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Paul Pierce guarantees series won't return to L.A.

Celtics forward Paul Pierce has forever cast himself in Lakers lore. Minutes after being carried off the court in Boston with an injured knee, the Inglewood native returned to Game 1 of the 2008 NBA Finals to lead a Celtics run, sparking conflicting reactions among Celtics fans and Lakers fans. He danced on the bench during the final minutes of what would be a series-clinching Game 6 victory, with the Finals MVP later proclaiming that Lakers guard Kobe Bryant isn't the best player in the world. And leading up to the 2010 Finals, Pierce has suggested Boston has a more knowledgeable fan base than L.A.

Well, add another event to the list. As the Celtics neared a 103-94 Game 2 NBA Finals victory Sunday over the Lakers, Pierce suggested to fans that the team would wrap up the series in Boston, saying, "We ain't coming back to L.A.!" (Video below courtesy of Ball Don't Lie's Dan Devine).

Pierce has rarely shied away from stating his desire not to return to an opponent's arena. With the Celtics leading Miami 3-1 in their first-round match-up, he made it clear he'd return to South Beach only for vacation. When Boston led 3-1 in the East semifinals over Cleveland, he reiterated the importance of closing out the series at home. And when the Celtics owned a 2-0 lead in the East finals over Orlando, Pierce told a live television audience that the team was returning home to Boston to close out the series. Additionally, Pierce's Twitter feed was apparently hacked when a tweet was sent out asking, "Anybody got a BROOM?" That caused Orlando center Dwight Howard to fire back, "Pride comes before the fall."

There are probably plenty of things Lakers fans said to Pierce after his latest proclamation. Maybe they nodded in agreement, because the Lakers would play their last home game by taking all three road games and closing out the series in Boston. Maybe they wondered why Pierce talks so much when he's only shooting 33.3% from the field in the Finals. Or maybe they didn't hear him, with the supposedly unknowledgable fan base becoming too distracted with all the celebrity sightings.

The best response will be featured in Wednesday's links post.

-- Mark Medina

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Mr Captain Jack is my patient, not his real name and is a closet cross dresser and uses public forums to express his secret desires by addressing it in 3rd person. You see the problem with my patient CJ is that he lives in a small town and is fearful that he will be persecuted for being a cross dresser. So I recommend that he use Lakers blog as a platform to relieve his anxiety and paranoia. He is under my care and guidance and a work in progress. By the way anything yellow or purple is fave colors for a nice sexy dress.

Posted by: DR. Phil | June 08, 2010 at 10:29 AM

LOL .. I will be wearing YELLOW and PURPLE tonight. My real name is GASOFT..

i was thinkin does yellow make u soft or is it the purple.. true colors r comin out ..

was dat 21 pts dat gaaden snake put out?


refs had la shoot more FT's .. refs called 2 fouls on baby and pierce .. clean blocks as commentator spilled.. refs made artest take all those shots, refs mae kobe miss most 3's.. refs made farmar fumble the ball.. refs made twinky eating blob gobble all dose rebounds.. refs made rondo fool u into rebounds steals and houdini shots.. i love dese refs!

Posted by: Captain Jack | June 08, 2010 at 10:33 AM

ANALYSIS: This patient is suffering fromboth mental and physical disorder besides being a CD.

In the immortal words of Will Ferrell (from Old School):

"C'mon everybody.... We're goin' streakinggggg!!!!"

Lakers 3 game winning streak starts 2nite.

-Fowl Out


was dat 21 pts dat gaaden snake put out?

Posted by: Captain Jack | June 08, 2010 at 10:37 AM

ANALYSIS: Closeted CDs out of fear and angst cannot spell and it is their way of staying anonymous.

dr phil prescribe urself some veeagora and Phillup some.. wait.. prozac might be betta..

Oprah u might be right .. he it her.. whateva might not be a real doc.. cause real doc prescribed Celtics for LA..

LOL get her some coffee .. boy!

LOL .. haha.. get her some coffee.. ask her if u want it wid cream and suga! BTW we don't many Frakenbucks in boston.. America runs on DUNKIN BABY!

I'm sorry, how is PP saying that the series wont come back to LA "a guarantee"? I don't recall him saying anything about a guarantee whatsoever. You LA fans, you just take trash talk as the word of god... this is exactly why Boston fans are "more knowledgeable". because they are. I was amazed to see the crowd in the Staples center: maybe 1 out of 10 people were dressed in anything remotely yellow or purple. see the problem with LA fans is that they care about being entertained, and not being part of something bigger than themselves. Because of course, nothing is bigger than the ego of a Lakers fan.


dr phil prescribe urself some veeagora and Phillup some.. wait.. prozac might be betta..

Oprah u might be right .. he it her.. whateva might not be a real doc.. cause real doc prescribed Celtics for LA..

LOL get her some coffee .. boy!

LOL .. haha.. get her some coffee.. ask her if u want it wid cream and suga! BTW we don't many Frakenbucks in boston.. America runs on DUNKIN BABY!

Posted by: Captain Jack | June 08, 2010 at 10:44 AM


AS YOU CAN SEE FROM MY ANALYSIS ON CAPTAIN JACK that his speech both written and verbal becomes more and more incoherent from fear and angst of being out in public as his real self (CD). I understand as a CD his fave colors are yellow and gold and that is why he hangs out here.

Daaaak-ta Phil .. Another 21 points by Gaaa-den Snake will have u swallow more prozac.. lol a ha .. a ha lol.. swallow lol

can't spell.. can't do a lotta stuff .. but lol ur gaaaaaaden snake got jacked by rondo at 6 min 3 sec mark of sencond quaaaaata.. game 2

jacked buddy.. like missin rims on ur corrola.. btw wats wid rims on n e kinda ride in LA?

Hey Boston Fans,


I must admit to being amazed that so many of you will come to the site of the Lakers to simply be rude, post hateful things about them or just to boast about the Celtics.

I have never been to a Boston blog and have no desire to ever go there.
Yet here you are on the Lakers site.

Are you just that bored?
Is there nothing to read on the Boston site?
Are you really that insecure?
Are you really just hateful people?
That's the impression you are giving readers from all over the world who visit the Lakers blog.
From all over the world people get to read comments from Celtic fans that are ridiculous in their content and filled with hatred out of insecurity.

Is that the impression you want the world to have of Celtic fans?

Best of all though, do you realize that with each click on your little mouse you are adding revenue (that means money, $$, ka-ching), to the LA Times through advertising income?

You do realize that, right?

Ok then, thank you all for financially supporting the LA Times.

Way to go Boston fans. I must say I thought maybe you guys had some intelligence, but I can see now that I was wrong.
Totally wrong.

Oh well, keep up the good work!

Because of course, nothing is bigger than the ego of a Lakers fan.

Posted by: joey | June 08, 2010 at 10:46 AM

Actually there is... The DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR of the Celtics Fan.

And Dr. Phil, I may have little hands but can you see my BIG MIDDLE FINGER aimed at you????

Dr Phil-

You still aint got my coffee. Dont make me go over there and get it. Ill slap u upside your bald dome.

Hey Faker fans.. YELLOW and PRUPLE .. Pom pom creatures of the soft west side.. lol tough west LA.. Monika Promenade roller bladers...

y don't u watch BLADES OF GLORY for some inspiration...

dat will be a Will Farrel moment for u.. btw get some movie for tonight.. cause celtics wont be entertaining u tonight..

Celtics gonna make ur smog green and .. LOL LAKER FLAGS on hwy 405 afta da game.. i wanna see dat! U gots to be dumber den odom to put dat flag on ur window.. and drive 70 miles to only hear it flappin like fishers flopping.. and no one really sees u wid dat flag.. and its not like anyone know u who sees ur flag.. dumb idea .. and an idea wasted cause green gonna get u

Paul Pierce was right " LA LAKERS FANS DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT BASKETBALL _ ALL FAIR WEATHER FANS _ JUMPING ON THE BAND WAGON_ " If you all knew anything about bball youd be talking about defense and rebounding - Ray Allen hit all them three's why? Because he was open dummies!

Una cosa está clara: "Los buenos jugadores son los que siempre juego bien para ganar". Los que juegan para lograr el MVP son siempre los perdedores por diferencias dramáticas en los partidos cruciales
Los Celtics juegan para ganar, los Lakers están jugando a brillar el cerdo bola de Kobe Bryant.
Esta organización está condenada al fracaso.
El autismo tiene algunas estrellas de sus equipos al ridículo
El seguimiento ciego de Kobe piedra cualquier otro jugador que se jugó los juegos de lanzar pedradas (idiota y loco para tiros manera) sin objtivo algunos, como nuestro querido amigo Kobe Bryant "el héroe"

One thing is clear: "The good players are the ones who always play well to win". Those who play to achieve the MVP are the always losers by dramatic differences in crucial matches
The Celtics play to win, the Lakers are playing to shine the ball hog Kobe Bryant.
This organization is doomed to failure.
Autism has some stars to their teams to ridicule
The following blind of Kobe would stone any other player who gambled the games throwing pedradas (idiot and crazy shots to way) without objtivo some like our dear friend Kobe Bryant “the hero”

Kobe can beat the rape charges but he can't beat the CELTICS!

I know i'm late to the party, but Paul Pierce saying he's the best in the world. Dude is a joke and its these type of characters in the world that they make movies about to see their demise. Big Baby is also on this list.

Could we knock these guys out of the playoffs in the most gut wrenching way possible to give this laker story a happy ending?


Clearly they are compensating for something.

El heroe got jacked by rondo at 6:03 mark 3rd quaaaata señorita

Mucho grate-sias gardeno snako

Jacked for 21 fleaking poinitos baby.

Wat did I hear .. Won't be surprised if kobito Lobito will be putting 36 40 pts a game .. Faker qouters

21 fleakin poinitos doritos ..

I am a die heart Lakers fan since Kareem came to the Lakers, but maybe Pierce is correct, after witnessing the inconsistant calls by the blind 3 mice and LO not showing up AGAIN in the playoffs against a foe he should be handing them their tails, no reason to think it's coming back to L.A. Perhaps they should stick Pierce's comment in LO face and the bench and maybe that will fire them up, but you would think after 2008 finals and the comments that were made then by the Celtics you would go out AND KICK SOME BUTT.

Now this should be bulletin board material for LA if they have any pride. Take game 3 and shut pierce up. i think whichever team wins game 3 win it all

Boston very decisively clinched it at the Garden against LA in 2008.

In 2008 and 2010 Boston has closed 6 of 7 playoffs series at home. (They ended Detroit’s run away in 08.)

When Paul Pierce says he’s not going back, I believe him.

I'm pretty sure Steve Nash made some guarantees in the Conference Finals too.

Ok, I am a troll and I have to admit it. Why do you guys hate us so much? The only thing I have read that gets me upset is FL Laker saying women in Boston are ugly. That is not nice. Some of the young beauties who go to our colleges from all over the world are worth drooling over.
I am on this board for the same reason I was on the Orlando Sentinel and the Cleveland Plain Dealer. It is called CURIOSITY. I am very interested in seeing what the competition has to say. I don't say really nasty things about the Lakers. It is all friendly competition and I like to spar a little I guess. Of the 3 boards I have been on I would say I find you Laker fans to be the most articulate, entertaining and passionate.
And yes, I am sure that once this series is over I will fade into the sunset and you won't hear from me again. And that will be true whether we win or lose.

I am enjoying this series immensely. I have a lot of respect for this Lakers team. We destroyed you guys in 2008 because we were clearly superior. This year I am not sure about. Your team is definitely better. We are better in some ways and not better in other ways.
Can't wait for tonight's game.
May the best team win!!

From 1959-1966, the Celtics won eight straight NBA Championships, allowing Auerbach to light up a few more cigars.

And then we have Phil Jackson, the man with the most Championship rings. You go, Phil. :-)

Boston very decisively clinched it at the Garden against LA in 2008.

In 2008 and 2010 Boston has closed 6 of 7 playoffs series at home. (They ended Detroit’s run away in 08.)

When Paul Pierce says he’s not going back, I believe him.

Posted by: flot | June 08, 2010 at 11:53 AM

As far as I'm concerned, he's The Lie.

Lakers in 5 Suburban...

===------ === ------==
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll l - --> 4 - 1 <-- l ------- l---]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J


it took a "historic" night from allen for boston to beat us in game 2. We were in the game at the end, but made some stupid mistakes at the end. I honestly feel great about our chances. Pau and Bynum have completely out played all of their post players in my opinion. We NEED Lamar to wake up. I can't stress that enough. At the end of the day the team that wants it most will win it. I believe, no wait I KNOW that that team is the LAKERS.



Stick a fork in the lakers, they are already done. GO BOSTON !!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and quit blaming the refs for your poor performances. Whiners !!!

It's going to be nice for us in LA to see Boston fans crying when the Celtics are destroyed in their own court!!!!

When Paul Pierce says he’s not going back, I believe him.

Posted by: flot | June 08, 2010 at 11:53 AM

Because we're closing it there? Sad day for the hapless Pierce.

Broken promise, Boston. Surprise! you get another trip to LA! Consolation prize is a trip out of that ugly little town and on to the big city.

Scoreboard whiny Celtic fans!

Scoreboard... guess yer boy might be right, and the team is not be coming back this year

Pierce is such a joke, I remember him saying during an interview after the magic series how he said "I was just telling dwight I didn't say anything about sweeping, I'm more classy than that".. and I'm thinking no your not, what a fucking dimwitted douche this guy is. He says stupid ass crap all time and has no CLASS, He's overrated and can't score 1on1 against ron artest "at a respectable percentage" virtually all of his buckets are from running off a screen for a jumper or getting luckily open down in the paint by a defensive confusion, the dude knows ron artest has him on lock and still he talks crap?. ignorance

After Game 2 Paul Pierce was quoted saying, "We ain't coming back to L.A." Mr. Pierce I hope we can oblige you.

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