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Lakers Roundtable: Discussing Devin Ebanks with MetroNews Radio Network

You heard from West Virginia sophomore forward Devin Ebanks on what it means for the Lakers to draft him. You also heard from Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak on why the organization drafted Ebanks with the 43rd pick in the NBA Draft. And now it's time to hear from Chip Fontanazza, who followed Ebanks' college career with the MetroNews Radio Network.

Fontanazza breaks down what Ebanks provided as a Mountaineer. He assesses whether the Lakers made a steal, or if there was a legitimate reason Ebanks was drafted so low. Fontanazza gives his take on whether Ebanks' off-court issues earlier in the season should provide a cause for concern. And he predicts Ebanks will ultimately crack the Lakers' roster.

You can follow more of Fontanazza's work at the MetroNews Radio Network's website as well as on Twitter.

--Mark Medina

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Yep, Noah. So unexpected, too. None of us would have ever dreamed just 3 years ago that we'd be 3-time consecutive finalists. This has been a great ride, especially seeing how a lot of the team contributed to this speific win. And, Ron's story has been as fun for me as following Mickey Hatcher back in 1988. For me, Hatcher was the MVP of that Dodgers World Series win and that made the ride so much fun.

Sasha was soooo cool when he hit those shots. I couldn't believe how much he seemed like righjt there, at the line, was the place on earth he most wanted to be at that moment. He looked like he was kissing his daughter' cheek after she blew out the candles, thats how relaxed he was, and that's the kind of half smirk/smile he wore on his face.

BTW, this gives me hope for Sasha this year. He'll never face another creature like the 'finals-2-point-beast' he just faced and slew. Wow.


Exactly the kind of post we needed right now Mark. Thanks. Can you do more of this background stuff for all new players? Thanks.


Ron and 80's Hatcher.. perfect.

And it's true --he slew the beast. The EARNED confidence he has wired inside now is so much better than the previous entitled kind of arrogance that he and Jordan characterized.. even listening to his interviews.. he grew up.

Wes - Sure thing. I'm going to try to track down a reporter who's covered Caracter during his years at Texas El Paso.

I'm glad you liked the post.


The reports about Ebanks are fairly promising. If he can develop an outside shot like Ariza did, we may have our SF of the future. And he'll have the opportunity to be mentored by Ron Artest...he couldn't have asked for a better situation.

As for the LBJ sweepstakes, I hope Mitch at least does his due diligence and contacts LBJ's camp about the possibility of joining Kobe and the Lakers.

LBJ, Chris Bosh, Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng.
This is a done deal only waiting for July 9 to be announced.
The New Chicago Bulls. Be afraid LA, Be very afraid.


Throw in Barbara Streisand and you can sing "We are the World". Think about how the Angels pretty much OWN the store bought Yankees..


LOL. Even if that were to happen, I'm not sure how the pieces fit together. Both Rose and LBJ need the ball in their hands to be effective. LBJ needs a PG who can shoot to spread the floor, but Rose can't shoot a lick. I think Boston's pieces fit better together, so getting past Boston will be a tall task for you guys.

In any case, we have an advantage at 3 out of the 5 positions in the starting lineup, so I'm not worried at all.

And as D-Wade has publicly mentioned, the Bulls organization has historically not been good to their players, so I wouldn't be too sure about getting LBJ if I were you.

Now see it is this very smugness that almost made the Lakers
lose to the geriatric Boston "Big 3". We are talking about a Buls
team with a core that will be together for a decade. I concede
Kobe tops LBJ, Bosh & Gasol a draw, Noah & Bynum a draw
Luol Deng & Artest a draw. But what about DRose man. You
have idiots raving about Rondo, DRose is the real deal my man.
You have no one on your roster that would stand a chance against
him. Fisher hahahaha, Vujakic pleassssse, Farmar dribble dribble
The rein of the Lakers is over. As the Bulls beat the Lakers in
91 to start their 1st 3 peat. They will beat the Lakers next year
and stop the Lakers from tying them for 3 peats. You're good
Lakers, but aint no way in heck you can beat the New Bulls in a
7 game series if you needed 7 games to beat those medicare Celtics.

As for Dwade the only reason he said that is
to disuade LBJ from going because he wants to
be a Bull. His mother lives there. His kids live there
He just bought a house in a gated community. He
trains with MJ's trainer there. Finally he just got a
divorce and I think he would want to remain close
to his kids in chicago because his ex-wife is nuts.
Lastly this deal is not up to LBJ. This is a strictly
David Stern produced project. As was Duncan going to
San Antonio, Ewing going to New York and the Bulls getting
that number one pick despite astronomical odds to get
Derrick Rose. Believe me it is done. If I am wrong I will
come back and admit it, but I don't think so. tell them...

Strange that Ebanks even looks like Ariza...

I'm not worried about his jump shot...Look what happened to Trevor when he worked with Kobe...

I can't wait till I see him in the Summer League...


Regardless of his motive, isn't what D-Wade said about the Bulls organization true? They have not treated their players well, and are not loyal to their former players. Contrast that with the Lakers organization. That is why the Lakers are consistently good, and the Bulls have been consistently mediocre. Players want to play for loyal organizations.

I can't argue with you about that. Everybody knows
what the Bulls did to MJ, Pippen & Phil. They forced
Phil to quit, which forced MJ to quit, which forced
Pippen to go to Portland. There is no denying it.

Smugness? mmmYep.

If you're building a dream team BULLS FAN, maybe you should wait a week before you celebrate.. you're basing all of your swagger on a fantasy deal that hasn't happened yet. Maybe you'll end up with Bosh and Farmar.


If your dream deal happens, you're welcome back here to discuss who the better team is. I still think it would be the Lakers.

But for now, we're all Americans and the US is struggling to stay alive. Go USA!

YES USA Penalty Kick...



DRose is the real deal my man.
You have no one on your roster that would stand a chance against
him. Fisher hahahaha, Vujakic pleassssse, Farmar dribble dribble
Posted by: BULLS FAN | June 26, 2010 at 12:01 PM

Did you notice the PG's the Lakers had to face in the playoffs?
Westbrook, Williams and Nash aren't exactly chopped liver.

Did you notice the Lakers TEAM defense, best in the NBA.

And your opinion of the match ups are debatable.
And you think LBJ is the cats pajamas but in the playoffs he has yet to show anything that leads to something like, oh, let's say, a championship.

You're kinda counting chickens before they're hatched.
Quit your boasting until that team is a reality, until then it's a fantasy.

If Ebanks can't shoot, it doesn't matter right now. All of our SF's doesn't shoot so well anyways. Whatever he can shoot, it will be all right, and better of all, he can develop a better shoot with Kobe's training method. Maybe Ron can use this training during the summer.

Hey Bulls Fan...I can still remember the letdown that you fans and your team had when you thought you had Kobe...the Bulls were never the same as could be seen by their body language. So if I was you, I wouldn't be counting any chickens b4 they hatch! By the way, the Lakers OWN the Bulls, LOL!

I would not have Thriller mentor anyone, It's enough for him to continue to take his meds. Say out of trouble this summer, learn the Triangle better and promo his CD that's all we need from him, keeping his head on tight.


>>>Sasha was soooo cool when he hit those shots

The thing about that situation to me is it was total karmic retribution.

You might remember there was that one play in 2008 where the CELTICs led by 2 and Sasha was guarding Ray Allen and Allen blew by Sasha and nobody helped, so Ray got a layup to extend it to 4.

This time the ball was in Sasha's hands, and Ray-Ray had to foul him, and Sasha calmly extended the lead to four. Must have been very satisfying for Sasha.

One thought in my head right now is that if Shannon Brown gets an offer for more money somewhere and leaves, I think Sasha will be fine next season in being the guy off the bench to relieve Kobe.


>>>LBJ, Chris Bosh, Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng

Well I hope they can get past Boston and Orlando. It would be nice to have an actual challenge in the finals next summer.

Sounds like if the Lakers give this kid a chance, he can do something, maybe not right away but grow during the season.

He rebounded and played defense on the PG of the other team and has over a 7' wingspan. That speaks well.

His shot needs a lot of work and hopefully working w/Kobe and others it will improve.

Like a lot of people have said, he's a lot like Ariza when he came out of college and considering that the Lakers are way under the roster requirement, he should have a decent chance of making the team. In the audio interview they WV guy said that if he had spent another year in college he should have been a top 20 pick.

Hope the Lakers give him a chance to develop as opposed to some guys they have on their roster that seem to have peeked already.

They need 13 for their roster so w/Kobe, Artest, Pau, Bynum, Odom, DFish, Sasha, and Luke (?), that leaves 5 spots and Fish is a FA and Luke might not be able to come back due to his injury. Powell is probably not back along w/MBenga. Farmar wants to start somewhere else even though we can match his offer but if someone goes high (which I doubt) he'll be gone.

Brown is the one I want to keep but it looks like he'll opt out like Turiaf did for more money but never see a ring again. Would love to keep Brown and wish he would realize that he could replace Fish next year and get his bump, but I think he's too short sighted to realize that.

Failed to mention, whether PJ retires or not Fish needs to be back as the best team communicator/leader in the league. He is a true asset during the playoffs but should be a bench player coach for the 3-peat. He would be full of energy for the play-offs. Byron Scott would bring Chris Paul to the Lakers for a combination of players on the bench----a PG solution for the next 7 to 10 years! Raja Bell could be a good bench defensive stopper at the guard position. Decent 3-point shooter along with Sasha. That team could gurantee a 3-peat regardless of a James-Bosh pact! All Dr Buss has to do is stop losing at high stakes gambling for a year! Mcdyss for Mbenga or can Mbenga improve? No need for Morrison, Powell, Farmar bench with Ebanks & Caracter! Go Lakers 3-peat is there for the taking with good moves!!!

Raja Bell, anyone?


Raja Bell, anyone?




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