge impact in Winning:

1st Round
Game 1-OKC
Game 5-OKC

2nd Round
Game 2-Utah

Western Conference Finals:
Game 2-Phoenix Suns

NBA Finals
Game 2 is moot because the Celtics won that game.

Bynum was huge in 3 games and great in one in the wins. Don't mistake him though for KB/PG.

"I don’t think he is worth a max contract to us, at least under the expectations we have now."

True but in 2-3 years anyways Bynum's agent David Lee will be wanting a Max Contract this time around. How will you set your team up on a 34 year old Bryant who will be getting $28 million that year, 32 year old Gasol who will be getting $19 million that year and Bynum who will be paid roughly at the max (the max contract this year was $16 million up to 5 years, 6 years via sign and trade) should LA accept his option?

Those 3 combined will make $63 million well above the salary cap of $58 million.

The max contract is kinda moot when Bynum is going to get a pay raise anyways Phred.

As for the not good fit argument.....why make that? First off we don't run the triangle as much maybe at most 50% in games. The rest are isolation plays to take advantage of a mismatch and while majority goes to Kobe (especially in the clutch where it is a Kobe-Gasol pick and roll) there are also options for Gasol and even Bynum.

Chris Paul isn't dumb. He knows that this is Kobe's team and will adjust accordingly. Besides Phil after this year even if we win again is GONE so the triangle option argument is moot too.

"Also he did help against Perkins some,"

I didn't know Phred that we had to "stop" Perkins. My thoughts were more or less against Pierce/Garnett/Rondo/Allen.

Anytime a player gets mentioned in a trade for Bynum the blog goes crazy. Heck many of us wouldn't trade Bynum if it was 25 year old Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was the dude we could get and we would bash at how he is skinny and only got his title because of Big O, etc.


Nornets need a forward in Odom.

Mitch is very good at this, just like the Gasol trade. Except for Bynum, Gasol and Kobe the Hornets can take anything..

"Yes, and this is also a player coming off a knee injury who is about the worst fit for the Lakers system as you could find."

Please tell how. Kobe wanted Jason Kidd who was ball dominant on his team for Andrew Bynum. Besides are we really going to run the triangle offense next year without Phil?

Dwyane Wade in 08-09 was coming off shoulder and knee injuries in 07-08. Guess what he did?

30ppg, 5rpg, 7.5apg. 3rd in MVP Voting behind Lebron and Kobe.

Not to mention CP3 is 25 years old.

If Bynum was an MVP candidate then no way in hell would you do this trade. But Bynum isn't an MVP candidate is he?

God is right!


haha now I feel like a jackass, still I am not a professional writer though....

That should next next season without Phil not next year without Phil.

I'd do that trade in a second. I would hate to see Andrew go, but you can try and bring in Shaq for a year or two. That will give the lakers time to find another center and develope him. Now your starting five is Kobe, Paul , shaq, pau, Artest= CHAMPIONSHIP

The word of God:
" Brown and pick up Kurt Thomas with the rest of the MLE."
Posted by: God | July 21, 2010 at 11:13 PM

Blitz- I don't agree, and I think I offered some reasons in my posted comment that explained this.

No, Bynum's future contract is less relevant. By then, we will know how good he will be. He might be worth a max contract, he might not. If he is, we probably won't complain about giving him one. If he isn't, either he figures this out and resigns for less, or we trade him for somebody else then, who is a better fit.

All this, of course, assuming that there isn't a new CBA that makes all this moot.

But basically, I think where we essentially disagree is in whether Drew or CP3 is the player who gives us the best chance to win this year, at a price that doesn't hamstring us later. I pick Drew, and we can agree to disagree on that if you like.

Yes, there is a chance Drew could get hurt. I think that a maybe hurt Drew is still more important than a probably slightly less likely to get hurt CP3, although Paul has had health issues. Not the same scale as Bynum's health issues, I concede that.

If you want to debate more about how much Bynum gave us in the finals, I suppose we can, but bear in mind we won the finals, by the skin of our teeth, with Bynum. I will still probably disagree with you, and we will probably agree to disagree about that.

Oh, and Bynum will want a max contract in 2-3 years, while Paul will want one next year. That is an important difference. We can't give Paul a maximum contract next year anyway, we won't have Bird rights.

So, read this comment, go back and read my last comment, and see if there is anything in particular we might hash out and agreement about or some kind of amazingly great argument you can think of that can make me change my mind, which I am willing to do if I see a good argument.

Still won't happen, though, So far as I would guess, Paul isn't going anywhere this season, probably to NY next season, and Mitch is probably just fine with that.

love, etc.

I Think the Los Angeles Lakers Should Go After Both Carmelo Anthony And Chris Paul... Sure everyone may think the lakers dosent have enough to sign them but they should make a trade... and sign them for less money... If Carmelo Anthony or Chris Paul were to be offered contracts by the lakers and are smart players and sign with the lakers they are guaranteed Rings on there fingers.!!!

Triangle doesn't need cp3 overrated pg, by running triangle you just need role players, cp3 will distract the offense, by having a high IQ player is enough to run it, CP3 is a ball hugged it will never work, think about it, laker land.

Giving up Bynum for CP3 would be a big mistake. My confidence that we will be able to beat boston/miami again next year derives from the fact that they can;t match up with bynum. We lose him, not sure a great PG makes up the difference.

On the OTHER hand, if we could package Odom, Sasha and Walton, I'd be intrigued by the possibilities, but am also content if we stay with what we got and sign one, two or three of the scrubs.

if we were to get him it would not be andrew bynum leaving people need to get him out of their trade talk. it would be a luke walton sasha and maybe a lamar odom kinda of thing because the lakers might feel that derrick character might offer some of the same stuff lamar does but at a cheaper price. either way paul would be great to have and the triangle might only be around for one more season so thats no big deal. i dont want to see lamar or bynum go so i hope mitch can pull another miracle and just get rid of sasha luke and brown if we sign he back, im even willing to give them blake and maybe a future draft pick.

Chris Paul = Bynum, Blake , Sasha

C Pau Gasol
PF Lamar Odom
SF Ron Artest
SG Kobe Bryant
PG *CP3*
6. Derek Fisher

Wow that does make things interest. I personally have to give this some thought to see where i stand but at a glance. But CP3 is much better than Bynum. Andrew is NOT MVP not even an All Star. In the Playoffs Bynum really hasn't help us much. I do wonder if we will ever see him at full strength and post 20 and 10 numbers.

We already have someone who is great at the center position w PAU GASOL and ODOM would slide back into the starting line up at PF.

It would be fun. and we would have a cornerstone for the future. After Kobe. with CP3 we would really have the SHOWTIME LAKERS.

If we could do it and still keep DREW , KOBE and PAO plus CP3 and RON and FISHER. That just would be plain sick. Miami who ? Boston who? We would have the FEARSOME 4SOME.

We need more defender that can make easy for KB, PG, specially for the quick point guards, and cp3 is not a good defender and he's just 5'10 pg, and I'm not beliving in small pg, the way he run offense is good enough for collegiate basketball.

No, Bynum's future contract is less relevant. By then, we will know how good he will be. He might be worth a max contract, he might not. If he is, we probably won't complain about giving him one. If he isn't, either he figures this out and resigns for less, or we trade him for somebody else then, who is a better fit.

Phred, Bynum in his last year the Lakers will keep him by then (if they don't trade him by then). He'll be earning $16 million that year which is the equivalent of a max contract. His agent will want more and he'll be paid nearly at that price.

Again just pointing the argument about the salary cap with concerns about CP3 since by that time Kobe-Gasol-Bynum will be earning as much as the salary cap is worth. It won't make a difference if CP3 wants the max since 3 players are already using most of the cap room.

Re: Larry Bird Rights.

"It also means that when a player is traded, his Bird rights are traded with him, and his new team can use the Bird exception to re-sign him"

The Celtics gave KG an extension when he came to Boston because Minnesota also traded his Larry Bird Rights. The Lakers can do the same exact thing to CP.

The thing I disagree is the nature of Bynum's impact. Was he a big factor in 2009 Playoffs? How truly bigger was he in 2010? Yes if he was healthier we would have won probably sooner than be taken to a 7 game series (though that is debatable considering the Lakers were taken to 6 games against the Thunder and that was BEFORE Bynum hyper extended his knee). But in the end was he the difference between a title and no rings? Would it have mattered if he was healthy and KB or Gasol was the one injured?

The playoffs proved that even with a limited Bynum that KB carried this team. No disrespect to Bynum for playing through pain but it wasn't *THE* factor. Pau's tip in Game 6 and Ron's in Game 5 had bigger impacts in the playoffs more than Bynum playing through injury.

Will it happen? Debatable. I doubt that CP at the time being will go to New York considering that New York doesn't have any pieces that interest the Hornets even with that expiring contract of Eddy Curry. Plus the Knicks got a very solid PG in Raymond Felton. Orlando also is a major suitor and I wouldn't be surprised if he went there though again unless the Hornets would be willing to have Rashard+Nelson it is also unlikely.

Again if Bynum really was a legit MVP candidate then there is no reason to even consider to trade him. At the time being even when healthy Bynum is still only a 3rd option on his team (if Bynum was really that good he would really make Kobe and Pau's averages drop to the point where Bryant would be averaging 24ppg and Bynum being equal with Gasol being down to 14ppg). CP3 has been the second in MVP balloting before and on a good team will be in a position to win it.

Wanting to keep Drew is like wanting to keep Vlade over Shaq. By all means Vlade was a very solid center and before the trade was just entering his prime (and well he could have flopped his way to an NBA title lol). There is no comparison between the father of flopping versus the most dominant big man of his time. (And no Bynum at the time being is only looking at Dwight's stratosphere, not even touching it).

We need more defender that can make easy for KB, PG, specially for the quick point guards, and cp3 is not a good defender and he's just 5'10 pg, and I'm not beliving in small pg, the way he run offense is good enough for collegiate basketball.

We need more defender that can make easy for KB, PG, specially for the quick point guards, and cp3 is not a good defender and he's just 5'10 pg, and I'm not beliving in small pg, the way he run offense is good enough for collegiate basketball.

Posted by: Phil jackson | July 22, 2010 at 12:02 AM

Chris Paul has won 2 All-Defensive Teams already 2nd team in 2008 and 2009. Obviously you fail to even remember that. And not quick enough? Man I thought people were insane that people Steve Blake was a "great" defender.

re: Chris Paul is 6'0. It's one thing if he was Allen Iverson a 6'0 who could only play SG.

"if we were to get him it would not be andrew bynum leaving people need to get him out of their trade talk."

Posted by: vikiea | July 21, 2010 at 11:54 PM

No because New Orleans wouldn't be DUMB for taking back scrubs like Walton and Sasha in return for CP3. Heck they wouldn't even take Odom considering that Odom doesn't have a nice expiring contract anymore and they already have a Power Forward in David West.

Bynum is an attractive piece considering he's young at 23 (in October) and still has upside. That being said as much as he earned respect for playing through injury the organization wants much more than that from him. If they feel they have a legit shot of getting a great player they will do it and will not hesitate to trade up to Bynum to do it (they won't trade Bryant or Gasol).

Even in the Gasol trade it had a very nice attractive piece (Brown's $9 million expiring contract). Sasha's $5 million contract pales in comparison.

I like CP3 as a player but I don't see him fitting in with the triangle. Besides, the Lakers are big and that's what every other team in the league strives for. Trading Bynum or Odom for him would make us very small. I do think there will be a trade involving Odom eventually because I think his upcoming reality show will become a distraction for him and further affect his playing ability. I just can't imagine it being CP3. But what do I know?

Also, I don't like the idea that Paul fired his mgmt and hired LeBron James mgr.

A. Look L.A didn't give up much for pau rite.?? So y give up much for Paul.?? Sure u threw drew or Lamar in the mix but it wnt b the same lakers the 3 towers. Try it give up BLAKE,Sahsha,Luke and 1 or both of the draft pics cp3 is down for it he wonts to win now.!! Cum to L.A ur get 3 rings for sure.!! 100% no questions asked. Mitch make it happend wid out given up Lamar or drew.!!!

Kobe get to the office get Paul n L.A with out giving up drew or Lamar.!!

Point Guards don't win championships.......unless they're 6-9 inch point guards.
You don't trade a big for a small and that's what you would have to do. You don't do this deal without Bynum or Odom and Odom doesn't make enough. Forget it. These guys need to get their heads out of their asses and not wait until everyone else makes their moves and then panic. Whose repping these kids anyways? This deal could have been made before they signed Blake or before they signed Fisher and if C3p0's agent had a brain he would have leveraged the Lakers while Fisher briefly leveraged the Lakers, like Ron did last year.

6 weeks ago when the Lakers had no point guard signed to their roster and Andrew Bynum barely walking who in Laker land would have batted an eye at Bynum for CP3 straight up? Now?

We all know how important Drew was to beating the Celtics and we all know that if it's Miami next year the keys to the title are to go big and stay big. Bad agenting.

Last post for tonight:

For those saying that trading Bynum will lose an advantage to the Heat since it's the one position that we have a clear advantage of when Bynum is healthy here's a question:

Which is the elite PG on the Heat that can stop CP3 not to mention the big that will be shot blocking CP out of the lane (don't even mention Bosh since you guys made that argument he can't defend when it was Bosh-Bynum trade).

2008- Drew in a suit. Boston wins
2009- Drew in a splint. Lakers win
2010- Drew in a huge bandage - Lakers win

I was all about trading Drew but we got two chips and all he did was stand there during the Finals. And you'd give that up for a 5-10 point guard? This kid hasn't even played healthy once in the playoffs and they go back to back. What if he stays healthy? Imagine it? 15-10. Maybe more.

Still want CP3?

We won last year with Fish, Farmar and Brown....and Odom and Kobe all playing point....bringing in Paul would mean losing too many important pieces, I say go forward with what we have....The core is set...Paul is kinda bossy in huddles....this is Kobe's team followed by Pau, Fish, Odom, etc.....we don't need to flip the team over, we're fine, let Paul go to NY....

6'9" point guards, that was Sun Yue for the Lakers after developing him for years, but that's not what the Lakers do......Jeremy Lin, best move for him, close to home, I wish him well, and when the Lakers get him in a few years.......

If CP3-O comes, I'm out.....

I think the Lakers they don't need Paul because he's style of play (open court style) doesn't fit with the playing style of the Lakers. Just my opinion.

I'd keep Bynum and Odom and forget CP3.

Bynum, when healthy, is the 3rd best Center in the league behind Howard and Yao. Each season, he gets better and better on both sides of the court; it's just so unfortunate that he also gets hurt a lot. Once he gets stronger and starts finishing over contact, look out...

Odom, as frustrating as it can be to watch him sometimes, is the Lakers Swiss Army Knife - he is the most versatile big man in the NBA. His ballhandling skills help keep Kobe and Fish where they should be - activating the basketball and spotting up respectively. He can post up smaller defenders, he has a decent jumpshot for a big guy, and can beat bigger defenders to the basket (just needs to learn how to stop charging into help defenders in the lane). He's the Lakers' best rebounder, and he's an underrated defender.

And you want to trade all of these assets for Chris Paul? NO! You can always pick up a quick guard (hell, they just gave one away in Farmar), but you can't teach Odom and you can't teach 7' with long arms...

Kobe getting a tattoo of Shaq's face on his own face
Derek Fisher beating Shannon Brown in a dunk contest
Mbenga leading the 10-11 Lakers in scoring
Smush getting a 3 year/$30 million contract with Lakers

Oh, wait. Sorry. When people started talking about Chris Paul coming to the Lakers, I thought we were naming things that have no chance of actually happening this season. My bad.

The Lakers are unique and potent as a team because they are BIG and TALL.
They will be imposing over Miami because Miami does not have big and tall men that can contend with the Pau/Bynum/Odom Towers.

Defense wins championships - TEAM DEFENSE. The Lakers Triple Towers gives them a huge advantage on defense because they can back up an aggressive perimeter defense. The Lakers were the BEST PERIMETER DEFENSIVE TEAM last year because of their HUGE FRONT LINE.

Losing Bynum shortens the Lakers and makes them less massive. This then becomes a liability against the elite teams.

The Lakers won game 7 against the Celtics because they were aggressive in obtaining offensive rebounds. This and their defense eventually wore the Celtics down. However, if the Celtics had their massive center available, the outcome may not have been the same. They would not have been able to rebound as well. Remember that the Celtics were up by double figures at one point.

Losing Bynum to obtain Paul would almost guarantee that the Lakers will LOSE in the long run.

One saying about basketball: You can't teach height.

Paul also has not been resilient as a guard. He has been getting a lot of nagging injuries that have been limiting his ability to play. This does not bode well for the future.

There are plenty of servicable PGs in this league, i.e, Steve Blake, that will get the freaking job done, no need to creme your pants for Chris Paul. "True" dominant centers, on the other hand, are like pink elephants in the NBA. We still don't know the true value of one, Andrew Bynum. The kid is just 22 years old. It would be horribly foolish to trade him at this stage in his career, what with the thing about true centers being pink elephants in the NBA.

The Lakers are historically a "center" position team, and they're very savvy to be sure, and would never involve their 22-year-old center in any trade of this sort. Now, they "may" trade Lamar for Paul, but then, they would need a serious back-up for Andrew to fill Lamar's big shoes on the Lakers.

Either way, I don't see this trade happening, no way, no how. Much ado about zilch. Nice blog matter, fool's gold, but not reality.

Chris should join orlando magic because him teaming up with dwight howard and vince carter would make them unstoppable

CP3 to the Lakers is a possible trade scenerio, it just depends on who the Lakers would give up in the exchange. So folks out there saying thats 'impossible, would ever happen'; should just say 'not likely'.

I say the Lakers trade for CP3 only if Kobe, Gasol, Bynum and Artest stay untouched. Other than that go for it. CP3 would be the Lakers future along w/ Bynum. Point Guard and center tandem goes a long way.

I make this move as fast as I can. C.P is a playmaker. He could be the future of this team. Bynum is an under achiever. Pau, Bryant, Odom, and Paul, Wow !!! The sky is the limit.

Here's a trade scenario that could work:

3-way deal involving Orlando, New Orleans, and Philadelphia

Orlando sends Vince Carter and Marcin Gortat to New Orleans, sends Jameer Nelson to Philadelphia.
New Orleans sends Chris Paul to Orlando and Emeka Okafor to Philadelphia
Philadelphia sends Andre Iguodala to Orlando and Jason Kapono to New Orleans.

This would result in NO effectively getting a starting center, a veteran shooting guard to help with the development of Thornton and a versatile shooter to complement Collison, as well as ridding salary commitments to Okafor.

Philadelphia would receive a much needed PG and a decent center to put Brand back in his natural PF position.

The benefits to Orlando are obvious.

Why hasn't Bynum had his surgery?

"Bynum, when healthy, is the 3rd best Center in the league behind Howard and Yao. "

Couldn't sleep lol. It's one thing when it's a debate that has sense in it (like losing Bynum ruins a depth or losing Odom loses his ball handling duties) but then say to trade Blake? Laughable hehe.

Yes 3rd best center but then again Brook Lopez is banging down on the door.

"The Lakers Triple Towers gives them a huge advantage on defense because they can back up an aggressive perimeter defense."

We don't use Bynum/Gasol/Odom at the C/PF/SF slots. Only time we used it was when Ron was out and Phil did *not* like the way they played.

"The Lakers were the BEST PERIMETER DEFENSIVE TEAM last year because of their HUGE FRONT LINE."

Way to ignore Kobe's and Ron's defense. Take both of them out put Sasha and Luke in it do you expect the perimeter to be as secure against Wade/James even if you had Bynum/Gasol? Nope.

"This then becomes a liability against the elite teams."

How so? If Lebron scores 39 points against the "Twin Towers" how is it any liability?

"Losing Bynum to obtain Paul would almost guarantee that the Lakers will LOSE in the long run."

Hmmm....losing a player who hasn't even garnered All-Star selections and getting a player who has already been an MVP candidate at the age of 23. That's not a lose that's a WIN especially long term when KB can no longer play at an elite level.

"One saying about basketball: You can't teach height."

You can't teach greatness either.

"He has been getting a lot of nagging injuries that have been limiting his ability to play."

One season of only playing 45 games does not make him seem an injury prone dude. Even with "nagging" injuries....CP3 still averaged 18ppg and 10apg. Since people are so into "wait till Bynum gets healthy" well look at CP3 when healthy...the talent level is as different as night and day.

Now you Ludwig:

"True" dominant centers, on the other hand, are like pink elephants in the NBA."

Yea considering the only one center that even fits that bill is Dwight Howard and I wouldn't consider him "Dominant" in the manner that Olajuwon or Robinson was (nevermind the Shaq man). A beast defensively heck yea but that's about it. If Bynum was even as even 3/4 of Dwight we wouldn't even having this conversation.

"The Lakers are historically a "center" position team, and they're very savvy to be sure, and would never involve their 22-year-old center in any trade of this sort."

Kobe Bryant's Lakers does not have a dominant center (not counting Shaq-Kobe).

"Either way, I don't see this trade happening, no way, no how. Much ado about zilch. Nice blog matter, fool's gold, but not reality."

True but if it does would you honestly turn down an MVP candidate for a guy who at the time being can't even get on the All-Star team?

Even Chris Kaman got on the All-Star Team ouch!

Very nice response actually from you darksith80:

re: Bynum is already very strong but strength isn't everything in the NBA just ask Kwamay Brown. As good as Bynum is the things he is showing while healthy is about 90% the type of player he will be for the rest of his career with the next 10% being achieved in his prime. Which means he'll be a good side kick when it comes to that but it's hard to fathom him as a franchise player.

re: Good post on Odom. A big reason why Jackson wanted Odom back instead of relying on Josh Powell.

re: If the trade was Odom AND Bynum then it's a bad trade unless you are getting Dwight. Losing one isn't as bad. Lose Odom just have CP do the same ball handling duties. Lose Bynum may lose you height but just re-sign DJ Mbenga (for size since people are crying about not us playing him as much) but gain a possible Hall of Famer and already a guy who nearly took Kobe's MVP trophy away from him.

You may not teach height but you can't teach greatness either. The difference between Magic Johnson and Nick Van Exel.

When is the NBA's regular season schedule going to be released. I know its early August or late July, but caan't wait to see what are the major games next season. Duh biggest 2 games is Lakers vs Heat, but on what date?

Acquiring CP is interesting, not so much because of the short term benefits, but in the long term.

Think about it; if Phil retires after next season (which seems likely), it is doubtful that this team will run the triangle under a new coach. In any new system, CP3 would be the ultimate point guard. While he seems redundant at the moment, he could be the best option going forward in the transition from the Phil era.

That said, I would be reluctant to include Bynum in the trade, even though Pau has shown he can play as centre in the past.

how many championships have REALLY been won from the point guard position? if you're including Magic, then just subtract those titles as anomolies. point guard sure is a sexy position, but it's not where the titles are, ask Fisher...

for a one year rental, there's no reason to spend anything other than Luke, Sasha and/or sign and trades with Ammo, Powell, and DJ in any combo. this is a player who, if he wants to play for nothing, will be free to come to LA next year, anyway. no deal involving anyone who played significant minutes in the title run should be involved.

the Lakers already have the position well covered. they don't need the "best" player at that position in order to dominate. that's been proven 3 years running and another dynasty a few years before that. what they need is consistent play with as few turnovers as possible. i can't believe that a player like CP3 would like being in that role. he would look like Payton or Farmar sooner than later. maybe next year, Phil will go and CP3 will be a free agent, and Paul will be a better fit. right now, it seems foolish to give up a key piece, ANY key piece , of a team that has been in the Finals 3 years running. barring freak accidents or other acts of God, that team can be expected back in the finals again this year. all the Lakers really need right now, is a back up center.

If it was up to me, i'd say the Lakers should be done trying to acquire players this offseason. Get Shannon Brown signed and get any Center that is 7' , and sign the rookies. This upcoming season would be a reflection of 2000 offseason where the Lakers did find a player that could play defense/rebound and score at the 3 point line. If i got my years right, it was Deven George. He did help contribute in his rookie year, and helped even more on his sophmore. I say we have that in Ebanks

Lakers core strategy is to do whatever possible to win 2-3 more rings NOW, while KB can still deliver. Bynum is no more than a piece in the puzzle, an important piece, to be sure, but if he stays healthy he'll deliver a lot of double-doubles, but he is NEVER going to be the next Wilt/Kareem/Shaquille. He is valuable to the Lakers because they have PG and LO. Remove LO and the strategy doesn't work, at least not as well. The triple trees of AB/PG/LO compensate for Ron-Ron's better than average but still diminished defensive skills and DF's koala speed.

Since we're playing with house money, how about trading both AB and LO and Blake (sorry, dude) and Walton and Sasha and Brown (again, sorry; I know we signed you only to trade you) to NO and Denver for CP and Anthony. Here's your starters:

SG: Kobe
PG: Chris
C: Pau
PF: Carmello
SF: Ron-Ron

Paul slashing toward the basket and being able to pick from Bryant, Gasol and Anthony to dish to (sorry, Ron-Ron; Chris ain't giving you the ball, ever).

Then (excuse me while I take more medication), the Lakers sign Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady and Shaquille O'Neal to join Fisher and the two second rounders coming off the bench. Drat, I'm out of beer!

I'd give away anyone not named Kobe/Gasol/Ron Artest for cp3 and I'd bump up our championship count projections.

I hear the concerns about who fits where, Bynums knees make this a no brainer imho but even if he were fully healthy. I just don't see any team regretting trading for a player like cp3.

If you're a mamba faithful then you know kobe'd make it work. He won with Shaq, he won with Gasol, he won with Artest, he'll win with cp3. When we got Gasol I remember kobe saying I finally got guns, all this time I've been playing with butter knives. Our captains got mad skillz, u add a talent like cp3 to the lakers and it's just 1 more dagger for kobe to chuck at the enemy.

Lastly if there's one player purple and gold loves above all else, it's magic johnson. Maybe it's time y'all love a pg again.

The only reason the Lakers traded for Gasol was insurance for Bynum. Now the same goes the other way. If Bynum is traded to any team for any other player, Gasol would have to play center position, where he would be most vulnerable to injury. If Bynum is gone, and Gasol gets injured,; what do the Lakers have left to compete?

Even if Bynum was injured during the playoffs the past 3 years, we needed his body out there. Evidence was these past Finals. Even if Bynum was dragging his body around, he still called off attention from Gasol and was some one to be guarded.

Like i once stated, and also everyone is saying now; the Big 3 is the Lakers. Every other team is trying to match up w/ us but not in height, but in mis matches. So far no one can match up to size and length. Also no team can match what the new Twin Towers bring; effectiveness and skill.

Without Bynum's presence against the Cs this year, the Celtics would have steamrolled us especially Gasol. You noticed in game 4 I belived when Bynum couldn't come back at the half, Perkins light up like a Xmas tree and was so animated in claiming he had Gasol locked up. I know he is injury prone but he is a keeper due to his size and physicallity. I don't know if the persons who are calling for Bynum to be traded for Bosh or CP3 watched the same finals as I did but without Bynum there would be no 2010 ring. Gasol is very talented but a guy like Perkins is too strong and physical for him. Bynum did lay the wood on Perkins in game 6 and took him out. This is the pecking order Kobe, Gasol, Bynum and then Artest.

trade bynum + luke + 1st round 2011 pick for D. HOWARD. period.

lakers should rather save money for c. anthony and d. horward

i don't care what trades the lakers make but leave the following six players alone; bryant, gasol,bynum,artest,odom and fisher.

Here's the thing. A trade for Chris Paul for Andrew Bynum would absolutely be a Christmas present for us. First of all, Bynum is an injury liability. When was the last time he's been healthy in the playoffs, much less the regular season? Is he a legitimate big man? Yes he is, but one that is looking to have a VERY short career.

Chris Paul is in his 5th year and already one of the best point guards in the NBA. If he wasn't injured last season, he would be the BEST PG in the league, no question about it. Don't forget, he finished SECOND in MVP VOTING in 2008, ONLY behind our great Kobe. As it stands, he WILL be the best PG for years to come.

I know how much we all want our Lakers to three-peat next year with the same nucleus, but we have to think long-term as well. How many more years will Bynum's knees hold up? I'd say it's a toss-up whether he will even make it to the play-offs next year. And yes, we know he was injured this year, but his contributions were far from what we often credit him with.

With Chris Paul, we have ANOTHER "superstar" that can take some of the pressure off Kobe during his twilight years, and YES, we'll have that SUPERSTAR that will carry the team after Kobe retires. With the 2 years left on his deal PLUS a new 6-year max contract, that puts CP3 on our team until 2019! AND he'll ONLY be 33 when his contract expires.

If we don't take this opportunity NOW to trade Bynum for CP3, we may never get another sweet deal like this, and certainly not for the BEST PG in the NBA. This trade would be equal to us trading Kwame for Pau. Why? Because we don't know how long Bynum's knees will hold out. If Bynum suffers a career-ending injury or at least one that will make him strictly an off-the-bench immobile body to give up 6 fouls, then we would have blown our chance. Plus Bynum's agent wants the Lakers to give him a MAX DEAL when his contract is up. Can you imagine? We give a guaranteed max contract to someone with TWO bum knees, he takes the money and then gets seriously injured, and then it's a TRIPLE WHAMMY.

1. We have an injured max salary player that's of no use to us.
2. We have to not ONLY pay him but have his MAX DEAL on our books and counted against our salary cap for SIX YEARS.
3. We LOSE out on Chris Paul.

How can we NOT pursue this trade? And the fact is that we have EVERY BIT as much chance IF NOT MORE of winning the championship again in 2011 WITH Chris Paul than with Andrew Bynum.

Fisher shouldn't be playing starting minutes anymore, and since we signed him for THREE years, it would be CRAZY to use him up where he's going to be GIMP by the end of this season. What a GODSEND to have CP3 be our PG starter and then have Fisher come off the BENCH like HORRY used to do and give us big minutes in crunch time and also be FRESH for making CLUTCH plays. Afterall, his biggest advantage to us is playing DOWN THE STRETCH and for his LEADERSHIP. We DON'T need him to be chasing young guys like Williams, Rose, Rondo and yes, CP3, or even older quicker (than him) guards like Nash, Parker, Davis and Billups around throughout the game, limiting his capabilities for us WHEN WE NEED HIM.

Mitch, this could be your JERRY WEST moment WITHOUT Jerry West. The best deal you ever made was getting Pau Gasol for Kwame Brown COURTESY of Jerry West. Let's see you make your OWN HISTORY by signing the BEST POINT GUARD IN THE NBA and to secure the Lakers being in CONTENTION FOR YEARS.

Instead of all the discussion of the Lakers next players to suit up for the Purple and Gold, we should talk about our significant days of the NBA season.
Last season, the Lakers vs Thunder were not on ESPN or TNT. When i saw that they weren't i told myself that if these 2 teams play in the offseason; next year all four games are going to be on primetime.

Lakers vs Thunder, is going to be games that ABC wants to display in its Sunday Special. Since its a fact that ABC will give up on Cleveland and promoting James' team. How far can they go w/ the Miami Heat againts the L'EAST?

ALL Laker Fans are looking for the Lakers to 3peat in 2010-2011 season. Why not focus on that and have a stimulating conversations on who the Lakers will face as their biggest challenge to the Finals will be. Like i said; every player wants to run to the East or stay in the East. Props to David Lee. I would Vote for him for starting Center over Bynum. The dude plays hard and it seems not to care where he plays; he is going to play hard no matter what.

The Spurs are still a team that needs to be avoided. Makes me SICK that everyone is giving credit to the Heat or any team in the East. The West always decides the Championship. The Title runs through who can ever beat the Lakers or the Spurs. Every one think about it.

KB Blitz,

It's not that I don't want this MVP candidate (C. Paul), of course I'd be in favor of any move that would make the Lakers a better team, but I just don't see this trade happening, for a host of reason, one being that Paul is not the prototype PG that would fit into the Triangle. Also, CP would need the ball too much in his hands in order to be effective, and with Kobe on this team, that would never happen.

The Lakers, as presently constituted, will be a MUCH MUCH better team with Steve Blake at the point. He is exactly what the doctor ordered for the Lakers. This addition, plus Farmers subtraction (not to mention his negative, cocky vibe), will make a huge difference next year. The Lakers, as they are built right now, don't need C. Paul. It's as simple as that. They need Steve Blake and D. Fisher, period. And most of all, they need a back-up center who can contribute meaningful minutes in the even of a Bynum injury.

In 03 the Spurs beat the Lakers and went on to win the title. In 04 the Lakers beat the Spurs and were defeated by the Pistons to Win.

In 05 the Spurs beat the Pistons to win the title.

2006 saw the Lakers losing to the Suns after giving a 3-1 lead. Who beat the Suns? An who beat the Spurs?

The Maveicks had a 2-0 lead in the Finals, but Dwayne Wade found the T-Virus that made him immune to get every call from the officials Thats why nobody that saw his 30 pt per gamesaw the Finals except for him and saw him as a threat or an elite player.

In the NBA season of 2007, we saw the Spurs represent the West, and beat David Stern's golden child Lebron, in 4 straight games.

The Lakers and the Spurs fought each other in the Western Conference Finals in 08. Lakers Won but came short to the Celtics.

Lakers Won in 2009, And Lakers Won in 2010.

Is that enough proof that all the haters, experts, analyst and supossedly newspaper writers; that they should first check if the East is strong enough to beat the West not the other way around.

Pretty Damn sure that TNT is going to show the Eastern Conference Finals this upcoming season. Makes me sick because they go with the hot topic.

Last year they decided to show the Western Conference Finals, but that was a last minute decision.

Point is that the Lakers are going to take a back seat to every other team, specially to the Heat. Eventhough the Lakers are Repeat champs. Something that hasn't been done since 01 and 02. Oh wait that was the Lakers that did that feat. No wonder Lakers won't get coverage.

@Joe_Corad That's a good point about the Thunder and EXACTLY why we need to make the trade of Bynum for Chris Paul.

The Portland Trailblazers were in a similar situation during the 2008 Draft. They had the choice of a "once in a generation" BIG MAN that was supposedly the next WILT CHAMBERLAIN in Greg Oden, or a promising solid forward in Kevin Durant.

The Trailblazers chose Greg Oden, despite the red flags of possibly being injury-prone, with him having his first sports-related injury surgery in HIGH SCHOOL. Oden then ended up missing his ENTIRE rookie season having undergone microfracture surgery on his LEFT KNEE, and then LAST SEASON, had to undergo surgery on his RIGHT KNEE after suffering an injury in DECEMBER which caused him to miss the REST OF THE SEASON.

Sound familiar? It should. The point is, as promising as Oden and Bynum is, they are INJURY-PRONE. Big men tend that have this problem, and when it happens EARLY in their careers, that's when things GO BAD.

And by picking Oden, who rightly had promise EXCEPT that he's injury-prone, Portland passed on KEVIN DURANT, who was the YOUNGEST scoring champion in NBA history this past season, made ALL-NBA FIRST TEAM, and is one of the TOP TWO FORWARDS in the game, if not the BEST, and a lock for being a FUTURE MVP.

Can you imagine how good the Trailblazers would be now with Kevin Durant? Yes you can, and this is the question we want to avoid in the future, wondering how good our Lakers would be with Chris Paul instead of injured Bynum.

The fact is, we're obviously in a better position than Portland with us fielding a championship team. But as much as we hate to admit it, Kobe has 2, maybe 3, MVP-caliber years left in him. That's not a long time. When he's dropped off significantly, do you really think Bynum, even if healthy, plus Pau, Odom, Artest and Fisher, who will ALL be old veterans in 2-3 years, will be able to carry us to another championship? Think about it.

By trading Bynum for Chris Paul NOW, we protect our chances of winning titles in the IMMEDIATE future while ALSO giving us the opportunity of winning titles for YEARS TO COME.

Have you ever wondered how many more titles Bird would have won if Len Bias didn't die from a drug overdose two days after being drafted by the Celtics in 1986? This guy was like a bigger, stronger and more athletic Michael Jordan, with Jordan's slashing ability to the rim AND also a soft shooting touch, perhaps a little similar to Lebron BUT with more heart and competitive fire AND probably more athleticism. It wouldn't be a stretch to think Bird would have won at least 2 more titles, those won by Detroit AND possibly one away from our Magic's Lakers AND probably would have delayed Jordan's championship emergence.

That's the opportunity we have for KOBE with CHRIS PAUL. By trading for CP3, we EXTEND Kobe's career by taking away the pressure AND MINUTES that he needs to play each and every night, which adds up to easily another year, MAYBE TWO, of Kobe playing at a high level. And when Kobe retires, we still have a SUPERSTAR VETERAN running the team, keeping us in CONTENTION for still MORE TITLES.

I guess winning the NBA championship doesn't make haters into fans. Not in this blog.

The only thing that the Lakers get after winning a trophy and a ring, are more haters, and TROLLS!!!

It makes me sick to admit, but from all the trolls, the Celtic ones could make more sense. In a sick/twisted way they have validation over the upcoming haters.

LOL, a back to back championship was hard for the Lakers to do. It was also hard for all the Laker Fans on this blog to defend themselves from the leprechauns. For the 3peat, imagine how testy it will get? Mamba or Lewsters get the bandwagon started for the bloggers to defend this site. I have faith in MM to filter out all malevolent forces.

Defend this site from all haters that are going to claim that the Heat/Orlando/Boston/Dallas/Phoenix/Denver/and Jazz are the better team. Oh and Chicago. Those dudes can get very, very, very nasty. Lets pray that they don't compete for a title anytime soon. Them and New York

Things get evil on this blog, between 1 and 5.

Trade a bunch of crappy players we don't want plus a few #30 draft picks for the best PG in the league........ yep, the Hornets will bite...... ya rite!

Put Fisher, Sasha, Odom, Walton, and future first round pick on the trade for Chris Paul. We have Caracter to replace Odom. Wow imagine Paul and Blake as Lakers' pg, that would very good. Starting five would be: Christ Paul, Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Paul Gasol, and Andrew Bynum. This will send the chill down to south beach to cool down the Heat.

Mark, my man, Medina speculate what the upcoming season will look like. Please begin that conversation.

Eventhough i have been following this blog ever since Late December of 08, I can say that MM makes sure to interact w/ us commom folk. The K Bros only made sure to hate on someone or tried to quiet certain bloggers when they didn't agree w/ their opinions.

Super awesome job MM, when ever u write a segment on the blog, you always mention what the readers might think. Or what the reaction was over what you posted. Mainly it was related to a player, or players.

Things get evil on this blog, between 1 and 5.
Posted by: Joe_Corad | July 22, 2010 at 05:06 AM

But with Joe_Corad and a few stalwart Laker Nation Bloggers manning the Gates all is well in hand...OUT FREAKIN STANDING


Guys, stop the denial.
Bynum will never be healthy for a whole season. If NO will acpet a deal for CP then we should do it immediately. This is a no brainer. Trading for one of the best point guards in the league for Bynum whom we know will not be healthy come play off time is a no-brainer. period!!!

Package Fisher, Odom, Sasha, Walton, E Banks/Caracter, and future first round first round pick for Christ Paul. I think the Hornets will like the potential of E Banks/Caracter, plus future first round pick. Now if we can get back James Posey in the deal that would be nice.

We need help manning those gates. A great flood will soon over flow it

How would CP3 fit in triangle? Remember GP's incessant whining? Of course, CP3 is in his prime and GP was on his last legs nevertheless this offense is not PG friendly. Phil has never had a dominant PG for his triangle. Thus, players like Fish, Blake are suffice when you have a great wing like Kobe, and a talented post guy like Gasol. This team was built on length and built to win in next few years. I love CP3 but I wouldn't want to gamble with the winning formula right now.

Let it be known that every so called super star in the NBA nowadays wants to join some other super star in another team. Only because they know the only way to beat Kobe is to join forces. Lebron did it, why not everyone else?

Props to Kevin Durant; eventhough he is young and naive. He is the lone ranger that wants to take his team to the top alone.

I say this cause CP3 wants to join a super team as well. My only hope remains with Derron Williams, who in my opinion is the best PG in the NBA. Also the most competitive.

I don't remember any player in the 90's trying to join another star to beat Jordan. Maybe cause they couldn't, i'll give them that.

Still, Kobe was hated cause he wanted to be the lone superstar to win a ring.

Kobe has won 2 since then. Yes w/ help, but whose team was it? Yes Kobe is an arrogant/pompous loud mouth player who cries and begs for every foul. He is not likeable because of what he did in 07. But he plays hard and wants to win a ring every year. Even if he is playing with Kwame Brown and Smush Parker. He expects his team to compete for a title.

Is Kobe on the Sidelines dancing around, throwing powder to the fans to hypnotize them, into believing that he is the real thing? Is Kobe orchestrating nonsense before games along w/ his teammates to look good?

I rather have an A-hole of a captain that demanded the best of me that i didn't like that got me 2 rings; than have a leader who joked around and showed me a good time during work time, only to bail out when he saw a better time else where.

Oh yeah would love to say i clowned around w/ Lebron James, than to say i won rings along w/ Kobe Bryant!

Okafor, CP3 and Thornton for Bynum, Walton and Vujacic plus 1st rounder is a win win for both. Okafor, Gasol, Artest, KB and CP3 with DFish, Thornton, Odom and Blake (although you can flip him later on) is without a doubt the best possible team to make three in a row a reality

i sure hope the lakes don't trade Andrew Bynum. The size advantage that the Lakers had with him and Gasl, didn't really have an answer from any team. Basically, Lakers have what it takes to do a three-peat with the current squad they have. The should not tinker with major movements at this time and risk team chemistry problems.

I find it people keep mentioning Okafor CP3 and Bynum in the same sentence .. Those numbers would never match up. The only plausible trade I forsee for any of the teams would be to send Odom, Sasha/Shannon, +future draft picks and $ considerations.. And while Fisher would go immediately to the bench, I'm sure like Mark Medina he wouldn't mind it, it would actually help him direct off the bench and prepare him to be a coach.

I don't see how this doesn't benefit the Lakers in the long run. With the potential for a different style of offense, the opportunity has never been higher to get CP3. His stats speak for themselves about the talent of this kid. He is a shorter version of Rajon Rondo, as such has good defense, but superior ballhandling and shooting %. I could see how his arsenal of skills will compliment Gasol double dribbling to the post or securing the ball to Kobe for the easy flush. Odom's performances in the playoffs were minutiae to say the least. At least with CP3's current situation you could sell scrap metal to a desperate team that doesn't want to overspend, with t he incoming new ownership. I can't see how having CP3 in a purple and gold uniform makes him less of a system guy, truly he can use many of his assets to evolve.

As far as acquiring him, as I cited before, the Lakers might never be in this position again in some time, with a young talent asking to get traded to your team.. this benefits the team pursuing the trade not the dealer, 9-10.. Dump our expiring contracts and make it a sweet offer, and I would love to have CP3. I would normally be against Odom being traded but, if this were to happen, which I think could be done, since Bynum is a pricey injury prone C with lots of guaranteed $ in his contract, but now I think that the Lakers should pounce and at least talk to them to see what could be done. That CP3/Kobe tandem in the back court would be one of the fastest, most deadliest I've ever envisioned. I would not be against this trade in the least, for all the reasons I have outlined in this post.

"The should not tinker with major movements at this time and risk team chemistry problems."

You are implying that CP3 is a a pouty kid with character issues to the hilt. CP3 has very little character issues. I doubt he will pout about anything, this is Kobe's team. This is what everybody said about bringing Artest to the team but everybody with Lakers knowledge knew that Kobe and Odom were pals with Artest, and CP3 always respected the latter. But he does demand the ball somewhat..but that's not an issue with me, because I know Phil Jackson could amend any player in the planet, and any so called character issues that could arise, especially from a youngster willing to learn, and who has the hunger and desire to win. Unlike Gary Payton who was virtually an old man on his last leg, who was a primadonna for a very long time in this league. So a spec of dust is going make a car with a shine any less shiny? Even if nothing came of this deal, no team in it's right mind should pass the opportunity to have this kid. I can imagine Phil loving coaching him, developing either in his last year or if he loved this so much, that the Lakers got another title he would consider coming back for another year. If he chose to leave the Lakers could leave the triangle and move in a new direction, and Fisher gets a position in the coaching staff.

The Lakers would be crazy to pass on any chance at Paul. Look at Hollinger's PER stats for the two most recent years he was healthy. He was second only to Lebron (07-08) and third behind Lebron and Wade (08-09). Among the under 30 crowd (sorry Kobe) he is in the top-five. Other than Lebron and Durant, it's not clear there is anyone who you'd rather have over the next 5-8 years. When Kobe starts to really slow down, he would continue to be devastating with Pau.

Not terribly fond of trading Bynum; we do have sign and trade possibilities -

does anyone know if CP3 could sign an extension with NO and THEN get traded?? If Bird rights are a problem, and I'm not sure that they are, this could be a fix...

Otherwise, looks like Orlando would become a powerhouse. They have some PG talent to trade along with other players that might be interesting to NO.... plus out of conference

And, don't need to say it, but D'Antoni would drool over CP3 even more than we are

So the Lakers take on Chris Paul this year and then his contract expires at the end of the season. He wants a max deal.
Where does that money come from?
Even trading away Bynum doesn't get enough to pay CP a max deal.
So say CP decides he can get a max deal somewhere else next year and decides not to re-sign with the Lakers.

I'm not sure if the above is correct from a $$ standpoint and am not well versed in the whole salary cap stuff, so someone can correct this if need be.

Odum and scrubs for Chris Paul?
Why would N.O. do that?
Is that the best their going to be able to get?

Bynum for Chris Paul?
Well, I wonder, if the Lakers had Chris Paul this past season, for the whole season, and no Bynum, would the Lakers have still won it all?



Keep what we have....sign Shannon, get a back up center and TMac and were ready to go!!!! Too much to give up for CP3. We just signed B-Laker and I think he'll be great with our system. You win the game on the floor with HEART, PHIL and KOBE. We are over reacting to THE ME-EGO'S three, and on PAPER they're great. But the have to get thru the Celtic's and Bull's and Magic to even get to us.

Well, I wonder, if the Lakers had Chris Paul this past season, for the whole season, and no Bynum, would the Lakers have still won it all?

When thinking about that, keep in mind the times Gasol was out injured...

[Still, Kobe was hated cause he wanted to be the lone superstar to win a ring.]

Nothing worse than a fan that buys into the media's propaganda. Kobe didn't want to win alone, no more than Lebron is a sissy for pairing up with D-Wade.

Kobe did just as much as Shaq (if not more) to bring us those championships. And pls don't quote stats, they're as useful as kobe's woeful shooting in game 7 of the finals. Bottom line the dude worked his butt of from his rookie year to be the best he can be, success has never diminished that work ethic, and when he steps on the court all he wants to do is win. He wanted out cuz he and Shaq didn't get along, and for someone that just wanted to play basketball, the drama was getting to him (not to say he didn't play a part in the drama).

As for the heat LBJ is taking, look one of the underlying theme in the summer of "trade me kobe" was that he had a no-trade clause which meant he'd veto a deal if he was going to a team that didn't have good players. Somehow the media would like us to believe that people want to play with players that are kinda good but not great cuz then they won't want to share the greatness. Please, try selling me some other crap.

Ok so what about MJ/Magic saying they wouldn't have paired up. Of course not, there was history already. That'd be like asking Kobe to go join Tim Duncan or even worse Nash and the suns, like those were the teams he wanted to beat so bad that he asked for a trade. Same way Boston or Orlando would have had no shot @ LBJ even if they had cap space.

I ain't here to sing praises of LBJ but if you can't respect the dedication that goes into being top 3 baller in the league, then you were probably 1 of the same dudes screaming Shaq did all the work back in the day. And it's for the same reason that if NO somehow is stupid enough to offer us cp3 for Bynum, u make that deal immediately and let the coaches figure out how the pieces fit eventually. Like these are players that having been putting in crazy work into their games since high school, my intro to cp3 was when he dropped his grand father's age in points the day after he died. These dudes have been chasing greatness 4 a minute now.

Aite, I said a lot of nice things about players not wearing purple and gold. Regardless of what trades do/don't happen with the lakers or other teams. The road to the championship still comes through LA. The still have to beat PJ, Gasol and Kobe. And if any haters out there think that's an easy feat, we'll see u june. Go ask the celtics what a smack down feels like.

This is actually a pretty complex situation. And the more I think about it, the more I think it's a more of preference.

For one, it's a preference of style. Do you want the Lakers to be a more offensive team, or a more defensive team?

With Bynum we get better defense. Rebounds and blocks, and a big presence in the paint that limits the movement of the ball (although I clearly remember Bynum being lost on defense at times.) We are also a much more physical team with Bynum.

With CP3 we have an offensive monster of a team. With his vision, everyone gets a chance to score without using the triangle. At the same time, I believe he is a pretty intelligent person, and he can pick up the triangle fairly quickly.
With CP3 we get a more dynamic and exciting team, although one that will rely more on finesse and quickness than physical strength.

I also think CP3 is a better long term investment. Bynum is injury prone and I don't like that we have to worry about him staying healthy every season.

In terms of team chemistry, one downside with CP3 is that we WILL have to change how we play. But, I don't think Kobe would have a problem with sharing the ball with cp3. I think Kobe knows that he has a lot of wear and tear on his knees, and that he needs to save himself until maybe the 2nd half or 4th quarter.

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