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Lakers don't make offer to Jordan Farmar, who now becomes a free agent


The Lakers decided Wednesday not to give restricted guard Jordan Farmar a one-year, $3-million contract offer.

It means that Farmar becomes an unrestricted free agent, and that the Lakers could lose him and get nothing in return when the free-agency period begins at 9:01 p.m. Pacific time Wednesday.

If the Lakers had tendered Farmar a deal, known as a qualifying offer, he would have remained a restricted free agent and they would have had the rights to match any offer sheet he signed with another team.

"The Lakers cared enough to let me become a free agent," Farmar said in a phone interview. "I was excited to hear it. I was real happy. If I do decide to leave, I'll have nothing but positive things to remember about the Lakers."

Farmar, 23, has spent his entire four-year NBA career with the Lakers, winning two championships.

He also wants to become a starter in the NBA, something Farmar was unable to do with the Lakers because of veteran point guard Derek Fisher.

Famar also feels that the Lakers' triangle offense prohibits his game, which he believes is better suited for an up-tempo offense.

Farmar said he thinks that the Indiana Pacers are just one of the teams interested in him. He didn't rule out returning to the Lakers, but Farmar knows that is a long shot.

-- Broderick Turner

Photo: Jordan Farmar (1) splits the defense of Boston's Paul Pierce and Michael Finley (40) for a layup during Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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I'll repost this because it's a Farmar thread..
and when I read this, I thought of him..

To believe you are magnificent.
And gradually to discover that you are not magnificent.
Enough labor for one human life.

Czeslaw Milosz

reposts from last thread - combined into one:

Okay, so now Bosh is going to the Bulls. Must be a different Bosh than the one who was reported as a done deal going to Miami earlier.


Latest debunked rumor...

A Three-Way trade

Michael Redd to the Cavs
Devin Harris to Milwaukee
Ersan Ilyasova and Antawn Jamison to new Jersey.

reported on the net, but it's a load of crap. Just like at least one of the reported "done deal" Bosh sign & trades.



Posted by Sekou Smith today...

"One of my most trusted sources indicated to me last night that a sign-and-trade package is being discussed that would send Bosh to the Los Angeles Lakers — the Lakers mentioned as centerpieces of a potential deal were Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom, though you would expect only one of them to be included in a proposed deal."

Sekou's trusted source wouldn't lie. It must be true.

So Bosh is being signed and traded to the Lakers. Must be a different Bosh guy than the one definitely being signed and traded to Chicago or the one definitely being signed and traded to Miami.

I love it.


Note that the Sekou Smith quote points out that only one of Bynum or Odom would be included in a deal.

Don't get your hopes too high for a Bosh for Odom+Walton deal, but it's not completely inconceivable. Bosh for Odom+Vujacic would be more likely.


C'mon. Don't deny it. Not one person on this blog could deny that they'd love a core of Kobe, Pau, Bosh, Bynum, and Artest.

Seriously. There's a "Bosh to the Lakers?" Headline on (it's one of 6 headlines)

Bosh for Odom + Vujacic? 'Twould be a dreamscape.

bye bye Farmar -- nice knowing you.You got your two rings now you can go live your dreams and jack up shots with no remorse!!

I think we stand pat and watch everyone else go bonkers..Like all teams, I am sure we've got feelers -- bosh for odom though and luke I'd do..I am starting to like me some Sasha and he can play lead guard cuz he can handle the ball and I think if jealous jordan isn't around Sasha's shot will return to form..wishful thinking though..Toronto would not want Luke and they have Turkeydog on their team and I guess with that insane in the membrane contract luke has, nobody is gonna touch his brittle ass body with a ten foot pole!

Forget DFish, in the triangle Farmar couldn't take the starting job from Smush Parker. Somethings just don't go together. D'Antoni would be pefect for him. Good luck.

Mitch must be pretty confident there will be a pg fa who will sign with Lakers. Who will it be? (I wonder if Bosh can play the point...)

This is not a good sign. We're letting the team dismantle itself before our eyes to save a couple of million bucks, all the while a beast rises in the east. Either start signing our guys so we can compete, or call in Frodo.

Anyone see this clip of Lenny Kravity singing with a church chior? He was walking down the street in New Orleans when he heard one of his songs being played...


Sasha clearly couldn't handle the pressure of knowing he was going to be taken out of the game if he missed a shot. When they used him with confidence, he played with confidence. Still, he's not the answer at PG, he's too reckless and isn't really suited for the position.

What a great quote, Noah. I'm reminded of what Werner Herzog said at the end of "Grizzly Man" after he heard the tape of the bear eating the guy and after he spoke with all the people who called the guy crazy for surrendering his life like that. Something about an examined life always being worth the trouble...and an unexamed life not having merit...

Sign players Lakers...come on...


VERY good news. I can't stand Farmar. Feast or famine with a bad attitude, and shotty D.

Bosh WILL NOT be coming off the bench. So the ONLY sign and trade possibility would be Bynum + something. Lamar is the one that needs to go. He plays like he is stoned half of the time. I was hoping marriage would help him get focused but alas no.....

Farmar will get a rude surprise when no one offers him a job...

Either Sekou Smith or his “source” needs to do some math: Odom’s salary in ’10-’11 is $8.2 million; Vujacic’s is $5.4; Walton’s $5.2 mil. Unless Toronto plans to take on all three contracts, how could Odom be packaged in a deal that would give Bosh max. money? By pairing Odom AND Bynum?? Not a chance. If a deal does happen, it would have to be for Bynum along with EITHER Walton (you all wish) or Vujacic.

Why won't the Lakers pay Phil Jackson?
By Kelly Dwyer

Doc Rivers' great contribution to the American sporting lexicon, before introducing most of us to the glory of Ubuntu, was his "deodorant" quote. Something that went along the lines of, "winning is a great deodorant, because it covers up all the stink."
Or something possibly close to that, because all my Internet searches led me to this quote: "Winning is like deodorant — it comes up and a lot of things don't stink." And I guess that works.
Or not, as it appears Rivers is a little off these days. Because in Phil Jackson's case, with the people that pay Phil Jackson the sort of money he needs to buy enough deodorant to sweat through a hundred games a year? Winning appears to be the great, "that pompous jerk, I can do this without him!"
Why else would Laker owner Dr. Jerry Buss still be dragging out handing Phil a contract extension, after he's given Los Angeles back-to-back titles, again? And why else would Jerry Krause and Jerry Reinsdorf have balked at every penny they sent Phil's way toward the tail end of his time in Chicago, only to slightly relent and then spend an entire season reminding us that Phil was the highest paid "coach-only" (coach/general managers Rick Pitino and John Calipari were paid more) in the NBA?

Roland Lazenby, who has covered both of these instances expertly, had the same thoughts in a post Tuesday on his Laker Noise blog:
To complain about money now that Jackson has delivered two championship teams is unheard of. Win titles and take a pay cut? That's a low blow, Dr. Jerry. And it's not just me saying that. It's your remarkable team captain, Derek Fisher(notes).
"It's sad to me," Fisher told Ramona Shelbourne recently, "when you think about what he's accomplished in his career, that he still always has to deal with these type of scenarios where there's a question of whether or not he's the best person for the job, or he's not really coaching because of the players that he's had. He's just a remarkable human being in terms of his approach to managing and coaching the team.
"I think not even just the Lakers, but the NBA as a whole, would lose a big part of what this game has been about the last 20 years if he's not back. If he's not back, it changes the whole landscape."
It really does change everything. Losing Phil Jackson is not like trading one pocket passer for another, or one scoring point guard for another. There's no other coach in the NBA that in any way closely approximates Phil Jackson, and Jackson's guidance and actual X's and O's offerings are a huge part of what makes this team great. Losing Jackson would result in the change of Los Angeles' entire offensive and defensive schemes.
There are many reasons why this would be a bad, bad thing for Los Angeles, but Silver Screen and Roll's Dexter Fishmore summed up one of the more hilariously bad reasons why this would be a bad, bad thing by asking his readers if anyone "would be in the mood for another year of Ron Artest(notes) trying to figure out where he's supposed to be on the floor?"
On top of that, while the Lakers and Phil might be as much as six million away from each other in hoped-for terms (though Jackson's comments during the finals seemed to dissuade us from that thinking), and while that would represent either a halving of what Phil made last year or a doubling-up of what the Lakers want to pay him, let's think about that figure for a second.
That's six million dollars. That's a ton of money, but in this league that can be no money at all. That's what Adam Morrison(notes) made last year. That's less than half of what you've been playing Andrew Bynum(notes) over the last couple of years to give you half a healthy year. That's two first-round rookies and a minimum pick up. That's, for the only coach that could handle this mess, enough money to pay to bring Phil Jackson back. If you have any sense at all.
Especially when he's given you 35 home playoff games over the last three years. Thirty-five. Jason Caffey. Thirty-five. We know how much those make you, Dr. Jerry.
So, by golly (hell, by Mennen), bust out the stink stick and pay the man, Dr. Jerry. Unless you think Byron Scott is good enough for the Los Angeles Lakers.
Because I'm sure he's improved considerably from the times he wasn't good enough for the New Jersey Nets and New Orleans Hornets.

The Lakers can't get Bosh without trading Bynum. Farmar is an idiot. I love Fisher but he's a 35 year old role player. If you can't beat him out for a starting job you can't beat any one out. Unless Farmar improves by leaps and bounds he will be a solid backup at best. He should lose the attitude.

I have to see that film again.. I remember feeling a bit cheated when (I guess it was Herzog) finally decided not to include the grisly grizzly climax audio..

It's now clear that Farmar was never a good fit with this team. However, I think his finest moment with the Lakers wasn't any spectacular game or play he did. It was in Game 7 in the 4th when the Lakers were trying to battle back from their deficit. Kobe lost a ball off a Pau O-rebound, rushed back to defend the basket and got a blocking foul against Ray Allen. 

Kobe just sat there against the post, obviously discouraged. Farmar went up to him, held out his hand, and apparently said something like "Don't worry. It's only 2 points. We still got this. Kobe took his hand, got up, and the Lakers continued their rally.

Finest moment in Farmar's history here. 

Jordan Farmar? Thank you but you will be forgotten just like what happen to Devean George and Turiaf. If you leave the Lakers, you will get enough money but not recognitions

>>>Either Sekou Smith or his “source” needs to do some math: Odom’s salary in
>>>’10-’11 is $8.2 million; Vujacic’s is $5.4; Walton’s $5.2 mil. Unless Toronto
>>>plans to take on all three contracts, how could Odom be packaged in a deal
>>>that would give Bosh max. money?

He didn't propose those combos. I did. But they do work.

Bosh's deal will start at 16.5 million. The minimum that you could send out to match that in a trade would be 13.12 million. Odom + Walton = 13.5 million. Odom + Sasha = 13.7 million.

No problem.

But since you mentioned it. Odom + Walton + Sasha for Bosh + Jack would work better.

Congrats to Byron Scott. Hope you get LeBron back and get a chance to be beaten by the Lakers in the finals again.

So when Jordan Farmar leaves the Lakers this summer, don't be curious as to why. Just remember that he's the one who threw the errant pass that led to Kobe's busted knuckle. We know Kobe holds grudges, so it's only logical to assume his finger does too.


Glad the Smush Parker clone is gone.

Thanks to Jordan Farmar, Kobe will play without one finger.

What stupid GM would want Farmar to start for their team?

Glad the Smush Parker clone is gone.

Thanks to Jordan Farmar, Kobe will play without one finger.

Good philanthropist and a so-so player. If J-Critt and Shannon could threaten his bench position, then he is a let go player. We don't care if you start with the Clippers but the abled PG on the wing Blake, Ridenour and Watson are all much better than Farmar for the last 4 years. Finally, one scrub down and two to go.

I'm glad the Lakers will not be resigning Jordan Farmar. To an extent, I understand Jordan's ego getting the best of him. He's a young player who wants to show his skills with greater minutes and now he will get that chance.

Don't be surprised if he signs with a below .500 team for more money and starts to put up numbers that some in Lakerdom will take the Lakers brass to task for. When he's averaging 12-14 pts a game and 6-8 assists for a subpar team, there will be people clamoring for Kupchak's head because he didn't resign Jordan Farmar.
The truth is that Jordan doesn't fit the triangle and more importantly his ego can not stand his limited role on the team.


LOL rothlmao.........who may I ask are the 2 more scrubs????
Brilliant though just brilliant........

VI Lakerfan,

Out of respect, I'm constrained to identify them since they are still Lakers. However, you have an idea who are the players in 2006 & 07 season wherein Kobe wanted to be traded just to be separated from these God forsaken players who are wasting the money of Jerry Buss. Fisher, Pau and Ariza saved the season. Keep on guessing VI LF.

>>>Finest moment in Farmar's history here.


I agree. Kobe actually talked about the moment - he said that Farmar reminded him not to let the Celtics get into his head. Definitely a clutch moment, when Kobe was looking a little ragged.


I hear ya bro,I remember those days if you check the back i probably commented on trading some of em.So I guess..I can who they are if they were there then and are there now..

Very little chance that the Lakers gets Bosh. Lakers maybe knocking doors but other teams are preparing parades to lure top free agents. By the time Lakers meet with Bosh he may already been pampered by Knicks, Bulls, and the Heat. A sign and trade for Bynum and Odom may benefit the Raptors the most but the decision is ultimately up to Bosh. In the Lakers lineup is he a 2nd option or 3rd option?

Watson is a joke, don't even bother trying to tell me otherwise. I think it's a lose situation when you let a player you spent 4 years developing, he has his good and his bad moments, but never a moment when he was "the man", like say a good 2 month stretch, in a scenario where say Fish was injured. Me, I don't like letting a commodity go and getting nothing in return. I guess my choice would have been to sign him to the 3 mill, then trade him...... Lakers are always lacking in draft choices, could have traded him to the Clippers for a first round pick, say in 5-7 years.....

sorry, forgot a few words, and other than the clips could have been any other team that needs a point now, but you know is going to suck later, hey, the t-wolves might have taken him, they probably want a full set...of 5-7.....

I'm gonna go sleep for a few days then see where all the Queens went.... and the Lakers better not wreck their core....and no Jon K., I won't suggest another go around with yue know who......

We lost our 12 minute point guard, geez, ok, let's go back to putting LO at point then, stop panicking, I didn't like the "don't let the door hit you on the way out", but let's hope this isn't a pattern of not so great moves. We have a roster to fill, and there may come a time when free agents will say, or GM's will stick it to the Lakers and not play "Let's make a deal"....and we have our 5 signed players, or whatever and then what.... Ambien-CR....

I don't like what I'm hearing about Boston possibly going after Shaq. The reason Boston lost game 7 was rebounds, rebounds, rebounds. Shaq would help them admirably in that department and they would also get Perkins back in time for a run at the playoffs in 2011.

I'm starting to think Mitch should try to convince Kobe to possibly let Shaq come back as a **back-up** for Andrew, for the veterans minimum, as Mbenga is most likely a gonner.







Such hate toward LO. I personally love his game. If you just look at scoring, sure he's a below average player. If you look at the intangibles he brings to the game like bringing the ball up the floor as your power forward, being able to rebound the basketball and push it 94 feet, being able to switch pick and rolls and guard either smalls or bigs, and his uncanny ability to tip rebounds and loose balls to himself you start to realize that he's a huge part of winning basketball. I'm shocked to hear all this hate toward him. I thought his offensive rebounding was huge in Game 7. I also thought his ability to switch from bigs to little on the Celtics pick and rolls was huge too. He fell asleep on a Ray Allen corner 3 but that was the only thing off the top of my head that he did wrong.

So it sounds like Indiana is hot for Farmar and New York and Portland are also interested.

And sounds like Fish wants more than they initially offered. The story is that they called Fish at 12:01 (9:01 Pacific time), but they haven't come to an agreement yet.

Fish is welcome to sign with Golden State again and play for a loser, but really he should take what the Lakers offer him.

Farmar had his ups and downs, but thanks, Jordan, for your play down the stretch in these playoffs. Jordan was agressive, and went to the hoop at times when the offense was stagnant. He played hard.

Jordy wants to RUN a RUNNING team. In LA, any intelligent coach will put the ball in the hands of Kobe and Pau, and Jordy will be frustrated.

Maybe after a couple of years of touching the ball a lot and losing, Jorday will want to come back. But he is a young guy who wants to be Steve Nash or Tony Parker. Best wishes, Jordan, I hope it works out.

This was never a good fit for him, but he played hard, and hopefully learned a thing or two.

Yahoo sports says PG Earl Watson looking at the Lakers. I just saw his 1 yr stats last year, not too exciting, don't know much about him.

Is he a decent pick up, any better than Jordan?

Bosh/Kobe/Gasol/Bynum would NOT make sense

Who's going to come off the bench? Bosh definitely wouldn't, Gasol wouldn't, and Bynum probably wouldn't if he was healthy.

@ Tom - Unfortunately, there is one stupid GM that would like to sign Farmar to start at PG. His name is Larry Bird. But Pacers fans don't want him either.

@ Art - Watson plays pretty good defense and can dribble the ball without falling down...but that's about it.

See ya Jordan. Not gonna miss your flat footed no effort defense nor the frequent passing to the opponent while you just sleep walk through a play. 2 Championships and the coaching staff stunted your potential? really? On a team with this much firepower and you can run sets that are, well, set plays?

Unbelievable how little you bloggers know about basketball. Jordan Farmar is a hell of a player who has only got better every year. He always plays hard and with courage. Steve Blake? don't make me laugh. Farmar provides speed and leadership. And he is a good shooter and can take it to the basket. And who is going to guard the small point guards for us? What difference would it make if he did start instead of Fisher? Or not? Now we are going to lose both Shannon and Jordan, maybe even Fish, who are going to be our guards for the whole season? A champion has been through the fire. Steve Blake? decent, but not even close to being ready to take it to the hole or shoot the big three against a team like the Celtics in a big game. All eight players under c0ontract this coming year should give up one or two million each so that we can keep our guards. And cancel that Steve Blake deal. that's another four. And Phil and Mitch ought to throw some money back too. It's a team game.



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