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Lakers maintain confidence they can beat Celtics


Upon entering the locker room, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson didn't see lowered heads. When he talked to his players, he didn't hear murmured responses. And when the Lakers' dissected their 92-86 Game 5 loss in the NBA Finals to Boston, most of the discussion entailed how close they came to a victory rather than how plenty of poor lapses contributed to the defeat.

"We had a spirited locker room at the end of our session there," Jackson summed up.

The Lakers are carrying that positive attitude 3,000 miles from Boston to Los Angeles where they will play Game 6 Tuesday night at Staples Center. It's a mindset that  rightfully recognizes the Lakers still have home-court advantage, ignores the reality the Celtics are one win away from capturing their second championship in three seasons against the Lakers, or both. I've said it all along that the Lakers' biggest strength and weakness this season has involved their level-headed attitude following both wins and losses. It's good because the Lakers' success hasn't distracted them from their season-long goal of attaining a title, while the team has mostly prevented implosion from happening during adverse moments. It's bad because the attitude often revealed the Lakers' arrogant attitude that they can easily correct their problems, even if statistics and trends had proven otherwise. We'll soon find out whether the Lakers' calm and confident approach pays off, or if it leads to a disappointing end of the 2009-10 season.

One thing at least remains clear: The Lakers don't need to be reminded what's at stake.

"If I have to say something to them, then we don't deserve to be champions," Lakers guard Kobe Bryant said. "We're down, 3-2, go home, win one game, go into the next one. Simple as that."

It's hard to gauge what will happen beginning with Game 6, which could either end with Staples Center suddenly going silent or the Lakers living on for at least Game 7. Many reporters, including myself, predicted this series would go at least six or seven games. There weren't many, however, who anticipated such conflicting pendulum swings to happen throughout the series. 


The Lakers' Game 1 victory featured plenty of offensive balance, Ron Artest tussling with Paul Pierce and Pau Gasol proving he's a much different player than in the 2008 Finals. The Celtics then stole Game 2 with Ray Allen breaking the Finals record in three-pointers made (eight), Rajon Rondo recording a triple double and the Lakers folding down the stretch (Let's not forget the overly involved officiating in both games). The Lakers retook home-court advantage in Game 3, thanks to Derek Fisher's late-game theatrics, while the Celtics responded in Game 4 with a solid bench effort. The Celtics strong supporting cast earned them a Game 5 win, and largely contrasted how the Lakers featured plenty from Bryant but little from everyone else.

There's a pretty simple reason Derek Fisher believes the team can win, which goes beyond the fact that the Lakers are at home and are 9-1 at Staples Center this postseason.

"Because we're good," Fisher said. "The past is the past. There's nothing we can do about the first five games during the Finals. They're in the books. So basically just change your focus to Tuesday night."

But that also involves improving in several areas based on what was seen in their Game 5 loss. Bryant received little help to complement his 38 points, with Pau Gasol, Ron Artest, Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum all disappearing offensively and defensively. Gasol has been fairly consistent all postseason, but Odom and Artest have mostly been non-factors offensively in the Finals. Bynum has provided a much-needed presence inside, but it's unknown how much he can produce and how much he can play with the torn cartilage in his right knee. Yet with the Lakers having all those problems in Game 5, they still managed to remain close with Boston.

"We're in a good situation," Gasol said. "As tough as it is losing these last two games, we're going to fight for a championship at home. We're in a position that I think we would all be happy in being at the beginning of the season."

And it's a position that leaves Celtics Coach Doc Rivers equally excited and nervous. He sees no sign his team is thinking too far ahead and likes the team's 6-3 record. But he's also well aware from his personal playing days the perils of false comfort. Rivers vividly remembers as a member of the 1994 New York Knicks how Houston beat them in the NBA Finals after facing a 3-2 series deficit. And there's this statistic: The Celtics' 1-7 record in close-out games suggests they may face another unfavorable outcome.

"It's going to be a hell of a challenge for us because they're going to be great," Rivers said. "We're going to have to beat them at their best because they're going to be great there, and we can't expect anything else."

And the reason for that directly correlates to the Lakers' optimism, which remained at an all-time high during post-game interviews in the locker room.

"It's part of our personality as a team," Odom said. "We're getting ready to go home, do what we have to do on our home court and we'll be all right."

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers power forward Pau Gasol and point guard Derek Fisher show little emotion when leaving the TD Garden court after a 92-86 loss to the Boston Celtics in Game 5 on Sunday. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times.

Photo: Lakers point guard Derek Fisher beats Boston power forward Kevin Garnett to a crucial jump ball in the final minutes of Game 5 on Sunday. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times.

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Kobe said in 2008 if you gave him a shot at a title and all he had to do was win 3 straight he'd take it.

What's Kobe supposed to say?

I just hope Byron is right

The only positive here is that it *appears* the Lakers saw their holes and they're confident they can patch them

Good morning Laker Nation. Rise and Shine! We have some work to do.

We need the Candyman to show us what he can do. If the Candyman is fired up and mega contributing, the rest of the team will have it easy. Ellll Ohhh, make your mark in Ellll Ayyyy!

Go Lakers!

after this season can we get rid of these players who are only good in talking or making bulletin board material...enough talking, prove yourselves by playing hard!

Good Morning Crew!

I just got back from vacation but watched the games at the Sports bar in the hotel. Well those were two ugly games. Lakers' offense and defense were horrendous. But enough with the analysis. Two home games are better than nothing. Win game 6 and we're on the right track, nobody said it was going to be easy. Now let's do this, I BELIEVE!

Freakin' Kobe tanking our team again! Playing ballhog so he gets the glory but messing up our chances! He wants to be Jordan so bad, scoring 65 against the Celtics, but all he's doing is making the rest of our guys stand around holding their jocks! No wonder no one else can get going, Kobe's hogging the ball trying to be hero. Guess what, even with Kobe scoring almost ALL of our Lakers points in the 3rd, the Celtics EXTENDED their lead. We need to play like a team to win. If Kobe can't trust his teammates, then we're in big, big trouble. Go LAKERS!

Bottom line, I want the refs to let the Lakers establish a strong tough defense tonight, like they let boston do it last Sunday.

GOOD MORNING MM and the Blog Cru !!!!!!!!!!! excuse me, let me clear my throat....... wait for it....... LAKER NATION STAND UP !!!!!! NOT IN OUR HOUSE !!!! NOT FOR A RING !!!!! NOT TO DAMN DAY !!!!!! WE GOT THIS !!!!!!

This is what seperates our "bandwagon" followers and Poser fans... I spit on the grave of ANY so called Laker fan that even has nerve to THINK.. Anything LESS Than a Title in 2010 is out of reack or a longshot !!! DUH THIS... THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE'VE ALL WANTED !!!! A Slugfest with Boston, the so called most impressive defensive team in the playoffs, IN OUR BACKYARD, ON OUR TEAMS, IN FRONT OF OUR CITY !!!!! Complex... why are you yelling??? BECAUSE !!!! WE ARE THE FREAKIN LAKERS !!! Its time for EVERYONE COAST TO COAST TO BOW DOWN !!! HEAR ME HATERS !!!!! You are about to experience the strength of LAKER PRIDE !!!!!!!

Chris Mollno ,

Wow, just WOW!!!

for the typo imparied, I'd like to submit "reach" into the rant and subsitute out "reack" thank you :)

Hey Rick !!!!! FIST BUMP Bro..... I'm like the dude on the cover of MAD Magazine, Alfred E Newman.. WHAT??? ME WORRIED???? I'm more apm'd than anything else... hearing all the experts predict "we're" the ones in trouble after everyone outside of this blog assumed it would go 7 ( i personally thought we'd only need 6 ) but now.. I cant see a better ending then whoopin Bostons ass 2 games in a row and watching them chowderheads ride off eastward knowing the suicide rate in Boston will rise this summer lol



i suggest IN PARAllel to the LIVE CHAT thread to start another THREAD that is during the live chat but where people can post in ANALOG? mode and also can continue after the game is over.

because of the LIVE CHAT, to post and reload on the same thread can be difficult. that will help many posters that r not on the LIVE CHAT. tx


"imparied" ? oh geesh, i give up, i need coffee STAT !

It's this simple - THIS IS WHAT WE PLAY FOR!!!! This is for all the marbles and all we need to do is lay it all out there...Ain't this why the Lakers played for home-court?

WE believe!!!! GO KOBE!!! GO LAKERS!!!!

D Black

great post on the previous thread


Kobe can't PASS his pair of balzzzzzz to any teammate and neither to the coaching staff

There WILL BE a game 7. I believe!

There is no way in hell the Lakers are gonna lose game 6......there is just way to much on the line tonight. Kobe will get his....the team will get theirs....WE WILL WIN!!!! Let's go LA, let's go!!!!! (2010 repeat champs).....BELIEVE

Do ya know what we do with green things here in L.A.????

We roll 'em up and SMOKE 'EM!!!!!




I pledge my allegiance to the United Laker Nation

To the Best and Brightest fans in ALL of Creation

Against all enemies we stand, young and old.

We represent the GREATEST TEAM of Purple & Gold

Today we FIGHT BACK and show ALL of the HATERS


Wearing my purple and gold today in tribute to the WORLD CHAMPION LOS ANGELES LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boston has a chance to win tonight, but it's not gonna happen. We're at home, we're a phenomenal team, and it's all systems go!! Can't wait to hear how the home fans are gonna punish Paul Pierce for his theatrics! "PAUL PIERCE SUCKS!!!!" Music to my ears, baby.

Defense, boxing out, rebounds - all things I want to see. Our O will come if our D is set. No more game 5 - it's in the books. All we see is game 6 and our beloved purple and gold winning!!!

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!

Found this song and video on SS&R. It's called Till I Collapse, cmon Lakers, never give up, we fans BELIEVE in your talent and heart. Dig deeper Lakers. Like Eminem said:

Until the roof
The roof comes off
Until my legs
give out from underneath me
I will not fall,
I will stand tall,
Feels like no one could beat me.!

So Kobe was supposed to keep passing so the Lakers lose by 30?

Maybe Paul Pierce was right about the intelligence of a typical Lakers fan.

Chris Mollno:

Please report to the clinic for further tests and evaluation. Be sure to take your meds.

Just went back and looked at the posts from yesterday's blog.

Lots of C fans trying to kick our butts with their "witty" and "clever" comments. Here's a prime example:






Posted by: tarugo | June 14, 2010 at 07:21 PM

They forget how Pau and Drew blocked KG. They forget Ray Allen's scoreless game. 0-13. Yeah, that'll get it done. They forget their losses, especially the one on their home court. They forget the wide open layups allowed Farmar and Brown. They forget ALL the stuff that they have been sucking at. Especially how they didn't win ANYTHING for 22 years. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. They also like to "remind" us about the Minneapolis Lakers and the Los Angeles Lakers. Excuse me C fans, but have you seen George Mikan's jersey hanging on OUR wall?? The league recognizes, but maybe that's expecting too much from you. Not to mention the fact that PHIL JACKSON is the most winning coach ever. RED'S NUMBER TWO! RED'S NUMBER TWO!!

PnG baby. All day. Every day. C's LOSING tonight.

Dr. Phil,

Chris Mollno does *NOT* need to take medicine. It is already clear that
his version of reality is not connected to the real world.

I'd suggest that you fit him for the white tuxedo with the extra-long sleeves.

@ J24


The 8 Mile Soundtrack has a few "Motivational" tracks that suit this situation today just fine...



Complex(my)Brotha - RICK MY BFF - I read your posts and NOW I AM EVEN MORE AMPED THAN I WAS!!! It's good to see the confidence and the fight. YOU DAMN SKIPPY WE GOT WORK TO DO. And - just for the record - THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL THIS IS OVER TONIGHT. WHO - SERIOUSLY WHO - THINKS THE LAKERS DON'T LAY IT ON THE LINE TONIGHT??


Believe, people. We got this.

@tarugo - if Celtic's is winning why are you here ?


(00) PHIL JACKSON - 10RINGS - It's basically defending HOME COURT. That is the way it's suppose to be , isnt it?
(01) KOBE BRYANT – THE BLACK MAMBA - KOBE BRYANT: Just man up and play. What the hell is the big deal? I don't see it as a big deal. If I have to say something to them, then we don't deserve to be champions. We're down 3-2, go home, win one game, go into the next one. Simple as that.
(02) DERRICK FISHER – DFISH – we not gone hang our heads & cry about a defeat. We gone take it Tuesday so we can give us a chance to win a Championship Thursday
(03) 2PHATT – OWNER – I have Faith in the next two at home Stop worrying Wes, WE GOT THIS
(04) FAITH – DRIVER - I am FAITH & I have FAITH
(06) NEVER - RIDING SHOTGUN2 - Come on Lakers. I believe in you.
(07) WESJOENIXON - SGT-AT-ARMS - There is no game 7, only game 6. Nothing but game 6, everything is game 6. I am ready.
(08) ZAIRA - GODDESS OF INSPIRATION - Get it together my Lakers. I might be angry, disappointed and let down now, but I still wear you up on my heart sleeve and I STILL BELIEVE 16 ring is ours to take NOW. I know you have it in yourself. And I still choose to show you love instead of any other feeling, today too, to make your pride and skill and hustle blossom out from exactly that love that you still inspire me. I do believe in Win after Love. Prove me right. Please.
(09) LUDWIG - SECURITY - Kevin Tully writes, "IF Fisher didn't go crazy in game 3 in the 4th quarter you guys would have lost in 5 games."Guess what, royal nitwit, if Ray Allen doesn't set a world record in game 2, then it would be 3-2 Lakers going back to L.A., with the last two at Staples Center, series over.
Two can play that bullshit game, moron.
(10) MAMBA24 - Call me a fool but I still believe...WE GOT THIS
(11) LEARNMEDIA - MEDIA DIRECTOR - Don't panic. Two wins at home is very doable. However, it seems the bigger and more rugged the game, the more Pau disappears. Still we got a great shot at winning two at home. I repeat, don't panic Lakers faithful. Oh, and somebody please tell T.J. Simers that Our Ball Hog as he refers to him was the only one playing with heart and given that the rest of the Lakers offense had gone ghost on us, Kobe's shooting kept us in the game at all. Not sure the rest of the Lakers would have shot a better percentage in the 3rd quarter.
(12) mti312 - Gasol have cost the Lakers late in close games. Celtics were going to choke but was saved by a couple of good breaks. Anyway, this will not happen in LA. c=choke
(14) DEWEY - Here are the keys to Game 6 & 7: Artest, Gasoft, Bynum and our bench will play better (I've given up on Odumb). KG, Pierce and their bench will play worse (i.e. no more Game 4's). Both teams will be tried from traveling across country, but that will impact the older Celtics more -- plus, the home crowd and elimination situation will rev up the Lakers. Bottom Line: I am actually pretty confident that we can win both games and break the Celtics hearts. Yeah, baby. WE GOT THIS!!\
(15) LAKERLADY - They'll play better at home...but can't look ahead to a Game 7 if they don't hustle, get to the loose balls, crash the boards and play better D. LAKERLAND....TWO GAMES AT STAPLES FOR THE TITLE...BELIEVE!!!
(17) RDLEE - This is like 1988. We win games 6 & 7 at home.
(18) DANG - We could have won if Gasol, Odom, Fisher, Vujacic, Walton, and everyone and their mother's would have chiped in just a little bit. Just a little.
(20) BRONXLAKERFAN - I believe that the Lakers will win it, still. They won game 3 in Boston, guaranteeing a return to Staples, and fought hard in both games in Boston. The Celtics came through with big wins. Now they have to win another game in Cali. If they can, they will deserve to be crowned champs. But the Lakers are no slouches and it won't be easy. We shall see.
(21) SPIKE TOPIAN - I'm shocked at the comments hammering Kobe. Are you nuts? Kobe single handedly kept the Lakers in the game. Pure and simple. Ride the hot hand... that's what the Celts have done to win game 2 (Allen's 3's), game 4 (Big Baby), and game 5 (Pierce). Kobe was on fire and he was man enough to carry the Lakers on his back... and it almost worked! Also, I'm sick of hearing people daydream what it would be like if Ariza were here instead of Ron-Ron. Are you kidding me? Here are the simple facts: Ariza this year shot 39% from the field, and 32% from the three. He is not half the defender that Artest is. Last year, Ariza played over his head and will never play like that again. On the other hand, Ron has been in a slump and when he plays to his potential in games 6 and 7, the Lakers will have won another championship.
(22) LET'S GO L'S - Regardless of what happens in 2010 and beyond, the lakers will be back...As for Boston, free-agency and max contracts will doom their team for years to come. Boy, what a vicious cycle when it comes to CONSISTENT winning YEAR after YEAR...BTW, laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY (even down 3-2)
(23) LONGTIMELAKERFAN - The Celtics knew that if they lost this game there's no way they could take two in LA, so they played with desperation and they won. Other than Kobe, Boston wanted it more than the Lakers. Now the Lakers come home and win games 6 and 7 to take the championshIP. Time for some home cooking. Two wins at home away from a title.No problem. Both of the last two losses were still within about 5 or 6 late, but the Lakers couldn't quite break through. At home, even improved contributions from Farmar and Brown will make up that difference. And you can bet Pau won't get punked like that again. He'll step up and take the shots when they're given to him and make a better percent of them. It's a shame that the Lakers couldn't have closed them out in 6, but they'll get this done.
(24) JON K –
(25) LOU - times should take out t.j.simers.he's an idiot who doesn't understand the game of basketball.he doesnt see the real picture doesnt know how to acknowledge greatness or simply a kobe hater you dont have what it takes to be kobe.go kobe go lakers.thank you so much for the great season
(26) ZEN - Lakers did what they needed to do and that was win back the home court ad..Now before anyone jumps on a bandwagon (lakers or celts), don't forget title is still on the line, lakers are still the champs, please be patient until the final outcome
(27) EASTCOASTJESSIE - Let's focus on winning game 6 and not stress about #7 for now. The one-day turnaround should benefit the Lakers.WE BLEED PURPLE & GOLD THROUGH THICK & THIN!!!!
(28) JUST A FAN - Whats the big F'nnn Deal They only lost by 6 points at home with the refs. inpocket!!! With no real help from the other starters or the bench!!! I need Kobe to get his team more involed even if he has to cuu somebody azz out!!!
(29) HALOSANT - I'm not gonna sit here and regurgitate all this CRAP about which Lakers did or DID NOT step up, play well or WHATEVER because at this point it's already been thought of and said. But if just ONE OTHER Laker would have stepped up with just half the HEART and HUNGER as Kobe did we'd be headed back home up 3-2. As it is we NOW face ELIMINATION by the Green Geezers. Trolls are out gunz blazin'. I'm still with Mamba, Justa, ECJ, LakerTom, Zaira, hobbitmage, Jon K, lewstrs and EVERY SINGLE LAKERNATION SOLDIER who still have FAITH and who STILL BELIEVE that OUR LAKERS will DIG DEEP, STEP UP, BATTLE BACK...AND WIN THIS CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(30) Nemaia Faletogo - Give the Celtics credit, they just beat us to the punch time and time again last night. All that matters right now is game 6 in our house. Celtics won 2 in a row at home and now the Lakers need to do the same. But for now it's only about game 6. There's no excuses to be made, the Lakers as Kobe said just need to man up and play, period.
(31) ART-FL LAKERS FAN - But if the Lakers win the next 2 games some of you are going to look pretty silly. The rallying call should be 'Remember 1988'.
Lakers down 3-2 against the rough and tumble Pistons, go on to win 2 in LA.
It ain't over till it's over. And when it's over, whichever way it goes, go easy on the "I told you so's". Your fellow Laker blogsters are going to feel bad enough.
(32) LATOPIA - Lakers take Game 7. JUST GET THERE
(33)GILBERT BATUNG - Hopefully they'll win one, then extend it to two
Then they'll's so much fun when you come back
and win it for YOU ( Lakers diehard).
(34) MARK G - well at least we're Commin' Home Baby tp://
(35) HOMECOURT -Why do we play 82 games before the playoffs start? At this point in the playoffs, does anyone care that Lebrick received MVP during the season? We fought for 82 games to get HOME COURT. We have it! In a 2-2-1-1-1 format, home court should be up 3-2 after 5 games. In the 2-3-2 format, home court is down 3-2. I'm not worried at all. This series is playing out exactly how the NBA wants it to. Game 7 is guaranteed.Watch for Jordan and Brown to have big impacts at home. Jordan looks like he wants this one bad. He may make some horrible decisions, but he is playing with a lot of heart. Especially with little man Nate barking in his ear. That's not going to happen in LA. Big Baby will be put down for his nap. Nate will shrink into the floor. And Perkins or/and Sheed will get a tech for arguing with Jack!
(36) LAKERMIKE - This blog will live on thanks to the TRUE LAKER FANS who never quit, never give up, never stop believing, never fail to support the team... PERIOD! The fickle will come and go. The trolls will come and go. Permanent residents of this blog are limited to the TRUE LAKER FANS. As you challenge the Lakers to "man-up" and be all they can be in Game 6, perhaps it is time to make the same challenge to that face in the mirror.
(37) EDWIN GUECO - Lack of mental toughness, physically inferior, bad bench whatever the reasons we could think of.....Lakers will still prevail in Game 6 at home and carry it thru Game 7. Nobody will cheer for the Lakers except the real Laker fans.
(38) COMPLEX_BROTHA - GOOD MORNING MM and the Blog Cru !!!!!!!!!!! excuse me, let me clear my throat....... wait for it....... LAKER NATION STAND UP !!!!!! NOT IN OUR HOUSE !!!! NOT FOR A RING !!!!! NOT TO DAMN DAY !!!!!! WE GOT THIS !!!!!! This is what seperates our "bandwagon" followers and Poser fans... I spit on the grave of ANY so called Laker fan that even has nerve to THINK.. Anything LESS Than a Title in 2010 is out of reack or a longshot !!! DUH THIS... THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE'VE ALL WANTED !!!! A Slugfest with Boston, the so called most impressive defensive team in the playoffs, IN OUR BACKYARD, ON OUR TEAMS, IN FRONT OF OUR CITY !!!!! Complex... why are you yelling??? BECAUSE !!!! WE ARE THE FREAKIN LAKERS !!! Its time for EVERYONE COAST TO COAST TO BOW DOWN !!! HEAR ME HATERS !!!!! You are about to experience the strength of LAKER PRIDE !!!!!!!
(39) J24(LADYJEM24) - Well those were two ugly games. Lakers' offense and defense were horrendous. But enough with the analysis. Two home games are better than nothing. Win game 6 and we're on the right track, nobody said it was going to be easy. Now let's do this, I BELIEVE!
(41) D(EREK) J(ETER)
(43) THE OUTLAW - Two shots at redemption. Two games for the only prize that matters. Don't let them celebrate on our home court. No. Can't happen. Kobe, it's time for some supernatural stuff. I still believe. Go Lake Show!
(45)DWNTWNATTY - Everybody on the Lakers not named Kobe, plays better at home. Remember, prior to Ray Allens historical game 2 performance, the Lakers have not lost at home this playoffs. Obviously it is do or die time, but I believe the Lakers will DO! who's coming with me!!!!!!!
(46) ROCKY - Game 6, Game 6, Game 6, Game 6, Game 6-----Nothing else matters except 4 qtrs of hell for the Celtics in game 6. 48 minutes of ALL OUT hustle, effort, intensity, execution, everything. We need to throw everything at the Celtics, even if that means putting Mbenga in there to drop kick Big Baby. Even if it means Shannon Brown has to clothesline Nate Robinson. Seriously though, we will take some big punches in game 6. We have to keep our heads and keep fighting. We have to have a 2-track mind right now; Game 6-keep fighting, Game 6-keep fighting, Game 6-keep fighting.....All out-Game 6!
We can do this! Go Lakers! It's not over!
(47) LURKER - We are where we need to be - both the Lakers and the fans.
Our collective mental toughness is being tested. Are you up to the challenge?
I am!!!! 2-3-2. Nothing has been decided. This is not over by a long shot. Overcoming demons (literally, not metaphorically in this case) is supposed to be hard. We will prevail!!!
(48) GANAPIA - We love the sport and we love the Lakers, we love to see 0.4 shots, 0.7 tip in shots, bank shots at the end of the buzzer, key steals, key blocks and overall we love to see our Lakers winning. If we win 2 more games we will win the ring. Thats the only truth. Fasten your seatbelts, Let's get ready for Game 6!!
(49) DEWEY - With their backs to the wall, the Lakers will be focused the entire time -- a constant problem and frustration with this team. Focused Laker team = win at home. So, I think we are going to win two games at home and break a lot of Bostonian hearts. My prediction: Game 6 will be a tough street brawl with the Celtics still energized from Game 5 and the Lakers still looking for their mojo. Down by 4 at half, the Lakers pull away in the three quarter and fourth quarters and win 97-90. Game 7 will be a statement game. With the Celtics running on fumes and the Lakers smelling a championship, the Lakers will take a 9 or 10 point lead into halftime and then blow the doors off in the third quarter. Adam Morrison and DJ get a minute of burn at the end of the game and the Lakers win the title 105-88. Book it Dano. Game 7 will be a statement game with the Celtics playing on fumes
(50) DAXMDD - Lakers will bounce back in 6 & 7. The Bench will have a monster game.
(52) BONEZ - It's really funny how the laker blog is like a big rollercoaster ride... we win and we are on a HIGH...we lose and the world is on top of us!
All the real laker fans will show there true colors in moments like this and support the team. We played ok for the 3 road games had a chance to steal both we lost but ran out of gas. I still expect us to beat them quite easy in game 6 tho. For all the pierce is better than Kobe head to head talk... it isn't him who is killing us. Their bench has played really well at home (ours has disappeared on the road) and that will be nullified once we get back home. Our starting 5 is better and has how played their starting 5. I expect this to continue....ohh... Lakers your 2010 champs!
(53) NEWMEXICOLAKERLIFER - They won their two at home and one here, now it's our turn for some HOME COOKING. Our laker's respond very well when our backs are against the wall.We've got the greatest coach and the greatest player, and with that we will win it all. Go Laker's. we all are behind you!!!
(54) MALAM69 - nobody mentioned this stat...but here is is: Lakers missed 9 FTs!! those were abosulute gimmies! and we lost by 6 points!!!! now u see where the game is lost??Again, even though it seems we played the worst game, we lost the game from the missed FT's!!!!!Please point this stat to all the lakers players. THey shouldnt feel bad. THey should try hard, attack the baskett and make the FT's./ I am sure, the referries will few calls on our side.
(55) YELLOWFEVER - know optimism is extremely hard these days but lets keep it together! vent all you want but TRUE JUDGEMENT DAY should come after the series is over.. until then i'm tryin to remain as tightlipped as possible.
dont fret about game 5.. stern already had it scripted... hes gonna make sure he gets a game 7 and stern ALWAYS gets what he wants.. it would take a monumental choke in game 6 for lakers to lose and not force 7.. we are all just pawns so dont let stern control your lives your emotions and your livelihood..
KEEP THE FAITH!! ONE GAME AT A TIME.... winning 2 at home wont be easy but we will be favored both games...
(56)AC - The problem is not that the Lakers can't beat the Celtics. The problem is that the lakers player don't think they can. All along, I've felt that this team has the power to beat the celtics, but when times get tough they fold. Maybe this was becuase they were playing 3 games in Boston, but mentally they need to snap out of this by tomorrow. They need to all start believing again just like us fans believe in them. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a break out game, and about 3-4 people can start playing well together. Have you noticed, none of the Lakers have had GREAT games with one another? We are due for one, and I think coming home will favor us. If you guys noticed, the smile on Lamar's face postgame seemed priceless when he was talking about coming home. I have a feeling he will play much better. It's not about doing it folks, it's about believing you can do it. It's time to turn this ship around real quick! I believe, do you?
(57) PURPLE HEART - Don't get your panties in a bunch fellas. Both teams have done exactly what they were "suppose" to do. Lakers still hold home court advantage. Yes none of us wanted this thing coming back to LA, and especially not down 3-2. We will win Game 6, and then it's so on for Game 7. I will take the home team, with the best player in the universe - any day of the year.
(61) NOAH - I'm still believing.. Justa's mantra: WE GOT THIS! All will be answered in 30 hours.
(62) STAPLES24 - ONE heart (FISHER), ONE Leg (Bynum), ONE WILL (KOBE), and ONE GREAT FAN (Jack)!!! is all it takes to WIN GAME 6 and 7 at Staples Center!
63) DALLAS - still feel with the crowd behind them, in most likely 2 more games, they can still pull this thing out; I doubt the C's can shoot another game, esp. out here, at a 56% clip. And I doubt Pau, Fish & LO will all be non factors this time around. Pride & embarrassment can do a lot to a player to prove they are not as bad as they last showed.
Even tho' Bosh is not as big, I like his quickness, intensity & aggressiveness over Bynum's size all day long. So yea, Lakers in 7 as I originally said! Knew they, nor the C's would ever win it in 5!
(64) LAKERGURL4LIFE - OKC, could we please borrow some of your fans because the only thing more quiet than Laker fans at the staples center is an empty arena! PUMP UP THE VOLUME, your team is depending on you!!!!!!!!!! (63)


Is it 6:00 PM yet?

L.A. will be one loud city tonight.

Go, Lakers!


1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - RINGS!!!


This has been an emotional toll for me.

Win or lose, Lakers are my team since the days of Elg and Jerry. Three Finals in a row, wow, with more to come, wow. Thursday night, about 9pm PT, introducing to you your 2010 World Champion Los Angeles Lakers!

Good Morning Justa, Complex_Brotha, HalosAnt, DaxMDD, Hobittmage, LongTimeLakerLover, RickFriedman, J24(LadyJem24), Tim-4-Show, ILoveLA, Ouchhh, IloveLA, Cru'. THIS IS FREAKIN IT!!!
Forget the past it’s over and thru, You can still win a title, but it’s up to you
At the Staples you may play 2 more, Win ,you the Champ, lose you done for
Don’t call on Kobe he did his best, You other so-called Lakers failed the test
You got 15 Rings and are full of it, The Celtics got 17 and aint taking SPIT!!
Be careful what you ask for, someone said, You asked, you got, you amost dead
But like Lazarus, you can arise agin, Kick some @zz and a title win
I may sound mad, Yes it’s true, But you’re my damn Lakers and I’m riding to you
I started in the beginning, will stay to the end, And I still have FAITH U can win
I’m with you even if this title you flunk, But please LA Lakers don’t go out like PUNKS
No one wins forever that much as true, But ask yourself who the Hell are you
You’re Magic and Kareem, Mikan & West, You personify class, you are the Best
Now Rise up my Lakers, get off the floor, You been knocked down & came back before
What you need you already got, It’s just a matter of if you use it or not
Go into Staples, look in the air, what do you see hanging there
15 banners made of cloth & thread, There due to the blood,sweat & tears that were shed
If you win this title, you make history, Lose and for some History on this team you’ll be
I’m a LakerHolic and I’m with U till the end, They knocked you down, get Up, U still can win
Now shake off this BS loss and show those Celtic MF’s who’s the Freakin Boss
You don’t have to travel you’ll play before friends, Win 2 more games & to hell the Celtics send
That’s all I got, it’s up to you, You the Freakin world champion Lakers, WHAT U GONNA DUE
We’re the World Champion LA Lakers , we’ve won 15 Rings
10 of the 50 Greatest players played under our wings
We’ve had 3 Lakers Dynasties and now are starting on 4
That’s 2 better than any NBA team ever had before
The best Winning Percentage in History, can’t ask for more
You want Hall of Fame Coaches, Check it, we’ve had four
We got the Finals MVP, By the name of Name Kobe Bryant
He scored more points than an entire team without even trying
He scored 81 points in a game & could have scored more
But Rings not number of points is what he plays for.
We got The Logo Jerry West & First Great center George Mikan
The Legendary Elgin Baylor & Magic Johnson the Icon.
We’ve had all great centers like Shaq, Wilt & of course Kareem
Super guards Worthy, Goodrich & Silk played on the Laker team
Karl Malone & Gary Payton, A glove & Mailman we just leased
A 10 time Title Winning Coach who mastered Zen in the East
Chick Hearn the Legend, Broadcasted our Lakers Games
Now he’s Broadcasting from Heaven & is in the Hall of Fame
We got Sports Winningest & Best Owner, Kudos Dr. Jerry Buss
We play for Rings & Rings only , which is why teams fear us.
That’s just a summary of our Resume, we don’t talk we Do.
You’re The Freaking Champion Lakers, Celtics Who the Hell are You

never - feeling you - I haven't been able to come on here the last few days. Didn't watch any TV either. I just can't take the negativity and stupid biased hype.

Tonight, my friend - that feeling ends tonight.

VU VU ZELAS all night tonight at Staples!!!

I stated yesterday that had only one other Laker came out with half the Heart & Hunger that Kobe displayed we would've won Game5.

The Celtics and their fans KNOW this is a fact.

Kobe ONCE AGAIN scored AT WILL and put up 38pts AGAINST YOU AND IN YOUR HOUSE and you couldn't do ANYTHING to STOP HIM. Even with the LACK of offensive production, we ONLY lost by SIX POINTS!

NOW... We're HOME, and if you honestly believe that the rest of the TEAM won't step up and that you can keep Kobe from doing the EXACT SAME THING to you... Well... DELUSIONAL would be an understatement, that's for sure...

Tarugo isn't a Ceptics fan. I think he's a Snaq or Queen fan, or just anti-kobe. If you go back 4 years ago, he was rubbing losses in our noses. Pretty much just a troll

a true definition of the word "Loser" is a person who spells "Loser" as "looser"

man that's just pathetic right there, you should put your head back in the toilet Tarugo, oxygen isnt doing you any good at all!


good morning mamba24!

today will b a good day for us Lakers.

Lakers today, Laker Tomorrow, Lakers FOREVER!!!!!!

>>>Freakin' Kobe tanking our team again! Playing ballhog so he gets the glory
>>> but messing up our chances!

Damn, the Kobe haters have really come out of the woodwork.

Let me reiterate this:

Kobe passed to his teammates for the first half and they stunk up the game. In the 3rd quarter Boston started to pull away. Kobe took over TO KEEP THE LAKERS IN THE GAME.

If Kobe hadn't gone off in the 3rd, if he'd have just kept passing to Artest and Gasol and Fisher and such, the Lakers would have lost by 25.

THE ONLY REASON THE LAKERS HAD A CHANCE to win the game in the 4th is because Kobe kept them close. THE ONLY REASON.

So get off your high horse and assign the blame where it belongs. Pau's 4-11 shooting before garbage time? soft. Odom's matador defense? soft. Artest's failed layup AND failed free throws that could have cut the game to 3 with a minute left? soft. Farmar's 0-4 shooting? soft. Fisher's 0-2 shooting in the second half? soft.

Now to be fair, all of those guys did some positive things as well (Fish beating KG on a jump ball? Odom's rebounding? ), and Kobe's 4 turnovers was a negative. But if just ONE of the other starters would have played up to their level, the Lakers win the game. Just ONE. If Pau scores 20, they win. If Artest hits 5-9 OR holds Pierce to 20, they win. If Bynum gets 10 rebounds instead of 1 rebound, they win. If Fish hits 4-9 (including 2 3-pointers, which is supposed to be something he provides), they win.

Kobe was the only starter to play up to his level. Stop trying to blame the one guy who doesn't deserve it.

And let me add to that last post.

You can bet that the Celtics won't be able to hold 4 Laker starters down that much for two games in a row. Someone will step up tonight. Likely more than one someone.

Justa - I was off TV and internet from Friday through Monday, and it was great. Had other things going on, and it took my mind off all the negativity. I was able to relax and just chill. I get that.

So, so amped for tonight!!


if any of you guys out there think this series ends any other way besides Kobe getting his 5th ring, youre high. We have the greatest coach in the world and the greatest player of all times. Kobe is more hungry than all the celtics combined

The worst of times has pass (playing in Boston)
The best of times is here (Staples Center)...
Home is where the heart is.... so never, never
underestimate the heart of a champion....LAKERS WIN, LAKERS WIN!

LA was down 3-2 against Sacramento in the 2002 Western Conference Finals...That was a very good Kings team to, plus they had to go to Sacramento for game 7....So coming back from a 3-2 deficit can be done, but Kobe needs some help....Guys need to hit some outside shots...


Last time Bynum played at Staples two games after getting his knee drained, the guy played incredible.

Hoping for a repeat performance by Bynum

I just hope Kobe doesn't tank his team again just to make a point. The last time he took a lot of shots and made them in a loss and got called out for it in the Thunder series he stopped playing the next game and threw Pau and Andrew under the bus when they couldn't hit jack. This is an ELIMINATION GAME Kobe, don't throw your fits along with the season away just because you want to "prove" how valuable your scoring is. Is your ego really more important than us winning #16? Kobe's biggest fear is that Pau might get the Finals MVP which is ridiculous. It's hard to forget how Kobe smarted every year Shaq won Finals MVP. Is it a wonder that at the very same time Pau was getting praised as being the best big man in the NBA including from our own president that Kobe enlisted in his one-man-army and denied Pau any rhythm in getting into his game? We know Pau, Andrew and even Lamar can play. The problem is when they get no plays set for them and their own points are from offensive rebounds, bail-out dishes when Kobe's dribbled into trouble, or when they have to make their own plays. That's not team play, that's ballhog play and this is why we haven't already won the series. Celtics are old and tired, we have way more talent then they, and yet they are leading. I'll never forget the 2004 Finals when we had 4 future Hall of Famers and we couldn't beat a team that will have ZERO. Not only that but they beat us three straight times in the middle games, something rarely done, as well as at Staples. Why? Because Kobe wouldn't share the ball, that's why. Not passing into the paint for Shaq because he needed to be Finals MVP and what happened? We lost, that's what! You thrown Pau garbage passes to bail you out and no wonder he gets his shot blocked 3 times! We need to run some plays for him, as well as everyone else. Any of these "scorers" can score, whether it's Durant, Wade or LeBron. But what sets us apart from the Thunder, Heat and Cavs is got true talent, heart and experience. But all that goes to waste if Kobe doesn't trust his teammates or think they're good only when he gets triple teamed. Fact is, we need ALL of the Lakers to play good to win, not just Kobe. And when he takes all the shots, hits them, and we STILL lose, that should tell him something.

Band Together Blog Bros

There's power in the Laker spirit. Tonight they play in our house and they've already used up their one road win.

We're the champions, and they'll have to take that from our cold dead hand.

It wouldn't surprise me if this goes 7. It is in the best interest of the NBA.. I just hope the refs let them play and don't take either team out of the game.


Do you know you can ban *ALL* of Spain via the IP address?

Send me an email and I'll tell you how.


Now tell us how you REALLY feel, don't hold back this time... LOL!


Chris Mollno

>>> Guess what, even with Kobe scoring almost ALL of our Lakers points in the
>>>3rd, the Celtics EXTENDED their lead.

Okay, let's examine that statement to show why you're wrong.

What happened in the third quarter:

The third opened with the Celtics leading by 6. Rondo made a layup. Garnett blocked Pau's layup (I'll point out that this was one of THREE LAYUPS that Pau had blocked in the quarter). Then Pierce hit a 3-pointer. Now the Lakers had an 11 point lead. And had just OWNED Pau, their second best option. That's when Kobe took over.

From the time that Kobe took over until the end of the quarter, the Lakers REDUCED the lead from 11 back to 8 points.

Note that Kobe was only dominating the offense from about 11:00 to about 6:00 of the third - only about a 5 minute stretch. The rest of the quarter, the ball went more to other Lakers than Kobe. Other than Kobe, Sasha made the only shot he took, and Pau hit 2 for 6 in the quarter (Kobe was 7-8 plus 2 made free throws). Odom was 0-1 and missed two free throws when he got fouled on his other shot.

I'll point out that several times, Pau was passed the ball in the post and passed it off. It's not that he "didn't get enough touches". There were times that he had the ball and could have created a shot, but he failed to do that.

So your statement is completely wrong. Over the period that Kobe was dominating the ball, the Lakers reduced the lead by 3 points. And with how every other Laker was shooting, if he hadn't taken over, they probably would have gone down by 20.

Here's another comforting thing...

If Tim Donaghy was a betting man, then he'd put his money on the Lakers tonight.

Oh wait, just realized the hidden joke there... ha ha ha

But yeah, he's on record as saying the league wanted this series to go 7.

Aka Tim Conseco (as one of you called him)

@Chris Mollno - Kobe Bryant will not let this team punked by Ceptics. Kobe Bryant is a WINNER! if players cant play to his level then they should ask for release this summer.


I hope this is one of the Celtic trolls posting as you ltll. If not, you're showing both that you're completely ignorant of what happened in the game on Sunday and you're showing that you're not a Laker Lover at all.

If you did love the Lakers, then you would love that when they were floundering and the Celtics were trying to turn the game into a blowout, the Lakers best player took the team on his shoulders and carried them to keep them close enough to at least have a CHANCE for a comeback.

If you're a Kobe hater, then of course you would hate that Kobe took more shots than Pau (who was shooting 4-11 before garbage time). If you're truly a Laker lover, then you wouldn't CARE who took the shots, as long as it gave the team the best chance to win. Kobe carrying the team through the 3rd gave the Lakers their best chance to win. PERIOD. It wasn't a matter of "ballhogging". It was a matter of carrying his teammates when they were playing poorly.

Actually, if you think about it... this has been scripted PERFECTLY.

Any decent script writer will tell you that just before conclusion and resolution, things reach a low point for the hero. So up until this point, you had Hero living in hero land, things were great, then evil struck and things looked scary. The hero struck back, but somehow through fate or whatever, the hero blew it (get it, not evil winning, but the hero actually shooting himself in the foot)... things look beyond repair, and then suddenly with about 15 minutes left to go in the movie, the hero finds a way to fix the problem.

Hero wins. Audience goes home happy.

Sh88t, only in Hollywood

Lakers will win the next two games! It will be a classic Game 7 win for the annals of history!


Although there are still nine hours remaining until Game 6 begins, I have weathered the valley between games 5 & 6, thanks in no small part to the spirited community here on this blog.

Game 4 loss was a disappointment that I struggled to accept. But, Game 5 loss was a blow. Sent me realing. A real gut-check.

Thanks to you all (you know who you are) who bouyed my spirits and kept me off the ledge of despair!

Win or lose, ALWAYS a LAKERS fan. But I much, MUCH prefer winning.


Sorry LTLL, I saw the text and the sig and didn't notice that you were quoting tarugo. My apologies. THough my first impression was right - it wasn't you, it was the statement of a Celtic troll.


here in US everyone knows Spain sucks in Football, did you hear the news this morning on ESPN?

You can watch almost any movie out there and you will see that exact pattern

If anybody is going to the game tonight, and you've got a "Bangin' with Mbenga"
shirt, it would be nice to see on TV.

Go Kobe!
Go Lakers!!!

@ Tim-4-Show

Sounds like a BLOCKBUSTER to me... Let's go ahead and option that for Legendary Pictures and make sure to distribute in 3D...


r u trying to wipe out spain? :-)


I am a LAKERS FAN. When Kobe got hot in the third period of Game 5, my only reservation was that I feared he might have started his assault too early. The way things were going, it seemed the Lakers would need that burst to continue well into the 4th quarter.

Any TRUE LAKER fan knows EXACTLY what I am talking about.



No worries, although I was getting ready to let you know it FOR SURE wasn't me! I can't stand those Celtic trolls. Funny, haven't seen too many of them in here today! Hmmmm.... Could it be they don't want to crow about their team and then have to deal with the flack of a smack down? I think yes.

I could never, EVER, hate my team. I stick with them through thick and thin. Losses, bad losses, demoralizing losses, and all the good stuff too! I bleed PnG baby, never doubt it.


I'm sure most of you feel the same, but games 3-5 were a toss up. I never completly felt confident that we would win any of those games.

Tonight, however, I feel 100% confident this will be a BLOW OUT win.

Lakers by double digits tonight. Most of the starters will be pulled by the 6 minute mark in the 4th. Kobe with another 30 point game. Pau and Odom with double doubles. Drew, with limited minutes due to the blow out, with 5+ blocks. and with all of that, for some reason, ignorant fans will still come to the blog and demand fisher/artest to be traded. Laughable.

Go Lakers!

Morning kids..

1. Fear is the cheapest room in the house.

2. Lakota warriors singing "It's a good day to die" as they engaged the enemy.

3. Picture that radiance in the eyes of our Lakers tonight.

Good morning everyone!

PLEASE put me on the "I Believe" bandwagon. I think we're in a MUCH better situation being down 3-2 now than in 2008. The crowd better be rockin' tonight cause we're going to need EVERY ounce of energy and support to win tonight's game!

Let's Go Lake Show!

go Drogba. go Dunga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Staples needs 20,000 Vu Vu Zela's for the next 72 hours!!!!!!!!!!

Celtics want the Championship more and play better defense. The Lakers point totals have dropped each game as the Celtics crank-up the D pressure. There is no reason to believe tonight will be different.


Tarugo is not a Celtic troll. He's an anti-kobe troll. Why else would he be here back in 2005 and 2006 rubbing our faces in losses and gloating about Shaq winning titles? (Celtics were literally THROWING games back then)

"There is no reason to believe tonight will be different."

Um, change of venue perhaps? Cross country flight + game within 48hrs of previous game?

You may want to go back to school and graduate with something more than opinion.

No way Boston loses the title! The Celtics are aiming for the jugular and will be taking title #18 home.

The whole laker team is Kobe and everyone else. Therin lies the problem. On any given night, 4 or 5 different Celtics can lead the team stat wise.

While Kobe is a phenomenal player the Lakers have been outplayed and outcoached by Doc Rivers and the Celtics. I am not being mean or nasty, just stating what I believe to be true. after steamrolling through Cleveland and Orlando, how can the Celtics lose?

I believe tonight Rondo will be the difference maker in dismantling the lakers. Nobody is fast enough to keep up with him and the kid plays with mad heart. I'm serious, I just can't see how the Celtics can lose this series.

"Bryant just became the first player in NBA history to score at least 600 points in three consecutive postseasons. And Bryant’s shooting Sunday night sure looked inspiring: A little boy in a green Kevin Garnett No. 5 Celtics shirt began offering his support as Bryant’s shots kept dropping, glancing to his left with big smiles at the tall man in the white Lakers cap seated next to him: Bryant’s father, Joe."

At home, the Lakers are as good as gold

Seriously, can someone dock Odom and Artest's paycheck? Artest couldn't hit the Pacific Ocean standing on the beach. The Celtics defensive scheming has been nothing short of brilliant. Despite Kobe's 2nd and 3rd QTR scoring spree, the Celtics extended their lead with ease. Defense wins championships. Go Celtics!

Seriously, can someone dock Odom and Artest's paycheck? Artest couldn't hit the Pacific Ocean standing on the beach. The Celtics defensive scheming has been nothing short of brilliant. Despite Kobe's 2nd and 3rd QTR scoring spree, the Celtics extended their lead with ease. Defense wins championships. Go Celtics!

@ GF ~~ ???? . . .

You wrote, "Celtics want the Championship more and play better defense. The Lakers point totals have dropped each game as the Celtics crank-up the D pressure. There is no reason to believe tonight will be different." (Posted by: gf | June 15, 2010 at 09:12 AM )


Are you kidding me?!!
--When Ray Allen went off in Game 2, did you believe "there was no reason to believe" that Game 3 "would be different?" Check out Ray in Game 3 then get back to me.
--When Rajon Rondo ("the world's greatest pointguard) went for a Triple-Double in Game 2, did you believe "there was no reason to believe" that future games "would be different?" Check out Rondo's stats in Games 3-5 then get back to me.
--When Big Baby drooled off in Game 4, did you believe "there was no reason
to believe" that Game 5 "would be different?" Check out the Big Bib in Game 5 then get back to me.

The Lakers have RESPONDED to challenges along the way. The energy and "home court advantage" were too much to overcome in Game 5. But then again, that "will be different" in Games 6 & 7, won't it?

YOU may have "no reason to believe", revealing to us all that you are in absolutely no danger of injuring your brain due to overwork. Good health to you tonight.



>>> because of the LIVE CHAT, to post and reload on the same thread can be difficult. that will help many posters that r not on the LIVE CHAT. tx

Just open a 2nd browser window and load the blog onto both browsers, one for the live game chat and one for the regular thread. It'll work like a charm. I do that when I'm writing my posts so I can easily refer back in one browser while working in the other.

The Celtics are a team. The Lakers are a Hall of Fame prima donna, an All Star power forward who may or may not show up, and a bunch of also ran players. The Celtics core players have all benefitted from playing together for a few years and they buy into the mantra that it takes a team effort to win. Stifling defense.

Does anyone think the NBA has turned into the WWF? The refs seem to have such a major influence on the games. It almost seems like the 7th game is preordained and if the script follows suit then the Lakers win tonight and then maybe they just let'em play game 7 to determine who's champ. That way max revenue is generated, lots of press & drama and a storybook ending for the ages one way or another. I'd love to see Kobe hit a 3, down by 2 to win by 1 as time expires in game 7. The stuff legends are made of. Am I a whacked out conspiracy theorist or do others think I may be on to something?

"Just like two years ago, the Celtics have proven to be the tougher team – mentally and physically. And just like two years ago, this is a reflection of the coaches. Once again, Rivers is getting the best of Jackson."

hawaii D -

If the Celtics lose tonight it will no doubt be because the officiating takes them out of the game. If this occurs it will lend much credence to the idea that this finals is being scripted. If they let them play the Celtics will have their way with the Lakers the way they did in game 5. Both games the Celtics lost were caused by early ticky tacky calls that put their starters in foul trouble, on the bench, and unable to find a rhythm.

"Stifling defense"

we all know that those are fouls if played by Lakers. Hacking, Over The Back and Going Under during Rebounds are fouls.

Referees don't call those fouls because theyre might be no players left on Ceptics...

hawaii D,

That's exactly what I feel. I'm with you. Lakers take game 6 and game 7 will be the team that can play through more contact wins the series. Maybe even some ejections in game 7.

MORNING , Mamba, Justa, Rick, ouchhhhhhhh,Tim,Blow Out ,Noah, hobbitmage ( wait, if i keep going, isnt that the poor mans roll call? ahem, far as im concerned, theres only one gate keeper when it comes to that right Lar ? )

HI CRU !!! I'm soooooooooooooooooo amp'd I went on a 3 1/2 mile run to spend some energy and calm down lmaoooooooo Man, I feel like a caged animal.. unlike many, I actually have ZERO DOUBT IN MY MIND who will win the game tonight... NONE.. I had bad Karma Fri night so I figured we'd lose Sunday.. but TODAY?? Naw Haters.. TODAY IS A GOOD DAY !!! Im so sure about tonight.. I made an insane bet with 3 Boston fans so if you guys see a well dressed homeless man wandering around Staples this summer.. stop and say Hi or buy me a Bomb Pop.. I dont see that happening.. I see me having my cake and eating it too !!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I wanna go punch something !!!!! Thank God for Medical Mari... ohhh nevermind lmaoooooooooooo

I'm Awake


Top Ten Reasons that Home Court at Staples Makes a Difference.

1. Have yet to hear of a single playoff team who prefers to play a closeout game on the road.

2. Officials are human and are influenced by crowd reactions and energy.

3. Players can "borrow" energy from home crowd enthusiasm.

4. Noise can create confusion when communication is vital. Home crowds inflict noise factor on visiting teams in a timely manner.

5. Routines and comfort zones are abundant and clear.

6. Bench and role players feed of positive input at home, whereas they often wilt under negative input on the road.

7. Security ~ Abraham Maslow ascerted it as the highest human basic need.

8. Absence of the eroding effects of the rigors of travel and dulling boredom of hotel waits.

9. No Leprechauns.

10..... JACK


OK Fans, time to channel the 1988 Lakers and the greatest Laker of All Time, Magic Johnson:

"What time is it, guys?"


For those of you too young to know about "winnin' time," it was the end of games/seasons when Magic would just look into his teammates eyes and remind them "it's winnin' time." The idea was to pick it up and impose their will on the other time.

This week is "Winnin' Time" in LA!!!!!!!!!! Just like the 80's!




It's just wrong to expect that I will actually get any work done today.

Is it 6PM yet?

Let's go, LAKERS!!!

lol @ whitemamba's boston sucks post ... u almost made my day but we need a win 2nite to complete it

I saw a we got faith in a win 2nite bandwaggon ... pls add me to it

and if any laker player happens to be reading this blog ... dude wtf, u should8 nba be getting ready/rest for the game ... but let it be said that the sheriff's office thinks 3 str8 nba finals and a shot at giving your fans a game 7 tonight is an achievement you should all be proud of

We're a better team than the 3-2 indicates ... and lord knows the refs seem to call touch fouls on us and call every 4th tackle on the celtics ... but it's understandable since they can't have a 70-20 free throw disparity which is what we'd have if they called the green weanies on every hooligan tactic

Mamba24, you called sweep at the beginning of this series and I was skeptical ... tonight I'm tossing my hat into the sweep the celtics bucket ... our boys are fighting on arrival ... they're fighting for survival ... and staples center will be there with them every step of the way

24 + 16 + [3|1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age

Game day.

And I want to see some fire from this team which has been lacking. They need to crush morales and break spirits tonight.

I'm not talking about premature celebrations of the Shrek and Donkey variety; I mean, when Bynum blocks a shot I want the mic to pick up: "GET THAT WEAK STUFF OUTTA HERE!". When Gasol shoots the j over KG, taunt him in Spanish.

They're playing for their lives. Some are playing for contracts. But, most of all, they're playing to be amongst the legends, and to make history.

Crush 'em.

I'm really pissed at the lackluster, uninspired, sloppy play we've seen from the Lakers in most of this series. It's like they're not really all that interested in winning another title...and I don't get that.

Damn, I wish we still had Trevor Ariza. I'm sure he would have contributed a lot in terms of steals and overall defense. I miss him!

The Lakers had better step up their play BIG TIME tonight...

Just be happy that you are part of the greatest rivalry in sports – even if it is on the losing side.

Posted by: LakerTom | June 14, 2010 at 11:11 PM


LOL ... you are so myopic. I thought we were 9-2 vs the Lakers in the Finals. Or do you keep your own unoffical stats? If you consider 9-2 being on the losing side, I hope we lose again and make it 10-2.

- Rajon Rondo coming up with a steal and finishing the play with an easy lay-up: $500.

- Ray Allen hitting a "dagger" 3-pointer to sunk the fakers late in the game: $350.

- Kobe "rat-face" Bryant's face getting even uglier in misery as the clock runs out: $300.

- Watching the Boston Celtics bringing the NBA title back home ( where it belongs ) after having won a record-18th world championship at the home of the los angeles fakers tonight: PRICELESS!!!

There are sonthings money can't buy. For everything else , there's the Boston Celtics , your 2010 NBA Champions!

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