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Lakers' Andrew Bynum has knee drained again

Third time's the charm?

Probably not, seeing how getting a knee drained is never exactly charming, But Lakers center Andrew Bynum had it done again Tuesday, for the third time this month, getting almost 2 1/2 ounces of fluid drained at the Lakers' training facility in El Segundo.

"All the Boston guys like to beat you up," he said.

Bynum was one of many Lakers who had their exit interviews Tuesday in El Segundo. He is leaving this weekend for the World Cup in South Africa and plans to have surgery around July 18 to repair torn cartilage in his right knee.

In other revelations, Lamar Odom said he might have surgery on his chronically sore left shoulder and Ron Artest simply spoke to reporters, which is always revealing.

Artest said winning it all "hit me crazy" when he talked to actress Alyssa Milano as part of a segment on CNN.


"She was like, 'Wow great game.' I was like, 'Wow, she saw the game. I grew up watching her.' That’s crazy," Artest said.


Artest said he finally started to grasp the triangle offense in the last week of the season and that he would study it more during the off-season.


"This summer I’ll be working on that so I can definitely be more a part of the team," he said.

-- Mike Bresnahan

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Rocky you wrote:

I know a lot of Laker fans won't want to hear this in lieu of Magic's comments as a commentator this year. Magic Johnson is the greatest Laker of all time. Kobe has not passed Magic. I will not get into the details because both have huge resume's of greatness, but in my opinion, Magic is still the greatest of all time. The reason Magic is better than Kobe still is his offensive versatility. Magic could have been an all star at any position, including C. Magic redefined the PG position at 6'9. Never has there been anyone Magic's size who could handle the ball better.

Kobe needs to get one more championship for me to consider him to be better than Magic. With the Championships equal, I still believe Magic was the better player and the player that I would want on my team if I had to pick.

Of course I am a little biased. Magic is my favorite basketball player of all time. His name is Magic for gosh sakes. I still remember his behind the back no-look passes and thinking it was real magic when I was a kid. I still remember his flair and fun loving style. And I still remember winnin' time. Magic was and still is a winner, no matter what his comments are today.

Go Lakers!

Posted by: Rocky |


WHY MAGIC is the greatest Lakers goes beyond winning # of titles, scoring titles and personal records. Magic in his playing days touched the hearts of many, he brought joy to folks who watched him play, he made fans out of casual viewers, he played with sheer exuberance and passion and then there was his simile was ever so infectious. He would shower his opponents with accolades off the court and on court would literally beat them, like he did to Isaiah. Sure, Kobe has the opportunity to win 8 or 9 titles but that will never replace the charisma of Magic that captivated the fans on global scale and changed the way we view basketball today. When he announced his HIV status, the whole sports world cried for him, including me. Dr. Buss gave Magic 5% of the ownership is a testimony of Buss family embracing Magic is one of their own which transcends owner player relationship or basket ball. So this debate about Kobe and Magic is not even close. There is something about Kobe that has always been unsettling and insincere and this is something no one can win through records or titles, it is a simple matter of HEART.

Magic understands that Kobe has more championships to win. With successful surgery on his hand and treatment for his knees, Kobe may have a better year next season. I don't doubt that Magic's comments regarding LeBron were designed to motivate Kobe and relax LeBron. It worked! Although, a Laker fan for over 40 years, this will be the most exciting off-season in my memory. NoBrainer: Keep Fish, one more championship and his number must be considered for the rafters.

Kobe, Magic, Kareem all great Lakers to name just a few were all unstoppable in their own way. It's amazing to think about how many great players they have had over the years. D-Fish is also one of the greatest Lakers ever, even though not in the same regards as those mentioned above but for his contributions his number should be retired by the Lakers. The Lakers know how to handle their roster, they've proven that, so I have no doubt D-Fish will be back again next year, and deservedly so.

I have been a Laker's fan since the 70s and have watched the Lakers good and bad. The greatest Laker of all time has to have the following criteria: Player ability, Person (represent the franchise on and off the court),championship, intangibles. With those in mind, you have to put Magic on top because he was the greatest PG of Lakers, too many triple doubles, great ambassador of the sport, 5 championship rings. Kareem is close 2nd-greatest scorer of all time, 5 championship rings, unstoppable offensive/defensive force. West and Kobe are next. West because of greatest clutch performer of his era, the logo, as GM, he drafted Kobe and signed Shaq, leading scorer for Lakers till recently, and intangible-represented the Laker franchise well. With Kobe-great closer, 5 championship rings. great offensive/defensive force. He is not the 1st or 2nd because he does not make his teammates better like Magic, Kareem and West. To be the greatest Laker of all time, he has to represent the franchise and even though the charges against him in Colorado was dismissed, it tarnished his image and the Lakers image. In addition, he is considered selfish and not a team player by many who played with and against him. The other 3, Magic, Kareem and West represent the franchise well.

Based from the age of these great Lakers, Kobe is the greatest among them. They said, he is selfish but it depends upon the situation. During the summer olympic in China, Kobe showed how to use his teammates. Kobe is selfish when he cannot depend from his teammates which happened years ago when he has only Smush Parker to lean on. Yeah, he scored 80 points because nobody could shoot from his teammates before. Yo cannot blame the guy.

why is bynumb waiting to get operated on in mid-july? so he can miss practice? makes no sense. best laker? JERRY WEST.



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