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Memorable Moments in Lakers parade history

Tomorrow is a big day for Lakers fans, the one when they hope to catch a glimpse of the purple and gold during the team's victory parade. For those fearful that going to the parade will just provide a frustrating reminder that L.A. traffic is horrible, I attached the team release detailing the logistics regarding the parade.

As far as what to expect  tomorrow, well, judging by Ron Artest's locker room and press conferenceantics, my money's on him somehow managing to top himself and all he's done since the Lakers won the title Thursday. It'll be interesting to see how whatever he does compares to some of the memorable moments in Lakers parade history, which are detailed below. (A quick note: For anyone attending the parade and planning to take pictures, feel free to e-mail photos to me. I plan to feature them in a post the next day. My e-mail address is at the bottom of the post.)

1987:After the Lakers came off a Finals victory over the Boston Celtics, coach Pat Riley  guaranteed the team would repeat. Though the Lakers had defeated the Celtics two times in the previous three seasons, the goal was considered lofty since no team had repeated as back-to-back champions in nearly two decades. The Lakers fulfilled Riley's promise with a 4-3 series win over the Detroit Pistons in the 1988 Finals.

2001:The Lakers continued to make guarantees, but this one came in a different language. Mark Madsen, a.k.a. "Mad Dog," stated, in Spanish, that the Lakers would win the title again. They went on to sweep the New Jersey Nets in the 2002 Finals to secure a three-peat.

That wasn't the only memorable moment. Mad Dog provided a tutorial on what not to do when you're in a club.

2002: He had already nicknamed the Sacramento Kings the Queens, so there was no reason Shaquille O'Neal wouldn't take a shot at them again, after the Western Conference rivals had slugged  it out to a seven-game West finals that featured Robert Horry's buzzer-beating three-pointer in Game 4. Said Shaq: "Sacramento will never be the capital of California. Los Angeles is the new capital of California." I couldn't find his speech on YouTube, but here's a reasonable alternative. Shaq raps to the theme song from "Cheers" on why then-Kings center and former Laker Vlade Divac isn't a big deal.

--Mark Medina

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Kobe said his best (About the chance of three-peat) at Jimmy Kimmel Show, "we are the champion, and they have to come and take it from us!" We need some players tweaking during the off season but I like our chance next year since only OKC & Portland would be the only teams in the Western Conference that can challenge us. The Eastern Conference is a mess. I won't ruled out the chance that at least one teams in the Eastern Conference would end up with at least two of the super star free agents; Lecrab, DWade, Bosh and Amare. I do like Chicago chance of getting Lebron and Amare joins DWade in Miami. Bosh? I have no clue where he would end up.

Thanks family! Congratulation for a wonderful season. I will try to show up for the parade tomorrow. Edwin and Faith, have you guys come up with the place we can hang out tomorrow?

And Mamba24, get some rest and I hope I would here from you soon. I'd love to have some of your guys (Mamba24, Rick, Edwin, Justa, Amit, Wes, LakerTom, , Zaira,Calip, Pfunk, Hobbit, LakerLass and Faith..Etc.)'s email address. Perhaps with you guys permission, I can ask MM for the info so I can keep in touch with you guys during the off-season. Mine is [email protected] Email me!!

Go Lakers!

Well, I'm typing this from our hotel room, we are officially evacuated. But we are all safe, that's the good thing. Our house? Not so sure how its fairing.

I can not believe how fast this fire went from be prepared to leave, to get out as soon as possible.

I hooked up the horse trailer while the wife and daughter gathered some valuable things. We ran into our first serious problem when one of our mares refused to load and with the fire fast approaching, the heart breaking decision was made to leave her behind.

My daughter insisted she could walk her out to safety. She was pleading with me to let her do it. With the fire and smoke, cars and trucks racing down the road, helicopters dropping retardant at the end of our road, I hesitated to have her do it, it was way too dangerous.

She took the decision away from me. "I'm doing it dad, I'm not going to let her die!" She grabbed the lead line and headed off down the road. I told my wife to grab the dogs, put them in her car, and head for the main highway. While I followed my daughter and horse closely with the truck and trailer, protecting them from traffic as she jogged down our dirt road.

At a 1/4 mile away and now out of the smoke, we came to our main highway which was packed with cars evacuating. The horse was in a panic with all the cars going by, but she was able to control it. I had her walk down the highway 1/2 mile to a parking lot that was safe for the moment and give us time to get the horse into the trailer safely. It worked. I noticed then, my daughters feet and ankles were cut and scratched form going through, her hands were roped burned and blistered, she not once complained about it.

My wife met us there with the dogs minus our cat, she couldn't find him, and minus our African Grey Parrot. Now my daughter is wanting us to go back and get Tarzan. To my surprise my wife felt she could do it, while I stayed with the horses. There was a lull in the wind, the fire slowed, and off she went. 10 anxious minutes later she was back with Tarzan. "Piece of cake"

She told me over supper that she asked the fireman at the roadblock her pet was still in the house, she needed to get through. He wanted to know which house. She pointed, he said, okay, looked safe enough, go for it, but come right back.

As I'm typing Tarzan is at my side talking away.

We may not have a home to go back to. I'm so tired and numb from today's events, I don't really care if the house survives or not. I'm just thankful we are all together and safe.

What a Father's Day. And what a gift I received to see my daughter grow up a little more in becoming a brave and independent women.

Fatty, WOW...
What an experience...Glad you're all safe and sound...

Wow Fatty! What a Father's Day indeed...

I was listening to a young African man who had gone through a traditional initiation in his village and then had come here to go to college. When he returned to the village, he tried to explain to the tribal elders what "insurance" is.
They couldn't understand it. To them, what a person did when his house burned down --and how the village responded --was what made them real people...

Nice job, Dad. And Daughter, and Mrs. Fatty..


Our prayers are with you and your family. Stay safe!

The Parade will be tomorrow I"ll be there VERY EARLY TOMORROW.

Enjoy the rest of Father's day for you daddies (my kids were great) and TIVO the parade for those who can't come while others bring cameras and take 1000 pictures at LEAST :).

And Laker Tom,

The most underrated part of Derek Fisher is the assists believe it or not. Fish averaged 2-3 apg despite not being a primary ball handler. He could still make plays especially for Bynum and the big man. That's why I got second thoughts on Shannon since Shannon isn't much of a passer. Ideally you want everyone to be able to be a playmaker and Rob Horry/Rick Fox were capable playmakers and especially Shaq who was very underrated in his time in Los Angeles.

If he can move without the ball and be a spot up shooter AND still be a decent playmaker (they rated his jumpshot an 8 which isn't bad) then he's actually the right fit. He doesn't need to be leading the team so it's a perfect opportunity to develop in Los Angeles under Fisher should the Lakers pick him and I'd rather use our pick from Memphis rather than waiting all the way down at the end of the draft. Besides if the Lakers pick up another PG then he can still wait in Europe and develop more while the Lakers for another 3 peat.

Of course that's assuming we draft him (and we don't sell our picks again for financial reasons).

Hello Laker Family & Wallace(It's been a while),

Watching the draft preview on NBAtv, they mentioned when looking at the Jazz, that Kyle Korver set a record this past season for 3pt FG percentage and is a UFA. I agree with LakerTom and others on here that we should really try to get Korver to be our sharpshooter and sniper from the outside. He would get so many open looks in our offense and would make teams absolutely pay for doubling Pau and Kobe. Korver would be and excellent addition to our team.

FATTY... God be with you and your family. Scary stuff.

Our prayers are with you and your family.


What a story you just told! Thank Heavens, you and your family are safe. Your daughter is clearly on her way to being an amazing woman, a credit to you and the Mrs.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please keep us posted.

Fatty, my thoughts and prayers are with you. My house was in fire danger 2 years ago, and its a numbing, surreal process. Be safe.

I realize now that Magic is the best Laker player of all time. At least, IMHO. I believe he still tops Kobe at this point. The reason? Magic was both Kobe AND Fisher together. He was the primary player and the locker room leader.

Kobe has a carrot and stick approach along side Fish. I don't think we should split the 2. They should resign Fish, no doubt.

I'd add this: The Lakers needed the refs to limp home from OKLAHOMA. Meanwhile, the Celtics did themselves proud and carried the NBA - the entire NBA - to the finals.

These "OLD GUYS" cleaned the clocks of every candy-striper wanna-be MVP in the east, then without a starting center they took LA down to the wire in the 7th game, but lost their touch in a fourth quarter where the whistles were on a one-way-to-LA autopilot jetliner named David Stern. Its been that way all year.

Celtics players get thrown to the ground and trampled. Oops. Their bad. Offensive charge, Laker ball. On the other end, Kobe jumps, then lands, then jumps again and crashes into 3 Celtics. Oh, of course. Not a TRAVEL, that's a blocking foul. Incroiyant!

Stern might as well have just handed the trophy to LA at halftime and said the final score would be 37-17. I would have been less surprised.

Doc & crew, you done right by me as a fan, but like many of you I won't be back to the WWF / NBA next season. I hope to blue heck you each get $1,000,000 a piece from the TV networks for saving their flagging ratings and putting on a good show in the face of the BORING PREDICTABLITY THAT HAS BECOME THE NBA. You did great in each of 4 stellar series. Right up to the unfortunate bitter end.

But then I gotta wonder: How's it feel to earn all that money, do all that hard work, and still be kicked like a mule when the dinner bell rings? That is nothing you, or I, can change, but it is what passes for roundball these days. Sad. Triste. Au Revoir, mes Hommes en Verde.


God bless you.

I'm sorry you're going through this.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



You're a pathetic whiner.


That's a hell of a Father's Day! Congrats on raising such a cool daughter and good luck on the house. I'm happy to hear the entire family is definitely safe (and hopefully the either bird or cat that isn't Tarzan) is fine too.

Rumor is that the Hornets are talking to the Cavs regarding a trade of Darren Collison and Emeka Okafor for a bunch of Cavs scrubs. Hurting financially, the Hornets are willing to part with Collison, who average 18 points and 9 assists per game when CP3 was injured, if a team will also take Okafor’s 4-year $54M contract. Ironically, the Lakers could better the Cavs offer with Lamar Odom and Luke Walton. The Cavs would get a player who could really contribute in Lamar and still save $20M.
Meanwhile, the Lakers would get a great starting point guard who is an outstanding ball handler, playmaker, and 3-point shooter with the speed, quickness, and 1-on-1 defensive ability to shut down opposing point guards plus an excellent defensive and rebounding back up center and insurance for Andrew Bynum. As a benefit, Okafor would come in for Bynum, allowing Pau to continue to play power forward rather than play center at all. This would ease the load on both Gasol and Bynum.
Total salaries for the Lakers would be the same the next two years but would increase significantly in the 3rd and 4th years when the team would lose some financial flexibility. Bottom line, though, the Lakers would have solved their point guard problem and replaced 31 year old Lamar Odom with a 27-year old Emeka Okafor, who also would give them a bigger and stronger defensive front court. As the cherry on the top, we then sign Kyle Korver as a free agent3-point shooter to back up Artest.
That would give the Lakers the following 9-man rotation going into 2011:
01 – Fisher | Collison
02 – Bryant | Vujacic
03 – Artest | Korver
04 – Gasol |
05 – Bynum | Okafor
I love Odom but I think the combination of Collison and Okafor would make the Lakers are much better team, especially defensively. It would be reminiscent of the Ariza for Artest “trade.” Feel free to chime in on what you think. While the Lakers give up financial flexibility in years 3 and 4, this trade would solve the successor to Derek Fisher situation, provide a great insurance in case of Drew getting injured again, and strengthen the bench without adding any additional cost the next 2 years.

shaq dissing divac is by far the best one.

Fatty, take care

It’s like trading Lamar and Luke for Okafor (since those two make the same as Emeka) and getting Collison for free (5M over 3 years). Same payroll for first 2 years but now with 3rd and 4th years. This is really a chance to solve the point guard woes AND improve the bench without paying more. Darren Collison is the perfect point guard for the Lakers. He can be Rondo with a 3-point shot.

Lakers are supposedly looking for a point guard to take over from Fisher and a veteran center to back up and provide insurance for Bynum. Collison and Okafor are a perfect fit for the Lakers needs and are available right now if the Lakers are willing to take on the two additional years of Okafor’s salary.

@Fatty, brother you know you have the Blogs prayers. Main things, Your Family & horses are safe. You know what a wonderful, unselfish, self sufficent and heroic daughter you raised. Things can be replaced people and pets can't. Speaking of replacing things. If you need anything, ANYTHING, get my E-Mail from MM and If I can at all help, whatever I got is yours. Take care, be safe and God bless you and your family my Mentor & Brother.
@Wallace, hey bro. I don't know if it was such a good idea to put your E-mail address out in the open like that. There are programs that troll Web sites looking for E-mail addressess and within 48 hours your address s usually flooded with spam for all types of crazy products and scams. I hope that's a disposable E-mail address. As I see you have a Hotmail addresss and you can get several Hotmail & Gmail addressess for free and use one just for uses that are not important. You can get mine from MM. MM YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION TO GIVE FATTY & WALLACE my EMail address.
Well supposedly I'm off for my vacation after today. Officially I'm already on it, but I have not went anywhere yet. I think NOAH has figured, out this may well be another Drama-Punk act on my part of stalling as he mentioned in a prior thread. But then since he has a way of getting all the inside scoops since he's All That Is favorite, we shall see. Lol! As I told him, the LakersBlog is my second family, & some of you I would choose over certain members of my real family. TERRIBLE? I know, but the truth is what it is.
Mamba24(larry H)

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

Here's the 2010 Finals in short but sweet PERSPECTIVE...

HEADLINE: Lakers 83-79 victory in 2010 PHYSICALLY confronts Celtics 131-92 victory in 2008...Or is it the Lakers 89-67 victory in 2010 RUDELY....?

Whatever the case, WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE....for NOW that is...the THREE-PEAT is on the horizon with BIGGER fish to FRY...

Enjoy the BACK to BACK Championship parade in LA folks.

Like I always say, "Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY! ANYTIME, ANYWHERE...

The result? BACK to BACK NBA Championships and looking for MORE...

Til next season, have a great summer....Peace Out!

Fatty...Events like that put things in true perspective. God bless you and yours.

I've seen Shaq's parody of the Cheers' theme many times, but it never fails to crack me up. That is really funny! The laughter from the other Lakers in the bus is priceless!!


I've watched maybe 1 or 2 full parades and a few highlights of other parades/arena celebrations.

Pat Riley guaranteeing a victory the next year was totally bad arse. I'll never forget it. What moxie. What balls!

And then they did it (unlike some of Paul Pierce's guarantees).

I don't really see how anything could possibly top that. Yes, not even Mark Madsen's dancing or guaranteeing a repeat en Espanol.


Please do shut up. If you want to keep running your mouth of how the Celtics lost game 7 because of the refs, also rant about how they lost game 6 when they were up 3-2 in the series. Oh yeah because that ugly ogre Perkins got injured. Blame your team not the refs. Once again, please do shut the F@#$ Up.

Your hate has no point, other than being a Celtic Troll


Our prayers are with you and your family. Glad you are all safe. As long as you have each other that's everything.


After the parade, the only thing i look forward is to the draft and the trades that happen. Once that is done, i look to July 1, when teams try to sign a player that will make them the most money.

The NBA is no longer about what team wins the Champioship, it's about what player on what team and in what city makes the most cash.

Still I see the Lakers as the favorite for next years NBA champs. That unless all the writers/analyst and commentators choose Lebronze and wherever he lands and whatever player follows. Which i think will be none.

I really see top free agents follow Wade more than LBJ. At one point all the Free Agents are going to get tired of hearing this summer being labeled, the summer of Lebronze.


I am extremely sorry to hear that. Really tragic to have happened.

Hope God gives you strength to fight the adversities. My prayers are with you and your family.

Take care...


I am extremely sorry to hear that. Really tragic to have happened.

Hope God gives you strength to fight the adversities. My prayers are with you and your family.

Take care...


You have proposed for a LO + Luke for Collison + Emeka.

My comment: Poor trade, its a lose-lose scenario for both teams. For Hornets, Odom might be of value, but they dont get anything through Luke. For us, we would get a 2nd-degree PG (which is an upgrade), and a 2-nd degree Center.

This would leave us with the following 3 front-court players: Okafor, Pau, Bynum. Okafor is more a C than a PF.

So, if Bynum needs a rest, then Okafor can come in, but when Pau needs a rest - who is going to replace him?? Both Okafor and Bynum cannot be in the court same time - its like playing with 2 centers.

For our Pau - LO - Bynum, it works well coz when Pau sits out, LO comes in to fill for him, and when Bynum takes a breather, Pau moves to C and LO comes in to PF. This flexibility in line-up will be lost due to Okafor coming for LO.

Losing Luke means losing a back-up SF. You have told about Korver. Korver is a SG, not a SF.

Also, the Cavaliers - Hornets trade you mentioned may not be a 2-for-2, it might be a 2-for-4. Which means of the 4 players, Hornets might waive off, or buy out some expiring contracts. Hornets cannot do that with Luke.

So, LO + Luke for Collison + Okafor, is neither feasible, nor beneficial

Good morning everyone,

Just when I was about to come in and say how excited I am to watch the parade today, I read Fatty's story and it really put things in perspective. We've won the championship and we're all very happy about it.

What is important now is that one of our comrades needs our prayers. We're here for you Fatty. I will keep you and your family in my prayers today. I hope and pray that your house is safe after this horrible tragedy. You have an awesome family! God bless you all!

Fatty -- best wishes to you and your family. I hope your house survives and you can get back home soon.

Mamba24 -- enjoy your vacation. I know lots of folks have already told you this, but let me add my appreciation for your spirit and enthusiasm.

SkinnerKobe -- yes, you are right, we all took up a collection years ago and were just able to save enough to buy the refs off this season. We planned it just to screw the Celtics and their whiny fans. BWAHAHAHA!!! Now go away.


Thanks God you and your family safe and all your pets too. Our prayers with you and your faimily

God bless you and yours, Fatty.

@EastCoastJessie, Great Post Princess. Yeah in hard times, sometimes it's good to have a secondary family a backup family per se to turn too. I know all you were a comfort to me when my Mom passed a couple of years agao and I'm always eager to return the favor whenever possible. So how is it in ole Boston? Have they finished licking their wounds and moved on with their lives? Not that I really care LOL! You know this is amazing Princess, all I need to do is look at those 9 seconds of the game and the celebration afterwards and I'm back floating again. This Lakerholism is some powerful stuff. Lol. I never truly thanked you Jessie for all your contributions to the Blog over the years so let me say right now... Thank you EastCoastJesie. I Personally thank you for always having my back and lifting me up when I'm done. As for the Purple Thong...Yeah I guess I can thank you for talking me into buying that too! OH THE HUMANIYTY! Well take care Jessie love ya Princess. Mamba24(larrY)
@TeamN, Hey 2010 NBA World Champion member of Laker Nation how you feel? That's just aa rhetorical question. I know you probably feel about the same as the rest of us and that is...OUT FREAKIN STANDING! Lol! Thank you for the kind words they are truly appreciated. Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for the Blog.


Can you please ban that classless Septic fan boy "Skinnerkobe"?

Skinner means child-molester.

LA Lakers 2009-2010 Back-to-Back NBA Champions

Interesting trade idea, but I'm not sold on Collison for PJ's system. Phil prefers taller point guards. I'm thinking guards like Deron Williams and Jason Kidd and Chauncey Billips will post up or out-muscle Collison all night long. I think a Korver or Mike Miller would be a better addition for us. As for a back up center, what about Brad Miller?

LOL Mamba,

THANK YOU Sir. You are truly the heart and soul of this blog and we'll be back at it after a short vacation, call it rehab time for those of us who are truly Lakerholics. As for Boston fans...they've now moved on to the Red Sox. No talk about the Celtics whatsoever...much like what happened when the Bruins choked a few months ago. I'm not surprised though...these are the best front-running fans ever.


Everyone come on board...Plenty of seat left...
We are in the parade, right after the Laker Girls float...

-==-------====--- -------==========
|____NATION LAKERS RV__\__\__


Laker Tom
Jon K
Edwin Cueco
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Joe_ Corad
Mark G
complex brotha
Rick Friedman
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Troy B
Fan of the Mamba
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Hügö Böss
KB Blitz

cograts kobe and the boys cant wait for a 3peat next year man .

cograts kobe and the boys cant wait for a 3peat next year man .


Fatty, do know that I along with so many others here on our blog hold you and your family up in prayer. We all know that in the long-term you and yours will weather this tragic storm and be stronger for it. But it is the near term fears and losses that we pray you be comforted in.


Fatty - whatever you need - call me. Email me. Put a message on here. Whatever you need. Whenever you need it.

My thoughts & prayers are with you all.


>>> we should really try to get Korver to be our sharpshooter and sniper from
>>>the outside

Unfortunately, Korver's defense is pretty porous. I wouldn't mind if the Lakers get him, as he'd only be a 10-15 minute a game player, but the Lakers already have Sasha under contract. While not as proficient as Korver, Sasha did hit 40% of his 3-pointers for the 2010 playoffs, and his defense is decent.

Sasha is an expiring contract this season, so it's remotely possible that the Lakers could trade him for a longer term contract to reinforce the PG position. If so, then Korver would be as good a replacement as anyone for Sasha, assuming he was willing to sign for something like 2-3 million per.

I think the Lakers will try to re-sign their own free agents first (other than Morrison) and then see if there's someone else they could add who would make sense.

I'm not sure Lakers management is as desperate about it as some bloggers here, but PG would seem to be the Lakers weakest position. If the Lakers add someone, my guess is that it's a PG.


Thanks for putting me on the RV! I will be there in spirit, definitely sending good thoughts out to LA and all the wonderful blog folks at the parade.

Have a great time!

>>>Ironically, the Lakers could better the Cavs offer with Lamar Odom and Luke
>>>Walton. The Cavs would get a player who could really contribute in Lamar
>>>and still save $20M.


Not quite. If they're looking for financial relief, then Odom and Walton doesn't help them much. In fact, it would actually INCREASE their salar for the next 3 years, only getting them out of the last year of Okafor's contract.

The trade you should have suggested was Odom + Vujacic for Collison + Okafor. Sasha's contract expires after this season, which would leave them with only Odom's reasonable contract after that. Odom's the same size as Okafor, about as good a player as him, and would make a couple million less per season.

And you're correct that Collison would be a very good PG of the future prospect, assuming that Phil would give him any minutes on the floor.

Hey, the blog's back to normal today.

There are only a few troll posts (not the hundreds we saw during the finals) and we're speculating about trading Lamar Odom (as if that will ever happen). :-)

LEWSTRS.. So glad we will be in the parade even though we couldn’t make it to LA. Sweet! Better get working on the bigger and better bullet train for next year. See you all aboard the RV. Love this team and this blog.

Good morning JustAnotherMambafan(Head Of The Mamba Clan) how are you this beautiful Morning? Nice day for a parade don't you think? Especially when it's a 2010 NBA World Champion Laker Parade! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
Mamba24(larrY H.)

The False KGODS had left us no one was there, Did anybody about LakersBlog even give a care
The Blog family feared it would be broken apart or maybe even have to make a brand new start`
They paraded a series of false Blog’gods our way, But we knew that none had what it took to stay
It began to look like the family would scatter, Till fate or The Force took a hand in the matter
When the Blog had become bleak and dark, suddenly appeared a Saint, Saint Mark.
Mark Medina he is properly called, but he is nothing less than a St. to us all.
His transition was as smooth Butter, making us forget that the Blog was ever headed by another
Then he began going about improving things, Now the Blog is so fast it practically Zings.
Self Effacing and Modest as can be, never bragged about the improvements he did for U & Me
Now & then we give him Kudos, But I feel it’s time that St. Mark should Know
Mark we appreciate all that you do, The even keel you keep never letting it get the best of you
The Blog Speed & Chats & all the rest. Mark Medina, Blog God you are simply the best
So while celebrating the Lakers Win, LakersBlog Gives Kudos to Mark Media Blog God & Friend

Posted by: mamba24 | June 21, 2010 at 09:54 AM

lol this had me rolling.. blast from the past...

I compiled a bunch of videos/links from today's parade so check it out:

:D enjoy kobe is the biggest ham but oh well he is one of the greatest.. im an unbiased nba fan [knicks fan lol] so i had no real choice of team to win.. Toughest serious in a while.. It was almost anyone's game but the victors were the Lakers.. Its pretty crazy that this is kobe's 5th championship and hes just getting warm!



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