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Lakers Roundtable: Discussing Steve Blake with The Times' Lisa Dillman

With the Clippers' hiring of Vinny Del Negro as their new coach, the team's courtship of LeBron James and summer league play about to begin, The Times' Lisa Dillman has a lot to monitor. Yet somehow she managed to squeeze in a few minutes to talk with the L.A. Times Lakers blog about the Lakers formalizing a deal Thursday with former Clippers guard Steve Blake on a four-year deal worth $16 million.

Dillman saw Blake play last season after the Clippers acquired him in a trade with the Portland Trail Blazers in which the Clippers also got Travis Outlaw and cash for veteran forward Marcus Camby. Dillman also contributed to The Times' Lakers playoff coverage, so she she has terrific insight on what Blake provided to the Clippers and how that can carry over with the Lakers.

Among the highlights:

-- Whether the Clippers have a shot at landing James

-- Dillman's impressions of Blake's play with the Clippers

-- What Blake was like in the locker room and as a teammate

-- What Blake brings to the Lakers

-- How Blake and his wife, Kristen, are already getting a warm reception on Twitter. You can follow Steve here and Kristen here.

You can follow Dillman's Clippers coverage at The Times' website and on Twitter.

-- Mark Medina

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Like the Secret Service, we have unlimited black Suburbans
to escort DFish to the Lakers training camp in El Segundo...

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"I Bleed Purple and Gold"
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Kobe Bryant

Cleveland police is now on high alert around downtown and LeBron's home, with them expecting Lebron signing somewhere else...

The Cavalier's fan base very disappointed, but use to futility anyway...

The LeBron fans are excited to root for his new team...

Cleveland, I feel for you, but you didn't need those thousands of LeBron bandwagon fans anyway...they don't know basketball to begin with, just blind love for a paper King...

Ok, ok. Steve Blake's a Laker. Great.

WHAT ABOUT FISH????????????

Steve Blake is an awesome signing. He's what we need. Now Jordan Farmar can go play for some team that sucks.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


What's with the 80's intro music?

I love what Kobe said about Blake:

"I love that pickup," Bryant said. "I love that pickup. Every time I played against Blake when he was in Portland and when he matched up with me, he obviously gave up a lot in size and weight but he fought me hard every time. And I hit him with some nasty elbows, believe me, but he kept fighting, he kept battling, kept battling and to me, that's the kind of guy I want on my team so it says a lot about him."

couple of rumors I haven't seen here yet -

Lakers are interested in Matt barnes, but no offer has been made yet.

Knicks sign and trade David Lee to Golden State for Anthony Randolph, Ronny Turiaf, and Kelenna Azubuike.

As with any rumors that are flying around right now, they might be utter B.S.

LeBron at the microphone, under the TV spotlights . . .

“I’ve come here tonight to let the world know . . .”

[Drum roll]

“ . . . that I still haven’t made up my mind.”

[Cut to commercial]

>>>Now Jordan Farmar can go play for some team that sucks.

Damn. There are some people who are seriously bitter about someone who's just trying to achieve his potential.

MM, you guys should get on hour on ESPN tonight to talk about Blake.

Another unconfirmed rumor about LeBronze:

"Ten people accused of spying for Russia have tonight pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge, setting up what could be one of the biggest, most unusual and least secret spy swaps known to superpower espionage. "

Could this be where James is going?


Lebron has all the right to pursue his biggest love...the dollar...

It's just all the hoopla and this ESPN special that makes it a joke...

And this "Selling my brand" is a joke...

LeBron is a joke anyway...Because Delonte drills his mom...he gives up on the Boston series to get even...

Why don't you get in Delonte's face and confront him...don't punish the team and the city by quitting...

Ten people accused of spying for Russia have tonight pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge, setting up what could be one of the biggest, most unusual and least secret spy swaps known to superpower espionage. "Could this be where James is going? Posted by: 63 Footer | July 08, 2010 at 03:44 PM

Jim Leyland of the Detriot Tigers...

"I don't care where he goes, I'm not interested in that at all...I'm interested where Shaq is going..."

FILSH....(farted I laughed so hard)

DAMNIT has anyone seen Lebrons makeup & TeddyBear? The show starts in a lil over 2 hours. Come on people!

DAMNIT has anyone seen Lebrons makeup & TeddyBear? The show starts in a lil over 2 hours. Come on people!

I wonder where Colin Cowherd got his rumor that the Lakers are interested in Turkoglu.

Doesn't sound very likely to me. The Lakers are already dodgy with several big long-term salaries. Turk's contract would be almost 10 million this year than OVER 10 million for each of the next three years.

Even if they dumped off Luke's contract (3 more years - 5.2, 5.7, 6.1) in the deal, they'd be adding a ton of salary for 4 years (or if it's Luke + Sasha, then it would be adding a ton of salary for 3 years).

With how cautious the Lakers are being right now (offering only 2.5 to Fish), I can't see them adding money to the already gigantic load of money they're paying out over the next few years for a backup SF.

I think Cowherd was smoking something when he came up with that one.

I really can't believe the "King of No Rings" is having this press deal to announce he is leaving his hometown, what a major Slap! I mean, sure go where you want, but to have this deal is really rubbing that salt!

Also, sends a STRONG message to D-Wade and C-Bosh, "I am the king and I am coming to your rescue! This will be MY team and MY town now!" What an insult to DW!

One more link before tonight's chat to get you revved up. [Warning: link contains content not rated PG.]

I will still take the Lakers! Hopefully with a healthy Kobe and Drew and the rest.

Oh yeah, also says that the "King of No Rings" is basically saying that he can't lead a team, have to have several All-Stars to actually, possibly, maybe win a ring.

Lebron supporters alway saying Lebron hasn't won a ring because he never had good players around him...

So what's the excuse when they don't win a ring next year in Miami...

A little taken aback when ESPN (forget who) said this would be the greatest 3 group ever. Really? Please tell that to Magic, Kareem and James. Oh, even Larry, Kevin and Robert for that matter.



Seems like those lousy players around him got him the best regular season record the past two seasons. Perhaps it's more about the "King of No Rings" failure. That's the legacy he will leave if he leaves Cleveland.

Say LJ,

How many Rings are you taking with you to Miami?

Oh, since you claim to be the king, are Wade and Bosh your hand servants I suppose?

GET READY LA! WE'LL SEE YOU IN JUNE!!! Posted by: Lebron "You are all witness" James | July 08, 2010 at 04:02 PM
Only if you planning on buying Tickets to the Finals. Thats the only way you will ever see one!

This might be just a little more motivation for Kobe next season! Oh, I forgot, Kobe ( Mr. June w/5 Rings and counting) don't need no stinking motiavtion!

Mark G - I tried, but I couldn't get enough ad sales to pull it off


Steve Blake needs to update his official website:

He is still shown wearing Blazers jerseys. Yuck...

Total career points:

Wade-Bosh-James - 37,000

Kobe-Pau-Artest - 55,000

i do not know if Bosh was on the 2006 or 2004 Olympic Le Bronze squad.

and i really don't care and it's an excersise in futility to look it up.

but refereeing to Bosh (who was MIA on the 2008 Olympic squad) Wade and Le Choke, i have a question:

Do U think that all 3 of them kinda resent KOBE because he was the guy MK went to when Spain almost snatch the finals from USA?

and of course, Kobe delivered!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and now he won't be on the Turkey squad. so they can all play in the same sand box.


we all know that most of the players and teams resent the Lakers and i will also add the Celtics (#16 and #17 titles). and the tradition.

actually that was Riley's point of going to Miami in the first place: against the Knicks. (another old tradition).

this coming from a historical perspective.

The greatest frontline in NBA history (at least on paper) was perhaps the '98 Rockets with Hakeem, Pippen and Barkley. This 'superteam' had 3 alpha dogs with no team chemistry and got eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

You know, I don't blame the "King of No Rings" going to Miami. They will be a fine team, but does he have to kick Cavs and Cleveland in the gut on the way out? No rings, no class. All about him, huh?!

I know the NBA is big business...

So with the collusion openly done by Wade, Bosh and James...isn't that against anti-trust laws...

We need a parade for Derek and Shannon........

Yes, if you watch the 4th Q in the Olympic Final game, all Kobe, all the time, USA wins!

My only concern is what # Steve bLAKER will use. I need to add it to my jersey collection.

Cölöradö löves öür Wörld Champiön Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"If ESPN runs out of LeBron James stuff to fill the hour, they can just show Kobe Bryant championship highlights"

(a tweet by InsideHoops)

Kobe may have been the 3rd or 4th leading scorer on the 2008 Olympic team, but was the one who knew the REAL goal and has the Ring to prove it! Absolutely remarkable 4th Q!


Not sure that ESPN has enough time today for all of the Kobe Career highlites, only 24 hours in a day you know, ha, ha!

My poor father said to me on the phone today, "That jerk set up this whole thing for two years and now Cleveland is about to be humiliated in front of a billion people."

Cleveland is going to hate LeBron James like no man has been hated before. Clevelanders know how to hate. They're good at it.

This is going to UG-LY.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


more tweets that amused me:

I was walking beside a group of Chinese students arguing and all I understood was ".....Lebron James....."

Tonight's LeBron James Special has been nominated for a special Emmy "Biggest Waste Of Everyone's Damn Time"

This time tomorrow thousands of people in Third World countries will be wearing LeBron James NY Knicks jerseys

LeBron James will Announce to the Nation what Team he is going to choke with in the Play-Offs

LeBron James should go to the team that gives him the best chance of winning ... the Harlem Globetrotters.

Watching an hour of LeBron James is the perfect way to hate your career, salary, age, and LeBron James

I'm getting tired of blogging about LeBronze...

In other news,

Skywalkers in Korea Cross Han Solo!!!!!

Let's sign UPS, Fisher and backup center.

Too bad we won't sign Shaq (would be a good backup center), but that just serves as a lesson, don't burn bridges.

this video, mockery of the LBJ announcement was TAKEN DOWN from UTube but it is still available on college humor site

I predict that Steve Blake is going to be to this current Laker team what Derek/Ron Harper were to their Laker teams.

Suddenly I'm not too hung-up on Fish re-signing. If he comes back then fine, that means he agrees to be reasonable. If not, Lakers can use the money to sign another very decent PG. IMO, the leadership thing and intangibles are over-rated.

Remember the saying from the stock market folks: past performances is no guarantee of future results. Plus, a share of stock does not age, gets older and more injury-prone with time but a basketball player does.

One more hour.... to the tune of Ole Blue Eyes.. "And now, the end is near, and so I face... the final curtain..."

Will there be a pregame show before the LBJ Special?


THE CATCH - 1954 World Series, tied score 2-2. Willie Mays make a on-the-run over-the-shoulder catch on the warning track to make the out, with men on 1rst and 2nd.

THE DRIVE - 1987 AFC Championship Game, Broncos quarterback John Elway, in a span of 5 minutes and 2 seconds, led his team 98 yards to tie the game with 37 seconds left in regulation. Denver won the game in overtime with a field goal, 23-20.

THE FUMBLE - 1988 AFC Championship Game, With 1:12 left in the game, running back Earnest Byner appeared to be on his way to score the game-tying touchdown, but lost a fumble at the 3-yard line.

THE SINGLE - 1997 World Series. The final of Game 7 was decided in extra innings on an Edgar Rentería single.

THE SHOT - 1989 Game 5 Playoffs. A game-winning basket made by Michael Jordan, which won the series. The buzzer beater considered one of Jordan's greatest clutch moment.

THE QUIT - 2010 Playoffs. After scoring 38-8-7 in Game 3 against the Celtics, LeBron inexplicably quits the last 2 games of the series. Insiders saying LeBron found out, teammate Delonte West was having sex with his mother. Boston wins the series and moves on, leaving Cavs out of the Finals for the second year in a row after acquiring the best season record.

THE MOVE - 2010 Free Agency Sweeps. After holding the team and the city hostage since opted out and declared himself a free agent, LeBron has a one hour special on ESPN, to announce he is not returning to Cleveland and rubs salt it the wound.

Sounds like Shaq is interested in the Spurs. Another team for him to be not good enough to get a ring for.

Randy Foye to the Clippers.

Way to suck, Clips! Enough cap space to sign a max free agent, but they sucked so hard at recruiting all the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tier players that all they could get is a scrub like Foye.

Shaq O'neil would not be a good backup center because he was good for minutes at a time, never for back to back games. And the Lakers would have to revisit the drama from the past, it would disrupt the entire chemistry- Gasol, etc. Caracter is poised to make an impact- hopefully and we can sign him to fill up the remaining roster spot to back up somebody else the Lakers can find down the road, such as a Kurt Thomas. And even if Lebron goes to the heat - they don't have a deep roster to go 7 games-

Shaq is the new homeless of the NBA:


start blowing up TMac's twitter. Tracy mcgrady is who we want. He wants to be a laker.... I hope we get him.

Jon K,

>>> Cleveland is about to be humiliated in front of a billion people.

Since when is that news? It's happened every day since the mistake on the lake became a city.

Say LJ,

How many Rings are you taking with you to Miami?

Posted by: D(erek)J(eter) | July 08, 2010 at 04:04 PM


That's the question...

You guys have no hope of winning a championship, if I decide in 1 hour that I am going to Miami.

Just look at Kobe's face in the interview when, they ask him about my decision. He's praying I don't go to Miami.

That's where his 5 rings stop. I'll finish with 7.

I heard T mac wanted to be a Laker as well, @Dano

Since Raja Bell doesn't really feel the Lakers these days, if it has to be T-Mac why not, he can score in bunches if he had to, so he'll be doing Sasha's job, he can be the 2nd go-to scorer in the bench mob with Lamar Odom as captain. However bearing any other team tweaks, or whatever T mac is sounding alright with me.

LOVE the BLAKE Pickup..

When u've had the likes of smush farmar and yes dfish for the last 10 years this is a HUGE upgrade.. He is an absolute steal at 4MIL... Remember guy won a ring in maryland next to juan dixon and chris wilcox (and where have they gone?).. Underrated defender and he might lead the league in 3s next to kobe.

And if ur wife says ur a gym rat believe me UR A DAMN GYM RAT! Gotta love it

Mitch does it again! Another Pau for Kwame.

Signs and trades Adam Morrison for Lebron James.

Rick Friedman,

Dude, living in Cleveland SUCKS! And it's about to suck a lot more. I feel bad for my friends out there (but that won't keep me from texting them with "GO LAKERS!" the moment the news comes through.)

I'm still figuring out how LeEgo is going to deal with being second fiddle on DWade's team--because it is DWade's team. How is that going to work out? How is he going to feel not being able to do his lame talcum powder circus thing or not being announced last?

I don't think all these egos together and the distractions of South Beach are going to work out well.

Not to mention Gloria James' problem. How is that going to work out in Miami?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


You really think T-Mac is taking less than 2mil to go play anyway when some team with way too much cap space is gonna offer MLE type money or more?

And who wants him, dude has nothing left. Hasn't for a while.

Just say no to T-Mac.

Bron is staying in that s-hole Cleveland. T-Mac could go join him there to add to the cast of has-beens and never-really-wheres they've been trying to team him up with to make a run.

Hedo for luke and sasha.. Haha.. Anytime u hear luke in any trade rumors u know its a crock of siat.

Did cowheard say this? that man don't know bball.. He's a football guy. Just tune him out this time of the year.

i wanna start a dont sign fish caravan!!!!!

you guys are nuts!!! fish has been horendous for the last year and a half, his shot hasn't fallen, he can't pass,he's old,slow blah blah blah you guys know the drill,you've heard it all

let's just say the lakers didn't win this past season.........would you all still want fish????, the answer would be no, we all have to look at the big picture, if he resigned, we all know he would start over blake, BAD IDEA!!!!! we know this because phil is coach

personally i have nothing against fish he's a laker and i love him but he's too old and he doesnt realize it, with the great pat riley over in miami doing what he's doing i dont want fish being my starting point guard, i just dont

Carl- I agree with you till a degree, I like Fish back only as a bench player. I he's intending on starting than he's got to go.

If Fish holds the team together and allows them to win again, than let him stay. I don't know what goes on in the locker room, but some players keep the flow going.



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