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Amare Stoudemire, Brandon Jennings, Julius Erving and Lisa Leslie debate how the Heat and Lakers will match up next season

Amare Stoudemire's efforts to persuade LeBron James to join the Knicks fell flat, but he at least can be comforted that there may be another Super Team in the works. After Stoudemire signed a five year, $100-million deal with the Knicks, New Orleans guard Chris Paul floated the idea at Carmelo Anthony's wedding last weekend that the two should join the Knicks after the 2010-11 season so the Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and James have a formidable Eastern Conference opponent.

"I was like, 'Yes! Way to go, CP3. I love you,' " Stoudemire said Wednesday before the ESPYs. "I'll tell you what, man, Miami has a great trio. The Lakers have a great trio, so does Boston. That's what it takes now in this era to team up with some great players. If I can get some players to join me, that would be great."

Stoudemire, aware that the league is always on the lookout for signs of tampering, stuck close to the vest, though, and said any speculation is premature since neither Paul's or Anthony's contracts expire until after next season. But there was one topic Stoudemire wasn't shy about: When I brought up that his argument that Lamar Odom had a "lucky game" in Game 1 of the Lakers-Suns Western Conference finals matchup created a stir in this corner of the blogosphere, he simply replied, "I was just being honest."

Stoudemire obviously didn't appear complimentary toward the Lakers. Even if Milwaukee's Brandon Jennings had a verbal spat last season with Jordan Farmar, he didn't bite his tongue on the LeBron-Kobe Bryant debate. I should actually correct that. With the way things are going, it seems that discussion isn't even a debate anymore.

"The guys has five rings and he won two of them without Shaq," Jennings said. "He's the best player in the league. Until somebody else takes the crown and takes a ring from him, then I crown him the best player in the league."

Former 76ers star Julius Erving wouldn't provide a prediction one way or the other. But he says Miami has a good shot at unseating the Lakers. Surely Laker fans won't like Erving's contention that the Lakers won Game 7 of this year's NBA Finals mostly because of the injury to the Celtics' Kendrick Perkins.

Former Sparks center Lisa Leslie, the WNBA's career scoring leading, has seen plenty of games this season after spending the first part of her retirement analyzing Lakers games for Channel 7. She smiled during the entire interview, and the reasons went beyond the fact that I loaned her my sunglasses to help protect her eyes. Leslie said she wasn't worried about Miami because of the Lakers' success the last two seasons as well as their off-season movement, which included keeping Coach Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher, signing point guard Steve Blake and drafting forwards Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter. There is one ingredient, however, that Leslie sees as instrumental toward the Lakers three-peating.

Andrew Bynum needs to be a healthier Andrew Bynum if we face Miami" in the NBA Finals, Leslie said. "He cannot do it against Chris Bosh being hurt. He was able to pull it off because Boston's post players, they work hard but they're not the go-to men. We're definitely going to need a healthy Lakers in order to repeat."

-- Mark Medina

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"Mr. I won 33 bets in a row" is from Florida. Obviously, he is a Miami Heat fan trying to stir the pot here in the Laker's Blog.

Lewstrs...please put me on the Mamba24 comeback bus.

um, garrett person:

>>>>Not to mention the Heats big 3 playing WAY better than Kobe throughout the olympics, not even arguable if you watched every minute of every game, not forgotten by me just caused he happened to hit 2 big shots in the final game.

Although my memory may not be as sharp as yours please tell me which players besides "our best on the planet" Black Bamba asked Coach K to be given the most difficult defensive assignment each game of the olympics.

I would love to see princess jimmy's motivation is he had 2 broken fingers on his shooting hand. Where was his motivation these last 3 years if that is the key to your formula?

princess jimmy 0-4 in finals games.

please come back mamba24!

sorry cali friends some of our TX heat found you.


You're digging yourself deeper and deeper with every post you make. Now BSPN is going to be the main motivating factor for the three Queens? Are you kidding?? What are you, 13? Or did you just finish your Stats 101 class and think you now know everything.

ESPN has a contract for the souls of the "so-called best threesome ever". Haha, give me a break.

Gosh guys, I really did win 33 in a row. Just ask my little sister. They were all won fair and square too!

Gosh guys, I really did win 33 in a row. Just ask my little sister. They were all won fair and square too!

The Lakers won their second straight title with:

Kobe playing with two bad fingers on his shooting hand and a knee that needed to be drained.
Bynum playing on one leg.
Odom with a messed up shoulder.
Artest and Brown with messed up fingers.

Just those guys getting healthy will upgrade this team immeasurably.

Long live Chick -

I thought that was funny as well. Quoting himself as an authority, and he didn't realize how stupid that makes him look?!

Where did Brandon Jennings get those sunglasses? He looked like he just had cataract surgery!

LEWSTRS...Please put me on the come back Mamba24 bus. I heart the man!

Miami Heat always play Lakers tuff because DWade likes going against Kobe. Always. Both matchups last season were close games, Lakers winning one with a last second shot by Kobe. It only will get more interesting now with Lebron and Chris on board. Lakers underachieved last season and still pulled out a championship. I expect focus and domination right out the gate this season.

People still want to debate and cheapen Lakers title. Against Orlando it was said, 'well,they didnt play Boston.' Now with 2010 title, it's 'well Boston lost Perkins.' Stoudemire saying 'Lamar was lucky.' Well, we will see what kind of numbers he puts up next season without Nash feeding him the ball! And no way Kobe leaves a team with 60 wins to team up with another superstar - Shaq was enuf and Shaq still gets all the credit for Kobe's 1st 3 rings. Nevermind that Kobe carried Shaq and team when Shaq came back after 1st title overweight and then decided to have surgery right before another season started. Nevermind Kobe ran point and was facilitator feeding Shaq the ball for easy shots and dunks during those championships. Well Kobe has 2 rings now without another superstar. He's 'the guy' - Gasol is an all-star but he's not a superstar - yet, but he's definitely headed in the right direction. IF Heat ever win another championship then the same should be said about Lebron - that he needed DWade and Bosh to get it!

Mamba24, please stay. We appreciate your contributions to this blog.

Does the Laker management advise our Laker players how to prepare their bodies for next season? Plus do they advise the players what they need to improve on? Do other fellow players (our vets) give constructive pointers and advice to the younger one?

I hope we are able to sign defensive-minded players to complete our bench and a shooter who can create his shot---to enable Kobe to play less minutes so he'll be stronger in the playoffs. For the vet min, can we give TMac a chance?

I can't believe he's banned from the blog. I thought strange things were happening yesterday, but I really didn't think that was Mamba 24 blogging that. Lewstrs.....We need a [We NEED and WANT Mamba24] back caravan. I really enjoy his imput and Bandwagon's

Posted by: NewMexicoLakerLifer | July 15, 2010 at 10:42 AM


I agree, Mamba24 is part of the family...

So here it is...

Comeback Mamba24 Bus

|___ COME BACK MAMBA 24 ___\__\__

Rick Friedman
Jon K
Edwin Gueco
Mark Medina
john lakers manila
The Outlaw

Posted by: LEWSTRS | July 15, 2010 at 01:25 PM

Please add me to the bus. MM says you are not banned. Come back as we need yor bandwagons, roll calls and overall humor.

Garret, just one thing. You won 33 from Dec to Jan???!!! What about from Jan on? Through the playoffs? Finals?? When things really do matter and players are all equally motivated, what's your track record?

In the playoffs, most people are motivated to the max, let alone the finals.

The "motivation" makes a difference in the regular season record... such as Cavs' in the last two years. In the playoffs, it's about composure, execution, will, teamwork, individual creativity, etc.

Heck, Kobe was so "motivated" in the final game that he lost composure and played worse than he should have. Just an example that motivation is not everything. Just b/c you're super motivated, it doesn't mean you can get your way against the likes of the Celtics defense. It's all the other intricate things.

Good luck betting on "motivation".

Garret said his equations are never wrong, but said "only 33 because I am only human." Your post would have been an "entertaining read" if not for the 10 or so times you had to convince us your "equations are never wrong."

Weren't Dwight Howard, Stan Van Gundy, everyone from Orlando motivated two years ago? Hmm good thing we got Blake who is pressume is motivated, and two rookies - they should be motivated as well. O hell this motivation theory is screwed up anyway. The most motivated soccer team cannot win a basketball game against the most disinterested NBA team.

The very idea of motivation being a quantifiable number is ludicrous. Motivation cannot be weighed by scales or measured with rulers. I know my own prescribed definition of "motivation" when I see it. I have seen the results and the proof. It is apparent that often times fans of other NBA teams simply do not know how to accurately assess good basketball, they have plainly never seen it.

"for once in his LIFE LO had a consitant preformance..." Gee, I had to be the one to write this, but that sure seems like ONE lucky night to me. There's nothing wrong with pointing out the areas that need improvement. I've been writing all along that Bynum is a big IF that can cost us games and LO always seems to be a.w.o.l.. Our 2 draft picks must get signed because we will need all the help we can get when Bynum goes down again and LO comes up missing. These guys are living a rookie's dream. They get to hone their skills with the best player, team and coaching staff in the NBA. What they lack in experience will be made up in enthusiasm. I have faith in these guys only because of the circumstance that they find themselves in. GO LAKERS!!


Why is it that when Andrew Bynum missed all of the 2008 series due to injury and the majority of the 2010 series noone seems to say that was a key factor in why the Lakers lost in 08 and went 7 in 2010??? Bynum is a better player than Kendrick Perkins so why is Perkins injury more significant?? Makes no sense and J should know better than that. It's also funny how Kobe's hand injuries all of a sudden don't matter but when Labron had an elbow strain (are you kidding me?) it was world wide news and excuses. The media is flat awful.

Lakers in 5 over survivor of the East in 2011.

Posted by: Garrett Kall | July 15, 2010 at 02:00 PM"

according to my calcululations and derivatives taking into account the weather, the economy, the personal lives of all the players possibly involved, the black hole call "New York/New Jersey"...I personally conclude 'S" happens

Hey dr j. if Bynum was healthy 2 years ago we'd be looking for a 4peat right now.

Posted by: lakersWorld |

Without any doubt....!!!

What the hell is going on with mamba 24? I came to join this blog a couple years ago when AK/BK were here. After the loss to the celtics. I knew our team could be the best but was shaken by the celts loss. I needed you guys back then to confirm what we all know as fact today. This could be and now is a new Laker dynasty. Yhis blog was therapy for me back then with great Laker fans on here and I want to thank you guys for the loyalty and knowledge of the purp and gold. It was guys like mamba that kept me strong. I am john blazington formerly known as MD. I havent been around to comment but have been watching the comments from the OGs on this blog but when I saw that mamba is leaving I just have to know WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AROUND HERE? Oh yeah, MM your doing a great job.

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