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Caught in the Web: Lakers' Sunday links


--The New York Times' Jonathan Abrams argues the Lakers have improved this off-season.

--The Orange County Register's Earl Bloom credits Mitch Kupchak's off-season acquisition.

--The Las Vegas Review-Journal's Steve Carp details why Lamar Odom feels he has lots to prove with Team USA.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky shares his take on the negotiations between the Lakers and Derek Fisher.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Arash Markazi argues Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak doesn't get enough credit for what he does.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin reports that Lamar Odom has dropped his animosity toward Matt Barnes.'s John Schuhmann argues Lamar Odom had an under performing performance in Team USA's scrimmage.

--Silver Screen and Roll's Dexter Fishmore highlights the various mix tapes on Theo Ratliff.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Jeff wonders if the Lakers' bench mob has returned.

--Tweet of the Day: "Odom played just 16 min. in USA game as those battling to make team took most minutes. LO had 6 reb, 3 ast, 2 pts, 1 stl & 1 blk" -- LakersReporter ('s Mike Trudell)

Reader Comment of the Day: "It hepls to look at backups and role players through the Earl Weaver lens. The old Oriole manager taught me a lot about how to look atva roster. Earl figured out years ago that a team only gets 2 or 3 well rounded guys (Frank Robinson and Brooks Robinson = Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol). The rest of the guys are all flawed. Your job as manager, Earl understood, was to know what the other guys COULD do. What they were good at. And use them accordingly. Emphasize their strengths instead of focusing on their flaws. Fans can be blinded by flaws, they want every guy to be good at everything. Coaches have to see the usefulness of flawed players. " -- Tom Daniels

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers forward Lamar Odom began play with USA Basketball Saturday night. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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One of the things I love about this retooled Lakers team is its versatility and flexibility, much of which comes from the players who can play and guard multiple positions, depending upon the matchups. Here is a view of the roster from a different perspective that clearly illustrates the almost DOUBLED depth and adaptability that comes from having a lineup of versatile and flexible players who can play and guard multiple positions:
PG – FISHER, BLAKE (Bryant, Vujacic, Odom)
SG – BRYANT, VUJACIC, BROWN (Blake, Barnes, Artest)
PF – GASOL, ODOM, CARACTER (Artest, Ratliff)
CE – BYNUM, RATLIFF (Gasol, Caracter)
This is the flip side of the discussion initiated by Tom Daniels’ RCOD post discussing how the Lakers front office and coach do such a great job hiding role players’ flaws and shortcomings and putting them in positions where their strengths are emphasized and their chance to be successful optimized. This is looking at the multiple skills and abilities that the players have to contribute to the team’s overall talent and skill pool from which Phil can pull to give the Lakers an individual matchup against any opponent.

Probably the best COTD in quite a while, and we’ve had some good ones. I can’t keep track of how many times somebody around here muses ‘man, if only we could put Luke’s brain in Shannon’s body’ or ‘Man, if only Lamar Odom was as aggressive going to the basket as Derek Fisher.’ There is more to great coaching than calling a time out, drawing up a play, and screaming some clichés at your players. Come to think of it, I think great coaching doesn’t have very much at all to do with those things.

Those who attack Phil as just winning because of Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant should sit back and look at some of the teams he has won with over the years. Guys who never did anything before they came to the Lakers and never did anything after they left have started and won rings next to a few very talented players, talented players who frankly achieved a lot more with Phil than they might have otherwise.

A thought I keep having; Perhaps it’s just selective attention on my part, but I seem to be reading a lot of articles that are raving about how tough Matt Barnes is and how well he fits in as a perimeter defender, with a lot fewer mentioning that he is on his seventh team in eight years and to all observers seems to be crazy. Crazier than Ron Artest even, but less likeable. I’m sure we have a great coach for handling ‘unique’ players and a good locker room chemistry, but I still wonder.

People are beginning to realize that despite all hoopla in Miami, the team to beat (and to emulate) is the World Champion Lakers. It is still about balance and poise under pressure, something Miami (and few other teams save Boston) have yet to prove.

I don't like the photo with this thread. Big baby blocking LO? How about LO patting KG's rear after a tussle under the basket? Or LO grabbing one of his 20 rebounds in a game? Or LO driving the length on the floor for a coast to coast lay-up not seen this side of Magic? As much as I like LO, we can really survive his off games this year with the new bench Mitch has assembled. If LO performs better with less pressure on him, he should thrive this year.

One thing about Mitch's work...I was expecting NOTHING, NADA, ZIP....and he did what he did.

Ratliff has been excellent shot blocker all of his career. I hope he can teach Bynum how to use his length to blockshot more efficiently.

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

Haiku for your thoughts....

Lakers D is nice
Rondo fears the champions
Three-peat on the way

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

Haiku for your thoughts....

Lakers D is nice
Rondo fears the champions
Three-peat on the way

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

Now that the top three teams’ rosters have basically been set, it’s time to see how they matchup.
To begin, here is a list of each team’s current probable roster based on the latest free agency news.
The players at each position are listed in depth order with starters and first three subs capitalized.
SG – BRYANT, Vujacic, Brown
PF – GASOL, ODOM, Caracter
CE – BYNUM, Ratliff
SG – ALLEN, Bradley
PF – GARNETT, Wallace
CE – ANTONY, Ilgauskas, Magloire
Next let’s see how the top 8 Lakers, Celtics, and Heat players matchup position by position.
Players are ranked according to who is best at each position.
PG – RONDO, Fisher, Chalmers
SG – BYRANT, Wade, Allen
SF – JAMES, Pierce, Artest
PF – GASOL, Garnett, Bosh
CE – BYNUM, Perkins, Antony
6M – ODOM, Miller, Davis
7M – BLAKE, Arroyo, Robinson
8M – BARNES, O’Neal, Haslem
When you compare the rosters of the top three favorites to win this year’s NBA championship,
it’s hard not to see that the Lakers not only still have the best starting 5 but now the best bench.
Boston has the best point guard in RONDO. The Heat have the best small forward in JAMES.
But the Lakers have the best 2 guard, power forward, and center in KOBE, GASOL, and BYNUM.
And the Lakers clearly have the best 6th, 7th, and 8th men in ODOM, BLAKE, and BARNES.
Bottom line, the Lakers have the edge at 3 of 5 starting positions AND all 3 top bench positions.
Lakers have the best starting lineup, bench, player, coach, owner, and blog in the entire NBA.


Superb positional lay out of the Lakers' versatility this upcoming season. Like you, I agree that you can pencil in ShanWow, however, with the imminent signing of T-Mac with the Bulls, don't be surprised if Roger Mason, Jr. falls to us cheap. It does seem like Shannon Brown is running out of options though.

In any event, I think we can expect to see a second unit from time to time of Pau (or Bynum), LO, Artest, Barnes and Blake. With that lineup, on offense LO becomes the initiator, or lead guard, in the triangle and Blake becomes the spot up three point shooter from the shooting guard position. From the lead guard position, LO can slash or post up and return to his position of power forward in the triangle. Pau or Bynum set up in the low post, of course, and Barnes and Artest are on the wings. Defensively, Artest and Barnes can guard either wing position, LO defends the power forward, Blake the point guard and Pau or Bynum the center. If you swap out Kobe for Artest in the second unit (the more likely scenario), the only thing that changes is the initiator, who can be Blake, Kobe or Lamar.

I believe that when the Lakers get deep in the playoffs, that will be the 8 man rotation. During the 82 practice games, I think Eleven Rings will get Sasha, ShanWow and Ratliff more minutes than we saw from our end-of-the-benchers last season because Fish, Kobe, Lamar, Ron-Ron and Pau are all one year older so PJ will want them to have fresh legs for the Real Season. It should be a fun and interesting practice season.

Bynum is not going to be healthy come June of next year. He should not be in our plans.


Excellent point about Matt Barnes, who my son isn't wild about either. His quote when I told him about the sign: "I do NOT like that." It makes you wonder why the Magic gladly parted with him, but what doesn't make sense is that they replaced him with Q-Rich, who fits the same mold.

HAVING SAID THAT, this is what Coach Eleven Rings does best. He brings out the best in these young men. He knows how to instill confidence in them, although with players like Buzz Kill Radmanovic and Sasha, even PJ could only do so much. Let's hope Barnes has a better basketball IQ than the concerns in your post seem to imply and that he responds to the leadership of Eleven Rings, Kobe and Fish like Artest did.


"I don't like the photo with this thread. "


Not cool.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


LakerTom- Interesting. Of course, it's a team sport, and matchups aren't all they are cracked up to be. You can say Paul Pierce is a better SF on paper, but I know who had the better finals this year, despite the fact that Ron underachieved all season.

So far as who gets playing time and who matches up best, I think it's a long season and injuries are always a factor. As co driver of the 'We got this bandwagon,' I think we should throw a bit of cold water over our premature celebration. Of course, we should still celebrate that we just won two titles and that we get to watch the Lakers play all season next season, win or lose.

PS to LT- I refuse to believe you left Pau Gasol off of list of eligible centers by accident.

We should send him overseas if that is what he prefers. But how can the knicks or Nuggets sign him? Don't we have the rights to him?

JAF- I'm not sure what I would do, but won't i won't do is overreact to some random twitter. Aren't those the Greek teams whose fans almost mortally wounded Josh Childress with a bottle of bodily excretions? Oooh, tempting.

Dang what up with that photo? It is horrible! I hate it!

'i won't i won't do?'

I won't I won't react to this
It just goes after my off season bliss
like the famed off season anti bliss going after Wiss Triss! [accompany with Dr Seuss drawing of the non sensically conjured Wiss Triss in question.}

Teach Bynum to block shots. hahahaha lol. Bynum was the second leading shot blocker in the game last season.

KOBEMVP888… Thanks for the props. I thought the graphic really showed how much deeper the team is because of the versatility of the players who can play or guard multiple positions. 12 players cover 25 spots. Whatever happened to Roger Mason? Last I remembered, he was shooting over 40% in 3’s and was a future star for the Spurs. Now he has fallen almost off the NBA radar. He could be a better option than Brown.
I do agree that we will see a much deeper rotation during this year’s regular season than we did last year, although I think we will see a huge increase in blowouts that will enable the team to really keep playing time down for all five starters to keep them fresh for the playoffs. That is where we are going to see the depth and versatility of this roster come into play in a big way. Leads will be increased rather than blown by the bench.
The one thing that is very important about this year’s regular season is going to be HOME COURT advantage. I think the Lakers realize from their last two championships that home court advantage in the Finals is the one critical objective that the Lakers need to focus on during the regular season. Hopefully, the Celtics, Heat, and Magic and maybe the Bulls will beat each other up so that the Lakers rolling through the west can lock up HOME COURT throughout the playoffs. I don’t care about any record for most wins. Just win HCA.
You’re a Yankees fan, too? My very first favorite team and player were Mickey Mantle and the Yankees beginning with the 1951 World Series – first ever for the Mick and the Say Hey Kid. Alex misses 600 today. Looking forward to a trade to help the Yankees with their starting and relief pitching. Listening to the Yanks beat the Royals as I blog rather than work on a slow Sunday. Lakers and Yankees – Best of their sports.

Ken, where did you get that stats from? Do you have a link to it?

probably the biggest thing Roger Mason Jr will do for us this off season is drive Shannon's price down. Which isn't a terrible thing.

So, when I on a whim googled 'Dr Seuss character Lakers Uniform, i got this. I hindsight, I can't say I was surprised.

The only way Caracter goes to the Nuggets or Nicks is via trade or if the Lakers release him.

Europe is an option if a team is willing to give him a substantially bigger offer than the rookie minimum ($473,604) the Lakers are most likely to offer up.

If Caracter is a guy looking to eventually be a real NBA Baller, he'd be wise to stay with LA (of course assuming the team makes him an offer). If he's ready to revert to the fat, lazy, selfish slob everyone had him pegged for coming out of college, he should go to Europe and take the money.

Laker Tom,

Agree with your 3-team assessment, except I might actually put Artest ahead of Pierce.

Despite who's going to start for the Lakers and Heat, the more important matchups are the closing units:

PG - Fish / Wade - HUGE Avantage Heat
SG - Kobe /Miller - Advantage Lakers
SF - Artest / Lebron - Advantage Heat
PF - Lamar / Bosh - Advantage Heat
C - Gasol / Big Z - Advantage Lakers

Bench - Advantage Lakers
Coaching - Advantage Lakers

We have to assume that Bynum will not be healthy come playoff time, but IF Bynum is healthy, the advantage will shift over to the Lakers in both big men slots. Either way, the Heat match up very well. They have the edge in 3 out of the 5 slots. I would guess that Kobe would guard Wade in crunch time, with Fish shifting over to Mike Miller (which will be a huge mismatch advantage for the Heat).

Miller, has had a shoulder injury the last 2 years. I don not see him getting healthy this year either so he likely will not be on the floor at the end .


IF Drew is healthy, he probably would finish along with LO and move Kobe to PG and Fisher on the bench. Seems like a way better match-up for the Lakers.

Andrew Bynum was the Lakers’ second best shot blocker last season; not sure if that’s what Ken meant.

Bynum had 94 in 65 games, or 1.45/game and .0475/minute played.

Gasol had 113 in 65 games, or 1.74/game and .0470/minute played.

Not that bad.

It may not be a bad thing if Caracter goes to Europe to play. It may even be with the Laker's blessing.

We still will own his rights if he goes. He could develope his game faster, than sitting on the bench with the Lakers.

Mitch has even proposed this for young guys in the past. It could also save the Lakers cap money, while another team pays his salary.

Not all is lost if he goes......

why yes, I am freakin bored. I'm driving to WA/OR tomorrow, all I have to do is pack and clean. whooo.

yes, for the record, the one eyed neighbor with the huge gun collection and the snake has kindly consented to move to SD to housesit for me while i'm gone, potential house looters have been warned.

Fatty- unless we lose him to a thrown bottle of Greek wee wee. Ouzo i think it's called there.

Ken, I think he was talking about the whole league. In any case Theo ould teach him a thing or 2.

What's up, Lakerville! I don't like that photo, too.

MM, it would be great if you could change it. Thanks in advance!

Even Lamar Odom is playing...I have no interest in Team USA this year...Since none of our first tier players are on the team this time...

I just hope they don't lose and surrender our 'best team in the world' standing...Then Kobe would have to play in the 2012 Olympics to save Team USA again....

Bynum should learn how to use his length to block shots rather than reaching out. Ratliff (6 10) was able to lead the league in blockshots for 3 seasons in the NBA.

2009-10 NBA blockshot leaders list:

Laker Tom,
very nice posts. i agree with you on all of these substitutions/depth charts - but 3 of the guys aren't under contract yet. still i would rather see Shannon than Roger Mason. and i appreciate you going to ~ in place of ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

IF Drew is healthy, he probably would finish along with LO and move Kobe to PG and Fisher on the bench. Seems like a way better match-up for the Lakers.

Posted by: D(erek)J(eter) | July 25, 2010 at 03:40 PM

No they wouldn't. How many times this year have you seen the line up where Kobe goes to PG? Hello?

Bryant/Artest/Odom/Gasol/Bynum=Lack of spacing save for Artest. Even if Odom went to the usual wing position one big will always be near the basket in that lineup. Kobe needs space for a pick and roll and create. That's one big reason *WHY* Odom and Gasol are always in clutch game situations.

Until Phil dictates otherwise (and that line up fails consistently) expect Bynum to be on the bench cheering in crunch time.

In fact only two times could I recall Bynum being in crunch time when Gasol and Odom were healthy and that was in the Boston regular season game at Boston (the game where Kobe hit the game winner) and Game 3 of the Thunder series (which we lost).

Plus why do you want to leave out Fisher who has hit so many big shots already? Only other person who rivals him (still beats Fisher overall) is Robert Horry as a role player who is very clutch.

Sorry but Phil is always going to Gasol-Odom in crunch time.

The wonderful properties of Ouzo -

Although labeled as a Greek wine, known for its unique flavor that only the heartiest of Greeks can swallow and not become ill.

This incredible liquid has a world of uses.

It has in its illustrious history been used for operating motors, and for operating in surgery.(before, during, and after for the patient and the operating team)

During times of war, for Ouzo cocktails. (Greek equivalant of Molotovs, except more dangerous: the thrower takes ones sip for luck, then lights the wick, before tossing; Sadly too many Greeks reversed this order leading to an untimely death. LIMIT 5 TOSSES PER WAR - PER PERSON)

It has been used as an effective pesticide (kills all insects except the Athens Cockroach) The Athens Cockroach has been known to consume large quantities of Ouzo, up to ten times its body weight, while singing loudly and dancing in circles.

Greek legend has it that Cleopatra drank Ouzo to commit suicide.

So the next time you Oumpa! to Ouzo, fondly rememebr its long and rich history.


I thought that was a great way to show the versatility of the team. Other teams, you can't do that with, because they don't play the triangle and play a more defined role position by position for each player, less interchanging.

Close to:
"PG-Fisher, Blake, Vujacic
SG-Bryant, Vujacic, Barnes
SF-Artest, Barnes, Ebanks
PF-Gasol, Odom, Caracter
CE-Bynum, Gasol, Ratliff

I still can't stop smiling! Everything I wanted for this off-season has happened. Everything I did not want to happen has not happened.

A better back up for Fisher, who's actually better than Fisher. Blake is a combo of Brown's, height and dfense, Farmar's PG skills, and Fisher's stability and maturity.

A better back up for Kobe and Artest, whose got size, plays defense and can shoot three's. Barnes is an upgrade in dfense over Morrison, Luke and Sasha.

A 3rd back up Center, can defend and proven for PJ. Phil did not trust Mbenga, Ratliff is obviuosly Phil's kind of guy.

13 man roster.

Brown or Sasha? Regular season and playoffs, I will take Brown. Finals I will take Sasha!

Brown's versatility as a combo guard has been useful for PJ in the past. Brown has been effective playing bigger PG as well. Sasha's free-throws is money! If he only knew how to get to the line more frequently. Who is more consistent?

Posted by: Staples 24 | July 23, 2010 at 04:43 AM"

I think I posted a roster similarly, but I was so medicated, can't remember where it is.....the versatility of the Lakers is so important to their success...obviously that's why it takes a while for a coach working with his GM (are you listening, Rambis) to make it work. The example of dumping on a coach for trying the triangle was once again 3, I repeat THREE players, that thought they ran the team, J. Kidd, Mashburn and Jim Jackson dumping on our own Jim Cleamons. (Dallas Mav's 96-97....musta been a fun team because they had 27 different players suit up....27!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Tom:
"Like the Talking Heads song, LeBron will be wondering “How did I get here” when he wakes up and finds himself sleeping at the foot of Wade’s bed with a dog collar around his neck. LOL!Posted by: LakerTom | July 25, 2010 at 12:50 PM" of my favorite songs is "Psycho Killer" by the Talking Heads.....the cd released by the Heads after Byrne left "No Talking Just Head" was pretty good, should be able to get it on Amazon for $1.00 plus s/h....really it's good.

The reason Drew, does not finish games is his poor defense of the pick and roll. Oddom still remains our best PNR defender. Until Drew learns that he would continue to be benched late in games.

Shannon > Roger Mason

What's the status on Kobe's finger surgery? If he forgo the surgery, will he have to wear the finger splint for the rest of his career? Also, I thought Odom needed the shoulder surgery. Why is he playing for the USA team?

@BLITZ… “Sorry but Phil is always going to Gasol-Odom in crunch time.” Always doesn’t last forever. I think you may be surprised this year in who finishes game. You are correct that in the past, Phil generally liked the pick-and-roll defense that he got from Pau and Lamar to finish the game. If Drew can stay healthy, I believe we will see that change this year, with Drew’s interior defense and offense trumping Lamar’s superior quickness and versatility. I am sure that you and the rest of the Bynum Doubters will disagree so we will have to wait until the season gets rolling to see how things play out. Anyway, couple of very tough months coming up. If Drew is healthy, he will make the All-Star team AND be on the court in the fourth quarter to close the game.


Just saying with our 3 bigs (LO being so versatile) and Kobe and Artest, gives us a better advantage against the Heat in crunch time. Also, we can't be sure of the health question and whether Fisher loses still another step. I agree he's clutch and I hope he can get it done still again! Just looking at various possibilities.

Another thing is, aren't we all expecting a healthy Drew and a much better Drew this year? I certainly am. If that isn't our expectations, we should have dealt him for Bosh.

The reason Drew, does not finish games is his poor defense of the pick and roll. Oddom still remains our best PNR defender. Until Drew learns that he would continue to be benched late in games.

Posted by: keen observer | July 25, 2010 at 04:19 PM

Game 7 showed when the Lakers as a team with the line up of Fisher-Bryant-Artest-Odom-Gasol are firing on all pistons that their team defense negates almost all advantages including speed and bulk. If you tried a Howard inside the Lakers defense then will put that dude in a position where he doesn't like when he does his move and more prone to turnovers. Try to use dribble penetration? Two guys over there who can help and recover. Try to use a screen? That screen will be hedged.

That game showed that the Lakers' defense will become truly unbreakable when it matters.

Shannon > Roger Mason

Posted by: Magic Phil | July 25, 2010 at 04:20 PM

Athleticism and hops yes. Shooting and clutchness NO!

I too have learned to trust the Laker FO, has worked fairly well the past 3 years, ha, ha.

I am with you Machine, you could, saying you could make a huge difference with a return of consistent shooting. You always hustle and play hard, just get that shooting touch back my friend.

Caracter will not be going anywhere. He is grateful and thankful to be a Laker and to the organization on giving him this opportunity. Making the team and going up against our stars and veterans everyday in practice will be the best way for him to improve his game instead of playing in Europe. His goal is to play at the highest level and show that he has what it takes to play in the NBA. That's why he's very eager to learn from Pau, Bynum, LO(guys he mentioned in his interview) and now Ratliff(a consummate professional). During summer league, Caracter seemed to play with a chip on shoulder and displayed his immense talent and potential.

Trust me on this one. Caracter and Ebanks will more than make up for the disappointments that Farmar and Vujacic have been. Give them a year or two and these kids will begin to have an impact for our Lakers and keep us rolling into the future. Kids with skill, talent and something to prove is a lethal combination for success.

I don't think Tmac to the Bulls is finalized; just two days ago he stated he was still down to four teams: Chicago, Miami, Lakers, Clippers. I haven't heard him say the Lakers were out or anything.

If true, perhaps the Lakers have expressed interest, but only at the minimum.


"aren't we all expecting a healthy Drew and a much better Drew this year"

You would have the be a pretty optimistic person to "expect" Drew to be healthy. A better word might be "hoping" or "praying" Drew is healthy. For example, when I buy a super lotto ticket, I am hoping to win $50 million dollars, but deep in my heart, I know the chances or winning are very slim.

"You are correct that in the past, Phil generally liked the pick-and-roll defense that he got from Pau and Lamar to finish the game."

And until Phil retires that will be the case 90% of the time. A few games when Gasol-Odom is healthy along with Bynum will Bynum be there in crunch time but you will see and guarantee GASOL-ODOM. There is no reason to change that even if Bynum has good production. Let's see this year during times Bynum was healthy if he was in or not:

I will do Kobe's game winners when Bynum and Gasol and Odom was healthy to prevent as much bias towards either side.

December 4th Game vs MIA: Who is in crunch time? Gasol-Odom
December 16th Game @MIL: Gasol-Odom
January 1st Game vs SAC: Gasol-Odom (Kobe played SF because Artest was injured)
January 31st Game @ Bos: Bynum was in crunch time but Odom was in there for defense of last shot.
February 23 @ MEM: Gasol-Odom
March 9th vs TOR: Gasol-Odom

Evidence stacks high against you Laker Tom. Until otherwise you have no evidence to suggest that Phil will put Bynum consistently in crunch time.

Just saying with our 3 bigs (LO being so versatile) and Kobe and Artest, gives us a better advantage against the Heat in crunch time. Also, we can't be sure of the health question and whether Fisher loses still another step. I agree he's clutch and I hope he can get it done still again! Just looking at various possibilities.

Posted by: D(erek)J(eter) | July 25, 2010 at 04:25 PM

LBJ will light up Odom. In fact Lebron LIT Artest both times this season. He will lit up Odom worst at SF.
Wade will out quick Artest. Artest is getting older isn't the type to deal against D-Wade. That's KB's job who still remains quick enough to handle Flash.

So who will Kobe guard? Mario Chamlers? You know Kobe has a bad history of helping out too much and leaving shooters open.

Try to think more with analysis rather than homerism.....

Machine, I predict you will have the 2011 THE DECISION. Will you marry Maria or not?

Actually Laker Truth I'm not so worried about Bynum's health. He's going to be fine a few injuries there but it's part of the game.

I'm more interested with Laker Tom and his cohorts about the Bynum>>>Dwight when all Bynum can do is shoot free throws better and has a 36% makeable jumper LOL

@HUMANOMALY… How you doing, Howard. I love David Byrne and my favorite two Heads songs are How Did I Get Here and Psycho Killer. After I saw Inception last night, the image of LeBron finally waking up and wondering HOW DID I GET HERE just seemed to naturally follow. Would be rapper wakes up trapped in David Byrne’s weird and wicked mind as Wade’s bitch. You gotta love it if you’re a Mamba and Lakers fan.
My only regret was not signing Jeremy Lin. As I am half-Asian, I would have loved to have had Lin on the Lakers. I was a pretty good basketball player when I was younger but as a 5-9 half-Chinese kid who played in venues that were heavily African-American, I had to prove myself over and over every time I played, even though I was usually there with a couple of friends who were African-Americans. It’s no different than African –Americans being proud and supportive of Tiger or Venus and Serena in sports once dominated by whites.
It wasn’t until I attended Cal State LA and played intramural leagues against a couple of Chinese-American frat teams and also in a league in Chinatown that I ever played against another Asian player who could really ball so I understand how important it is to Asian-American kids playing basketball to have role models. Jeremy Lin is going to always be a favorite for Asian basketball fans. Unlike Sun Yue who had the physical talents but was the proverbial deer in the headlights mentally, Jeremy Lin obviously grew up playing the game USA style.

Dear Laker fan of Machine - Laker Peace,

Machine think you are a silly man. Never use Machine and marriage in same sentence again! Maria is only one of many sexy lady fans of Machine. Machine is sexy international playboy, and mention of marriage will kill reputation of Machine. Machine motto is "always go after ring, never give ring away".

Am I missing something here? I read several posts here about Roger Mason. Have the Lakers shown interest in him? Thanks to anyone who can fill me in.

The thing is, we expect (okay-HOPE) for better things from ours. I always think of situations like Big Poppi and how early in the BB season everyone was thinking he was done, WELL, not quite! And Teixeira was more awful than normal early, but has rebounded nicely. I guess I'm saying we can't always base what has been done before will definitely be followed next season. HOPEFULLY we will have some improvements where we may not EXPECT them.

@rdlee, jon k - agree on that photo; at first I thought I entered the Celtics blog by mistake.

I think this will be the crunch time lineup against Miami:

Kobe v. Wade
Fish v. Miller
Ron v. LBJ
Pau v. Bosh
Drew v. Haslem

Positions don't really matter because LBJ will most likely be responsible for ballhandling duties. I'm fine with Fish (or Blake/Sasha) on Miller because Miller isn't gonna post anybody up with his size advantage. And I think Miami will go to Haslem at C in order to have a quicker lineup. If they do, we should definitely have Drew in there. No way Haslem can handle Drew in the post.

Sasha V.,

So give us single guys some advice here. How does Machine snag the hot girls? Is Machine's approach to courtship the same as his approach to playing defense? Thanks, Machine.

In an amazingly accurate prediction of the post season outcome (sarcasm!), the Cavs owned the whole Lakers team(s) last year.;_ylt=AgW98zV5vZdF510mxG_z1oxYPKB4?gid=2010012105
In 08-09, the opposite.;_ylt=AtOwZ_3w54EwXtYLWyi9DadYPKB4?gid=2009020805

I’m not going to do any game summaries right now, but I would guess that none of these games really means jack vis a vis next season.

I think Sasha will be the best match up against Miller...defensively and offensively. Sasha will irratate him with tenacity and also can match 3 pts shots. It could be fun to watch this match up.

Wow, only two months before the start of training camp. Can't wait! It would be nice if we somehow get updates on how Caracter and Ebanks are training as they prepare for training camp. That article of Caracter posted by LT was great. In fact, I read quite a few articles of Caracter during summer league and I came away very impressed by how he's been humbled by his experiences. It's a great story, and I hope that he continues to stay humble, hungry and focused on what he can become as a man and a Laker. After reading an article of Chris Washburn, another prodigy and great player coming out of high school and college destroy his career and nearly his life, I'm hoping the best for Caracter. Thankfully Washburn has since turned his life around, but what a career might of been his, had he not succumb to all the temptations. Caracter seems to have realized that he can't just take opportunities for granted and now has his sights set on making the most of them.

Dear Laker fan of Machine - EJK,

"Is Machine's approach to courtship the same as his approach to playing defense?"

No No No! Machine very sexy, soft and gentle with lady fans of Machine. Machine NEVER slap and flop in bedroom (unless lady fan of Machine request it).

As for advice to snag hot ladies, Machine sincerely apologize, but impossible to teach sexiness. Either have it or not have it, and Machine obviously overly blessed in this department. One thing in basketball you cannot teach - height. One thing in life you cannot teach - sexiness.


Sasha V.

Laker Tom;

If you had to bet your wealth, money, and family one way or the other, would you bet that Andrew learns all his lessons, stays healthy, and becomes the beast of the NBA along with crunch-time attitude and skills - or that he averages 15 and 10 against lower division teams and misses 25 games with rusty re-starts twice during the year? I root for AB and love it when he succeeds - when will he be what you want him to be? When?

Otis is getting tired of Laker/Heat comparisons. Heat is nobody 'til they get through the east.

Sasha V.,

Damn, Machine. And I thought all I had to do was grow out my hair and develop a heavy accent. I wish I had some of that Machine swagga'.

Anyway, to less important matters...if we re-sign Shannon, why should Machine beat him out and become Kobe's primary backup?

Rdlee - I agree about the picture-not good.

TomD - great analysis with Earl Weaver and Phil. Big difference is Phil is much better post season coach. Earl Weaver was kinda like the Bobby Cox of the 70's. Lot of 1st place finishes. Lot of very good teams. But only 1 ring to show for it. Palmer, McNally, Cuellar and Dotson...4/20 game winners in one season...unbelievable. But one thing ol Earl was better at than anyone else was kicking dirt doing those classic arguments with the umps.

LakerTom - excellent breakdown of Lakers/Celts/Heat. But I suspect that Haslem will be Miami's closer at Center. Z is just too slow. Also I'd rate Bosh over KG at this stage of their career.

Shannon>Roger Mason all day. Mason would just duplicate what Sasha brings to the table. He's strictly a bomber with over half of his shots coming from 3pt. Very seldom attacks the hoop. Mason had a good season in 09, but last year he was bad. By the time the playoffs rolled around his confidence was history. He played 60 minutes in the playoffs and only made one (1) hoop. No thanks I'll pass on Mason.

Lakerpeace - Bynum already had Kareem tutor him. Whatever Theo can show him....Kareem already showed him at an amplified level.

I am not so sure if Kareem was really a good shot blocker in his time..Kareem was more known for his offense, not defense.

Laker Tom- I feel you may be point on with Drew closing games this year, the key is him staying healthy. I know you've taken a lot of flak regarding Drew not living up to expectations that you felt that he was the next coming. But this year all the doubters are going to think of you as a pretty good judge of talent, only if he can make it through a season injury free. Hats off to you my BROTHER.

Tom Daniels RCOTD is not only insightful but also a condemnation of last season's bench performance. Considering how few minutes were accorded virtually everyone but LO, it explains this off-season's major overhaul.

When Tom wrote, "And use them accordingly. Emphasize their strengths instead of focusing on their flaws. Fans can be blinded by flaws, they want every guy to be good at everything. Coaches have to see the usefulness of flawed players, " it seems PJ found only flaws. As the season progressed, it seemed the bench existed only to provide a scout team in practice.

That's what makes the new roster so appealing: A bench of proven guys who can be trusted with regular season minutes. The Lakers starters will have a lot more gas in the tank for the post-season games that really matter.

I believe Luke Walton gets a raw deal the kid guards Paul Pierce, lebron and Carmelo Anthony. Hes 6'8 has size and is athletic and plays defence tough on them everytime i see him match up with them. I know the problem is that hes not worth 5 million dollars a yearr and is always injured like his dad. His shot is hot and cold but he runs the offence well and has nice passes. I just dont believe he gets his credit for being a factor for us at all cuz he does have ball handling skills too. Hes garbage tho but hes a Laker and hope he can get healty 4 us.

my 15 roster

Derek Rose, Rajon Rondo, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook
Oj Mayo, Tyreke Evanks, Andre Iguodala
Kevin Durant, Rudy Gay, Danny Granger
Lamar Odom, Kevin Love, Gerald Wallace
Tyson Chandler, Brook Lopez


SASHA V.- You are hilarious! A part of this Laker fan doesn't want Mitch to re-sign ShanWow because you have already proven how well you play in a contract season and I believe you will thrive once again with a defined role. ShanWow's presence again will only screw you up! Then again, that's just a PART of me!

LT- I grew up in NJ and my dad had season tix to the Knicks (not great seats) and the Yankees (right behind the Yankees dugout). I was at the Willis Reed Game 7 in 1970! Funny thing was that even as a kid with Marv Albert pinned to my ear for every game I couldn't watch and even with the Knocks-Lakers mini-rivalry, I NEVER hated the Lakers. How could anyone dislike Wilt, West and Baylor, right? However, I did despise the Chowds immensely, so when I moved to California in 1978 and officially declared myself a Lakers fan (actually in was '79 with Magic's arrival), it was a very easy transition.

On the other hand, I did remain loyal to the Yankees, being a third generation Yankees fan and an appreciator of dynastic organizations. My two sons are now fourth generation Yankees fans even though they were raised in Orange County. Like you, Mickey Mantle was my idol as a child, although his career was winding down. I first remember watching him in the 1963 World Series and crying at my friend's house when Koufax mowed him down with 3 pitches, the third one being that over the top curve ball that was impossible to hit and that I believe caught The Mick looking. But Mantle stories are a topic for another day in a different forum.

I know this is PURE speculation now, but for purposes of intellectual discussion:

In a Lakers-Heat finals where the endgame lineups would be Pau-LO-Ron-Kobe-Fish and Big Z-Bosh-Lebron-Miller-DWade, wouldn't putting LO on Z, and Pau on Bosh be a better defensive option? Z is more of a pick-and-pop guy anyway and rarely uses his bulk/height to power his way to the basket. That being said, LO's mobility makes him the ideal defender against Z, leaving Pau to manhandle Bosh in the paint.

I still love the current rotation of keeping Drew in the second unit up to probably the 7-or-8 minute mark of the 2nd and 4th quarters. Not only would he be able to enforce his will against lesser-calibre centers, the Laker offense would be quite devastating with a 2nd unit of Drew-LO-Barnes-Sasha-Blake.


Regarding Bynum, I think finishing games will be on a game by game basis depending on the match ups on the floor. I keep reflecting back to the Game 7 fourth quarter (who doesn't?) and the mind blowing switching man to man defensive display where Fish would be guarding Garnett at times and Odom would be guarding Rondo at times, etc, etc, etc. While Pau and Odom have the savvy and footwork to accomplish that, Bynum would have hurt the defense in that situation and I'm not sure whether even at 100% he would be an asset against those kind of match ups. It's nice to have these dilemmas though, isn't it?


you wrote: In a Lakers-Heat finals where the endgame lineups would be Pau-LO-Ron-Kobe-Fish and Big Z-Bosh-Lebron-Miller-DWade, wouldn't putting LO on Z, and Pau on Bosh be a better defensive option? Z is more of a pick-and-pop guy anyway and rarely uses his bulk/height to power his way to the basket. That being said, LO's mobility makes him the ideal defender against Z, leaving Pau to manhandle Bosh in the paint.

my response: I'd prefer LO on Bosh. LO gives up 5" to Big Z. LO is quicker than


you wrote: I am not so sure if Kareem was really a good shot blocker in his time..Kareem was more known for his offense, not defense.

says he had multiple all team defense awards.

Machine, you're beginning to sound like Borat, with the crazy (helpful?) one-liners to boot. Hilarious, man. Keep it up.


you wrote: Positions don't really matter because LBJ will most likely be responsible for ballhandling duties. I'm fine with Fish (or Blake/Sasha) on Miller because Miller isn't gonna post anybody up with his size advantage. And I think Miami will go to Haslem at C in order to have a quicker lineup. If they do, we should definitely have Drew in there. No way Haslem can handle Drew in the post.

my response: Miller will shoot over the top of Fisher. It's a 6" differential.

re: Haslem vs. Drew. Ummm ... After the finals of 2010, why are you
focused on offense? Didn't our defense win the championship?

Cant ask for a better offseason. Luke could be finished and bought out and sasha and bynum can be moved before the all star break if they want to bring someone in

I am not so sure if Kareem was really a good shot blocker in his time..Kareem was more known for his offense, not defense.

Posted by: LakerPeace | July 25, 2010 at 05:51 PM

Kareem won:

5 First Team All-Defensive Teams
6 Second Team All-Defensive Teams
11 overall All-Defensive Teams (Second behind Tim Duncan who has 13)

*Third in All-Time Blocks (3,189) behind Hakeem Olajuwon (3,830) and Dikembe Mutombo (3,289)

*Blocks were not recorded until 1973 which was Kareem's FIFTH season. Had blocks been recorded since his rookie year, he would have had at least 981 more blocks at least (average of 3 blocks per season which he did for 7 season (having 2 seasons where he averaged 4 blocks).

All-Time Leader in blocks Playoffs (476) ahead of Hakeem Olajuwon (472)

Tell your old man to drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes!

Kareem was a fantastic defender and was a very good shot blocker. Only other big men who could possibly match Kareem on the defensive end is Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell.


The answer clearly depends on the matchups. I know people get tired of hearing that everything is about the matchups but in basketball, more than any other team sport, it is true. I also know some bloggers won’t believe anything positive about Andrew Bynum, but there are valid reasons to expect that it will be him finishing games at center next year with Lamar Odom sitting on the bench.
In the past, the Lakers have opted to finish games with Gasol and Odom at the 4 and 5 rather than Bynum and Gasol. The theory was most teams run pick and roll plays as their end game strategy and Gasol and Odom are better, more agile defenders against pick and rolls. The question fans need to ask is why do you think teams like to run pick and rolls against the Lakers at the close of games? Could it be to get the Lakers out of their base defense and to get Andrew Bynum out of the game?
Even last year, there were signs that Phil was starting to lean towards having Drew in the game in the fourth quarter. Before the Achilles injury and then the meniscus tear, Drew had been doing a much better job defending the pick-and-roll, often a better than Pau, whose defense in the playoffs slipped. And even with the injuries, Drew still played outstanding defense, basically walling off the paint and deterring teams from even attacking the rim. Every time Drew went out, other teams would attack the rim relentlessly getting easy layups and dunks with Pau hesitant to challenge and pick up fouls.
When teams talk about playing against the Lakers size and the Lakers length, they are mostly talking about Andrew Bynum more than anything else. When they talk about it being tough to score inside, they’re again talking about Andrew Bynum. That is something that every coach of every team we whipped in the playoffs made a point of saying. You can pull out as many stats as you want showing Pau is a shot blocker but teams don’t fear him like they do Drew. Any Laker fan who watches the game can testify that the attack alarm sounds full volume the minute Pau takes over for Drew at center.
When you realize that many teams in the West have added 1 or 2 7-footers just to matchup with the Lakers and that, other than Kobe, Bynum and Gasol are the single biggest advantage that the Lakers have over every team in the league, then you will start to understand that the smart thing to do at the end of a game is to force the other team to play your game rather than to adjust to their game. Phil has allowed other teams to dictate our closing lineup. Time to turn the tables and make other teams adjust to Bynum and Gasol in the closing minutes. Bynum and Gasol also assure that there is still 1 big protecting the rim on every pick and roll. Of course, it all depends on Drew staying healthy.
Like Derek Fisher, there are invaluable intangibles that Andrew Bynum brings to this lineup that don’t show up on the stat sheet. The reality is that even injured, Andrew changes everything for the Lakers – their rotation, their size, their length, their inside game, their protection of the rim. Drew made great strides this last post-season showing a focus and heart that won the support and respect of his teammates and coaches. I expect taking over center at the end of the game to just be another step in his maturation and growth into an All-Star center. I am convinced he will earn that right this year.

Laker Tom I have a suggestion:

For all your blatant wants since 08:

Kobe assume Team USA role let Bynum/Pau score more just close game.

Give Bynum the ball more he's the 1st/2nd option

Bynum deserves minutes at end of games not Odom

Bynum is better than Dwight (not yet defensively but he'll get there) he is the best center in the NBA

Kobe give out assists more to Bynum and GAsol those two should be the focal point of the offense.

The suggestion: Go the Lakers HQ and complain about it yourself.

Until Phil leaves MOST times he's going with Gasol-Odom! (Note I said most because there will be times that Bynum will get end of game minutes especially in injuries).

You can take it to the bank.

Oh yea any Laker fan recognize dunk dunk layup dunk PATHETIC excuse for Bynum that you give. (crickets sounds).

Any more excuses to a 23 year old who couldn't even outplay Shaq when Bynum WAS healthy this season?

Btw for that Laker I"m getting so tempted to compare Bynum already to other centers most notably Yao and Bogut who actually compare well to your boy.

I've already showed that Dwight is better than Bynum and is no comparison.

So Tom - after all of those words, would you bet your world on it - yes or no?

@2PHATT… Thanks for the support. I think Drew really matured last year and if he stays healthy, he will make it an easy decision for Phil. A healthy Drew makes the Lakers unbeatable. When you look at the Lakers-Celtics or Lakers-Heat matchups, the scale always swings to the Lakers when
Drew is included. Karma owes Drew a chance to have a completely healthy season on which to paint.
@BLITZ… Excellent defense of Kareem. Third best defensive center in history as you said. And a guy accused constantly of dogging it and being soft. The Airplane quote is one of the best in cinematic history in my opinion. Gonna have to watch that again soon. Wilt, Russell, and Kareem. Drew may never reach those loft heights but he will have a chance to become a great player if he can stay healthy. And nothing would be better for the Lakers franchise than that to happen.
@KOBEMVP888… Always good to have a Lakers/Yankee parlay going. Did you see the movie “61” about Mantle and Maris? It was one of the best Yankees movies ever and one of the best portrayals of recognizable athletes where the actors actually did perfect jobs imitating the players athleticism. Thomas Jane played Mickey Mantle and Barry Pepper played Roger Maris. Watching Pepper swing the bat like Maris and Jane imitate the Mick’s sweet home run swing from both sides were haunting. Lakers and Yankees forever. And 49ers in case you are interested. This will be Alex Smith’s year.

my response: Miller will shoot over the top of Fisher. It's a 6" differential.

re: Haslem vs. Drew. Ummm ... After the finals of 2010, why are you
focused on offense? Didn't our defense win the championship?
Posted by: hobbitmage | July 25, 2010 at 06:33 PM

Fish could guard Miller the same way he guarded Ray Allen. I don't know why you'd be concerned about Miller shooting over Fisher. Heck, I'd be happy with Miller jacking up contested perimeter shots over Fish all game long. The only way Miller would be able to effectively use his height advantage is to post Fish up, which is clearly not his strength.

And how am I focused on offense? I'm confused. Is there something wrong with saying that Drew would dominate Haslem in the post? And do you honestly think that Drew couldn't guard Haslem on the other end? What in the world are you talking about?


Andrew is 20th for Block Shots Per Game in 2009-2010 Season. He averaged 1.45 blocks per game.

For a reason unknown to me (maybe someone else can shed some light on this), he isn't qualified although he player in 65 games at 30+ minutes per game as a starter.

Yet JaVale McGee is listed as a qualified player having played 60 games at 16.1 minutes per game as a sub.

Also, can't say that it's because he had less than 95 blocks for the season. Spencer Hawes (83 Blocks for the season) and many others had less blocks than Andrew's 94 and are listed as Qualified.

Here's the Link for All Players:

MM, Can You or Mike Bresnahan Shed Some Light On Why Andrew is NOT Considered a Qualified Shot Block Leader, Please?


@LakerPeace "I think Sasha will be the best match up against Miller...defensively and offensively. Sasha will irratate him with tenacity and also can match 3 pts shots. It could be fun to watch this match up."

Heidi vs Heidi... Can't Wait!!!

Scrunchy vs. "No Slippy Hair Clippy"...

NBA, Where Hair Happens!


I'm a big fan of SASHA V. When I read his literature, I even have the accent. Nothing is better than his posts...except listening to some AvEnGed SeVeNfOlD.

Cölöradö löves öür Wörld Champiön Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@OTIS… My world? hell, no. A beer? No problem. Money? No reason to. Cheers. :-)


Your post at 6:48 p.m. was brilliant! Even at 21 and 22 years, respectively, young Andrew KNEW that if the Lakers were going to get a shot at the championship, they would need him in the lineup. Even playing at 50-60%, he, better than anyone, knows the effect that he has on players in the paint. It is no fluke that the Lakers won with AB on the floor for 25 mpg. By the way, the game that best exemplified Bynum's ability to finish was when he, and not Pau Gasol, was on the floor at the end of the game in Boston in late January. WHEN that Bynum finally shows up regularly, this team will be unstoppable. Look for his minutes to increase this season, while PJ takes it down a notch with both Gasol and Odom.

Yeah, I lived in San Fran from 1981-85 when Joe Montana started winning Super Bowls. I'm a Chargers fan, too, because my life intersected with Air Coryell when I lived in North San Diego County from 1978-81. But again, the Debartolo Dynasty, as I will call it, spanned almost 20 years of excellence. Unfortunately, it is simply no longer a great franchise, but I still root for the Niners and I'm cautiously optimistic about Alex Smith. It usually takes about 4-7 years for most NFL quarterbacks to mature.

The Lakers and Yankees simply are freaks with how the organizations manage to stay at the top with no doubt in the minds of their fans and management that that will ever change.

My friend, I too was disappointed that we were not able to come to terms with Jeremy, but I believe the reasons he chose the Warriors over us were all to his benefit. As a Laker he never would have gotten any playing time. Even though he would have been listed as 3rd pg, we all know Phil never would have played him. Signing with the Warriors makes him that much closer to his parents in Palo Alto, and he is 1st generation, you and I know how much difference that makes. For those of you who are not Chinese, family is very important. The system he will be playing in will be more wide open. With the Lakers he would have just been the reincarnation of Jordan Farmar, except with manners. Since money got tight, there was no way the Lakers were going to take on Sun Yue as a 3 year project, as they had already done with Sasha and Farmar. I think that was a mistake. However, I think he parted ways as eagerly as the Lakers did not want him. We'll see him him again in world play. It's a shame, he was not the prototypical point guard at his size, he had not developed the strength, the bad start cuz of mono, and the adjustment to Los Angeles. I would have loved to have the Lakers developed him, because his skills were untapped, and I got bashed bad by other bloggers, but I don't care, I still say he could have been an interesting a few years. I should go see that movie, I previously had not been a DiCaprio fan, however, I'm beginning to appreciate him more and more. He's a bit of trivia....he's 5'10"....I had thought he was shorter.
I'm satisfied with MK's moves as GM to date. Barnes and Odom will definitely have to be separated a few times in scrimmages, question is will Odom get traded because of money and duplication, I hope not. Odom gives us 4 positions and matchup nightmares, which are never really exploited. I've liked Blake for years, doesn't seem to make many mistakes and plays within his skillset. Brown will be back. I think it's just a matter of other things holding up his signing. I think they have come to terms.

Raymond24N, good proposal, but that's assuming that the Heat are there in the finals...I'm not convinced they will be.

"By the way, the game that best exemplified Bynum's ability to finish was when he, and not Pau Gasol, was on the floor at the end of the game in Boston in late January"

Gasol was ON the court with Bynum on that game. Learn to remember film over memory.

"WHEN that Bynum finally shows up regularly, this team will be unstoppable."

It is noted that after that Game the Lakers lost in Memphis with Bynum having 5 points and 8 rebounds.

Or his 10 points 5 rebounds in a loss against Denver Thuggets.

Or 6 and 6 in the next game of the Denver Nuggets.

Or 5 and 6 against the mighty Dwight Howard

Or a 22 and 6 game against Toronto yet took a game winner from Kobe to win it.

Or how despite putting 19 and 17 the Lakers survived a 124-121 against the lottery Warriors.

Or before he hyperextended his knee he had 13 and 10 against the Thunder in a 110-89 thrashing loss in the 1st Round.

Save it. Until Bynum shows real dominance Bynum is nothing more than a role player riding Kobe's back.

Heck Kobe did 100x more as Shaq's second fiddle than Bynum has done the past 2 seasons.

Blitz - thanks for dropping the stats on Kareem's defensive prowess. A lot of people just remember him from the end of the showtime era when he skills were diminishing. For my money - Kareem is the greatest basketball player ever.


By the way, yes, of course I saw "61." I have great Yankees memorabilia hanging in me office at work from that era.

Wow...a lot of scenarios concerning next season. Some good stuff on the blog as usual. I'm going to wish for just one thing...that the Lakers avoid major injuries. If that comes true, everything else will fall into place.

I'd love to see Kobe cut down on his scoring a bit, say to around 22ppg. That would cut down the wear and tear on his bones. Maybe up his assists to 7.5 per game. As the team's leader, he needs to help acclimate the newbies into the
offense and facilitate a bit more. Kobe's got some real firepower with him more butter knives. Use it wisely, Mamba!

By the end of next season, if Kobe remains in good health and has a normal season for him, he'll probably wind up in 6th place in all time NBA scoring. Check it out...

NBA All Time Scoring Leaders:


1 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38,387
2 Karl Malone 36,928
3 Michael Jordan 32,292
4 Wilt Chamberlain 31,419
6 Moses Malone 27,409
7 Elvin Hayes 27,313
8 Hakeem Olajuwon 26,946
9 Oscar Robertson 26,710
10 Dominique Wilkins 26,668
11 John Havlicek 26,395
12 KOBE BRYANT 25,790

Kobe is only 1619 points behind Moses. A modest average of 20ppg will get him there. Even if Shaq doesn't play this year, Kobe would have to average over 30PPG to catch the Big Unwanted. I don't see that happening, as the Mamba doesn't have to do that on his current team. If he does, it would mean that something has gone terribly wrong with the Lakers' season.

Kobe's come a long,long way. Considering that during his first 2 years, he was a bench player, his career numbers are even more impressive. Everyone above him on the all time scoring list, with the exception of John Havlicek, was the go to scorer for their team from day one. Stayed tuned, Kobe's got some more stuff for us to see. The kid ain't hardly done!!

Blitz - thanks for dropping the stats on Kareem's defensive prowess. A lot of people just remember him from the end of the showtime era when he skills were diminishing. For my money - Kareem is the greatest basketball player ever.

Posted by: LRob | July 25, 2010 at 09:20 PM

Kareem was really amazing...It doesn't matter if the game was hot or cold, if we have momentum or not, HE ALWAYS HIT HIS SHOTS.

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