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Video Caption Contest: Lakers forward Ron Artest's news conference goes down among the greatest

I mentioned in detail how wildly entertaining Lakers forward Ron Artest became in the locker room as the teams celebrated its 2010 NBA championship. I also made available the transcript of Artest's hilarious postgame news conference. But it's one thing to read the lunacy, and it's quite another to watch it unfold on video.

Obviously, winning a ring meant the world to Artest, from the standpoint of his competitive nature to his wanting to prove he belonged with the Lakers while hoping to add a positive chapter to what started as an adversarial career. And for reporters and fans, he never fails make us laugh and wonder about his random thought process. I'm curious what everyone's initial reaction was when they watched the news conference. The best reaction will be featured in tomorrow's links post.

--Mark Medina

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I appreciate your link to Magic's quotes. It doesn't change the *FACT*
that Vlad was the starting SF. It doesn't change the *FACT* that Ariza
was coming off of a broken foot.

Players can be wrong just like bloggers.

E. 2Phatt, nobody is dissing Ariza, but there is a difference. While, TA is young, athletic and a good D, Ron is still a better overall defender and what the Lakers needed.
We saw that last year where TA was too small and weak to guard the strong SF's like: Lebron, Melo, Artest (in the playoffs). Kobe often ended up guarding them and really took a beating because he was giving up so much size.
Also Ariza constantly gambled for steals. You don't see this from Ron.

Lastly, remember how people said Kobe struggled against OKC? Well, the league's leading scorer Kevin Durant had even a worse series due to Ron's excellent D.
I don't think Ariza could've checked Durant like that.

Ron, while eratic, was solid on D throughout the playoffs, and came up huge on the offensive side on several occasions too.
At the end, we won the title, so you have to say it was the right move.

Jon K.,

I'm with you on Blake, a steady but not overly talent burdened point guard...I never really noticed him until about 2 years ago, other than he looks like he's about ready to have a surgical procedure, from the look of his haircuts.

I'm sure my other suggestion is a boat rocker, but I say Matt Barnes...a guy who can bring some intensity to a team that can at times be complacent (see Lamar Odom)....I wish Matt desires to come back to LA, and to California, as he was born in Sacramento. I respect anyone who tries to rock the Mamba's world. He may be able to make more money elsewhere, but if he can get by for a year or two on top ramen, I'm sure he will eventually be compensated.

Luke Walton...get that back in shape, or get ready to become the 2nd highest paid coach on the Laker bench, find a clip board you like, and make sure you shop at "Staple's"!!!!!!

I'm hoping that the team can stay relativly intact, probably lose AMMO, and M'Benga since Phil does not play him anyway. I do realize these players were contributors by the efforts they put in during practices, however, Phil never felt the trust to use these players in the regular rotation. Not even a hint that he was going to try. So Jettison those two, and let's get a steady back up point guard, transition Fisher to less playing time, or coming off the bench, this I think is the only way Farmar would stay willingly. I think he will develop his skills, commit less turnovers and become our version of Tony Parker. Having Blake is just security, we know pretty much what he can give, and he seems like a "thinking" player, never out of control, like a Jason Williams. Barnes would just add some more versatility and some fire, as Artest is no longer the player that would actually physically punish you. I felt that this year, was his learning year, and he was so focused on doing the right thing, to please Kobe, Lamar, Phil, and basically the entire city of Los Angeles (no pressue, eh?). Blake made 4.9 mill last year, that could be a problem, We should have traded Morrison/M'Benga to Portland for him (Portland would have loved to have Morrison....they think it's 1971 still, and by Morrison's haircuts, he does too.
(Timeout: I just checked out where Steve Blake went to high school...Oakhill Academy in Virginia....I think this is a basketball player development school, not a real high school like I went to, other players from Oakhill...
Rajon Rondo, Josh Smith, Jerry Stackhouse, Carmelo Anthony, Desagana Diop, Stephen Jackson, Jeff McInnis...that's truly amazingly coincidental how these players all went to the same high school. I guess maybe a new Walmart was opening and their parents wanted to work in a new store or something.
Anyway that's what I feel we could use (in additon to immortality for Drew), $3 mill to each, Blake & Barnes.....and if they don't work out as Lakers, their names sound like a law firm or a bookstore, so they should be able to find work, as some people who partied a little to hardy SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED BACK ON THE STREETS for a while, teach those scum a lesson, 30 days, if the jails are full, there's plenty of unused land within a hundred miles of Los Angeles, and I'll readily send some money for some fencing and razor wire, and maybe Gatorade can keep them hydrated.

i have enjoyed ron ron as an addition and he certainly made what would have probably been a dull season interesting. hopefully now we can stop the ariza comparisons.

in terms of booing bill russell i think he got a kick out of it by the way he chuckled... after all he was the best celtic of all time. and once a celtic always a celtic and that means getting booed in LA.

also if we can't get kyle korver is it possible to get jason kapono he is the 2x 3 pt shooting champ and a CA native.

What a genuine human being. Refreshing!

"a psychiatrist's job is never done"

@Steve OKC Thunder. What a classy comment! If not for the Thunder pushing the Lakers so hard, I doubt that they would have made it past Phoenix. Good luck to your team next year.

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