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Lakers' and Celtics' front lines anticipate more challenges in Game 2

Hours before Game 1 of the 2010 NBA Finals started, Lakers center Andrew Bynum stuck to his daily routine, hoping the repetitive discipline would ensure a measured and consistent performance.

Bynum flipped through his typical pregame play list, including the likes of Jay-Z, Drake and Lil Wayne. Bynum visualized how he wanted to play on the court, ranging from getting easy putbacks, helping on defensive rotations and complementing Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom. And of course, Bynum received treatment on the torn cartilage on his right knee, an injury that has been bothering him since Game 6 of the Lakers' first-round matchup against Oklahoma City.

"It helps me a lot," Bynum said of the routine. "It establishes the same thing every time so you're always ready."

Meanwhile, Boston Center Kendrick Perkins deviated from his normal pregame ritual, changing from his normal Southern hip hop playlist that features Bun B of UGK and T.I. and to R&B.

"I was trying to woosa for a minute, trying not to get no ticks so I could go into the game relaxed," Perkins said, referring to the fact his six postseason technical fouls means he's one away from receiving a one-game suspension.

The pregame routine from Bynum and Perkins served as one example of how the Lakers' and Celtics' fight to control the front line partly based on tinkering with adjustments. And in the Lakers' 102-89 Game 1 victory over Boston on Thursday, the Lakers made the biggest adjustment of all. The Celtics currently have the responsibility to make the proper adjustments Sunday in Game 2. The Lakers currently have the responsibility to counter those adjustments and produce the same results. 

The results largely went the Lakers' way in Game 1. After missing the 2008 Finals altogether because of a sore left kneecap, Bynum played through his current knee injury and scored 10 points on an efficient four-of-six clip and six rebounds in 28 minutes. After the Celtics pushed Gasol into listless performances, in the 2008 Finals, including an 11-point, eight-rebound and five-turnover performance in Game 6, he answered back. In Game 1 of the 2010 NBA Finals, Gasol finished with 23 points on eight-of-14 shooting, 14 rebounds, eight offensive boards and three blocked shots.

Meanwhile, the Celtics front line appeared pretty listless. Perkins and Boston forward Kevin Garnett combined for only seven rebounds, giving the Lakers a 42-31 advantage on the glass. The Lakers manhandled them with 16 unanswered second-chance points. And more importantly, the Celtics' drop-off in play only renewed the confidence in the Lakers' front line, which already had plenty to prove in wanting to rectify their 2008 Finals performance.

"I dont think anyone is intimidated," said Bynum, who sat out of Friday's practice and received treatment, described his injury as "all right" and plans to do some work in Saturday's practice under the basket. "We know this team. We've been waiting for two years to get our chance at them. This is it. I think they were trying last night and I think they'll try on Sunday, but we're not even worried about that. We know if we play the basketball we can, we'll be fine."

There's a reason, however, why Bynum expects Boston is "going to be more aggressive and try to attack us." It all goes back to the Celtics' and Lakers' approach in making adjustments. Just like Perkins plans to revert back to his old pregame playlist, Boston plans to return to its original approach in playing more aggressively, a category in which the Lakers severely outmatched Boston in Game 1.

Celtics Coach Doc Rivers replayed those gaffes in a detailed film session Friday to illustrate the necessity that Boston shows a better effort Sunday in Game 2. Asked what Rivers emphasized during the exercise, Garnett simply said, "I can't repeat that on camera." When asked if he could clean up or at least paraphrase the message, Garnett replied with a terse, "No." It's safe to say that behind closed doors, Boston's coaching staff shared plenty of thoughts that will remain on the players' minds until Game 2.

"The intensity level was up," Perkins said of the Lakers' front-line play. "You could tell when the ball was shot, when they were on defense, they were boxing out. They were finding bodies and then rebounding. You could tell they were trying to make it an emphasis to go out here and play physical."

Unlike the Celtics, the Lakers have aired their thoughts out publicly, a welcome sign considering the only such talk during the 2008 Finals on the Lakers' inside game consisted of scrutiny. There's plenty of factors that point to the improvement. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and Bynum equally agree the team's playoff series against Oklahoma City and Phoenix presented tougher challenges for Bynum because the up-and-down pace forced him to run in transition and fully test his knee's durability.

"He understands opportunities and he wasn't there with us in '08," Bryant said of Bynum. "He was there last year [against the Orlando Magic] and he has an opportunity in front of himself this time around, and he wants to take advantage of it."

As has Gasol, whose arrival with the Lakers in February 2008 has yielded three consecutive NBA Finals appearances and whose versatility, Bryant thinks, has helped complement his own game. Yet, the Lakers' current Finals run has included a storyline about Gasol's toughness, since his "soft" reputation reached an all-time high after the Lakers' 2008 Finals loss to Boston. Bryant argued the only difference now points to Gasol becoming more acclimated with the team. Lakers Coach Phil Jackson highlighted Gasol's "maturation." And Gasol himself saw some legitimacy to the criticism, but thought it soon became overblown.

"I understand better the nature of the game here. I grew as far as my body and how do I play the game," Gasol said. "So I could say that I'm a more mature player and more effective now than I was before. I was athletic, lanky. I had more explosiveness than I have now, but I was weaker also, and I wasn't accustomed to the physicality of the league and the amount of games that are played.

"All that talk just made me realize that there's some truth to that, but at the same time, I would never question myself like that," he added. "I just have to work even harder to be a better player, bottom line."

Regardless of how the "soft" criticism on Gasol soon became a repetitive talking point, Perkins noticed a much different player than in the 2008 Finals.

"He came out and played with a chip on his shoulder last night," Perkins said of Gasol. "He played hard, very very hard. He made smart decisions and he was feeling good last night. He made a lot of his shots. He did what he needed to do to get them a win."

And in an interesting twist, the scrutiny under Garnett increased just as the criticism on Gasol has subsided. Gasol was only happy to facilitate that storyline.

"On Kevin's part, he's also lost some explosiveness," Gasol said. "He's more of a jump shooter now you could say, comes off the lane. Before he had a really, really quick first step and was getting to the lane and he was more aggressive then. Time passes and we all suffer it one way or another, but he's still a terrific player, a terrific competitor, and he's going to bring everything he's got. You can count on that."

In fairness, Gasol's comment above provided much more context than the sound-bite version a reporter relayed to Garnett, highlighting the portion about his game consisting of less drives to the basket and more on jumpers. "Not at all," Garnett said when asked if Gasol's comments upset him. "I have no comments on his comments."

Nonetheless, both teams have plenty of comments on how the fight for inside supremacy will be a series-long adjustment, meaning the outcome in Game 1 provides a blueprint for the Lakers to replicate and a blueprint for the Celtics to rewrite.

"We'll make the proper adjustments," Garnett said, "and come out stronger in Game 2."

"I expect the whole team to be more physical because they felt like last night we were the more physical team out there, and they take pride in being the physical team," Gasol said. "But again, we've just got to be ready for it."

-- Mark Medina

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My biggest concern is this: as the Celtics come to realize that they can't compete on an equal footing with the Lakers this year, they will need a "series-changing moment" like McHale's clothesline on Kurt. I worry that someone is going to try to take out Kobe in the lane -- which would be the greatest of all series changers (if KB were to be incapacitated), but any action that sought to punk out the Lakers simply to send the message that this was now hockey on the hardwood.

Our crew has to prepare mentally for such a turn. And obviously, though this is not yet a desperate time for the Cs, the perception is that they have to win game 2 or they are toast. So, expect a very physical, even dirty, game 2.


John Wooden mentored a couple great Lakers. A thread in his honor could be appropriate.

A friend of mine had lunch with him last year. Coach said he thought Kobe will go down as the greatest there ever was.

The man was a national treasure.

Good idea Vman, in fact if I may suggest if we could feature the interview in December at LA live with Vin Sculley, too bad we have to mention T. J. Simers who was in that interview. This fake sports journalist does not belong in that company.

VMan and Edwin - I agree that is a good idea. I'm planning to get reaction and reflections on Coach Wooden at tomorrow's practice and putting a video up of the reactions.



>>> I'm planning to get reaction and reflections on Coach Wooden at tomorrow's practice and putting a video up of the reactions.

That's perfect! I'd like to see the team go into Sunday's game focused on the best of what basketball represents, not some of these silly side issues like whether KG has lost a step.

The Celtics were a sleeping giant on Thursday. The Lakers need a renewed sense of purpose and focus to weather the storm that is coming. Making their play a tribute to Wooden would be an asset in the mission at hand.

The pre-game playlist is a significant part of the "adjustments" they are tinkering with ? It is just players trying to relax and be in the right frame of is a familiar comfort zone of things they like to really think it has any bearing on how they fare in the game ? Any pre-game rituals sure didn't affect Derek Fisher when he led Utah to victory after entering the game at half-time...granted he is a veteran and strong-willed compared to Drew..and preparations upto the game do play a significant part in player's performances....but playlists ?? I first thought you were kidding but apparently not.

Mark Medina/VMan,

"John Wooden mentored a couple great Lakers. A thread in his honor could be appropriate."

I second this request.

I just finished a 14 hour shift and am exhausted.

I met Coach Wooden once and I will always remember the experience. I'll recount it a little later when I have the focus to respect his memory.

He was clearly a very special person independent from all his success.

Today, we need more John Woodens in this world. It is so sad to have lost the original, but we were blessed to have him.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


mmmm mm m mmmm m m mmmm m m m m mmmmmmmm mm m .

"And how do you think the Celtics will respond to that?"

mm m m mmmmm m m m m...

Someone desperately needs a better mic!
I can never hear these videos properly, and yet for some reason have no trouble hearing every little sneaker squeak from the court in the background.


John Wooden gone at 99.

He was a unique and towering man. There will never be another like him. I grew up watching his unbeatable Bruins. He was an Idol when I was young and never let me down. My boyhood idols were Wooden, West and Koufax. A good time to grow up in LA.

It was time for Coach to move on and see his beloved Nell again. His work was done here. All I can say is, thanks Coach. There aren't nearly enough of us like you.

Tom D.

Hey Lakersblog fam.

Here's a wallpaper for all of you. :)


I remember watchin tape delay 'midnight '(channel 5) UCLA basket ball games in the late 60`s. The 67 -69 UCLA team (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) was John wooden`s best team and maybe college greatest team ever.

Good morning,

First, R.I.P. John Wooden. Not having grown up in LA or attending UCLA, I only know what I've read about the man. The universal accolades are instructive and inspiring.

Now on to Game 2. Some thoughts about Pau Gasol's comments. The context of this commentary is important. (1) As a fan, I find most athlete soundbites useless, uninformative and inane; I only care what they do on the court. (2) Even I am appalled by how many times I bag on Gasol. I don't want to. The guy is the most skilled and gifted PF/C on the NBA floor today. Caveats in place, I want to say, "Pau, shut-up!"

Pau's statements about Kevin Garnett were ill-timed and ill thought out. Why create artificial "bulletin board material" about your adversary? Garnett knows he's hobbled. But you don't want him banging on you more focused on your words than focused on his aching body. You thinking Doc Rivers hasn't already challenged him enough? You think he doesn't already think his own pride is on the line?

The last thing I want to see on Sunday is for the Lakers to come out cocky because of their victory in Game 1. Doc Rivers has brought his team back from the dead more than once this post-season. These guys think they deserve to be champions as much as the Lakers do. The wounded Celtics staggered off the floor Thursday night barely knowing what hit them. For any of the Lakers to rub salt in those wounds is a mistake.

Gasol was a major factor in the Lakers' Game 1 victory. I was thrilled by his play and my expressions of joy are recorded more than once in the text of the game chat. But he's set himself up for an even greater challenge in Game 2. He now has the responsibility of playing to even greater heights on Sunday.

To all the Lakers I say, let your actions do the talking.

Rick Friedman

If the Celtics and ( Kevin Garnett) need bulletin board material to get up for a final`s play-off game then this series is over and I predict Lakers sweep.

Rick Friedman,

you wrote: Pau's statements about Kevin Garnett were ill-timed and ill thought out. Why create artificial "bulletin board material" about your adversary? Garnett knows he's hobbled. But you don't want him banging on you more focused on your words than focused on his aching body. You thinking Doc Rivers hasn't already challenged him enough? You think he doesn't already think his own pride is on the line?

Gasol was a major factor in the Lakers' Game 1 victory. I was thrilled by his play and my expressions of joy are recorded more than once in the text of the game chat. But he's set himself up for an even greater challenge in Game 2. He now has the responsibility of playing to even greater heights on Sunday.

my response: EXACTLY! *sigh*

Oh well, it's time to see if those spindly shoulders can carry the burden they
just assumed.

Go Kobe!
Go Lakers!!!

Rick Friedman,

re: Gasol. I just thought about this. He's been talking smack all year.
A little bit of success has gone to his head. *sigh*

Rick -- with you.

Why Pau? Why? I'm hopimnhy something lost in the translation, I'm hoping you understand what you're doing, I'm hopimg you clared your statements by Phil, who is the master of head games. Why give the Celtics extra motivation by kicking them while they're down? Didn't you think they were reading enough idiotic media stories about how the series was over and how they are not physical/tough? Just because of one game? See 1969, 1984, 1985.

It's stupid -- and you better back those words up Pau!

Vegas has installed the Lakers as 6 point favorites for Game 2 -- I'll take the Celtics to cover.

P. Ang,

That's sixties too, one of my favorite songs became popular together with the movie: The Graduate & Mrs. Robinson.

On a sad note, yesterday Rue McClanahan died so only Betty White is the lone survivor of the Golden Girls.

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | June 04, 2010 at 07:24 PM

Edwin, one thing I love doing is tracing images thru different folk songs. I like looking at folk songs as being like CNN before there was cable TV or the internet. You can see how a message or topical folk song will start in one part of the country or world and by the tmie it's reached another part, it's morphed into something new and completely different. A lot of times it was just different because the person simply couldn;t remember te song entirely like it was sung. So I say we appreciate these little mutations in art because with the instant communicative abilities we all share, they're vanishing.

But I like the line:

Are you travelin to Scarborough Fair? Parsely, sage, rosemary and tyme./Remember me to one who lives there, she once was a true love of mine

But I love that line best in this song about the north country fair:

If you're travelin' in the North Country fair, where the winds hit heavy on the border line/ Remember me to one who lives there, for she once was a true love of mine.

And there's this version of the same song, a version that Margo Timmons of the cowboy junkies calls the best duet of all time. See for yourself:

Go Lakers!


That is the best desktop i've ever seen. Very funny! I've felt like that for almost a month now...


Rick Friedman,
I'm going to respectfully disagree with you on Pau's comments. I think it will benefit the Lakers in that KG is going to be concentrating on "his" game so much he will be distracted from playing team ball. Almost every article we read about game 1 contains claims of KG's poor performance and his age/injuries, etc.. I doubt very seriously he'll single out Pau's comment as the one that motivates him to try harder in game 2.

After game 1 of the 2010 finals, I think I may have to agree with you regarding an asterisk being placed on the last championship. (Ummmm, that would be the last one the Celtics won in 08 that is.) Looks like Bynum truly does make a difference and had he played in 08 it's likely the Celtics would have lost that series. So, yes, I think that *08 is in order. Thanks for showing up this year, come back again next year for the 3-peat.

Sara - I can't answer directly about how the playlist affects the game. That's more psychological but I quote both Bynum and Perkins saying how their pre-game routine affects their frame of mind heading into the game and, subsequently, their performance.


This blog has been so infested with trolls and whiners that sometimes it reads like this team has no chance. Even Lakers fans have been proposing major rebuilding in the off season, getting rid of Drew, Pau, Fish …. some even want to get rid of Kobe. Yet here they are, 3 wins away from a second straight NBA title. In spite of all these problems I keep reading about. It’s amazing what the Lakers have overcome:

Kobe is selfish and past his prime.
Derek Fisher is horrible, the worst PG in NBA history.
Ron Artest is not Trevor Ariza and his defense can’t make up for his horrible offense.
Pau Gasol is soft and even when he goes for 25-15 its fool’s gold.
Andrew Bynum is a stiff.
Lamar Odom doesn’t care.
The rest of the bench is useless.

Imagine, a team that horrible, every key part a liability. And yet here they are. It’s time for even DFish and Mike T. to jump on the bandwagon. This is a great team.

Kobe has never played better, and in these playoffs is making a case for his place at or near the top among the all-time greats. He’s there with Jordan, Magic, Russell, Wilt.
Derek Fisher’s smarts, leadership, physical play, defensive hands, selflessness and clutch shooting are crucial to this team.
Ron Artest’s defensive mindset and ability to take his man 1 on 1 with very little help have made this team a lot tougher. Kobe/Fish/Artest make labeling the Lakers soft ridiculous. And he can score when needed.
Pau Gasol is simply a great player. Phoenix slowed him down by focusing their whole defensive approach on him. Failing that, he will get his 20-10 plus every night.
Bynum is playing through injury and providing an inside presence – bulk and toughness.
Lamar Odom is always out there rebounding, pushing the ball up the floor and providing a match up problem every nigh.
The rest of the bench is contributing – especially Farmar/Brown. In the fourth, the lead had gone from 20 to 11 and Kobe needed a rest. The Lakers built the lead back to 15 with Bryant on the bench.

NO MORE WHINING. The Celts will win a couple of games. The Lakers will look bad at times against a very good team. And the Lakers will win a title. This is a great team. Enjoy it.

I fully expect the Celtics to play better Sunday than they did Thursday. Especially Garnett. What was up with KG? Pau was being polite in his post-game comments. KG missed two point blank, wide open layups. On the second it was because he couldn’t get any lift and the rim blocked his shot.

The Celtics looked old. KG was a statue. The Lakers drove the lane like a layup drill. Farmar looked like Isaiah Thomas. Pierce seems to have added some unhelpful bulk. He looked big and slow. Allen couldn’t deal with Kobe at all and ended up sitting, in foul trouble most of the game.

And then there is Wallace. He looks like an out of shape 50 year old who keeps playing in a city league because he likes going out for beers with the guys afterwards. When Pau drove on him all he could do was a two handed shove. He looked pitiful.

But Garnett will bring more in game 2. With Allen on the floor the Celtics will be tougher to defend. The Celts should come out in game 2 aggressive, playing like their lives are at stake. So far all the Lakers have done is won one game. The need to go get game 2. If you lose game 2, with three in Boston you can never see your home floor again. The Lakers NEED game 2. Then take one in Boston and end it in 6.

The Lakers are the better team. The Lakers can by and large cover Boston 1 on 1. Boston needs help on Kobe and Pau. Sometimes Drew in the post. The Lakers put more stress on Boston’s defense. The Lakers are quicker (except Rondo). The Lakers are longer. This isn’t a WWF smackdown. And Boston 2010 is not Boston 2008. They are still a damn dangerous team – that’s how they got here. But if the Lakers stay FOCUSED and AGGRESSIVE they should be able to win 3 more.

Doc rivers realliced Pau was the most dangerous player, when he said , he was amazed by his passing and shooting selection, so its clear that next match, he will focus his defense on Pau, like phoenix did , im looking forward to see how Phil Jackson will solve this big problem.


I totally agree,let's not forget Gasol's last two in the suns series wern't that great even though we got the winds. Those comments remind of the memphis comments"let's just get back to b-ball".. Pau and whomever else please don't become an amare,just let your play speak for itself.Trash talk or whatever after the championship... Now you can do nothing but back up your words or look like a fool...Go Lakeshow........

Btw P.P. looks silly with that head of hair.. is it a tupay? rondo looks like gonzo,garnett looks like the one rapper guy on the reeses puffs comercial,perkins looks like jeepers creepers,big baby looks gay, oh I got walter ray on the tip of my tongue,..... o well hears to lillin time b4 round 2............

@ Tom

I agree with what you said about all the problems the team has overcome. Pau's comments aside those guys need to be more like Kobe though not just in killer instinct.As i watched game ! even as we were pulling away I noticed Kobe's demeanor(just like how he didn't notice Chris Rock). All I was thinking about with those other guys was don't be celebrating and stuff the game isn't over remember game 4... 08..(and lebrons river dancing lol)step on there throats and don't let up. On another note as history has shown (this season side) a few tweaks are sometimes needed, leads are still given up when Bryant rests and yes we made it here three in a row, I keep thinking bout 03 lakeshow(no changes) and even the bulls made tweaks after a few years. again not getting ahead of the cart but everyone will be a year older andrews injuries,the bench,odom,luke sasha,d-fish,and even at times pj's questionable coaching all will need attention..but hey were winning, nothing beats adversity like winning....

The only problem I have with what Gasol said is that it suggests that he's (we've) already seen the best Garnett has to offer and I don't think that's the case at all. We'll see.


I'm hanging in Eagle Rock this morning with all people, my friend Kevin who is from Boston and is wearing his skeptics shirt as we speak. No problem, I'm wearing my Lakers shirt too. Will be headed to Simi Valley for a wedding and the beach for two days.

Pau- better back up the grill tomorrow.

Los Angeles loves our World Champion Lakers!

regardless of whether theres any truth to pau's statement it shouldve never been said.. STUPID and just totally unnecessary.

bottom line.. in sports if you open your mouth you better BACK IT UP.. if not you left yourself completely vulnerable to look like a big idiot.. now he gives KG extra motivation and if KG outplays him he just set himself up and it can backfire on the whole team..

i know pau's feeling good about game 1 but he just raised the stakes a little more... its all on YOU now pau.. you better be ready to bring it.

As to Gasol's comments about KG-yawn. Talk about a manufactured controversy.

Garnett has always had one problem with his game.
I used to live in MN and go to the Wolves games and was there when Garnett came into the league and so followed his career pretty closely for a number of years. A problem he had for many years was he would play with so much energy by the 4th quarter he was used up, wiped out. When the Wolves had one good year and made it to the WCF against the Lakers it was the same issue. He didn't know how to pace himself. Besides, he was the Big Ticket and the Wolves needed to rely on him too much and play him a lot of minutes.
Of course I was at the Wolves home games, cheering on the Lakers.

In his later years that got somewhat better and the Celtics have done a better job managing his minutes because they have some good players surrounding him. In game 1 Garnett was so hyped and intense he ran out of steam. One of the recent articles here talks about how he came out too psyched up. He just didn't have the energy to make that dunk or put back later in the game.

Garnett can be a big time player when he just lets the game come to him and keeps his energy level and number of minutes played in check.

I think Garnett will come out and better pace himself and not be quite so psyched out in game 2. He played 35 minutes in game 1 and I think that may be close to his max. If he is totally hyped at the start and playing like a banshee through the first half then Gasol may have a good 2nd half.

Lakers should go to Pau early and often, make Garnett work and be physical with him especially because it will get in his head. He may even get a T if the Lakers can rile him up, it's not that hard to do.
Gasol has a stamina advantage over him.

I didn't like him in MN and I still don't like him. He's been an arrogant s.o.b. since he first came in the league and I hope he chokes every game in the series.


I think everybody see this matchup "Garnett - Gasol" as the Key of the finals. Nobody speak about Kobe, Pierce, Allen or Bynum. Everybody speak about Pau. Like I have said longtimes, Pau Gasol is the real superplayer in this finals, I think he is the best player around the world, with more influence in the game. All journalists talk about Pau and why he will be the key. IF Celtics can stop Gasol, Celtics will win this championship (nobody think that Celtics should stop Kobe) The Key player is Pau. AMAAZINGGGG

Gasol needs respect from the referees. Against the Suns, Gasol don´t get respect from the referees, specially in Phoenix. Pau is a real superstar and he deserve this respect. I hope in Boston the referees respect him it.

Finally, I want more from Odom. Right now, Lakers is a 2players Team. Whitout Odom this finals will be impossible to win.

Sleep time for me.

Congratulatons from Barcelona


Phil Jackson won't have to make any adjustments if the Celtics focus their defense on Pau because Kobe Bryant will drop forty on Boston. Pick your poison, Boston and make sure you drink it deeply.

Art-FL Lakers Fan....

Thanks for that insight to KG's game and mentality. I've never liked him either. To me, he's one of the worst examples of sportsmanship that I have ever seen. Whenever he blocks a shot, he'll yell out "Get that sh*t outta here!" He does that every time. Isn't that taunting?

And don't get me started on the preferential treatment that he recieved after Game 6 of the Orlando series. That was the game where KG threw TWO PUNCHES at Dwight Howard in the 1st quarter! With only an offensive foul called against him. No tech or anything! If he had been ejected for his actions, as he should have been, that could have turned that series in Orlando's favor. The last time I checked, the NBA does not allow fighting or throwing a punch.

KG is a punk and a bully on the court. His on-court demeanor is disgusting. But he IS a real team leader. He's led Big Baby, Rasheed, Perkins, Tony Allen, Scalabrine and everybody else in green to act just like him. Although, Rasheed brought his dysfuctional attitude with him from Detroit.

I know that my dislike of Boston is irrational but it is well-founded. I only hope the Lakers close the deal and hoist the O'Brien at the Celtics' expense. That would make me irrationally happy!



We get it. You like Pau. He's your countryman. Most of us here on this blog also like Pau and appreciate what he has brought to the table for the Lakers. But to imply that Pau is the Lakers' best player is not true AND it really doesn't matter. Kobe needs Pau just like Pau needs Kobe. AND the Lakers need both of them to win the championship, as well as strong efforts from the rest of the TEAM.


To win the C'ship, that's all that matters.


Ok well its been awhile, its good some old timers are still here, Jon K and Mamba :-)

Here are my two cents.

1) Game 2 is more important than Game 1. Game 1 is over. Game 2 will not be played the same. The Celtics HAVE to win this game to have ANY chance of winning the series. Even then its still a long shot as they have to hold serve for 4 in a row, and the lakers havent lost 4 in a row in eons.

2) There is no question Pau's contribution in game 1 was game changing, Ricky. We all love him, but this is a TEAM game. Trust me the reason Pau (and Bynum and Lamar) get so many easy dunks is because Kobe is unstoppable right now. Phoenix didnt go to the zone to stop Pau (that was a secondary effect) they did it cause Kobe was torching them. It was after his 40 pt game that they switched if you dont believe me.

3) Loved your posts Tom Daniels, spot on accurate.

4) Now that being said, we are the better team. Everyone knows it, the media just cant say it, because they have to make a game of it.
Imagine if Bynum was healthy???? - geez we would dominate.

5) I hate that haterade that is drunk around here all year long, its foolish to even think about trading away key players from this team right now, how else are we going to go for a THREE PEAT! Yes im saying it now mamba!


I miss Driftski, a very insightful Boston fan.



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