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Caught in the Web: Lakers are on the ball when it comes to social media

--The Times' David Wharton details how the Lakers are dominating social media too.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy and Brian Kamenetzky talk free agency in their latest podcast.

--The Detroit Free Press' Mark Snyder highlights what former Michigan forward Courtney Sims has brought to the Lakers' summer league team.

--The Orange County Register's Randy Youngman explains how the Lakers' success influenced Pat Riley's decision to pursue LeBron James.

Check out Shannon Brown in the music video below from Monica's "Love All Over Me."

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius shows a video that captures Kobe Bryant's fundamentals.

Tweet of the Day:"Just dropped Steve and our oldest off at the airport to go to Steve's basketball camp in Maryland. =( I miss them already!!" -- kristenblake2 (Kristen Blake, wife of Lakers guard Steve Blake).

Reader Comment of the Day: I'd personally pay a visit to Andrew Bynum to find out what's taking him so long to get that meniscus tear in his right knee operated on...what's the delay? (There had better be a good reason...) -- jefe101

-- Mark Medina

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Does Jermey Lin have a Twitter he needs to be a Laker. If Kup doesnt pick him up im gonna loose hope in grabbing future talent. We waste money on Sasha Walton and Rad. I mean we gave Smush Parker and Farmar a look. Why cant we bring him in 4 pennies if we really recruit him. Fisher then Blake then Lin future lined up. Lakers 3peat Miami kobe is superman.....NEXT SEASON WE SEEN THIS MOVIE BEFORE?!?!?!?!?! SUPERMAN 2

I will plan for the 2011 season with complete confidence that Phil Jackson will coach the Lakers for a full year and that Kobe Bryant will come back fully refreshed and healthy. If for some reason they can't, I can always find a replacement, with several names at my disposal who will jump at the first opportunity to coach and play for the Lakers, a trusted brand for decades. I am confident that in any possible scenario, the Lakers will always find qualified personnel whenever we need them.

This is the first time I've ever wished I was Monica.... whew - is it hot in here?

Hollywood Brown!

Lakers 3peat Miami kobe is superman.....NEXT SEASON WE SEEN THIS MOVIE BEFORE?!?!?!?!?! SUPERMAN 2Posted by: 805LakersKing | July 18, 2010 at 02:40 PM

Regarding Jeremy Lin...
He impressed me, really. John Wall was owned pretty big. THe kid had the control of the match-up. He predicted most of Wall's moves and that itself was amazing. He attacks the basket, has excellent vision of the court, etc...
Now, the problem here is that the Lakers don't need a PG like him. Simple as that. Besides, the Mavs are not going to trade him at all, after his performance. So regarding the Lakers, Lin is not gonna happen. Sad, as the word to define him is AMAZING.

Magic Phil -

But Dallas didn't draft Jeremy Lyn, so they don't own his rights...They just invited him to their Summer League...

So if I'm not mistaken, he is open to join any training camp he pleases...

But your point is spot on...his style does not compliment the Triangle...but nothing says he can't implement it accordingly...would be great to have another guard than can dribble penetrate...

Hard to find talent like this for .5 mil...

Wasn't Shannon in another music video with Ron Artest...

The Mavs don't own Lin's rights. He's an undrafted/unrestricted free agent. Doubt the Lakers go after him in either case. One nice quarter against a disinterested John Wall isn't going to change that.

Get Down Mr. Brown, I wonder if he got a chance to hit that? WHAT am I outta of line? These are the perks in HOLLYWOOD.

LEWSTRS, you're flat right! Having him would be AWESOME.
One thing that freaks me out is that the NBA style of bball is becoming more and more PG-oriented; but the Lakers is probably the only team that don't need a PG as bad as any other team, due to the triangle-thing...The battle between styles have been fun to watch, with the /_\ winning past 2 titles.

The new nameplates are already up in the Miami locker room. "James 6" and "Bosh 1" have already been installed just down from Wade's cubicle. The proximity of the stars, within about 12 feet of each other, isn't sitting well with Wade, who joked the new arrangement won't work.

It's his lone complaint of the summer.

The Heat kept Udonis Haslem, Joel Anthony and Jamaal Magloire, traded Michael Beasley and added Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Mike Miller. Deals with Magloire and Juwan Howard will be announced later this week. Carlos Arroyo is on the cusp of returning, and James Jones said Sunday that he'll be coming back as well -- even though it'll be at a lower salary.

"I have to come back. This is not something I could pass up," Jones told the South Florida Sun Sentinel. "This is too much of an opportunity to bypass."

In a few days, Miami has gone from a young team to a veteran one with title aspirations.

"When it comes to the top players and the excitement of players, you can't put a price tag on experience and we're bringing that in with guys like Juwan and Big Z and Mike Miller and of course UD coming back," Wade said. "We went last year and the last two years of having a pretty young team of guys. Now we're a veteran-type team."

And that team will have a bulls-eye, Wade said. He expects that when the NBA schedule comes out in a few weeks, teams around the league will check first to see when they're playing the two-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers, then when they'll face the Heat.

There’s many times through-out the game the triangle is not being ran, having a x-factor like Jermey Lin would be great running the point. Changing up the offence would give other teams something to think about. Jeremy, LO. Brown Kobe and Pau, SHOWTIME#2.


Just wondering if there has been a change in the formatting of the LA Times sports page.

On the Times sports page under Lakers Blog the first thread listed is "What would you do if you were Mitch Kupchak for a day?"

In the past when you post a new thread it appears in that spot and the other threads all move down a notch.

Now, one must actually click on "Lakers Blog - Round the clock purple and gold" and then you are taken to the new threads you have posted today.

It took me a while to figure that out.

Is this how it should be or is it just an anomaly on my computer?

Some kid shines in one 1/4 in the summer league and all of a sudden he can be our X factor?

MAGIC PHIL… I think it’s a misconception that a true point guard who can drive and dish wouldn’t be a big asset in the triangle. It’s a skill that we are lacking on this team, guys who can penetrate the paint and cause havoc. Isn’t that exactly what we all kept wanting Farmar and Brown to do? Or how about another player capable of correctly feeding the ball to the post, which I predict is going to be a big advantage of having Blake vs. Farmar and Fisher? Passing is the key to the Triangle working.
The other big misconception always brought in these discussion is not realizing that we don’t even run the triangle offense half of the time. When you count the times we play in transition or isolations or pick and rolls, you start to understand why it is ludicrous to say the Lakers wouldn’t benefit from having a great point guard. LOL. No we don’t NEED one but that is far different from saying you wouldn’t be better with one. Let me count the ways that is wrong. Blake is going to prove that true.
Anyway, I don’t see much benefit from re-signing Brown although I do agree we cannot go into the season with just 4 guards on the roster. Too many injuries and foul situations in the NBA to do that. What we’re talking about here is one of two guys who is going to be the inactive player every game. I would rather have a youngster with potential than a veteran who has already hit his talent ceiling.

Jeremy Lin is young and would be a good PG-in-training.
Even if his style doesn't fit the triangle Lakers, if Phil is gone in a year the Lakers style of play may transition as well.
The Lakers are old at PG.
Breaking in a youngster who has speed, can drive, pass, play D and has potential would be a good move. If he works out imagine how valuable he might be in 2-3 years.
I'd say go for it.

Art - that happens to me all the time.... thought it was normal.

Invite Lin to Lakers 'Kamp Kobe' first before you sign him to a contract.

I would like to see him go against the regulars and see if he has what it takes.

Fatty - Who thought Brown was close to signing a new Lakers contract?

the triangle INCLUDES pick and rolls and isolations. there are many ways to gain advantage over the defense.

i hardly care what Miami is doing. they are a little scary, yes, but to win a championship, one has to defeat EVERYONE. Miami has a long way to go, so do the Lakers in this new season. there's no reason for this Lakers team to fear ANYONE. when and if Miami is met in the finals, they are to be respected, not feared. if anyone should have fear of a team, it should be fear of the Lakers, since the same core group has been in the finals 3 times in a row and has defeated teams that the experts said were unbeatable by the Lakers. right now, even the Clippers are in the hunt. everyone is even. soon, the truth will reveal itself and then we'll KNOW, as opposed to guessing and predicting.

since my last comment seems to have gone into nowhere...

the triangle INCLUDES isolation and pick and rolls. there are many ways to gain advantage over a defense. if the Lakers don't run the triangle, it's guys like Farmar who are responsible. the tringle should set up almost every possible basketball play.

LakerTom, I agree. A fantastic PG can be a good asset, never said it would be "bad" for the triangle.

oops, there it is...hahahaha!

Sorry if this has been posted on the blog, been on the road for a few days.

This writer thinks Lin goes to the Lakers, Dallas, or some East coast team we dare not name.

Dallas feels he's a year away, but definitely an NBA quality player.

Jeremy Lin is considered a borderline NBA talent at best. He went undrafted for a reason. He played one notable quarter of ball in a meaningless summer league game against a passive future all-star. Now you guys are crowning him the Lakers point guard of the future. I don't see it.

I know some bloggers have an agenda to get an Asian baller into the Lakers rotation, and while I have no problem bringing in talent of any race, do you really think this kid is going to have any shot at getting minutes on the defending back-to-back champs? You're really kidding yourselves.


thanks 4 posting that Superman 2 video u had me laughing right now watching that video.

the people that say Lin cant play the triangle to be he could fit in as well as blake will fit in the system. He went to harvard so u know hes a smart kid and plays with heart. A guy said he shine a quarter in summer league, that kid was hooping in the summer league i know what a hooper looks like people my eyes didnt go bad. If u guys wanna keep vets that hit the ceiling LIKE Devon George, Ronnie Tariaf, Brian Cook, Slava Medvadenko, Smush Parker, Kwame Brown, Chris Mihm, Trevor Ariza, Fordan Farmar,Tyron Lue, Shannon Brown. We are nevver gunna be great when kobe retires man i dont wanna be like the Bulls we needs to look to the future. Jermey Lin is more of the future then Jordan Farmar will be and people thought farmar and Bynum was gunna be the truth. WAKE UP Laker Fans i dont wanna be like the Bulls or the Spurs......Kup u better sign him and Bring him in with Caracter aNd Ebanks ASAP

@805LAKERSKING, Yeah that is some funny ISH! But still I dig it! LMAO!

Our team struggle this past season when DFish couldn't make open shots in the triangle environment. Adding a true PG to our team won't hurt the Lakers at all. Perhaps the first team can run the triangle offense and let loose the second team with a true PG such as Blake and/or Lin.

I know I speak for all Heat fans when I say NOBODY wants Arroyo focking up this team, also most Heat fans are luke warm at best wanting James Jones back. Posted by: Garrett Kall | July 18, 2010 at 05:00 PM
And the LakersBlog is interested in this because?

Kevin Ding just tweeted this a short time ago...

D-Wade to Fanhouse if Heat loses a couple games in row: "You all are going to make it seem like the World Trade is coming down again. ..."

Are you kidding me? Has the whole bunch been infected with LBJ's ego? Any comparison of the Miami Heat to the World Trade Center is beyond tasteless. OMFG!

And another Ding tweet quoting Wade...

"... But it's not going to be nothing but a couple basketball games. When schedule comes out, people will be looking for Lakers and Heat."

The 3 Am Egos are so full of themselves it makes me puke. Dear Lord, this group is determined to be absolutely insufferable.

I'm counting on the 2010-2011 Lakers to remind the Am Egos every single day who the real champions are. The Heat haven't won a single game yet and the Am Egos still haven't won a ring they share. Bleccchhhhhhh!

Rick - Wade really said that??? Really??? OMG - what a classless punk. Insufferable is too good a word for them. The hate I feel for them borders on Celtic hatred. It may even end up being worse. I can't wait for this season to start. I need to see them get beaten. Badly. Their blood & snot on the court badly. Even that is too good for them. You know - I'm trying to stay classy here, but they're making me want to watch season ending injuries happen to them. You know?

I’m beginning to agree with some of the Bloggers who urge caution when looking at Miami.
Yeah, were The Freakin LA Lakers and we own 16 Rings, but don’t play these young boys from the East in Miami cheap. I remember another LA team who met a young Bulls team that had never won anything and that Bulls team beat LA for the Championship and went on to 3 Peat. That LA Team was full of great stars also But The Bulls team had the up and coming MJ & Scottie Pippen. This Heat Team is not messing around. They are acquiring players like there is no tomorrow. I still feel we can take them, but if we take them just a little bit lightly they will kick our @zz, believe it!! Yeah Lebronze is Princess Jimmy and all that ISH, once upon a time MJ was the Princess Jimmy of the League until one day he sat up & said you know what I’m sick of getting the ISH kicked out of me and from that arose the Dual 3-Peat Bulls. Princess Jimmy is at that stage now. The only question Is does he have the heart. DWade has the heart. yeah he may be a punk, but he's a punk with a ring and that changes you. If he can transfer even a little of that heart to Princess Jimmy We better get ready for war. Well that’s just my humble opinion.


All we need is lebron to miss a shot or blow a game in the clutch situation. Then wade gunna tell him I TAKE THE SHOTS i make it happen i have the RING. Then next game Lebron still wants to prove hes KING JAMES and does it again. Wade and Lebron argue and its gonna be a WORST DRAMA then Shaq and Kobe. Sportcenter gunna hype it up and put Heat on the situation. They will try and out do each other and its gunna be great to watch. Lebron and Wade dont have great jumpers in my opinion and they both need the ball to be affective and go off the dribble. yeah Lebron has a lot of assists but he always has the ball thats why. N folks Chris Bosh is not a HALL A FAMER he just isnt and stop hyping him up as such. He is a softy in the paint and people LOVE to say Gasol is soft well Bosh is as soft as baby popo. Enjoy the Miami Drama getting Heated up next year

folks Chris Bosh is not a HALL A FAMER he just isnt and stop hyping him up as such. He is a softy in the paint and people LOVE to say Gasol is soft well Bosh is as soft as baby popo. Posted by: 805LakersKing | July 18, 2010 at 05:40 PM
LMAO!!!! Preach LakersKing, Preach!

Hey guys we got a new post up


Hey guys we got a new post up Posted by: Mark Medina | July 18, 2010 at 05:46 PM
Doggone it, I wanted to say it!


Here's a link to that other video....

Must be nice to be young and a Laker!

Must be nice to be young and a Laker! Posted by: bronxlakerfan | July 18, 2010 at 06:02 PM
You got that ISH right Bronxlakerfan!!!

You know - I'm trying to stay classy here, but they're making me want to watch season ending injuries happen to them. You know? Psted by: justanothermambafan | July 18, 2010 at 05:25 PM
You're always classy JustAnotherMambaFan,

Mamba24....My man!!!! Welcome back!!!

you knuckheads,
regarding Jeremy Lin, and even same applied to Sun Yue.....
he would be a project, postings have said that it's your core of your top 7-8 players by playoff, deep why not take the chance to look at some out of the ordinary players.....No, Lin is not expected to be Nash and take over Fisher's and Blake's job, he's a guy that could learn with time. Harvard grad vs. no grad Kwame tells me the results would be different. Sun Yue, could have played the 1-3 positions in the future. A guy like Jeremy Lin, hey, he played division 1 at a small school, so so did Stockton and Nash and a guy named Brian Shaw. Do not hold his ethnicity against him. Run it like a company, have a plan and implement it. Obviously the plan is to attack and try in the next 4-5 years that we have of Kobe's greatness to bring back as many championships as we can. When Kobe is gone, there will not be a replacement drafted by us, or anyone else who we can get. There is only one Bean. If Lin looks like he has something, try to pick him up, he could be used in practice as the small guard on opposing teams that always spin the heads on our guards and for some reason unknown to me Bynum and Gasol and LO can't rotate over to cover fast enough.
Jeremy is a California kid, I'm sure he would take a tad less to play for LA than to play for Cleveland, or whoever, he won't have to buy as many winter clothes.
Think of what will happen when our core reaches the 4 year panicking now, you'll be needing to change your undies then. Think about now, don't forget about later. Only one more year of Phil's games and we may have some reasonable development around here, nothing against his ability to bring home the trophy, he's absolutely the greatest coach ever, but he lives for the moment, as he professes to his players, and that brings championships. He leaves it up to mitch to give him players for now, not for later......Mitch needs to think about later, because when there's no Bean left, we're going to be chomped on by the Clippers!!!!!!!

I think Jeremy's game fits a team like the Suns or Warriors moreso than the Lakers. His game definitely is suited for the open court what with his passing and athleticism. Having said that, I think he's a low risk low reward type of player. I think he's a good 3rd string PG you bring into the game when you want to protect the lead. He will make good decisions with the ball and will find the open man.

I know u guys see Lin do the slice move thru 2 defenders on a pick and roll a couple times like it was easy for him. Dwayne Wade, Kobe and Derrion Williams always make that move it is vicious if u can master it.


"regarding Jeremy Lin, and even same applied to Sun Yue....."

Please don't compare Lin to Yue simply because they're both Asian. In that video Lin pulled off moves that Yue would NEVER be able to accomplish.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Again, the Lakers are already in contract talks with Lin -- so clearly they're interested and think he can play within the triangle. He's a true combo guard whose slashing skills and defense are already NBA-caliber, even if his handle and passing touch need more work. If nothing else, he would be an immediate upgrade for Vujacic.

The disparaging comments about Jeremy Lin are ignorant fans who have never actually seen the kid play. Anyone who sees him play becomes a fan and know he can play at the NBA level. I've watched Jeremy Lin since his college career against players drafted in the 1st round, and he is NBA legit.

What else does Jeremy Lin have to do to prove he belongs in the NBA? He outplayed John Wall in the summer league, and was one of 20 college finalists for the John Wooden (best DI player) and Bob Cousy (best DI point guard) awards. Simply due to race, he was California's only HS State Player of the Year in history who wasn't offered any college DI basketball scholarships. He keeps getting no respect his entire career, and is the biggest sleeper in this year's crop of rookies.

The comments about Jeremy being less athletic are completely bogus, lazily made simply because he's Asian American. Lin has been the most athletic player on the Mavericks summer team, with eye popping spin moves, out-rebounding other guards, and getting steals and blocks no other guard is able to do.

Jeremy Lin is the most productive and efficient per-minute player on the Mavericks summer team for scoring, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks. He's shooting 55% from the field, and 66% from 3-point land. His last game he took only 6 shots and scored 12 points. His game is legit, he can play with the best.

Even though he showed he can hold his own (if not dominate) against the #1 overall draft pick John Wall, he still has a TON of potential to grow, and the sky's the limit for him. He is learning more every single game. He is clearly a much more intuitive and natural backup point guard than Roddy or Barrea.

For those naysayers pointing out the turnovers, those will cut down the more experience he gets. John Wall had 8 turnovers for 2 straight games leading up to the Mavericks matchup, for some perspective. Lin also has less total and less per-minute turnovers than Roddy does.

Shannon Brown was also in a Toni Braxton video. The perks of being in LA.

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