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Lakers get back to practice, get ready for Celtics

The Lakers practiced Tuesday in preparation for Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics.

The Lakers watched film of the Celtics on Monday, but got back to work Tuesday, mostly working on their defense.

Kobe Bryant didn't practice because he was getting rest. Andrew Bynum didn't practice because he  his right knee was drained Monday. Bynum said he will practice Wednesday.

"Today was about defense, really," Derek Fisher said. "That's what it's going to take to win this series."

The Lakers finished practice with a five-on-five scrimmage.

-- Broderick Turner

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It is not enough to be a fan of the Lakers but it gets even more granular with factions inside Lakers fans. Take for example within Lakers blogmunity we have three major factions:

1. Bynum Faction. This faction is headed by BynumSwami aka LakerTom and his beloved flock of disciples who revere their Swami and his words of wisdom as the ultimate authority. These followers include #4, Noah, Fatty, Staples, Wallace, Justa, Marc B, BD, LakerMike and many more. Each morning they wake up in anticipation that their Swami will grace them with a nugget of wisdom to carry then through the day.

2. Kobe Faction: Although few in numbers but are steadfast in their loyalty to their Mamba king. They worship and adore their champion and would not hesitate to draw blood in the name of their Lord Supreme Kobe. The fans base include Phred, KBlitz, Ouuuuch & Rick F

3. Pau faction. This faction has over the past 2 years gained lots of momentum and a rising threat to the Bynum Faction and perhaps a demise of the BynumSwami falling from his high perch. KBlitz, Phred and Ricky.

4. Then we have renegade fans, they don’t belong to any faction but are equal opportunists for jumping on the bandwagon when convenient. These fans are Edwin Gueco, Jon K and Pang

5. Lastly, we have a fans of fans i.e mamba24 aka Larry the cable IT guy with a pocket protector, running around and cheering everyone, Out freaking standing, stop stop stop in the name if humanity.. ROFL.

and #6 --the dickwad faction... can I say that?


Let the Mind Games BEGIN!


OK, no more mind games. Let the REAL games begin. This is going to be one helluva series, people. Pau won't be surprised by the physicallity, Bynum will be mobile and amazing, our benchies will be up for te task as this all of their collective last chance to play for big money deals come the post season and I expect Kobe will be waging a personal war on the Celtic D. Odom and Artesy will be solid and I forsee Lakers in 6.

@LakerTom - Don't let the Trolls bog you down my man, they're just looking for a rise and I think MM was just using BUTLER to poke a little fun at our team after they got ripped for two games in Phoenix. Nothing wrong with that, and to be frank, I think BUTLER secretly likes our lil team from LA.

For a little fun, there's one heck of a 'Is Kobe the GOAT' on Land O Lakers. Lots of funny opinions and one dude calling Kobe 'the greatest rapist to ever play the game.' Imaginitive and wrong, he's the greatest 'alleged' rapist. That trash got thrown out with the rest of the garbage.

There will never be an end to the haters, Laker Blog Faithful, so it's on us to rise above and defeat them the same way our team does. By playing above their heads. As we head towards the Finals i expect lots of bad attitudes, lame comments and plain wrong things said here by the many Trolls (when it's this many Trolls, can't we call the Billy Goats Gruff and have them, y'know, take care of it?). Our positive attitudes are imparted through the H2O common in all humans to our team, make no mistake, but it's up to us to keep the vibe positive.

Laker fans of old would agree, so let's look to our heroes Chick, Magic, the Dr. and the whole Laker pantheon for inspiration. Would Chick have let anything anyone said ever infect his mood? Did Magic let all te negativity surrounding his HIV admission bring him down? Has the Dr. let all the hoopla affect his decision making in keeping this most excellent team together? No.

Nor should we let ourselves be brought down to the murky, dank under bridge where Trolls reside. Leave them to their caves and crevasses, I prefer the skies of victory.

Hall of Famer -

I'd like to switch factions, cuz you got me in the wrong place. You're so very smart, you should be able to figure it out. Set your mind to it, buddy - you'll get it.

@Hall of Famer

Maybe when archeologist revive the LAT server and come upon all of these factions they will conclude that os Angeles was, in fact, three different city-states. Each with a Lord Vassal whose crown shown brightly from the ramparts before each battle. The funny thing about these city-states, though, is they all have one common goal: Laker wins. 98/season to be exact, and since were about, O four wins away, I suppose these City-States and their vassals will draw blood in arms as one.

Just like the team does. It's OK to have a favorite guy on your team still, right?

@Hall of Famer

I mean, gosh now that you got me thinking, I can only count on both hands the number of times each of the posters you mention have gone out of their way to reaffirm the team over a player.

What was you point, anyhoo? More mind games?


I didn't even make the list(s). Just goes to show I should post at LEAST once per thread. Man, if only I had more time...

JAMIE... “@LakerTom - Don't let the Trolls bog you down my man, they're just looking for a rise and I think MM was just using BUTLER to poke a little fun at our team after they got ripped for two games in Phoenix. Nothing wrong with that, and to be frank, I think BUTLER secretly likes our lil team from LA.”
Great to hear from you, Jamie. I think the awarding of the RCOTD to a troll was just the type of brain fart we will have to expect from MM since he is not a Lakers fan. Were he running the Syracuse University basketball blog I seriously doubt that he would have awarded a RCOTD to a UConn troll. I love MM as a moderator but there are definitely times when he forgets who his clients and customers are, which a fan wouldn’t do.
As for the KamBros, I have nothing against them but I can hardly keep up with MM’s thread machine. I swear the guy has to have a clone or two helping out. Not even two Kamenetzkys could keep up with the guy. Prolific must be his middle name. Now if only he would learn to love the Lakers like we do. That would be perfect.

HMMMMM . . .

Well, I do not deny that I respect LakerTom and his analysis/observations on Lakers. Not sure I would call him the "Swami" anymore than he would want to be referred to as such, but no big deal. I've never been one for name-calling or labeling of others.

But, I would like to assert that I find myself in all THREE "factions" ~ if that is even possible. I have written here often in defense of Kobe, Pau, and Bynum. I am not a hater. And you can add Odom, Fisher, Artest, and DJ to the list of those I have supported in hard times.

Bottom line . . . I am a LAKERS fan.
--The minute a player leaves via Free Agency, they lose my loyalty (yes, even Rony Turiaf in GS and Fisher in GS/Utah).
--When a player is traded, I sometimes sympathize with them (Kwame for example) but still don't loyally support them.
--The only player I have ever cheered for after leaving the Lakers via a trade was Vlade Divac. He had a "no-trade" clause that threatened to keep Kobe from coming to the Lakers. After a couple of days, he told L.A. he would agree to go to Charlotte because he could see that is what L.A. wanted. I always thought that was big of him. (Of course, things changed once he played for Sac Kings!!!)

So perhaps, if you please HALL OF FAMER, we would better call it "loyalties" rather than "factions"? Factions are divisive and destructive, whereas Loyalties are allegiant and supportive.

We as Laker fans are united, although diversified.
We as Laker fans are in harmony, filling all the sweet sounds of fandom.
We as Laker fans are fanatics, not factions.



Click on the link to hear Michael’s poem. It is worth the effort.
Everybody has to hear this. Great Lakers poem.
You have to love Michael Thompson


yawn. I've been called the N word before and I'm not even black. Ya, I think I can withstand this label, lol.

apparently, this poster's been around for awhile. Ironic that he's our follower, no?

HOF- uh, right.


I'm not saying that your completely off base, but how you've allocated people into their factions is all !@#$% up. You might as well have a thrown Darts at a board when you picked.

LakerTom, keep doing what you do, you are still a good read!

I imagine we would have gotten along greatly on the basketball court.

-LakerTom- 1) I didn’t defend FCM on his comment of the day selection, and I think the quality of the COTD has as much to do with the timing of the comment as anything else, but if I had to delve into the depths of FCM’s noggin (or just read what he wrote) I think he used the COTD as a carrot to encourage people who we usually think of as trolls to aspire to higher levels of input. He won’t give you the comment of the day very often, because you don’t need the encouragement. Or so I figure. As to why he doesn’t post more of my comments, well, you’ve all read my comments.

I did defend FCM on his (not bad at all) article on the 2008 series. Not mentioning that would be rather silly, really.

2) the comment about Perkins vs Pau/Drew was just my paraphrase of Charlie Rosen’s article, which I included to try to make the point that it is possible to be so biased towards the Lakers than you sound like an idiot. Personally, I think a one on one contest between either Drew or Pau and Perkins would not be a contest, but it’s a team sport. Neither Pau nor Drew can do it by himself.

Re the conversation about the economic factors involved in NBA contracts, monopolies and salary cap fooforall; I’m going to talk about it without entirely being an expert on the subject or citing too many exact numbers, so my comment is worth exactly what it costs, but might be interesting anyway;

I agree that it would be nice to earn 7 figures to live the NBA players lifestyle; But if I might borrow a point from Jim Bouton’s ‘Ball Four’ (Greatest sports book ever, hands down,) about baseball salaries prior to free agency, the average American looks at the salary of say, Mickey Mantle (or Kobe Bryant, or Peyton Manning) and thinks that if he is making that much, a Tom Tresh (or a marginal NBA player/ D Leaguer or a non drafted free agent in the NFL) must be making something close, when in fact they are making a much lower amount. Nothing to sneeze at, but relative to the amount of competition they have to overcome to get to that point, not getting their fair market share. A salary cap or any kind of collusion by the ownership to limit salary is not fair play by anybody’s rules. Does it make basketball more competitive? Sure, but so does revenue sharing. And revenue sharing or even a luxury tax does not have the same impact as a salary cap does, because it does not impose an artificial limit to player salaries.

Sure, the top guys make great money regardless, but the guy who makes 10 or 20 thousand a year (less than me, and I make crap) to play in whatever version of the minor leagues the NBA has at the moment is not being fairly compensated, because the pool of money from which to pay salaries is artificially reduced. (Don’t even get me started on college basketball).
To be fair, at least the NBA links their salary cap to revenues and negotiates with players via collective bargaining as to what share of the revenue player salaries will be. But as in the lockout in 1999, the players union has very little leverage by which to negotiate, because the NBA basically (not technically exactly, that’s for bigger legal brains that mine) has a monopoly on the market of playing basketball competitively for money. The players can’t exactly go pick up their balls and say we’re going to go and play basketball for somebody else, even if every single basketball player in the US voted to do it.

So, I think it’s not quite fair. But no, it shouldn’t be even mentioned in the same context as slavery, at least as the institution existed in the United States. I’m not even going to discuss that.


Sorry I should have known better that all along belonged to #6 faction.

Cheers and what do you think of the up coming game? Any thoughts?

If people, KB and phred for example, are in more than one faction, doesn't that mean that they're really not in any faction?

#4... No problem. While I played point guard, I also loved to shoot and that was really my strength so you can be Magic and I will make like Kobe – at least in our dreams. LOL! A tale of two point guards. Actually, I was always loved by my teammates but bitterly hated by my opponents for my slashing and hacking defense. LOL! Sort of like how I am thought of on this blog. Always was and will always be a lightning rod for controversy.
What is ironic is that in the last year I have rarely posted exclusively about Drew. It’s the misrepresentations and smack from guys like Blitz that have distorted reality so bloggers actually believe that Drew is my favorite player and not KB24, who will always be my favorite current Laker until the day he hangs his sneakers up.

Noah - I'm still mad at you for not trying hard enough to get your boss to speed time up a bit. Seriously - he OWES the universe at least a day for that whole "stopping the sun in the sky" thing. That was for a fight - this is for an EPIC BATTLE. Come on man. Try again, ok?


It is just the season for trolls. Even loyal followers of the (once) Mighty Celtics cannot resist the allure of LakerLand. There are the long-timers here - Red and some guy who uses numbers as his name for some reason. Are those the numbers from LOST? I don't get it. Anyway, they are knowlegeable fans, seem like good guys. I can't hold their strange religion against them. Then there are the ones who just showed up when the Green Bandwagon started running.

You would think they would talk Celtic lore among their miserable green selves. But they have had so many years of irrelevance, and they have so many more year sof irrelevance coming as this group ages. So Boston fans drift off to talking hockey, or Red Sox, or whatever they watched while the Celtics sucked.

When it really comes time to talk hoops, they have to come to LakerLand. They have to visit the hoops capital of the world. With Boston joining us this year in the annual Los Angeles Lakers Invitational, also known as the NBA Finals, you can't blame Celtic fans from dropping in. Where else are they going to go? A Knicks blog??

I think based on the names he is using that HOFamer has been reading this blog at least two, three days before coming up with that list. Not reading it well, but reading it. I mean, it covers a whopping ten or fifteen names, if you include me and KB twice.

"The Annual Los Angeles Lakers Invitational"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! GREAT comment Tom Daniels!!!!

I'm reposting this cause it got lost in the rapidfire thread change...
Describing the wholehearted effort it takes (hopefully Thursday)

from Goethe:

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.

Whatever you can do
or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius,
power and magic in it.

PHRED... I would agree with you that some of the comments that won, including a couple of mine, were really not very insightful or worthy. That’s why I suggested that MM only issue the award when there was a worthy comment...or kobe comment...or magic comment... Anyway, as you say, it’s all in fun except for the losing. Oh, wait... Maybe it was all about the Love but then how do you explain my hatred for the Celtics? LOL!
Hall of Famer... LOL! I actually am not a swami...I’m an independent who usually votes Democratic. And my favorite player is Kobe Bryant but I have also posting highly biased and favorable comments defending (and at times criticizing) Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Derek Fisher, Jordan Farmar, and Shannon Brown. So please move me to the Lakers Fan category...with tendrils into the other factions. I know how to solve complex factions.

"The Annual Los Angeles Lakers Invitational"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! GREAT comment Tom Daniels!!!!

Posted by: justanothermambafan | June 01, 2010 at 03:46 PM

I second that.

"The Annual Los Angeles Lakers Invitational"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! GREAT comment Tom Daniels!!!!

Posted by: justanothermambafan | June 01, 2010 at 03:46 PM

I second that.

Posted by: phred | June 01, 2010 at 03:48 PM

Ditto. Does that make me a phred follower?

Rick Friedman -

The Lakers Finals wallpaper has to many Celtics on it for my liking.

Like I told you a couple of threads back, He's REALLY cranky. I'm not happy that you're mad at me.. but just imagine what His wrath is like..
He might move it up to Wednesday, but we'd all have to go sin free for the next 24 hours. I'm not optimistic...

Noah, where's the quote from, it from one of his novels? It sounds familiar
I read a couple of his novels but it was like a million years ago. Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship?

me edit not so good


That isn't exactly what i meant about QOTD. First, I don't think that there have been any QOTD that have been bad comments, but I think that FCM has stated that he uses the QOTD to try to encourage everybody to write thoughtful comments instead of instigating stuff. So he might be more likely to use an QOTD to encourage a person who usually trolls, like BUTLER, than to use it to set a standard or as an absolute judgment about what the most intelligent or best written comment actually was over the last 24 hours.

And Tom, as I always (or should always) say; love the game, love the players, love the fans, hate the other team's laundry, mascot, and stupid fake parquet type floor covering.


I'm not a big stats guy, but the Lakers need to take advantage of their superior rebounding. Regular season and playoffs, the Lakers were near the top and Boston near the bottom in rebounds.



Posted by: bronxlakerfan | June 01, 2010 at 03:44 PM

Mark G

I found it in an anthology of poems called "The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart".
Which is one of those "5 books you'd take to a desert island" books.
So the quote was excerpted, and there was no credit to the source in the bibliography.

bronxlakerfan, the hard part is going to be the fact that this Boston team is somewhat similar to Phoenix in that, they like to put up longer range shots and use a ton of P&Rs to get things going. That puts Pau, Bynum, and Odom out of position fairly often.

The good thing about the P&Rs against Rondo is that he's not as prolific an outside shooter as Nash or Deron Williams even. He's gotten better, but shooting over Pau's outstretched hand is difficult enough already, let alone for a guy thats not too confident in his shot.

we are discussing the Quomment of the day , apparently. sorry, not sure what i was thinking there.


No harm no foul all in jest and I do enjoy reading yours posts, quite insightful. On a different note, I think you have taken MM's posting of Butler's comment chosen as RCOD to an extreme, and I find it amusing how you keep harping on it. What if the name associated with the comment was that of Noah and not Butler, then would you have an issue? Perhaps, Noah is not a good example, say Kblitz.


I didn't even make a group.


FEARless- you can have one of mine, which one do you want? LOL.


I didn't even make a group.

Posted by: FEARless | June 01, 2010 at 04:17 PM

I'm with FEARless,

I think if I'm honest with myself I have to say my biggest complaint was that I was left out of any faction. I'd guess that I belong in both #4 and #6.

My hunt for reasonably priced Finals tickets continue. I'm hoping to find some one not wanting me to hand over my first born in exchange for tickets (by that I mean 3 times face value for the 300 section).
But more likley than not I will likey go the cheapest route of them all. Watching on my 52" LCD. But at least I will be occompanied by the best bunch of Lakers Fans All over the world! The L.A. Times Lakers Blog regulars!!!!

Is it Thursday yet!?!?


These fans, Kblitz, Ouuuch, Phred. Marc G, mamba24, Noah and Rick F seem to think that Magic Johnson does not want Kobe to win title #5. Anyone who has followed Magic from his college days to end of his career as a Laker would find such allegations to be not only off base but can only come from someone not of sound mind.

I have heard many comments but this takes the cake. I am sure both Magic and Kobe are having the last laugh at the expense of shallow, narrow minded and short sighted fans.


>>> The Lakers Finals wallpaper has to many Celtics on it for my liking.

Any Celtics is probably too many for you. But our Lakers look great. It's about the rivalry. (And they'll disappear pretty quickly!)

Man, everyone is living such a rich, meta-life here.

MM -- Feed this beast as often as possible. The regular articles on the Times page about the Lakers aren't coming fast enuff for my digital desires. This blog is my only hope for new Laker stories. Until Thursday all we can do is fret and plot, wounds fester, paranoia increases, Beantown burns bright in our worrysome sleep ...


Great quote. I saved it to my desktop.
Quoting Goethe has got to be a first here, but I hope it's not the last.

Guys - I really don't want to do this, but I must. I was reading some inane story about le princess and she said this:

"I don't know to that extent, but it will be fun," James said. "It will be fun to get all the free agents together and figure out a way how we can make the league better."

HOW would this make the league better exactly?

The more she opens her mouth, the stupider I think she is.


That video while having some truth was very biased and full of misinformation. The only thing that I could agree on Alborz was that is physical no doubt and the refs really blew the calls in Game 2. Otherwise.....floating zone?? Don't be so naive about that considering the Suns went to a zone and Kobe LIT it up with nearly a triple double in 3 GAMES. Physicalness? Welcome to what defensive minded teams do. Riley's Knicks, Daly's Pistons all did that and when they came to LA they made sure so many people calling murder. That Defensive 3 seconds was correctly called (since you have to be in arms length for the whistle not to be blown). Double teams? You can do the same thing with man ahem help and recover? That's what good defensive teams do when your defender is blown you come with HELP defense. Using your forearm when your back is to the basket? that's the only thing that's left that allows you to defend against posting up.

Who says you can't win with Zone defense:

I'm not doing this to blast Kobe's peformance (which was paltry though better than his horrific 04 Finals performance where he keep shooting against Prince and making only 38% of his shots) it's more of truth telling. The Celtics had a great team that year....Gasol melted under pressure of guarding Garnett and trying to score...Odom was worst and the entire team simply faltered. Our 07-08 squad overachieved that year considering the year before they were squeeking into the playoffs and Gasol was still a newcomer to the Lakers. Yes the Celtics had been physical (well duh that's what defensive minded teams do) and the refs especially in Game 2 really screwed up but there was no excuse to like when Gasol and Odom didn't show up for Game 3 while Kobe was leading the charge and it took a performance from Sasha to prevent a Boston victory nor Sasha's and Jordan's Game 4 choke of shooting 2-15 not to mention this infamous blowby:

As much as the Celtics did play very physical to Kobe....things like that don't win you a title.

o.k., so apparently we need some more factions:

7. anyone left out of 1-6.
8. anyone included in 1-6 who wishes they were left out. (hand raised)


"I don't know to that extent, but it will be fun," James said. "It will be fun to get all the free agents together and figure out a way how we can make the league better."

HOW would this make the league better exactly?

The more she opens her mouth, the stupider I think she is.

Posted by: justanothermambafan | June 01, 2010 at 04:37 PM

Hmmmmmmm...Does the NBA consider this Tampering???
I know in the real world its called price fixing.
I wonder how long its going to be for the other shoe to drop from the NBA Front Office?


First thanks for getting me in there any PR is good PR right? However, not to seem ungrateful, but you have so got me in the wrong faction. I'm one of the few people on here that hasn't accused Magic of treason. Magic's Lakers were the first to break through beat the Celts, and did it 2 out of 3 times in the finals. For me, that earns Magic the right to say pretty much anything wants to.

Noah - anyone who follows a fan who's following another fan... (see #4's comment above).


You know what, just put me in the "cant edit for !@#%" faction.

God I hope it's the alcohol.


We've been over this. Don't make me find you LOL!

el guapo!

Seriously - how could a group of free agents get together and figure out a way to make the league better??? What could they possibly come up with? Play better? Take less money?

Yeah I can hear that meeting. "Let's all go to small markets for minimum money so we can boost the economy in a few different cities so the wealth will be spread around".

Yeah. That'll happen.

Hall of Famer,

Put me in the number 4 faction.

Can't wait for Thursday... (I'm sure I'm totally alone in this)

Justa - It's on like Donkey Kong! :)


If not then Singapore will be your next destination......

Uh - how about the candyman express bandwagon. Without LO in top form everything else gets harder. Bynum, Kobe, Pau predictable - even Ron is somewhat predictable. Lamar, please do what you do best and the rest will look easy. Go Candyman!

Lakers in six if: Bynum, Gasol, Odom & Artest can win the blockout & rebounding battle against Perkins, Garnett, Davis, Rondo, Pierce, Allens(T&R). Artest needs to play an aggressive role with his big body. Defense wins if it results in the team winning the possession battle by 10-15 a game. The Laker guards off the bench need to come out with Rondo type intensity on defense every game and increase their season RPG by 2. Rebounds, steals & fewest TOs not just defenssive stops alone help win a game even on a poor shooting night! Watch the Rodman rebounding moves, unlike Gasol & Bynum he never got trapped under the basket for a rebound falling away & did not move before securing it. Lakers must watch out for Rondo & gang lingering an extra second after a missed shot or on an inbounds to poke the ball away. Watchout for practiced Celtic dirty tricks & acting to pick up cheap fouls!

On offense Odom, Brown, Farmar & Artest all need to be aggressive with judicious drives to the basket to get Celtic bigs in foul trouble or to get Perkins/Wallace to go ballistic. As a team should average no more than 15 shots from 3pt line. Quick dunks by Bynum & Gasol are safest against the swarming Celtics. Gasol's quick hook shot w/o putting the ball on the floor in the paint would be most effective against the Celtics. Gasol moving the triangle across the lane to the weak side for a quick shot or attracting the double team away from Bynum/Kobe should provide some easy baskets. Kobe posting up against Allen and forcing quick Celtic defensive decisions will help. Ray Allen is always in as much motion as Rondo so it might save Kobe some energy guarding Rondo & keeping him out of the lane. Go Lakers beat Celtix in Six!

It seems like most (at least here in DC) are picking the Cs to win in 6 or less. That's just what I want...more motivation for the P&G(not that they should really need it) to quiet all the skeptics and doubters. This series should be the most fun since the 80s.

Let's go Lakers...all the way to a repeat!!!


I finally caught up to your comment and want to get it straight that I don't belongs to the fraction #1 you put me in. I'm just a die hard Lakers fans and do enjoy all insight posts from all bloggers; LakerTom is included. To call LakerTom a swami is not cool at all. He is a Lakers fan and a great contributor to this blog therefore, we should appreciate LakerTom's contribution to this blog.

If you had read my post for the last few years, I am a die-hard fan of Kobe (Usually I end my post with In Kobe, I Trust!) and dislike lack of maturity of Farmar and Luke's inability to earn his play and contribute to the team. But you did not set up number for these two groups.

Go Lakers!
In Kobe, I Trust!

Lakers fans are the best fans in the world!

Laker Tom - You are completely off base about how I would run a Syracuse basketball blog. Our college paper correctly taught us to put the face paint away and report it the way you see it, as you can see in this story here

Phred - Love your theories about the political process that goes through the RCOTD. Really, all I do is browse the comments and pick what I think is the best one.




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