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Post-victory pandemonium outside of Staples Center

June 15, 2010 | 10:30 pm

What looked like half of the Los Angeles Police Department -- not to mention all of their horses -- was at Staples Center as crowds poured out following the Lakers' 89-67 Game 6 victory Tuesday.

That didn't stop the fans from celebrating.

Fans surrounded the Magic Johnson statue in front of Staples Center, climbing his outstretched arms and waving Laker flags – until the cops came to force them down.

"It's finally the performance we've been waiting for," David Shahnazarian of Rodondo Beach said as he launched into an excited recap of the game, highlighting the 25 points that came from the Lakers' bench. "It was a great team effort."

Of course, fans were also eager to make Game 7 predictions.

"Kobe's going to be sporting five rings," Yolanda Mendez of Palm Springs said, wiggling her fingers in the air.

But Celtics fans disagreed. Kate Ericson and her husband Justin (whom Kate describes as "very dedicated") were at all three games in Boston before flying to Los Angeles. They live in Melbourne, Australia, and their flight home is Thursday.

"I'm just hoping the Celtics win it by the third quarter, I've got a plane to catch," Kate said.

Carlos Torres, wearing yellow goggles and a purple and yellow wig, with a Johnson jersey to match, said he thinks Thursday's game will be close, as he'd expected Game 6 to be.

“I expect for Game 7 to be a really hard game,” he said. “Boston isn’t going to lay down another egg like it did tonight.”

-- Laura Myers and DeAntae Prince