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Caught in the Web: Lakers' weekend links


-- The Orange County Register's Janis Carr reports that Ron Artest's rap single, "Champion," is featured in NBA2K11.

-- Pro Basketball Talk's Kurt Helin likes the Lakers-Celtics rivalry synopsis presented in the Lakers' Championship DVD

-- ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky outlines Shannon Brown's options.

-- Yahoo Sports' Marc Spears and Adrian Wojnarowski rank the winners and losers during free agency.

--'s Mike Trudell looks at Kobe Bryant's three-point shooting this past postseason.

-- Longtime sportswriter and author Don Yaeger explains at how Magic Johnson became a successful businessman.

-- Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore grades Derek Fisher's play this season.

-- Forum Blue and Gold's Phillip gives some quick-hit thoughts on the offseason.

Tweet of the Day: "RIP Lorenzen Wright. I was blessed to know him." -- RealLamarOdom (Lakers forward Lamar Odom)

Reader Comment of the Day:"love our off-season so far. the Steve Blake signing was all i had asked for this season in addition to retaining Brown and Fisher. the Barnes move is ok considering the toughness he brings to the table. Farmar never fit the system anyway and should do pretty well in New Jersey i think. i would've liked to have gotten Bell as another defensive stopper but oh well. also i love the upside of our draft picks after watching summer league. Ebanks is an Ariza clone, which is great and Caracter is the hustler we so desperately need off the bench. i feel the Ratliff deal was fairly irrelevant but he can at least do what Mbenga did for us. i feel like we addressed our most glaring need, bench production and intensity. i mean i cringed every time the second unit went in because they would constantly blow double digit leads and Phil would always leave them in to "let them work it out" as he puts it. then Kobe has to come in and play hero for us to win. i feel like we have to still be the favorites either way you look it regardless of what everyone else is doing. Artest has a full year of the triangle under his belt, Odom has big games when we need them, and hopefully Bynum can stay healthy. the other guys go without saying." -- SoCoolCurt

--Mark Medina

Photo: Lakers guard Shannon Brown remains in negotiations with the team. Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times.

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My Dream scenario for the 2011 Lakers

* Let Shannon sign w/ the NYK for more cash and playing time

* Move Sasha's contract the best cap clearing deal possible

* Do a private workout w/ TMAC and Kobe and sign him if healthy to a vet min deal

Starting lineup

PG - TMAC (He could play the Ron Harper role and get 30 mins per)
15ppg/ 5rbs/ 5ast

SG - MAMBA (He would take the assignment of guarding quicker guards - Westbrook, D. Williams, CP3 , Wade, Rondo, etc.
28ppg/5rbs/5ast MVP of the league

SF- TRU WARRIOR (Arguably the best defensive 3 in the game)
11ppg/ 5rebs/2 stls

PF - PAU WOW!! (Arguably the best 4 in the game)

C- YOUNG DREW (Breakout season and 1st All Star appearance)
17 ppg/10rbs/ 2blks

Second unit

PG - Fish 6ppg/2ast/1stl
SG- Blaker 6 ppg/3ast/1stl
SF- Krazy Barnes 6ppg/4rebs/1stl
PF- LO Goodz - 8ppg/7rebs/3ast
C- Theo blocks - 2ppg/ 4rbs/ 2blks
SF- Ebanks - 2ppg/ 2rebs/ 1ast
PF -Caracter - 2ppg/ 3rebs
Luke - OUT FOR SEASON - Lakers get cap break for his unfortunate injury

The Lakers would be the best defensive team in the league and the highest scoring team in the league just ahead of Miami

hey guys, unless there is any breaking news. this will serve as the only post of the day. try to see if you can break the 500 comment mark





497 to go

Good move Mark. This lets the conversations ferment (good, no?) while you get to work on whatever the heck you work on on Saturdays.

And I wonder if Shannon will be able to turn down that big money the Knicks are offering. He's looking at 16-20 million from NY compared to 4-6 million from LA. A nice diamond ring is only worth so much.


Enjoy your weekend MM, you deserve a vacation. I hope your surgery is doing fine.

If Shannon walks away, I hope Lakers will not trade Sasha rights and our 1st rd draft pick just to get a headache loonie tune, D'West. (We already have a DFish blogger, no need of another D'West. lol!) It is enough to have RonRon, Matt, don't another character that will add to the mix. Lakers become a reformatory place for the NBA outcast. We are successful in RonRon because he got the attention he was longing for a long and achieved it with the Lakers plus the dream ring. Matt followed suit, sacrifice the dough but want to get ring as well. To make it three in a row will be a poison to the Lakers chemistry. Let us trust Sasha, he will deliver the bacon on his last season. If not, there is always the February trading deadline and get out of the flux in paying an undeserving player luxury taxes at the end of the season.

Mitch, lets give Shannon Brown the ultimate offer 10M 3 yrs., if he does not like the offer.....bye, bye sign Caracter and Ebanks and move on to the preseason mode.

Edwin Gueco

I agree 3 yrs 10mill max....but I think they should consider signing another player.....Flip Murray, Roger Mason, Tmac , etc. However Sasha is a "contract season shooter" so could put up career numbers to get over paid for another 5 seasons of mediocrity.


Like Turiaf, Shannon may take the money to the big apple however I said earlier, this is a temporary stay. Their ultimate goal is to get Paul or Parker and Felton slides to the 2nd unit. If Shannon sticks with the Lakers, Sasha's contract expires next year, Fisher may not be as effective he is on the 2nd year of contract. Lakers are at its peak, lots of veterans and less youth. If he stays, he and Drew will be the youngest player that will eventually grow with the matured team. When Kobe, Gasol and Artest have reached their peak, who will inherit the future? Shannon should be a visionary player than just looking the cash dangled in front of him. For sure, his agent will be telling him to go to NY to get a higher commission than the Lakers offer. The question is: Is this a good offer for Shannon in the long run?

Post #10

Mr. Medina, meet Mr. Murphy. Mr. Murphy's law is that since you hope this will be the only post of the day, all hell is likely to break loose. (Although for your sake, I hope not.)

Edwin Gueco is right regarding NY. He will be used in the trade for CP3 & Melo, so he'll leave NY anyway...

Enjoy the game,

I answered the TMac in the other thread. Well, here is the problem Enjoy the Game, Lakers are already in luxury taxes beyond on what they have last season. The reason why they wanted to take Sasha off is to save money, save money for Shannon or save money to beef up the profit margins of JB. To add a veteran, that would be 2.6M including taxes. How many minutes will that veteran play? Therefore, I suggested why don't they get a good shooter from the D'League, Euro League at minimum rookie contract. Don't you think we can name at least 10 players available today who can shoot two 3's if they're given a playing time of say 2 minutes. That's what Lakers should be looking for, the "help" player or push button player who can readily turn the switch ON.


That Yahoo video link has about 5 consecutive good videos about the Lakers and LeBron and all that madness.

I actually get more and more excited with each video of LeBron and Bosh partying somewhere across the country, because it just widens the gulf they're going to have to eventually cross to get back to where they need to be to win a ring. You don't win from a luxury suite or the owner's box, and I for one am glad the guys in Miami don't know this. This really enhances our chances of completing this threepeat.

But we NEED home court, and we can't depend on the 5th or 6th seen knocking out the top seed again this year. We need to get and keep the best record asap.

Breakfast on me:


the t-mac/ron harper analogy is a good one. ron harper came into the league as a player that could almost match jordan in terms of style of play and scoring ability. injuries took him off that path and he became a great role player with the bulls and lakers.

t-mac came into the league as someone who could compete with kobe in all facets of the game. injuries have definitely slowed him down but maybe he can become the new ron harper and thrive as a role player.

Thanks for the props Magic Phil, Shannon must be in great stress at this time. He is wanted by many teams and could not make up his mind. It is really understandable if he takes the NY offer because of the economic situation and the threat of lockout. I wish someone here could tell us the scenario if there is a lockout next season. What happens to the contract? Will they get some deductions for every single day of the lockout period?

Another way of retaining Shannon, Kobe and Fisher should talk to him and explain the ramifications of both deals. If Shannon balks and tells them in return, can you forsake some of the millions you're enjoying and fill the gap? What will Kobe and Fisher say? Never mind, you can go to the city that never sleeps and enjoy those sleepless nights. lol!

Shannon should take the money in New York. He'll be guaranteed somewhere in the range of $10 million more over the next 4 years, live in a great city, and he'll likely be a starter on a team with Amare Stoudamire and an up tempo style.

By leaving, he'll be much richer, and his game will be far more developed (by playing starter rather than reserve minutes). Moreover, he will be about 27 years old and in his prime when this contract runs out, and he will have put up FAR better numbers in D'Antoni's offense and therefore be a much more highly sought after free agent the next time around.

Laker fans understand how important rings are, but Shannon has two of them already. The Knicks give him the chance to get paid (overpaid, probably...), get playing time, get better at his game, and get the kind of numbers and attention that make his next contract vastly more lucrative than what his next deal will be if he sits behind Kobe for 3 more years....

Anyone like Shutter Island? I'm watching it now. There's some weird things happening, some odd comments that make me think this might be a Dr Calagari type film, where you can't trust the narrator because he's insane.



Edwin Gueco

Again I appreciate your opinion but again I disagree .... If the Lakers are able to move Sasha and Shannon decides to go NYK, Mitch will probably add a viable backup for Kobe..... A solid player who could play around 13 mins ...While your D League option makes sense from a financial perspective, trusting a D Leaguer or unproven rookie as a backup to MAMBA could be mistake should Kobe miss time b/c of injury. In reality Kobe/Lakers have 3 more seasons to dominate the league and then younger powerhouses such as Miami, OKC, NYK??, will change the complexity of the game (if Miami hasn't already).....The team the Lakers will possibly face and defeat in the Finals in Miami will be a different challenge from the Last 2 chips. IMO the strategy is about maximizing the millions Dr. Buss spends not necessarily avoiding point is if 2.6million spent helps the Lakers to 3 peat then I think they'll do it . After all we are talking about a team that paid Morrison, Powell, DJ, Farmar, approx. 10 mill +....that same cash was used this year to render: Blaker, Theo, Barnes, Ebanks, Caracter, ???? - possibly a vet ....maximizing Busses millions and refortifying the Laker dynasty....

thanks bro

If Shannon leaves for the Knicks, do the Lakers still try and dump Sasha's contract and sign a minimum guy at the 2 position or is Sasha now deemed to valuable to lose?

You have a point there, ETG. I'm only quoting what Mitch has been saying on their objective this season. Save money and at the same time improve the 2nd unit. Replacing Kobe would be platoon substitution either Sasha or Barnes if Shannon re-signs elsewhere. What is good about Sasha is his familiarity with the triangle and in substituting Kobe? Secondly, it is only 4 months trials if he does not pan out by February, he is gone. we can always get the player you were referring at. IMO, by playoff time, PJ will only play 8 players and 9 the most. The 10th, 11th and 12th are really insurance if someone gets injured.

The only problem I have in too many new players who are not familiar with the Lakers dynamics is the camaraderie, chemistry and playing in the triangle. Can you imagine a situation where a player disrupt the good relationship if he tries to get into locker room fight with Artest or anybody? Well, I think we already added three new guys plus two rookies, to add more veterans with a superstar attitude but low pay would turn the team into combustible state or with"chop suey" menu haha .... just trying to be funny!

Edwin Gueco

Totally Agree, However the Lakers have the best locker room leadership arguably in sports. If a player pulls an Isaiah Rider, then he'll get reprimanded and ousted. Any player who plays w/ the Lakers is privileged!! As the great John K says....we play for RINGS!!! Shannon, Flip Murray, Tmac, Roger Mason would all fit in nicely IMO.... Either way baring injury the Lakers will three peat ....players have to decide between the rings and more millions


I keep reading the calls for us bringing in T-Mac. Here is the issue. last year T-Mac was in a contract year. Was scouted probably by every team in the league and NOBODY wanted him. He has had several private work outs, the Bulls being the latest. And NOBODY wants him. This kind of tells me that he's done. Even at the minimum. If he had game left the Knicks would have signed him after they didn't get Labron. The Bulls could have really used him after trading Hinrich and not getting Wade or Labron. He's done. Seriously.


I there anyone out there besides Tmac or Roger Mason Jr. that would be a good fit to replace Sasha\Brown? I don't think that the Lakers are that high on Tmac because they would have taken a look at him when he was out here working out for the Clips.

I think UPS will take the money and go to NY. I know
I would.

Since Kobe's backup never gets much tick, I would sign Ebanks and give him the job. If he develops slowly, you can easily put Barnes in his place.

MM - enjoy your vacation. You deserve it!

Wes - I thought Shutter Island was good. Nice suspense and not totally predictable.

I don't think the Lakers can count on other teams self destructing. We should be prepared to man up and handle our business on the court.

The difference in the Harp and TMac analogy is Harps was always a committed defender.


Tmac has never been accused of being a great defender thats for sure - lol

good thing is Matt Barnes and TRU may be the best defensive SF tandem in the league.

Mark, I alway wanted less topics per's always good to try something new....

I was lucky, through a friend in the medical profession, to view a film ( taken for insurance reasons I was told) of Phil Jackson’s consult with his doctors to determine whether or not he could coach another year. Coach Jackson, as we know, was concerned about pain and swelling in his lower legs caused by plantar fasciitis, two hip replacement surgeries in the last 4 years and clogged arteries which required an angioplasty in 2003.

Unfortunately I am unable to share the video, but here is a partial transcript:

DOCTOR: Well coach, we have looked at your tests and your hips and legs look like they are responding very well. The heart tests are mostly good, but I want to do a few tests here, run you through some motion tests, before we give you the go ahead.

PJ: Great.

DOC: First I want you jump out of your chair and run to the other side of the room and back.

PJ: What does that have to do with me being able to coach?

DOC: Well, you know, like you are chasing an official or trying to get the attention of a player.

PJ: I don’t run up down the sideline when I coach.

DOC: You don’t? Really? Okay, then let’s try this one. I want you to get up from your chair and sit back down. We’ll do about 40 of those and monitor your heart and see how your hips do.

PJ: Get out of my chair?

DOC: Yes. You know, like you are standing up and shouting instructions to your team.

PJ: Why would I stand up? Doc, you know I don't play anymore right? I just coach.

DOC: Umm, well, don’t all coaches stand up?

PJ: Not me.

DOC: Well then, maybe we could just do a heart stress test with you sitting in your chair and gesturing and yelling.

PJ: I don’t really do those things.

DOC: What do you do then?

PJ: I mostly make jokes with my assistants, but not as much now with Rambis gone. Ha. He was a funny guy. I miss him. I do whistle sometimes.

DOC: You whistle? Well, you are certainly in good enough shape to whistle. Do you have trouble sitting for long periods or getting in and out of chairs?

PJ: No, I sit in a special high chair. I don’t really have to get up or down.

DOC: So what exactly am I testing you for? My grandmother could do this job. I thought you had to actually coach or something.

PJ: Well, as the Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Perce once said…

DOC: I really have to go now. Good luck next year.

Art Fl,

To answer your wish that someday MM will put up a thread with regards Lakers flaws or mistakes....actually we always have that kind of conversation. Just read the comments of this blog after a Lost Game. Every fan becomes a coach of what did not happen or what this player did not do. And if the Lakers with one pt., all the mistakes and flaws have been forgotten and forgiven, on to the next game as we witness the same flaw. Another row of angry fans trading the whole 2nd unit for a draft pick at the middle of the play offs. lol! We won the Championship by only 4 pts. and it was Fisher, Artest plus the two shots of Sasha who made the difference at the end game....again we feel good, we are the Champs. LMAO that's the lakerholism in the Lakers Blog, mistakes are forgiven as long as you win.

"The difference in the Harp and TMac analogy is Harps was always a committed defender.

Posted by: LRob | July 31, 2010 at 10:41 AM"

...and he knew the triangle extremely well.

...God's point about Shannon being about 27 years old when the contract that he will sign with the Knicks/Cavs/Lakers runs out is a good point....I think that in the years in-between he could continue to develop his game, and would be in position to sign for a pretty decent contract. His playing time will expand with each year if he continues his improvement with the Lakers. He's loved in LA, in NY and Cleveland they're only going to be using him. The point about NY would shed him for another "Summer Madness 2011" is probably true....does he really want to pick up and move again.....Look, he's got 2 rings, he's made a few million, and the Lakers are not offering him an insulting contract, probably....I mean if they are willing to shed Sasha, never one of my favorites, but he does serve a purpose, goes to show how much the Lakers covet him (well, they're probably gonna consider shedding Sasha regardless)...The point about playing with Kobe and the Lakers is something of value. He should talk to Matt Barnes about what it's like being a "journeyman"....Barnes is a pretty decent player and the fact that he never got a solid contract eludes me. I know the talk about attitude, but still, it's what he does on the court that counts, and he's always been pretty decent for the dollar on the court. It was said that to date Barnes had not made $10 mill in his career, and he's 30 y.o., well that sounds bad, but $10 million is not chump change...and coming to the the Lakers will fulfill his dream, I say that we don't shed Sasha, but we let him play his contract year, and sign him to a lesser contract the next time around...his knowledge of the offense and the city, hey, who knows, maybe when Kobe decides to hang up his KB XIII's (5 shoe now, plus 8 more years), Sasha could easily fill that position by then, and before then when the injuries start to creep into the equation, I think continuity is important, eventually they will shuffle the deck so much that the cards fly out of their hands....go with the winning formula, and Buss needs to ask himself....did you make any money last year??? Did your legacy grow??? A few more trophies and the Celtics legacy will fade, as people don't care about #2 (even though "he tries harder", as they say).....

Has anyone thought how Sasha must be feeling right now?

Elation high from the Championship and now strongly rumored to be a Lakers salary dump to whatever team will take the deal.

And now, he might be saved if Shannon signs with New York.....or not.


"Kobe decides to hang up his KB XIII's (5 shoe now, plus 8 more years)"

~~If Kobe reaches that pinnacle, I hope he will help the bloggers who have been cheering for him all these years. They exhibit their passion in print day in and day out, defending Kobe at all cost yet don't make any money from the side from Kobe. Like Mamba24, KB Blitz, Justa all talk of Kobe's delight from morning to sundown, yet not a grain of salt is passed on to these passionate Kobe followers. At least the Cosa Nostra or drug dealers have a better deal, if you help and defend them, get share of the percentage of the loot. Problem, your life is in danger with that loot. With Kobe, he takes all the money while the fans get those blown kisses during the parade after 4 hours of waiting. LMAO!

With Kobe, he takes all the money while the fans get those blown kisses during the parade after 4 hours of waiting. LMAO! Posted by: Edwin Gueco | July 31, 2010 at 11:43 AM
Good Morning Edwin! Lol! Just being priviledged to be able to view the G.O.A.T. is all I need my brother. Kobe gives back when he risks arthritis for the rest of his life so the Lakers can have HCA througout the playoff. When he plays with busted fingers, sprained backs, strained ligaments. Kobe is a one in a Billion Athlete and it is an honor to support him. Of course I speak only for myself & KB Blitz , Justa & others may have their own oppinions. I hadn't intended to do anything more than take a peak at the Blog this weekend but I had to respond to your piece. So my Mentor have a Good Weekend and Oh by the way don't take my Post the wrong way I have to say your Post was...OUT FREAKIN STANDING SIR!!!!

The fact that Shannon Brown is still considering the Lakers after receiving a better offer from NY shows how much he has enjoyed being with the team. Frankly speaking, the opportunity in NY should sound way more appealing to him - more money and more playing time to showcase his talents. Rings only mean so much when you play a minimal role in winning.

I like both Sasha and Shannon. If Shannon re-signs, one of them will have to take a significantly reduced role on the team. Shannon brings athleticism to the backcourt, which we currently lack, but I'm confident that Sasha can produce for us if he's given enough time on the floor. Both bring different strengths to the team, so at this point, it's really a tossup.

SHannon, don't go to NY, they will trade you next season in a package for Melo & CP3. You'll ended up in Denver or NO.

The fact Kobe tried to lure Raja Bell to the Lakers tells me that he didnt trust either Shannon or Sasha as his main backup. He wanted to have a veteran whom he can trust. If I read Mitch's mind, he too wanted to sign a proven backup SG and trade Sasha for future consideration and let Shanno go. But after unexpectdly signed Barnes, he now wants to sign Shannon as the best option (since Barnes can also play as backup SG, it is not a bad option to have both Shannon and Barnes as backup SG) or will trade Shasha for veteran if Shannon leaves.

Well, I'm probably not going to be around much today, so here's my best try at contributing to hitting 500;

Luke Walton is a great player, he is more valuable to the Lakers than Kobe Bryant, his salary was a great move, and I think he needs a lot more playing time in crunch time.

Andrew Bynum has already achieved more than more Laker's centers. He is definitely better than Dwight Howard, he doesn't need to have a breakout season this year because his last season was really why we won the title. He is underpaid, and we could probably try to trade Pau Gasol for Carmelo Anthony, or maybe Al Harrington because with the way Drew plays we just don't need Pau anymore.

Derek Fisher is a talented and great athlete, but a locker room cancer. We should be able to trade him for a great character like a JR Smith or Delonte West who can really stabilize our locker room and not make Kobe upset like Fish always does.

The Earth is flat, and anyone who says otherwise is a delusional Laker Hater who probably loves Lebron James, Tom Heinsohn, and Gray Davis.

KB Blitz and hobbitmage, I don't believe any of your arguments because they are too short and don't offer enough random statistics.

Somebody just said something bad about justa.



phred took the white table....some take the blue...

shannon has a lot of "bunny" but that's all he has. he can't shoot and his best plays are getting alley oops or when he has an open run to the basket - he's too 1 dimensional. he should take the money in ny and take a starting spot on d'anton's run & gun offense. he can get to the basket during those fast breaks with amar'e and really cause some havoc. then the team can dump sasha's contract and ease up on some cash. we have enough to win w/o sasha and brown. besides, they won't help if and when bynum goes down for the season again. with those two gone, if there's something that can be done to improve the team before next year's trade deadline, i'm sure buss wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger because IN BUSS WE TRUST!! GO LAKERS!


LMAO that's the lakerholism in the Lakers Blog, mistakes are forgiven as long as you win.

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | July 31, 2010 at 11:26 AM


Yeah, you're right, I forgot all about that stuff. That was a funny but pretty accurate post, thanks.

I think Kobe playing with the busted finger was Phil's "NOW" speech, having gotten to I said the window that we have of "Kobe-Time" is not indefinite, his years of greatness may be 2-5 years, he could still play beyond that but he would not be the best that he he ages, those injuries and aches and pains and mileage.........and all that working out, to get that body that was about 190 lbs when we drafted him to a 205 lb strong ass dude that can hold his own against guys that have 30 lbs on him will have all contributed to the decline that will come. Yes he gambled by playing with badfinger and he won that gamble, I'd say that he won't win every gamble in the future, so at one point or another he's going to have to pick and choose his fights, and that's why we need both Shannon and Sasha to hold down the fort till the the bright lights are turned I said BOTH Shannon and Sasha, hey, all you Laker fans who cheered during the playoffs and parade, where are you now??? That's why I hate people who jump on and off the bandwagon...
OK, here's a wild one, people donate all the time, there are alot of Laker fans out there worldwide, everyone write a check to the poor Buss family and see if they cash it....$1, $5, $10.....I'm going to do it just to have it endorsed as it is cashed.....then I'll sell it on EBAY.....oh, better use a bank check, don't want my personal checks floating around......

Shannon Brown, did you watch what happened to Ariza??? Yes he got more money than you're going to get, but long term, what do you think??? I bet he's out of the league in 6 years..... (tortaise vs hare)....

Adam Morrison..... no comment. Good luck. At least he didn't spend all his money on clothes because those suits he was wearing......uh.....

Raja Bell, does anybody think that he has 3 years of Kobe-approved level of play left in him??? I don't, maybe one....but not I'm glad he "faced" us and we got Barnes who has probably at least 5 years of game left, which is the Kobe-Window.....

As much as they are criticized, I have to give the NYK's credit for cleaning up their decade of mess in a 2 year span....They have approx 28 mill available in expiring contracts next summer...which will no doubt make them the next super team...... Carmelo, Tony Parker/CP3 , Amare, is a heck of a big three and they will have a better supporting cast than Miami....As mentioned, If Shannon chooses the NYK he will be trade bait or a deal sweetener for next seasons FA deals. Hopefully Shannon is prepared for this possibility. He could resign with the Lakers and win a 3rd ring or be a rental player for the NYK's (more money but far from stability and security)

my response to the tmac done was said in his last workout with the bulls,and i quote,the work0out lasted 1hour,in that time frame tmac shot the ball really well.his conditioning was allright.the only negative mentioned was he lacked some explosiveness,but did show improvement.his terrible comments made to the chicago media is finally what convinced the bulls he wasnt the right firt at this feeling is tmacs injury takes time to fully heal.usally anywhere from 18 to 24 months.he is now around the 16,time if tmac works hard,and can continue to show improvement,the lakers would,or could be missing the final piece to get there 3rd title in a row.currently,tmac has said he wants to play for the lakers,miami,clippers,celtics,
i say,there seems to be little risk,and could possible be high rewards,or no rewards,but, tmac will be back in the nba .u can count on that.he is not retiring yet,sorry to dissapoint u micheal!

I was reading back through the old posts from the beginning of the blog circa 2005 and found some entertaining stuff. So just for fun, hopefully this willbring a laugh or two.

These are from the 2005-2006 season, not really 'the good old days'.

Team unity:

The whole squad needs to get together at any and all available opportunities for some intensive shooting drills. Watching on the internet play-by-play where they instantly put up a shot chart, I almost vomited in my mouth at the number of misses. Before Lamar and Sasha put on that run at the end, we'd only made like four shots outside the key. These guys are pros? At what? This is the part in the movie where the whole team goes out together, gets wasted, gets in a huge bar brawl, gets locked up in a urine-soaked cell together where they can come to a better understanding of who they are and maybe, MAYBE, perform a well-choreographed Motown routine led by Luke Walton.

Posted by: madism | November 30, 2005 at 02:07 PM


That was the greatest post in the history of blog posts.We need to come up with an intricate plot to somehow get then entire Lakers team arrested drunk and crab infested in Tijuana. We'd, of course, bail them out the next morning, but after a night spent together in a urine-soaked Tijuana jail, I think team chemistry will be at an optimum level!

Okay, guys! We need to get to work.

I think we're going to have to start with a diversion. Does anyone know where someone can get a dozen ostriches? Well do, ya? Come on! Think people!

Posted by: Jon Kavulic | December 01, 2005 at 01:22 PM

From the Mitch wasn't loved department:

Not looking for forgiveness, just a more entertaining nickname for the anti-Mitch crowd to use.

It's all about the banter.
Posted by: Brian Kamenetzky | November 27, 2005 at 12:20 AM

Team Destroyer
Posted by: Jack F | November 27, 2005 at 12:29 AM

How about Pillsbury Dough Boy? Sahara? Sandy? Kupple? Kipple? Softchek? Blank Chek? Lame Logo? Klueless? Klamhead? Bounced Chek? Sleepy? Chekmark? Kremechek? Kupple and Bits? Twinkie? Knockoff?
Posted by: 1979 | November 27, 2005 at 05:47 AM

re: nickname -
How about upchuck?
Posted by: MP | November 29, 2005 at 03:21 PM

Bitch Kupchak

>__< aka smushcalade | September 02, 2006 at 06:11 PM

how bout dumbest GM in Laker history? or just dumbass?
Posted by: brian Michaels | April 10, 2007 at 01:13 AM


Remember when Kobe scored 81 points Sunday against the raptors? believe it or not, IT WAS KOBE'S 666TH CAREER GAME! mark of the devil! yikes!



Posted by: shaq_hater | January 28, 2006 at 11:07 PM

The lakers era is over how many times do I have to tell you?
The Clippers are the new Team in L.A.
Lakers are second and will always be second to the Clippers from now on.

Posted by: TheClippersFan | January 29, 2006 at 12:49 PM


The problem is Physics, an awesome display of intellect:

Michael Teniente,

I love when you describe any solution to a problem as "it's physics!"

We should bring a bunch of physicists on the Lakers roster, that should solve any problems we might have.

Posted by: Jon Kavulic | March 30, 2006 at 01:06 PM

1 + 1 = 2. That is physics.

If a NBA player shot 40-45 percent from the ark, he is considered a stud. If a player does shot that high it's because of open shots. Put a hand in his face; that percentage goes down. It's simple math. Math is physics, right? Physics because a physical hand disturbing the view of a physical being trying to attempt a shot, which, at best, is only 40-45 percent accurate without a hand in the face.


Posted by: Michael Teniente | March 30, 2006 at 02:42 PM

I asked my boss for a raise and he said no. I asked why and he said, "it's physics".

Apparently physics is like Jack Palance's finger in "City Slickers", it's the key to everything, but you have to figure it out for yourself.

When I no longer have an answer for something, I'm saying "it's physics".

Posted by: Andrew Z | March 30, 2006 at 02:43 PM

The are 2 laws, which we humans operate under. Physics and psychology. The laws that exist in our outter being and the laws that exist in our inner-being. That is the truth. If you didn't get a raise it is more than like a psychological problem. Or it can be because you are not performing, which would be physics.


Posted by: Michael Teniente | March 30, 2006 at 02:57 PM

Physics is a form of math. All math has the foundation of 1+1=2. Without 1+1=2 there is no foundation for an expression that is found in physics or any other mathematical expression.


Posted by: Michael Teniente | March 30, 2006 at 03:29 PM

Hey I know no one ever likes the guy who busts out official definitions..but according to american heritage, Physics is "the science of matter and energy and of interactions between the two."

You know what that means?
Mike T is correct when he says defensive rotations is physics. Hahaaha...oh man..ok.

Posted by: S.Tan | March 30, 2006 at 03:29 PM

If one more F-ing person types "physics"... I’m going to shove a beaker up their a@@.

Beaker... oh wait... that's chemistry. :)

Posted by: frank1rizzo | March 30, 2006 at 03:51 PM

Michael T.,

I think it's a lot more about geometry.

Phil could base a practice around non-Euclidian geometry, where all parallel lines converse at infinity.

That would be cool.

Kwame would dig it.


Posted by: Jon Kavulic | March 30, 2006 at 04:04 PM


phred is not a funny

500 posts...must be on auto pilot...have a nice vacation MM...

Fatty - do you take pesos...

I hope we keep Sasha...

Is it preseason yet...

Some more:

Life of a gambler:

Definitely life goes on. I already lost all my savings account money and primary house last week betting against the Lakers. Now I have lost the money I got for the second mortgage on the cabin at Big Bear by betting for the Lakers against Spurs. Looks like it will be necessary to sell the daughter's pony and cut the analysis sessions down to 1 per month. Such are the ups and downs. Next year, however, those Lakers are going to make me a bundle...

Posted by: Guity | March 31, 2006 at 11:21 AM


A prophet?

I’m living in DC now and everyone out here thinks Kobe is passé, he’ll never win another one. I always defend him to the end, I think he’ll win 3 more championships. I’m interested to see what legacy his molds for himself.


Posted by: SciFi | March 31, 2006 at 11:29 AM

The summer doldrums are always good for a laugh:


If you were the GM you'd get rid of Mihm for Miles, PJ for Larry Brown, and dump Smush so Von gets more playing time and comes a lil cheaper.

You need a time out!!! Are you posting using a computer at the insane asylum?!

Posted by: Mitch | July 18, 2006 at 10:03 AM

Mike T. is a certified GENUIS!!! First he calls for the winningest coach in modern basketball's head, supports players in SPL that he's never seen play, wants career cancers on a rebuilding dynasty & he fires back at would be doubters on the Blog with an unbridled sharp wit!!!

This is the conversation Mike had with himself after reading my post:

"Hmm, he's right but I can't let Faith read that there getting the best of me." Someone yells at Mike from another room. Mike responds. "No Mom, I'm not coming out of this basement! I don't want a ham sandwich today!!! I want peanut butter & jelly!!! Mike gets back to work on his response, "Let's see, M-I-T-C-H. Replace the M with a B!!! That's original!!!"

Get your straight jacket and flip flops & meet me out side, looney!!!

Posted by: Mitch | July 18, 2006 at 11:08 AM

I,m new here.if i play with a different team in a video game, does that mean i betrayed the lakers?

Posted by: aqib | July 18, 2006 at 11:32 AM


most certainly yes

in fact you should never ever even consider the possiblilty of even thinking about maybe using another team on a gaming console

i am abhored at your utter lack of unwavering loyalty to the greatest team in NBA history.

actually it doesnt matter as long as you dont use the Suns, Heat, Mavs, Celtics, Knicks, Pistons, Nets, Rockets, Grizzlies, 76ers, Spurs, Hornets, Raptors, Bulls, Pacers, Jazz, Kings, Cavaliers, Bucks, Nuggets, Warriors, Hawks, Bobcats, Magic, Wizards, T'Wolves, T'Blazers, SuperSonics, or the Clippers, especially the Clippers

hope that helped


Posted by: joninjapan | July 18, 2006 at 11:49 AM

Master of the last word on a thread. Yes, this very informational and insightful comment was posted 10/13/09 to a thread from 7/18/06:

i dont comment on junk like this

Posted by: eric | October 13, 2009 at 12:31 PM






I agree, If the Lakers simply sign TMAC to a non guaranteed deal for the min. , sign Ebanks, and wait until the trade deadline to move Sasha, they really have very little risk. As stated earlier, the Lakers have the best leadership in the league. TMAC could possibly hinder the chemistry in a Bulls locker room (new coach, young core, settling into their identity as a group).....The Lakers have the Best coach in history, One of the Best players in history, and Fisher arguably the best team leader in the game today. Chemistry and leadership is not in question in Lakerland....therefore, TMAC like Ron Ron will have to check his ego at the entrance of Staples Center . Tmac needs a team to show confidence in him, the Lakers could use a player to add additional would be a good fit IMO.


Phred's evil twin brother has escaped again from North Dakota State Hospital's Home for the Criminally Insane.....

The fact that Shannon Brown is still considering the Lakers after receiving a better offer from NY shows how much he has enjoyed being with the team. Frankly speaking, the opportunity in NY should sound way more appealing to him - more money and more playing time to showcase his talents. Rings only mean so much when you play a minimal role in winning.
Posted by: EJK | July 31, 2010 at 12:12 PM

I agree. I don't think anyone can blame Shannon if he took the money.


No bandwagons today?

What up wit dat?

Very funny Tom Daniels.

As stated earlier, the Lakers have the best leadership in the league. TMAC could possibly hinder the chemistry in a Bulls locker room (new coach, young core, settling into their identity as a group).....The Lakers have the Best coach in history, One of the Best players in history, and Fisher arguably the best team leader in the game today. Chemistry and leadership is not in question in Lakerland....therefore, TMAC like Ron Ron will have to check his ego at the entrance of Staples Center . Tmac needs a team to show confidence in him, the Lakers could use a player to add additional would be a good fit IMO. Posted by: enjoy the game | July 31, 2010 at 01:50 PM
And if TMAC started any ISH that coud possibly prevent Ring # 17, Ron Ron would choke the Living ISH out of him!!!!!

Mamba, no bandwagons today? What up wit dat? Posted by: Art - FL Laker Fan | July 31, 2010 at 01:53 PM
This weekend is BandWagon Free weekend unless breaking news happens.
Come on Art, can't a brother take a break. besides I am having an Inception/Matrix/Blade Weekend Marathon Viewing Seesion!

The NBA will announce its schedule Tuesday. Here's my guest on who the top 5 nationally televised teams will be:

1. Miami
2. World Champs
3. Boston
4. Chicago
5. Oklahoma City/Dallas

I agree. I don't think anyone can blame Shannon if he took the money.
Posted by: LRob | July 31, 2010 at 01:53 PM
That's right. He's already got 2 Rings, time to make that money now while his value is at his highest!

Phred's evil twin brother has escaped again from North Dakota State Hospital's Home for the Criminally Insane.....Posted by: Fatty | July 31, 2010 at 01:52 PM

Do you realize that TMac has never played past the first round of the playoffs. Wow! I'm not saying he's to blame cause of few of those series he did everything possible but just didn't have enough help. But still I'm just saying.

Also this was Grant Hill's first year playing past the first round.

Mamba - you're slipping. If anything bad happens in Lakerland this weekend its on Now back to your regularly scheduled programming


No problem. If anyone deserves a break it's you.

That's quite a viewing session!!

Since there will be no bandwagon today so mamba can get a well deserved break, here it is, todays special.

This appears to be the blogs very first Bandwagon from the summer of 2006:



utzworld, LakerFaze, LALAKERLOVER, Bryant Kim, onesocalkid, The big chill, THE WOLF, Lance.P:


You have been added to the 55-Win Bandwagon:



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Posted by: LakerTom | July 19, 2006 at 08:37 PM

Mamba - you're slipping. If anything bad happens in Lakerland this weekend its on Now back to your regularly scheduled programming
Posted by: LRob | July 31, 2010 at 02:06 PM

No, No, No! I must solve the Inception dilema, find out why Blade don't like people who Ice skate and devise a way for a Matrix #4 to be made feasibly!Laker land is in good hands with LRob & the Gang! Lol! Now I must get back and see what that devil Mr. Smith is doing. You know he reminds a lot of Darth Stern! LMAO!

LakerFaze (7/14/06)
The big chill (7/14/06)
THE WOLF (7/15/06)
Lance.P (7/18/06)

Posted by: LakerTom | July 19, 2006 at 08:37 PM

Posted by: Art - FL Laker Fan | July 31, 2010 at 02:14 PM
GOD!!! It brings tears to my eyes! Lol!

"That's right. He's already got 2 Rings, time to make that money now while his value is at his highest!

Posted by: mamba24 | July 31, 2010 at 02:00 PM"

Are the final offers in???? I heard the Knicks offer, big....but would only be in NY for 1 year...

Lakers offer???? (after given time to consider after NYK's offer, if they are given time to make an offer (see Trevor Ariza scenario)

Kobayashi Maru???

LEWSTRS - Pesos?

I want you to know that the Reverand Fatty (its my new profession, I signed up online this morning) will take money of any sorts. Dollars, Pesos, Rubles, Pounds, no matter, the Rev. Fatty accepts ALL currency.

That's right, the Rev. Fatty has gone International and Non-Denominational.

On behalf of the Lord, I will accept money from a person of any faith. I don't care if you are Catholic, Prostestant, or Buddhist, Fatty is blind to predjudice, when it comes to gifts to the Lord.

Are you going to Las Vegas and want some spiritial insurance? Ready to purchase some Lottery Tickets? Headed to the Horse Races?

Then give to the Rev. Fatty,.... before you go and the Lord will surely bless you!

As the good book says...."Give generously, and the Lord will repay you nicely and fulfill your fondest wishes!" (1 Judicas 1:7)

And when you win, don't forget that 10 % tithe of a tip. "The workman of the Lord is due his commission" (2 Jonah 3:1)

The Most Right Reverand Fatty

Kobayashi Maru??? Posted by: humanomaly | July 31, 2010 at 02:24 PM
Well he can't cheat like Kirk can he! LOl!

And when you win, don't forget that 10 % tithe of a tip. "The workman of the Lord is due his commission" (2 Jonah 3:1) The Most Right Reverand Fatty
Posted by: Fatty | July 31, 2010 at 02:24 PM
OH SWEET JESUS FATTY! I think you got all the bases covered! ROTFLMAO!!

At this very moment NEO is confronting Seraph! This is some good ISH!

LakerTom, i remember those gang, we were called by the sportscaster, John Ireland as The Whack Jobs. Surely, it's sarcasm to think of 55 wins with kwame, smush, cook, luke, sasha, odom, shammond, mcgee. Well, we almost out of 2nd rd. w/o the 3 pt. shooting of what his name? was it Thomas of the Suns. Those were the years.... I wonder why is Rocky not included in this group, he is now LO fan. I missed the Kavulic bio-chrono and WiZo who can provide the history of Laker draftees and compare them to those who came out better. LT is our Mr. GHF, and AZ and EX are the GHE's. hehe Where is RayRay fond of playing with fonts mixing caps and small letters. Korey, the graduate school student from UC Riverside who engages in b'ball the first hobbit of LT at that time. lol, those were the days.

If you want to move farther, perhaps Vman can attest we have courtship in the blog, no really real courtship of Mike T. proposing to Faith. what a character but it was fun. lol!

If you want to move farther, perhaps Vman can attest we have courtship in the blog, no really real courtship of Mike T. proposing to Faith. what a character but it was fun. lol! Posted by: Edwin Gueco | July 31, 2010 at 02:41 PM
EDwin don't start nothing now!!! LMAO!!!

Aloha Jeff,

Really have to disagree with you about T-Mac. There is a risk involved. A risk that appears most NBA scouts have identified, thus the indifference. Here are a couple of risks to the Lakers.

1. He would take Shannon or Sasha's roster spot. Both are young players, with some game. Shannon still has a lot of upside(Knicks really want him) And if Sasha can regain his confidence, he is a very good shooter. Sure we could cut him but then what? Sign a D leaguer? And then maybe watch Shannon grow into a very good player?

2 Clippers turned him down. Think about that a moment.

3 When Phil begins to teach him his role on defense and he asks "what is defense anyway"? By the way our offense will not help us 3 peat. We are now a defensive force and that is our identity. We can not afford to not at least try to play tough defense. Even though Shannon hasn't mastered our defensive concept at least he try's. Sasha is not a great defender but he busts his butt trying.

4 Locker room chemistry. Do we really want another player whining for minutes? Jordan whined and he's out the door. You talk about the veteran leadership and coaching. Did a lot for Jordan didn't it? And Jordan was never on T-Mac's level. Athletes are usually the last to figure out when their skills have slipped. By his remarks you can tell he still THINKS he has it. That could get annoying real fast.

You are right he will probably end up somewhere. If Shannon signs else where and there are absolutely no better options available, then perhaps you bring him into training camp for a look and see if he can beat out the rookie guards that we will invite. At least that may humble him. Still do not like the risks involved.


Reasons Shannon should stay here in LA:

1. While you'd get paid more in NY, the cost of living is also higher in NY, and there are income taxes at the city level too.

2. Do you really want to deal with the NY media day in and day out? Here in LA, you only have to deal with a few knuckleheads at the Times.

3. Do you really want to play for team with crummy ownership and unstable management? Going from Buss to Dolan is like transferring from SC to UCLA - just not a smart move.

4. One day, you could tell your grandchildren that you played with the greatest player of his generation and was able to learn from him for many years. You won't brag about playing with Amare to anyone anytime soon.

5. The quality of life in LA is better. We have better weather. The women are hotter here. New Yorkers are generally rude. You get the idea.

I’ve always said that I have complete trust in Jerry and Jim Buss, Mitch Kupchak, Phil Jackson, and the Lakers front office and coaching staff when it comes to making personnel and business decisions. Their record clearly shows that they have a vision for this team, a well-conceived game plan on how to get there, and the basketball and business smarts and organization to make the right decisions.
It’s fascinating after all the give-and-take and back-and-forth on the blog to finally see what the Lakers front office really thinks about a player as indicated by their decisions. It’s a chance for Lakers bloggers to get an instant reality check on their BBIQ. After all, the only vote that counts in resolving endless debates over a player’s value is that of the Lakers front office. So what have we learned?
First, it’s pretty obvious that the Lakers think very highly of Derek Fisher and what he brings to the team. The blogger DFish and Derek’s other detractors will still vent themselves every time that Fish has an off-game but 3-year $10M contract and the fact that the Lakers made re-signing Fish their #1 offseason priority pretty much settles the debate over Fish’s value. Derek will retire as a Laker.
Second, it’s equally apparent that the Lakers have not wavered in their support of Andrew Bynum as their starting center and the anchor of their defense. To the chagrin of the Bynum Bashers, the fact the Lakers front office passed on possibilities to trade Drew for Chris Bosh or Chris Paul confirms the Lakers still believe that Drew will develop into a franchise player and the next great Lakers center.
Third, it’s obvious that the Lakers still believe Lamar Odom’s talent and versatility are vital to the team’s success. Despite Lamar having a poor Finals, the Lakers clearly believe that Odom’s value as a sixth man who enables the Lakers to cover all 48 minutes at the 4 and 5 with All-Star quality players. This may have been the first year that we were not inundated with Lamar Odom trade rumors.
Fourth, it’s now clear that the Lakers did not believe that Jordan Farmar was a good fit for the team. Their decision to not even make a qualifying offer showed the Lakers had zero interest in re-signing Jordan and definitively cast their vote with the Farmar critics on the blog. As a one-time staunch supporter of Jordan Farmar, I can’t say that I disagree. Farmar was a big disappointment.
Fifth, it’s apparent that the Lakers do not believe that Sasha Vujacic is worth the $5.5M he will earn in the last year of his contract. The fact that the team is willing to give away a first round draft pick just to get another team to take Sasha is an embarrassing reality for the Machine’s fans to accept. Even the team’s obvious need for outside shooting was not enough to offset Sasha’s salary and tax.
Sixth, it’s questionable whether Shannon Brown will return. Best guess right now is that he will get more money and playing time from the Knicks, although I just read that the Lakers were supposedly offering more playing time to convince Shannon to stay. I have mixed feelings about that. I would like to keep Shannon because we already have too many new faces to integrate but only as 10th man.

"Well he can't cheat like Kirk can he! LOl!

Posted by: mamba24 | July 31, 2010 at 02:32 PM"


well at least it was finally revealed....doing while eating an apple was the topper!!! One of the many funny scenes in the well as the "Out of the chair" line. Did you hear that Kirk's dad in the movie will be playing Thor in the Avengers movie???? He looked soft in Trek, but better with a comes another slam about "Star Trek"...gotten it many times!!!! Goathead !!!
....otherwise known as "Go Ahead".......



I agree, Farmar was not a good fit for the Triangle Lakers, but what about in a year or so, when they are back to being the Showtime Lakers......


(Rumor: Miami is devising a new offense, the Rectangle Offense...basically it involves 4 cornerstones, Wade, Bosh, Lebron and Lebron's big fat ego)

@Humanomaly, Ed Norton was originally suppose to play Thor.

@JustAnotherMambaFan, I have now Finished The Inception part of my Inception/Matrix/Blade Weekend Video Marathon and I have all the answers to your questions. I also now know an Inception was performed on me and Our Virtual Marriage was all a Dream. Whew! I'm glad that is cleared up. LMAO!!!

@ART… LMAO. The 55-Win Bandwagon, with dated entries. LOL. Can’t say we were gun shy. In those days, the only trolls were ex and Andrew Z, who were like sentinels of darkness who would immediately respond to any optimistic post labeling the blogger as an unrealistic fool and homer.
@TOM D… In the spirit of the complement that I am making, I was pretty sure that I was reading another comic gem from Fatty when to my surprise it was a post from the usually serious Tom D. Great to see the versatility. You even had me expecting some serious news after the first paragraph.
@EDWIN… It’s good to see some of the Whack Jobs have survived and are still here after all these years. The names may change but the game remains the same. You’re right that back then it was Mike T. and Korey who were my antagonists. Now they’re gone and I have Blitz and Hobbitmage. Wonder if that increases the chanced that I may get lucky and they’ll also be gone next year. lol.
@LAKERPEACE… Excellent observation that Kobe’s recruiting of Raja was an indication of his lack of trust in either Shannon or Sasha. Kobe is too good of a leader to criticize a teammate and even was complementary of Kwame and Smush but you could occasionally get a revealing comment such as when he said about Drew that it was great to have somebody in the post who could catch the ball.

People, People, PEOPLE!!!! MM expects 500 posts today! We have yet to hit 100. OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!

As you ask, so you shall receive Mamba24 - I will add to the posting. Carry on.

Go Lakers!

As you ask, so you shall receive Mamba24 - I will add to the posting. Carry on.
Go Lakers! Posted by: 63 Footer | July 31, 2010 at 05:04 PM
Thank you 63 Footer and...OUT FREAKIN STANDING SIR! Lol!

90 and counting!!! LET'S GO PEOPLE!!!

I don't see why the Cavs are going after Brown. He was with them couple years ago but they couldn't do anything with him. Hell, even Lebron James and his supposed ability to make teammates better were not able to do the same for him as with Kobe and the Lakers.

Just saw the replay of the LAKER/OKLA game 6. Wow, made me all nervous again..........we only won by 1 point! It's more fun when you know the outcome. Well. Mamba that's 91. Slow day today.

People, People, PEOPLE!!!! MM expects 500 posts today! We have yet to hit 100. OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!
Posted by: Mamba24 | July 31, 2010 at 04:33 PM


Well I better get busy.....

OK I'm catching on...Part 1

ouchhhhhhhh and hobbitmage love to debate Laker Tom...all 3 are solid with their material...stay tunes to see a great match...

justa is trying to get a free, IPad, and some are saying she is not funny...

MagicPhil is a not trouble maker, but a LOVE/PEACE maker...

There are questions and theories why phred and Rick Friedman dominates the RCOTD...

We almost lost Mamba24, but thankfully he is back...and everyone yelled..OUTFREAKINSTANDING!!!

Fatty and family had to bail from their house, due to fires, but has moved back in, but now is fighting flash floods and mud slides due to monsoon weather in AZ...

We have plenty of female fans who are knowledgeable...LakerLass, PsychedLakerGirl, LongTimeLakerlover, Faith, justanothermambafan, NewMexicoLakerLife, EastCoastJessie, ZairaAmaterasu, to name a few...they are the real Laker Girls...

We have great posts but never dirty, even his name is Mud...Then we have contributions which you cannot dispute for his name is GOD...

We have a bald Boston fan who is a frequent guest...We have a home troll who hates Derek Fisher, just for pure spite...

Ironically, we have a great contributor and regular, who is named Troll Man...

OK I'm catching on...Part 2

We have two zens...'The original one' and 'The real one'

Marc B (With a 'C'), changed his name because he was getting confused for Marc G, but alot here thinks he should change again to the "Triangulator'

If you debate with KB Blitz, you better back it up with stats and articles...

Jon K. is back home from Cleveland...perfect timing for the chosen one has fled to Miami...

There are a lot of sci fi junkies in the membership...Choice of music is a hot and sensitive topic...and Ferraris and sports cars...

We have a 'puddle' but don't drink the water, for it will give you 'yellowfever'...

Another great poster Nemaia Faletogo...a spritual and polynesian gentleman, always great to see his comments...

We have longtimelakerfan and longtimelakerlover...please don't get them confused...LTLF is the king of trade scenarios...LTLL is sensitive and passionate...but don't let that fool you, she will kick you ass if you miss behave...

We have a great fan in Jay Jay...not to be confused with that Chowder Ray Ray, and he is a big fan of Ron Ron...

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We represent everywhere, here are some locations...Lakeshowinphx, Art - FL Laker Fan, NewMexicoLakerLifer, EastCoastJessie, Allan - Brazil, Claude Johnson in Australia, Bay to LA, hawaii D, G in DC(aka GDUB) ...including some area codes with LAL818 and 805LakerKing...

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The Lakers last run is no "SmaLL" feat, and it's not a "humanomaly"...believe it or "Noah" will make another flood...says "The Snake" from the Garden of Eden...

Don't think you have to be clever with your's the post and not the name...Rick Friedman, Edwin Gueco, Joe Corad, Tom Daniels, brian Michaels, james katt, Adrian Palomar, and Gilbert Gattung have proven it so...

OK I'm catching on...Part 3

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Oh, 'CURIOUS GEORGE' was wondering, what happens when Beethoven, watches Mork and Mindy on the TV...ask: 'Ludwig, MrNano, and Allnet'...

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Not to be left out, Happy Gilmore says, "He doesn't play golf... he destroys it."...not talking about himself, but talaking about Kobe and how he plays basketball...

OK I'm catching on...Part 4

We have a fans who is a 'random lurker' who with a 'keen observer' loves to 'enjoy the game' while cheering 'Let's Go L's!'...

We have loyal fans 'yenlard and rdlee'...whose posts are always informative...and great opinions from 'p ang' and 't_sensei'....

This blog is a party...percocet and vodka is the chosen poison...but WinstonDupree will stick with his Guiness...

So what is purple and gold and silver and black...could only be raiderlaker1980...we love LA....

BLöG C?üE is what we are known in Colorado, courtesy of Hügö Böss, because Cölöradö löves öür Wörld Champiön Lakers!...and rumor has it, his jersey collection is off the hook...

We have an inhouse candy man - Jolly Rancher...we don't know if Lamar is his favorite, but we know he is one of Lamar's...

This brings up complex brotha from anotha mutha...and i wouldn't have my back with no otha...

Of course we will never forget Chick Hearn, as he is remembered everytime we get a post from - ChicNstu and Bunny Hop in the Pea Patch...

Absolutely not...Buckus Toothnail, HopAlong, HalosAnt are not cartoon their posts and you know they are serious fans...

There seems to be a majority, that the preferred soda is Coke...My favorite, a shot of Jack with a Coke back...(justa reads quitely while sipping a Pepsi)...

And the ESPY goes to: The man responsible, our moderator extaordinaire: Mark Medina...We love you no matter what the Kamenetzky brothers say...Have a nice vacation...don't worry Fatty is in charge.....

And for those name LEWSTRS, which is my license plate, derived from my company Lews Allstars...I hope my comments can be a good addition...

Bottom line...this blog is a all families, we have our squabbles and spats...but after a percocet and a vodka..."IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LOVE"



Bottom line...this blog is a all families, we have our squabbles and spats...but after a percocet and a vodka..."IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LOVE"
Posted by: LEWSTRS | July 31, 2010 at 05:24 PM
OH SWEET JESUS! Not you too Lewstrs, percoset & Vodka! Lol!

Just saw the replay of the LAKER/OKLA game 6. Wow, made me all nervous again..........we only won by 1 point! It's more fun when you know the outcome. Well. Mamba that's 91. Slow day today. Posted by: NewMexicoLakerLifer | July 31, 2010 at 05:17 PM
Thank you so much, your contribution is duly noted and it shall be inscribed in the Lakers Blogger Book of Honor! Thank you and Carry On!

B - Beware!
L - Looking to strike...
A - A Serpent...
C - Comes named...
K - Kobe

M - Making
A - Awesome
M - Miraculous
B - Basketball
A - Action

@LEWSTRS, There shall be a special place of honor reserved for you sir in The Lakers Bloggers Book of Honor! Carry On!

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