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Lakers-Celtics Chat

--Mark Medina

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It looks like the refs are finally picking up on Boston's illegal screens. Boston's offense is pretty much predicated on illegal screens. They can call that all night!

Well, LO's a no show once again, Kobe's struggling, our offense is out of rhythm, and Ray Allen is putting on one of the greatest Finals performances in NBA history.

And we're only down by 6 at the half. Not bad.

It's good we are just down by 6 pts. I think we have the advantage here considering we are not playing good on both ends of the floor. Odom is non factor due to foul troubles, Ray Allen is having a party coz Fisher was to slow and Brown for goodness sake try to put some defense. I do not know why he continues to leave Allen and try to defend the paint, try to double Perkins at one point...hey dude...Bynum can handle Perkins all day long...stick to your assignment...why Sasha is not taking Allen???Anyway I still believe we can still win this game...they need to watch out for Pierce and Garnet to explode this second half....if we can continue to limit these guys production and contain Allen in the second half, we can win this again...Go Lakers

Perkins Situation? I can not believe the he didn't get the technical he should have got in the second quarter but thanks to the ref we had to understand his 'situation.' That sounds some dude doing something he should not have been doing in the first place and should have been called on it! Perhaps the refs should be as forgiving as they are with Perkins!

Let's just say that opportunity for missed calls here and there has made this game closer than the 2008 series when they really weren't calling any calls towards the Lakers! Boston won that and it's over but no team can only have 3 fouls in the third quarter wtih 8:49 left... and Boston were the agressors in that particular game, mind you, L.A. had 26 fouls in that same game... hmmm. NO team can only have 3 fouls in that point of an NBA playoff finals game or any other game for that matter... What was the name of that ref who wrote the NBA referee tell all book that there were others?

What happened to the integrity of the game?

Is it Ray Allen Appreciation Night for the refs today? You can't touch this guy without getting a foul called on you. Ridiculous.

Wow. What good is video replay if the refs are gonna be willfuly blind? That was clearly off KG.

I'm wordless.

HOw is this even possible. Garnett has 4 points and Pierce has 10 points and we are losing. Shit this game was so important and we came out and laid an egg. Its going to be almost impossible to come back to LA with a lead in this series. BaD Bad time to lose one. Especially with a 2-3-2 format.

Crap !!!!! I cant beleive what a was watching.


jobbed by the NBA again.

Over and out. Kobe chokes. Lakers to lose to Boston in the Finals AGAIN. I've gotta throw up now...


2 bogus fouls on Kobe... 2 Laker balls out of bounds at the end that the refs gave to the Celtics... and the Refs win the game.

so where the f is odum - he's a fricking no show again. big loser!!!

f what the hell happened? lakers up by 3 - i leave for one minute come back and its like 98-93. wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate it when the refs decide the game. Just watch the game again and you'll see bad refereeing gave the edge to Boston. I'd really rather watch the players play.

Lakers are cursed against the Celtics. Might as well give the trophy to them now. Pathetic team we have...Magic>Kobe by far!

fisher, artest and odom cost us the game

Hey we will win the championship with Artest
He will shoot 9/10 next game to make up

Somebody needs to call Lamar out. He didn't give us anything. This is totally unacceptable.

2 Bogus calls on Kobe to straight jacket his game... 2 balls knocked out of bounds by Boston in the closing minutes given back to Boston... and the refs do it again... they gave they edge to Boston. I hate it when the refs decide a close game. I'd much rather see the players decide it. I feel robbed. Thanks Refs. You screwed this one up bad.

So I expect we'll hear a load of malarkey from Mike T again, since the Celtics have won a game.

Celtics played like they wanted it more. Sure there were a couple of calls toward the end that could have gone either way and went in favor of the C's (the Garnett out of bounds play and Artest's 6th "foul" in particular). But the Lakers made some bad mistakes that cost them the game.

Kobe's 3th foul being over aggressive on Ray Allen 30 feet away. I thought Kobe's 4th foul was a flop by Allen, but whatever. Where that really hurt Kobe is in the fourth when he had 5 fouls, he had to just let Rondo go. If Kobe plays smarter in the first half, he'd only have 4 and could have locked down more on D.

Shannon Brown sagging off of Ray Allen several times and leaving him wide open for 3's. STOOPID!!!

Lamar shooting 3's (stoopid stoopid stoopid). This was 2 straight terrible games by Lamar. Hopefully that means he'll play really well in the next 2 or 3.

Pau's rebounding was pretty weak as well. He ended up getting 13, but there were half a dozen times when the ball went right by him and Rondo got it. This reminded me of the game in Ok City where the Lakers got so badly out-rebounded, though oddly the Lakers got more rebounds in the game.

Ron-Ron was bricking the 3's tonight, but shot 5 of them anyway. OTOH, he held Pierce to 2-11, so it was about a break even.

I also noticed that the Lakers had many posessions in the second half where they walked the ball up the court and took a long time to try to get into their offense. But by the time they got the ball to Pau or Kobe or Drew in the post, there were only a few seconds left... or worse, they never got it into the post. I think an important thing here is to get the ball across half court faster. Several times, if they just had 3 or 4 more seconds, they wouldn't have had to rush a shot so much.

Andrew was awesome. Hard to criticize his effort.

i am utterly speechless how the refs called the game,

- that 50/50 rebound

-first off, Garnett went over the back of Pay

-celtics get the ball?

No took a Ray Allen on fire and foul trouble on all of starting perimeter defenders to get a win for them.

The Uglies at the Fleet TD North whatever aren't going to know what hit them, lol.

Phil needs to review with the team ALL the isolation dribbling plays the Lakers did in this game that fed right into Celtics D and resulted in turnovers or easy transition points. Artest was ESPECIALLY bad at this tonight, but Farmar, Brown, and even Kobe also were doing it way too much.

Phil then should go over all the times the Cs couldn't stop the good ball movement resulting in easy baskets for Pau or Bynum. Too bad they wasted a GREAT game from Drew tonight.

Lakers still are the better team. They still have the frontcourt advantage. But if they get away from the triangle and good ball movement, the Cs will win this series just like in 1969.

I hope there's lots of media chatter now on how the Celtics are still too tough for the Lakers. They need to come into Boston ANGRY and DETERMINED, just like the Cs were fired up tonight. Hopefully this embarrassment on their home court will smack them out of their complacency after a too-easy Game 1 win.

sheeet - lakers had this game even with smug ray allen hot. now gotta take one or two in boston. i know it's only 1-1, but now 3 in bos sucks. frick - this was the game to take and crush their hopes. no way they were going to win 4/5.




Please listen to us. This is the moment when Luke needs to take over a cancer player. If Kobe was 1/10 I would say the same thing. Start Brown. Please adapt quick. This is turning out to be 2008 again.

PLEASE START LUKE WALTON.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR PLAY HIM A LEAST.

get back in your holes trolls. I like the math here for the Lakers. Kobe bottled up with "fouls" the whole game. Ray Allen goes historic for a quarter (but quiets down after we FINALLY adjust - -side note, that time he flopped and Kobe got called for a foul, there was a head collision and Ray's mouth was bleeding. He should have been pulled out by rule).

It's going to take a lot from you guys to beat us 3 more times. Not impossible, but, objectively (and subjectively) I like our chances.

Is Kobe still the greatest closer ever?


Lakers forgot about pau gasol in the 2nd and 4th quarter and defended terribly 3pointers=keys of the match

Wait, we need to resign FISH because he has so many intangibles, right?

Laker fan-

I agree ... refs sucked!!!

Freethrows ...

Boston 20-26
Lakers 31-41

There is nothing to panic in this loss tonight. Ray Allen did a good job tonight but I think that's all they've got right now. This series we will dominate the paint, Pierce will be hounded by Artest all series long, Garnet well, Pau was right..Perkins a regular guy...but the difference tonight is the Lakers coaching staff reacting too late to make adjustment on guarding Allen. It took them 2 quarters to slow him down..Brown should no be paired on Allen again he left him wide open too many times, I think Sasha can do better. Odom well you need to do what Ray Allen did...tell the refs that they did not allow you to play. Bryant needs to attack the basket early in the game or he should post and make turn around jump shots. We lost and the media and the trolls will celebrate on this one.They will try to tell us the momentum is on Boston's side coz games 3-5 will be on Boston. Anyway from the first 2 games I just saw what I need to see and I know the Lakers will be the champion's back to back for our team...Jackson should allow Sasha to play in this series more than Brown...

Predictable. That's the word. It was VERY clear that this was about to happen. Lots of fouls on Kobe to compensate for the extra fouls on Allen on game 1. We should have know...
The ability to adjust not only means adjust to the other team, means adjust to the refs too, adjust to how the game is being called. The refs have the situation under control. This home loss will spice up the series, just like Stern wants. And I'm gonna tell you: the refs will "give" 1 road game to the Lakers. When I say "give" means they will call tick-tak fouls on the Celts and "let" us win 1 game on the road. It will be only 1 game in the road, we better understand when this will happen and make sure we win this game. It's clear that this will go to 7 games, c'mon...what a great chance for Stern to have this "remarkable" series being decided at a buzzer-beater on game 7!!!! That's all they want.
So let's be smart and work to be THE team that will hit the game 7 buzzer-beater.
We must cut out the word "naive" from our dictionary.


if lakers go up 2-0 this series is over by all intents and purposes... now we got ourselves a series.. its anybodys game which should be a tremendous boost to your ratings...

kobe in early foul trouble throughout game.. that is the only way to stop him..
just rip our hearts out.

A few thoughts on the officiating. This isn’t meant to be an excuse for losing the game, on the contrary I want to forestall a few of the more obvious excuses and complaints that will show up. The ultimate responsibility for this loss lies on the two teams who played. Both teams played very exceptional basketball.

well, my take on the officiating goes something like this; they called a tight game. very few 'wrong’ calls. The fouls they called actually happened, most of the time, and the fouls they missed they didn’t miss in favor of one team or another. The problem I have with the officiating is that they ‘changed their strike zone’ so to speak. Officiating needs to be consistent. What is a foul in the first quarter should be a foul in the third quarter, so if you aren’t going to call it when the game is on the line, don’t call it.

To begin the game, the refs were calling it very tightly. This went against the Celtics inside players, who are the physicality of their team, and it went against our perimeter players, who are more physical. The Garnett, Davis, Wallace, Perkins, Bryant, Artest and Odom all picked up lot of fouls. Then the tone changed.

Late in the game, when players were playing with four or five fouls, the refs eased up on the whistles to prevent players from fouling out, similar to the way they have tolerated more vocal behavior from Perkins to avoid his seventh technical becoming an issue. Early in the game, we developed one style of play that allowed us to come back into the game. But then they switched the strike zone, and stopped making calls against the Celtics bigs.
Let me be clear, we should have forced them to call it differently. We should have continued to drive and make it obvious that they were making fewer calls. Kobe earned his fifth foul with an obvious offensive foul. We didn’t adjust quickly enough.

Again, I don’t think there were ‘wrong’ calls or not calls, at least to the advantage of one team or another. I can think of a few screw ups, but I’m sure Celtics fans can name a few too. I think the style and the timing of the officiating had an impact on the game.

Now, this isn’t really a problem for me. What I am afraid of is that there will now be too much attention paid to the officiating as a factor, and that the NBA will overcompensate by cutting back on the fouls in game three. This definitely plays to the advantage of the Celtics, who simply foul more often. This isn’t a criticism of the Celtics, they do what works, as does any good NBA team. But I fear that a perception of a nonexistent bias might actually lead to an overreaction that causes a real bias.

Again, none of this is intended to be an excuse. Two very great efforts by two very good teams. This could have gone either way, but the Celtics made the adjustments and made their own breaks. I have no doubt we can do the same thing in Boston. I still think we can win a game in Boston, and if we can win one in Boston we can win two in Boston. Lakers in Six.



I don't understand why Phil subs the way he does sometimes. Why remove Sasha and Farmar when they were hot? And foul trouble results in Pau playing basically three quarters, then needs a blow in the fourth and cannot get back into rhythm. Frustrating game -- too much individual stuff and not enough team defense or offense. Lakers, from top to bottom, love to make it hard on themselves...

I also want to bring one fact to the attention of everybody; When some teams get a lot of fouls on their big men, they change their style of play. The Celtics don't change their style of play, they bring in more big guys and keep doing it. This is why I say that fouling is a realistic part of the Celtic defense, and why calling legitimate fouls against their frontcourt players is not a bias.

First off, Laker fans: give the Celtics a ton of credit. Ray Allen had a game for the ages, Rajon Rondo was brilliant. They got stops when they needed to down the stretch. The fact that the offense didn't have a flow at the end of the game was because of the Celtics' D. Don't underestimate their pride and determination.

And DO NOT BLAME THIS GAME ON THE REFS. They were horrible. But LA got about half of their points at the charity stripe. Part of that was due to their aggressiveness, and part of it was due to spotty calls too.

Shannon Brown had a terrible game. An absolutely terrible game. I really like him. But he cost LA about 15 points tonight when he lost Allen in transition, and then turned around and took a couple of dumb shots.

Give credit to the bigs. Bynum was a man tonight, and Gasol was brilliant once again.

But one man was missing. Again. Lamar Odom. I don't care if he was in foul trouble. Rondo went right around him to get some key offensive boards that led to some very damaging buckets. His shot was off. He was tentative going to the hole.

I don't blame Fisher as much. He had a bad game after a good start, but half of Allen's 3s came from breakdowns while he was on the bench.

This one hurts, but it was a Thrilla In Manila type game. dwntwn atty is right. It's time to steal momentum back.

The old C legs will have one day's rest.

The Lakers will be going back to the scene of the crime in June for the very first time. Their captain missed an entire quarter of basketball and LO should be fresh because he hasn't done anything. Gasol and Bynum are rolling. If they're not ready for this game they're not worthy of a title.

But I think they will be.

The Celtic 'Hack an Everybody' defense.

131 re-appears after victory. He counts the FT's on the line as his defense to good officiating. There were three vital calls that send the momentum to the Celtics. That's OK, we lose Game 2 so the score is 1-1 it is now 3 out 5, Lakers just let their guard relaxed on this game, I say Lakers could get 2 from your home court.

magic phil

u hit the nail on the head.. stern just ensured himself a 6 or 7 game series.. he got what he wanted... like donaghy said its all about EXTENDING the series.

131 re-appears after victory. He counts the FT's on the line as his defense to good officiating. There were three vital calls that send the momentum to the Celtics. That's OK, we lose Game 2 so the score is 1-1 it is now 3 out 5, Lakers just let their guard relaxed on this game, I say Lakers could get 2 from your home court.

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | June 06, 2010 at 08:24 PM

I was here early in the morning after we lost ... look it up!!!

Kobe cost the Lakers the game by picking up his 5th foul on a SILLY reach in. So you lost the ball. Go back and play defense. When he picked up his 5th foul, he couldn't play defense and it was 4 on 5 and Rondo went wild. This loss as even considering how horrible and useless Artest and Odom played is still on Kobe. How can you put yourself in that position???

Odom MUST be traded after the season. Totally useless.

The series is over. The Celtics will win the next two, the Lakers will win game 5, and the Lakers will lose in 6.

As horrible the calls were at the end of the game, they have no one to blame other then themselves. You miss 10 free throws. Get out rebounded. Shows that 1 great player can't beat 3 great players even if they are old.

Totally pathetic!

Gueco...agree, we could get 2 of 3 in Boston.

I've been a Lakers fan since 1969 and NOTHING good ever happens for us in Boston...except when Magic made it happen and he isn't playing this year.


IF we win one in Boston -- which I'm not convinced we will -- I think Boston (Darth Stern) beats us in Game 6 in LA.

It's over for this year, folks.

sasha surely deserves more pt. he can stick with Allen far better thean Shannon. I feel bad for Brown. He's going to get hosed on film. But I;ve been saying this about him for a while - his athleticism is second to none, but his basketball IQ, especially defensively -- is really low.

I still favor switching defense on Allen than trying to chase him on the screens. Well, it slowed him down when bynum or gasol or artest hands were reaching him than those of fisher or brown whose vision are blocked. Lakers were to slow to react and got confused of the pick and roll or the double screen put up by the Celtics. Except for bynum, lakers were sloppy with the ball, too much dribbling in the crowded lane.

This is just like the 1985 NBA Finals but with everything in reverse. The Lakers will lose in 6.

131-92, its not that the refs suck, its that they stifled key players. IMO, they're called both games too close.

The good thing is that the Celtics have been reduced to a jumpshooting team. They no longer have the strength to match the inside. Ray had a terrific game, but he won't have the same sort of night in the games at boston. The Laker problems are very, very fixable.

Now that i ate something because my nerves don't let me sleep (here it's 5:17a.m) i will say my thoughts:

First the refs where bad on both sides, as usual, but not calling a technical to Doc and not calling correctly the fight KG vs Pau when KG touched last where a key of the game, but dosen't matter because i saw a completely different Lakers than two years ago.

Bynum deserved this game.

Pau dosen't need rest because after that, he losed focus.

Kobe was out the game tonight, completely.

Artest was thinking on first game and was totally out of focus.

Dereck wasn't the smart player he usually is.

And the bench blow hot and cold...

Next game lakers win ;

Guys, guys, guys,

I don't know about you, but I am getting sick and tired of these losers (Lakers). Somehow luck put the championship in a silver plate for us (we didn't met any of the real competitors such as Denver, Dallas, and Cleveland) and still we can not win these grannies. I am going to throw up.

losers, Losers, LOSERS

Somebody is trying to make the free throw an issue 41 to 26, but you did not mention both teams had 29 fouls. Why the difference?? The celtics fouled the lakers more during the penalty and on shooting foul...that's the difference...there are bad calls tonight but I do not want to linger on that...but I like what I saw, it is not the beginning for the Celtics run but it's the start of their's like Oscar De more's empty....

NBA needs to investigate Kenny Mauer after that game.

Lakerfor ever

On tuesday i willl go to boston chat to troll arroud...

That is possible gettin' 2 in Boston. Celtics this year is not as good as the Larry Bird era. RA was exceptional tonight, other than that they are error prone team as well. I'd say the refs. helped them tonight while the Lakers were equally lethargic with their FT shooting starting from Artest, Gasol, Bynum how many did they miss? Well, that's the ball game someone has to make the mistake but I love our chances in these Finals.

The good thing is that the Celtics have been reduced to a jumpshooting team. They no longer have the strength to match the inside. Ray had a terrific game, but he won't have the same sort of night in the games at boston. The Laker problems are very, very fixable.

Posted by: #4 | June 06, 2010 at 08:33 PM

Its no different than I was vs Miami, Cleveland and Orlando.

Series aint over. Im not the one talking big sh*t. I think we will win but Im not talking crap about the Lakers like Laker fan does about us.

Kobe = Overrated

re the questions about Phil's substitutions- I haven't actually seen anything he has said about it one way or another, but I have always felt that, like any statistician, Phil Jackson doesn't believe in the 'hot hand' theory. He believes in running the triangle offense and taking high percentage shots. If you look at his decisions in light of this, you won't be mystified so much by his substitutions.

If you personally believe in the 'hot hand' theory, you are probably pfunk.

Ignore the trolls who act like rats using Lakers as their handle. I would rather deal with worthy leprechauns 131 or Red than get into argument to rats who only appear when Lakers lose.

impact of 1 bad call from ref:
1. -2 points for kobe
2. kills momentum for lakers
3. took kobe out most of the game

Game Over.

FCM- I thought E.W. got kicked out because of what he said about Jon K.

For all you Fisher apoligists how big did he come up tonight. He can't gaurd anyone!!!!!!!!!!

impact of 1 bad call from ref:
1. -2 points for kobe
2. kills momentum for lakers
3. less defensive pressure from kobe
4. benched kobe for most of the game

Game Over.

Well, it was a waste of a good game by the Bigs. We'll get at least 1 back in Boston, maybe 2.

Seriously, now that Kobe is about to choke for the second time against the Celtics, can we pleaaaaaaase stop the nonsensical talk of him as the greatest Laker of all time?

It was Magic and is Magic and always will be Magic.

If there's a need to investigate, it should be what email address do D'Fish and Eric W are using? They have been banned but can circumvent the LAT IT. Now we know what a virus look like because you two keep coming back after being sanitized.

Cleveland like the Lakers felt pretty good after game one vs the Celts this year too; at least the Lakers are ahead of where Orlando was after two games.

Uno Uno

Rondo led everybody on both teams with 12 rebounds. No one else had more than 10.

Still a lot of games to play but just so disappointing when the lakers knew what was coming. celtics played hard....lo is a f up. bench still sucks and lakers still almost won.

of course anything can happen at this point but seems like the odds are now in boston's favor. they PROBABLY (i didn't say they will), win 2/3 so come back to staples with the 3-2 lead. think it goes to 7 games and anything can happen at that point.

frick - if lakers let this golden oppty slip away and lose to fricking boston then head's should literally roll. I mean clear the fricking team. I absolutely can't STAND odum. Stop talking about his versatility because you have to use it to be of any benefit.

Like Lakerforever said, this was handed to them on a silver platter. Didn't have to play Denver, Cavs, Dallas, Orlando - get HCA - they better fricking win this.

Im not talking crap about the Lakers like Laker fan does about us.

-- 131-92

You seem like a fine fellow, 131-92. But come on. Your name alone makes that statement untrue. Yeah, you posted this morning, but you've been awfully scarce since Thursday night. And in the hour since the game, already you have several posts. Imagine that.

You're not even a fan of the Lakers but post here regularly. With your name a tribute to the lowest Laker moment of the last 26 years. *And you don't talk crap about the Lakers*?

It's a free blogosphere and trolling is just par for the course. That doesn't bother me. Disingenuous comments like the one you just made, though, well, those dogs don't hunt.


Look, Kobe is SUPPOSED to be the "best player" in the game, right? The best closer in the game? The greatest Laker of all time? YET, he has been OWNED by the Celtics in 08 and now in Game 2 of '10. Will he show up and in Boston? Smart money says no...

Wow -- Fisher/Artest/Odom -- where are you?

The reason Rondo was able to create some plays in the 4th because Kobe was in foul trouble, but how many times that we see Kobe in this kind of situation? Very seldom right? Kobe was out of rhythm because of foul troubles, he is trying to penetrate the paint but changes his shot to avoid a charge...he will be back next game...he will dominate this finals....I cannot wait to see game 3......

It's a free blogosphere and trolling is just par for the course. That doesn't bother me. Disingenuous comments like the one you just made, though, well, those dogs don't hunt.


Posted by: Peace | June 06, 2010 at 08:53 PM

You can think whatever you want. It really doesnt matter to me. I live in LA and have dozens of friends who are Laker fans and give me more sh*t than you can ever imagine.

But your entitled to your opinion!!!


"On tuesday i willl go to boston chat to troll arroud..."

For your info, I have always been Lakers fan, and I am not coming to your site from Boston. But believe me even fans have limits, and when I say I am tired, I really am!

This is not just now, the whole year was like this. If I have offended you I am sorry, but I just wrote whatever I feel about what have remained from our team!!!

Defense wins championships. The Lakers are doomed.

That was an UGLY game...but when the Celtics are grabbing and being aggressive on defense, that's expected. Lakers didn't pick it up in the 3rd when they had a chance to push the lead and had the momentum from ending the 1st half well.
Don't expect Pierce and KG to have mediocre games again in Boston. Rondo is just revving up his play. Ray's 8 treys are not likely to happen again (I think). Drew and Pau have played well. Kobe was handcuffed by fouls that weren't fouls (that blatant OOB play with Rondo) and that call on KG/Pau ball off KG will forever be shown in the next 48 hrs. Celtics were just more active getting to the loose balls (Rondo) and Davis and Sheed played pretty well. LO may have forgotten he was playing in LA where he usually plays well....maybe he's too distracted and gotta hope he picks up his play in Beantown 'cuz he's been a no-show for two straight games...come on, Lamar!! You can do it!!

I still like the Lakers' chances of getting at least one game in Boston and getting the series back to Staples.

It's a five game series now...


If there's a need to investigate, it should be what email address do D'Fish and Eric W are using? They have been banned but can circumvent the LAT IT. Now we know what a virus look like because you two keep coming back after being sanitized.

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | June 06, 2010 at 08:46 PM

Edwin, you can put any email address there, MM does not filter thru email address. He probably uses IP address.
You still can change your IP address, but it's not a good idea. You'll probably get investigated on why are you changing IP address all the time. A friend of mine changed his IP address a couple of times and he got the feds knocking on his door...pretty ugly.
As long as the trolls don't get too heavy on anybody, MM will probably let them run free, as per the freedom-of-speech.
I personaly think that going to the other team's blog is like signing a certificate of "I'm an Idiot". But the internet allows weak people to be whatever they want to be and get their 15 minutes of fame...(fame?...there's some sickos out there...).
I'd just ignore them and we'll be fine.

The Celtics are going to blow out the Lakers in game 3. The Lakers are going to lose a close one in game 4, win a close one in game 5, and lose in game 6. It's the curse and it's back. Defense wins championships. Smart coaching wins championships. PJ has lost it.

Reading other comments, yes the refs botched some critical calls at the end, but what really killed the Lakers was their stagnant offense at the end. I saw a lot of Kobe dribbling a lot and the other guys just standing around watching. Or worse yet, Artest doing the same thing. Or LO jacking up threes. Others have pointed out that Pau and Drew hardly got the ball at the end.

Yes, the Cs were working hard to deny the bigs the ball. That's why you run the triangle and move without the ball, so someone ends up with a mismatch or an easy cut to the basket.

Quite honestly, the Cs had the better offense tonight, and I'm not talking about Allen. They had a hard time scoring at the rim thanks to solid defense by Pau and Drew. That's why they showed some impressive passing--not just Rondo, but KG, Big Baby, Sheed, and Pierce. They passed until they found someone under the basket with the Lakers out of position. You would think the Lakers would at least do that consistently as well. But nope, too much "hero ball" one-on-one action tonight.

The Lakers still showed they had a better frontcourt and a D that the Cs can't attack directly. But if they don't have the patience or brains to run it, they're not winning this series.

Two words:

1990 Finals

I personaly think that going to the other team's blog is like signing a certificate of "I'm an Idiot". But the internet allows weak people to be whatever they want to be and get their 15 minutes of fame...(fame?...there's some sickos out there...).
I'd just ignore them and we'll be fine.

Posted by: Magic Phil | June 06, 2010 at 09:03 PM

Magic Phil-

Im an Idiot ... Cuz you say so ... LOL OK!

Im glad you think so highly of yourself.

Enjoy your next couple of days.

Well after being off for almost two years, here I am again watching these lakers play once again the celtics.

This game was clearly dictated by the strong efforts of the celtics and a relaxed effort of Kobe, Brown and Odom. I dont care how you guys have seen this game but, kobe relaxed too many times on defense while playing Rondo. That guy is a triple double type of guy and he "Kobe" should understand that one game doesn´t make a series and plus just like him, its important to understand that he "Rondo" plays in the NBA.

Understand once and for all... even if you´re up by two in the last 5 seconds never ever leave even my little kid who is two years old to shoot a wide open jump.

*Strange things have been happening lately in this world it should not be a suprise if you get to see these series go either way... Boston sweep at home or Lakers sweepn Boston on their home floor and to me... mark it... these series will go only six games.

Lakerfor ever

Ok, but i don't think lakers are loosers.

I agree with Phred, the game wasn't decided by the refs. If anything, they were kind to the Lakers. We lost for obvious reasons. Allen got hot and that shouldn't surprise anyone and we lost focus in the 4th. Kobe forced up shots that he didn't need to - we went away from what had worked, feeding the ball to Drew and Pau. We limited Pierce and Garnett but allowed Rondo free reign. We're now in a position of having to win at least a game in Boston. I'm sure we can do it but we should have played better on our home court.

Lakers 1, Refs 1, Celtics 0

Trolls have some weak statements...
-Defense wins championships. The Lakers are doomed.
Doomed? Are you on dope?
-Kobe is SUPPOSED to be the "best player" in the game, right? The best closer in the game? The greatest Laker of all time? YET, he has been OWNED by the Celtics in 08 and now in Game 2 of '10. Will he show up and in Boston? Smart money says no...
Kobe IS the best player...OMG

Give Boston credit. They played a good game. We can go round and round the mulberry bush about the refereeing, but that's not going to change anything. The C's outscored the Lakers from beyond the arc to the tune of 33-15. That was the game. They had 28 asssists to the Lakers' 18. That was the game. And despite the Lakers' size advantage, they were outrebounded on both the offensive and defensive glass. The Lakers fell down in areas where they are usually strong, defending the three and rebounding. They've got to clean up their act but quick.

Tough, physical game with a quick turnaround to game 3. We'll see how it plays out,

I did learn something tonight, though. I didn't know it was possible for a coach to run out to the middle of the court to call a timeout. I would have thought that would result in a technical. Silly me.


Hard to figure this one. I still say the Lakers can beat this team, but when the Lakers beat themselves, it's lights out for them.

Lamar HAS to play well. He can't sleepwalk through this series like he did in 2008.

BTW, the refs didn't decide the game. Period.
Agree w/ phred and dave m, great comments.
I'm a "old-school" fan, from the 80's, when the NBA refs were very accurate and fair. What's going on right now is crazy; refs "dictating" the tone of the game. Those 2 games were way too thight, way too many fouls, both sides...Is this a playoff game? My step-dad, Celts fan, says the same thing: "Let them play".
Again, the refs didn't decide the game. Period.
Predictable...very predictable...


When I watch a Laker game, I expect the starting 5 and Odom to play well. Anything that we get from the 3 guards off the bench is gravy. Lamar's foul trouble was particularly important tonight because when he's right and in the game, he does a great job of rebounding. The team missed that tonight. No rebounds, no rings.

Don't know how to take Phil's post game interview. He was rather jovial. Is he clueless or does he know something we don't. If he does know something we don't, is that a good sign or bad?

And the deal with Doc Rivers coming out on the court to call a timeout, how do 3 refs not call a technical foul. Has anyone ever seen that before? No wonder NBA referees are always coming under scrutiny for being crooked.


It may sound sick and twisted, but the Lakers needed this loss. Not once have I felt that the team or fan base gave the Celtics the respect they have earned this post-season.

The Lakers now have the opportunity to get their heads where they need to be and take at least two of the three games in Boston.

Changes I'd like to see: (1) Lamar needs to wake up and give his team mates what they expect and need from him; and (2) Shannon Brown needs to move to the far, far end of the bench and not get up off the pine. Phil would have been better off tonight giving his minutes to Sasha or even Luke. As a defender, UPS has a negative basketball IQ.

Lakers in 6.

I think Bronx LF was right, Lamar was no show, same with KG. Abnormal shooting exhibition by Ray Allen in fact set the NBA record while Kobe got in trouble with questionable calls. Those two scenarios were quite abnormal. So if you take the no shows and abnormal once, it comes up with one thing. Lakers were not quick to adjust on Celtics advantage. If refs. call were in favor to Celtics, Lakers should seal their defense to neutralize those calls. If RA was shooting 8 threes, well Lakers should be duplicating with 12 two's or make those f/t shooting. That's how ball games are won, quit complaining but just fight back by answering the challenge.

Dump artest, regardless of the cost.

going to laugh if these fakers lose it to boston. given an opportunity of a lifetime and they blow hca. unbelievable...oh wait - it is believable because these lakers are no way close to being showtime great.

ok 2008 was humiliating but laker fans could bury it with them crushing the hated celtics - now they want to add on to the humiliation by losing to this geriatric team and with bynum "healthy"?

LOL. I can't believe someone like Eric Wright is back only because the Lakers lost. OMG!!!
I for one hate the Dallas Cowboys, Phoenix Suns, New York Yankees...

But I never ONCE... ONCE went to their boards and rejoice!!!!

Wow. How much of a loser can you be? I bet women feel the same way about you Eric Wright. I bet you are a 40 + fat guy who still lives with his parents. I suggest the cops digging up this guy's backyard. I bet you they'll find dead bodies in there.
L - O - S- E- R,

this is only for entertainment.

@conTrollman: see (5)
NBA rules:
d. A technical foul shall be assessed for unsportsmanlike tactics such as:
(1) Disrespectfully addressing an official
(2) Physically contacting an official
(3) Overt actions indicating resentment to a call
(4) Use of profanity
(5) A coach entering onto the court without permission of an official

The refs don't know the rules...surprise!!

Lakers had 41 free throw attempts.... double that of the Celtics...made 11 more free throw points... Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett don't do a thing in this one... playing at home.... and the Lakers lost ?

Date : May 19, 2010
Place : Staples Center
Event : Game 2 WCF
Chant : "We Want Boston"

Still want us?

Oh well, too late now...See ya in Boston {Your team bus is here, ready & waiting}

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