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Lamar Odom enters the off-season hoping to add more to his game


There rarely comes a moment where Lamar Odom's two children, Destiny and Lamar Jr., aren't tugging at the covers of their father's bed.

"Get up" is a phrase Odom heard often during the 2009-10 season, which featured Odom fighting fatigue while juggling a heavy workload. He married reality TV star Khloe Kardashian a day before training camp despite knowing her for only a month, appeared in several television commercials and tried to validate the four-year, $33-million deal (with a team option for the final year) he signed in the off-season. But the added celebrity and three consecutive NBA Finals appearances led Odom to say during his exit interview that "I'm tired man."

"I can't help it. I'll fall asleep right here, right in front of you guys right now," Odom said. "I could fall asleep no problem. Forget the physical part, but mentally, I'm tired."

You can't really forget about the physical part, though. Ever since dunking over Boston guard Ray Allen on Feb. 18, Odom nursed a left shoulder sprain for the rest of the season. He had predicted the injury would limit his shooting percentage and rebounding, but he followed through on his vow that he'd never use the injury as an excuse. He also played through most of the postseason with a sprained right knee, an injury that only exacerbated Odom's fatigue level. When asked what part of his body needs the most rest, Odom, said, laughing, "Head to toe," before adding that he'll soon have MRIs on both his left shoulder and right knee to determine whether he needs off-season surgery.

"I didn't let [the injuries] deter from my mind or my mindset," said Odom, who played in all 82 regular-season games. "That's to go out there and ball and give it what I got. Obviously it feels like it's worth it -- second championship, second in three years; we feel like we can continue to fight for this No. 1 spot."

But with Odom on vacation with Kardashian in Cancun, Mexico, to rest up, the Lakers apparently are weighing whether it was worth it for them to keep Odom, as The Times' Mark Heisler recently reported that Lakers owner Jerry Buss is considering dumping Odom's salary. Heisler wrote, "Now Odom, one of their most valuable players, is going on the block, supposedly because he didn't do much in the Finals, but actually because of his $8.5-million salary?" and then went on to advise the Lakers should keep Odom. Regardless of what happens, the mere possibility that Odom's being considered trade bait only a season after the team re-signed him shows his off-season goes beyond resting and recovering from injuries.

Odom's exit interview took place before Heisler first reported about the Lakers forward's job insecurity, but it remained clear Odom felt far from pleased with his performance in the 2009-10 season, which featured a points-per-game average of 10.8 points (career-low) on 46.3% shooting, 9.8 rebounds and 25 double-doubles (an increase from 18 the previous season). 

Some may point to Odom becoming distracted with his increased celebrity, as Odom admitted "it's a work in progress" in juggling his responsibilities. Some may point to those aforementioned injuries limiting his physical capabilities. And some may point to Odom's cemented reputation as a versatile and team-first player yielding unpredictable results because of inconsistent hunger and focus. The reasons aren't so much important as the results mostly because Odom avoids talking about his marriage, downplays his injuries and shrugs off up-and-down performances. But with the full 2009-10 season in the books, Odom pointedly diagnosed what he didn't like about the season.

"I didn't shoot the ball the way I wanted to this year," Odom said. "In the beginning, I was really streaky. I had one part of the season where I was consistent and then it just kind of fell off."

The statistics show that Odom's shooting increased substantially from a 39.5% clip in November to a 51.3% clip in February. He then saw his shooting fluctuate, dipping to 45.3% in March, rising to 52.8% in regular-season games in April and then dropping to 46.9% in the postseason. But Odom's inconsistency went beyond shooting numbers. There's been plenty of times this postseason where the Lakers' supporting cast almost made Odom feel uninspired to find different ways to contribute, and it prompted Lakers Coach Phil Jackson several times to single out Odom.

Odom had spent his first five postseasons averaging 16.8 points per game, but he finished the 2010 postseason posting only 9.7 points per game. His performances improved each series from the Lakers' first-round matchup against Oklahoma City (7.8 points, 6.8 rebounds), their semifinals series against Utah (9.5 points, 10 rebounds) their Western Conference finals matchup against Phoenix (14 points and 11.8) rebounds, but his numbers dipped drastically in the NBA Finals against Boston to 7.6 points and 6.6 rebounds. His performances against Boston prompted Jackson to suggest during the series Odom needed an electrode to provide a spark.

Even if he described his exit interview as "quick" with Jackson and General Manager Mitch Kupchak, Odom shared plenty of ideas on how to improve his game. In addition to playing for Team USA for the 2010 FIBA World Championships in Turkey from Aug. 28 to Sept. 12, Odom plans on sharpening his right hand, footwork and speed in hopes that he can play more at small forward. 

"Our defense is so predicated on our offense that I think I can help this team if we can go toward a big lineup," Odom said. "It'll slow the game down, make it real methodical."

With Lakers center Andrew Bynum and forward Pau Gasol establishing consistency this season on the front line, Odom often appeared at a loss on how he could contribute. As much as Odom touts his versatile skill set, he suggested his move to small forward would help sharpen his focus. "It's my job to be prepared," he added. 

Part of that process will be resting up and recovering from injuries, two factors that may not derail Odom's performances next season if he tackles his off-season the right way. And that begins with resting up, with Odom hoping his kids don't try to wake him up. "Every chance I get, I doze off," Odom said.

But for Odom's case, he won't want to wake up and realize he's not a Laker anymore. The Lakers won their second consecutive championship. They avenged their 2008 Finals loss to Boston. And if Odom has his way, his status on the team will remain the same while his game changes for the better. Said Odom: "This is something I can get used to."

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers forward Lamar Odom is raked across the arm by Boston forward-center Rasheed Wallace as Odom tries to split the defense of Boston guard Tony Allen and Wallace in the second quarter of Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times.

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The most potential in a player, with an underachiever’s state of consciousness. This guy is afraid of greatness, or just being consistence. Many sports writer's say he's one the most likable players in the league, but I'll take nasty, Grit and consistency any time. As much as I like LO, it was hard to watch him from game to game. If the organization do decide to trade him, I hope it's not just a $ dump, let's get something of same value.

Yes, let's not take a step back with our team, let's take a step forward and better it!

< D(erek) J(eter) I have taught you well.

News about Phil Jackson ...

Wait. Hold on....


Phil Jackson said he never would want to leave the Lakers in mid-season because of an ailment or health-related issues, a point driven home this season by George Karl, who left the Denver Nuggets because of throat cancer.

Jackson told a group of Western governors Sunday that Karl’s situation will influence his decision whether to return to the Lakers next season. The Lakers coach is expect to announce whether he will retire after hearing from his doctors whether he is healthy enough for the rigors of an NBA season.

my response: this is promising. It *seems* to say, that if the doctors sign off
he'll be back next year.

Art - FL Lakers Fan, was that clear enough?

J-critt at PG, Devin Ebanks at SF and Derrick Caracter at PF are the only players listed for the LAKERS summer league games.

OJ MAYO is listed at PG for Memphis and Henry at SG.

Odom is an expensive bench player at 8.5 mil X 2 = 17 MIL a year.

I think he is valuable to the team being able to play different positions. I hope the Lakers keep him, unless Lakers have plans of signing veteran bigs for cheap who can contribute consistently.

hobbitmage - I did see the link you posted on the Kobe article, and I read it before you posted it...Please know that by any means, I was not accusing you of any deceit...

My only thing is, we don't need to go back and forth on it anymore...And I give LakerTom the benefit of the doubt, he didn't see the link on your post...

Anyhoot...This 'she said he said, my dad is better than your dad', is infantile...The difference of opinions is what makes this thread great...

You both have great articulate posts...just happen to disagree on some issues...But there is no reason to swoop down to Celtics mentality and start playing dirty ball...

I say we move about we change the topic to who is a bigger biyatch...
Vanessa or Khloe...LMAO

Lamar instead of playing for Team USA (though understandable considering it's his last chance to play for the National Team) should have rested his shoulder which really affected his game, especially his shooting which was good from the mid-range (the 50% from 3pt% last year's playoffs was just as overrated as Trevor Ariza's was since both were chasing contracts) but mediocre in this year's playoffs.

Though if you take away the 2 games where he was in constant foul trouble in the Finals (Games 1 and 2) LO averaged 9 points and 7.5 rebounds which were more consistent with his average in the season save the rebounding and he should have grabbed more boards in general.

That being said even if Jackson does come back (very likely) don't expect to see him much at SF considering we have Ron/Luke/Ebanks. And his production as a starter overall was average 12ppg at shooting at a guard-esque level of 45% and a horrible shooting 28% from the perimeter though he did average 11.6rpg as a starter which is very good.

As much there are rumors he might be part of a salary dump forget it. If it was the previous salary of $14 million then it was very possible but $8 million isn't much. And for those thinking of trading LO for Bosh/LBJ as an alternative for trading Bynum that's even more far fetched considering 1) Odom doesn't have Bynum's upside in terms of potential thus making him less attractive as a trading chip and 2) LO's biggest trading chip back in the offseason of 2008 his huge expiring salary isn't expiring so much anymore. We might be driven crazy at times by LO's game considering how he was supposed to be the second fiddle from the Shaq O'Neal trade (though that trade through Caron Butler through Kwamay Brown did net us Pau Gasol) but then again at the time being we'd rather have Lamar Odom than not (and good thing to have him instead of Josh Powell being our back up PF). Especially how Jackson uses him in a guard role to allow Kobe to attack the basket more instead of running the offense.

LO, man you're always accepting responsibilities to you’re down falls, and maybe injuries were the reasons for the inconsistency this postseason. But DAMN MAN, every year I hear this from you, and hows you're game going to change in the off-season by adding a new wrinkle.
Were only asking for is consistency, we're not asking you to be MANBA, just CONSISTANCY will do. If it's 10 and 10, give me that, but I would prefer 15-10 with 2-3 blocks per game. And I'll support you my brother, Lakers for life.

You are correct George!

"My only thing is, we don't need to go back and forth on it anymore...And I give LakerTom the benefit of the doubt, he didn't see the link on your post..."

Why give him the benefit of the doubt? Not saying LT deliberately did not look at the link and accused Hobbit for not providing the link but the link was there ANYONE should have read the post first completely instead of thinking it was written by Hobbitmage.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt would be like giving LT the benefit of the doubt when he does an illegal left turn even though Hobbitmage earlier on had made a sign for the county saying "Do not turn left here" and LT gets a ticket and blames it on Hobbit for making a sign.

The link was right there! It shouldn't be Hobbit's fault that bloggers missed it much less a blogger attacking Hobbit because he missed it.

And Laker Tom just accused of Hobbit of plagiarism basically and you basically say it's ok for him while admitting that you didn't see any wrongdoing....see the irony in that?

LeBron going to Chicago will be a big mistake and a great failure in the end...

Even with another max player coming in with LBJ, the chemistry issue will be too much to overcome...Tom T. is a defensive coach and it will be in the offense end they will fail...

LeBron and DRose both need the ball to be effective...I don't see it jelling, and it will be a huge dud...

I hope it happens, deep down...Just more reasons that King should not be King....

Post Headline: "Lamar Odom enters the off-season hoping to add more to his game"

God's Response: "That makes two of us, but I'm not holding my breath."

A decade into his career as a professional and Lamar has failed to make even the most obvious and simple of improvements in his game--the use of his off hand. If after 10 years he hadn't done it, I certainly don't see it happening this offseason with his contract in place, two championships and a new wife. We've seen the best of LO, for better or worse, and it is fool's gold to expect improvement from him at this stage of his career.

So, Shannon Brown is opting out of his contract. Randy Foye will not be back in Washington. It seems like a perfect fit for Randy Foye, with all of the mediocrity that he's had in his career, to come into a situation like the Lakers, with no pressure, and take Brown's place.

I don't know how the money works out, but Foye can't demand that much money.

Go Lakers!

I thought this might be interesting. You need to be an ESPN insider so I can't really link it for those who aren't an ESPN insider so I"ll just post it concerning about LA:

"Objective: Acquire a scoring, slashing guard to relieve/support Kobe Bryant.

Assets: None.

The Plan: The Lakers and Raptors discussed sign-and-trade possibilities involving free agent Chris Bosh, but that talk has evaporated since the Lakers won their second consecutive title. Now Lamar Odom has been supposedly dangled as trade bait. The sense is that, after three consecutive runs to the Finals, Bryant is breaking down physically as a result of carrying the load as the team's closer and lone dribble penetrator. So the Lakers need an infusion of fresh blood and a scorer who can carry the fourth-quarter load, at least during the regular season. Odom is capable of being both but is simply too inconsistent. There's already a plan afoot to bring in Raja Bell, which will help the Lakers' perimeter defense but not the dribble-penetration issue.

Alternative Advice: Odom, on paper, is the ideal sixth man in the Triangle and a vital component to the team's locker-room chemistry. But if the Lakers are committed to making a change, there are no clear-cut solutions. Options include sending him to Portland (a team that desperately wanted him two years ago) for Jerryd Bayless and Andre Miller, both of whom the Blazers are willing to move. The Raptors would jump at the chance to move Hedo Turkoglu, who has the tools to be an excellent Triangle player. And it's probably worth checking to see if the Pacers are interested in getting off their long-term commitment to Danny Granger. Almost every option would make the Lakers weaker defensively, but relying as heavily as they do offensively on Bryant to draw double teams all year long is a dangerous proposition at this stage of his career."

While I'm not that too into ESPN they do have a point that for a while Bryant has been the one grabbing the double team attention required for this team to succeed and being the lone guard doesn't help (Jordan Farmar penetrated but was bad at making contact and finishing). And Bryant is 32 and while he remains in excellent shape for another deep finals run and another three-peat and his 6th title that's still a ton of mileage and while there was injuries that was non related to his age (broken finger and his ankle injury was due to Elton Brand grabbing it in Philly), the knee that required to be drained is a factor. I was hoping he would get surgery on that knee just as much on his finger but with summer now it's possible he might just rest it.

That being said, it shows that Pau/Bynum/Gasol are at best second options and for those pointing to Game 2 as an example of what they are capable of, remember a TON of those points were thanks to Kobe's playmaking (6 assists, 4 very early in the game that helped led to those points). Neither big are on the level of even Tim/David much less to Hakeem/Ralph Sampson and as much as they can have good games at times this only shows how much team is dependent on Bryant and well by the time he can no longer lead the Lakers to titles due to his age...well it will only reinforce how good Bryant was in making his teammates better than Bynum or Pau are capable of being the go to guys.

The key word is CONSISTENCY which Odom did not have, even when he was healthy. Talking about health, Bynum and Bryant have played with injuries much more serious than Odom's during the playoffs. Granted the Lakers want to pay less luxury tax, they want to dump salaries, but his contribution this Finals was pitiful for a player who is making 8.5 mils and that certainly weighs heavily on the Lakers decision. It is much better to have a player who is not as talented as Odom but more consistent; after all Odom talents mean nothing when he does not show up on court. It seems every playoffs, the team and its fans hold their breath waiting for Odom to contribute. The Lakers need to address that issue this season. How much longer is this unprofessional inconsistency allowed?

>>>Options include sending him to Portland (a team that desperately wanted
>>>him two years ago) for Jerryd Bayless and Andre Miller,

Holy crap. I'd do that trade in a hot minute.

Miller is a quality veteran starting PG with enough smarts to pick up the triangle quickly, and Bayless is better than either Brown or Farmar.

It would leave a gap in the front court, but now instead of trying to find a PG in the offseason, they could try to find a third front court player with some of the MLE money.

Drew Gooden? Brad Miller? Zydrunas Ilgauskas? Craig Smith? Josh Boone?

The only thing that Lamar Odom needs to bring to his game is CONSISTENCY as in "playing consistently well!"

Odom does that and he's an All-Star.

This probably means seeing a sports psychologist.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Art - FL Lakers Fan, was that clear enough?
Posted by: hobbitmage | June 28, 2010 at 09:02 AM

You gotta keep picking eh.

I never questioned the clarity of your post, my comments were related only to the length.

There have been a number of complaints from users regarding length of posts and that's all I was talking about. Hopefully that's clear enough for you.

I was quite careful and purposeful in not implying anything else, but you gotta come back with a snarky remark like that to me, geesh.

You know it's the off-season when posters are at each other's throats, and others are trying to tear the team apart.

Wish the Sweet 16 honeymoon would have lasted longer....

How about trade Odom for Serge Ibaka of Oklahoma, and get JJ Reddick from Orlando Magic???Also sign Raja Bell....Go LAKERS!!!! 3 PEAT IN THE MAKING!!!!!


you wrote: I did see the link you posted on the Kobe article, and I read it before you posted it...Please know that by any means, I was not accusing you of any deceit...

my response: thanks for the clarification.

you also wrote: And I give LakerTom the benefit of the doubt, he didn't see the link on your post...

my response: This might sound a little strange, but bear with me. I could
see giving LakerTom the benefit of the doubt on the first post. I could
actually see him missing the link. The problem is: After his *ATTACK* on
my character, a few posters actually pointed out that the link was there.

Did LakerTom say: "oops. my bad. sorry. " ?

No. He continued with the attacks on my character and clearly stated that I
had intentionally misled people.

So the question I have for you is: Why do you want to give LakerTom the
benefit of the doubt for making a purposeful attack on my character?

Wish the Sweet 16 honeymoon would have lasted longer....Posted by: justanothermambafan | June 28, 2010 at 10:19 AM
Well...You could always come back to the Virtual Honeymoon! Lol!
Larry H.

Brown opts out. Package Odom and Brown for a future PG. However, the trade winds indicate for zero exchange meaning a loss of Brown & LO means additional profit to Buss coffers. Anyway, he rationalizes that we already had 2 consecutive championship. They will be looking for players who's like to get a ring in exchange of low one year contract similar to Malone and Payton. Woe to all us who are dreaming of dynasty but it can still be realized if the new guys are better than the ones being dropped.

Art - FL Lakers Fan,

you wrote: There have been a number of complaints from users regarding length of posts and that's all I was talking about. Hopefully that's clear enough for you.

my response: Actually, this is clear enough. thx.

you also wrote: I was quite careful and purposeful in not implying anything else, but you gotta come back with a snarky remark like that to me, geesh.

my response: In light of the attacks by the "Decript One" & the umm ....
"interesting" comments by Curious George, do I have a reason to be a bit

Yes, I understand that you're not them and I shouldn't include you in any
dialogue that might relate to them. Sorry. I haven't had a chip placed in
my head. I'm human.

Can we chalk "the tone of my response" up to wanting to reach through the
screen and slap some sense into LakerTom?

Can you cut me some slack? Today? or do you have to stand in line to take
a pound of flesh along with Curious George & LakerTom?

Has this guy ONCE added to his game in the off season????

Answer: No.

Believe it when I see it, sorry fellas.

KB Blitz,

thanks for posting the ESPN insider article info.

Edwin - yeah and that Malone / Payton thing worked out great, didn't it? LOL!

HELL NO. I want DY-NASTY. Keep the team and coaching staff together Buss family. Stop playing poker - or rather stop losing at poker - and add to the ring collection we got going.

Larry - just coming up for air...

Mamba24(larrY H.)

Larry - just coming up for air...Posted by: justanothermambafan | June 28, 2010 at 10:40 AM
Stop that, Stop that right now! Lol!
Larry H.

hobbit - i'd stand in line for a pound of YOUR flesh anyday.

HAHAHAHAHHAA!!!! How's that for lightening the moment?

Way to improve the team without doing much at all, keep mostly everyone and add Korver to take pressure of Kobe.

The Lakers were able to win back-to-back championships because of the depth of their length – because Lamar Odom was there to take over for a limping Andrew Bynum. If Lamar leaves, who will provide that length the next time Bynum gets injured? Dumping Odom’s contract would be penny-wise but pound-foolish; his $8.2 million salary isn’t even 3 million more than Walton’s, and the savings wouldn’t be enough to warrant the potential loss of another ring.

>>Way to improve the team without doing much at all, keep mostly everyone and add Korver to take pressure of Kobe. Posted by: D(erek)J(eter) | June 28, 2010 at 10:47 AM
D(erek) J(eter) it seems to me that you are about ready to take my job now! You've learned well.

Thanks George! You know, all about Championships!


Sure, here you go.
I just cut off a piece of slack that I had stashed away in the pantry.
It's all yours.
Happy now Mamba.

Art - FL Laker Fan,

Thanks for the slack!


The longer we're all together on this blog, the more we start to exhibit the stress and tensions of any other family. We have feuds, arguments, and other issues that get in the way of our healthy interaction.

A couple of suggestions, all serious. Maybe the blog can also host a couple of chat rooms where some of these feuds and arguments could be directed for resolution, without interfering in the mainstream point of this site: discussion about the Lakers.

There are also sites for anger-management resolution. A couple of examples:

There are obviously more. Point is, no one wins when we disagree disagreeably. None of us are perfect. I myself am a case study in imperfection. It's worth noting that there's a PREVIEW button as well as a POST button. Sometimes it's good to pause and take a step back before pulling the trigger and injecting vitriol into the discussion. Sorry if anyone finds these suggestions offensive, but I'd like the privilege of casting a vote for civility.


you wrote: i'd stand in line for a pound of YOUR flesh anyday.

my response: I'm not going to write what's going through my mind because
we are *NOT* going to turn this into a craigslist ad.

suffice it to say, you can write "bad hobbit" right now. *chuckle*

Happy now Mamba. Posted by: Art - FL Laker Fan | June 28, 2010 at 10:56 AM
Yes sir Art and I thank you sir! Although a family spat now and then aint all that bad Lol! Now sit back and figure out a scheme for stopping Dr. Buss from letting Key pieces of the Team go.

Dear Mr. Buss,

Boy would it sure be stupid to dump Lamar. Please don't.

@Rick Friedman, I said it before and I'll say it again, you are one classy gentleman sir.

@Hobbitmage, thank you sir you too although you don't want to admit it, are a classy gentleman.

@George Steinbrenner, since you are offering jobs...Can you help a brother out? Lol!

Regarding much more important issues, like basketball and the Lakers, in the article above on LO it says he is really tired, really really tired.

Ok, makes sense.

Then it says he has an injured shoulder and knee and will be getting an MRI.
Ok, makes sense again.

Then it says he will play for Team USA in Aug/Sept.

Why is a really, really tired guy with two injuries, who has played a whole lotta games the last 3 years going to 3 consecutive Finals appearances, playing for Team USA in Aug/Sept?

Would he better off resting, getting treatment/surgery and making sure he is ready for opening day injury free and rested?

I mean, if he doesn't get traded that is.

Mamba24(larrY H.)

Yeah, I hear you! It's been going on and on and on! It is annoying.

Why is a really, really tired guy with two injuries, who has played a whole lotta games the last 3 years going to 3 consecutive Finals appearances, playing for Team USA in Aug/Sept? Would he better off resting, getting reatment/surgery and making sure he is ready for opening day injury free and rested? I mean, if he doesn't get traded that is.Posted by: Art - FL Laker Fan | June 28, 2010 at 11:04 AM
Art, Art do you really want to try to figure out the mind of Lamar? LMAO!!! Just playing with you brother.

Posted by: Art - FL Laker Fan | June 28, 2010 at 11:04 AM

BAD hobbit - BAD.

Yeah, I hear you! It's been going on and on and on! It is annoying. Posted by: Staples 24 | June 28, 2010 at 11:06 AM
Don't start Staples24! LMAO!!!

Trade Derek Fisher for Lebron James. It is the only way CAVS can win a ring.

BAD hobbit - BAD. Posted by: justanothermambafan | June 28, 2010 at 11:07 AM
No, No, No! Don't you know by now that Hobbits are curious creatures? Lol! WAY TO GO HOBBIT!!! Just playing with ya Justa!

>>>J-critt at PG, Devin Ebanks at SF and Derrick Caracter at PF are the only
>>>players listed for the LAKERS summer league games.

reference please? I've been looking for summer league signings.

Trade Derek Fisher for Lebron James. It is the only way CAVS can win a ring. Posted by: Staples 24 | June 28, 2010 at 11:10 AM

Rick F- I agree with you and the suggestion to take you're hurt feeling somewhere else, let's get back to the thread posting.

Guys GUys GUys,

Why are you guys arguing? just relax everyone. we all are laker fans and lets keep it that way...

shannon brown leaves, we need a new reserve PG, keep LO and bring in another PF (Tracy Mcgrady!!! hint hint) and well dominate another year of wonderful basketball...

i personally think TMAC is what exactly LA needs, lamar cant preform all the time so wee need another versitile player like him to throw off the defense of the other team plus his a great scorer and is very tall...

i say Mitch bring in another Houstone Fan taht wants to play for the CHAMPSSSSSSSSSS!!! i say we give Tracy a ring for once, the poor guys struggled with horrible teams all of his carreer and now his healthy and ready to play i say bring him on the Lakeshow...


dose that means his not coming back? :(

>>>bring in another PF (Tracy Mcgrady!!! hint hint)

MgGrady's not a PF. He's a SG/SF.

But as for bringing in another PF, how about one of the Clippers castoffs -

Either Craig Smith or Travis Outlaw.

If Lamar's kids can call him out for being a lazy, useless *&^%, maybe it's time for the Lakers organization and us fans to do the same.

He's not the only 6th fish in the NBA sea. If any of us only performed to expectations at work once or twice a week (or less), we'd be filling out an EDD unemployment claim form.

I agree with Tim-4-Show. If he hasn't improved in all this time, we have no reason to believe anything will change this time. (Please look up the definition of insanity.)

I'm not saying Dr. Buss should just slash and burn the Lakers payroll willy nilly. But there's no way an investment-reward analysis when it comes to Lamar can conclude anything except that the Lakers are getting short-changed.

Ship him.


I dig Andre Miller too, but wouldn't he have some issues with our offense since he doesn't have a 3 point shot? That's assuming, of course, that we keep the triangle. Getting the potential in Jerryd (sic) Bayless would be cool too, but losing Lamar Odom for it would seem like a cynical rebuilding move, not a win now move.

And for some other thoughts,

Danny Granger seems like a pipe dream. He's a total badass. I also wonder where he would play. He's a 3/4. Does he start ahead of Artest? Would he come off the bench to get 30 or so of the 96 minutes available at 3/4 per game? It's a problem worth having, really, but so hypothetical I'm going to leave it at that.


What do you think about Odom for Scola? Possible if the Rockets were to get Bosh? Worth a serious effort to snag him for Odom right at the start of free agency?

we need consistency on this team and LO has had his opportunities to "prove" himself on this squad. We only have a few more years with the core so buss is correct: unload where you can because we're still stuck with a couple of "stiffs" in sasha & luke. if and that's a BIG "IF," bynum can remain healthy, he pau and kobe are a killer nucleus to work with. i know a lot of us never knew which "team" would show up because they have too many "X" factors: LO, Artest - though he may be a "keeper" now - dfish, sasha, farmar & luke. so if we struggled, imagine buss who has to fork out that cash plus luxury tax! in buss we trust! he will do the right thing with mitch's help. oh: we're not going to miss brown, farmar, lo, powell, mbenga or morrisson - who??? i think we're gonna have a nice team next season and i envision kobe passing the ball a great deal more! when he gets to that point, then he will truly be the greatest laker.

>>>What do you think about Odom for Scola?

If it was for less money, then maybe. I think Scola is a more consistent scorer than Lamar, and a decent rebounder for his size. But remember, he's only 6'9", so that height advantage is only 1 "near 7 footer" when the Lakers go to the bench (whoever of Bynum or Gasol stays on the floor).

Also note that Scola (like Odom) is 30, so he might be on the way down.

LO is worth every penny, his size and skill set are too valuable. It would be nice if he could improve his jump shot. Sasha will get consistant playing time next year and will play well. Adding Bell and/or TMac is realistic.

Whatever Lamar. think maybe its time u develope the right hand?! dude is lazy. period. every fall u hear coaches say odom took the whole summer off! he uses training camp to work himself back into shape instead of working on his game in off season. exit interview was quick because he could have gave so much more and he was probably told that. what do they say that has not already been said to him. He says he wants to play some SF because he will have to focus more. what?! no matter how many times i hear odom is a matchup nightmare for opposing team i just dont see it! he refuses to drive his almost 7' body to rim. constantly settles for long range jumpers, got pushed around by everyone from collison to big baby. i also question his heart. u NEVER know what u will get game to game with this guy. maybe Lakers just tired of guy not earning his paycheck!



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