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Caught in the Web: Lakers expect Andrew Bynum to report in time for training camp

54398148-- The Times' Broderick Turner reports that the Lakers expect Andrew Bynum to be 100% when he enters training camp, but the team will have a more definitive timetable after the surgery.

-- The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding believes Golden State is a good fit for Jeremy Lin as he'll get  lots of playing time.

-- Pro Basketball Talk's Kurt Helin says Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan's contention that they wouldn't join together to be part of a super team needs some context. They were already on teams with supporting casts.

-- ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin notes that Bynum originally planned to have the surgery around July 18.

--'s Shaun Powell argues the Lakers are the NBA's "healthiest franchise."

--'s Sekou Smith picks the Lakers as the best team in the Western Conference heading into next season.

--'s Marc Stein reports the Lakers remain in the hunt for Matt Barnes.

-- The Oakland Tribune's Marcus Thompson II reports that Lin is close to signing a two-year deal with the Warriors.

-- AOL Fanhouse's Chris Tomasson observes that the NBA is going through a power shift from the West to the East.

--'s Mike Trudell reports that Bynum's left Achilles' tendon is fully healed.

-- Forum Blue and Gold's Phillip breaks down what Lamar Odom needs to do to make Team USA.

Tweet of the Day: "Lamar said he got a lot of rest since finals - use this camp to get back in shape - help the younger kids since now years later he's the vet" -- EricPincus (Hoopsworld's Eric Pincus)

Reader Comment of the Day: "Jeremy Lin had a pretty good showing in Summer League but as has already been mentioned, SO DID SMUSH PARKER. lol so Summer League must be taken with a (rather large) grain of salt." -- Dan_NBAExpert

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers center Andrew Bynum loses control of the ball as he drives to the hoop between Celtics big men Rasheed Wallace (30) and Kevin Garnett during the first quarter of Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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Has anybody heard from Complex-brotha or Noah recently?

No. Why?

I don't think there's any way LO doesn't make Team USA. He's long, does a lot of little things, and is experienced.


Where you been??? I'm missing my rodent hating buddy LOL!!!

Yeah - they've both been around sporadically. I think just enjoying the summer championship glow and what not...!

Reports say LO is the most vocal player in the court.

Lots of clamoring for a back up C, yet Mbenga didn't play any memorable minutes last year even with Bynum injured.

Posted by: Art - FL Lakers Fan | July 21, 2010 at 07:19 AM


DJ started two games last November when both AB and Pau were injured. In those two games, he averaged 7.5 pts, 4.0 blk, and 12.5 reb, playing 30 min per game. They may not be 'memorable' but they are respectable numbers for a 3rd-string center. I know two games is a very small sampling but it shows that he steps up and makes the most of it when given half a chance to play with the starters, instead of the garbage time that he usually gets.

And if we think that the likelihood of both Pau and AB getting injured again at the same time is very remote, there is a guy named Murphy who wants share his Law.

I hope the Lakers spend a little dough, and sign Matt Barnes over Shannon Brown. We need some defensive help this year, and he and Ron could be quite the tandem (Not to mention Kobe, and Blake)....

>>>'s Marc Stein reports the Lakers remain in the hunt for Matt Barnes.

Yeah, it sounds like Toronto is willing to pay him 5 million per, but Orlando doesn't have the cap space to do a sign & trade.

So basically Barnes is back down to teams that would be willing to pay him the minimum. He's not a very good 3-point shooter, but Barnes would be a good wing defender to back up the 2 & 3 spots.

So what's the deal on AB's backup? Here's my wish list...

1. Shaq - the best available. knows the system. proved he could be a good trooper last year in Cleveland. unfortunate his ego is too big to accept the minimum and Kobe's is too big to rubber stamp it.

2. Kwame - best available after Shaq. knows the system and his limitation. is still a good defender with size

3. DJ - knows the system. Plays hard. Will PJ play him? If signed please tell him to focus on defense and stop thinking he's a scorer.

4. KThomas - refs respect him. Undersized but still tough and can stick open j.

BTW...the new Superman is currently down in H-Town working out with Dream. He will be a monster and probably MVP in 2011. Don't sleep on Orlando coming out of the East. Lets bring the old Diesel in for a little krytonite insurance.


Fair enough.

I wouldn't mind seeing DJ return, and actually would like to have sen him play more last season, but it seems Phil will only use him in a desperate situation.
And there aren't many good options left for a 3rd stringer.

Barnes is a tug. I'd rather have Shannon back, especially after all the hype about Lin taking over his seat. He'll play like never b4...

Kwane - Do you guys have something called MEMORY?
MBenga - PJ is not gonna play him (he should...)
Thomas - No opinion...

"If everyone on Earth died of some type of mutant virus which only killed those who weren't Laker bloggers I would guess there is enough knowledge here to start the world over again and not miss a beat."

Amen. And I propose we start immediately with Zaira and justa. There's not a moment to lose.

So MagicPhil who do you want if PJ not going to play DJ? Nesterovic? Earl Barron? Why no opinion on KThomas he's only been in the league since the days of Mikan?


Magic Phil,

>>>Kwane - Do you guys have something called MEMORY?
>>>MBenga - PJ is not gonna play him (he should...)
>>>Thomas - No opinion..

Okay, so who do you suggest, Magic Phil? There just aren't a lot of options out there. Do you think Jason Collins would be any better than Kwame or Shaq?

Yes. We all have a memory about Kwame. But our memory is of Kwame being a starter and of Phil still trying to force the ball in to the post to Kwame despite him being incapable of being a dominating post scorer.

In this incarnation, Kwame would be the fourth big man. He'd play limited minutes, and they wouldn't expect much out of him offensively. He'd be there to save Bynum's legs during the regular season so that Bynum could FINALLY make it to a finals with both legs in good health.

Kwame is talented enough that he could be on the floor a lot more than MBenga was. Kwame is able to defend without fouling a lot better than Congo Cash.

Perhaps if Kwame filmed a video saying "dacos" that would make you like him more.

I think Shaq is unrealistic. I think Kobe would be fine with a diminished Shaq coming back. In fact, in a way it would be ideal because if Shaq re-joins the Lakers, then he will always be one ring behind Kobe. The problem is 3-fold - I doubt SHAQ would reduce his pride enough to be on a Kobe led team, I doubt he'd sign for a contract starting at 1.77 million, and I doubt he'd agree to be Bynum's backup.

But if Shaq surprised me and did all three of those things, he would be awesome.

Think about it. Against 90% of the teams in the league, Shaq is still good enough that he could play 20-25 minutes a game and not hurt the Lakers. And that means that Bynum is also playing 20-25 minutes a game, so the odds that he'd get injured during the regular season would go down significantly.

So think about these two things:

1. A fully healthy Bynum in the finals. Not the guy who got 7 points, 5 rebounds and a block vs Boston - but the guy who got 18 points, 10 rebounds, and 2 blocks in November. Can you imagine how much the Lakers would have OWNED the Celtics if that Bynum was playing.

2. A big physical backup center with a championship pedigree, who already knows the triangle, and who's hungry for more rings (and who would be TOTALLY motivated if the Lakers faced Miami + Riley + Wade + LeBronze + Ilgauskas in the finals)

Wouldn't those two things make it worth putting up with the whole circus element of Shaq coming back to town?

I say, welcome back to the prodigal son. In fact, if Cleveland would be willing to do a sign and trade, I'd be willing to part with Sasha and a draft pick to pay Shaq 5 million a year for 2 years.

It would be a hell of a ride.

Oh, and by the way, it wouldn't be "loading up" like LeBronze & them are doing. Shaq is roughly equivalent to Ilgauskas at this point, so it's adding a good role player.

how are we all doing on this wednesday!?

so i see you guys read about Jermey Lin? lol that didnt work out, now its matt barnes which is not going to work out.

Shaq has stated that he wants around the MLE, and wants to play quality minutes. I don't think we should make that move for more than finacial reasons as well. Kwame Brown? We booed him, and he still has nightmares...

sad day for USC and REggie Bush...
not only that he he lost Kim K. but now he needs to give his Haisman trophy back to the foundation and get deleted from the USC football history forever...

ahaha makes me smile because im a Bruins fan ahaha

i wonder if the NFL will take back the New Orleans Super Bowl trophy because of Reggie Bush lol.... yeah hope they do

but still so sad!

Here we go again, Barnes named Lakers as another team of destination. After getting jammed at Toronto who is willing to pay him 5m, got back to minimum. Laker fans get wild and excited again put up numerous threads, links and chat just for a player and to our dismay will get away because we can only shell out 1.7M. On the contrary, if we cannot get a new kid in the block for 0.5M what makes u think we can get a thug who became famous by staring Kobe eye to eye. Now he is asking for more. Don't even bother to waste our imagination on Barnes, Shaq or Kwame. Don't live in the past but just remember what they contributed to the Lakers. I don't even know if Lakers can afford to pay our two draftees, maybe one and the other one will be sent to Europe for more honing up.

I referred Lakers to Wal Mart last night because we could not even afford to pay a rookie player at a decent wage. Yes, we have the highest salary today, but overextended it to the liking of stimulus package to the very few who are either banged up or just professionally stuck to the bench. Pathetic, but it's true we are just bystanders in this season's free agency. Like in 2005, veteran players have been using the Lakers as a pole vault to get to the team and contract they really aiming at. I would not even be surprised if the hapless for sale Warriors became interested of Jeremy Lin when Lakers jumped into it. It is ME-TOO theory, whatever the Lakers do, we'll do. As laker fans we are not happy when our F/O is being used or the favorite word today "snookered" by veteran players as well by other teams because we are cornered and checkmated by luxury taxes.

Move on, get well Drew, stop consuming chocolates Odom and get your fingers fixed Kobe. That is the best wish for the off-season.

Art - that was hilarious!

CornerJ - LOL - I have no comment.


I suggest PJ to f*&^& play DJ....Thomas is acceptable, I guess...Shaq & Kwane is a joke.

Another thought on Shaq.

Remember how hard Shaq played ESPECIALLY against the Lakers after he got traded to Miami?

Shaq has an intense sense of memory and revenge (I guess you could say an elephant never forgets).

No think of Shaq exerting that kind of energy in a finals vs Miami.

Imagine it's the 4th quarter (because there won't be any game 5 if the Lakers face Miami). The Lakers have Shaq, Gasol, Artest, Kobe, and Fish on the floor. Game and series over.

@ Edwin Gueco - check and mate, very well said...

except can we get TMAC for the 1.7? lol

BTW, you know that free agency is starting to wind down when Jeremy Lin and Matt Barnes are big stories.

@ LongTimeLakerFan - honestly, a healthy Bynum is much better than shaq anyday... plus we got Gasol to fill in Bynums shoes in case he gets injured or gets taken out of the game and LO will play Gasols position when Gasol goes to center... so i dont think we need shaq at all no matter how good he plays for the lakers, i personally think he is old and is trying to jump on a championship caliber team like the Heat or Lakers because he even knows he cant lead any other team...

Edwin Greco said it best so far

Why is everyone says that Shaq is not in shape? Round is a shape, isn't it?

Corner J,

I considered going there but stopped short.

I figured there'd be someone who couldn't resist taking it a step further :)


Thanks justa.

You think you get attention now, imagine if that scenario came to be!!

I saw Sedale Threatt at PinkBerry yesterday.


Regarding the signing of free agents, here's my take on the issue. First, I think the Laker management's steady-as-she-goes approach is exactly right. We are the champions. We are loaded for another championship playoff run, even though our few weaknesses may cause us problems again for the regular season.

The rest of the league's frantic scrambling is a direct confirmation that they know we're the team to beat. And the management's approach does more than just keep our core group intact, it sends a message loud and clear: "We're better than you no matter what you do...and you know it."

That's big thing in and of itself. Come playoff time, it gets into the heads of the opposition. In tight games, it can mean the difference in the game, and eventually in the series itself. I see Phil's (and Dr. Buss's) fingerprint's all over this approach. Message delivered.

Also, I second Troy's opinion that Sasha is going to have a killer year. And I'm not just citing the icing of the 2 free throws in game 7, and the fact it's a contract year for him. I believe Sasha really loves playing for the Lakers and wants to prove he belongs with them. He's going to play like it. And I also think that Steve Blake is going to turn Sasha into a scoring machine when both of them are in together. Whereas Farmar pointedly avoided getting the ball to Sasha, and dribbled too much, Blake is going to get the ball to him in positions where he can light up the 3's. This is going to be the revelation of the season.

Back up for Bynum? I don't see any great options here, given the money still on the table. My vote is to keep Mbenga rather than go for Shaq. I like Mbenga's defensive energy, if not his limited skills, and his great team chemistry. Shaq still has good skills and a really big body, but for a championship run, he'd kill the team chemistry somewhere along the way.

Shannon? I'd find a way to keep Shannon. He's another project that was hampered by the pairing with Farmar. With Farmar gone, I believe he'd also have a breakout year.

In summary, I say we stay the course. Sign Shannon and Mbenga. Send that message to the rest of the league: "Yeah, we're STILL better than you...and you know it. Deal with it."

Art - no - I refuse to imagine that. LOL!!

Why sign DJ if Phil never plays him? We need someone who will actually see court time. If only for 10 minutes. Did tmac work out for clippers? What happened?

Shaq has an intense sense of memory and revenge (I guess you could say an elephant never forgets).

I thought of that before and wondered along these lines;
_____ __________


Ok, back to Shaqs vengeful memory.

Remember how Labron gave away the series to the Celts (so it's been said).

So, is there any chance, however remote, Shaq comes back to the Lakers and during the season is subtly embarrassed-humiliated by something Kobe or Phil says, and decides to exact his revenge against the Lakers. Missed free throws here, missed blocks or missed rebounds there, would be easy to do, especially a close game. Prevent Kobe from tying MJ in Rings.

I don't trust him.

In addition, we worry about Drew getting injured.

How many seasons has Shaq played all 82 games?

Answer: none, as in never.

He is an injury waiting to happen.

I would call it The Big Gamble.
Might work, might be a disaster.
Worth 5+ mill and losing Sasha and a draft choice?

I am a risk taker by nature, but I wouldn't do that one.

Good Morning Laker Fam,

Nice to have a Keifo sighting, been a long time. Welcome back.

Top of the morning to Justa and Magic Phil, wassup?!!!

Man, it felt like a sin to want Lin, now all we've got to do is go win!!! Now that the whole Lin episode has been cancelled by Lakervision, we can move on and finish our business. Time to grease up the wheels and fine tune the engine so we can run over our competition. PJ is leading us on his grand farewell tour and will ride off into the sunset, forever Lord Of The Rings!!! His callous, gun for hire, Kobe Bryant will indeed be another six-shooter alongside the great Michael Jordan!!! Miami speaks of making history, but we've already made and will continue to make history, because as Mamba24 puts it, we are the freakin' Los Angeles Lakers!!!


Great post, my sentiments exactly. Mbenga, Brown, and the two rookies -- call it an offseason.


>>> Imagine it's the 4th quarter ...

Can you say, HACK-A-SHAQ?

Looking at my list of possible free agent acquisitions:
1. Tracy McGrady- Former NBA Scoring champion, 31 years old. Simply looking at Grant Hill and the career he's been able to build post-injuries makes me want to roll the dice with T-Mac.
2. Kurt Thomas- Tough, Tough, Tough. Solid veteran that will be a great team leader on the bench, in the locker room, and to a certain young rookie (Derrick Caracter). Thomas is a solid defender and could be a great role player backing up the 4 or 5. (Tony Battie is also worth a look @ this spot)
3.Eddie House - probably too expensive but would love to see LAL get a guy that can stroke it from 3 like House does. Sorry, Sasha, you need to step your game up.
3. Joe Alexander, Resign Shannon Brown, Nazr Mohammed, Neither of the Collins Bros, Sean May, & No Sheldon Williams

You guys are nuts with the Shaq comments. First of all Kobe does not like Shaq. Are you guys afraid to say that? There is no water under the bridge. The rope has been cut and there is no tying the knot and that's a good thing. Have you ever seen Shaq go up for an alley oop nowadays? Heck, have you seen Shaq try to dunk now? He barely clears the rim. I mean let's be honest about the situation, what's bigger Shaq's dominance (at this point in his career) or his superman ego? He plays so bad compared to how he used to play I just can't bare to even watch. And Kwame? Guys sometimes its best to let the past be the freakin past.

I say keep DJ and put Character out there at some point. Let's move forward not backwards. There's no guarantees no matter which move the Lakers plan to make. But one things for sure. If Shaq plays for the Lakers he is going to hog up the media spotlight with his new nicknames and his whining and complaining about minutes and touches. I don't care if we get Keith Claus (I'm joking of course), NO SHAQ. The truth is everybody is panicking about the Miami deal and maybe we should or maybe we shouldn't. Lakers get Gasol and we are in the Finals the next 3 years straight. So Wade, Lebron, Bosh could be the same thing. But I'm betting that their egos clash at some point. Maybe it's wishful thinking or maybe it's the soul reason why players don't make super teams like this. Either way I like our chances with Kobe. Let's just play ball and keep our fingers crossed like we always do, it's worked out so far.

@ Dan_NBA - i like how you put TMAC #1 lol since he is the obvious choice here i think...

1. Tracy McGrady- Former NBA Scoring champion, 31 years old. Simply looking at Grant Hill and the career he's been able to build post-injuries makes me want to roll the dice with T-Mac.

I have to chime in again on the Tmac thing, low risk, potential high reward. Resign SB, sign Kurt Thomas for vet minimum, sign Tmac for the remaining 1.7 of the MLE, sign Character and Ebanks, with the cap restraints, that's as good as it gets, team ready to roll towards a 3 peat.


looks great on paper but would NEVER work in the lockeroom.

IS MELO A POSSIBILITY for next year to join forces with Kobe?

Posted by: CURIOUS GEORGE | July 21, 2010 at 10:53 AM

Not unless the Lakers want to do a sign and trade and that will most likely be Bynum. Kobe is going to be 33 and Gasol 31 so a young prospect like Bynum would be more intriguing for Denver should Carmelo declare that he isn't going to return to Denver.

That being said while I would love having Melo here as the true heir to KB don't count on it. Denver does not want to strengthen a conference rival and it isn't the same with Miami (since they had cap room and LBJ/CB would have signed if Cleveland/Toronto refused to do a sign and trade).

@ raiderlaker1980 - only a 3 peat?? i say 10 peat! i mean at least we can do is give Tmac a try, im not 100% on Kurt thomas but if we get TMac ill be happy with that...

and yes sign Ebanks and Caracter with Tmac and/or Thomas and we got a championship team that will blow Miami and turn them into the Meat!

Raiderlaker - i like your style!


looks great on paper but would NEVER work in the lockeroom.

Posted by: yellofever | July 21, 2010 at 11:04 AM

At the point people are so desperate for a signing they would go goo goo gaa gaa if we re-signed William Smush Parker.

They just miss the NBA I suppose.

It wasn't all bad times.

Come back, Kwame!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I AM FOR SIGNING KURT THOMAS and MATT BARNES... as my first options.. in case ur wondering about them...

kurt thomas scouting report: plays bigger than size. rebounds exceptionally well and knows how to get position in post. strong defender. can score on put backs and has nice mid range jumper. a leader.

matt barnes scouting report: energetic with good hands. top tier athlete who provides a spark and can score in spurts. not polished offensively but good rebounder and defender.


To be fair to TMac fans, if he's willing to receive 1.7M which is equivalent to 3.4M to the Lakers that would be a great take. A TMac in the 2nd team is much better than rookie getting playing time under PJ. PJ just don't trust rookies. His Lakers tenure would be more part of his rehab. from a long rest or rust. He has to get back to the groove and playing with Kobe, Gasol, Bynum and Artest could possibly bring back the best in TMac. How to convince him to accept 1.7M outright is the most difficult hurdle to make? Well, as soon as it is reported to BSPN, other teams will double that offer, there we go. Therefore, what I'm saying he has to accept the 1.7m immediately no more if's and but's or get into auction derby.

BTW, isn't it great if we hear before the end of the week that Lakers signed their F/A Brown and Mbenga and invited or locked their two draftees to the preseason? That's manna from heaven, the cupcake now taste like Tiramisu.


Nice post, especially regarding Sasha. He better have a killer year, because judgment day is around the corner and so far he has been found wanting. Bynum is also under my microscope, because I've backed and supported him up and down and now it's time for him to bring his vast potential to complete fruition. If Sasha steps up his game and be that lethal shooter off the bench, then he will make us all forget about why we wanted Mike Miller. If Bynum averages a strong double-double, 2+ bpg and truly becomes our defensive anchor, then no team, including the Miami mice can beat us.

Again, it's all about health and bench production for us this season. Sasha has to be that scorer off the bench to compliment LO, Blake, Shannon?, Ebanks and Caracter. Time to put up or shut.

LAL818.. I'm not 100% on KT either, but I am 300% against Shaq or Kwame lol, so he's probably the best backup C left. and thanks man, we all want what's best for LAL, I say if anyone wants to sign (except Shaq and Kwame) hey welcome aboard the pass the celtics in titles express

1) Sign Shaq

2) Sign TMac

3) If we don't sign Shaq, sign Kwame Brown

4) Sign Caracter and Ebanks

5) Sign Brown

6) I have no clue who to sign as back-up point guard. I guess Sasha and Brown will have to work on their ball handling skills during the offseason.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I am wary of Matt Barnes. He played one great game against Kobe. So what?

He hasn't stayed very long at any one given place. I think he may have attitude/chemistry problems.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K -

I think you've gotten very caught up in "name brand" rather than actual productivity. T-Mac and Kwame are just not very productive players anymore.

I've already given my opinion on Shaq. I think it's wasted breath that we're even talking about him because I don't think there's a snowball's chance in hell he considers the Lakers or that the Lakers consider him.

There are productive guys in this league who are not big names, but because they're not big names, I doubt Lakers fans would be happy if they were signed, depite their high levels of productivity in limited minutes.

Unfortunately, the pickings are getting slim, as evidenced by the fact that DJ Mbenga is probably the 6th or 7th best Center remaining on the market. Still, there are definitely guys who can help the Lakers. Here's my list of the top 10 remaining Centers/Forward-Centers from best to worst.

Shaquille O'Neal
Josh Boone
Rasho Nesterovic
Joey Dorsey
Earl Barron
Anthony Tolliver
DJ Mbenga
Kurt Thomas
Theo Ratliff
Kwame Brown

After these guys, there's no one else I'd really consider. And though Shaq may be the best of the bunch, I'd rather see Josh Boone in a Lakers uni. Sure, he's Ben Wallace bad at the FT line, but he has good hands, finishes around the rim, rebounds VERY well and plays good defense. The knock on him is that he'd rather be great at Playstation than basketball, but there is definitely potential with this guy. I don't know how the league has seemingly forgotten about him.

Don't worry on Sasha, he will be a better player this season because of Anna. He is in the 7th heaven every time he and Anna are posted in celebrity circles here and in Europe. He feels like Tony Parker got the second wind from a hard days game. Since this is the last year of his contract, we will see the best of Sasha, if Lakers dump Sasha in 2011, he could be dumped by the tennis phenom too cuz' Sasha lost his passport in Hollywood. he's no longer cute whenever he wets his eye brows and/or wears a hair net. After his stay with the Lakers, he becomes a ware wolf from Slovenia. lol!


I am befuddled and befixed that you would list Josh Boone as the second best center available.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


It looks like the Lakers brass is pretty confident about the 10 man rotation of the Lakers. No Shannon, no Nothing!


11 Walton - injured

Lakers are having a hard time filling the 12 and 13 spots. Either that or simply confident with their rotation and just being PATIENT waiting for somebody to fall on their lap.


There still


that could be have if the right player comes along.

@ jon k - i like your style but no shaq or kwame plz im with raiderlaker on this im almost 300% on NO to shaq and kwame

@ raiderlaker - agreed on everything you are saying, i say sign Tmac and the rookies and possibly someone else...

@ Edwin Gueco - heres the deal, he is willing to take a pay cut, which means he dosnt care much about the money now, since he wants to win a ring so badly, so i say YES he will take the vets min or 1.7 with no problem. just like Ron ROn he said that he dosnt mind taking a cut in money as long as he plays and competes for a ring. Second, he admires Kobe and wants kobe to lead the team, he has done that in Rockets and Knicks so his tired of playing the batman role he wants to be Robin now... Third, he is willing to sit on the bench and wait for him to get called on. and when that happens its gonna be trouble for the opposite team.. i mean can you imagine a more consistant TMAC and LO... wow i mean even if LO can start getting lazy and get in his awful days of playing, Tmac can take the role and become more aggresive and more domnant because he will be getting more playing time... tmac on the floor creates huge problems for the other teams, he is tall, a good ball handler, can pass, drive in and shoot from pretty much any corner... so he will bring the offensive power to our team when we need it, we needed a more constant bench that can score, we will get that with Tmac, and last but not least since he wont be playing a lot of minutes he wont get injured quick so we can have a health TMAC all season long.... with KOBE, GASOL, BYNUM, FISH, TMAC, ARTEST, LO, EBANKS, CHARACTER, BLAKE, BROWN?, SASH?, WALTON?

maybe not the last 3 but still... once TMAC comes in the equation then the odds are in our favour!

any takers on my idea of TMAC?

I hope the Lakers spend a little dough, and sign Matt Barnes over Shannon Brown. We need some defensive help this year, and he and Ron could be quite the tandem (Not to mention Kobe, and Blake)....
Posted by: TNTLakerfan | July 21, 2010 at 09:41 AM

I'm sure Mitch would pay to get him if he could, but league rules limit us to the balance of the MLE not spent on S. Blake (1.8 Million) as the starting amount. He wants more than that. We can't just pay what we want, there are rules.

Shannon is OUR returning player so we can spend any amount up to 5.8 million per year as a starting salary.

Staples 24,

Caracter is too short to play center. He's a rhino at power forward, but he should not be our center.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The Lakers have struck out on Raja and Lin, and based on the huge contracts given to backup centers this summer (i.e. Darko, Brad Miller), the Lakers will be very fortunate to get either Kurt Thomas or Kwame for less than $1.8 million. Both of these big men would be a great fit, and could easily contribute 10 or more minutes a game. Free agents are going after the money this summer, and at this point, sorry to say, but beggars can't be choosers.

Kwame would be more than just a bench warmer. Let's look at some of the potential opposing playoff centers: Nene, Big Z, Perkins, Oden or Pryzbilla, Haywood, Robin Lopez, and Dwight. Kwame could easily contribute 10 minutes of physical body to body defense against these centers. This team won with defense, and Kwame would only strengthen the defense off the bench. Lamar drastically improved when Gasol joined the team because Gasol took away many of Lamar's responsibilities. Gasol will have the same effect on Kwame. Even if Bynum gets injured again, the offense would go through Gasol in the post, thereby masking Kwame's liabilities on offense.

I mean bench could look like ....




Posted by: raiderlaker1980: I have to chime in again on the Tmac thing, low risk, potential high reward. Resign SB, sign Kurt Thomas for vet minimum, sign Tmac for the remaining 1.7 of the MLE, sign Character and Ebanks, with the cap restraints, that's as good as it gets, team ready to roll towards a 3 peat.

For me, the above scenario would be ideal given the pool of free agents available. Plus, with the addition of TMac, ESPN & PTI can start talking about "Can TMac contribute to the Lakers" etc amidst the non-stop baseball talk that puts me to sleep.

Tracy McGrady worked out for the LA Clippers...Was it a good workout? How does he look? Has anything come out of Clipper camp in regards to TMac's current condition/status?

>>>LongTimeLakerFan - honestly, a healthy Bynum is much better than shaq anyday


So when is the last time that you saw "a healthy Bynum" in the playoffs?

Part of the point is that having Shaq (or Kwame for that matter), would allow the Lakers to play Bynum less minutes during the regular season and thus improve the odds that he'd still be healthy for the playoffs.

So hiring Kwame or Shaq IMPROVES THE ODDS of a healthy Bynum.


>>> Imagine it's the 4th quarter ...

>>>Can you say, HACK-A-SHAQ?

Okay, then the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter.

So, Bynum will have surgery at the end of July, and will be "100%" ready for training camp in October?

His track record suggests Christmas, or maybe the all-star game, is a more likely target date for his return to form.

You know what I find so intoxicatingly scary about this team next year? Pau Gasol, at 28, is entering the prime of his career. Ron Artest at 30 is in his prime,and will have that full year experience it takes to learn the triangle. Kobe Bryant at 31 is still the best player in the nba, we just won 2 titles without a healthy Bynum which we all pray we finally get, AND this team just helped itself by getting 2 first round picks at the end of a 2 round draft LOLLLLL, now sign a couple guys for peanuts and critical positions, and enjoy the this feels good

@ Dan_NBAExpert - agreed with you on that... MM any word. im on the ESPN website and the headline reads " Any Takers?T-Mac, Shaq and AI are still looking for landing spots. Who's interested? " by Marc Stein

so im guessing even tho the clips might have trained there is still no word and any takers but i dont know why lakers FO is lagging the deal to TMAC... even if clips or any other team make a big offer better than the lakers i think he still will take the LAL because he knows hell get a ring there.


If you have any updates on TMAC and the training with clips let us know

1. This is the week, by all accounts, that San Antonio and Richard Jefferson will complete the restructured deal that we’ve all assumed had to be forthcoming since Jefferson stunningly opted out of a $15 million salary for next season on the eve of free agency. The specifics in terms of years and dollars remain unknown, but I’ve been assured that Jefferson will officially be back with the Spurs quite soon.

2. With or without an official deal for Jefferson, Shaquille O’Neal remains by far the biggest available name on the open market … with Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson next in line on reputation. The Mavericks have abandoned the idea of a Shaq signing completely -- “He is out,” according to one team source -- since they have four centers currently on the roster until they can move the very available Alexis Ajinca. Atlanta, then, stands as the only team with a confirmed “live” interest in O’Neal. But Shaq, at last report, still wants assurances of a healthy slice of playing time as well as a salary that starts above the $5.8 million mid-level exception, which can be achieved through a sign-and-trade with Cleveland. No team out there, including Atlanta, is known to be willing to pay Shaq more than $2 million for next season.

3. The Clippers do have legit interest in McGrady and are scheduled to work him out Tuesday. As Clips general manager Neil Olshey told’s Ramona Shelburne last week: "Tracy and I have a good relationship. We've known each other for a long time. He and Baron [Davis] have a good relationship [and] we obviously have a need for playmaking and scoring on the wings.” But sources say that news of the workout being made public was also intended to let the Bulls know that McGrady does have other options, since Chicago is where those close to McGrady say he’d love to land.

by marc stein

so froget shaq, he wants more playing time and good money, the two things lakers cannot afford to do with shaq!

"So hiring Shaq IMPROVES THE ODDS of a healthy Bynum."

Maybe. That's it maybe. A real healthy Bynum can be healthy with or without Shaq maybe!

"So hiring Shaq IMPROVES THE ODDS of a healthy Bynum."

and KOBE PISSED, really PISSED! and it only takes for Shaq to open his big mouth, and it is 2004 all over again!

Shaq went to MIAMI, to beat the Lakers. "Wade is the best 2 guard I have ever played with". Hello Kobe!

Shaq went to SUNS to beat the Lakers.

Shaq went to CAVS to beat the lakers. "Ring for the King"

When Shaquille Oneal could have stayed in Los Angeles, worked hard and stayed in good condition. He did not!

So, why in the heck anybody would want Shaq. Lakers are TWO TIME CHAMPION without him. BYNUM/GASOL/CARACTER can all play CENTER.

He wants full mid level exception and 20 mins a game. Does that sound like a good fit in Lakers big man rotation and salary space?

Where is the Lakers pride in you?

Shaq went to MIAMI, to beat the Lakers. "Wade is the best 2 guard I have ever played with". Shaq went to SUNS to beat the Lakers. Shaq went to CAVS to beat the lakers. "Ring for the King"


The BLACK MAMBA will never agree to it, will you?

Shaq will never be back in the purple & gold... and speaking of people never to be in the purple and gold, hopefully matt barnes is one of them. he's a scrappy player, but he's a punk. the most noteworthy thing he's done in his career is attempt to harass kobe. Ebanks> Barnes.. and isn't a punk.

Bynum averaged 15 pts, 8 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 block per game 2009-2010.

Shaq averaged 12pts, 7 rebounds, 1 assists, and 1 block per game 2009-2010. The Cavs had the best record last season as well.

So please, don't tell me we can't use Shaq on this team because he's fat, out of shape, and too old? As far as the Kobe Shaq rift, there's no concrete evidence that still exists, so we can't speculate on it.

Leave your biases behind and think basketball, please. I didn't like what Shaq did, or the things he said, when he left either. But if he's willing to submit to Kobe and if the price is right, no one knowledgeable about the game can say Shaq wouldn't be worth it as a backup.

But if he's willing to submit to Kobe and if the price is right, no one knowledgeable about the game can say Shaq wouldn't be worth it as a backup.

Two big IF's that are both unlikely.
And no team wants him.
Is there no team in the league that's knowledgeable about the game.

With $1.7 million:

Shaquille O'Neal, $500,000
Tracy McGrady, $500,000
Allen Iverson, $500,000
Elgin Baylor, $200,000 (he deserves a ring)

Actually, instead of Shaq, I'd rather see Wilt on the bench and yes I know he is dead. How about Mikan? Dead. No legs. Probably could still get up the court faster than the Big Over The Hill. I wish he'd retire instead of embarrassing himself; he did lead the Lakers to three titles, but a man has got to know his limitations.

>>>Ron Artest at 30 is in his prime,and will have that full year experience it takes to learn the triangle.
Posted by: raiderlaker1980 | July 21, 2010 at 12:02 PM <<<

I disagree. The Ron Artest of 6-7 years ago (pre-suspension) was much better than the one we see now. Prime Ron Artest was playing lockdown defense and was quite effective acting as the primary playmaker on offense. I think we all cringe when we see Ron try to create on the offensive side these days.

Tony Battie just got a deal with the 76ers - another 3rd string 7 footer gone.

Folks we NEED an experienced 7 footer behind Drew and Pau - to keep our monster height advantage in the middle if either of them is limited by injury. That's our BIGGEST advantage over the Miami cHeats - we won't beat them if Pau has to play C for 48 mins. Caracter is a nice prospect but a joke as a real alternative at this point. He needs a couple years as the 13th or 14th man riding the pine and watching before he's ready - hell even Drew took that and he's way bigger and more talented.

We need to sign DJ or find someone else NOW!



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