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Quick-hit thoughts on Lakers' off-season movement


On Lakers assistant Brian Shaw withdrawing his name from Cleveland coaching position

Shaw's agent, Jerome Stanley, told The Times' Broderick Turner that Shaw declined interest in the Cavaliers' vacant head coaching position because "the process was moving too fast for Shaw to make a decision." It's uncertain whether Phil Jackson has changed his stance on that he's leaning toward retirement, but the two variables are certainly connected. We just don't know how.

Turner reports that Shaw may remain a candidate to replace Jackson if he retires, and that he'd probably stay as an assistant should Jackson return. Although Lakers fans surely want Jackson to stick around, it's comforting for the Lakers at least to consider Shaw as a replacement, whose potential hire would help ease the transition phase since he knows the players and the system. Having him stick around with his current assistant position assuming Jackson stays at least relieves the Lakers from having to hire another assistant.

On Jordan Farmar becoming a restricted free agent

It seemed surprising to read the report from The Times' Mike Bresnahan and Turner that said the Lakers were considering giving Farmar a one-year, $3-million offer considering how obvious Farmar made it seem in his exit interview that he's leaving.

But the Lakers soon decided otherwise, meaning Farmar becomes an unrestricted free agent. If the Lakers had given Farmar a deal, he would have remained a restricted free agent and the team would have had the rights to match any offer sheet Farmar signed with another team. The Lakers' move seems to be a win-win situation for both. The Lakers believe veteran guard Derek Fisher is a more valuable presence, while Farmar believes he'd thrive under an up-tempo offense better than under the triangle.

On Shannon Brown opting out of his contract

Lakers fans shouldn't think this move means Brown doesn't want to be with the Lakers. In fact, it's the complete opposite, as Brown's agent Mark Bartelstein told The Times' Turner that he's hoping to reach a new, multi-year contract. Brown, due to earn $2.1 million next season, mentioned during his exit interview that he'd want to stay with the Lakers, but made it clear he's worried about his long-term future. He's been on four teams in four years and he'd like some stability.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: With free agency just beginning at 9:01 p.m. Thursday, Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak has already made a few off-season moves. Credit: Alex Gallardo / Los Angeles Times

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What is the best for the Lakers? Re-sign Fisher and Brown at another $2M per year max. of two years only? If they don't like the deal, replace them with Blake, Ridnour and/or Watson.

Heard the Lakers are renewing another 6 year contract for Luke Walton? This is the 3rd anniversary of the scum contract which is a rare misstep on the part of Mitch. Why not hand him the MLE which is a blunder part II, JB will paying a player for another $ 5M per year annually increasing who is just sitting on the bench all year with a pinched nerve. Isn't that a welfare system in NBA? and if you point it out, LTLF will accuse you as a hater. Wow & LOL! It is time to renegotiate that contract and get somebody who is more serviceable than Luke.

Is Mark Bresnahan or Brod being paid by Farmar camp to float the idea of paying him $3M per year? Strange, strange, strange!!! This is similar to the sports reporter who spread the rumor that LeBronz, Bosh and Wade will be signed Miami Heat. Is this the equivalent of "payola" in NBA? or another bait to read their columns. It is good that Mitch immediately clarified the report by making Farmar unrestricted before the start of F/A season. Anymore false prophesy in the blogs to sell a story?

You're not Edwin.

I heard on SSR that the Lakers called Brown right away to inform him of their (now mutual) interest in Brown staying with the Lakers.

I'd consider doing 10M/5 yrs for Brown, actually. He just has to promise to play better defense and dribble less with the ball.

I have no idea the fixation the fans have on Farmar. He's been with the team for five years and had not demonstrated that he could PLAY the PG position, period! His shooting percentage has not improved neither in the last five years. Good ridden, farewell and don't let the door hit you on the way out Smush Farmar. There are plenty of quality second tier free agent point guards available and let's hope that Lakers will land at least one of them. My choice is Chris Duhon!! This kid can play.

And please, Luke's day of playing a quality NBA games are over. His chronic back would not allow him to retain his form he had in 2008 before we landed Pau Gasol.

Brown thinks someone will give him MLE, coz he is a good player??

If he's thinking he's that GOOD, then he's either dreaming or delusional!!

He is nothing but a dunker, and a journeyman. He is not a great passer, neither does he have a smooth, reliable jumper.... He looked good in Lakers, because of the way Lakers play, and because there were Kobe and PJ to take care of him!!

Heck, Ariza and Artest signed with their current teams for MLEs. I dont think any of us will agree that he is as good as Ariza or Artest.

The only team that might given Shannon Brown MLE kind of money would be NY Knicks (they may give that money to JP also, you cant trust them!!), no one else!!

Brown is not worth more than 2-2.5mil/yr. If he demands more, let him walk. There are plenty of Von Wafer's and such available!!

The way to get rid of Luke Walton is to include him in a trade for a second tier player and to make it sweet for the other team and add a first round draft choice.

True Allen, but I don't think we have a 1st round pick in the next 1-2 yrs drafts... Thats the problem when we keep winning championships..... LOL

If we re-sign Derek and Shannon, do we still go after Blake, Korver or Watson?

Sounds like Byron to Cleveland is a done deal.
It looks more & more like we will be running the triangle again next year (fine with me) since it'll either be Phil or BShaw at the helm.

PJ's worries were that he might not be able to finish the season and hurt the team the way Karl's illness in Denver hurt the Nuggets.

With Shaw back as his top assistant and heir apparent, Phil may feel he can give it go.

Mitch may be okay with an occasional, "I need to take this trip off", knowing Shaw will be the new man at the helm.

Fatty wants to know, will Shaw be wearing a badge that says, "Coach-in-Training"? Will it be a sure thing, announced in public, that Shaw (is/will be) the new Lakers coach upon Phils departure?

And will their relationship change, Phil for sure knowing he is the Jedi Master teaching is new young apprentice to the ways of the force?

Shannon can be a valuable long-term player. The Lakers sorely need some young athletic players, especially guards, and he obviously fits the bill. He's only going to get better, and (assuming PJ stays) he'll only get better in the triangle offense. I really hope he stays.

Farmar - we all appreciate what you've done for the team, and good luck in your future.

Farmar's gone and maybe Shannon too. But if Fisher comes back, we still need a reliable PG. A pointguard that can match up with Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo, Russell Westbrook or even the aging Steve Nash. If the Lakers sign one of these pointguards Steve Blake, Luke Ridnour or Earl Watson, can they defend those quicker PG's? The best option is the big 6'4 Randy Foye. He is strong, quick that can rival those mentioned above. He is still young and the Lakers need to sacrifice to give him 3 to 4 million annually. The Lakers could also sign a veteran PF o C like Kurt Thomas or Joe Smith for the veteran's salary and sign the 2 rookies, $435,000 each.

Odom, Foye, Kurt Thomas, Vujacic, Walton, Ebanks and Caracter

Good morning,

The transcript of Wednesday's live chat will confirm my prediction there that the first phone call from Mitch Kupchak at the start of the free-agency clock would be to Derek Fisher.

Ding, ding, ding. Makes me feel like the psychic hotline. I also went out on a limb and predicted the Lakers' money at $2.6M. Turner and Bresnahan report that the Lakers "definitely wants him back without going too far beyond a $2.5-million deal for next season. " Ding, ding, ding.

OK, no reason to be smug. It was an easy call. There was plenty of CW flying around to support it. And there's no done deal yet. But it's good to know Mitch did the right thing. Yes, it took me awhile to come around on Fish, but I have. Now, let's go get another real point guard to spell Fish of some of those regular season minutes. Most of you picked Steve Blake in yesterday's straw poll. I'm good with that. And it's good to know Brian Shaw will be back. Happy Thursday!

More on Bynum to Toronto.... is reporting that the teams are in discussion for a possible trade with Bynum or Lamar being the key components. The writer also reported it was discussions, nothing is imminent, and rarely do these talks pan out.

Fatty's take: It would be the least of his worries to break up the best front-line in the NBA. So why the discussions?

It probably started like this. Mitch gets a text from the Raptors.

"Hey Mitch, let's talk trade"

"Back to u Calange. Let's not. Busy keepin core fo nother title run"

"Mitch. mak it worth fo u"

"Yeah, right! We nev, ev, giv up AB. Nothin u can offer to change mind"

"We tak Luke off hands"

"Call me"

fisher has to realize lakers dont have that much money to go around 2yr 6 mil is all we can afford, brown no shouldn't have opt out to me pg u can find those anywhere -j critt-koby carl-smush parker b4 he turn hollywood were all good enough gaurds to fit in are system for cheap what we need is outside shooting which we dont have unless u think ron-ron cant make those type of shots every year??(mike miller) should fit perfect in are setup

Looks like the Lakers point guard will be run by committee again. Except for adding Sasha and J Critt to the equation-rotation.

Sasha the SG, becomes the PG and perhaps Raja Bell or Shannon becomes the SG.

Not the best I'd like, but unless we find a new PG somehow, this is what we might have to live with.

I think the Lakers are not desperate to sign a new one and will only use the MLE if a great one comes along.

I like Randy Foye but I think he'll want the MLE at least. He's not worth it on this team.
An old Kurt Thomas would be an upgrade over Powell and Mbenga.

Houston with the first recorded call to Bosh.

Doesn't Bosh's free agency actually curtail sign & trades?

Raja Bell.

Tracy McGrady.

Steve Blake.

Earl Watson.



I hope Mitch has caller ID, because Snaquille O'Meal should be calling any minute now. New Cavs coach Byron Scott is a Riley disciple, which means he makes his players work, and work hard. Snaq ain't down for that. He'll pitch something like,
"Hey Mitch. I could be your enforcer off the bench. Your second unit would be crazy strong with me in it. I'm Wilt Chamberneezee, remember?"

More like the Incredible Bulk.

Gimme a break.


DBDH - That's funny

I'd like to see the Lakers offer Shaq a non-guaranteed contract for camp then cut him on the last day.

Bosh would consider a sign and trade as a courtesy to the Raptors. It would allow him to get more money and get something back to his old team.

I'm not saying it will happen, and it definitely won't happen with the Lake Show.


>>> Re-sign Fisher and Brown at another $2M per year max. of two years only?
>>> If they don't like the deal, replace them with Blake, Ridnour and/or Watson.

While I agree with that amount for Brown, I might go 3 years. And Fisher would be more like 2.5 to 3 for 1 or 2 years.

But what makes you think Blake or Ridnour would accept that small amount of money? I'm sure either one of them could make at least double that amount elsewhere.

>>> $5M per year annually increasing who is just sitting on the bench all year
>>> with a pinched nerve.

Well, for starters, you've got the contract wrong. It started at 4 million per year, not 5 million. This last season was the first year he made it up to 5 million. Over the full 6 years of the contract, it will average out to about 5 million per.

And if in 2007, Mitch had the ability to see into the future and could see that Luke would be perpetually injured, then I'm sure he wouldn't have offered that much.

>>>Isn't that a welfare system in NBA? and if you point it out, LTLF will
>>>accuse you as a hater.

hater. just kidding. :-)

No, I won't call you a hater for calling Luke overpaid. He is. And I won't call you a hater for criticizing Luke's 2009-2010 season. It was appallingly bad.

But like I said, criticizing Mitch for signing someone who scored 11 points a game, shot nearly 40% of his 3's, and was the third best player on the team to a contract starting at 4 million per and lasting 6 years just shows that you don't understand the process of being a GM. For Luke's past performance, that was a reasonable deal.

GM's don't get the benefit of knowing if the player is going to be injured or healthy. If Luke had stayed mostly healthy for the whole length of his contract, then he'd be worth what they're paying him.

Would someone repost the link to the KobeHater article?

I need to send it to a KobeHater in Florida. [ not you Art - FL Lakers Fan. :) ]

Edwin - Mike and Brad weren't paid by the Lakers, believe me. If you read the story, they make it clear that the Lakers were simply considering the move and didn't make a definitive decision on whether they'd actually do it.


so ... on NBATV they did a playoffs playback.

I was able to record all 7 games. Does anyone know of a way to copy them
to DVD?



But I'm sure there are more than a few of them here.

looks like bosh is comin to LA!

espn is reporting lakers and raptors have come to an agreement that will be announced tomorrow!d=53242342

if that link doesnt work that means i was just kidding!! just tryin to lighten up the mood here... but dont worry.. tomorrow i'll post again with the real one.


Sure, we copy shows to DVD off the TV. Well, actually we copy music vids off the TV on to DVD, but same thing.

You just need a DVD player/recorder that reads/records the blank DVD.

While you play it on the TV just record onto the DVD in the DVD recorder.
Or, our cable box has a record setting you can use also, but either way will work.

>>> It is time to renegotiate that contract and get somebody who is more
>>>serviceable than Luke.

Okay, I'm not calling you a hater Edwin. What I'm saying is that you don't understand the CBA. They can't renegotiate contracts. Bloggers here are always saying they should do it, but it's not even an option under the current CBA.

That's why I'm always saying, instead of being all full of bile and whining about how Luke sucks or whatever, you should be hoping that Luke will get healthy and will be WORTH the money they're paying him.

Wishing for your team's players to stay healthy and play well is being a fan.

Whining about a player's injury doesn't help anything.

>>>Is Mark Bresnahan or Brod being paid by Farmar camp to float the idea of
>>>paying him $3M per year?


His qualifying offer was 2.8 million. That's the minimum that the Lakers could possibly offer him to keep him a restricted free agent.

BTW, the report didn't say that the Lakers MADE the offer to Farmar, it said they were considering making the offer. In the end, they didn't make it.


Just curious and thinking outside of the box, what if had LBJ in place of Kobe with this current roster?

One thing for sure our bigs woould have a field day with dunks, especially the BEAST, next in line to be the Lakers franchise savior..

all i can say is wow..

>>>I'd consider doing 10M/5 yrs for Brown, actually. He just has to promise to
>>>play better defense and dribble less with the ball.

Okay. Perfect.

Now let me use this as a Luke example.

Right now, you're thinking Brown is worth that much based on his performace over the last two seasons. So let's imagine that Mitch offers him that contract and he signs it...

and then gets injured next season and is perpetually getting injured and plays about half of each season and only ever plays at his current level for maybe a third of each season.

Then 3 years from now, pfunk will be spewing bile in the chat room every time Shannon takes the floor and Edwin Gueco will be complaining that Shannon's salary is a wasted 2 million dollars that they could have spent on Steve Blake, or whatever.

Shannon has performed pretty well (not always great, but pretty well) as a role player. So right at this moment in time, you think he's worth 2 million a year.

Luke had just come off a season where he played pretty well AS A STARTER. So a deal for 5 million a year average (starting at 4 million) seemed like a reasonable deal.

That's the point I've been trying to get across to all the people belaboring Luke's contract.

>>>The way to get rid of Luke Walton is to include him in a trade for a second
>>>tier player and to make it sweet for the other team and add a first round
>>>draft choice.

Yeah, because the Lakers are in the lottery so often that their first round picks are really valuable... NOT.

Basically, the Lakers first round pick is an "almost second round" pick.

>>>The way to get rid of Luke Walton is to include him in a trade for a second
>>>tier player and to make it sweet for the other team and add a first round
>>>draft choice.

Yeah, because the Lakers are in the lottery so often that their first round picks are really valuable... NOT.

Basically, the Lakers first round pick is an "almost second round" pick.


C'mon man!!!! You wasted a perfectly good opportunity for a Rickroll.

Here's how you do it:


ESPN is reporting Luke Walton traded to the Knicks! Here's the link, enjoy:

ESPN is reporting Lakers sign Tracy McGrady! here's the link:

Curious George aka Kobe Hater,

you wrote: Just curious and thinking outside of the box, what if had LBJ in place of Kobe with this current roster?

One thing for sure our bigs woould have a field day with dunks, especially the BEAST, next in line to be the Lakers franchise savior..

all i can say is wow..

my response:

ummm ... no.

Per comments from NBA players, LBJ has no mid-range game. His long
range shooting is below Kobe's. I leave it to other to determine whether or
not difference is significant.

Given LBJ's need to dunk, the post should be quite clogged.

While we won the championship this year, woo-hoo, we continuously saw
the players not making cuts for the ball. We saw Artest not understand
the triangle offense. We have direct comments from Luke Walton, to Artest,
in the Suns series about passing the ball on the outside AND NOT RESETTING
the offense.

Shouldn't you be posting on

This is pitiful.

So far the only big signing is Drew Gooden to Milwaukee - I heard reportedly 5 years for 32 million on ESPN this morning.

Talk about overpaid.

Mike Smrek traded to Lakers! See link above! Whoa!



That's just mean! :)

Guess we need something to laugh about to break up the craziness.

I think your comparison between Brown and Walton contracts is spot on. Folks seem to forget the context of Luke's deal.

I would much rather Luke and Sasha both step up and play well this next year, hopefully earning the money. As the Lakers have little flexibility, it would be best if those two could really contribute as expected.

Curious George,

>>>Just curious and thinking outside of the box, what if had LBJ in place of
>>>Kobe with this current roster?
>>>One thing for sure our bigs woould have a field day with dunks, especially
>>>the BEAST, next in line to be the Lakers franchise savior..

Yeah, they'd look GREAT making all those dunks as they were losing the second round of the playoffs.

I'm sure we'd all have LOVED watching replays of all the thunderous dunks by LeBronze and Pau and Bynum instead of watching Kobe lead the team to a championship.

Lots of dunks are what's really important in basketball.

Oh, by the way Curious George, you'll be delighted to hear that ESPN is reporting that the Lakers have contacted Cleveland to try to set up a sign and trade for LeBron. Here's the link:


>>>I would much rather Luke and Sasha both step up and play well this next
>>>year, hopefully earning the money.

THANK YOU for supporting the team instead of being a whiny-ass beeeyotch.

If Luke and Sasha played a full season like they played when they EARNED those contracts, the Lakers bench would already be SOLID with those two and Lamar.

We want a season of MACHINE. We want to see opposing players get suspended for strangling Sasha. We want to see clutch 3-point shooting. We want to see "the face" any time a questionable call is called on Machine.

We want a season of LUUUUUUUKE. We want alley-oops to the point guard. We want deep post passes to Bynum and Gasol. We want football passes to Shannon Brown on the break for a dunk. We want Luke posting up when they put a smaller guard on him.

We don't want whining.

We want winning.

Wow...what a deal Luke 5mil, Sasha 5 mil, Fish 2.5 mil man DFish needs to sign immediately. An OLD point guard and starting for the 2 times Champs, continues to hit BIG SHOTS his entire career. 2.5 mil...ME THINK NOT. PAY the MAN 3 years 12 MIL, last two team option as player or asst. coach with salary adjustment. Next sign Bell if at the right price, I'm not so sure Kobe can let it go.. as he said with Shaq; he don't forget nothing. Bring in Korvar(ML) I know we want to cut cost, but this is a MUST.
Keep DJ, give Luke to anybody for free.

Also I hear the Rockets are speaking to BOSH, man that's not good, a serious twin tower. Appears everyone's trying to get tall and long up front.

I have to agree with Edwin LTLF over the Luke signing. It was one of Mitch's biggest mistakes as a GM.

As you remember, most here were not upset with the amount, but the length of the contract. It was a risk the Lakers didn't need to take.

Luke started the season shooting extremely well, then went cold after about 6 weeks. He became very frustrated with his shooting. So much so, that he responded to one of my comments here, a satirical funny one, I thought (we used to have emails attached) and cursed me out. haha

It was after he went into the shooting slump he hurt his ankle. At the time, it was ruled a minor sprain, predicted it would be one week out, then turned into two months, and even when returning, he was limited in movement. Luke mentioned since high school, he was always having problems with his ankle hurting and slow to healing. A red flag should have gone up with Mitch, like it did here on the blog.

I was for signing him with the amount, but not the length of the unusual six years, when apparently, we had little competition for his contract.

So to review. He was an inconsistent shooter. His form is bad, and he misses to the right or left, not straight like the good, pure shooters. He had a history of ankle problems. His contract price wasn't overly high, but the length was a mistake. And now the Lakers are paying a heavy price.

And to add...Luke received an unfavorable report from the Lakers fitness trainer in Sept. published at He came into the facilities out of shape, enough so to be written about. His works ethics is less then good now.

All of this was pointed out on the blog, but did Mitch listen? lol


>>>PAY the MAN 3 years 12 MIL,...
>>>Next sign Bell if at the right price...
>>> Bring in Korvar(ML)
>>>Keep DJ,

Okay, 2PHATT is the new GM. We do everything he said above.

Let's say Bell agrees to the league minimum 1.3 million for 1 year to get a ring and DJ agrees to the minimum 1 million (to be honest, I don't think either of those assumptions are realistic, but let's go with them anyway).

With the MLE for Korver and 4 million for Fisher, that brings the Lakers total salary up to 93.7 million for 11 players. Let's assume they sign the two second rounders for the minimum. That brings the total up to 94.7 million for 13 players:

C: Bynum
PF: Pau, Odom, Caracter
SF: Artest, Walton, Ebanks
SG: Kobe, Korver, Sasha, Bell
PG: Fisher

Excellent job GM. You only spent 3 million more than the Lakers spent last season. They're pretty weak at center and point guard, but they're so deep at shooting guard as to be unbelievable. Never mind the fact that Korver is completely one dimensional and Bell isn't much better.

So is Sasha your backup PG? Or is it Kobe?

What happens if Bynum gets injured halfway through the season? Does that mean Caracter gets big rotation minutes? Luke going to play some PF maybe?

Or are you going to add another minimum bucks free agent? Can't use MLE money, as you spent the full amount on 1-dimensional 3-point shooter Korver.

So if that team repeats and if the economy doesn't reduce the Lakers income next season, and if the Lakers win another championship and play 12 home playoff games like they did this year, then Buss makes 9 million dollars.

But if Bynum gets injured and they lose in the second round, then Buss loses millions of dollars. Or technically, YOU lost Buss millions of dollars. Nice Job GM. Keep it up and you could be the next Isaiah Thomas.

It's not that easy being a GM.

Korver may sound good to you, but he's overpriced for what he does and he wouldn't get enough minutes with the Lakers to make it worth spending a full MLE on him.

All I can say is Get Brad Miller to back up Bynum... no 1 priority.
Then all i can say is, (hehe), get McGrady and Iverson. We will be set to take another ring.
Mitch can use what ever resources he has..let Vujacic go, trade Walton and anything else he can find in the kitchen and get at least those three players. We wont need much in the way of a PG with those around but someone else on the cheap wouldnt be bad insurance.

bye bye farmar and hello Mike Miller. all they need now is a playmaker and i suggest Felton of bobcats. he can pass, shot, and make plays for kobe, lamar, and other big. or put sasha on PG and sign my MAN TMAC!! if hes willing to come off the bench. they are just wasting their money on walton. the guy can pass but hes not as good as TMAC. so resign fisher and sign Mike Miller and TMAC!!!!

Longtimelakerfan is lecturing how Lakers fans should hope, more like pray, Luke W. (Puke) will stop stink up the Staple center whenever he's on the floor. It takes Mitch K., who's clueless about talent, to sign one of the worst NBA player, Puke, to 6 year contract. At times like this, I really really miss Jerry West (JW). Even after leaving the Lakers, JW sent Gasol to the Lakers which brought 2 championships to LA.
Dr. Buss should fire incomptent Mitch and bring back J. West. No other GM in NBA would've given Puke 6 year contract. It'd be smart move to offer Puke contract buy out to avoid paying $15 mill luxury tax. What's really frustrating is that without Puke, we could've had both Ariza and Artest.



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