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Tweetable items from Phil Jackson and Doc Rivers pregame press conferences

Tweetable items from Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

--Jackson said the team is ready, though he admitted he wouldn't tell the press otherwise.

--The Lakers had a long shoot-around because of the change in time zones. "We took our time today because it's a long week between afternoon shoot-around and gametime at night," Jackson said.

--Jackson contended the Game 2 loss had nothing to do with effort.

--Jackson chalked up the series against Boston this way: "This is a game where you have to make adjustments on the fly."

--Because of the quick turnaround between Games 2 and 3, Jackson plans to monitor Andrew Bynum's injured right knee more closely.

--Jackson on the key to the game: "The early momentum is what're going to have to check."

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson before Game 3

Tweetable items from Celtics Coach Doc Rivers

--Rivers likes that at least one of his bench players always seems to have a big game. He described Glen Davis and Rasheed Wallace as two players that are "going to have an impact," Nate Robinson as a "wild card" and Tony Allen as "our energy beacon."

--Rivers cracked at the Lakers complaining about the officiating. "We've been the team that's been in foul trouble for two games," he said. "Maybe they do different math there or something."

--Rivers said the series outcome will come down to execution and focus rather than adjustments.

--Rivers expects the Lakers will face-guard Ray Allen in Game 3 with Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher.

Celtics Coach Doc Rivers before Game 3

Another interesting note: Since the Celtics evened the series at 1-1, the average ticket prices on the secondary market have experienced a significant spike, according to, which forecasts the prices of sports and concert tickets on the secondary market. Consider the numbers below:

Game 3 – $548, up $38 since Game 2 victory

Game 4 - $648, up $54

Game 5 - $715, up $40

--Mark Medina, reporting from Boston

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You have the better team this year
Time to earn your 12 million

If you let also-ran Doc Rivers outcoach you
I will be mildly upset

"Ha ha ha. Different math. Man, they wouldn't call anything on the Lakers if they ran out onto the floor and raised their hands and screamed that they wanted a call.'

no wait, that doesn't work quite right. Maybe 'ha, those refs were watching all our big men so closely they wouldn't have paid attention to anybody else if they ran out onto the court and starting screaming'

that one might work better. I don't know, something like that.



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