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Ron Artest says Khloe Kardashian and Vanessa Bryant are on good terms

--Mark Medina

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Definitely more flops in World Cup Soccer than in the


I hate to say it, but soccer flops is the origin of NBA flops.

And Ron saying stuff like that, hmm, maybe he should be a political candidate. People can relate to him and now he says all the right things.

"30 more minutes of emotional turmoil." Too true. Let's go USA!

I'd prefer to see the face/response of LO or Kobe when asked that same question.
Ron is tough to read, but I'm not convinced.

...and Ron Artest scores the winning goal in the World Cup between Moral Integrity vs. Sleazy Gossip disguised as Journalism...

Its Official !!!!! Things are sloooooooooooooooooooow in Lakerville when this kinda thread is even in print? lmao WOW and I thought my Laker withdraws were bad !!!!! Does this mean I'm not a "true" fan because I could care LESS about "Basketball Wives" ? I'm more interested in watching water turn to Ice than I am in any of those guys love lives or relationships with Women..

Wow. Ghana's play in this overtime has been disgraceful. Talk about flopping and faking injuries at its worst. They're doing their best Boston Celtic impersonation.


C'mon, now. We're Lakers fans. We love drama wherever we can find it. I'm going to insist that you cancel your subscription to In Touch weekly after that post.


Didn't Vanessa unload on AK one time?? And then the Karl Malone thing...

IDK, maybe she just gets mad at people a lot. ????

I have no idea, I'm sure she's awesome.

But frankly, I'm not a Khole fan either, ha ha ha.

Hey guys, maybe we can get Shammond Williams!! No seriously.

I mean, we have no one that can play PG on the cheap... no one... no one....

This PG thing is laughable to me.

It was such an easy solution, but Nooooooo. Keep the 2nd stringer playing 15min per game against teams like charlotte or minnesota.

Hey, heard we're getting a D Fish replacement on the cheap. He's a full year younger than Fish but without the experience.

How awesome is that??


I was trying to get really creative and figure out how to fix our team the other day. I realized we probably have Shammond Williams as our player which means he could be used in a sign and trade to match salaries.

*If* we wanted to trade Bynum who is a base year compensation player then we'll need a 3rd team or some creativity in trading multiple players that might mean a sign and trade.


Man that's good!

We are couple of weeks away from the biggest free agent period in the history of the game and our greatest team concern is Kloe and Vanessa.

You gotta love that!!

Journalistic blather at its best! Get a REAL job.

MM - Thanks for indulging a girls gossip tendancy.

I say bs - there is no love between those two. If VB doesn't even like Andy Kam, how is she going to like a reality tv star? When we start to see them out partying like LL and Nicole Richie, then I will believe it. But no shot.

VB is a biot*h with more attitude than the Basketball Wives combined. Just once would I love to hear Shaunie O'Neal dish on VB, just once.

Go back and watch the parade video - I can count on less than one had how many times she actually waved to the crowd. She had to be attached to KB's side and had a smug on her face the whole time. At least show some energy VB - the fans are the one's paying for all your bling.

Really? Is it true? Gosh, thanks Ron for that insightful report - how would we have ever survived the summer without all those sordid details? It's almost as if we didn't have lives of our own since it appears you and the Times believe we're all so dependent on this kind of "useful" information. WTF. Yet another reason people laugh when you tell them you're from LA. That's one small step of stupidity, one giant leap towards irrelevancy for the journalism that used to be the Times.

I love everything ron says, but can someone summarize that so I don't have to watch a clip from 'ET?'

stacy, wake up!

this is a lakers blog, home for all things lakers-related. you must not read the blog often enough, otherwise you'd know this kind of post is not groundbreaking nor is it "one giant leap towards irrelevancy for the journalism that used to be the Times" blah blah blah.
stay in the news section if you want to read real news, this blog is for all the lakers fans who want to know all things lakers. chillllll


>>>>probably have Shammond Williams as our player which means he could
>>>>be used in a sign and trade to match salaries.

Nope. He wasn't with the Lakers long enough. If he'd been with the Lakers for 2 years, then they could do it.

>>>*If* we wanted to trade Bynum who is a base year compensation player
>>> then we'll need a 3rd team or some creativity in trading multiple players
>>> that might mean a sign and trade.

Bynum was BYC in 2009-10. July 1, that goes away.


If you're looking for players to include in a sign & trade just to balance out dollar values, then here are a couple of thoughts:

1. MBenga and Powell are your guys. The Lakers have the rights to s&t them, and I'll bet either one would be okay with leaving the Lakers to get more money for a year.

2. Lakers won't do it. When you sign & trade to increase salary going out, that means you're going to increase salary coming in. Right now, the Lakers already have 84 million in contracts and still need to add 5 (?) players. They're not going to tack on another 5 million increase. If they did need to include salary for trade, Sasha's 5 million dollars of expiring contract would go first.

What do readers care? So what?

Why did Artest say this?

He has no business whether La Odom girlfriend
and Kobe's wife are in good terms.

This isn't about basketball matters.

Again I say, who cares?

Oooh, now I can save an Ambien as I can now sleep! who the hell cares about them?!

fuck up ron just cuz u dont got a wife stop bein a bitch

who is this chick with ron ron?

just cuz klohe is blazen Lamar got it good and dont let me tell u about kobe wife dont get me started like on the real ron u a world champion laker you should at least have a girl friend you bout to have a show on vh1 you would at least be thankful to god

Have any of you me V.B.? I have, more than several times. One thing that sticks with you about her is this. She is one self centered ego driven person I can never be friends with. When she stood next to me and I said hello, she gave me this snippy look and she really believe she is better than me. Unbelievable. I am tall, good looking, have a MBA, Pilot lic, US Coast guard Captain lic. flown around this world many time, and made my own money, unlike her. She has a high school education and owns her fame to Kobe. Nobody can like this woman and reportedly she lied about Karl M. I guess he did not pay her enough attention. In this respect, Kobe still has a long way to go before he is mature enough in handling her and believing her. I spoke with Kobe that night but was not going to tell him. If he can't see what every one else sees about his wife, then he has to live with it.



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