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Caught in the Web: Lakers free agency and summer league reports


--The Times' Broderick Turner reports that Derek Fisher is in Miami to meet with Heat President Pat Riley. Turner also reports that the Lakers are negotiating one-year deals for assistant coaches Brian Shaw, Frank Hamblen and Jim Cleamons.

--The Orange County Register's Janis Carr believes it's possible Fisher could go to Miami.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky warns fans not to look too much into Fisher's decision to visit Miami since it's just part of the free-agency process.

--Sports Illustrated's Jack McCallum lists the 1971-72 Lakers team as the best team of all time.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin remained impressed with Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter in Summer League play. He also reports that Raja Bell is still interested in joining the Lakers.

--Catch the Lakers-Pistons Summer League highlights below.

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford reports that Fisher's criteria for signing with a team includes salary, the contract's length, his role and the team's ability to be a title contender.

--The Orange County Register's Randy Youngman doesn't believe it's wise for LeBron James to start guaranteeing championships.

--Lakers forward Lamar Odom and wife/reality TV star Khloe Kardashian appear in the video below on Live with Regis and Kelly.


--Lakers forward Ron Artest is selling "I want to thank my psychiatrist" T-shirts.

--Silver Screen and Roll's wondahbap argues that LeBron James' decision to go to Miami validates that Kobe Bryant's a better basketball player.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius provides some fast-break thoughts on Summer League, LeBron James, and the future prospects of the Heat.

Tweet of the Day: "Derek Fisher might perceive himself as the Anthony Kennedy of the 2011 title chase: the swing factor between two warring tribes." -- dexterfishmore (Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore)

Reader Comment of the Day: "Of course all this talk about DFish going to Miami bothers us - we love him. And we should expect him to explore his options, just like all free agents do. I'm OK with that. But it's disconcerting to think of this team with[out] Fish. He is an integral part of it, and I'm hoping and praying Mitch makes it happen. You know Kobe's gonna do all he can do to persuade them to keep Fish." -- longtimelakerlover

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Derek Fisher is said to still have hopes of playing for the Lakers next season, but contract negotiations are moving at a slow pace. Credit: Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

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Quite frankly, if DFish took up ~$5 mil of the Heat's salary so they couldn't get both Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem, he'd be doing the Lakers a favor.

Chalmers/Miller, DWade, LeGone, Bosh, Haslem -- that's a Title-contending team, and probably the best they can do under the circumstances.

Taking DFish instead of Miller would be a big step back for them.

DFish really isn't useful for anyone except the Lakers, and let's not forget he was the "worst starting PG in the League" until playoffs time. So the Lakers should pay a bit more than the vet's min for him, but they CANNOT overpay. They either get him at a reasonable price, or let the Heat get hurt by overpaying for him.

May as well get used to it. You had a good run. But the Miami Heat...really, the Heat. Get used to them, because you'll be seeing them on your tube every week, or more often.

Maybe we should pick our favorites, and start some band wagons.

Let's see now, there is Shara, and Susannah. Can't forget Taryn, Tiffany, and Luanna. Dianne, Shea, and Talichi, oh my goodness, Talichi!

Sorry to hear about Fish. But he won't have to work so hard with some real super-stars.


Realistically, Fisher doesn't really want to go anywhere. He loves his Lakers, and being on this team has been awesome for his career. I think ultimately he signs with us. But if he doesn't, I have to believe the Lakers will figure it out. If it was Kobe thinking of leaving, well, that would be very different. Pau, same thing. Fisher brings his leadership to the table, which is an intangible asset. Hard to replicate that in a guy, even if he's got better skills. Fisher put us on his back for the game 3 win against the C's this season. We're used to Kobe doing that, but Fish did it. .04, the 3 to tie it in Orlando last year - big, big shots. Invaluable in the play offs. You can't just manufacture that in another player with a better skill set. If Fish doesn't sign, Mitch will be hard pressed to find a guy to replace him. Frankly, I don't like even thinking about it.

Hey! RCOTD! Thanks, MM!

Sorry to hear about Fish. But he won't have to work so hard with some real super-stars. Posted by: Sonny Belfast | July 10, 2010 at 11:14 AM

ROFLMAO!! Sonny, Sonny, Sonny! I told you in the prior thread & I'll say it again. Unless Darth Stern institutes the Don't Touch My Biatches Rule for DWadwe & LeBron again these pretty boys have no chance. Orlando would beat them & The Celtics would tear tyhem apart. Just like last year it will once again be a Lakers vs. Celtics Finals. To hell with the Heat you take care of yourself in Thailand. i heard it's getting hot & heavy over there bro! Oh by the way my vote is for Tiffany! LMAO! Take care brother


Like the Secret Service, we have unlimited black Suburbans
to escort DFish to the Lakers training camp in El Segundo...

====------ === ------===
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll - - -PAY DEREK FISHER -------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

====------ === ------===
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll - - -SIGN DEREK FISHER ------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

====------ === ------===
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll - - -LOVE DEREK FISHER ------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

====------ === ------===
/_____l______l__ ___\____
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

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The Miami Road Show

A good thing or another blotch on a league brand built on star power as opposed to team power and homer pride?

Is there some reason to watch the NBA East with ESPN dedicating each opening segment to worship of the 3 Kings? What's the under on the ratings for the first Toronto / New Jersey battle? Is there really economic viability for all these teams anymore?

The NBA has been losing national interest in an entertainment starved era. This gives it another push down the hill. If 3 guys want to adjust their net worth to come together, play basketball and run through an endless lineup of super-models in South Beach, OK. Those that can, do. Will we watch Entourage with a basketball? Some will, sure. Hell we've had our own version of that.

If they win it all, the smart money is on the majority accepting, and in the end, embracing the whole ESPN ego driven, embarrassing, crass commercial debacle that this circus is so far. If they win it all and have fun doing it, the majority of fans will forget the criticism, but, since they know the ending of Miami vs Minnesota, maybe watch another show.

Me? After the Lakers, I'm rootin' for Cleveland.

Sorry to hear about Fish. But he won't have to work so hard with some real super-stars.


Posted by: Sonny Belfast | July 10, 2010 at 11:14 AM

Wow. What's it like to show your ignorance?

Oh wait...

My oh Miami! Hard to imagine, isn't it? Fish is going to have more rings than the Saint.

How is he going to deal with that? How is the Laker nation going to deal with that?

Do we have any band wagons, or have you even given any thought to who your favorites are yet? It is clear why they are called the Heat Dancers.

I think I want to hop on Talichi's wagon.


I'm not worried about the 3 Mojitos now playing in the Bermuda Triangle...

One or more will disappear, and then we get to watch the special on the History Channel...

How else can you say it... Fisher is over rated.

We all love him and want him to stay, but wow we're in a bind here.

I'm for Raja if needed; I'm for Tmac or AI if needed; I'm for retaining as much of the team as possible; I'm for upgrading the team where possible; there's nothing I can do about it, so just hope Mitch does the right things - not sure about giving Blake 4/16 but at least he's not giving a blank check to Fish for past play.

I can see Bosh being willing to share the ball, and even Wade might get a thrill not having to carry the team on his back. But LBJ? He'll need that ball night in and night out. 7 years of running the LBJ offense has ruined him. He can't play well with others. He needs the basketball to do well. Ultimately no one really knows until they play together. Kind of like they year of Payton and Malone. Too many ego's, too many people needing the ball.


I feel good about the Blake signing. He always killed us when he was with POR and there's every reason to believe he could do even better here. I also like the skill of Bell even though until he dons the PnG I will hate him with every fiber of my being.

What I hate is having SO many new players. I hate letting go of the fibers of a championship team. It makes me nervous. But as long as we're the same 1-6 it's all good. Let's see how things go with Fish. I mean, who else is available at the PG spot?

You baited your hook & thru it in, I hope to God your Gamble wins
Be careful my dear brother Fish, You may Frak around & get your wish
I understand you want money due, But Miami is not the place for U
From Lebron haven't you learned, What Fans will do when they are spurned
A Laker for Life that's what we thought, Don't show us U too can be bought
Yes you have to consider the family, But what about loyal Integrity
I've supported you for 13 years, but if you leave you get no love here.
So now Laker Fish it's up to U, Is it Lakers or Money that will win thru

Posted by: Mamba24 | July 10, 2010 at 11:40 AM

I think I want to hop on Talichi's wagon. Sonnybelfast Posted by: Sonny Belfast | July 10, 2010 at 11:33 AM

ROFLMAO! All aboard! lol!

The Lakers are in good shape concerning Fish....its seems as if Laker FA's have to meet w/ Pat Riley for Buss to cut a check LOL...He will resign...
Once Fisher is on board for next years Chip... the Lake show have to at least attempted to make something happen with Sasha's expiring contract...I wrote earlier that the should explore a Shannon/Sasha S&T deal for Hedo w/ Toronto....The Raps would save 15-20mil on Hedo contract and he would be awesome with LO leading the second unit. Additions like Bell, Barnes, T-Mac (must prove to be healthy), Shelden Williams


Hey Mamba,

Howza bout them rookies? Did you watch em last night?
Of course the 3king spectacle pre-empted most of the 3rd quarter..

I wanted to cut them off but I couldn't find my Narciscissors...

I wanted to cut them off but I couldn't find my Narciscissors...
osted by: Noah | July 10, 2010 at 11:56 AM

Oh Noah, you're getting Sharp their! lol! I don't see 3Kings, I see 3B's if you know what I mean! lol!

Looking back at the last 2 years is amazing that the Lakers won it all with Jordan, Sasha, Luke, D.J., Morrison, Powell, Shannon...They have to sure up their bench and Blake is great start.....Buss is over the cap but better to max out this championship run (contending for the next 4 yrs) and pocket a little less cash than lose out on another ring! Sign Fish 2 years 7.5 mill and get to work on the strengthening this bench enough games already!!

I maybe crazy, but the Lakers should persuade Shaq to join them for "last stand" to get 2 more titles with Kobe and Phil. Then he could retire as a Laker for good. It will unite all the Lakers fans and Shaq fans who still have the sour taste of him leaving the Lakers. The city of LA will be united, and Lakers at peace after all those years. Everythig is forgiven. The Miami will have no answer for Shaq and Bynum duo, and it will make the Lakers on the news once again.

Miami has now a title contender, fine! Lakers we'll beat them anyway!

Big Z/Bosh


Blake has to own the PG position without any pressure from the Fish, let Fisher go! Probably why Farmar never got going, because Fisher always has Phil's confidence, Farmar always felt left alone.

There's still too much afterglow from the championship to worry about whatever the East is trying to conjure up to meet our standard.

Trying to put the easts 2 best players together and a decent big like Bosh doesn't scare me, even if Fish joins them. I mean really, there is still no team on the east that doesn't have holes relative to the Lakers.

Its not just the Lakers; all that fanfare is pretty good motivation for those Eastern Teams that are close to the championship that have owned all those 3 guys in the playoffs.

Did you guys Know Brandon Jennings DID NOT START AS PG IN HIS EUROPEAN TEAM, he was a back up PG before playing for the Milwaukee Bucks. THE REASON, the starting point guard was Ibrahim Jabeer, our PG in the summer league.

Now the mind games are getting ugly, and D-Fish is being used as a pawn in the rivalry between Pat Riley and Phil Jackson. You know who greeted D-Fish at the airport when he arrived in Miami? LeBron James, according to the very credible Ramona Shelbourne of

Fish is gonna come out the loser in all of this. Miami can't offer him the money the Lakers can. Mitch knows this. Checkmate.

The bigger question about the superfriends is their defense.

On offense, only one of those guys can have the ball at any time, so the question there is needing to double or triple team them opening the defense for attack and these guys can attack all day long + scrubs can hit open looks if that's all they have to do.

It will really be a question of the Lakers having the tools to attack them. Can Kobe go 1 on 1 against Wade all night long? What if they switch over LBJ? If you look elsewhere, who else could attack Wade or LBJ? Can Pau own Bosh inside 1 on 1? If so, does Miami send help and where from??

Sincerely, it's a match up nightmare for every team in the L including the Lakers, and yet many of you are pretty quick to dismiss them as a disaster waiting to happen.

There's no other way to say it - Bynum, fix your knee already so you can work on your game (you're going to need it)... Ron Ron, get that shot fixed asap. Lamar... um, well, I've given up hope on you ever doing anything to better yourself, so try to prove me wrong....

And regarding who's available at PG.... there's a young guy that led his team in 3pt % during the regular season and playoffs, he's athletic and has a lot of upside and can be had probably for around 3 million... he also has championship experience. I say go for it

Fisher is WORTH 4 Million a year for 2 years.

How do we know? Because that is what they are paying his backup - Steve Blake.

OK, Everyone here knows that I too want Fish re-signed. Plus it would be nice to sign another quality SF veteran.

After watching the first LV Summer League game for the Lakers last night, I'll say that (subject to seeing more summer league play) I would expect the following:

1. Ebanks, Caracter, Kurz, DJ Strawberry & Jaabar will be asked to join the Lakers in Training Camp (That's "TRAINING CAMP" NOT SIGNED TO THE TEAM);

2. Gerald Green looks like he hasn't gotten any better playing overseas;

3. Ebanks really does look a lot like Trevor & it looks like he's been working on both his mid-range & 3-point shooting (it's showing promise & he'll definitely benefit from The Rifleman's & Craig Hodge's coaching);

4. Caracter has some real, though undersized, talent (both offensively & defensively), is foul prone like Drew was up until last season, & would greatly benefit from Kareem's coaching.

I'll reserve judgment on making the team until after I've seen some more summer league play.


I've separated this section with dollar signs for a reason. If Princess Jimmy, D-Wade & CB1 (formerly, CB4 (He Pulled a Farmar & Changed His Number to '1')), can take less money, then why not Kobe and Pau?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to remember Magic took a pay cut to sign or retain a player back in the mid-to-late 80's. Anyone remember who?

I'm NOT talking taking a pay cut to $15 million.

Kobe will be paid $25.2 million next year & Pau will receive 17.82 million.

Ultimately, I expect the Lakers will pony-up enough to get Fish back in a Laker uniform (just like they did with LO).

However, adding a few million for the Laker organization to match (Kobe $2 million & Pau $500k) would significantly improve their chances of landing a strong veteran or two. ($2.5 million from Kobe & Pau PLUS $5 million from the Lakers (Luxury Tax Included).)

Just a Thought... I'm Sure Some on this Blog will Quickly Point Out My Absurdity. LOL


Fisher is WORTH 4 Million a year for 2 years. How do we know? Because that is what they are paying his backup - Steve Blake. Posted by: james katt | July 10, 2010 at 12:53 PM

Logic is flawless! OUT FREAKIN STANDING!!!

LakerPeace you maybe crazy but I think you could be right. I never wanted to see Shaq come back to the Lakers ever again, but after the crap the Heat just pulled I think we should get him back. He can really be useful in cloggin up the lane and not allowing easy drives to the basket like Wade and Lecunt love. Plus I think Shaq would be the only one who would put those fools on their back.

LakerPeace you maybe crazy but I think you could be right. I never wanted to see Shaq come back to the Lakers ever again, but after the crap the Heat just pulled I think we should get him back. He can really be useful in cloggin up the lane and not allowing easy drives to the basket like Wade and Lecunt love. Plus I think Shaq would be the only one who would put those fools on their back. Posted by: "I Bleed Purple and Gold" | July 10, 2010 at 01:00 PM
Damnnnn! You even convinced me a notorious Shaq basher! I say bring the big Diesel back. How about it people!

Kobe-Wade, slight adv Lakers
Pau-Bosh, slight adv Lakers
Artest-James, adv Heat
Bynum-?, adv Lakers
Blake-? even
Bench, slight adv Lakers

Just not that scared my friends!

Oh, and

Jackson-Spoilestra, adv Lakers!

It's (Shaq) okay with me if it's okay with KB24!

I'm pretty sure Shaq would say and do all the right things. I think he'd like to have his jersey retired along side Wilt and Kareem!

Dammit, Jerry Buss.

Pay Fisher. He is worth it.

You are disrespecting him by your lowball offer. You are even paying his backup, Steve Blake, $4 Million for 4 years. What gives?

This is very disappointing. It will be even more disappointing if Miami wins next year with Fisher.

Bring Shaq to the Lakers will require much forgiveness for everyone... Kobe, Shaq, and Buss. In the end, it will be the real "Hollywood" story. Shaq and Kobe vs 3 Queens... Lakers glory vs Miami brash. It will be awesome.

Hey guys, just a reminder there will be a chat at 3 today because the Lakers have a summer league game against the Nuggets


Bring Shaq back? Nah.

First, Shaq is gonna command way more money in this crazy free agent market than the Lakers can afford. And we all know Shaq is all about the money.

Second, I think he would disrupt team chemistry. I can't imagine that he would be a positive influence on Drew's growth. Shaq isn't exactly known for his work ethic.

Say MM,

Of late, I have been able to participate because it had a place that indicated-Make a Comment. The other day it didn't, at least for me. What can you tell me? Thanks!

Hey guys, Guess who met Fish at the airport? THE ONE, THE ONLY, QUEEN BIATCH Of MIAMI. Maybe he'll do the JIMMY SHIMMY or the RIVERDANCE to impress Fish!!!

2010-11 Laker Roster

M. Miller

Ironically, the two players that I wanted the Lakers to make deals with the most this Summer were Derek Fisher and Mike Miller. To me it was as clear as day.

Congrats to Pat Riley! Who is gonna win the GM Award by a landslide this year. Not only by prolifically shedding salary to buy a "Super Team", but this guy may also grab two of the best glue guys available right now!!!!!!!

-Steve Blake only makes us better is Fish comes back. If we lose Fish, we've taken a step back.

-With Fish back, Steve Blake can only make us a little bit better than we were last year.

-With Miller, Blake and Fish, our team would be bolsterd tremendously.

Your move...


I still think we need a(nother) outside threat!

Exactly Dan!

As tough as Miami will be next year, those Bulls aren't the least bit shabby!


Out of curiosity, what are we paying Mike Miller with? The 1.76mil that's left of the MLE? The vet minimum? Is someone going to trade for Sasha's expiring contract? How do we get ol' Mikey here?

Shannon's hand has he'll sign for what he had before.

On Miller, didn't know if we are prevented totally or would it just cost double taxes?

As I recall, once over the cap, you only have a few methods of signing new players (rather than retaining the players you have, in which you can up the ante as much as you want till you hit the max). But once over the cap, there are only "specific" ways of signing, that are allotted specific amounts.

For the Lakers, this year (since we used our bi-annual exception last year), we have the MLE, the rookie contracts and the vet minimum. We paid $4mil of the MLE to Blake, leaving about $1.76mil to sign someone on, or the vet min (which I forget at the moment how much that is if we were going after Miller). I think that's it. I could be totally wrong on all of this, but....

I don't think Miller's going to take the $1.76 mil or the vet min. So we're stuck.

Oh, and let us not forget the annual "Kobe-the-selfish-b'tard-gives-up-all-his-money-so-we-can-sign-someone-even-though-that-wouldn't-work" Exception, which people are always asking for on the blog every year around this time because of their fantasy league play.

And trades, of course. And the Annual "Kobe's-so-selfish-he-should-give-up-all-his-money-so-we-can-sign-someone-even-though-that-wouldn't-work"Exception.

Hmm, no post, then it returns and I restated myself. And I didn't think I was that clever the first time. Sorry about that Chief.

Hey 63,

We could do a sign and trade with Sasha (expiring contract) to add to the Miller fund. Correct?

Yup, that would be one of the ways, but would anyone want that (in Miller's FO)? And would Mitch want that now, or wait till closer to the deadline mid-season so if any emergencies arose, he could deal with them?

Oh, and since we have Sasha on our roster already, we don't even have to sign him to trade him. :)

I actually think Shaq would be a great addition and I also think he would sign on for a 1 or 2 year deal just to win another ring or 2...and to beat the 3 mi ego's....Shaq at this point is all about how his careers stats compare to likes of Kareem and Wilt...... if he plays in LA for 2 seasons he will end up w/ 6 rings (one less than Kobe) ...that's his mindset.... Phil, Kobe, Shaq - together to win a couple more (for Shaq and Phil, Kobe may win 3 more) would be awesome ....There is no way Miami or anyone else could put together a front line to deal w/ the likes of Pau, Bynum, Shaq, LO - IMO Shaq would play for little cash to win 2 more rings!!

If there is any ONE player in this damn basketball league, Kobe has earned every bit of his salary and then some. He doesnt have to take a pay cut nor should he be expected to! Real talk! Gway from here with all that b.s.!


No we're not prevented from signing Mike Miller, it's just a luxury tax issue. If he wants $5 Million, it would cost the Lakers $10 Million.

As for Whaquille, It doesn't matter what I think or anyone else on this blog.

First, Kobe would have to be willing. Maybe Yes or Maybe No.

Second, Whaq would have to be willing to take the veteran's minimum. UNLIKELY

Third, he would have to apologize to Dr. Buss. HIGHLY UNLIKELY

Finally, Mitch & Phil Would Have to Believe that He Would Be Good for the Team, Both On The Floor & In The Locker Room. ALSO UNLIKELY


I think then it would be a sort of a coup to sign Miller before the Heat do.


Yeah, IF KB24 and others would want Shaq, that might be a good move as well. Again, if asking price $$ is right.

Marc B (With a 'C')

I agree but....Shaq has jump from West to East to West to East to ride someones coattails to get another title...he has been humbled....He has two decent years left (Clev. like production)...he is super rich, and solid businessman, so rings would drive him to apologize, and play his they could release him if he started acting well. the old Shaq....This won't be a locker room where he could back critics into a corner w/ his 4 rings b/c Fish and Kobe have 5....Shaq will fall short in career pts but if he has 6 rings (3 finals MVP's) when he is his mind he is the Greatest Laker C ever

Folks The Bulls have signed Mike Miller & Kyle Korvar.

Whoops! DJ, I stand corrected. I totally brain farted on the salary cap rules (which are well below the luxury tax threshold). We are restricted with the salary cap & couldn't acquire Mike Miller.

But here's a possibility that Luke wouldn't like. The "Disabled Player Exception." Problem is we won't know Luke's status for next season until he tries to play. If a doctor were to state he would not be available for next season due to his back injury, we'd have half of his salary available to acquire a free agent.

Also, I realized that the salary cap would make it too cost prohibitive for Kobe & Pau to accept less.



Whats the source for that info?

Miller to Bulls? Are you sure?

Marc B (With a 'C') - I was under the impression that the CBA did not allow signing of players willy-nilly (a technical term) once the cap had been reached. It's not about doubling the money (though that is the case when spending over the cap), but about exceptions that allow teams to sign a free agent: "a team can only sign a free agent if the total payroll for the team will not exceed the salary cap." It's a "soft" cap because there are exceptions: MLE, bi-annual, etc.

But I could very well be wrong.

Sorry to hear about Fish. But he won't have to work so hard with some real super-stars.



Some real super-stars??? REALLY???!!!super-loser Legone???

This was really funny! Thanks for the good laugh Sonnybelfast!!!LOL

Folks The Bulls have signed Mike Miller & Kyle Korvar.

Posted by: Mamba24


Thanks for the news Mamba24! I was expecting we could get Mike Miller, oh well.

Rose, Boozer, Noah, Deng, Mike Miller, Kyle Korver...This is a good balance of inside-outside basketball.

Looks like LeGone will be Gone to Soon again in the playoffs!LOL

As always, LAKERS ALL DAY!!!

Sonny Belfast,

>>>Sorry to hear about Fish. But he won't have to work so hard with some real super-stars

Yeah, you're right. For example, he won't have to work in June anymore.

Mamba, Whats the source for that info? Posted by: Art - FL Laker Fan | July 10, 2010 at 02:54 PM
Chicago Suntimes

Miller to the Bulls?? Were yal get this info from? Last time i checked the Bulls offerd JJ Reddick a contract. The Magic could match that offer if they want.

If Kobe give back $5 mill and Gasol $2 mill per year and use those $ 7 mill in two good players...lets say a $5 mill player and a 2.5 mill player then we can gain back our No. 1 NBA seed.


>>>What I hate is having SO many new players. I hate letting go of the fibers of a
>>>championship team.

Well, they are keeping the best 4 players on that team (5 if you consider Lamar a stronger contributer than Fish). And two other role players who have contributed at times (Shasha and Luke).

Replacing MBenga, Powell, and Morrison is meaningless, since none of the three contributed in a large way (Powell did give them a few meaningful minutes in the playoffs).

So really, it's only 3 players potentially swapped out - Farmar, Fisher, and Brown. I still feel strongly that Fisher will be back, and you have to admit he made the strongest contributions to the last title, especially in games 3 and 7.

While it hurts to let go of players who contributed to championships, it's not like it necessarily makes the team weaker. Here are some examples to ease your mind:

Norm Nixon won two rings with Magic & Kareem - 1980 & 1982 - as the starting shooting guard. Yet the Lakers traded him off for Byron Scott and went on to win 3 more titles with much of the same core.

Other guys who contributed to some but not all of the Showtime Lakers titles included Bob McAdoo, Mitch Kupchak, Jamaal Wilkes, Jim Chones, Mike McGee, Kurt Rambis, AC Green, and Mychal Thompson.

Later, the Kobe-Shaq Lakers swapped out some players each year as well. Glen Rice, Ron Harper, and AC Green were all contributers for the first ring, but none of them made it to the third.

The thing is, as long as you keep a core (Magic-Kareem-Coop, Kobe-Shaq-Fox, etc), you're fine. Fresh blood just provides some new guys who've never gotten a ring so they're extra motivated.

So I'd say if they bring either Fish or Farmar back, then there's almost no loss in continuity. If they lose all three of Fish, Farmar, and Brown, then there'll be some scrambling at the PG position to start the year, but PJ will get them whipped into shape by the end of the season.

My ideal way to wrap up the free agent signings:

1. re-sign Fisher. Even if you don't start him during the season, he has an Horryesque way of playing big in the big games.

2. Sign one more guard - could be Raja Bell, could be Shannon Brown, could be some other free agent guard (Ridnour? Watson?)

3. Sign Caracter & Ebanks. If the first Summer League game was any indication, then Caracter would be an upgrade on Powell, and Ebanks could eventually grow into a Trevor Ariza clone. Wouldn't it be grand if just when Luke's contract was ending and Artest was slowing down if the Lakers had a young Ebanks stepping into his own.

4. Sign one more backup center. MBenga's fine. If they could get a more skilled veteran like Brad Miller or Kurt Thomas, that would be even better.

And that would do it. Most of the team would be "more of the same" that won the last two rings - with a few new faces to add some excitement and inspiration.

Bulls management are genius this offseason. They did lose out on LeBron, but they added Bosh, a low post scorer - which is what they needed most. And now they're adding some of the best shooters in the league. The already signed Korver, and now they made an offer to JJ Redick as well. Orlando will probably match, but if they get him, they'd be in really good shape:

Great PG? Derrick Rose - check

Strong defender & great rebounder at C? Joachim Noah - check

Low post scorer? Boozer - check

Energy backup PF to play good D, get some rebounds, and score a little? Gibson - check

Shooters to kick out to if teams clog the lane? - Korver & Redick - check.

Just a good balanced team. I think Chicago will be one of the top 4 teams in the East next season (with Boston, Orlando, and Miami).

Haven't seen it posted here yet, but hoopsworld called Derrick Caracter one of the studs of Day 1 of Summer League - here's their take:

"Derrick Caracter – Although Caracter's nine fouls were ugly, he was easily one of the most impressive players of day one. The second rounder had his way with Greg Monroe and finished with 20 points, 10 rebounds, and 3 blocks.

He was making plays all over the court which led some to declare him the steal of the draft. He was able to display his post moves, jump shot, power, and defense tonight. Caracter has played well against the top players in the class and there's a good chance he will make the Lakers' roster if he continues playing this well."

Unfortunately, Hoopsworld declared Gerald Green one of the duds:

"Gerald Green – At twenty-four years old, Green is hoping he can prove to the league that he's still capable of improving and fulfilling the potential that so many teams drooled over when he entered the league straight out of high school. But performances like the one he had on Friday aren't going to help his case.

Green was miserable, finishing with 0 points on 0-3 shooting, three turnovers, and four fouls in nearly seventeen minutes. He was overshadowed by Caracter, Devin Ebanks, Rob Kurz, and D.J. Strawberry. Green needs to step up if he wants to return to the league rather than heading overseas again next season."

>>>Folks The Bulls have signed Mike Miller & Kyle Korvar

Wait. They signed Mike Miller?

I must have missed that. I know they signed Korver & made an offer to Redick.

They're trying to corner the market on 3-point shooters.

Oh yeah. Two other guys I didn't mention in my potential free agent signings...

If either Shaq or Kwame would be interested in coming back to the Lakers as a backup center (Shaq would be a 10-15 minutes a game center or Kwame would be Mbenga's role), then I think that would work as well.

I doubt Shaq's ego could accept that, even if it meant getting another ring or two. He'd rather get paid more and lose somewhere else than get a ring on Kobe's coattails.

Another hot item for Artest could be "I want to thank my pharmacist." t-shirts.


You KNOW I'm with you on this one. Has anyone even thought it curious that basically the same teams that courted LBJ are those teams showing real interest in Fish?

So, maybe GM's who want to win titles don't necessarily think of Fish as "the worst PG in the league until playoffs start".

Fisher is a leader of men. It is apparent that even in this economy, that is worth more than $2.5 million per year.

That the Heat would consider jeopardizing their chance to sign a "better" point guard in their efforts to woo Fish should speak volumes about the guy's value to championship contending teams.

Even though we love Fish here, is is also apparent that we somewhat sell him short, here.

We need to stop that.



Your checklist seems to sum up everything quite nicely.

Let's go, let's go, let's go!


One thing about Derek Fisher I don't see mentioned lately is how tough and injury-proof he is. On this Laker team, that's saying something. Kobe, Pau, Bynum have all had injuries and all missed games this past year. D. Fish gets an A+ for attendance and readiness to play.

Shaq wants more rings, but he knows there are only 2 teams he could realistically sign and win the titles now. That's Laker or Heat. He would not want to play for mediocre team (Spur or Hawk) by dragging his aging body for next 2 years. I am sure it has been humbling experience for him to see Lakers won last 2 titles (He thought he was going to get one with LeBron last year..) He now realized what the Laker organization is all about and regreted what he had been saying about the Lakers. In his heart, he wants to retire as a Laker. Him goes HOF as Magic? Heat? Sun? Cavalier? No way... I am hearing Miami do not want to sign him, and he knows it. If Lakers could show love for him (all EGOs aside to beat those arrogant rascals), then he would be so motivated to beat Miami.

Had a great run with Derek Fisher but I see no reason why the Lakers should pay him more than the vet’s minimum, I prefer if they get Miller and resign Brown, Blake at PG is a better option for next year

James Katt - good to see you posting, one of the very earliest, original bloggers here.

Boastful King James claims the "bigger 3 compared to Celtics" will win 8 championships in 10 years and by age 35 put Kobe behind him & MJ! LBJ could not do it himself so he decided to join the Wade/Bosh bandwagon & Riley's desire to sabotage Lakers. Riley continues to pursue both Miller & Fish (Laker Leader & Playoff clutch shooter). Kobe you need to do what the Heat gang have done, renegotiate your contract take $5 million less. Easily made up with endorsements after a 3-peat. Exactly what MJ did to keep Pippen and win two 3-peats. JB, PJ, MK, MJ and even PG should all act as a financial team to reduce their own take by $ 10M this coming season. That would give $7M under salary cap plus $8M luxury TX . With a S&T it would allow Lakers to get Fish back; Mike & Brad Miller/Scola/Kwame; Raja Bell/Ridnour to round out the bench with Evans, Caracter, Jabeer & Strawberry/Brown. Kobe quick with your surgery! Go Lakers double 3-peat & dethrone fake King!

Umm Guys No Need 2 Burst Ya Bubble... But Mike Miller has already agreed in Principle With The Heat.. Just Google it.. They are waitin for the beasley trade to go thru b4 he can officially sign... And if u go to Millers website its basically Heat Colors... Ugh!

>>>No we're not prevented from signing Mike Miller, it's just a luxury tax issue.
>>> If he wants $5 Million, it would cost the Lakers $10 Million.

Nope You're completely wrong on this one.

The Lakers spend 4 million of their MLE on Steve Blake.

They can't offer Mike Miller a contract any higher than about 1.8 million.

If they hadn't already made a deal with Blake, then they could have offered him a contract starting at 5.8 million (the MLE). But now they've spent most of that, so all that's left is 1.8 million of the MLE and minimum contracts.

>>>If Kobe give back $5 mill and Gasol $2 mill per year and use those $ 7 mill
>>>in two good players.

Yeah, and if every billionaire in the U.S. gave up half of their money, we could pay off the national debt.

The difference is that there is no contractual reason why the Billionaires paying off the national debt thing couldn't happen.

he counted "not one.. not two.. not three.. not four.. not five.. not six.. not seven" then stopped.. i agree its not those numbers because its ZERO.

After the lightshow circus, i wonder what will be their pre-game acts will be. The picture taking act is a bit stupid now (will the cavs still do it ha ha). Maybe they can throw the chalk at each others faces and giggle like little girls..

Looks like they might've hit the jackpot with Ebanks and possibly Caracter. Very good start for the rookies.

GOod to see the SUVS are still rolling,

just back from vaction... and boy i missed a lot..

So Heat offered Fish a 2mil/year contract for 2 years... but they Lakers offered him 2.75mil/year... guess whos he picking...

and need i say that Ebanks and Caracter proved to be valuable in the Summer Leauge... i was pessemistic with those 2 coming on our team but after watching the summer league games i was impressed... cant wait for them to join our bench...

as far as Raja Bell... we dont want him or need him.. hes a KOBE hater and he should stay in AZ and never come to LA... we dont want people like that. Can we plz get Mcgrady to replace ODOM, cuz he has a nack of disappearing in the finals and regular season...

lets 3-peat lakers... and as far as the miami heat??? i dont think theyll get passed the East let alone Win a Championship... whos gonna rebound for them? SHaq? lmao oh wait his not there his in Cleavland ahaha seriously thos whos gonna rebound for the heat??? J Oniel? Bosh? Wade? LeBuffon? i didnt think so...

just like Charles Barkley always says in his replays " Dwayne Wade? I DONT THINK SO! CHRIS BOSH? I DONT THINK SO! LEBUFFON JAMES? I DONT THINK SO! "


waht do we play for!?!?!? RINGSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!???



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