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Lakers select West Virginia's Devin Ebanks with the 43rd pick


The Lakers selected West Virginia sophomore forward Devin Ebanks in the second round of the NBA draft with the 43rd pick overall, adding a frontcourt player who prides himself on rebounding and locking down opponents' top scorers.

He helped the Mountaineers to their first Final Four since 1959 and the most wins in school history as he led the team in rebounding at 8.1 a game.

Times NBA columnist Mark Heisler says of Ebanks: "A very smooth player with a long wingspan and a nose for the ball. He also rarely takes bad shots (46% shooting from the field) and is a versatile defender. Some question his attitude after a fight with a teammate and a three-game suspension for undisclosed reasons this season."

--Mark Medina

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Photo: West Virginia forward Devin Ebanks tries to split the defense of Kentucky's Patrick Patterson (54) and DeMarcus Cousins during the Mountaineers' 73-66 victory over the Wildcats in the NCAA tournament's East Regional final. Credit: Jim McIsaac / Getty Images 

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Devin Ebanks compares himself to Trevor Ariza...

A fight and a suspension? A perfect fit. We like toughness.

This will be the year Mitch K really wows us picking up at least 4 new players and a PG on minimum contract money. Not sure Shannon Brown returns. He has to opt out and some team is going to offer him more than peanuts Lakers are willing to pay.

trevor ariza comparisons? he has laker fans bought already.

he's from Long Island City, right next door to...QUEENSBRIDGE!!!!

HAHAHA: what happened to expert analysis from so called experts:

- Silver Screen and Roll's Saurav A. Das analyzes the Lakers' potential draft picks.

Cans we trayd Ebankz n' Look Walltun fer Lebbron Jaimes? Ebankss haz lotsa poetential n' Luuke Waltom getz stalkt bye girlz.

I am sorry that the writer of this article is clueless about West Virginia Basketball. Jerry West (Laker great and the NBA logo) went WVU and played in the national championship game in 1959 and lost to Cal. So, WVU was in the final four in 1959, and the 1951 comment is completely wrong as stated in the blog.

the Lakers should have taken a shot at the PAC-10 Player of the Year JEROME RANDLE, a PG is exactly what the Lakers need!!

Derrick has a max vertical of 32 inches. Trevor's max vertical is probably around 36 inches. Trevor had some serious hops. Derrick appears to have the same body type as Trevor, but he's probably not as athletic. One thing I will say is that Derrick will probably be a better rebounder than Trevor. Derrick averaged almost three offensive rebounds a game.

Here's his bio per S.I.:

Biography: Considered a young player with great potential, Ebanks is forgoing his remaining two years of college eligibility to enter the draft. The forward was expected to take a big leap as a sophomore with West Virginia, but he struggled at times and finished the season shooting 45.7 percent while averaging 12.0 points, 8.1 rebounds and 2.4 assists. He's considered a strong defensive player and that could increase his value and move him into the middle of the first round. His commitment may also be a question, as he took a leave of absence for personal reasons in November, missing the Mountaineers' first three games. NBA scouts have been monitoring Ebanks after he had a strong freshman season, scoring 10.5 points per game with 7.8 boards and 2.7 assists and another year at West Virginia may have solidified his status as a lottery selection. His athleticism, long arms and shooting ability are ideal for a small forward, but his bulk and strength are issues. He might have a tough time rebounding and outmuscling opponents in the NBA, and that could make his transition much more difficult. Those concerns could make him a more viable option as a swingman, and he's played guard in college. That versatility could also help his value increase in the draft. Ebanks also thrived against strong competition, shooting 49.5 percent to average 12.2 points with 6.0 rebounds in 12 career meetings with Top 10 teams.

Read more:

He also is from Queens, and knows L.O. and Ron Ron...I like this pick!

A Bynum ($10M)/Farmar ($1.5M)/Vujacic ($5M) for Bosh trade is worth looking with exploring the possibility of obtaining KPerk from the it stands, we are about to lose Jordan F. ($1.5M), Shannon B. ($2M), JoshPow ($1M), DJMbang ($1M) and AdMor ($5M)...SteveB, JavCrit, TMac and RajB are welcome additions if winning a championship is their priority...BZoub of Duke could be a long term project for defensive purposes...

Nevermind... let me take that back. Trevor and Devin have the same vertical jump: 32 inches.

These guys are very similar in terms of physical stats (draft camp measurements):

Height w/o shoes
Devin: 6-7
Trevor: 6-7

Devin: 208
Trevor: 201

Devin: 7-0.25
Trevor: 7-2

Standing Reach
Devin: 8-11 and 0.25
Trevor: 8-11 and 0.25

No Step Vertical
Devin: 23 inches
Trevor: 29 inches

Max Vertical
Devin: 32 inches
Trevor: 32 inches

Lane Agility
Devin: 11.69
Trevor: 11.63

3/4 Court Sprint
Devin: 3.44 seconds
Trevor: 3.29 seconds

So... Trevor appears to only be slightly more athletic according to the above numbers.... but the numbers are so similar. It's eerie... as if he's a physical carbon copy. Trevor has a meaningfully better standing vertical which theoretically means you are a better shot blocker. Other then that, the are carbon copies across the board.

can you say... second coming of george lynch?

Any PG that they pick in the 2nd round is not going to be better than Fisher/Farmar/Brown or even Sasha. They are going to rely in free agency to fill their backcourt needs.
In, Devin Ebanks was projected in the 1st Round. Lakers are lucky that he was available in the 2nd Round.

Shut up cool guy ,u just stupid. they can keep lebron. no heart

perimeter defense on the pic n roll... lakers are learning; funnel them into the two live crew:" Gasman n bynuman" the purple crusaders baby!! oh ya!

perimeter defense on the pic n roll... lakers are learning; funnel them into the two live crew:" Gasman n bynuman" the purple crusaders baby!! oh ya!

Farmar is not coming back, and possibly neither is Shannon, so the Lakers need a PG for the heavy minutes of the regular season. Sure, those shouldn't go to a rookie, but I still think Jerome Randle has the upside for the Lakers to sign him along with a free agent. If anything, he is much faster than any PG the Lakers can sign and can keep up with the likes of Collison and Westbrook.

Jerome Randle is so small and slight that he won't be able to survive going through screens against typical NBA bodies. Sure he could keep up with quick point guards in the NBA in the open court but all guards need to have enough of a body to survive pick after pick in the half court.

Alan :the Triangle offense does not need a PG to work the Triangle: you pass the ball; way quicker than dribbling, it shifts the defense and than you attack when it is exposed The Tex! way is that all 5 players are capable of attacking any defense and the Zenman preaches the ying and the yang, go with the flow of the energy... find the harmony and stay in the moment... you dig brother.

Otis is available for, oh - about 10 minutes a game. I'm a little long in the tooth, but I'm a real price buster. I'll work for the NBA minimum, dang straight. Won't drink 'til after halftime, and I'll respect whomever JB hires as coach. Heck - I'll help with the coaching - free. Really.

I don't know why everybody is so anxious to get rid of Bynum. This sickens me as he showed his heart this year as Kobe acknowledged. Leave Bynum alone. He is already better than Howard in the moves that he has. The only thing Howard can do is dunk.

The knock on Bynum are his injuries but this year's one especially could have happened to anybody, ala Perkins.

Bynum is going to be the next great Laker center and he has Cap working with him. He will be the "go to" guy once Kobe gets a little older and then everybody will shut up about trading him and start to build a team around him as we may do if we keep these draft picks.

Shannon may opt out as he is only scheduled to make a little over 2 million this year, but he's going to have to decide what's more important - rings or money. When Fish retires in a year or 2, he should inherit the PG spot and make more money as he is still young and if he keeps improving himself. But right now he is limited in his abilities. He needs to improve his penetration and his shot before he can be considered a complete PG. He's a great dunker and very athletic and can run the floor, but that's it.

We can choose to match whatever Farmar gets offered, but we're probably going to let him go as he wants to start (good luck w/that). Hopefully, Mitch can pick up a good veteran that fits the triangle well and wants a ring more than a payday.

More than anything, hope that PJ comes back!

I forgot the trade rules....why let Farmar go for nothing??? Why not match and trade him and maybe get something, I'm really tired, so excuse me if my logic makes no sense.....

I saw the Grizzlies took Vasquez, who the Lakers wanted, maybe there could be a trade in the future as the Grizzlies are one of the few teams that will deal with the Lakers... Maybe we could see Marc Gasol coming back???? Hey, I'm tired.....

Matt Barnes????

Jerome Randle is so small and slight that he won't be able to survive going through screens against typical NBA bodies. Sure he could keep up with quick point guards in the NBA in the open court but all guards need to have enough of a body to survive pick after pick in the half court.

Posted by: Edward | June 24, 2010 at 10:43 PM

Darrin Collison of the Hornets?

scottie reynolds ???

All I gotta say is this, dude is a Bob Huggins kid and one thing Hugg's can teach is toughness. I think if the Lakers want to change their image and add some grit and toughness, they couldn't go wrong with this pick, considering where it was. Good job Mitch. That ought to keep 24, 8 or whatever the hell his number is happy

IMO everyone is setting up to get two max contracts. With Chicago getting rid of Hinrich (and keeping every other vital cog) I cannot imagine LeBron and Bosh not going there together. So I think we need to re-look at the potential Bosh trade in a different light. It is critical IMO to keep him off either D-Wade or LeBron's team. If that means giving up Andrew to get Bosh, then so be it since it is not only trading the different skill sets and reliability of being healthy it is keeping a winning piece out of contention from our competitors. However, since it looks very unlikely that Toronto will get anything for Bosh I would push hard to not trade Andrew but to move Lamar instead even if that means taking on Calderon's contract (which should make Toronto very happy).

Some of the stuff I'm hearing is rediculous. Why would you want to break up a championship team. These core players already proved themselves. All I want to see the lakers do is figure out a deal to sign in Raymond Felton. I beleive he would be a perfect future pg for the lakers.

We need to dump scrOdom for whatever we can get. He is a complete effing wasteoid.

Glenn Timmons, you Zen rule.
agreed. we don't need a PG. and the Lakers don't need LeBuffoon James. He doesn't fit in the Tri anyhow.
Ebanks is the right pick up, don't trade him.

Farmar will stay. he loves LA enuf to take peanuts to be at home. It's only money. Compared to two rings with only three years in, with another potentially on the way, he won't be stupid. Let him collect his third ring and then deal.

Be nice to get a dependable bench player. Mike Miller is an unrestricted free agent, who shot 48% on 3's last season (and that was in Washington).
He could be the next Rick Fox / Ron Harper.

Morrison, Farmar , Shannon Brown, Powell, Mbenga are gone. Maybe Sasha too.

Personally, I'd like to hang onto Powell, Sasha and Brown. Sasha and Luke are a bit overpaid.

I don't think the comments about Bynum are an attack on Drew.
He's exceeded expectations, he's young and probably has an All Star game or three in him. He's is definitely not a guy LA should put in the "untradeable and not even taking calls" category however. Every player on every roster is assessed for trade potential at some time in their careers.
Bosh is already All NBA and maybe HOF talent. It says a lot about Drew's value if Toronto are considering that.

Considering where we picked in the second round, and the player that we got at that, I have to say that I really like this pick. I hope he makes the team.

Not too worry that we will lose Farmar. Question is, will we get something back in sign and trade or lose him for nothing by not matching?

Morrison is definitely gone. And not too worry about that either.

Hope Brown works on his shots this offseason and hope he gets a little pay raise to return. Also hoping that just one of the Mbenga or Powell returns, preferably Mbenga because he can really alter shots.

As for free agents, hope we can lure a quality guy and sign a shooter, like Mike Miller, for the vet minimum. We definitely could use PG help, not necessarily the traditional type, but definitely one that can shoot like Steve Blake.

Go Lakers!!!



Sux to pick low in the draft...

Though this dude has GREAT upside, the fact that he's followed up a promising Freshman year offensively with being lost offensively in his Sophomore year may not bode well with him joining the triangle offense...

Being suspended beginning the season for which he's intending to join the draft and thereby sabotaging his own first contract?

The Lakers, as constructed, are much better suited for smart players than merely athletic players. If we can find someone who's both, than that is perfect.

But, picking as low as we do, we often have to choose a guy who's either one or the other and not necessarily both.

The draft is specifically designed to prevent Jerry Buss from doing exactly what it is he's been able to do; make dynasty after dynasty after dynasty.

But, if he pans out, imagine a defensive back court of this dude, Artest and Kobe? Fearsome!


Hopefully he can spell RODMAN!

This guy has Scottie Pippen upside, he could be a real sleeper.

I'm from Morgantown, he was actually suspended those three games for cutting classes. I think Devin still has some maturing to do, but I think this guy could be a role-player in a few years especially what he can bring with his length and D. He definitely does have some growing up do do though, based on some of the stories I have heard about him, which I won't go into detail for his sake.

let farmar, josh, morrison go, or find team for trade deal and get in-return of a good PG..

The 66-year-old Garrett has been the Trojans’ athletic director for 17 years, but he received caustic criticism for his handling of USC’s scandals. The school didn’t say whether Garrett retired or had been fired.

Both Garrett and Haden are former USC football players. Garrett won the Heisman Trophy in 1965, while Haden was the Trojans’ starting quarterback for three years in the 1970s under coach John McKay. ed hardy clothes

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- With controversy continuing to swirl, the president of the largest state employees union has notified the candidates for governor that this Saturday's gubernatorial forum is off.

This is history for Lakers now.

I think Devin Ebanks is a strong player.

yes,this is a good chance for them.

where is he?



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