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Shannon Brown opting out of contract, but hopes to re-sign with Lakers

Lakers guard Shannon Brown informed the Lakers on Wednesday that he is officially opting out of his contract, according to his agent Mark Bartelstein.

Bartelstein said Brown still wants to remain a Laker and that he and Brown would begin negotiating with the team Wednesday night after free agency begins at 9:01 p.m. Pacific time.

Brown signed two-year deal a year ago worth $4.14 million, and was due to earn $2.1 million this upcoming season.

But Brown is hoping to reach a new, multi-year contract with the Lakers. "He's going to become a free agent, but wants to remain with the Lakers," Bartelstein said.

-- Broderick Turner

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Jon K,

Kwame is an unrestricted free agent.


I clicked on your link.

Shouldn't you have included the following from the link:

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Right now, this is a report. Nothing more.

And LeBatard broke this via twitter, so draw your own conclusions; however, the ESPN scribe is typically on point with the happenings of the Miami Heat.

Still, TSN and The Globe and Mail - which are both based out of Toronto - also have a strong relationship with key people in the Raptors' front office. They've both disputed LeBatard's report. So, again, draw your own conclusions.

BTW LakerTom,

Wouldn't that behavior be called ... disingenuous ?

I'm just askin'

Ahhhh hobbit- don't be bad (again) - you prolly should just let it go.... :)


Hobbits are BAD.

Generally we don't wear 1 glove and dark aviator sunglasses though. :)

Shannon's agent surely talked with Ariza's agent which is never a good thing to do.
Bye bye Shannon!


Ricky, Pau's got a shot at best power forward ever, but best big man ever ain't gonna happen! Sorry to Be The Bearer of Bad News for You...

If you go by overall dominance, it's Wilt Chamberlain:

Career Avg. 30.1 ppg, 22.9 rpg for 14 seasons
In '61-'62 Season He Averaged over 50 ppg;
He also had multiple 50 rebound games.

If you go by rings, it's Bill Russell (11 Rings).


And finally, if you go by skill set, it's Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

Plus He Holds the Scoring Title: 38,387 pts in 20 seasons.


IMHO, it's WILT CHAMBERLAIN and it's Not all about the stats. Many of the stats they track today weren't tracked back when Wilt played.

I've also seen footage of Wilt finger rolling over the shoulder of Willis Reed from the Free Throw line. His skill set was very underrated. Free throws were his only weakness.

I saw him in person a few years before he passed away and he still looked like he could lace 'em up and play in the NBA.


Back to Pau ( ), He Has the Ability to become the Greatest European Big Man Ever, Possibly even the Greatest Power Forward (But That's Gonna Take Some More Championships and Post-Season Performances Like the 2010 Playoffs).

But with 9 seasons under his belt he would have to become "Wilt Chamberlain on Steroids" to generate the kind of numbers and have the impact that Wilt, Russell and Kareem had for their careers.


FYI--"Untradeable" has two meanings. It can mean that the player is "So Good" that there's no way he would be traded.

On the other hand, it can mean that no team would trade for him because his contract is too expensive for what he provides (or is unable to provide).

Luke is untradeable because no team wants to take on a player that has become injury prone, not for the value of his current contract. Unlike Kwame Brown, his contract is not expiring this season. Luke's under contract until the 2012-2013 season.


Shannon Brown only has worth to a team like the Lakers. He was packaged in the Radmanovic trade just to make the salaries work. He gets the luxury of being non-integral to a team's success yet can reap the benefits of being on a winning team. His dunks would have gone largely unnoticed on a small market team. Hopefully he and his agent don't let their egos get the best of them. Lakers are seriously over the cap and can't afford to pay him more than they already do.


To the Lakers ownership:

We are all feeling this crunch in the economy...
I have read numerous article, that the team's bottom line, or net is not as much as it should be...Something like 25 mil instead of 35 mil...

Well welcome to reality...I'm a REALTOR here in Las Vegas...

We were the number one city during the boom, and of course we are the number one in foreclosures now after the crash...

I work 10 times harder and get compensated 1/4 of what I use to make...I tell my clients and people in the industry, "I used to be a high price call girl, now I'm just a corner 'ho'

My point is:

Every institution is feeling the weigh of our economy...Bottom lines are not going to be where they were once before...

Dr. Buss and family...Don't be greedy...

At least your franchise is still in the black big time...How much did the Clippers net last year...the Nets, Knicks, Kings, Blazers, and even the Cavs...

The city has been spoiled by the Lakers, but the support your fans give you also gives you your bottom line...

You have always been great at fielding the best team possible, with bottom lines not the top of the priority list...

Please stay the high price call girl that you are...Don't become a corner 'ho' like the rest of us...

Posted by: LEWSTRS | June 30, 2010 at 01:54 PM

Well, if you believe the Bosh to Miami trade, then hoopsvibe is also reporting that Toronto is trying to dump off the contracts of Turkoglu, Calderon, and Jarrett Jack.

If that's the truth, maybe they'd go for Sasha (1 year expiring contract) for Jarret Jack.

Forget about Bynum & Bosh, and get an upgrade over Farmar for a somewhat reasonable price (5 million a year for the next 3 years).


Starters... Bynum, Gasol, Artest, Kobe, Fisher ! Done..

Bench... Blake, Sasha, Ebanks, Odom, Gasol/Bynum

3rd Bench... Jcritt, Walton, Caracter, Mbenga

Shannon Brown is a one dimensional player (dunking).Lakers will not resign him.He cant shoot,defend or even play the triangle properly.

I'm torn on Shannon Brown. I like him but for how much? If Dr. Buss is really going to be that tight on the money, he may let him go and try to sign someone else for less or improve on the quality of player for a similar money contract. Raja Bell?

You can't even start to talk to players till 9:00 PM Pacific Lakers time. So how are these deals being worked out so early?

From the Sun Sentinel:

An agent representing several free agents expects the Heat to land Chris Bosh.

The Heat would have to work on a sign-and-trade to give Bosh a maximum level contract.

An executive of another team with considerable cap space said Wednesday he was unaware of any pending agreement involving Bosh.

The Heat would likely send Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmpers and Joel Anthony if the sides agreed on a sign-and-trade.

The Miami Herald is reporting that the Raptors are uninterested in taking back Miami's package.

RealGM Note: Though the agent in the Sun-Sentinel report was unnamed, Henry Thomas represents both Dwyane Wade and Bosh and he would be the only possible agent with direct knowledge of the situation.

Let him go and get JJ Reddick or Steve Blake

I like Shannon, he seems to work hard. He is athletically gifted, but fundamentally unsound and not a smart ball player. sort of the anti-Luke.

He may grow, and if he develops he could be a hell of a role player. But would a I spend a couple million and a roster spot on him? Not sure. There are certainly more well rounded gurads available. A rotation of Derek/Kobe/Sasha/Raja could pretty good. Shannon would be a nice 5th guard in that group, if he is affordable.

shannon?He saved face he was gone anyway Phil like big guards.



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