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Lakers select Texas El Paso's Derrick Caracter with the 58th pick

Caracter_300 The Lakers selected Texas El Paso junior forward Derrick Caracter with their second selection in the second round, the 58th pick overarll, despite General Manager Mitch Kupchak's earlier contention that the team's backcourt served as the team's biggest need.

Caracter, who spent his first two seasons at Louisville, averaged 14.1 points and 8.1 rebounds as he earned second-team All-Conference USA honors and shot a second-best 56.7% from the field during league play. He's known to have good footwork, post moves and agility.

Says Times columnist Mark Heisler of the 6-foot-9, 275-pounder: "Caracter is very strong, has good vision ... There are concerns about his conditioning and weight, which has neared 300 pounds and takes away from his mobility, and some question his attitude, too."

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Texas El Paso forward Derrick Caracter demonstrates his skills during a pre-draft workout with the Charlotte Bobcats earlier this month. Credit: Chuck Burton / Associated Press

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Before the "We NEED GUARDS" thing remember outside of Bynum/Gasol/Odom who are our back ups? Powell and Mbenga and while they are fan favorites not really makes us sleep easy at night.

The front court with Fisher/Bryant/Vujacic DOES need some work but with minimum contracts along with Raja Bell maybe that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Besides who knows maybe Raja can be our Ron Harper/Brian Shaw and be the SG turned PG for defensive purposes and still be a spot up shooter? Didn't think about that?

Fisher backing up Raja and Sasha backing up Kobe....front court solved for now.

Lakers get some good print over at foxsports:

"It's a steal
The NBA champs make a shrewd second-round pick"
Jeff Goodman



When you consider where the Lakers drafted I thought we received good value. Doesn't mean these guys make the team, but we did as well as can be expected. Both guys have more upside then usual at those picks but they both come with baggage. Both guys have been working hard to rehabilitate their images and game. We'll see.

There are 2 guards that fell out of the draft that would be good fits in the triangle. I was really surprised that Mikhall Torrance was not drafted. He is a 6'5 point guard that entered the mock drafts in the high to mid 2nd round. After the rookie camp his stock soared. I saw him as high as 18 on mock drafts always in the 1st round. He dropped a little bit on the last mock drafts but still was no lower then 5th or 6th in the 2nd round. Maybe he failed to impress on team visits and work outs. We should take a look though.

The other is another 6'5 pG, Matt Bouldin from Gonzaga. As late as this week I saw him being taken by the Lakers on different boards, at both of our slots. He is being tutored by John Stockton, not bad. another guys we should invite to camp.


With a name like that, he better work hard and live up to it!

Sorry, KB Blitz, but we NEED GUARDS. And CENTERS.

Having Bell & Fisher at PG guarantees the Lakers will be sliced up yet again next year by all the quick PGs like Westbrook, Parker, Paul, Williams, Rondo, etc etc. And they still need a capable backup for the talented but fragile Mr. Bynum, so that Gasol doesn't get worn down playing center.

The LAST thing the Lakers need is more forwards, with Gasol, Odom, and Artest deservedly getting nearly all the minutes, and no way to dump Walton's contract. Powell is mediocre but hard-working, knows the system, and is well-liked by his teammates (even Kobe) and could be brought back for not much $$.

And Mitch drafts not one but TWO forwards, both of them middling prospects with attitude problems. Sheesh!

I really hope the Lakers can sign unrestricted free agent Javaris Crittenton. I know Tex Winters really liked his game

"Lakers will be sliced up yet again next year by all the quick PGs like Westbrook, Parker, Paul, Williams, Rondo, etc etc."

Believe it or not almost EVERY team has the problem so......what's the point in mentioning that? These 2nd rounders weren't going to stop those guys either.

Personally, I'm rooting for our two picks to make the team along with a couple of veteran FAs to strengthen our bench and team. The Lakers potentially have two steals in this draft which is exciting. I can't wait to watch them along with JCritt during the summer league to see what they can do. Lakers can have a nice blend of experience and youth for this upcoming season. Several analysts and draft pundits were pretty high on both Ebanks and Caracter talent wise. It's nice to have even more length and athleticism that can defend.

Now we turn our attention to free agency where we can address our need for another PG, backup big and sharpshooter. Should be fun. Go Lakers!!!

I hope both make the team as it's rumored that Powell and M'Benga won't be back along w/Morrison.

These 2 are cheap replacements as their contracts as 2nd rounders are not guaranteed. Give them time to get used to the system and Kobe and we might have something there.

Odom is not getting any younger and neither is Artest. So these guys might help if they can pick up the system faster than Artest.

When you're drafting in the 2nd round, the chances are there isn't anyone on the board that fits your need.
You draft the best players available (and even so the chances are still that they won't make the team).

This is a very talented kid. I used to play ball with DC at the park here in NJ.

If he keeps his weight in check and keeps that fire burning in his belly you will have an absolute steal. Hoping the best for him because he's a nice, down to earth young man.

Steve Blake and Raja Bell are the backcourt answers! John Wall is the only pg in this draft capable of doin g more than Steve Blake...Blake defends as wBell as most pg's in the league as well...Raja Bell can defend and spot up as well...

>>>Having Bell & Fisher at PG guarantees the Lakers will be sliced up yet again
>>>next year by all the quick PGs like Westbrook, Parker, Paul, Williams,
>>>Rondo, etc etc.

Yeah, like when Westbrook beat them in the first round... oh wait... the Lakers won that series.

So you must mean like where Deron Williams swept the Lakers in the... no, that's not right... it was the LAKERS that swept the Jazz.

Then you must be talking about how Nash...

or how Rondo...


Michael H,

I agree about Torrance and Bouldin. If Sherron Collins hadn't already gotten an invite to Charlotte's camp, I'd say invite him too. The more the merrier.

It seems like every year there's at least one undrafted player who goes to summer league and tears it up and makes a squad. The Lakers would be well served to bring in four or five undrafted point guards and let them duke it out for a roster spot. Have Coby Karl join them.

>>>And Mitch drafts not one but TWO forwards, both of them middling
>>>prospects with attitude problems. Sheesh!

One thing you missed is that Devin Ebanks is KNOWN for being a lock down defender, especially on opposing point guards.

So complaining about Fisher not being able to stop opposing PGs and then complaining when the Lakers pick a player who can is kinda contradictory.

>>>I really hope the Lakers can sign unrestricted free agent Javaris Crittenton. I
>>>know Tex Winters really liked his game

The only problem I've seen with Javaris his whole career is his immaturity. His skill level and athleticism were really high, he seemed willing to work hard and learn.

Fortunately, immaturity is something that will usually go away with age.

Nope sorry. Matt Bouldin has signed with the Bulls summer league team (according to espn).

I agree that the Lakers don't need anymore forwards since Gasol, Odom, Artest divide the minutes plus Luke Walton. I'm finding out that the two forwards they drafted are great players. I agree that they need a good backup for Bynum. I am hoping that they take a look at Brian Zoubek from Duke. He's another 7 footer; he should come cheap considering he's a free agent. He's got tremendous upside from what I have read. I hope the Lakers invite him to camp. I hope they sign Raja Bell and get a good point guard.

I hope whoever responds to my comments can give a good constructive criticism about Zoubek. I really believe he will help the Lakers. Plus, he came from Duke University. He must have learned something from Coach K.



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