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Lakers unanimous in support of Derek Fisher staying with the team

Lakers guard Derek Fisher remained upstairs at the Lakers practice facility for quite some time. But he wasn't saying sentimental goodbyes in the possibility he'll be gone after July once he becomes an unrestricted free agent. He just had plenty of business to discuss.

That, of course, partly involved his future with the Lakers, but it also included distributing the playoff revenue to his teammates as well general topics, such as the events surrounding President Obama and Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal. It surely reveals Fisher's comfort level in familiar settings.

Sure, there are plenty of details the team will have to iron out. The Times' Mike Bresahan and Broderick Turner reported that Fisher, 35, will likely have to take a pay cut from the $5 million he made last season, though Fisher wants more than the veteran's minimum of $1.4 million for a player of his experience level (14 seasons). Fisher also labeled remaining a starter a "priority," but not a "deal breaker." And he acknowledged he'll field offers from other teams so he's fully aware of his market value. Nonetheless, Fisher's stance remains clear: "I won't make a decision before I know exactly where I stand here."

"I've never mixed any statements or positions about winning," Fisher said, "and wanting to be associated with winning championships and being on the best team in the NBA."

The Lakers apparently agree. General Manager Mitch Kupchak said he "absolutely" wants to keep Fisher. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant called it "crucial" that Fisher remain on the team. And Lakers forward Pau Gasol argued that the team should rank Fisher's re-signing as "high" on their list of needs.

I've spent plenty of times this season detailing Fisher's value. Even when he entered the postseason with poor shooting numbers and inconsistent defensive performances, I predicted his clutch shooting and leadership would prove instrumental in the postseason. You saw it in the Lakers' Game 3 West semifinals victory over the Utah Jazz, where he scored 20 points on seven of 13 shooting as well as a key three-pointer that gave the Lakers a one-point lead with 28 seconds remaining. You saw it in the Lakers' Game 3 Finals victory over the Boston Celtics, where his 11 fourth-quarter points bailed out an ineffective Bryant. And you saw it in the Lakers' series-clinching Game 7 win over Boston, when he calmed the team down following the third quarter and made a three-pointer that tied the game with 6:12 left, a shot Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said "changed the complexity of the game."

I've often emphasized Fisher's presence greatly enhances locker room dynamics. He's built enough credibility to where Bryant allows him to directly confront him if necessary. The coaching staff finds him helpful in delivering the team's message. And everyone on the team unanimously values his input and work ethic. Former Clippers Coach Mike Dunleavy perfectly detailed why Fisher is a perfect for a championship-caliber team. The video below shows the team's genuine and heartfelt respect for Fisher. And the overall sentiment suggests the organization understands why he needs to stay. For the Lakers' sake, they better hope Fisher's long exit interview didn't mark the end of a storied career with the team, but the mark of another beginning.

-- Mark Medina

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I'm a huge Derek Fisher fan and I agree 100% that he needs to stay here--until he retires, in purple and gold.

Any true Laker fan would know, that DFish is a key piece of this current Dynasty Team...

Yes the guy is old, but Kobe loves him, trusts him, and it is echoed by the rest of the players on the team...

Bottom line, the guy is clutch in the playoffs...and we all know the REAL season is the playoffs...

No need to make a bus to keep DFish...he will be back! Even it's coming off the bench and not starting...


regarding some of the names you threw out there: deng, al jefferson, brand.

can i request a fresh list of non injury prone players please?


hahahahaheheheheh nice going, can always count on you for for an opinion


'preciate the birthday shout out...

Agree 'bout the Fish. He'll be back and it's reasonable to assume he could have a year equal to last year in production, which wasn't enough for some here for all the reasons that have carpet bombed the blog over the season.

A coaching change could make a difference. Mitch let him go when JBuss wanted to run and gun with Rudy. Barring that he's back but probably won't play big minutes. He's where he wants to be which makes negotiating a no brainer.

LTLF... “The one wild-ass trade that's been discussed here that actually appeals to me is the Odom + filler for Okafor and Collison.” Great to see some support for my trade idea. I actually think it would be a great trade for both teams. It’s all about looking and acting on the Big Picture. I think Darren Collison is Rajon Rondo with a great shot and Okafor would be great insurance for Andrew Bynum. We get our point guard of the future and get bigger and better defensively. Financially, our salaries and luxury taxes do not increase for the first two years and the increase in years 3 and 4 really represent salaries that we would end up paying to new players. The only fly in the ointment right now is that with a new owner, the Hornets may decide to dump CP3 instead of Collison if they can’t find a buyer to take on Okafor’s contract.
Here is a repost of my original Big Picture post.
One thing that has always separated the Lakers from other NBA franchises has been that we have always made the important business and basketball decisions looking at the big picture. That’s why we’ve been able to sustain success and superiority decade after decade while franchises like the Celtics and Knicks suffered through long periods of abject failure, humiliation, and irrelevancy.
It is not a coincidence that the Lakers lead the league in Finals appearances and will soon lead it in Finals victories. It all starts with ownership that is committed to continuing greatness, winning championships, and building legacies. Unlike the Miami’s of the NBA, the Lakers would never go all in just to win a single championship. We see the Big Picture and parley our titles into dynasties.
With the Big Picture in mind, here is what I think the Lakers need to do in order to build a team that is capable of winning their third straight NBA championship and setting the stage for even more:
1) GET DARREN COLLISON! A perfect storm of bad luck has forced the New Orleans Hornets to seek to trade Darren Collison, the lightning-quick 2nd-year point guard out of UCLA who averaged 19 points and 9 assists per game as a starter while filling in for the injured Chris Paul last season. The Hornets are looking to reduce salaries by packaging Collison and Emeka Okafor’s $50M contract. Getting Collison could be as big a coup for the Lakers as getting Pau Gasol – and as big an impact.
I think Darren Collison is the perfect candidate to be the Lakers future starting point guard. He is a dead-eye long range shooter who is near unstoppable when it comes to penetrating the paint. He is a true point guard who can score like a shooting guard. His great quickness and speed and long arms and huge hands enable him to hound other fast and quick point guards like an NFL cornerback. His only weakness would be his size in defending strong physical point guards like Deron Williams.
To me, Darren Collison is Rajon Rondo with an outside shot and 90% stroke from the free throw line. I watched him play a half dozen times last year on NBA League Pass and he just ignited the team with his great ball handling and passing and energy and quickness on defense when he came into the game. His rookie stats as starter and sub were 12.4 ppg on 48%/40%/85% shooting from field/3-point/line, with 5.7 assists versus 2.6 turnovers, 2.5 boards, 1.0 steals, and 0.5 blocks in 28 minutes per game.
I don’t know what it will take to get Darren, probably parting ways with Lamar Odom and Sasha Vujacic and taking on Okafor’s contract, but this is an opportunity that the Lakers cannot let slide by. This kid would give us a superb defensive stopper, playmaker, penetrator, and long range shooter at the point. And Okafor would give us a great back up and insurance policy for Andrew Bynum. As for the Hornets, they would get one great and one good player and save over $30M in salaries. The good new for the Lakers is that the deal would not raise salaries or taxes this year or next.
2) USE THE MLE THIS YEAR! When you realize that the MLE was good enough last year to get players of the talent and ability of Ron Artest and Trevor Ariza and that free agency is going to help reduce the talent gap between the Lakers and the rest of the league, it makes sense for the Lakers to invest in the chance to three-peat as well as continue to build a team that can dominate the decade, especially considering their need to add a great 3-point shooter to stretch the floor and backup Ron.
Whether it’s signing 56% 3-point shooting Kyle Korver, sweet shooting veteran Mike Miller, or even a fully healthy and championship motivated Tracy McGrady, I trust the Laker front office’s judgment. The main thing is that the Lakers need to focus on the big picture and make sure that we don’t leave the cupboard bare when Jim takes over for Jerry or a new coach for Phil. There are players out there that would give us a stronger and more potent bench. We need to invest in the big picture.
My fervent hope is that the Lakers are going to surprise everybody by sweeping in and stealing Darren Collison much in the same way they stole Pau Gasol. Adding Collison and Okafor will make the Lakers a much tougher defensive team. Since Emeka is a true center, we would still need to find a backup for Pau at power forward, most likely a veteran who can rebound, defend, and play for the league minimum. But Collison would basically set the Lakers starting lineup for the next few years. That’s looking at the Big Picture.

I have never and will never have a cross word to say about DFish. No one in their right mind could possibly underestimate the value he has to this team. Over and over he has demonstrated his ability to hit the timely shot. Over and over he shows his leadership and value. How many charges has he taken? How about quick hands that poke away the ball?

All you haters can bite me.

dfish is unanimous! gravy!

now lets see how much his asking price will be for? 2, 3, 4MIL?

much like phils i hope he will accept take a BIG paycut... every 1MIL is an extra in luxury for buss...

everybody gave KOBE grief last year to take a paycut.. i hope you'll ALL say the same for dfish/phil

as for LUUUUUUUUUUUUKE... this offseason unlike any other his HUMONGOUS UNTRADABLE DEADWEIGHT CONTRACT may really come back and haunt us

Anyone who doesn't understand Derek Fisher's significant worth as a player on the court, or as a leader in the locker room has no business talking about the Lakers, or professional basketball itself.

They should sign him and acquire a point guard that can play the majority of minutes on a nightly basis. That will be difficult but not impossible.

I can't believe that, after what happened in the 2010 NBA Finals, the same "we-don't-need-Derek Fisher" idiocy hasn't died out, or those who spew it haven't disappeared, having been completely discredited and embarrassed.

LakerTom -

I love Collison...Hornets have CP3 and can afford to lose him...but they will want compensation which will be hard for the Lakers to give, unless Mitch can pull out another 'Pau magic move'...

Collison as PG would make us that much more dominant...and we would be talking 4Peat...

From what I saw last season, Collison was more effective then CP3, while he got tons of PT, when CP3 was out during his injury...

And from what I remember, Collison torched us with his dribble drive penetration and outside shot in one game last season...

having Fisher on the team is like having the old family dog on the living room floor. does not bark, does not move, no smell left, does not recognize anyone.
just waiting to die of old age.

the PG problem is the same from 2004.

when will that be solved.

Fisher looking for the market to find his value???????????????? as a starter???????????? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

maybe he will find out that he has no value at all and they can sign him for like 400,000.

LTLF arguing that he can train and direct new guys. Fisher except being a STATIC SPOT UP SHOOTER, knows nothing about BB.


people r wondering why Kobe and others r tired in the 4th. of course, they have to fill in for Fisher for 3 quarters to back up his "intangibles".

but hey:



I like Collison on the Lakers as well, but all reports indicate that Collison is untouchable. The Hornets are looking to trade Chris Paul, and any team that wants Chris Paul will have to take Okafur's contract as well. JA Abande wrote that the Lakers would probably have to give up Bynum and Lamar if they went after Chris Paul.

hornets aint givin up collison that easily...

this kid freakin BLEW UP with cp3 injured last year... i know.. i played fantasy bball. and he was averaging like over 20 pts and 10 assts a game with a couple 20+ assts games and a triple double. check his stats 2nd half of last year...

dont be surprised if cp3 gets traded instead.

Fisher played some pretty bad regular season games however he came alive during the playoffs and thats where it counts the most. Without Fisher's big 4th quarter game 3 Finals, it was likely the Lakers got swept in Boston. Without Fisher's big 3pt in game 7 to tie the game, the Lakers were hard pressed to win that game. Not to mention Fisher's tough defense on Allen. I certainly hope the Lakers afford Fisher the opportunity to retire as a Lakers. He deserves that much after all that he has contributed to the Lakers.


Interesting idea you present.

Hey, I think AI is looking for a team. Just couldn't work here I don't think.

So are we thinking CP3 and Okafor for Bynum and Odom? Not sure we need to be giving up two bigs?

>>>can i request a fresh list of non injury prone players please?


Lamar Odom Salary Dump trades, part 3... New Jersey

Lamar Odom for Yi Jianlian and Josh Boone (and maybe Keyon Dooling as well).

Jersey upgrades to a frontcourt of Lopez and Odom to go with Devin Harris, the #2 draft pick and whoever they can lure with their cap space.

Lakers pay 3 players what they would pay Lamar. 1 PF with upside, 1 C, and 1 backup PG. Yi and Boone are not as good as Lamar, but they're better than Powell &/or MBenga. So overall the front court is about the same.

Not too fond of this trade unless Yi improves dramatically.


I don't think I like that deal much. We could surely do better.

Let's shock the NBA world, Bynum and Odom in a sign and trade for LBJ, ha, ha! Cavs would have little choice if that's what LeBron wanted.

Guards Fish had to cover during the playoffs this year:

Russell Westbrook - Deron Williams - Steve Nash - Rajon Rondo

A very impressive list, you have to admit...Who has his the bling at the end...

Derek Bulldog Fisher...

Haters and doubters...give the man his due props...he has earned it with class, hard work and leadership...

Lamar Odom Salary Dump trades, part 4 -

Lakers trade Lamar to the Clippers


Sign & trade Steve Blake plus
Sign & trade Craig Smith plus
a future first round pick.

Lamar is clearly the best player in the trade, and could start at SF for them. Smith could take Lamar's minutes in the front court, Blake could take over backup PG minutes, and combined they could make less than Lamar.

Or if not a future first round, then it could be sign & trade Travis Outlaw. Then the Lakers could pay Outlaw, Blake, and Smith only slightly more than they were paying Lamar. 3 for the price of 1.

I think we re-sign Fisher for $2 Mil with the idea he comes off the bench. If we can't do better than Farmar, let him start and see what we get?

LEWSTERS... The key to the deal as far as the Hornets go is getting rid of Okafor’s 4-year $50M contract. That is their goal more than who they get back. In fact, they offered to take back a bunch of scrubs from the Cavs. Ideally, the Hornets would like expiring contracts, which is why Sasha would be important. They want to use Collison as the bait to get another team to take Okafor off their hands.
While annual salaries need to be close to equal to make the trade, a Collison & Okafor trade for Lamar & Sasha would save the Hornets over $30M, mainly due to the 3rd and 4th years of Okafor’s contract. For the Lakers, the financial impact would be nil in the first two years. As for the 3rd and 4th years of Okafor’s contract, we would likely spend that money on extending Lamar and replacing Sasha so all we really lose is financial flexibility.
In return, we get a point guard that is dynamic defensively as Rondo but who is a dead-eye 3-point shooter and free throw shooter as well as a quality backup center who is an excellent rebounder and shot blocker and in many ways would make the Lakers a bigger tougher team. Big Baby would not have been able to take school Okafor like he did Odom. And if Drew gets injured again, we would have a true center to fill in that would enable Pau to continue to play at his natural power forward position.
Man, I wish I could get Jim Buss alone for a half an hour to pitch him this deal. Hopefully, he is reading this right now just as you are and thinking: “Wow, that just might be another Pau Gasol deal!” Think Big Picture.

All the Bynum jokers (the ones who say he'll average 25ppg and 10 rpg with the Raptors and he's a franchise player) will go bananas if that trade happens because well Bynum is the next best center because he has a jumper and can shoot free throws better than Dwight and anything that Dwight has doesn't matter because of those two things.

To get CP yes you will have to trade away Bynum because 1) their salaries match and 2) the Hornets would want to have talent not Odom/Walton .

"I can't believe that, after what happened in the 2010 NBA Finals, the same "we-don't-need-Derek Fisher" idiocy hasn't died out, or those who spew it haven't disappeared, having been completely discredited and embarrassed."

Same people who says you don't need a coach when you have a Kobe Bryant. Does anyone remember 04-05........??

Lakers players, coaches have acknowledged DFish's leadership as his asset. I really wonder if Kobe can lead, especially in game 7 he showed chink in his armor as a leader, in his panic state he goes back to what he knows best dribble dribble dribble and almost cost Lakers a title.. DFish delivers when it counts the most and is the true leader.....make no mistake...

If we don't do much, I kinda like the idea of signing Korver, really good shooter, then watch Kobe's assists go sky high!

If we don't do much, I kinda like the idea of signing Korver, really good shooter, then watch Kobe's assists go sky high!

Lamar Odom Salary Dump trades, part 5 - Toronto Raptors

With Bosh leaving, Toronto will need more size, which Lamar has.

Lamar Odom for

Jarrett Jack plus Marco Belinelli.

Yeah, it's big for small. But Lakers get a PG who's good enough to start when Fish is done under contract for 3 more years at a reasonable price, and get a sharp shooter thrown into the deal, and still reduce salary slightly.

The big problem here is that the Lakers wouldn't be getting a big back. Maybe s&T Dorsey or Nesterovic or Amir Johnson should be there instead of Belinelli.

Laker Tom again with the out of this world trade. Okafur a true center? He's no more a center than Chris Bosh is! He was drafted a POWER FORWARD and one reason you are against Bosh is because Bosh is a power forward. Using that logic that Okafur is a true center while Bosh is not is an oxymoron. More like again you just want Bynum to be a stat jacker instead of another champion.

YELLOFEVER... “hornets aint givin up collison that easily...” The only reason they are willing to consider trading CP3 is that they haven’t had any bites on Collison and Okafor package. CP3 and Okafor have the huge long-term contracts one of which they need to shed in order not to suffer big losses with the financial disasters of Katrina and now the BP Oil Spill. Their new owner does not want to take over a team that loses money. If they cannot get rid of Okafor using Collison as bait, then they will have to get rid of CP3. I would prefer DC.


Interesting trade deal you have there. I think I would trade Sasha and Lamar for Emeka and Darren.

Lamar Odom Salary Dump trades, part 6 - Washington.

So now they have 3 point guards - Arenas, Wall, and Hinrich.

Hinrich for Odom works straight up. Lakers solve their PG problem. Hinrich's contract goes DOWN instead of UP, so he helps battle the rising salary problem. But they'd need a big to replace Odom, so this trade is problematic.

Only way it could work is if they could talk Washington into including Blatche in the deal, which I doubt. Washington is short on Bigs, so I doubt they'd want to give any up in trades.

Oh, why does Kobe have to be the team leader? I mean LBJ is the Cavs team leader and what has that got them? Kobe sets the example of work ethic and how to approach the game (Win). In 7 he did have 15 rebounds and 4 assists as well as great defense and clutch 4Q free throws.


i agree.. lakertom wants to get rid of odom.. he'll do anything to keep bynum even it means paying okafur who would serve as a BACKUP C/PF for 12 MIL a year??!!!


Lamar Odom Salary Dump Trades, part 7 - Golden State

Lakers trade Lamar for Turiaf and Brandan Wright.

GS gets the best player in the deal. Lakers get two front court players to replace Lamar for less money.

You know, it's too bad that LO can't be that super LO that we see every 10th game. Also too bad that Sasha can't be that shooter of 3 years back.

common lakertom... if you just removed those bynum goggles just for one minute.. i see so much potential in you.. the possibilities are ENDLESS... the world would be your oyster... =)

I'm not so sure I don't like what we have as a team right now, only add Korver instead of Powell and Morrison.


BLITZ... Respectfully, you are incorrect about Okafor. He does NOT have the skills or abilities to play power forward, which is why he has been a center since he came into the league. At 6-10 255 he is an excellent rebounder and defensive shot blocker but not an offensive threat. He is exactly what you and Hobbitmage would consider the perfect center for the Lakers – a guy who just rebounds and defends and is always in the paint and won’t take shots away from Pau or Kobe. Bosh meanwhile, is more of a spot up jump shooter and slasher whose rebounding and points are inflated because he is his team’s focus. He can NOT play center. And the proposal is about solving the Lakers point guard situation with the perfect player – Darren Collison. While you are entitled to your small picture opinion, I prefer to think in terms of the Big Picture as do the Lakers.

Lamar Odom Salary Dump trades, part 8 - Minnesota

Lakers trade Lamar for

Ramon Sessions, the #4 pick in the draft, and 2 future second rounders (the Lakers tend to do well at the START of the second round).

This would get the Lakers a quality backup PG, plus a young replacement for Lamar in either Derrick Favors or DeMarcus Cousins, and a couple of high second round draft picks that might be the next Walton/Turiaf/Gasol type pick for them.

Fisher did good during the playoffs..alot better than Odom. But should the Laker organization decide to keep him Fisher should come off the bench. The lakers need a young PG that can play defense, shoot, and run with the rest of the opposing PG's. His leadership should be from the bench. This coming year should be his last year and he has shown has just age as effected his game. Odom should be traded sice he never shows up for games. Bynum should be traded by the All-Star break if he does no perform. After all 5 years n the NBA and he still has not played well.

Laker Tom,

Let me get this straight. You want an injury prone Bynum teaming up with injury prone Okafur? Yeah sure, that's how you build dynasties. Get as many injury prone players as possible. Why don't we go after Greg Oden and Jermaine Oneal while we're at it?

Again he plays Power Forward. so who would be our back up at Forward then? Josh Powell? That only DECREASES the advantage Pau has at center then.

"He is exactly what you and Hobbitmage would consider the perfect center for the Lakers – a guy who just rebounds and defends and is always in the paint and won’t take shots away from Pau or Kobe"

He's a POWER FORWARD. Not all Power Forwards are scorers ala Anderson Varejao just as not every Center is a scoring center. In Charlotte he played POWER FORWARD. In New Orleans he only plays Center because of David West.

Ok so he comes here and absorbs Lamar's role.....with utter failure. Why did Phil want Lamar so badly? Because a BIG reason is Lamar can set up the offense which allows Pau to play in the post more. Do you expect Sasha to set up the offense? Okafur? Bynum. NO. Just like you and your "Odom at PG" nonsense proved FALSE so will this trade.

Nevermind that New Orleans would prefer to trade away Chris Paul first because of recent events. That reminds me: WHY ON EARTH WOULD NEW ORLEANS WANT TO DO THIS TRADE? Ok they get Lamar what position he plays? His Power Forward Slot is taken up by David West and you are so intent to discredit Bosh as Power Forward so there's 2 power forwards! And what on earth would they want Luke and his contract?

Obviously as much as you like to see the "big picture" you forget WHY the other team would want to do that trade at all! Either that or you are just so INTENT in trying to make Andrew Bynum the next Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!

"i agree.. lakertom wants to get rid of odom.. he'll do anything to keep bynum even it means paying okafur who would serve as a BACKUP C/PF for 12 MIL a year??!!!"

yellofever check this one out:

The Average Bynum Joker (actually as bad as Laker Tom can be on Bynum he knows where's the limit unlike other Bynum jokers).

Lamar Odom Salary Dump trades, part 9 - New Orleans + Washington

Lakers trade Lamar Odom to New Orleans and Sasha Vujacic to Washington

New Orleans sends Darren Collison to the Lakers and Okafor to Washington

Washington sends Andre Blatche and Nick Young to the Lakers.

New Orleans reduces salary by almost 5 million, and gets a quality big to replace Okafor.

Washington gets a legit starting Center for a young up-and-down center, and replaces one streaky shooter with another streaky shooter.

Lakers replace Odom with Blatche, Machine with Young, and get a starting PG thrown into the deal in Darren Collison.

AND they not only get 3 players for 2, but they pay about 6 million less for those 3 players. With that kind of reduction, it would make spending some or all of the MLE to get another quality big more reasonable. (let's say Craig Smith, just to throw a name in there)

That would give the Lakers this look:

C - Bynum, Blatche (, MBenga?)
PF - Gasol, Smith/Blatche (, Powell?)
SF - Artest, Walton
SG - Kobe, Shannon Brown, Nick Young
PG - Darren Collison, Derek Fisher, Shannon Brown

How do you like them apples?

>>>I like Collison on the Lakers as well, but all reports indicate that Collison is
>>>untouchable. The Hornets are looking to trade Chris Paul, and any team that
>>>wants Chris Paul will have to take Okafur's contract

Funny thing is, I've read it both ways. I've read that Paul is available, and I've read that Paul is untouchable. The part about them wanting to dump salary I've read several places.

But the story I hear most often is that they want to keep Chris Paul, but they'd be willing to give up Collison for someone who would take on Okafor's contract and send them back less salary in return (I've even read rumors suggesting they'd do it as a straight salary dump - like those two for a second round pick or something).

As for giving up Odom and Bynum for Okafor and Paul, that doesn't work at all. That's two big contracts for two big contracts. The whole point of them dumping off anyone (whether it's Okafor or Paul) is to reduce salary - Odom + Bynum doesn't do that for them, or not much.

See my suggested Lakers-Hornets-Wizards three way. That was the best I could come up with in getting salary dumps for both the Lakers and Hornets and getting Washington a starting center.

I don't think Washington would go for it today. But if it got through the summer and all of the big name bigs (Amare, Boozer, etc) had signed with other teams, then Washington might go for a deal like the one I proposed in order to get a quality center like Okafor.

Re Collison, Paul and Oke trade; it is being rumored (believe what you will) that the Portland Trail Blazers would be willing to take back Okafor's salary if they got Chris Paul, if the Hornets will take the expiring contracts of Andre Miller and Joel Przybilla, plus some stuffing. That would give New Orleans a ton more salary relief than anything we can offer them, plus they could keep Collison.

I think that they would be more likely to take that offer than Adande's hypothetical Bynum/Odom/Vujacic for CP3/Okafor swap, they get less, but they save a ton more money.

Everything i have read seems to indicate that given the choice they would rather keep Collison and trade Paul. If they had to trade Collison to get rid of Okafor, they might do it, but Portland seems to be happy to take that deal.

Not that I really think that we would take on extra salary at this point anyway, let alone taking on more salary and breaking up a team that just won the title.

But you know, if we wanted to, we would be competing with Portland's offer.

>>>come back and haunt us


short recap:

Kobe+Pau+Bynum+Odom+Artest = luxury tax.

Even if they were able to dump EVERY OTHER CONTRACT, the Lakers would have no cap space and would be in the luxury tax.

So how exactly does Luke's contract haunt anything?

Don't be a hater.

>>>Interesting trade deal you have there. I think I would trade Sasha and Lamar
>>>for Emeka and Darren.

Unfortunately, that actually INCREASES the Lakers salary problems. Okafor makes quite a bit more than Lamar, and his contract goes on for one year longer.

I would absolutely love it if it happened, as I think Okafor is better than Lamar, and Collison would be the best Laker PG since Nick Van Exel.


>>> You want an injury prone Bynum teaming up with injury prone Okafur?

Emeka Okafor has played in all 82 games in each of the last 3 seasons.


YEAH in game 7, Phil had to bench and remind Kobe "Don't try to do too much”, now this is to a player who has been in the league for how many years? How come a player so knowledgeable fails to comprehend basic principals of team work in a team sport? As Bob Dylan would say the answer my friend lies in only a man obsessed and consumed with the thought of immortality, a man seeking to leave the legacy of "The Greatest player of all times”, a selfish pursuit if it means losing game 7 (Title). In other words Phil in his Zen way was diplomatically trying to tell Kobe "STOP BEING A BALL HOG".

"So how exactly does Luke's contract haunt anything?"

The Lakers are trying to reduce costs anywhere they can. They even want Phil to take a paycut of about $3 million. There are rumors that Lamar (who's contributed MUCH more than Bynum in the past three playoffs), might get traded. There are also reports that the Lakers are unwilling to use their mid-level exception. Now consider the fact that injury prone Luke counts for $10-12 million per year on the payroll. For a team trying to address their expenses, that's pretty damn haunting in my book.


ur on a roll but luke is your achilles.. pls dont protect lukes contract. you are only digging your own grave. =)

Lamar Odom Salary Dump Trades, part 10 - Oklahoma City

They reportedly want to add a talented big (after getting out-sized by the Lakers in the playoffs). Odom would probably fit the bill. They have cap space, several young players, and 3 first round picks.

So how about Odom for the 18th & 21st picks plus Serge Ibaka or Nick Collison.

Collison or Ibaka could backfill Lamar's minutes. They'd get two mid-first-round picks (maybe Eric Bledsoe with one of those?) And they'd pay all three players less than they'd pay Lamar.



Any chance of getting a chat in anytime soon? Like maybe during the draft?

Just curious.... you KNOW we all need to do something to keep from jonesing too bad....

With all these trade proposals being thrown around, I think it's about time to re-start the LBJ to LA bandwagon.

It's simple. Drew + filler for LBJ in a sign and trade. LBJ gets to win a bunch of rings with Kobe. Cleveland gets a young center they can rebuild around. It's a win-win situation.

Whoa Phred, that is one scary lineup.

PG - Chris Paul
SG - Brandon Roy
SF - Batum
PF - LeMarcus Aldridge
C - Greg Oden (if healthy)

LAKER TRUTH... “Let me get this straight. You want an injury prone Bynum teaming up with injury prone Okafur?” As usual, your posted comments say more about who you really are than your blog handle. You are as much about the truth as Paul Pierce. Check the stats. Okafor has played all 82 games for the last 3 seasons.
YELLOFEVER... “i agree.. lakertom wants to get rid of odom.. he'll do anything to keep bynum even it means paying okafur who would serve as a BACKUP C/PF for 12 MIL a year??!!!” The issue has nothing to do with Andrew Bynum and I have been a long-time loyal Lamar Odom supporter while others on the blog were calling him Odumb and laughing at all the Ugly Sister jokes. The issue is about getting a potentially All-Star caliber point guard who we would have under contract for 3 years at an average of $2M per year. I guess you would prefer to pay Lamar $8M/yr and Sasha $5M/yr rather than Collison $2M/yr and Okafor $11M/yr.
BLITZ... It would be better for the Lakers if Okafor could really play power forward because then he could sub for both Bynum and Gasol. While there are some matchups where that would work, his defense and offense skills are really best used in the paint playing center, where his rebounding and shot blocking skills work best. What he does is give us a better ability to matchup against guys like Big Baby that Lamar couldn’t handle. The main drawback to the trade other than losing financial flexibility in the 3rd and 4th years of Okafor’s contract is that we would likely have to find a true power forward to back up Pau.
I have tried to be very respectful and courteous to both you and Hobbit because I know how much you guys care about the Lakers and I do respect your basketball acumen even if we don’t agree on every issue. As we all know, I am not naturally a person who turns his cheek when insulted. My typical response if you hit me is to hit you back harder. So I respectfully ask you to please show me the same respect by refraining from your normal innuendos and unflattering comments that seem to appear every single time I make a post. Would that be too much to ask? I appreciate you guys being always there to discuss stuff but let’s try to be respectful.


Im with you on that trade. Makes everyone happy and gives us the next Chris paul/ rondo type player in Collison.Plus Brings Collison the home town boy back where he belongs.

I also have a wishful thinking trade senerio.
Trade Lamar+walton or Shasha who ever they would take to NO for Okafor and Collison. The when July 1st rolls around Go at the Bosh sign N trade for bynum + Shasha or walton trade. This gives us a legit back up center and a great up n coming Point guard in Collison. Also resign D Fish for around 2 Mill, Bring in Tmac for MLE if not lower (which I believe he is dying to get here anyways. Resign Mebenga and Powell if they are willing Shoot if Mbenga isint wantting to resign then sign Shaq back for the min. He'd take it, but avoid it if possible. As for the rest pick up the best for the least as possible you can. Talking signing Vet mins. Line up would be :


Add in whoever signs for the Min or even a rookie for cheap. Maybe Keep Brown, go after korver,Bell- Tons of possibilitys. I mean who wouldnt want to play for a team that says champs for the next 5 + year written all over it.
Oh yea and incase you were woundering the salarys would be getting rid of Bynum, walton, shasha, Odom would be pretty equal to Bosh, Collison, Okafor - if not less. This is doable. But hey who am I to say whats best. I just Love the lakers!!! Phil tell Mitch u'll come back if he makes it happen...

>>>Everything i have read seems to indicate that given the choice they would
>>>rather keep Collison and trade Paul.

Show me a link to an article that says that please. I haven't read anything to that effect. Here's what I am basing my opinions on:

1. Chris Paul says that if the Hornets are rebuilding, he'd prefer to be traded to a contender -

2. Hornets management and ownership say that they dont' want to trade Paul - ,

3. Hornets are willing to trade Collison for someone willing to take Okafor. There are several references for this, but the big issue is that they want to do it as a big salary dump. They don't want 12 million salary going out and 12 million coming back. So something like Bynum for Collison + Okafor doesn't fly. Odom+Vujacic is slightly better, but that only cuts 5 million after a year. I think what they're hoping for is Collison + Okafor for a first round pick and nothing else, or something in that vein.

But Holy crap. JA Adande is proposing just what you said - Bynum + Odom + Vujacic for Chris Paul + Okafor.


"I have been a long-time loyal Lamar Odom supporter"

LOL, what kind of a loyal Lamar supporter would post every day (last summer) that the Lakers should not give Lamar a contract? and now you want him traded again? If that's your definition of loyalty, than I would hate to be your enemy. We all know your loyalty is dedicated to one person and one person only.


>>>It's simple. Drew + filler for LBJ in a sign and trade.

I'll take it.

LeBron can play point guard.

Gasol-Odom-Artest-Bryant-James = 2011 champion.

>>>Now consider the fact that injury prone Luke counts for $10-12 million per
>>>year on the payroll.

Only if you use bad math. Not all of the salary is doubled. Only salary greater than 70 million. If you assume Kobe's, Pau's, Lamar's, Ron's, and Drew's salaries don't count for ANY luxury tax, then yes Luke counts for 10 million+. But the truth is that it's those huge salaries paid to four of the big five that are most responsible for putting the Lakers in luxury tax.

Let me give you an analogy. Let's say you get on a ferry to cross a river. First a big bus pulls on, loaded with golden Mamba snakes. Next a tanker truck pulls on, filled with GASOLine. Then dump truck rolls on, loaded with socks. After that, a station wagon drives on, and it's loaded with gummy bears. Then a sedan drives on, loaded with crazy pills. And last a volkswagon with a red top rolls aboard. Halfway across the river the ferry sinks.

You're the guy who's blaming the volkswagen. All the vehicles contributed to the ship sinking, but the volkswagen was the LEAST responsible for that happening. It's the busload of mamba snakes and the tanker truck full of gasoline that are MOST responsible.

The more realistic assesment is to take the total luxury tax and divide it up by what proportion of the actual salary your salary accounts for.

In other words, Kobe's 25 million and Pau's 18 million contribute much more towards sending the Lakers into Luxury tax than Luke's 5 million.

So effectively, next year with about 84 million on the books, Luke accounts for less than 1 million of the 14 million luxury tax. So Luke's luxury-tax-adjusted salary (at this point) is about 5.6 million.

Kobe's 25 million is much more responsible for pushing them into the luxury tax, so he accounts for more than 4 million out of the 14 - thus he's on the books for 29 million.

So stop blaming Luke. If they didn't have him, then they'd have one of two things - they'd either have some equally overpaid player filling his spot, or they'd have someone for cheap (which would lessen the financial burden), but who was LESS talented than Luke.

If you want to blame Luke for not playing up to the amount of money he's being paid, then fine, I'll agree with you on that. But blaming Luke for the Lakers financial woes is ludicruos.


Sorry, I can't back the double trade.

When you have a championship team like the Lakers do, trading off even one core player is risky. But to get an upgrade at PG while keeping 3 quality bigs in the front court, and only trading off one player, it's probably worth it.

But when you talk about trading off Bynum+Odom+Walton+Vujacic, now you've dumped 4 players who contributed to 3 finals appearances and 2 titles. You may end up with a product that looks better on paper but doesn't work.

>>>ur on a roll but luke is your achilles.. pls dont protect lukes contract. you are
>>>only digging your own grave. =)

The way I see it, you Luke haters are expending a lot of energy over something that can't be changed at this point, and that isn't as big a factor as you keep trying to make it.

It's like you've been shot, stabbed, poisoned, strangled and buggered, but you're ignoring all that and complaining about a hangnail. You're trying to place the most financial blame on player who wasn't in the top 8 contracts this year or the top 6 contracts next year.


LTLF- yeah, I read those. No way I was saying that Adande's trade would ever happen, but it would work in theory.

Re that they would rather have Collison? I dont' have any on the record sources worth citing, just the impression I have gotten from reading a bunch of analysts over the last week, very few of whom are worth reading, and only a couple of ones i can find, which aren't the ones worth reading. A lot of speculative stuff from Blazers writers at the Oregonian ( ; John Canzano, Jason Quick, and Mike Tokito, and Truehoop snippets from Abbott and Arnovitz.

All the stuff on the Portland end is apparently wishful thinking on their part, it seems, as I read back through it though, so I wouldn't bet the farm on it, that was just what I heard.

Logically, though, the idea that they are interested in losing salary, and if they are willing to give up Chris Paul (which I have seen argued, but they deny, so [shrug] as bait for Okafor, and keep the bargain, Collison, who is nearly as good, for a ton less money, and there are NBA teams out there who are theoretically interested in making that trade.

I haven't actually seen very much on the Collison angle, not counting LakerTom, but I can see why that would work too, just not for us.

Short version being, I guess, is that a lot of teams want Paul, a few want Collison, some might take Okafor to get them, but there are teams out there that will definitely offer better options money wise than anything we can offer, even if we were stupid/generous enough to take Okafor's contract, which we aren't.

The way I see it, the Lakers deliberately structured Odom and Bynum's contracts to end roughly the same time as Kobe's 'window of winning' in order to have the best chance to win this year and next year, and it worked. They would have to completely junk everything that they have been doing on a long shot that wouldn't save them money, when really all they have to do is tinker with some back up guards for a bit less than the MLE if they can do it. They have Sasha's contract as gravy, but it's probably not going to be part of a bigger deal.


Your analogy is assuming that the black mambas on your boat are dead weight.

Here's a more accurate analogy:

You are on a boat that has too much weight. Kobe represents the engine. The engine takes up most of the weight, but the engine is crucial to survival, so throwing the engine overboard is not an option. Gasol represents the deck, another crucial part of the boat for survival. Fish represents the steering wheel. You get the point. Now there's Luke, who represents a 50 pound concrete block that serves no purpose on the boat. It's nothing but dead weight. Although the concrete block is not close to being the heaviest object on the boat, that useless concrete block is the first thing that is going to be thrown overboard.

It is up to Dr. Buss. A few years ago he wanted to go cheap so he got rid of both jackson and fisher. It looks as if we are in this position once again. Dr.Buss may feel like ok Kobe you won your championships now it is my turn to maximize my profits.

It is up to Dr. Buss. A few years ago he wanted to go cheap so he got rid of both jackson and fisher. It looks as if we are in this position once again. Dr.Buss may feel like ok Kobe you won your championships now it is my turn to maximize my profits.

It is up to Dr. Buss. A few years ago he wanted to go cheap so he got rid of both jackson and fisher. It looks as if we are in this position once again. Dr.Buss may feel like ok Kobe you won your championships now it is my turn to maximize my profits.

Have some of you not watched the Lakers for the last decade, and did you miss the Bulls years as well? Phil's idea of the ideal point guard: Ron Harper. A big fella that can defend. And initiate the offense. Fish's problem has always been that he doesn't have the size of Ron Harper. But that's all. As you don't need to have the true point guard's ability to penetrate to work your mojo in the triangle. And so DFish never was a plus to superior point guard. But it didn't matter, as you don't need those skills to initiate the offense in the triangle. You also don't need those skills when your SG is Kobe Bean Bryant (who is quite capable of his initiating his own and the team's offense). And so please, none of this nonsense about parting with a big or two so the team can have the point guard that it does not need (and 5 championships in LA and 6 in Chicago say that they don't need that true superior to elite point guard).

Lastly, and by the way, re that whole Michael Jordan versus Kobe Bryant debate, the word of Ron Harper, who played with MJ on the last three and with Kobe for the first two (courtesy of Fanhouse, 6/22/10):

"I tell people that they are two great, great players, and Michael remains the best of all time, but Kobe now is right there next to him. He's standing right next to him. He's the closest thing we've ever had to Jordan. There is no one else even in the ballpark,'' Harper told FanHouse Tuesday from his home in New Jersey. "Kobe is hands down the best player in the game today.''

Damn, you people are crazy, getting very excited about stuff.

I gotta say Okafor can take a flying leap at the moon. As infuriating as Odom's frequent disappearing act has been (and I've been a MAJOR critic of it on this blog for years) and especially during the Finals, I like him better than Okafor.

I don't like breaking up a championship team, but contributions by Odom have been inconsistent and we still won with Bynum at less than 60%. In many ways those guys simply weren't there. I dig em both, Shannon too. But these guys based on their performance thus far are replaceable.

Hopefully Mitch can quell the storm a bit by getting good personnel to replace the ones were losing and losing as few important teammates as possible. Oh, and we need a good coach.


Don't panic yet. July 1st is going to be really damn interesting.

its simple a few years back when ron ron went to sac i wanted him in L.A. we didnt get him . now we have him we won the whole thing. now i am sayin to you L.A. bring DIRK to L.A.!!!! we dont need t-mac , we need to keep shannon BEEZZY ( yes lets start calling shannon brown BEEZZY BABY), keep d-fish and and bring DIRK . another gaint on the floor . just here this out fish, kobe, drew, gasol, and Drik!! yea it might seem that it wouldnt work but LO and ROn ROn off the bench!!! with nthose guy leading the second unit they will get the job done !!! just think bout it L.A. p.s.the only reason some said Kobe is not the greats LAKER of all times is cuz he has no BIRd !! and as far as MJ, well 1 more ring KOBE then he will be rite up there.



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