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Lakers Chat: Discussing Free Agency

--Mark Medina

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Trade Odom, Walton and Farmar to Denver for Carmelo

People just can't let go of the Predator-Chris Bosh...lmao...

People here talk like he walks on water and is the Laker salvation...

I'm confused, the reigning back to back champions need some rescuing and we are in a dire situation?

Rick....what's your take on Shaq returning to the Lakers and retiring in LA?

Rumor has it that Ainge might let Paula Pierce walk...

His thinking is this group has peaked, and they have maxed out their effectiveness to win it all...

No sympathy

May the Chowds and the Chowder Nation have nothing but disappointment, failure and pain for the next 20 years...

let's bring paula pierce back to LA as a laker girl should ainge let him walk.

I hope the Celtics sign Pierce, because if they don't, Ray Allen is going toMiami. Bosh is already heading there in a sign and trade, lets not let them get Bosh, Wade, LeBron and Ray Allen.

That already is a monster of a team, and I thinkthey'll be favorites for the championship when the dust settles. But, as there team might be, they have no answer for Andrew Bynum.



icelaker- Are you suggesting to bring Rupaul home as a Lakers Girl? How DISCUSSING, he can't DANCE.

Just read this.. and briefly thought of Jordan Farmar...
It's by the great Lithuanian/Polish poet Czeslaw Milosz:

"To believe you are magnificent.
And gradually to discover that you are not magnificent.
Enough labor for one human life."

Here's something to kill part of the 5 1/2 hours before the fur flies..

This is from the Sun Sentinal -

An agent representing several free agents expects the Heat to land Chris Bosh.

The Heat would have to work on a sign-and-trade to give Bosh a maximum level contract.

An executive of another team with considerable cap space said Wednesday he was unaware of any pending agreement involving Bosh.

The Heat would likely send Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmpers and Joel Anthony if the sides agreed on a sign-and-trade.

The Miami Herald is reporting that the Raptors are uninterested in taking back Miami's package.

Hmmmm figured I'd pass this along gang.. maybe its meaningless, maybe its not? LeGone was seen looking at Billy Joel's old crib in NYC ? Buh Bye Cleveland ??

Just imagine how ugly this would be, Rupaul in that Purple and gold body suit with the butt cheeks cut out. Now that's real Disgusting, I can see the half time performance, Rupaul lifting a laker girl over his head spinning her uncontrollably...Ok..Ok I'll stop now. I have to much time on my hands, I think I may need a job.

I know Mitch said he doesn't play games to keep his credebility but.......

With all the stuff starting tonight, he could possibly throw a monkey wrench into some of the sign and trade deals just by saying to the Raptors, he might consider Bynum in a trade for Bosh.

Toronto would give the Lakers all the attention while other deals are going down, with Bynum being the prize of a trade, perhaps limiting a Bosh/Wade/James match up in Miami. Maybe Lebron figures he should sign with someone else then if Bosh isn't going to make it to Miami??

Then when the dust settles, he could say Dr. Buss wouldn't approve it.

Yeah, that's not Mitch's style, but the Celtics would surely do something like that.

Fatty - Only slightly bored to talk like this....

Jesus, some of you Laker fans...

Who gives two shits about what team old man Ray Allen will end up with, seriously. Or where Chris Bosh will go. Who gives a shit. The Lakers have been to the Finals 3 years in a row without Bosh or LeBron. Two championships and we still have to deal with this mindless banter.

All the Lakers need to do is keep the core in tact, including Brown, and sign either Mike Miller (or Korver) and maybe a Raja Bell/Steve Blake. That's it. Done. I don't care how many studs LeBron ends up playing with in Miami!

And let Farmer walk. If he was half as good as his ego thinks he is, he'd be an All-Star. The guy is supremely soft, inconsistent as hell, plays crap for defense and can't hit two freaking free throw in a row if his life depended on it!

I personally would sign Blake and Bell and call it a day OR some sor of a Miller/Blake/Bell combination.

I don't give a damn if Lebron, Wade and Bosh al end up in Miami, they still have to share ***ONE*** basketball.

Kinda the thing with LBJ going to Miami with Bosh and Wade, is are all these guys willing to share the ball. I mean, is LBJ willing to average 20 points per instead of 30? Wonder?


Good points, I think I would prefer Korver as the shooter, but Miller may have a better overall game.

Hey Ludwig, I'm with you with this idea. Did Lebron,Bosh and Wade got Gold in the Olympics? All we need is to beef up the back court and 2 shooters....Raja Bell, Miller or Blake would do...but I would like to get JJ Reddick as well...

I posted this back a few threads because i forgot about the new threads up.

Why the Lakers should spend, spend, spend- within reason.

Buss is not worth billions like Cuban, that's true.

However, the Lakers are valued at around $600 million.

Buss' net worth is in the $380 mill range.

In 2008 Buss donated 7.5 mill to USC.
Donated, gave it away.

There is more historical income info here:

Don't forget all the years the team made $10-$40 mill in profit year after year. It's not like they went and spent all that money, it continued to pile up.

I understand no business wants to lose money.

But if he continues to build teams that can get to the finals he will make significant profit.

I think it's possible to border on penny-wise pound foolish.
Not saying they are as we don't know what kind of moves/signings will be made.

The quickest way to start dropping revenues is to field a team that doesn't go deep into the playoffs.

Yes, injury is always a possibility, but that's the price of doing business.

My approach would be to spend the money necessary to field the best team.

Like Apple or Microsoft, if you have a strong winning concept, reinvest a share of the profits to stay on top.

One losing year, if it happens, won't decimate the franchise.

Also, isn't multi-billionaire Philip Anschutz part owner?


I agree.

Have your home paid, family secure for life and then PLAY with the rest of your$$, ha, ha. Easy to say when I don't have any $$, ha, ha!

Lakers would be foolish to let Fish go. He should retire a Laker and has a couple of good years left as a Leader-player-bench coach! Shame to lose Brown but he seems to want to mimick Ariza. James is going to Chicago with Bosh, President Obama adding to the sales pitch and some play time on the White House courts to stoke the King's huge ego! Pierce a Laker?
Laker priorities should be to have PJ transition as a Head Coach with Byron Scott declared his successor replacing Brian Shaw. Let Byron handle East coast travel and have him bring Chris Paul as the PG for next ten years for LO, JF, AM & Mbenga/Powell. Add Raja Bell or equivalent for insurance as a defensive stopper! Kobe should have his surgery ASAP!


Okay, so if you're so free with huge amounts of money, then here's what YOU should do.

Offer Buss 2 billion for the team. It's only your money, so I don't mind overspending.

Then when you own the team, you can over-spend to your heart's content. With your billions and billions of dollars, why should you care if your team loses 10 or 20 million every year. Live it up.

Okay, so now Bosh is going to the Bulls. Must be a different Bosh than the one who was reported as a done deal going to Miami earlier.

Who really knows what Dr. Buss's finacial limitations are?

Bringing in Gasol put the Lakers way over the lux tax cap. And Dr. Buss did it.

Paying Bynum a very high salary so as not to lose him in FA, raised the Lakers team salary. And Dr Buss did it.

Re-signing Lamar gave us the highest team salary in the NBA. And Dr. Buss did it.

Extending Kobe will make him the highest paid player in the NBA, adding more to the teams lux tax obligations. And Dr. Buss did it.

Paying Fisher his worth could take us to new tax levels. And....we will have to wait on that one.

But of all the Lakers free agents, I feel Fish is the most indespensible. If it comes down to a 'Sophies Choice' from Dr. Buss, I hope Fish gets the nod.

But who knows how much Dr. Buss can spend. We may see them all back.....

Latest debunked rumor...

A Three-Way trade

Michael Redd to the Cavs
Devin Harris to Milwaukee
Ersan Ilyasova and Antawn Jamison to new Jersey.

reported on the net, but it's a load of crap. Just like at least one of the reported "done deal" Bosh sign & trades.

Sure, hopefully everyone knows Dr. Buss has spending limitations. As Laker fans we just want him to continue winning Championships as best he can. I am so used to Mr. Steinbrenner spending, ha, ha!


Posted by Sekou Smith today...

"One of my most trusted sources indicated to me last night that a sign-and-trade package is being discussed that would send Bosh to the Los Angeles Lakers — the Lakers mentioned as centerpieces of a potential deal were Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom, though you would expect only one of them to be included in a proposed deal."

Sekou's trusted source wouldn't lie. It must be true.

So Bosh is being signed and traded to the Lakers. Must be a different Bosh guy than the one definitely being signed and traded to Chicago or the one definitely being signed and traded to Miami.

I love it.

Note that the Sekou Smith quote points out that only one of Bynum or Odom would be included in a deal.

Don't get your hopes too high for a Bosh for Odom+Walton deal, but it's not completely inconceivable. Bosh for Odom+Vujacic would be more likely.


Fun speculating though, ha, ha!

If we go after Bosh, Odom would be the one I would think, not Drew.

C'mon. Don't deny it. Not one person on this blog could deny that they'd love a core of Kobe, Pau, Bosh, Bynum, and Artest.


Right with Sasha, has expiring contract next year.

I think I read somewhere a while back that PJ really liked Bosh?


Yeah, that lineup would look pretty solid!

Seriously. There's a "Bosh to the Lakers?" Headline on (it's one of 6 headlines)

>>>I think I read somewhere a while back that PJ really liked Bosh?

He actually got fined for saying that he thought Bosh would be a good player for the Lakers to acquire.

Lakers won't offer Farmar his option...

No offer to Farmar?

Is that sort of like they said to Smush, "we don't want you anymore"

Or, they just don't feel he's worth the 2.8 million, even for a year?

IF a sign and trade for Bosh occurred, seems like it would have to be LO and not AB. Basically a forward for a forward, plus Sahsa.

I think Mitch pulling off the Gasol heist has set the bar high for our expectations to do it again. Yea, Bosh or Wade or even LBJ, ha, ha. The one thing Mitch did was to give us 3 straight trips to the Finals and 2 Championships! Job well done my friend!

LTLF, regarding the outlandish rumors, I love it too, keep it comin!!!!!!!!!!

What about Tracey McGrady? If he is 90% healthy then maybe we can move Kobe to PG and let T Mac play the SG. In my NBA Live Lakers' lineup I have D-Fish, Kobe, Artest, Gasol, Bynum, T-Mac, and Odom. never loose baby.

The rest of the NBA passed you by, for good this off-season, Jerry and Mitch.

What kind of an owner/GM rewards fans of a back-to-back title team by getting NOBODY OF ANY IMPACT in free agency, because he CAN'T AFFORD IT. C'mon
Dr. Buss. The team is worth 1 billion, and you can't sign anyone except Steve Blake! While losing younger, far more talented shannon and Jordan!

Shame on you old man. Shame on you for throwing away money on talentless Walton, old man Fisher, and broken down Bynum!



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