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Magic Johnson and Brian Shaw discuss the Lakers at Trousdale Lounge party

Former Laker Magic Johnson, now a minority owner of the team, hosted a Lakers celebration party Monday at Trousdale Lounge in West Hollywood, and I managed an invite as well as scores of interviews with numerous celebrities. I'm on my way to exit interviews for most of the day, so the interviews from the party will have to wait. But interviews with Johnson and current Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw seemed too timely since part of our conversation entailed Phil Jackson's coaching future with the Lakers. (Kudos to business reporter Nathan Olivarez-Giles, who helped with shooting video).

Among the highlights from Johnson:

-- What it means for the Lakers to beat the Celtics in the NBA Finals

-- What a fifth ring, particularly against the Celtics, means for Kobe Bryant's legacy

-- Whether Jackson and/or Lakers owner Jerry Buss have followed up on Johnson's offer -- outlined to The Times' Mike Bresnahan -- that entails Johnson paying part of Jackson's salary out his own pocket.

Among the highlights from Shaw:

-- Memorable moments from this year's parade and seasons past

-- His take on Jackson's coaching future

-- Mark Medina
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T-Mac as a Laker? Not too sure I like that idea... he's not exactly a staunch defender and he's injury plagued... Heck, if we're gonna go after anyone remotely close I'd rather see the Lakers go after Grant Hill then. We all know that he's made a pretty good comeback and has pretty close to lock down defense. We all saw how he defended Kobe (even though Kobe is pretty much UNDEFENDABLE) so imagine what he could do against other guards... Just a thought, I know it's probably a pipedream...

I also don't think that looking at Ricky Rubio is a bad idea either, he's played with Pau many years and they know how each other plays intimately, feeding off each other as they did in Spain... Pau's passing and Rubio slashing into the lane and visa-versa, come on, tell me you don't agree with that... Can you picture that type of CHEMISTRY mixed in with the Triangle, giving it a FLOW we don't normally see... now add Kobe and Lamar who LOVES drive to the rim when it's flowing just right... We could look beyond a 3peat.

It's good to see Magic Johnson as a Laker again, instead of an ESPN crony...

Hey Kids...

Welcome to Summer. And the offseason...

halo -

I am already looking beyond 3-peat. SOOOO far beyond 3-peat that 3-peat is already in my rear-view LMAO!!!

lewstrs -

As far as I'm concerned, Magic still needs to give a little more love to this team before I let him off the hook. Still got a sour taste in my mouth from that....

Hey noah! I'm still looking for my iPad. What's the latest?

Brian Shaw as the next Lakers coach, I don't know about that. He needs to intern more of what he's capable of doing. He's not Tim Thibodieu yet but it doesn't mean he cannot be head coach in the future. There are plenty of high profiled coaches who can inherit Jackson like: excitable Coach K, Byron Scott & the Showtime Lakers.

Is there a need to change Lakers personnel? Not much on the starting group but more on the back-up players. Sasha and Walton are untouchable unless there are teams out there willing to trade their low draft picks in exchange of Walton's long contract or Sasha's last year. Shannon Brown has the player's option unfortunately the cheerleaders of Farmar are deciding for Shannon Brown. If I were Shannon, I will exercise the 2nd year of my BiA and go from there. Hire Magic or Coop or Norm during Summer and learn hot to be a good PG, that's how a professional improved his booty not chasing good contracts. See what happened to Ron Turiaf and Trevor Ariza, they were fascinated by rich contracts but lost their values but going to a dead end team. If Ron Artest is with the Rockets, he will be the same RonRon trying to dream of a ring. Therefore, in the case of Shannon he should take care of his stock and values than the $$$ opportunities which are temporary and riskier.

In the case of Farmar and Morrison, they are gone based on body languages and their participation from the events followed the Championship. Well, thanks for the memory of the "Start Farmar" He was given all the opportunities but too bad he didn't prosper in the Jackson line up. Is Farmar a good PG? S0-so, he's not a history yet let's see if he can carry out to another what he learned from this team. Can you compare him to Van Exel, Nixon, Threatt? I don't know about that but definitely he's much better than Smush and Tierre Brown. Even the UCLA Bruins deny him as a true Bruin, he stayed there only for two years went to the Final two consecutive years as well and failed to bring Championship. How about Powell & Mbenga? They are the last players to be decided in the 12 man roster or 15 maximum player group.

Before submitting names, the Lakers F/O should first define the type of player they are looking for: Youth (speed), less money, heart, good shooter. Once the objectives are set then, enumerate the F/A players, the Euros and the possible draft picks trade that fall into category or close to it. Don't waste the MLE contract for another Walton or Morrison who are gathering cauliflowers by clinging on the bench for too long.

That's a tempting straight line Justa...

You can be flattered --I only petitioned Him for 3 things this year: your ipad, Ron's 3 to go in, and a rebirth of wonder.
As usual, He's a bit intermittent, maybe even random about responding..

So now I guess you can either pray
or go after Him next time He's posting here..

How's your summer so far?

Make your own interpretation from Hoopshype rumors:

Reports on twitter, Lakers wanted J-Critt back to the Summer League.

"Some of us probably think about it more than others. I think it's definitely a realization because if you're talking about three-peating, a lot of the components that you had for the past two years have big decisions to make. "I'm not thinking about it yet. I'm going to have fun with this process and then figure it out. But it's definitely something people think about." - Shannon Brown

"We had a team dinner where we all looked around and said, 'I may not be here, I may not be here, I may not be here, We all enjoy each other and want to leave a lasting impression, if it is a last impression. Because you never know how the situation will work itself out." - Jordan Farmar

I watched the Parade yesterday. I wasn't all that impressed. It was actually kinda weak compared to every other Laker championship parade. Players weren't able to speak with the fans. It was just driving around town, and that was it. The funniest moment was when the camera accidentally caught a sign that read, "Sasha, Let's Bone" on it. When that is the highlight of a Laker championship parade, there's something wrong.

That was the greatest championship that I've ever experienced as a die hard Laker fan. So for the parade to be that weak was kind of sucky. I expected more.

I think Tracy McGrady is pretty much finished. If he tried to play in the finals this year, he probably would have broke. Those guys were playing way too hard for his frail knees to handle.

For our back up PG, I like Steve Blake. He would be solid. I like that he can hit the 3's and keep his assists/TO rate very good. Would he be an upgrade over Jordan Farmar? That's a tough question. I think they are about the same. Personally, I would like to keep Jordan Farmar a Laker.

Go Lakers!

I think our greatest needs in this order are:
1. Resign Phil Jackson (9+mil)
2. Get a part-time PG that can play defense and distribute the ball. (Blake, Watson, Duhon, J Crit)
3. Get an off the bench shooter who can play the 2 & 3 spots (Mike Miller, Korver)
4. Get a physical, rebounding back-up center (Battie, Kwame, Theo Ratliff, B. Haywood)

justanothermambafan -

Magic comments on Kobe and the Lakers this year was not only disappointing but bordering blasphemy...

This a big factor in Kobe becoming my all time favorite Laker...

The worse part, even he did apologize, was jumping on the LeBron bandwagon, and crowning him the best, even he hasn't done squat. It wouldn't as bad if the real best player was not a Laker, but to short change Kobe, who is a player on a team he is part owner, was just bewildering and it was painful to watch...

My dream acquisitions this summer would be Kyle Korver and Kirk Heinrich...

Should I stop dreaming, or does this scenario have a shot...

I guess this means the Blog is unofficially on vacation - save MM's Exit Interviews & off season activity. I'll only be checking in from time to time over the next few months. Get some good rest & here's to (ANOTHER!) championship season!


"It's good to see Magic Johnson as a Laker again, instead of an ESPN crony..."


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I know a lot of Laker fans won't want to hear this in lieu of Magic's comments as a commentator this year. Magic Johnson is the greatest Laker of all time. Kobe has not passed Magic. I will not get into the details because both have huge resume's of greatness, but in my opinion, Magic is still the greatest of all time. The reason Magic is better than Kobe still is his offensive versatility. Magic could have been an all star at any position, including C. Magic redefined the PG position at 6'9. Never has there been anyone Magic's size who could handle the ball better.

Kobe needs to get one more championship for me to consider him to be better than Magic. With the Championships equal, I still believe Magic was the better player and the player that I would want on my team if I had to pick.

Of course I am a little biased. Magic is my favorite basketball player of all time. His name is Magic for gosh sakes. I still remember his behind the back no-look passes and thinking it was real magic when I was a kid. I still remember his flair and fun loving style. And I still remember winnin' time. Magic was and still is a winner, no matter what his comments are today.

Go Lakers!


That is a done deal. JCrit is on the summer league team.


Hey utz,

I'm with you... WE HAD AN AWESOME RUN, didn't we? Look forward to see what moves the Lakers have in store for the Summer...

I gotta suggetion for your handle, maybe you should change it to BANNER HOLDER INDEFINITELY... it just sounds good.. lol...

Have a Great Summer and will hopefully see you on occasion here.

Based on the objectives set, here are the numbers of names submitted by Rdlee and lewstrs:

1. Kirk Hinrich 6'3" 29 yrs old, $9.5M
10.9 PPG 4.5 APG
Comment: Ideal but expensive, I don't know if he's willing to go for MLE. Lakers has to trade some players that could be acceptable to the Bulls.

2. Steve Blake 6'3" 30 yrs old, $4M
7.3 PPG 4.3 APG
Comment: Good acquisition but not full MLE, we need another PG backup like Shannon or JCritt on top of Fisher who is reserved for the playoffs

3. Earl Watson 6'1" 31 years old $2.8M
7.8 PPG 5.1 APG
Comment: Good player tho he is aging. Can he be at pace with the best PG's in the league?

4. Chris Duhon 6'1" 28 yrs old $ 6.0M
7.4PPG 5.6APG
Comment: Not that much improvement in replacing Farmar or Shannon and a little bit expensive too.

5. Javaris Crittenton 6'5" 22 yrs. old $1.5M
5 PPG 2.4 APG
Comment: Perfect back-up known to Kobe & PJ triangle. Perfect height and contract fitting the Lakers objective. Problem is his character history with the Wizards.

What's the stats of our current guards?

J. Farmar 6'2" 24 yrs. old $2M
7.2PPG 1.5 APG

S. Brown 6'4" 24 yrs old
8.1 PPG 1.3 APG

Brad Miller and Steve Blake will be nice free agent signing over the summer. Assuming we loose Mbenga and Farmar.

Wang ZhiZhi and SunYue, C and PG

Kwame Brown and Laron Profit C and PG.

Shaq to return to help the 3-peat effort? He was brought in to help LeBron get a ring. How did that work out?

T-Mac? The guy's a cancer. No thanks.

J-Crit? A guy who brings guns into the locker room in the same locker room as any of our champions? No thanks.

Let's build for the future. Sentimentality has no place in the Lakers decisions on how to move forward.

Chris Mihm and Crittenton

Shaq and Iverson C and PG.

Thanks for the research Edwin!
Looking at the numbers, I would doubt Hinrich or Duhon would be affordable w/o dumping some salary. Of those my pick would be Blake. He's done a decent job with both Denver and Portland.

Jermaine Oneal and Jamal Tinsley C and PG.

Nesterovic and Juan Carlos Navarro C and PG.


Agree with all 4 comments.

However, if they are going to pick up a head case, PJ is the one to handle it.

I'd like to see the Lakers get the best 3 point shooter they can with the $$ they have and a legit back up for Drew.

Their team defense, when they put their hearts and minds into it, is second to none.

STAPLES… Darren Collison and Emeka Okafor, PG and C…Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love, PG and PF


stop bragging on him and how his prone to injuries. yeah we all know that and saw that, but go on bleacherreports on here and read about how his done with his injuries and is ready to play..

you guys dont understand what this means to our team, first were gonna have another LO type of bench play who is so versitlie and can play many positions and will be hard to guard from the opposing teams point of view. also, great scorer, he will be scoring points at will as soon as he comes off the bench, we wont have to pray for sasha or farmar of hoping they score, tmac will score at will.

also, you guys havnt noticed that any team they have tooken TMAC he was the only star and only scorer in those team, so his ready to give up the leader role and sit in the bench till his called on to score which he will.

he will be a great buy plus he is willing to take a paycut, i think this is the best news we have heard for a long time. we need a consitant bench and when you have players like TMAC AND LO on the bech who can come off and dominate i say were gonna go for a 5 PEAT!!!!! not 3!!! we need TMAC guys stop bagging on him and his luck.

you guys forgot about when TMAC just came in the NBA and what a freaking superstar and an amazing scorer he is...

LA NEEDS TMAC... im a die hard lakers fan for 25 years and i think we really need this guy. we need to clean up the PG on our bench and put in some realy guys who car score.

I wouldn't mind seeing t-mac on the lakers. in limited minutes, his fragile body won't be taxed as much. he reminds me of LO but I'll even say that he has more talent. It was only a few years ago that he was considered the 2nd best player behind kobe. I remember reading an interview with tex winter and he said t-mac matched up favorably with kobe in terms of talent and ability. he would have to come for the vets minimum though. no mle for t-mac

I have always been fond of TMAC and he def is better than what we have on our bench now...If he gets on the Lakers, he will get motivated and get the best trainers and strength coaches in the business. He will be around and all class and professional organization, thats all about winning. He's never had that and he is gonna be focused and excel. Talk about Kobe all you want, see the difference in the guys he's playing with now before they came to the Lakers and how they are now! He had def positively impacted them in terms of how they play the game and their overall desire and focus and will as it relates to the game. And if that's not enough, he and TMAC are very very cool. He used to refer to TMAC as his lil-bro!!

TMAC and a pg who can hit open shots and defend and we are gettin it in!!!!



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