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Gasol calls media interpretation of his Garnett comments 'pretty pathetic'

Lakers center Pau Gasol said Saturday that the media's interpretation of his comments made Friday about Celtics forward Kevin Garnett were "pretty pathetic," and said he "absolutely" did not intend them to be interpreted that way. 

In his initial comments, Gasol described going up against Garnett when they both were younger players, calling Garnett a "great, great player." Gasol later said that as time had gone on, he himself had lost explosiveness and that "also on Kevin's part he's also lost some explosiveness." 

Gasol added that Garnett was "still a terrific player, a terrific competitor," but some media reports were selective in how they relayed that information to Garnett, as if to start mud-slinging, which Garnett did not take part in. 

On Saturday, Gasol said he didn't intend the comment to be negative toward Garnett. 

"The way it was played and put down, it was pretty pathetic," Gasol said. "But I'll make no more comments on that because it's not worth it."

Gasol also added that he was surprised that the comments were interpreted as being derogatory toward Garnett. 

"I understand media try to create situations for whatever reasons, create attention," Gasol said. "But again, sometimes I extend my answers too long. Maybe I shouldn't do that. I should be shorter with my answers and don't give away just anything so it can't be manipulated that way and used."

Celtics center Kendrick Perkins spoke generally and said that the back-and-forth comments that have been relayed through the media -- such as the so-called mind games being played by Lakers Coach Phil Jackson and Garnett -- "livens it up."

"I say speak your mind," Perkins said. "You never know who you might make mad."

Garnett, for his part, was asked whether reports that he's not the same player were considered insults. 

"Insult? No. 'Insult' is a strong word," Garnett said. "I feel like a lot of times what I'm hearing is just personal observation. I don't think it is going at my character or judging my character." 

Has Garnett lost a step? 

"Well, that's what Gasol said, that he can't do what he used to do," Celtics Coach Doc Rivers said. "I don't think Kobe [Bryant] believes that. I don't think Kevin believes that. He's not injured, I can tell you that. He just didn't play a good game. He's as healthy as he's been all year. And I think he plans on trying to prove that to a lot of people tomorrow.

Is Garnett in good enough shape to do so? 

"He's in great shape as far as -- listen, he's not who he was two years ago," Rivers said. "I'm not either. Neither is Ray [Allen], Paul [Pierce], [Rajon] Rondo, none of us are. But in a lot of ways through this playoff stretch he's been as good. His numbers are good. We've just got to keep him moving. We do have to do a better job of getting him the ball."

-- Baxter Holmes

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Happy Trails Coach Wooden

I agree with Pau that it's pathetic, but if KG decides to use these comments as inspiration, I say BRING IT.

oh, the humanity (thx mamba24)...
Seems that we have plenty of time until game 2, isn't it?

Very strang thing happned at Celtics practice today. They say the one in the miniskirt is Pierce...


Wes - hahahaha!!!!

I think those of us who know Pau's character know that he never would have said that. Anyone wonder why there wasn't any video of the comments? Beacause the conversation was chopped up to serve the media's hype.

However, I couldn't care less how upset any of these Celtics scumbags are. If you have something to prove, bring it on the court, otherwise shut the hell up, put your tail between your legs and fly back to Boston.

His comments were taken out of context but he doesn't have to apologize to anyone for pointing out what everyone sees.


I can't wait for tomorrow's game. Lakers will have to come out with twice the intensity and take them out early because Boston will be looking to save face.

MM, you are one of those who sensationalized Pau's comments...

Wes is not funny.

mud - actually i didn't. the only time i referenced his comment was in a post about the inside game adjustments. i quoted it in full and simply got the reaction. but it was a very small fragment of the story.


Spun by the spinmeisters....glad Pau stood up for himself and guess he now realizes that in LA they'll leave out certain parts of his statement to use as they see fit...dweebs...move Game 2 and, hopefully, another Laker "W"!!


While there is nothing wrong with what pau said - we all know KG has lost a step - the media cherry picked what they relayed to KG and reported to the public. Pau's answer was to a question about how both he and KG have changed over the years (their careers really). Obviously, neither of them are as quick as they were in their early 20's. DUH.
However, I am not sure it is wise for Pau to provide any sort of bulletin board material (real, perceived or media manufactured) for the Celtics. You might say this is the finals and if they are not already fired up, they never will be... but I think we can all agree poking at an old dog ( and that is what the Celts are - an old prideful team that was once great) might not be very smart. I suspect Phil and Kobe might have a word with Pau. If nothing else just to say, make sure you back up those words on the court tomorrow.
Speaking of Kobe, I have heard a lot of complaints from the media that he has been curt, surly, short, grumpy and other similar words with them during interviews. This is what happens when you constantly misconstrue someones words to create a fake story. Eventually, players just give you short answers that give you ABSOLUTELY no insight into what they are thinking because while the NBA forces them to give interviews, they can not force them to be honest or descriptive in their responses.

The players just need to take a page from Kobe's media treatment book. One word andswers and no facial expressions. That way there's no fuel for the media to take focus away from what's at stake here. Boston now has some fule to add to their fire (if there ever was one) so the Lakers have to come out and play harder than ever to get past these fuming fools.

We must go into Boston up 2-0 so we can worry about stealing one in Boston and finishing in L.A. (although we'll take a finish anywhere).

Bee is correct. The media needs something to make their worthless lives useful. Right on Kobe and hopefully Mr David i am God Stern will never force the players to say anymore then they have to. This is why the News media loses respect they have more power over peoples privacy then they should and think in the name of news they can do and report whatever they wish. Nothing but a bunch of scumbags.

Ok, Gasol. I told you before: STFU! Maybe you don't understand ingles, how about that then: Callate la boca! Comprende? Bueno!

Let me get this right...

1)Pau says KG physically can't do the same things he used to do on the court.

2)Kg curses and spits on the mic because he doesn't want to comment on Pau with words but with actions.

3) Doc Rivers says,
"He's in great shape as far as -- listen, he's not who he was two years ago. I'm not either. I don't think Kobe [Bryant] believes that. I don't think Kevin believes that. He's not injured, I can tell you that. He just didn't play a good game."

Ok stop the madness. EVERYBODY knows and has said that KG has lost 2 steps. You can just look at that Ginobli block and confirm that. KG is mortal now and if Boston is counting on 08' KG to save them then the Lakers have already won.

And 1 more thing Boston, Rondo sucks!

Jessie and others,

Pau said it. Just because it is apparently true that KG has lost a step, Pau was foolish in giving the media a Christmas present. Even Pau now knows that saying it was a mis-step.

Rachel Nichols playing the tape for KG only meant she was doing her job. That's what reporters do. Mark Medina did nothing wrong, either. He was reporting the controversy and did it responsibly.

Pau played a great game on Thursday. He will have to play an even better game on Sunday after throwing salt on the Celtics' wounds.

Pau should know the rules of being on the national stage. If he didn't know them before (and he should have), he knows them now, and should make his comments in the future accordingly.

You know the headline we are never going to see, the article that will never be written, the story that will never get plugged?

"Nothing Happens"

AP- Los Angeles-

'Today in Los Angeles, nobody said anything worthy of comment. Nothing new developed, and they won't play any more basketball until Sunday, so you guys might as well go outside and do something useful instead of sitting here looking for a story, cause we got nothing.'

Even if that is exactly what should have been written. If Pau's comments didn't get taken out of context and over hyped, then they would have found some quote from somebody else and pretended it meant something.

welcome to the "press" corps. welcome to "journalism." now you understand why Kobe appears to be an @$$ at these press meetings because writers always have to distort $h!t in order to "sell" a story. You wanna sell? become a salesman. You wanna start $h!t? then continue eating crow at your conferences that's why you guys can never get a real answer from someone and when you do - courtesy of the "big spaniard" - you blow it for yourselves and for fans he really want to know how these guys feel. congratulations because you've just lost another "interviewee" who spoke intelligently, thoughtfully and without malice. the real losers in all of this are the fans. great job "writers." that's why newspapers are heading and are in the trash!!

Kobe is Mr. Excitement on the court but is as interesting as a glass of water dealing with the media. I see why now. I watch the press conf with Gasol in its entirety and then the ESPN's Chris Broussard asking Garnett the question. It was deliberately taken out of context to A)Rile up garnett and B)Create controversy. Chris also picked the Cs to win the series so he wanted to get garnett going I guess. Artest a rookie in the NBA finals has it figure out. He doesn't let the media draw him out on winning the whole thing only his focus for the next game. Bynum needs to cut down on his answers as well.

Pau should be more like Kobe (the greatest all-time player, by the way) and that is... more surly with the goddamn media. They deserve Kobe's one-word answers, because they're scum, pure and simple. Pau is way too much of a gentleman. You can just tell when he goes into his post-game interviews, he smiles and says hello and thank you. While that is all nice and dandy, the media is scum, they will do lowlife things like this just to create a story, because that's what their 'pathetic' livelihood depends on. Dear Pau, learn from Kobe. Don't let this happen to you again. These bloodsuckers (so called 'reporters') are pure scum.

Having said that, no worries, Lakers fans. As I've said before, the Lakers will take this thing in 5 games. Boston is that old, and no longer a "great" team, no way. Not after their stupid personnel decisions to let James Posey, Eddie House, Leon Powe get away. In their places, they have acquired a headcase in Rasheed Wallace, a showboater in "Eliminate," and an old saggy has-been in Michael Finely. And Marquis Daniels doesn't scare anybody. Posey was THE MAN in the 2008 Finals, covering Kobe like a blanket -- he was like a much stronger and physical Bruce Bowen, not to mention he hit a sh*tload of dagger 3's. There's a very good reason why we literally man-handled the Celtics in game 1.

Danny Ainge should get fired!

The media is pathetic

Stock Market Hacker - um, you're wrong.

Gasol did nothing wrong - so King Kobe, take your own advice and shut your mouth. All he did was make comments about BOTH HIMSELF and another player, and how they've evolved. The media are the scum who chose to make this into something.

If Garnett needs a comment like this to get fired up for the finals, then the Celtics have serious problems - and they go far beyond his abysmal performance in game one.

Pau is completely correct. The reason the media does what it does, well just look at this board and all the copy it's produced because of what they made up. It's the people/fans stupid! They pay attention this shit and if they weren't so dumb, the media would have nothing to feed into. Go outside, read a book, everyone, just watch the games, read about them in the paper on this site and don't bother about the rest. Period.
See, I've had to waste my time on a big, fat, nothing.

Bingo PistonsFan! Well put.

Lakers fans (I'm a diehard as well), peeps, take a chill pill.
If you fear that Gasol's comments will fire up the C's and beat us, then we have bigger problems to worry about.

This is the Finals guys, I prefer more entertaining interviews/stories and over cookie-cutter sports jargons.
I wish Gasol would've said it in a demeaning manner.

KG deserves it anyway. He's the king of trash talking. He's been talking classless junk to others for years, and now it's payback.

Lakers will go up 2-0 tomorrow.

I'm worried that the C's will now cover the 6 points I got on the game not that the L's will lose. Come on Pau, be kind to my wallet.

P.S. What up lifers? Phred, Wes, Rick, Tom. Long time.

Thanks, Ice.

I completely agree about KG being the king of trash talking, though I must confess that if I had 25Gs, I'd have paid that fine that was levied him for criticizing the refs' favoring King James. It's pathetic that he can get fined for saying something that everyone knows, anyway.

Come on, Pau, you only played one good game in the last 5, counting against Suns. Just one good game, and it made you so happy and dizzy that you can't stopping yapping and give Garnet more motivation. You have not won the final yet and learn from Kobe, who is a much more superior and consistant competitor than you, shut the yap!!!

Pau when you wake up this morning beat your chest and scream king kong aint got sh%t on me. KG is the enemy pure and simple. The good thing is he probably rates a 6 on Michael Jordan's version of 2Kll. No hops. No quick first step. No dominating rebounding or hustle for the ball when it goes on the floor. His ball handling used to be so nice. Now it looks like Kwame Brown 2.0. I want Boston in 5.

Well we don't need to worry about Kobe showin up. This guy sets the tone for the whole NBA, not just the Los Angeles Lakers. And you wonder why their are so many haters?

frmkt you said it so well. The media always pulls this sh*$ and then wonders why they can't get a good interview from the sports figures they interview. They are not to be trusted because they distort, twist and turn and live to create a storm where there wasn't one. It's what I hate about ESPN. Hacks, all of them!

Pau secretly believes he will punish KGeezer and beat him with his own cane as payback for all the trash talk and dirty elbows KGeezer has dished out to him in the past. He should just come out and say that and then go beat KGeezer's a** like a rented mule, then put on a chest pounding maniac yelling in your face humiliation on him. Paybacks are a mo fo.

If a player who is being paid millions a year is not ready for the finals, it's time for him to retire. No amount of words will make you play better. KG is old and I called their Big 3, the Geriatric 3 even before they beat Cleveland.

Notice how these 3 huff and puff when they are on the court for extended periods of more than 5 minutes.

I hired an employee in mid 2007 without consulting my best friend Stephen while he was on business to another country. Few months later I realized hiring that guy was a mistake as he had made lot of trouble for me and my best friend Stephen. We tried to convince him to leave the company so we could move on but he never took the message. We then created an atmosphere that he could feel that he does not fit in so for him to force out of the situation. That worked for him to leave my group, but not the company, so that employee stayed in another group. We still did not like him as he did not fit to our department. After few days later, we feed inaccurate information to the management and force him out of the department tangling him on false charges. Management was careful when they was kicking him out. I cannot believe that this strategy to get rid of the guy that I mistakenly hired was really worked.

Roberta J. Santos

Comment Posted by: Roberta J. Santos | June 21, 2010 at 07:47 AM

Roberta J. Santos who gave you the right to harrass employees?



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