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Video Caption Contest: Kobe Bryant doesn't notice Chris Rock

Kobe Bryant has remained stoic this week, usually uttering nothing more than clipped answers to reporters' questions. He's remained so obsessed with winning another championship that he even proclaimed that a Finals rematch with the Boston Celtics meant very little to him.

And he remained so focused in the Lakers' 102-89 Game 1 NBA Finals victory Thursday over Boston that he didn't even notice comedian Chris Rock trying to talk to him during a timeout. (Credit to Ball Don't Lie's Trey Kerby for the link.)

"I didn't know anything about it until it was mentioned to me after the game," Bryant said. "I didn't even know."

Readers with the best comment describing this interaction (or lack thereof) will be featured in tomorrow morning's links post.

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Hey Chris!

Time to Fire Your Writers and Get Some Fresh Material!

You've Had Better Response at a KKK Reunion!





Chris Rock 0 x 10 Kobe Bryant

Chris: Hey Kobe, , , I know you are but what am I?

Kobe: . . . . . . . .

Chris: Hey Kobe, , , Bounces off me and, and, and sticks on you! (aren't I funny!)

Kobe: . . . . . . . . .

Chris: Key Kobe, , , cat got your bag,,, er out of the tongue,,, er , , , uh , , , ~ aren't I funny!

Kobe: . . . . . . . . .

"Pau is not soft so much as he is skilled. And if you're the most skilled player in the league, why would you try to dunk through people when you can left hook and right hook them to death?" Luke Walton

Nuff said

Watched this from across the way. Surreal. Couldn't hear it but the visual said it all. He's just focused on ring #5.

That's why our super star is worth every cent of his net worth.

Kobe is focused but he looked like Putty on that one. He was in a trance.

The Times' T.J. Simers already feels bored with this series.

MM, seriously...Can you try to explain why this guy still have a job at LA Times? His article could fit in any Boston newspaper.
Bored? He have no idea what an NBA finals is. Sounds like fuel for the Celts. I'm not bored at all, even realizing we had sort of "easy" night, once the refs called the game VERY tight, which favors the more "finesse" team (us).

His article does not sound any Lakers fan. We're glad we won, but we are not 5 yo kids (I say that coz my son LOVES buzzer beaters, he wanted the Lakers to win by 2 points...I didn't like that idea, of course), we're Lakers fan, like most people in LA (duh...) and we want the RING (last years ring was imho the most beautiful one, with the player's face on the side...)

MM, tell me if Simmers's dad owns the LA Times or what.


Is it Sunday yet?

Chris: Hey Kobe! I've got a really juicy secret to tell you! Kobe! Hey Kobe!


That sounded funnier in my head....

BUT - I still maintain I'm funny dammit.

Joe DeRosa was one of the refs last night? Wasn't he suspended? And now he's in the NBA finals?

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more.
People talking without speaking,
People hearing without listening,
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dare
Disturb the sound of silence.

Chris: Kobe! You shoulda come to the Knicks when you had the chance. Coulda brought Phil and Lamar wit you... and RonRon be stalkin you so he'd be there too.
Coulda brought the glory back to the Garden! Now we gonna get LeBrick and the Predator and we still gonna suck!

Spade: Knicks be suckin, Knicks be suckin, Kobe be winnin, Kobe be winnin!

Kobe (in his head): That WAS funny

P. Ang,

That's sixties too, one of my favorite songs became popular together with the movie: The Graduate & Mrs. Robinson.

On a sad note, yesterday Rue McClanahan died so only Betty White is the lone survivor of the Golden Girls.

Kobe's thought bubble...

"...I'm here to win my 5th. Laughin... Dancin... Do I look like LeBron James to you?"

Edwin G.: "On a sad note, yesterday Rue McClanahan died so only Betty White is the lone survivor of the Golden Girls."

My Mom loves that show.

Personally, I'd recast it with Paula "Inglehood" Pierce, Ray Alien, Kevin "The Rusty Ticket" Garnett and Kendrick "Turtlehead" Perkins.

I would change the name from "The Golden Girls" to "The Golden Squirrels"!!!




John Wooden

Thoughts and prayers go out to the Wooden family. He will be missed by us all At the same time, his was a life that truly should and must be celebrated.

Just got the word that Coach Wooden has gone to glory in Heaven. R.I.P. Coach

R.I.P. Coach Wooden - you will be missed always, but remembered always.

Coach was the best. I will always know how to tie my sneakers because of him. Rest in peace.

The greatest basketball coach of all time has died. RIP, John Wooden.


Can't hear you, Chris. Got another rock on my mind. A rock that goes on my finger after this series is over.

John Wooden, he now belonged to the ages of great coaches not only in basketball but to many John Wooden followers. He is an icon to earn the title of the Wizard of Westwood. He is now with the Lord and with his wife. May his soul rest in peace.

He is a great Bruin too. You can sense when he is in the building with lots of buzzing among the alumni, flashing cameras, trying to be near him despite heavy security as they greet their idol. I always see him at Pauley Pavilion when UCLA is playing, he usually doesn't finish the game being a frail man with lots of volunteers assisting him as he goes out of the building. He always smiles and waves goodbye to the audience as everyone is focused on him rather than watching the game.

99 years. What an extraordinary life.

John Wooden was the coach of coaches. My dad went to UCLA so I was a huge Bruin fan growing up in the glory years. I remember my dad taking me to the freshman VS Varsity game featuring Lew Alcindor AKA Kareem Abdul Jabbar. In those days freshman didn't play on varsity. Lew's squad beat the varsity and the next year they outlawed the dunk for the rest of Lew's college career. Best coach ever and truly a great man... RIP.

Hey Kobe, snap out of it. You don't have to guard the Royal Palace anymore!!!

John Wooden was a national basketball treasure. RIP

Chris: " hey Kobe wanna be on my new tv show Everybody Hates Boston ?? " Kobe: " hmm...I wonder whats Shaq doin' right now..heh..heh..prob fishin'

R.I.P Coach Wooden

* The Greatest Coach in The History of College Basketball *

Chris - Kobe ! Kobe ! Kobe, where's your I'm Amish Outfit ?

David Spade - Tee Hee Hee Hee

Kobe - .............

Chris - Yo Mama !

Kobe - ..............

Chris Rock: "Pssst! Hey Kobe! Shaq's on the phone! He wants to talk to you!"

Kobe thought bubble: " Whaaaat?! Dude needs to stop callin me from his police radio!! #%*#!! La la la la!! I can't hear youuuuu!!"

Chris - Kobe.. Kobe.. Dont act like you cant hear me Kobe !

David Spade - Oh Chris, you're so funny, hehehehehe

Kobe - (thought bubble) Ever since this dude had his teeth capped, he wont STFU !! Geesh

Chris: (gerbil sounds)

inner-Kobe: One one-thousand, two one-thousand...

Was this video on Kobe discussed before? Kobe stole the moves of great stars. An interview done by Jackie Macmullan. Nice....

everybodyyy haaaates Chrissssssssssssssss................

hey Kobe ! LeBron WHO ?????

Chris - Hey Kobe ! Acting all white ignoring a brotha ??? I got some Robitussin for all that is broken in your body man ! You love "rings" like black people love rims. What is wrong with you man ? You like like Tupac and can't rap ! he he...
Alright..ignore me now but you later you'll be thinking - "Damn I done lost my lead in "I think I love my wife - II"

You look like Tupac*

Don't give ball don't lie credit for what ABC showed during the game.
Also, this shot of Kobe is not during a TO.
Who gives you your info?

true it was during a free throw if i'm not mistaken

Kobe thoughts: you are not a basketball, you are not a teammate, you are not a coach, you are not a shot, you are not a celtic, you are not a ring, you are not a championship. you do not exist.

Rock is not funny, even more so during game 1 of the Finals, the Lakers should ban him from future games or at least somebody from the coaching staff should have told him to shut up. On a different note, Kobe probably thought it was some chick talking since Rock voice sounds like one.

i am so sick of the reporter on here writing for the la times whats wrong with you? if you dont like the lakers go to the town you like and get a job. even bill plaskie he supposed to like bthe lakers but he disses the lakers more than anyone

Chris: Kobe, I heard LeBron is coming to New York! What you think about that?
Kobe: .........

What you have diarrhea, Ouchhhhhhhhsofty? So you've taken to normalize white rice shits? Go to the specialist: the silence and can damage you shits!

Dang man, check this guy out. This guy is cold blooded. Hey Spade, get this guy a cookie!

CR: Hey, Kobe, how'd you get away with that stuff in Colorado?
KB: .....

Chris Rock needs to grow up. He acted worse than a five year old kid in this instance. You don't disturb an artist in the middle of creating a masterpiece.

Jeff, you must be a white damned Celtics fan! Keep that ish off of here! We Lakers fans are having FUN, post that garbage on the Boston Globe! STUPID!!

I miss DriftSki....

Chris Rock: Oh man! My jokes are bouncing off of kobe like Kevin Garnett's shots are bouncing off the front of the rim. This is embarrassing.

CAPTION: "Kobe oblivious to smelling any rats."

Background: At one of the Oscar ceremonies, Chris Rock called Robert De Niro a rat for vouching for that year's lifetime achievement award's recipient. It has always been a cheap trick for people with not much status or class to take cheap shots against those that do.

A punk like Chris Rock should have known better to keep his silly jokes to himself and his mouth shut while one of the greatest players in the history of basketball was trying to concentrate on winning the game at hand.

Thank you Haroon



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