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Capturing Twitter reactions to Phil Jackson's return

"Phil J tells The Times: 'I got a message from on high that said, 'Phil, you've got to come back, there is a need to fulfill the prophecy.'" -- Mike_Bresnahan (L.A. Times Lakers beat reporter Mike Bresnahan)

"I knew it was getting close when Phil asked me if Doc was coming back (he doesn't watch too much TV in MT)" -- JeanieBuss (Jeanie Buss, Lakers executive vice president and Jackson's girlfriend).

"I'm told that Phil is "extremely happy" and already plotting out plans for next season strategy- and personnel-wise." -- KevinDing (Orange County Register's Lakers beat reporter Kevin Ding)

"Phil Jax makes quick decision. Can Lebron & rest of Free Agents do the same. Thanks" -- DuranLA (710 ESPN's Beto Duran)

If PJax returns to capture threepeat No. 4, it would give LAL 17 chips, tying BOS. Wonder if he could walk away from the tie ..." -- mcten (ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin)

"Thank You Phil Love you man!!!!! Let's get it LA" -- RONARTESTCOM (Lakers forward Ron Artest)

"Lakers just announced that mega free agent Phil Jackson will be back next season" -- Stein_Line_HQ ('s NBA reporter Marc Stein)

"Phil stats: 11 coaching rings (2 as player); 1,098-460 record (70.5%) 225-98 playoffs (69.7%); 50+ W's 16-of-19 seasons." -- LakersReporter ('s Mike Trudell)

--Mark Medina

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If Mitch & Phil can get the "Heidi Headband Twins" together, 3's they will be a droppin' and the paint will be a partin' for the triangle. Look for Kobe's scoring and dishing to become a whole lot easier...


LAKERS' THEME FOR 2010-2011 Season: "A CHANGE IS GONNA COME" by Sam Cooke


A long, slightly dissected list of thoughts and responses from phred.

“I'd also like to take a moment to give my condolences to pfunk. You'll be ok brother. It's just one more year.

Posted by: justanothermambafan | July 01, 2010 at 01:58 PM”


-Re Photo Caption Contest; if you start with great material, it’s so much easier to be funny. This is just a flat out great picture. Proof that sometimes video can never replace still photography.

-Can I offer a short analogy?

Random Luke Walton Critic- ‘Unpaid fines for overdue library books are terrible. They are why we can’t balance the federal deficit’

LTLF “No, overdue library fines, even if collected, would hardly even make a dent in the deficit’

Random Luke Walton Critic “What, are you crazy? Why are you saying that people should never return their library books or ever pay their debts!”

See, you guys start by arguing about a statement that nobody ever disagreed with ‘Luke Walton isn’t, by anybody’s standards, giving back the kind of performance that he is getting paid for’ And using it to argue the second statement ‘Luke Walton’s contract is why the Lakers can’t sign good free agents, or why the Lakers are paying a significant amount of luxury tax’

(Yes, I exaggerate a bit to make my point.)

Argue all you want, but at least figure out what you are arguing about.

Well, I adjust that. I’m not going to read comments on the topic anymore, except that LTLF almost always wins these debates, because he almost never starts off by making ridiculous statements. Lesson there for somebody. Stake the high ground, play defense.

Also who cares about overdue library books? We just won a title. Give the Luke hate a rest. He isn’t exactly Allan Houston or Brian Grant or Marcus Blount.

Part II

"Economy Bad?
John Salmons - Close to signing with Bucks offering 39 mil for 5 yrs...
Rudy Gay - Accepting Grizzlies extension of 81.6 mil for 5 yrs... …
Posted by: LEWSTRS | July 01, 2010 at 12:31 PM”

Ah, the beauty of playing for a team that is trying to convince their fans to re up their season tickets, but isn’t really interesting in competing, ever. They give out one max contract for a ridiculous amount to a second tier player (Anybody want a Ben Gordan? Charlie Villanueva?) and just sit back.

My thoughts on FAs (as always, 100% right or your money back); If you are going to play a guy Mbenga or Powell minutes (what, less than 10 mpg combined regular season, 0 Mpg playoffs?) or something?) It doesn’t matter if they are any good. It matters a little if they don’t screw up the clubhouse and if they practice hard, but with these coaches and players, not that much.
Keeping these things in mind, the fewer years a guy has in the league, the cheaper he is. So, I don’t see us signing a bunch of old guys for spots 12-15.

Part III
One liners and, um, well, some one liners;

Joey Harrington is not impressed with Mikhail Prokhorov.

Fatty; ‘Please, send Dan Gilbert to the cornfield, Please Lebron!’

I really don’t see the attraction you all have for Kyle Korver. Of course, I’m not a 13 year old girl.

FCM- I really don’t think the Lakers are still waiting to see if any team is interested in Jordan Farmar.

&^%$ Shaq. Frankly, he is my least favorite, after ‘the love’ ‘radio’ and ‘joe’s crab’

Can we call it a ‘quadruple triple?’

Mike Miller would be great. Also a South Dakota guy. In your face, rest of world!

zen- I remember you, and the new guy isn’t even a cheap copy, he’s just a guy with the same name. Or a woman, I guess…

And finally, Congratulations on your hefty new contract, Phil. I never had a doubt.



stupid double posts.


Never having played for the Lakers I would find it hard to see them putting something up on the wall for Phil, same with Riles. The teams that have won those banners are etched in some of our (my) minds. Riles owns the 80s, Phil owns the early part of this millenium. With Magic and Chick you have two men whose personality took them to a level above what their on court accomplishments could ever achieve. We celebrate the men, not the player or broadcaster with the statues outside of Staples, the jersey and headphones are not so subtle reminders of what they did for a living.


I have mild optimism for Sasha playing more back up PG. Taking foul trouble out of the mix, let's assume that Sasha comes in around the 7 minute mark in the first and leaves at the 5 minute mark in the 2nd. My assumption is that the staff will try to keep Fisher (if/when he signs) at around 20-25 mpg during the regular season. Something similar for the second half, with the weight of the minutes falling in the 4th as opposed to the 3rd.

That's asking at most 24 minutes out of Sasha (less if Lamar is allowed to run the point or possibly Luke if the match up allows it), which seems like a lot seeing as he averaged less than 9 minutes/ game last year and has a carreer average of less than 15. He better put in some stairs and do the parachute running thing Adrian Peterson does. I worry we'll see alot of perimeter passing and not alot of inside out or slashing basketball.

Or Sasha could take another step in the progression of his game by simply being more consistent, more in tune with the game and less in his mind. If he was a 40% 3-point shooter and decent at his pull up game it would enable Fish to chillax during the regular season and be healthy and have gas in the tank when it matters the most. We could be real good defensively and we'll rebound better.

Especially if they sign a Mike Miller/T-Mac type player (which the only one I see would be T-Mac, as Miller can make more than that, and I would imagine they'd want to work him out pre-contract; would T-Mac allow that? If he did it would certainly show he had a team first attitude as far as his contract is concerned), that could be a long range attack off the bench we haven't had in awhile.

The only thing with a back up back court of Sasha and another aged player would be our lack of a cutting game with the starters on the bench. For all his faults, Jordan was one of the better players on the team that could get to the rim and either get a shot off (sometimes quite questionable shots) or make a play to get someone else a shot. My fear is we'll be forcing Kobe to drive to the hole alot during the regular season and he'll get banged up all over again. I'd like to see if he can win another MVP and he needs to have health on his side.

I could envision a Ron/Kobe back court and a Lamar/Pau/Bynum front court that Phil has been working a couple of years on, somehwere in a remote location in the Himalayas, he has an underground basketball court where the Lakers ACTUALLY go to train in the off season.

Well, maybe not. To clarify, I am assuming that Shannon Brown signs elsewhere and we are left with Fish, Sasha and a desperate vet/ rook/d-leaguer as 3rd/4th guard off the bench. Lamar has to hope someone impresses in camp as a back up PF, cause otherwise it's him.

In general, I think we have a pretty good shot at repeating, it'll be harder than any of the others because a couple of teams seem like they'll be stacked. Kobe and Pau should be feeling good come training camp. I hope Lamar gets surgery and tries some Tae Kwan Do instead of boxing, he needs more focus, more discipline less raw aggression, we got Ron for that.

Now, some MORE (of the same) celebration of Phil Jackson returning for one more year, I offer these humble videos of some sweet music I fell represent Phil's journey since the confetti fell on our title clinching game:

After Phil returned home to Montana, he had a moment like this...

Then he realized, he's really this...

But Phil's not done yet, he wants to make some more of these...

But in his heart, Phil's an old timer, so I leave you with this...

Yessir, Phil's had one long strange trip and I'm just happy it's been with the Lakers.


I agree, we just won a sweet, sweet title. Bring on the summer! For after summer comes...

Guys, rumors around twitter (from Eric Pincus of HoopsWorld) that the Lakers are offering Mike Miller $30M. Deadline is tonight.

What do you guys think?

Hey MM what you do have on the news that the Lakers offered Mike Miller the full MLE???

stupid double posts.

Posted by: phred | July 01, 2010 at 10:56 PM

stupid double posts.

Posted by: phred | July 01, 2010 at 10:56 PM

just stupid


You hit the nail on the head. The library fines/national debt analogy, while exaggerated, is on point.

i'm happy.

Mark Medina,

You just started a new thread but nobody's discussing these twitter messages in this new thread...

A while back you asked our opinion on ways to improve your blog.Many people requested you to hold back on multiple posts yet no apparent effort has been made to address that issue.

Its a bit disappointing...

The Infamous El Guapo - The Times hasn't confirmed that but we'll let you know as soon as we find out for sure.


Metallic - I'm talking with management and wanted to address these issues with them before having a definitive decision. I don't see what's so disappointing about highlighting the different tweets.


Of the comments MM posted above, this one may be the best:

If PJax returns to capture threepeat No. 4, it would give LAL 17 chips, tying BOS. Wonder if he could walk away from the tie ..."
-- mcten (ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin)

i'm happy.

Posted by: mud | July 02, 2010 at 12:23 AM
me too!!!!

Mark Medina,

Surely even you understand that i wasn't calling "highlighting the different tweets" disappointing but something else...

Anyway moving on,

Here's what happening in FA related to the lakers,

The Lakers have opened discussions with free-agent swingman Mike Miller, a source close to the situation said Thursday

Earl Watson's agent, Todd Ramasar, said there is mutual interest between his client and the Lakers but did not expect discussions to escalate until the Lakers have a chance to re-sign Derek Fisher.

Lakers have shown some interest in Raja Bell and Anthony Morrow.Morrow's agent, Wallace Prather, said Thursday he has had preliminary talks with the Lakers. At 6-foot-5, 210-pounds, Morrow is a restricted free agent, meaning the Warriors can match any Lakers' offer.

As for the impending departures of the other Lakers' free agents, Indiana was the early front-runner to sign Farmar, but the 23-year old told via text message "Portland is right there too." Initial talks between Powell's agent and the Lakers have shown the team has some interest in keeping the fifth-year player despite the desire to shed salary next season.

I really like the idea of getting anthony morrow/mike miller but i like morrow more coz he's still young and he can really shoot the lights would be better if walton will declare himself not healthy enough to play so that we can buy him out and get a better player in return.

SF:Ebanks,Mike Miller

We will have a BETTE team as compared to the last seasons line-up with the addition of 2 very good shooters plus a quick PG in J-Critt.

R. Bell
E. Watson

I think we still need a backup center.

[Per my contract with the LA Times, I had to repost this for the AM crowd]

Phil in Montana, is at home in his cabin, sitting on his oversized and overstuffed chair in front of his B & W TV.

He's contemplating his return to the Lakers, not sure what to do as Jeannie brings him a tall glass of his favorite ice tea.

"Phil darling, have you made up your mind yet?"

"I'm not sure Jeannie. I'm leaning toward retirement"

Jeannie leans over and kisses him softly. "Still feel that way?'

"Well, with a little prodding. I could lean the other way"

She kisses him again. Phil sighs. "Uhm...I'm definitely thinking of coming back now." Jeannie smiles.

At just that point, ESPN flashes the line on the television. "Doc Rivers to coach the Celtics next year..."


"Yes, poopsie-eleven-rings cake"

"Can you get Mitch on the phone for me?"

Posted by: Fatty | July 01, 2010 at 03:33 PM

just want to edit my previous post.this will be the Lakers line-up for next season:

C: Bynum,Shaq?
SG:Bryant,Brown(if he leaves,get morrow/korver)

I'm sure Shaq will accept the minimum salary just to have the opportunity to win another ring before he retires and what a better team to end his career here in LA and have the opportunity that his jersey will be retired in the staples center.

I have been out all day so this a delayed response. I'm happy too that PJ decided to try it one more year. This is the opportunity for Shaw to prove his worth as the closest asst. coach of PJ. In fact, I suggest in order to preserve PJ's health during the playoffs, Shaw & others should take the coaching jobs on the road through remote control of I-pad & black berries with PJ in LA. There is no use of being present at all times with the technology available today. Fisher & PJ are destined for playoffs only.

Happy to hear about Mike Miller, afraid that he might not get it because of no reply and trying to wait for other offers. Well, if he refuses the first offer, he won't get a second chance.

With regards to Luke debates, I raised the bar to challenge Luke to perform well in the next season not just diminish on the bench. However, if LTLF goes on with irrelevant adventure in comparing him to Ariza, to Grant, to Artest with silly and fuzzy statistics stating various unrelated events....well I give up. that's pure waste of time to argue on what is obvious. Apparently, people have egos to protect that their knowledge are unlimited, they consider themselves as infallible. This all started with a good intention for Luke as a challenge to prove his worth in the remaining years as a Laker and for that statement we as Laker fans are branded as a hater. That is the difference between a lakerholic and just a typical fan.

Fisher negotiation might become a protracted offer and counter offers which would miss opportunities in signing other players. If this does not end within a week, I see Earl Watson, JCritt and possibly Shannon Brown coming back to take the reigns of PG. It will be a platoon experiment again together with Sasha as PG's in the triangle. Whatever the requirements, we still need the basic needs that is: a PG who can be relied on perimeter shooting and defense.

Fatty to offer apology to the blog....

Even with all his amazing powers of prediction, Fatty missed the possible Mike Miller signing and the Lakers use of the full MLE.

I know you are thinking, no one could have seen that one coming. But that's just the point, Fatty lives on the unusual, and with his uncanniness, 2nd to none, missed this. I apologize profusely, and promise to re-tool, re-sharpen, and re-think how this could have happened. So as to re-turn to old form, re-gain your re-spect, and continue to re-ward you with the amazing predictions that you deserve.

The amazing part of this story, is not that Mike Miller might sign, but that Dr. Buss is willing to spend and give us a high quality product, even if it means, very little profits for the Buss family.

If it is possible to be blessed in a basketball sort of way, we are truly blessed to have the Lakers as our team.

I'm sure Shaq will accept the minimum salary just to have the opportunity to win another ring before he retires and what a better team to end his career here in LA and have the opportunity that his jersey will be retired in the staples center.

Posted by: rolly_dreamz | July 02, 2010 at 06:17 AM

keep dreaming. no more rings.

only donuts.

Shaq to back up Drew?

I can't believe for a NY minute Kobe would allow this.

Shaq had his chance, let the chemistry killer go crush some other teams bench.

Fatty, if Miller signs, we don't know the exchange. I'm sure they will cut cost somewhere else and get a PG plus draft picks. I'm guessing it might be LO and Shannon Brown who have trade values for a good PG. I don't think JB will exceed the 91M he had this year, he'd trim it to the minimum and try to avoid paying luxury taxes.

Anyhow, we are truly blessed to be Laker fans competing for Championship for three consecutive years. This is opposite to what happened from 2005 - 07 when they tried to be cheap in developing scrubs to become superstars. Where are all those ex-Lakers today? I hope Ebanks and Caracter are different breeds.

Sadly, I think Luke is finished with the Lakers.......

Apparently, the Lakers must not be too confident of Luke ever giving productive minutes again. His back and ankle injuries are too much to overcome.

On why our picks? Mitch said, insurance if Luke can't come back from his injuries. Mitch didn't have to mention that, just "he was the most talented available."

And now the Lakers willing to spend the entire MLE on a back-up to Artest, when we are already dealing with serious cap issues. Wasn't that Lukes job?

If Miller or someone else signs in that role, it means Luke has no role with this Lakers team. That's why I put Luke as the 13th inactive on my roster prediction. Not because I was belittling him, but because the facts show the Lakers feel he more than likely can not perform.

We want to have peace in the Southland by putting Shaq's return to rest. If ever, Shaq should lie low or consider retirement if need be. He should consult the great Centers like Kareem, Olajuwon, Walton and Russell on what is his proper place in the history of NBA. I want him to be a HOF'er and at the same time raise his jersey no. at the Staples together with Kobe.


>>> You just started a new thread but nobody's discussing these twitter messages in this new thread...

Disagree. I thought this was an exceptionally creative move by Mark Medina to create a new thread on the biggest Lakers story of the week. First of all, if you've read any of the news stories on Phil Jax' return, they've mostly been assembled by the reporters via tweets, text messages, and email exchanges. All the new digital formats have changed everything when it comes to journalism. Have you listened to sports radio this week? A big number of the conversations have been based on tweets, from those by Jeanie Buss to Ron Artest.

The comments section on this blog are always driven by running conversations among those of us who post here. Not addressing the new thread is common. But Mark's masters at the LA Times insist he posts a certain number of new threads a day. I much prefer a clever twist on the big story to a gratuitous non-story. Mark deserves plaudits for this one.

On Shaq.....

Wilt Chamberlin commented on players, playing too long, not knowing when to retire.

"They are embarrassing themselves"

Is Shaq in that territory now?

I think Kwame would be a better fit for the Lakers back up, to the back up center than Shaq.

He runs the court well and can switch on the pik n' rolls.

I feel Shaq just wants a ring (nothing wrong with that) and wants to be in the limelight one last time.

If we don't sign MBenga, my choice, then I vote for Kwame, the 'Kake thrower', the 'Man of Steel, hands of rock'.

Luke is 100% efficient at turning pages on his clipboard.

A new entry in Hollinger's stat system. Even LTLF will support it.

Why are some posters here still drooling over Shaq??

I am very sure Kobe is not going to allow that at all, as long as he is with the Lakers. If I remember, when he got his 5th ring, he mentioned it as "One more than Shaq", and that shows he has not forgotten, and wants to be higher than him.

So, when he is getting a chance to get his 6th, I dont think he would want Shaq to get his 5th through that. He'd like to have 2-more-than-Shaq than 1-more-than-Shaq.

Also, what makes you think Shaq will come and sign with the Lakers for a vet.minimum or something like 2-mil/yr??

Adding to it, IF Shaq comes and we win, then it would be again like "Shaq helps Kobe win another ring". Kobe will NOT want that.

So, bury those Shaq-to-Lakers fantasy please

Edwin Bro,

"I don't think JB will exceed the 91M he had this year, he'd trim it to the minimum and try to avoid paying luxury taxes."

You mean avoid paying more and more luxury taxes, right?? Because I think there is NO way Lakers can escape the luxury tax this season :)

Brasil, Brasil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beautiful game to watch as color scheme:

Orange: Holland

Blue: Brasil (never seen them playing in Blue and white)

Green: the grass


another Grass note: at Wimbledon, after eliminating Federer, Thomas Berdych eliminated Djokovic for his first final ever in a Grand Slam.


also, looks like with the return of PJ, the grass is always greener on the right side of the fence.

Rick - I'm glad you liked the idea, which was the exact thinking I had in putting this post together. Let me make it clear - The L.A. Times doesn't have a set number of threads they want per day. They just want to be to be active and self-sustaining. So a lot of it is on me. I can perhaps work better at making sure non breaking news items are spread out. But I'm not "posting for the sake of posting." I'm posting something because I think it's a timely and interesting post.


If Luke were to simply retire, all would be forgiven. And if the Mike Miller signing is any indication, the team may have an indication he's leaning that way.

And phred your library book analogy is a load of bs unless you think overdue library books would somehow add up to 10% of the national deficit. Luke's contract does take up about 10% (5.26mil salary vs. a 56mil cap is actually 9.4% if you want to get technical) of the team's cap space before you even consider luxury tax ramifications.

I've got a better analogy for you. Luke is more like a completely outdated piece of machinery in a very high performing factory. Every year the factory thinks they may squeeze some use out of the old gear, but they just end up spending 10% of their annual budget on maintenance on the mostly useless equipment. At some point, the factory management has got to retire the old bucket, and hopefully sooner rather than later.

The constant mentioning of Luke's bad back makes me really hopeful that's finally the case.

WES asked:

"How is Miller different from Vlad?"

A: He is not a space cadet. Besides knowing how to shoot, he knows how to play basketball. He is a great fit, and could certainly put in minutes at both SG and SF. Maybe with a legit scorer off the bench Kobe could get down to 38 minutes or so and stop breaking everything in his body.


some of that "crap" you can post it as a POST on the thread that is already active. and maybe that will make you part of the conversation.

and by the way: u r forgetting lately to mention that a new thread is up.

Does anyone know if Mike Miller accepted?

nice comment on the color scheme of Brasil y paises bajos


Luke is more like a completely outdated piece of machinery in a very high performing factory.

Posted by: htj

OBSOLETE. and impossible to recycle it.


Hey guys we got a new thread up


>>>LTLF goes on with irrelevant adventure in comparing him to Ariza, to
>>>Grant, to Artest with silly and fuzzy statistics stating various unrelated

Silly and fuzzy?

What is silly and fuzzy about the number of rebounds/assists they get per minute they're on the floor.

If I play 5 minutes and get 5 rebounds and you play 10 minutes and get 6 rebounds, then I'm a better rebounder than you. It's that simple. There's nothing fuzzy about it.

If Luke hits a higher % of his shots over his career than Artest, then there's nothing fuzzy about it. It's a fact.

Just because you want to believe that Artest is a better rebounder or passer than Luke doesn't mean that it's true.

Okay Edwin Gueco,

I challenge you to show me where I called you a hater (other than jokingly calling you one as a response to your first post) for criticizing Luke.

Show me the post.

You can't because it doesn't exist.

I have no problem with challenging Luke to do better. The posts I respond to are where people try to slam Luke by making incorrect claims about what he has or hasn't done for the Lakers.

Like let's say someone claims that Luke has never been a starter since 2007 because he sucks (or whatever). I merely step in to point out that Luke started more games at SF for the Lakers in the 2008-09 season, and that LUKE REPLACED RAD in the starting lineup because RAD SUCKED. And that Luke gave up his starting spot to help out the team. Those are facts. If you deny them, then you are denying reality.

LongTiimeLakerFan on this most joyous of days in the long history of Laker lore...please, can't we all just get along?
Pleasssssssssse! Pretty Pleasssssse!


I'm totally with you on being wrong about the Lakers not being willing to use the full MLE. I was believing the hype we were hearing in the press that the Lakers were going cheap this offseason and I was basing all my free agent speculation on that.

Good to hear that they're willing to spend it to get a quality player if they can.

>>>Luke is 100% efficient at turning pages on his clipboard.

YES YES!!! And Artest was only 90% efficient!!! And Ariza can't turn the pages at all!!!


Wade should go to Chicago Bulls. Stoudemire and Lebron both showman and athletic freak should go to New York. Bosh or Boozer will follow D Wade, or take the money in NJ.

Whatever these guys do they have the LAKERS IN MIND to FACE IN THE FINALS, and that's TWO 7 footers, a Kobe Braynt, Artest and Odom.

I hope the Cavs manage to sign and trade for Amare and then LeBron goes back to Cleveland.

That would be very amusing to me. The Lakers can own Amare any time.

YES YES!!! And Artest was only 90% efficient!!! And Ariza can't turn the pages at all!!!:-) Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | July 02, 2010 at 08:24 AM
ROFLMAO!! Stop it LongTime! Stop it now! Lol!

If Bynum is in the free agency right now, how much would he get paid? Would Bynum/Bosh/Lebron would be the most coveted trio. Is that better than Parish, Mchale and Bird?

Out of all the big name free agents, there is no Center available. Bulls is no. 1 championship destination because of Noah is in the mix. Even Bosh, Amare and Boozer needs a Noah or Lopez.

Bynum would get a Max contract the same as Lebron. Amare will not get a Max contract. Bosh will get a Max. Boozer gets chump change unless he goes to New York. Those fools will give anybody a Max conntract when they find out Lebron is going to Chicago.

Long time Luke Fan,

I is just amazing on how you try to reverse your own posts. Everyone knows that you always claim to be infallible with events as if you dictate to everyone what is good for the Lakers therefore just follow what the LTLF says. You often ignore opinions, just like Phred you are after chastising the blogger than the player. If somebody disagrees with your point, you immediately brand people with names like ignorant, stupid those are your everyday words especially after the games. You have no patience for people to make their own interpretation of the game. YOU ARE ALL KNOWING! Even the leprechauns get peeve by your superior stance just because you are well versed in getting the figures. Unfortunately, you don't know how to use those facts andfigures, it is biased and tailored to your argument. No need to point that out, just review all your posts in the archives and make your own examination of conscience because sometimes you're way off and still won't admit it.

No need to point that out, just review all your posts in the archives and make your own examination of conscience because sometimes you're way off and still won't admit it.Posted by: Edwin Gueco | July 02, 2010 at 09:08 AM
OOOOOHH WEEEEE! The only thing one can say after that is...

>>>LongTiimeLakerFan on this most joyous of days in the long history of Laker
>>>lore...please, can't we all just get along?

Hi Mamba.

So you'll notice that there are two sides to this discussion, and more than one person posting on each side. We're having a nice discussion about the relative merits of Luke Walton.

So why is it that I'm the only one you ask to stop. Every time I post, Edwin Gueco or "God" or someone else responds, yet you didn't ask them to stop.

Funny, I thought the purpose of a blog IS to have discussions about issues related to the Lakers. Did I miss some new agenda for what the blog is for? Am I only allowed to post congratulations to Phil (which I did) and I'm just supposed to ignore 2 or 3 other bloggers posting lies about Luke?


>>>blah blah blah ...conscience because sometimes you're way off and still won't
>>>admit it.

Okay Edwin.

I challenge you. Show me a quote from me where I'm way off and won't admit it. If you find it and offer proof as to why I am wrong, I will gladly admit I am wrong.

Note that if it's something that's an OPINION, for which there is no FACTUAL PROOF, then that's just us having a difference of opinion.

But if you say Artest is a better shooter than Luke and I provide a statistic that disproves that, then the facts are on my side (for example).

>>>OOOOOHH WEEEEE! The only thing one can say after that is...


So Larry has now taken the position that it's "out freakin standing" for Edwin to argue, but it's not okay for me to argue.

Way to be unbiased, there Mamba.



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