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Sasha Vujacic can turn his attention to that other event: the World Cup


With that pesky Game 7 of the NBA Finals over with and the Lakers winning their second consecutive title, Sasha Vujacic had a chance to talk about another game that’s close to his heart: the World Cup matchup between his homeland, Slovenia, and the U.S., scheduled for early Friday morning U.S. time in Johannesburg.

It’s the second match for each team. The U.S. tied England, 1-1, in its opener and Slovenia -- a country with a population of about 2 million -- beat Algeria, 1-0.

“That’s going to be a very interesting game. Now, we can talk about it,” Vujacic said in the Lakers’ locker room at Staples Center after the team’s 83-79 victory over the Boston Celtics in Game 7.

“To be honest with you, we have a good team. We have a team that can play soccer and knows how to play soccer. USA, they have a good team as well. I think it’s going to be an even match and one or two mistakes will decide the game.”

The game will be televised at 7 a.m. in Los Angeles but Vujacic didn’t expect to have any problem waking up. Mainly because he wasn’t sure he’d get any sleep. “We’re going to party all night,” he said, smiling.

--Helene Elliott

Photo: Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic decides to pass to an open teammate after driving into the heart of the Celtics defense in the first half of Game 7 on Thursday night. Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times

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of course under a World Cup Thread it will feel better ;)

I've waited enough.

I'm awake since 2h45 am this morning and no way I will ever sleep.

I got day free from work of course (I called it in since Game 5, sure that in line:
- there would have been a Game 6;
-there would have been a game 7;
- I would have got to take days off to fly to LA and be at the Parade.
YES, THAT WAS THE MEASURE OF MY CERTAINTY, that never ever vanished out, not even during this game, not even when half of the chat and the usual suspects were already throwing stones at our guys, failing to understand how much a Game like this one we just lived had to find its reason in the will, not in the preppiness).

I've celebrated all possible ways. (my way too).

I have already rewatched the game, because we taped it straight.

I have two tvs on (one on our Italian version of ESPN, Channel Sky 214, and the other on CNN News); I have two pc working and my phone is constantly thrilling.

I would go nuts if it weren't like my adrehnaline and joy right now could hold an entire army of foolish trolls down.

I'm feeling SUPERSONIC.

Gosh, I never even attempted a spliff, and I am teetotal, but I guess this is the way people get stoned along, isn't it?

Except that the most beautiful part of this all, of this incredible uplifting emotional ride that I am takin, is that I am FULLY aware.
I'm fully in control.
I remember everything.

I will remember everything, crystallizing this push into one of the most wonderful moments of my life.

I bless with an embrace made of shareable love all those who were today at Staples.

yeah... the "crowd that never cheers".... MY@ZZ.
We are classy and we DO cheer.
We do it our way.
We do everything OUR way. Which is the best way, after all.
Our passion is unbound.
It's just that we are civilized and we like good stuff.

This game WAS GOOD STUFF: not pretty. Sure. How could it have been pretty?
That was always meant to be a BATTLE.
No sweet touches, no sweeps, no "eating up" and you know what??
I LOVED it just because of that.

I loved it because we battled all that we were having, beyond what each one of us was feeling he had left.

It was a punch in the face of all those saying Lakers cannot sustain a fight.

Say WHAT???
We sure do.

It's all about the importance of when we do.

We're great at pickin up moments.

We're great at coming together when IT TRULY COUNTS.

I don't know why many lament that we should have played better.

Folks, thois was a Game 7 against the fiercest of our enemies; a franchise that is made all of warriors... a franchise which had previously ALWAYS hold us down.
What were you expecting.. a cruise?

None today shot well (beside Ron... I'm on him later), nor for us, nor for them (well, actually Derek shot pretty well).
The game was just SO physical, and all were dried up and held up on both sides ONLY by the will of MAKIN IT.

This is a PRIDE victory.

Talent wise we had already proved we were better than anyone else.

This win is amazing because now we also proved nobody beats us in the PRIDE/GUTS/CO*ones department TOO.

This is it.

We are the Lakers.

A team that played AS A FRIGGING TEAM.

A team where our amazing leader can have an awful shooting night (but try to shoot with the D he had to suffer from Celts, and in his conditions, and after 106 games like those he played, and then let's see who could have done better: NO FRIGGING ONE, assured) but then he will come up with some great defensive game, and with golden rebounds, and with everything he had to offer to make it through.

You werer saying (some of you) that he just wanted the ring and he was careless.


Learn to watch the game.

He was there struggling but never givin up and adjusting his game the best possible way to contribute. Which he did. Scoring when it was more important. Just as Pau did (they had very similar games actually).

Listen what he said: and then please stop saying he's a KoME cos NOTHING is further from truth than it since a well LONG bunch of months (24 at least):

We are just BLESSED cos we have a team (A TEAM) full of talent.
Full of TRUE MEN.
Full of everything sport should be about.

It's dedication, effort, bonding; it's overcoming the difficulties inside oneself and THANX to the others.

It's EVOLUTION of players DURING the run.

It's Focus and Pride and Legacy and WILL.

I am happy we won.
Because we did deserve it.

Never had a doubt, all season long.

Only injuries could have stopped us, but amazingly enough, NOT EVEN THAT could hold us down.

And here, again, gotta thankl Phil Jackson for it.

Those not getting him, again (like they don't get Fish, like they didn't get half of theroaster) don't get how simply it takes a special man to guide a special group of very special people.

It's easy to guide a team with no leaders. Because YOU become the leader.

But Lakers have 2 leaders (Kobe and Derek) a player that if he wouldn't live withthe GOAT (yes, that) would be repeatedly MVP (Pau) and an impressive roaster of talent LINKED to very funny and not easy to deal with state of mind (Lamer and the Amazing Ron Ron).
Then there is a kid who has TRULY grown up this series.
Makin me SO proud.
Andrew Bynum.

A player that lasty year I was yelling at EACH single game.

But a player that I always defended this year, expecting him to mature.

There you go.

I got that too.


Because THAT is what a real team does: makes kids grow all along and overcome struggles becoming BETTER.

That Hegel quote I stated at the start of the season... well, I just re-enlighetn it. Hegel would be so happy in our Lakers.

The perfectibility that always goes beyond.

That's us.

In a wonderful climax, we got our bench up there to share the well desrevd glory JUST IN TIME.

And that too makes this all so sweet.

This makes us such an amazing team.

Today is a day of joy, the rest of teh warriors.

But look at the faces of our guys and you will see they have got NOT enough of it.

Which is the best ever feeling.

This ain't gonna end.

Next year, wherever he goes, bring LeBronze Princess of LOSERS in fron of us (if he can afford to stare at us): and KNOCK HIM DOWN TOO.

Erase from our horizon all lies about us, about Los Angeles easyness, about Kobe's "chimeric moments".

I believed this year.

I will believe next one.

We did a miracle this year, haven't you seen?

He plays with number 37.

Did you remember last game when I wrote "Look at Kobe schooling artest on the bench"?

There you go.

Los Angeles Lakers can do EVERYTHING better than anyone else.
We can pick up a crazy head, making him fit the most difficult and beautiful bball game EVER, and even when he won't really totally fit, we can make him HERO for a new Ring, along the bestets team on this FRIGGIN planet.

Bow down, ya'll.

This is Laker Era.

And if you think it's gonna end any soon, you will be punched down BIG time.

Let me close by praising Celtics.

Yes, u heard it right.

To beat the strongest opponent means praise for them, and more glory for us.
You battled your whole lot: and I admire this.

You just faced a better TEAM.

And nothing makes me more happy and proud than calling Lakers a team.

Go Lakers.
Even the Ring count at 17 now.
Give Kobe his 6th, and keep the Dynasty Rolling.


Catch you at the Parade, wearing my love on my sleeve.

Always there aside you.


Catch you later Fam ;)


-- end of repost ;)

Statistics in the finals
1 - Kobe Bryant 177 pts
2-Pau Gasol 111 pts
3 - Paul Pierce 108 pts

1 - Pau Gasol 63 (26 OFF)
2 - Kobe Bryant 41 (8 OFF)
3 - Lamar Odom 32 (7 OFF)

1 - Rajon Rondo 43
2 - Kobe Bryant 25
3 - Pau Gasol 22

1 - Pau Gasol 16
2 - Bynum 9
3 - Kobe, Pierce, Garnett, Allen 5

Pau first in rebounding, first in blocks, second in points, third in assists.
What does this mean?

That OUCHHHHHHHH is a greaaaaat CLOWN
CLOWN OUCHHHHH Next year we meet again




Sacha, first of all, thanks for the "clutch" FTs, this game and the past game too.
I hope Maria is with you. Go "rest" and wake up early to watch the game.
BTW, good luck against USA. You'll need; those guys are improving year after year...

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!


what's your point????????????

that gassy is the MVP

or that he was eaten for lunch by

perkins before
KG after game 2
Sheed tonight.

except one penetration, he missed or fumbled all the balls. he is soft. he is the terrible defensive p;layer that left the middle fall apart.

get a life. just an all star because he was CHOSEN by the coaches. the NBA fans don't give a shit about him. and for the second year he got a ring. he should be thankful. remember memphis? and the chocking status. still there.



Machine would now like to be called "A/C Unit" because he is cool under pressure!!! Two clutch, legendary free throws!!!

For all the talk about Kobe, Gasol, Artest, etc... the real hero of this game was the Lakers' TEAM defense at the end. If Paul Pierce needed to scratch his junk, he'd have to scratch Ron's too because Ron Ron was basically in his jock. The Lakers rotations were superb and Gasol's hard shows on the S/R were fantastic. For the most part, Lakers were contesting every jumper and made Ray Allen's night miserable. For about an 8 minute stretch, the Lakers defense was as intense as I have ever seen it. THAT was the reason the Lakers won the game.

Where is Mike T. now? Didn't he guarantee the Lakers couldn't win with softie Gasol shoring up a soft defense? Bull. This defense was tenacious, and Gasol was a huge part of it.

After following a team from beginning to end, through the ups and downs, when the outlook looked bleak - to have them come out on top is such a rewarding feeling as a fan. I'm glad these players can reap the much deserved reward.

I love basketball. I love the Lakers. I love LA. What a year. Congrats to the 2010 NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers!

ouchhhhhhh -

What's your problem man? It's ok to admit Kobe has great help. It doesn't diminish his luster. Kobe alone is not the Lakers. That point was pressed home tonight more than ever.

First i want to thank Mitch Kupchak for the Gasol trade because after that Lakers and scpecially Kobe changed.

I don't believe on MVPs because this is a team sport. As i usually tell to my friends this team without Kobe would not win and also without Pau, Ron, Bynum (a really great player), Dereck and the bench. Also without the Zen Master that some times put on my nerves. MVP? Rubbish...

I believed in Lakers from the day Pau got in beacuse he is one of the smartest players on the NBA League. Now he has two titles in two full seassons with Lakers, just awsome.

Also Andrew Bynum is awsome playing with a knee injury and did a great job.

Both are my favourites lakers players.

So, that is a team sport, like soccer, and that's why U.S. soccer team is playing good at the world soccer cup, because they play as a team and no matter if there aren't great players such as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

And to finish i want to say that after the game 5 i did not post because many of you are so pessimist and i hate that behaviour but hope you're happy now.

And now i'm waiting to see Lakers playing on 7 october against my team and hope we win :P.

Go lakers!!! You derserved this championship!!!

P.D: I don't understand why all tv commentators, and teams in U.S. (also in EU) hate Lakers but hope today they recognize which is the best basketball team on earth.

What a ride...
What a team...
On a side note, I was expecting to make fun of some trolls, where are you guys?

I think are most important Collective Awards that individual awards.

Desire to win three more rings the next three years and the mvp earn it
one year Bynum, the following Odom and the third kobe no problem
Where I have to sign?

For me no problem about Kobe MVP

Seems to me perfectly I am glad for Kobe.
By some to receive award Kobe exhibit gratitude to Gasol
Gesture sea makes biggest kobe, though
I suppose you would have liked that kobe said:

But that just happen in your dreams tonight as you give love

You're obsessed with pau all year long time that I tell you
and I'll keep saying you have a problem
Unfortunately for you and luckily for the lakers three years over Pau Gasol.

Now read this carefully and learn from your mistakes donkey !!!!!!!!!

Statistics in the finals
1 - Kobe Bryant 177 pts
2-Pau Gasol 111 pts
3 - Paul Pierce 108 pts

1 - Pau Gasol 63 (26 OFF)
2 - Kobe Bryant 41 (8 OFF)
3 - Lamar Odom 32 (7 OFF)

1 - Rajon Rondo 43
2 - Kobe Bryant 25
3 - Pau Gasol 22

1 - Pau Gasol 16
2 - Bynum 9
3 - Kobe, Pierce, Garnett, Allen 5

Pau first in rebounding, first in blocks, second in points, third in assists.
What does this mean?

That OUCHHHHHHHH is a greaaaaat CLOWN
CLOWN OUCHHHHH Next year we meet again




As somebody said on live chat ouchhhhhhh is a masochist...

So i don't give any credit to his words anymore :P

Loser fans of the Celtic kind

Can you say REPEAT? Didn't think so. That's what you get for having a crybaby coach full of nothing but cliches. Now go enjoy that * of a championship you got thanks to Bynum being left out of the equation two years ago.

One and done trolls, one and done.

Once again the living legend Celtic hands the MVP trophy to the true champ.

Championship parade on Monday. Go Lakers!!!

that was inspired Z(aira)! I love it.

We're the champs! Let our dy-NASTY flourish!

Did anyone catch Doc Rivers saying the Celtics of 2010-2011 will be vastly different from the one of 2009-2010? I reckon it will be because it will be the start of another 25 years of irrelevance.

Go Lakers!

Statistics in the finals
1 - Kobe Bryant 177 pts
2-Pau Gasol 111 pts
3 - Paul Pierce 108 pts

1 - Pau Gasol 63 (26 OFF)
2 - Kobe Bryant 41 (8 OFF)
3 - Lamar Odom 32 (7 OFF)

1 - Rajon Rondo 43
2 - Kobe Bryant 25
3 - Pau Gasol 22

1 - Pau Gasol 16
2 - Bynum 9
3 - Kobe, Pierce, Garnett, Allen 5

Pau first in rebounding, first in blocks, second in points, third in assists.
What does this mean?

That OUCHHHHHHHH is a greaaaaat CLOWN
CLOWN OUCHHHHH Next year we meet again




ouchhhhhhhhhhh...pigs sound looking for food and blood.
Tonight is the best answer to your infinite hatred to Gasol.
Go to the hospital... you need urgently medical treatment.

I slept only 3 hours before coming to work, and this was and epic game.

Above all it was a team win.

A great day for us Lakers fans! This had to be the physically toughest championship finals I remember. We played with grit and guts. Nobody can say we are the Hollywood, glitz and glamour Lakers if they saw this series. We won on heart, desire, toughness and guts. Kobe, Fisher and Artest led the way. Bynum became a man this series! We need to re-sign Phil, Fish and hopefully Brown and Farmar.


this is a very good day today lakers fans...


thanks to all lakers fans that believes and stick to the team through HI and LOWS!

Once again thank you LA LAKERS!

Just after he got out of Phil's dog house and before he was injured, it looked like Sasha began (finally!) to gain some maturity as a player. It was only a few games, but he started to get a bit more under control - and use better judgment - at both ends of the court: fewer of the pointless hacking fouls at mid-court, fewer "jacked" three point shots completely out of the offense, better involvement in both team offense and team defense. He started getting a few pull-up 2 pointers within the offense and off-ball steals on the defensive end, less whining after fouls. Not dramatic improvement, but better.

Sasha didn't play all that much in the finals, but the minutes he did put in looked pretty good. The way he calmly canned the two most pressure-packed free throws he'll probably ever shoot was a thing of beauty.

A matured, better-controlled Sasha would be a wonderful asset to the team.

Did you see it?

When Sasha was shooting his first game clinching free throw. The entire Celtics bench was standing and shouting at Sasha to miss. Standing quietly to the right and back, behind Scalabrine, a Celtics coach threw, get this, a towel at Sasha! Then acted like he never did it.

Scalabrine turned to him after the free throw was made as if to say, "it didn't work."

The Celtics planned it. This was not a rogue coach acting on his own. Is this a classless team or what?

The last Celtics man to do this was Danny Ainge against the Cavs. He was severely fined and then forced to apologize.

Will the NBA have the guts to fine them again and this time make it an incredible amount to subdue these pathological cheaters?

Fatty wants to know....

when Sasha was hitting those free-throws I was telling him:
"do it for Maria", CHAMPIONS BOTH!

oh yeah SV, ewe ess aay and Slovenia tied so that's a win-win, no?

I wish the commentators would stop all this nonsense about Sasha being "self proclaimed" the machine. The nickname was given to him by either Mychal Thompson or Joel Myers, I forget who. It wasn't Sasha, but some idiot commentator said it two years ago in the finals and now they all keep repeating it because they like to hear themselves talk.


Sasha did NOT create the nickname for himself.

Actually MM, do you ever talk to guys like Heisler and Plashke and those guys. or better yet ANY of the espn writers. Someone at a level that gets read (none of the national press are reading a blog post by LTLF) needs to write about this, because it's annoying the crap out of me.

Sasha -- a HUGE congratulations!!!

Bronxfan is right, your two clutch free throws were "LEGENDARY."

That was so freaking clutch!!!!

Well done!!!!

Those 2 free throws were worth everything!!!


The entire Laker nation thanks you!!!!

WELL DONE, Sasha!!!!

I know you'll have a great year in 2011!!!

Great luck to you next year!!!!

Again, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your contribution, Sasha. Those two free throws were clutch. And to do it coming from off the bench basically cold was, well, like a cold-hearted dagger into the guts of the hated Celtics.

A job well done!

LA Lakers are a great team and have a legend coach! Phil Jackson !!!

I personally think that Jackson should quit now while he is ahead. I think he said he would think about retiring and I'm not sure if he has decided!

Let a younger man step in now and be coach of the LA Lakers! (someone in his 30's who can grow with the team)

Jackson should enjoy his life now and not have to worry about the pressures of being a coach and trying to manage these young men.(which is not easy)

If he continues I think that he will be faced with health issues and regret that he did not quit and enjoy his life.

He has did all he can do and has reached the heights of being the best coach in the history of basketball!!!

Kind regards,
Anthony Joseph Lucchese



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