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Andrew Bynum has turned a corner in managing his injuries


There Lakers Coach Phil Jackson stood outside the locker room before a game in March, imagining brighter days ahead for Andrew Bynum. He shared how his conditioning level changed partly because of his willingness to arrive to practice early so he could work on his strength. Jackson predicted Bynum would become an All-Star center "someday." And when I asked Jackson whether Bynum had learned to overcome the psychological component of worrying about his injury history, he pointed to that factor as a significant part of Bynum's growth.

"Just going to Memphis to play a game in January was a concern for Andrew. He had a six-point night or something like that," Jackson said of Bynum, who missed 46 regular-season games in the 2007-08 season because of a partially dislocated kneecap suffered against the Memphis Grizzlies. Bynum was sidelined for 32 games last season because of a right-knee injury, also suffered against Memphis. "He's carried the injuries he's had against Memphis the last two seasons with him on that road trip "Even though one was at home and the other one was in Memphis, they both happened in January. It was a mindset. He had to overcome just that thought or that suspicion that hit him. I think he's pretty clear with that now."

The backdrop of this conversation proved to be a bad omen. Bynum strained his left Achilles' tendon later that night after running up the court in the third quarter during an uneventful regular-season game against Minnesota in March, causing him to miss the final 13 regular-season games. The injury woes continued in the postseason when Bynum hyperextended his right knee during Game 6 of the Lakers' first-round series against Oklahoma.

Laker fans have tested their patience level with Bynum, who has yet to reach his full potential because of what he acknowledged as an "injury-prone" career thus far. The conversation that took place before the Lakers-Minnesota game perfectly illustrated how one moment it can appear that Bynum's on the upswing, and the next moment another injury happens. That's why it wasn't surprising that fans openly shared their suspicions after the team announced Wednesday that Bynum will have surgery for the second time in three years on his right knee on July 28. That's 10 days after the date Bynum originally planned to have it,  although The Times' Broderick Turner  wrote that the delay merely points to the fact that Bynum's doctor, Dr. David Altchek, didn't have an appointment available until later this month. Turner quotes Lakers spokesman John Black as saying, "Supposedly he'll be 100% by training camp," although he adds that the team will have a more definitive timetable after Bynum has the surgery.


I understand the never-ending anxiety regarding Bynum's injury, and I'll admit I'm not fully confident myself that Bynum can get through a season injury-free. But the way he responded to his  injuries in the 2009-10 season shows he's managed to handle his injuries better and has learned to remain effective despite them.

When Jackson arrived at practice the day after Bynum strained his Achilles' tendon, he noticed Bynum had the same even-keeled approach immediately after his latest injury. It would've been understandable had Bynum sulked. He wanted to get through one full season without suffering a major injury. He had also entered the contest against the Timberwolves averaging 15.9 points, 9.4 rebounds and 1.8 blocks on 56.8% shooting in March, including a four-game stretch where he posted 20 points, 10.3 rebounds and 2.0 blocks on a clip at 63.3%. With frustrations often getting the best of Bynum, I asked Jackson at the time whether his optimistic outlook served as an example of his growth in handling adversity.

"There wasn't as much remorse and ruing the fact that it happened and what it could possibly have been," Jackson said after practice that day. "I was kind of pleased with that."

The Lakers were also pleased with how Bynum responded. He took medicine to help alleviate the pain that extended from his calf muscle to his Achilles' tendon. He alternated between using ice and heat compression, going through laser therapy and wearing a boot. Bynum became fully healthy once the playoffs began, and he exceeded expectations with 13 points in 30 minutes in the Lakers' 87-79 Game 1 victory over the Thunder, surpassing the 24 minutes Jackson originally thought Bynum could play. 

The enthusiasm among Laker fans proved to be short-lived, however, because Bynum injured his knee five games later and his effectiveness was limited throughout the rest of the postseason. But after missing the 2008 NBA Finals and most of the 2009 playoffs, Bynum blocked out the pain, knowing his teammates were playing through injuries and this was an opportunity to prove his maturity. He constantly received treatment to minimize the swelling. He drained his knee twice during the NBA Finals, a procedure he had previously opposed because of his fear of needles. And even through his physical limitations, Bynum's presence alone caused matchup problems, discouraged opponents from driving to the basket and provided another option for easy rebounds and putbacks, resulting in an of average of 7.4 points, 5.1 rebounds and 1.3 blocks in 25 minutes during the NBA Finals against Boston. He shared during his exit interview that he planned to work out with a Lakers trainer in Los Angeles and Vancouver after his surgery to rehab his knee and improve his core strength, with both approaches intended as preventative measures against future injuries.

Regardless of how Bynum's career turns out, the 2009-2010 season proved to be a significant turning point. Bynum should be lauded for learning how to play alongside Pau Gasol. More importantly, Bynum should be lauded for learning how to play through injuries. He won universal praise in the locker room, never made excuses and took pride in contributing on hustle points. Sure, his surgery may be followed by more setbacks regarding his health. But if that happens, fans should be comforted in knowing that Bynum will do whatever it takes to fight through them and still remain effective.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers center Andrew Bynum battles Boston center Rasheed Wallace for a rebound in Game 7 of this year's NBA Finals. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

Photo: Lakers center Andrew Bynum has the upper hand for an offensive rebound in a battle with Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love during a regular season game in March. Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

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Thank you MM for the medical bulletin on Drew. We hear again this Nu Yok Dr. Altcheck as if the Southland have short list of orthopedic surgeons. I think Drew just want to visit NY, Vancouver sceneries during practices which is OK also. Being young, he would try to gain knowledge by going to deifferent places, it's business plus pleasure trips.

I wish Drew will develop his mid jump shots or set shots away from the post in order to add more weapon to his arsenal. Learn how to dunk the ball w/o adding too much pressures on your muscles and bones. Compare Shaq and Kareem both of them dunk the ball a lot during their prime, Kareem lasted to 42 years old before retiring because he just apply soft and easy dunks. A hard dunk and a soft dunk have the same effect in scoring but not on body wear and tear. Secondly, Drew has to exposed himself to other discipline like judo/jujitsu and acrobatic because that will teach him how to fall and avoiding collision in the posts.

Nice assessment MM. Echoes what I said all along during the Finals. The fact that AB was determined to play despite his knee was the Corner Turning moment for me. Miami can salivate about their Big 3. I'll take our BIG 4 (Kobe/Ron/Pau/AB) for the 3-peat next year!

I like that MM. I too give Bynum a 100% score for the way he's dealing with his injuries.
But the jury is still out as to whether he'll be wind up being another Tim Duncan or another Greg Oden.

MEANWHILE - Matt Barnes' deal with the Raptors fell through. He'd be SUCH a great addition to our team - he's a tough defender who can shoot the three pointer and play at either the 2 or 3 spot comfortably. He wants more than the 1.8 mil we have left - but could we do a sign and trade with him and Shannon? He'd be a great defensive backup for Artest at the 3 and a decent enough offensive player to give Kobe 10 minutes off at the 2.

Jay Jay-
Barnes only played 1 season in Orlando and they don't have Bird rights on him. He can't get more money from us than the 1.77mil remaining from the MLE unless it becomes a s/t with another team that has cap space.

Bynumite will be a BEAST this year...

I'm 'Sweet and Sour' on Jeremy Lin...I think he has a 'sweet' game, but am 'sour' he picked GS over the Lakers...

MM - Any updates on Kobe's finger...

Have a GREAT day Nation...

Jon K -

Why would you be baffled that I would list Josh Boone as the 2nd best center available? Here are the facts:

His rebounding rate of 17.4 last season was 17th among all 59 centers, higher than Shaq, Kendrick Perkins, Tyson Chandler, Al Jefferson, Kwame Brown, Andrew Bynum, and Brook Lopez.

His offensive rebounding rate of 13.1 was 5th in the league among centers. That's right. Only 4 centers in the league are better at creating extra possessions for their team.

He rarely turns the ball over, as he was 22nd amongst centers in TO rate at 11.8. Kwame was the 6th worst at 18.5. Shaq was 20th worst at 14.0.

He shoots 52% from the field. He averages 1.92 blocks per 40 min.

His weaknesses are his pitiful FT% (obviously), and that he doesn't have much of a back-to-the-basket game. Plus, he's somewhat undersized as a 5. But he wouldn't be going up against the top centers. He'd be battling the Joel Anthonys of the league. He would protect the rim, hustle like crazy, create extra possessions (offensive rebounding), and prevent extra possessions for the opponent (defensive rebounding + low turnover rate).

Oh yeah, and did I mention he's still only 25 years old? So tell me again why Kwame is a better option?

For what it's worth, I think Barnes would be a great addition to the Lakers. I just don't know if 1.8 million is going to cut it.


you wrote: Oh yeah, and did I mention he's still only 25 years old? So tell me again why Kwame is a better option?

my response: It's the calves.

Bynum is great and so is Pau and Lamar, but the Lakers need to sign a fourth big for insurance. How about bringing back Powell or Mbenga?

I've said many times that the Lakers need players who don't need the ball. Maybe someone like Uberto or Kurt Thomas, who have a good midrange game, and will play tough defense, get hustle points. I think we have had alot of guys who cry when they don't get looks (farmar, sasha, powell). I like Mbenga, but he needs to have an inside game, instead of a jump shot. I want to see the last two slots be defensive, glue guys who change a game with hustle.


Have you forgotten how much joy was generated through the discussion of Kwame Brown and his golden calves? Is your memory THAT SHORT?

You can't put a price on that.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


LOL. True. The calves are glorious.

All of this talk about getting rid of Bynum is driving me nuts. It's safe to assume that they are not going to add another big name to the roster because they can't afford it. So get rid of Bynum and replace him with ??? Tell me where you're going to find 7 footer guy with great hands, good footwork, a nice touch from the floor, a strong body that doesn't get pushed around in the paint who is willing to play second fiddle to Gasol!

Socks is better than most starting centers in the league, and blows away all second tier guys. Who do you want on this team - Dumpier? Kwame? Chandler (who is injured all of the time as well and has no offensive game)? David Lee who plays no D?

Andrew has heart - he's had to grow up but do you remember when he entered the league? He could hardly do ANYthing and was extremely slow. He has worked hard to get to where he is today. He also has a LOT of talent - Howard would kill for Bynum's arsenal of shots and post moves.

I'll take Bynum for half a season over 95% of the league's big men. It should be obvious to any fan that the Lakers would not have won the 2010 championship without him.

Give this guy some credit and appreciation.


@Edwin Gueco "I wish Drew will develop his mid jump shots or set shots away from the post in order to add more weapon to his arsenal"

Edwin, I'm not sure what games you were watching, but Drew has and continues to develop his mid-range jump shot. His effectiveness was diminished due to his strained achilles and knee problems. But Drew's set shot mechanics are there with a nice shooter's touch.

I, like MM, believe that Drew has and will continue to elevate his game even if he suffers some injury setbacks. Moreover, his continued work on his Core Strength Conditioning will minimize those setbacks.

Matt Barnes is still a possibility. Salary Cap limited Magic's sign-and-trade to $1.9 million max unless they wanted to cut into their own MLE (Orlando doesn't want to do that). Plus, Orlando would've had to sign him to a 3 year deal.

And so, the $1.8 million left in the Lakers' MLE is a lot closer to Barnes max number. They could potentially back load his $$ in his contract for years 2 up to 5 years max.

If it's doable, Mitch will get it done...

"Barnes Considering Five Teams

Posted: 7/21/2010 5:41:00 AM
Source: Marc Stein of ESPN

Five teams remain in the running to sign free-agent swingman Matt Barnes, according to sources with knowledge of Barnes' thinking.

Toronto is still one of those teams, sources told, despite the collapse of a sign-and-trade deal with Orlando that Barnes thought would be completed by now.

One source close to process said early Wednesday that Barnes continues to weigh interest from the Raptors along with the Cleveland Cavaliers and three title contenders he has been negotiating with since last week: the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers.

Read more NBA news and insight: "


Magic Johnson jumping on the 'HOF Bad Move Lebron' Bandwagon'

Matt Barnes? why people, why him... he thinks and looks like his a gang-member from south LA... his 3 point shooting is not even 50%.... he dose have good defense but what do we need that for... we got RON, and EBANKs for that so no D needed... so he is a waste if we spend anything more than 1.7 mil... i much rather have TMAC than Barnes anyday!


i wouldnt mind shannon but barnes is a BIG upgrade defensively. he could be a nice fill in defensively on guys like dwade/bron, vince, even durant pierce/allen... he does come with some question marks but hes a veteran and rewards outweigh risks.. besides if you think barnes is a distraction how can you say yes to shaq?


yes blog been goin ape banana over a lot of guys lately... i think lin's a promising but we got 2 other PGs locked for 3 years so how does a guaranteed contract to a guy who will barely get minutes make sense? no wonder he chose GS

"That's why Lakers fans shouldn't be worried about what Bynum can bring next season."

Huh? I don't understand this logic. Bynum's health next year is by far the biggest concern for the Lakers. A one-legged Bynum is no better than Josh Boon or Kwame Brown. The Lakers managed to win with an injured Bynum the past couple years, but that will not be the case this coming season. With the super team forming in Miami, the main advantage for the Lakers will be their frountcourt. Bynum's health will be absolutely crucial for a threepeat. I shutter at the thought, but Bynum's health might be the deciding factor, not only for next year's championship, but for the next few years as well. Based on Bynum's history, those are terrible odds.

I agree with those who want to limit Bynum's minutes to keep him fresh and healthy for the playoffs, but if there is even a slight hint of Bynum re-aggravating his injuries to his knees or his achilles, the front office will be wise to trade him immediately while he still has trade value.


I was open to the idea of Bell, but Barnes? Why has no team ever held onto him if he's such a catch?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


If Barnes's options are Toronto, Cleveland, LA, Boston and Miami, as the article claims, the Lakers probably don't have a great shot.

If it's about playing time and money, he'll go to Cleveland (if Cleveland is truly interested). I believe they have all of their MLE remaining. Of course, they also have a slightly gaping hole at SF because of some dude who just left them. They could offer way more than anyone else and his competition for playing time would be Anthony Parker and Jamario Moon. My money is on Barnes going to Cleveland.

If for some reason the Cavs can't nab him, the Lakers actually have a great shot. These are the amounts he could make from the remaining teams that are supposedly kicking his tires:

Toronto: $1.9 million (through S&T)
Lakers: $1.8 million
Boston: $1.8 million
Miami: $1.2 million

Toronto is probably 2nd in the running because they can offer slightly more and he'd be guaranteed PT, but of the 3 championship contenders (should that make a difference to him), the Lakers would seem to have a good shot. They're the defending champs, they have the weather, Barnes is from LA, and he would probably get more PT in LA behind Artest and Kobe than he would behind Pierce and Allen or LeBron and Wade.

So the Lakers are probably in the middle of the pack amongst those 5 teams vying for his services.

Dear Jon K.,


so im not the only one with this Barnes guys, even tho his from LA, we already got a "thug" and thats RON...

I think Andrew Bynum will have a BIG season this year, but let's be honest...
This is a huge upcoming season that will make or break the youngster's career..
Will AB give us a FULL, injury free season...will he step up and be the FORCE that all Lakers fans have been waiting for...I can't wait to find out!

"I was open to the idea of Bell, but Barnes? Why has no team ever held onto him if he's such a catch?"

That's a fair question. I don't know if he's not a good locker room guy or what, but it does seem strange that a guy like Barnes - scrappy, hard defender, decent shooter, good rebounder - wouldn't find a home on a winning team. He seems to me to be just the kind of guy you want to bring off the bench.

Maybe he's just too much of a nut case to stick around on one team. Sound like anyone we signed last summer?

lakers are fine. Still,not sold on bynum. How many more yrs,do we say, next year. Major kudos to bynum for gutting it out thru the playoffs. Bell was a perfect fit that matched there biggest weakness. Still,dont see bynum and gasol as a good match. But, hey, back to back is all that matters. blake,is a good solid,smart,decent, on ball defender.(big upgrade over fisher)and good spot up shooter. Would have liked to see derek retire,would have been the perfect time.Possibly asst coach,going out on top as hero in the finals. He has been awful the past 2 yrs defensively.(i know he saved our rears in the finals).Dont see many more moves out there.Would wait until deadlines.If sasah could ever be the shooter,in games that he is in practice,then he could really be a nice weapon.

@ Lewsters - yes i think after the surgery we will see a much healthier andrew bynum that will dominate all centers probably for next season...

better yet what i love the most, is that when we play miami were gonna see andrew dominated the offensive and defensive boards along with gasol... so they are gonna have no chance in beating us and not even counting that lebuffon/bush/wayne will probably starting clashing heads on whos to get the ball more, bush is gonna complain that wayne and lebuffon are hoggin the ball and its gonna be a confrontation which will throw off their game.. and personally i want them to fail... they wont get passed the Easter Conf... mark my words on this!!!


you wrote: Matt Barnes? why people, why him... he thinks and looks like his a gang-member from south LA... his 3 point shooting is not even 50%.... he dose have good defense but what do we need that for... we got RON, and EBANKs for that so no D needed... so he is a waste if we spend anything more than 1.7 mil... i much rather have TMAC than Barnes anyday!

my response: He's long & lean. His shooting % might go up on the Lakers, as
Ariza & UPS' did.

re: defense. You CANNOT have TOO MUCH DEFENSE!

If Miami makes it to the NBA finals, they won't lose because someone else's
offense is better. That's all the 3-amigos know. It will be because of defense.
Getting stops is critical in the playoffs. 2nd chance pts.

*I* would love a team of ball hawks.

I've loved Bynum's game and tenacity ever since he faked out Shaq on the Heat for a lay-up and then ran up the court to push him after Shaq dunked on him with his crotch smacked tight in Andrew's face. Kobe may know what Shaq's ass taste, but Bynum has inhaled Shaq's nuts. Shaq almost killed him afterwards, but you have to give the young man props for not backing down.

But I'm not confident he'll ever be healthy for a season, much less be anywhere close to being even 80% for the playoffs. Being consistently injured this young is a BAD sign obviously, and usually means a short career. With a body frame and weight that he has, those knees and tendons take a lot of unnatural pounding, especially at the center position. I hope he can make it out for at least two more seasons, but we need find a good reliable back-up, to say the least. I wouldn't be surprised if Bynum sits out next season's playoffs again, or if he suffers another serious injury to either of his surgically repaired knees. One bum knee is a major red flag, but both?!

I'm all for signing Kwame Brown. He's the ultimate scrub, but if we can trade him for someone like the caliber of Pau Gasol again, then why not? Then again, Jerry West isn't the GM of any NBA teams anymore, is he?

@ kingjimbo - you need to be 100% sold on Andrew Bynum or else your not a true lakers fan... stop bashing on him... his young, sure he gets injured but well see what happens this upcoming year... everyone has injuries including all of our players, kobe, ron, lo, luke, sash, brow, bynum, gasol, the only players without injurie were the ones on the bench, Powell, Mbenga, morrison... so dont tell me that cuz the guy got injured but man'ed up during the finals and still played hard, will not be good next season after the surgery... i think he is the best center in the league,he has room to improve but watching him play makes me think that there is no other center that can stop him, maybe shaq but his too old and too slow now to ever defend bynum like that... so bynum is solid, all he needs to do is get better and rest so his ready for next season...

so you gotta be sold on BYNUM...

Why has no team ever held onto him if he's such a catch?

Posted by: Jon K. | July 21, 2010 at 01:03 PM

RE: Matt Barnes

That's what I was wondering.

7 years --- 7 teams

Selected by Memphis in the second round (46th overall) of the 2002 NBA Draft…
Traded by Memphis along with Nick Anderson to Cleveland in exchange for Wesley Person (Jun. 26, 2002)…
Waived by Cleveland (Oct. 18, 2002)…
Played with Fayetteville of the NBA Development League (2002-03)…
Signed as a free agent with Seattle (Sep. 27, 2003)…
Waived by Seattle (Oct. 13, 2003)…
Played with Long Beach of the American Basketball Association (2003-04)…
Signed by the L.A. Clippers to first of two consecutive 10-day contracts (Jan. 18, 2004)…
Signed by Clippers for the remainder of the season (Feb. 8, 2004)…
Signed as a free agent with Sacramento (Oct. 1, 2004)…
Traded by Sacramento along with Michael Bradley and Chris Webber to Philadelphia in exchange for Kenny Thomas, Corliss Williamson and Brian Skinner (Feb. 23, 2005)…
Signed as a free agent by New York (Oct. 6, 2005)…
Waived by New York (Dec. 3, 2005)…
Signed as a free agent by Philadelphia (Dec. 9, 2005)…
Signed as a free agent by Golden State (Oct. 2, 2006)…
Signed as a free agent by Phoenix (Jul. 22, 2008)…
Signed as a free agent by Orlando (Jul. 23, 2009).


I was never a Bynumakandi label advocate; yet harsh about the "Beast" moniker. Though Bynum's performance this last playoff run showed an injured tenacity aka Kobeism.

The need of a 5th guard leads me to believe Sasha will be trade bait.

I do like the Oberto/Thomas signing proposals.


A BIG NO to Matt Barnes...

I don't care how good the fit looks on paper...The ball fake to Kobe's face is unforgivable...Artest never disrespected Kobe in that way, even he was vicious on guarding Kobe in the Houston series...

Let Barnes wallow in his sewage...Let him go to a non contender or not signed at all...

He is trying to use the Lakers as leverage in getting a new contract...Lakers let the league know you have no interest in this player...he would lose bargaining power, and worst case scenario, will be ripe for the pickings...

Sign ShanWow before signing Barnes...

Why is so many here, so intent on trying to match up with Miami...

Miami is doing all this to match up to the Lakers...

Every team is chasing us...The Lakers are should not be chasing any team...We are the back to back Champions, and have gone to 3 straight finals...

Do you think it was just luck that the Lakers did that...

I am all for thinking of the Kobe days...but to put Miami and the Lakers on paper, and playing it out on mere speculation and statistics is LAME...

If Matt Barnes is in a hunt for a championship ring, the Lakers is the team..for money, not the Lakers. LAL has now 9 players on contract and if the team sign the DC and DE for minimum rookie contract, that accounts for 11 players roster


barnes was much more of a headcase early in his career. if you look at his overall career stats his game AND attitude has improved dramatically last few years which explains the big uptick in his minutes/scoring as well

dont say no to defense! hes probably by far the best perimeter defender out there in FA.

Art -

Good point...Barnes is a nomad...There is a reason why teams don't retain him after one year...


Not sure about the attitude improvement, I mean, how do we really know that?

And still, even the last few years, every team cuts him loose at the end of the season.

If I was looking to hire someone and they gave me a resume like that, well, I'd say,

Matty, you got some splainin to do...

T-Mac and the best bargain from Shaq/Kurt Thomas/Kwame/MBenga/Josh Boone is all that theLakers need for the 3-peat! Remember the bench has to be plus 15-20 vs Wade's Heat Team!!

what ever with this Matt Barnes, T-Mac, Shaq nonsense...

One name stands out of all the available free agents...

Eddie House...*cue Massive Attack's "Teardrop"*

...The ball fake to Kobe's face is unforgivable...

Posted by: LEWSTRS | July 21, 2010 at 01:30 PM

Barnes explained in an interview that he was actually throwing a ball fake over Kobe's left shoulder. The camera angle made it look like it was a ball fake directly to KB's face. Might explain why KB did not flinch...

@ hobbitmage - i can see where your coming from but your basically saying the same things about barnes's 3 point shooting skills as me saying about Andrew Bynums health next season... so basically you dont know if his shooting will improve on the Lakers? your just guessing.. second, we cant offer him more than 1.7 mil.. i dont think he will be taking that... yes you can never have too much defense but i think we got enought already, you cant say kobe is a bad defender, you cant say that ROn dosnt do a good job, and as far as Ebanks, well test him out soon enought im sure hell blow our excpectations... so basically getting Barnes would be a waste of money, we have a talent like TMAC and were wasting our time talking about barnes, we dont know how barnes would be in the upcoming season let alone give him a lot of money and see if he preforms or not... so too much risk with barnes, plus if Barnes was so good, why did the Magic pay out more money to JJ reddick just to keep him from going to Bulls rather than pay Barnes to stay with them? please answer that question? so in other words, the whole Magic Organization thinks that JJ reddick is more valuable than Barnes, which in turn is like saying JJ is like Sasha on our team lol and Barnes is Ron... who you think were gonna keep when push come to shove?

just like my dear friend Jon K. said... if Barnes is so important than why dosnt any team keept he guy?

Did you all know the Lakers are scheduled to play exhibition games in London and Barcelona this October...

The Barcelona game will be a zoo, with all of Pau's fans welcoming their hero...

Good move by the Lakers...

LOL. True. The calves are glorious.

Posted by: puddle | July 21, 2010 at 12:30 PM

True, but is he CATCHING with these calves? No. If I have to see Kwame drop one more ball.... Other than that, I love him.


@ LEWSTRS - no way... thats so cool... i wanna go to spain ahaha to watch the game!

Barnes explained in an interview that he was actually throwing a ball fake over Kobe's left shoulder. The camera angle made it look like it was a ball fake directly to KB's face. Might explain why KB did not flinch...

I don't think so.

I was at that game, 6 rows from the court. I saw it.

"That scared me a little," Barnes said later. "I mean, that wasn't even human."

Brad Townsend, Dallas Morning News: "Dallas gave Jeremy Lin his first shot at the NBA. Lin played so well for the Mavericks in the Las Vegas summer league that the world champion Lakers coveted him. But Lin's agent, Roger Montomery, confirmed Tuesday night that the 6-3 guard from Harvard has decided to sign with Golden State. Why? In part because the Warriors offered a two-year, partially guaranteed deal. But mostly because Lin, 21, is a Palo Alto, Calif. native. 'That was one of the major factors, is that he gets a chance to go full-circle and come back home and play for his hometown team,' Montomery said. 'That's always a young man's dream, to get a chance to play professional sports for the team you grew up rooting for.'"

Mitch has been doing a great job since Pau, so I'm not worried. Unlikely he'll "drop the ball." Unlike a certain golden calved man we all know.

I just realized my post would have been comedy gold if I would have just posted a link the the song and let you guys figure out who I was talking about..

I apologize to the blog for not being up to my ussual sarcastic standard. I apologize to Mamba24, for not being up to snuff. But mostly I apologize to Justa for not being the axe murderer she believes I can be...

No to thugs (Barnes) joining the Lakers... If you've got a tatoo above your shoulders we don't want it. Ronny Turiaf is an exception.....

Sasha and Brown (sign and trade for Posey and weve've got ourselves a 3peat....


i like your positive outlook on bynum but reality is until he completes a whole season injury free he has NOT turned a corner and jury is still out on him.

for that kind of money lakers can get A LOT of other quality big men... his injuries could be the difference between retaining homecourt advantage next year which is CRUCIAL if you consider what happened against boston or even OKC last playoffs

Well Jefferson is back with the Spurs...that was a strange situation with him opting out of 15 mil...terms of the new contract were not disclosed...

Jason Kidd just joined the 'HOF Bad Move Lebron' Bandwagon'...

Looks like the homeless in Florida will all be sporting LeBron gear...Cavaliers fans have been unloading their unwanted No. 23 jerseys, T-shirts and other clothing items bearing James’ name at locations around the city. Organizers are shipping the discarded James gear to homeless shelters in South Florida...

Well it's all up to Kevin Durant to hold up Team USA...Amare can't play due to his contract would be uninsurable, and David Lee is out due to a broken finger...I hope they don't embarrass us and force Kobe to play in the 2012 Olympics to save the USA again...

Lin = Warriors Fan = Happy with Mediocrity.

No loss there.

Barnes explained in an interview that he was actually throwing a ball fake over Kobe's left shoulder. The camera angle made it look like it was a ball fake directly to KB's face. Might explain why KB did not flinch...

Posted by: The Snake | July 21, 2010 at 01:52 PM

Matt Barnes is full of it. He tried to play Kobe and make him jump by faking that pass DIRECTLY into his face. And if you're looking for a reason as to why Kobe didn't flinch--Kobe didn't flinch because nothing can make Kobe flinch, sort of like Chuck Norris.


"And still, even the last few years, every team cuts him loose at the end of the season"

nobody cut him loose last few years... barnes opted out of his contract with orlando this offseason... and before that he had a one year contract with phoenix.. and prior to that he played two years with the warriors and had very productive seasons as a key bench player.

While I'm not ga-ga over Matt Barnes because I think the Lakers' priority should be for a big (either C or C/PF combo) I'm also lukewarm on him.

Beside all the reasons already mentioned for signing Barnes I would like to add mine:

Signing Barnes means KEEPING HIM AWAY from the other contenders. I sure as heck do not think the SuperHeat needs another hand. Another guy that can bother our Kobe.

As for people who asked why Barnes could not stick to one team during his 7 years: remember a dude named Trevor Ariza? he also bounced around until he got to the Lakers and then he blossomed. There IS such a thing as a late bloomer.

It was just reported on that the Blazers are willing to trade Rudy Fernandez. Can we trade Sasha and filler for him? He would be great in our system and I'm sure he would to play with his friend Pau. What does everyone think?

Besides being a great outside shooter, Fernandez also defends and attacks the basket. I'd take him over Sasha, Brown or Barnes.

say what you will about barnes "ball throwing to kobes face incident".. the guy is a competitor. i will take a guy like him anyday over soft pushover guys like luke/farmar.

regardless, hes probably still a longshot considering many other teams will offer him a multiyear contract with more money... its all up to him whether he wants to take less money to play here but i wouldnt be surprised if kupchak aint trying.

I've had enough of chasing these's FA, we have NO MONEY. Barns, T-Mac, Lin, Bell and everybody else we've been chating about. THEIR NOT COMING, just be happy with Blake and the 2 rooks.

I would take Eddie House over Rudy Fernandez. However, five me Fernandez over any back up the Lakers have, except for Steve Blake. Bye Bye to Sasha, Shannon, future picks, etc.

The reason FA are not signing with the Lakers is not the money, but the minutes...

Yes we can't offer as much as other teams, since we are a prisoner of the luxury tax...

But the killer is the players know that if they sign, it is more likely that they will be at the end of the bench and will only play garbage minutes...

For a free agent wanting to showcase his skills to get a big pay dirt contract, the Lakers would be the worst team to join...

Lin = Warriors Fan = Happy with Mediocrity.

No loss there.

Posted by: htj | July 21, 2010 at 02:19 PM


Nice post. Eddie House may be a better shooter(debatable), but Fernandez has length, shooting, defends, attacks the basket, has ballhandling and passing skills. He could also back up the 1,2 and 3 spot on the Lakers. I think he was underused there in Portland and coming to the Lakers will allow him to showcase his many skills. His familiarity with his friend Pau would definitely be a plus as far as chemistry. Perhaps the right player that fits several needs for us has finally come available, Rudy Fernandez. He's worth at least a shot.


Yes, perhaps you are correct about the "productive" part with Golden State.

Still, too many negatives for me, after 7 yrs still looking at getting the minimum.
I'd need some back channel feedback to pursue someone like that, but that's just me.

He's still a job hopper, I wouldn't hire him.
But it's just an opinion issue, I respect that.
And you may be right, he may be a good fit, but I get the sense there is something wrong with him.

Trading Sasha straight up or with another player for Fernandez would allow Rudy to be the primary backup for Kobe.

Imagine it's the 4th quarter (because there won't be any game 5 if the Lakers face Miami). The Lakers have Shaq, Gasol, Artest, Kobe, and Fish on the floor. Game and series over.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | July 21, 2010 at 10:23 AM

only if we play against 5 turtles.

Shaq will never come back to the Lakers, not because of the money, Kobe, or Dr. Buss...

Shaq wants to be the starter, and that is just not going to happen...


Why would Barnes opt out of his contract in Orlando after being a journeyman for so long? Orlando is a competitive franchise with a loyal fan base.

There's something about Barnes that doesn't fit.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Rudy Fernandez is not a free agent. I don't know why he's being discussed by Laker fans.

Nemaia Faletogo

Rudy Fernandez is an awesome wing player . He is fast, determined and tireless player that never gives up , he would definately help our team. I would love to have Rudy Fernandez on our team but 2 reasons why we cant get him .

1. We cant afford him
2. Do you think that Blazers would want Sasha or Luke
3. He is leaving for some real playing time , with Kobe at the SG and Ron at the SF he wouldn't have things better than Portland.

But if we could pull that off i am sure Pau Gasol would love it and so would I. That be a killer Spanish tandem to add to the already awesome Lakers arsenal.

@ 2Phatt - yes sadly you are right, but we cant give up hope on Tmac just yet, he seems most fit for the job than barnes, Bell or Lin lol we saw what happend to them? we still havnt heard from Tmac and lakers FO... i mean tmac wants to come to LA bad... just follow his tweets he said " LAKER nation is coming hard for me.... but no word from the FO" so its sad because Mitch hasnt given him a try just yet..

even though i agree with you my dear friend but sadly i cannot lose hope in Tmac just yet...

Eddie House? the clippers guy who couldnt do squat in LA went to Boston with Cassell to get a ring by beating the LAkers by 30 points? yeah that guy... i dont think so, even tho i think his a better shooter on 3's than barnes...


"Why would Barnes opt out of his contract in Orlando after being a journeyman for so long? Orlando is a competitive franchise with a loyal fan base"

how bout more money?! and it appears he's made the right move.. its all about supply/demand and reports indicate there is plenty of demand for him with many teams vying for his services.


"It was just reported on that the Blazers are willing to trade Rudy Fernandez."

But not to us. The Trailblazers HATE us and will never make a trade with us that could improve our team. Never.

By the way, anyone thinking that any team anywhere (except for maybe the Wizards or the Clippers--because making dumb trades is what they do) is going to make a trade for Sasha is smoking crack during pauses in between constant waterboarding sessions.

It's not happening.

I think Sasha's great but he is overpaid and inconsistent. Nobody is trading with us for Sasha to make our team stronger. NOBODY!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


the only thing Rudy Fernandez defends is his order of tapas

anytime portland needed a 3 he chocked.

what's left?
funky dunks repeated at nauseum?
but they had lots of touches. the spaniards.

the low in the dunk contest history.

We aren't getting Rudy, he isn't a FA and I doubt he'd play for the minimum at this point of his career. This is the price you pay for being a championship team with a potential 4 allstars, you pick up 1 nice peice with the MLE every year, and continue to sign vet role players who have had individual success but have yet to taste the champagne in celebration. We're not going to get anything better than DJ or Kurt at C and Tmac/Barnes/SB/Stackhouse for a backup wing, it is what it is. We can only hope whoever we sign is productive, healthy, and gives it their all.

Nemaia Faletogo- I agree with you in that Rudy was under used in Portland. In the long run, he could be a huge asset playing with Gasol with both of them pushing each other's games.
That being said, I think there's about a zero percent chance that Fernandez gets dealt, and even less likely it will be to the Lakers. Portland doesnt want to strengthen LA in any way, shape, or form.

And 2Phatt- To say that TMac is "NOT COMING" because the Lakers have "NO MONEY" would be correct if McGrady was still playing for the money at this point in his career. He's not. His last contract will let him retire a rich man & at this point, I've gotta think he wants that ring and will play wherever for whatever in order for him to get a little bling bling.


My friend, the Blazers are trying to trade Rudy Fernandez. I know he isn't a FA, I'm just hoping we could possibly make a trade for him. Maybe Sasha/Luke(I know, yeah right)or Sasha and draft picks? That's all I'm saying.


Thanks for your response. The reason I think Fernandez will see more playing time with the Lakers is because last year we didn't have anyone good or consistent enough to spell Kobe, who played way more minutes than he should've. Fernandez could also provide us with a really big guard lineup that could himself or Kobe at either PG or SG. Fernandez gives us a myriad of options to have on the floor that could really break down opposing teams.

i love it how the SNAK fans r out for their MAN

the irony?

the 2 franchises that will aspire to more Championships, Lakers and maybe Miami, r exactly the 2 franchises that Shaq totally creamed with comments.


Snaq will retire in Wade county police department. His police batch will be pinned to his jersey and displayed in a galss case that he will sponsor.

on the left side will have the stats of how many FT he missed in his carreer.

on the right side will have the stats of how many delinquents he missed because he was slow, fat and lazy.

wait so no one got my post regarding the Magic paying more money to keep JJ reddick than Barnes... how dose that sound to you guys? that means to me that JJ is more important than Barnes so i doubt Barnes is getting more money, his just looking for the best deal period!

if JJ reddick gets paid more money to not go to chicago then i say we dont need barnes we have another player like him.. Luke walton lol


Sorry. I was trying to say that Fernandez would allow us to have a big backcourt sometime with either him or Kobe playing PG or SG while on the floor together at the same time. With the skillset that Fernandez has, think of the different lineups we can throw at other teams. One such lineup could be Pau/LO/Artest/Fernandez/Kobe. There are many other combinations that would be killer. Go Lakers!!!

jon k. - this was the funniest thing ive heard in yearsss (well to be specific since Chaineys CIA waterboarding incident + LA downtown crackheads lol) " for Sasha is smoking crack during pauses in between constant waterboarding sessions "

touche my friend!!!

Let's not underestimate the value of Sasha's expiring contract. I don't want to trade Sasha, but IF he were to be traded, the Lakers should hold off until the trade deadline to get maximum value. By then, plenty of teams will be desperate to clear cap space or to reduce luxury taxes. If Bynum gets hurt again (VERY LIKELY), Sasha's expiring contract might land us a decent backup center.

Blazers are asking for trade on Rudy Fernandez, can we present a case why they need a high IQ player that will facilitate the ball from Roy to Aldridge to Oden and that's Luke Walton. He will perfectly blend in Northwest. Add the remaining salary cap of 1.7M + the future 2nd rd draft picks to compensate the salary differentials. If Luke is such a good player as bloggers kept on saying here that he is a better rebounder than Artest etc. etc. why can't we have fair exchange with Rudy Fernandez, I'm sure they will not also admit that Rudy is better than Luke. Therefore it is just a fair exchange. LTLF, Are you still negative to it, tho' you kept on suggesting to absorb the 10m of Calderon.

If you get Rudy + Pau then it is easy to make room for Ricky Rubio after Fisher's time. That's dynasty.


i'm wondering why you had 5 Snaq jerseys? where they one of a kind?

or you just needed 5 to put them on top of each other so u look big and fat like your hero.

not surprised about your narrative regarding Gassy being the real Laker: Kobe needs Gassy to eliminate.

anyway, how many KOBE jerseys you have?

@ Dan_NBAExpert - you are an expert sir! i can vouch for that!

" We're not going to get anything better than DJ or Kurt at C and Tmac/Barnes/SB/Stackhouse for a backup wing, it is what it is. We can only hope whoever we sign is productive, healthy, and gives it their all.

@ raiderlaker1980 - yes, yes , yes and some more yes... well said!


Before Ariza arrived here, and early on as a Laker, Ariza couldn't hit a three if his life depended on it. Fernandez coming here would probably be different for him. Just saying.


As I shared with our friend Puddle, the Blazers want to trade Fernandez because he no longer wants to play there. He isn't a FA, but the Blazers are trying to move him.


You may be right. That may be the one reason why the Blazers wouldn't make a deal with the Lakers, is because they don't want to make us better and stronger. However, if Mitch puts together the right package, the Blazers may do it. Highly doubtful, but not impossible.

@ Edwin G. - " If you get Rudy + Pau then it is easy to make room for Ricky Rubio after Fisher's time. That's dynasty. "

ummmm that spells out as WORLD CUP SPAIN! lol sounds like the Spanish National Basketball Team... just because spainards are good at futbol dosnt mean all spanish players play good... and second how would that possibly make a dynasty?? based on what?

marc B

To answer your post this morning, I don't see Bynum making mid jump outside of the shaded lane similar to what Gasol is doing. His mid jump shots are actually in the post......again let me reiterate away from the post similar to his teacher, KAJ he is known for hook shots than dunking. Well, he can improve in that area since he's near 70% in F/T %. One remarkable progress he made during the playoffs, he stayed foul free and played some minutes in 4th Q.

I try to make a lot of emphasis on Drew because he is the KEY to Lakers future Championship. He and Odom have a lot of ROOMS FOR IMPROVEMENT and if they could tap those potentials then Lakers are unbeatable. Whenever I criticize I'm trying clear the brush on the road that is less traveled. Lakers have to continue reinventing themselves and keep the competition on what the new beef in 2011 playoffs.

Nemaia, I understand portland is attempting to trade him, which is precisely why I say he isn't coming to LA, they aren't going to send him to us, unless they're decimating us, nothing else would entice Portland to send him to beat them. You're right, not impossible, just approximate a 9.8 on the meter of 1-10 in unlikely. Would be nice though, I agree.

Hey guys! Finally had a chance to catch up - whew what a day!

El Guapo - you said "I apologize to the blog for not being up to my ussual sarcastic standard. I apologize to Mamba24, for not being up to snuff. But mostly I apologize to Justa for not being the axe murderer she believes I can be..."

LOL!!!! I have NEVER said I believe you could be an axe murderer. I said you MIGHT be an axe murderer for all I know. Big difference. HAHAHA!

Why would Barnes opt out of his contract in Orlando after being a journeyman for so long? Orlando is a competitive franchise with a loyal fan base.

There's something about Barnes that doesn't fit.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Posted by: Jon K. | July 21, 2010 at 02:54 PM

It's the fear and uncertainty of the new CBA. Anyone who could opt out are being advised to do so. It was widely speculated that even KB would have opted out of his final year, if his lucrative extension did not go through. Could you imagine how much crazier the LBJ/Wade FA fiasco would have been if Kobe was included into the mix.


I know you aren't still holding out hope for Lamar to improve. He is what he is. You can either be happy with it or hope for a trade, but as an individual ball player, the window on Lamar's "potential" greatness is closed.

With Andrew, just give me one season with no extended down time, and I'll already be ecstatic.


Thanks for the response. I totally agree. I'm just holding out hope and trying to start more blog chaos since the Jeremy Lin uproar went away, LOL. Maybe Mitch can pull off another spanish heist, like he did with Pau. Oh well, this is what happens as we wait for the season to roll around again. We find any and everything Lakers to talk about.


Si' Senor....Spain has been dominating the sports landscape in 2010 from Pau to Nadal to World Cup to perhaps, Tour de France. If we get three good shooters then just add more grit on Americana, we'll be OK. From Taiwanese to Espanol what is next?

We only got Blake because the Clippers blew keeping him from the Trailblazers.

I'm sure that we should use the Clippers as our patsies to acquire players that other teams would NEVER trade us. Sure, they'll trade them to the Clippers because the Clippers are incompetent and we're the ultimate threat. So, the Clippers pick up players and then when they refuse to stay with the Clippers but love Los Angeles, we can steal them from the Clippers. Sounds like a plan?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Nemaia -

re: Fernandez

Ok, I get why y'all are talking about him. From what I heard, Fernandez is trying very hard to ensure that he somehow be moved to Spain. I don't think he enjoyed his time in Portland very much, or in the NBA for that matter.

Also, the last team the Blazers would trade a useful player to is the Lakers. But I don't think the Lakers would be interested and/or able to work out a trade for Fernandez anyway.

Besides signing Caracter and Ebanks, I sincerely believe the Lakers make only two more moves this offseason: signing Shannon and signing a backup C. I really don't think FA guards are high on their priority list, unless it becomes clear that Shannon is going elsewhere.

@ Edwin - you are too funny sir, but your so right, first Gasol wins a championship, then Nadal then the World cup, even Lance armstrong has a run for his money....

how about Slovanian? we got Sash lmaooo ahahaha

very funny indeed!

nemaia you pot stirrer you... causing trouble... BAD nemaia - BAD!

Jon K-

I've always said the only time the Clippers make the people of Los Angeles happy is when they lose to the Lakers.

Feeding us choice free agents would be a second.

Wow Barnes has options but is not happy about them since his deal with Toronto fell through. According to David Aldrige, Barnes is dealing with the Cavs, Lakers, Celtics and Heat. The problem is the Cavs aren't willing to spend their entire MLE on Barnes, the Lakers can offer him the $1.8 mil left over from our MLE and both the Celtics and Heat can offer only the vets minimum at $1.2 mil. While Barnes definitely wants more money(which he obviously would've gotten with Toronto until the collapse), now he's wondering if he should just go to a contender for the chance at a ring.

@ jon k - hmmmmmmmm if what you say is true, so would that mean that the clippers will sign Tracy Mcgrady this year and then Trade him to us next year because they are not gonna look to keep him? sounds like a plan to me

this my friend sounds like a banwagon i can jump on... lewsers put me down...... ahaha

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