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Lakers assistant Brian Shaw withdraws name from Cleveland coaching job

Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw has decided to take his name out of the running for the head coaching job with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Shaw's agent, Jerome Stanley, said Wednesday afternoon that his client thanked Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and General Manager Chris Grant for the two days of interviewing, but that the process was moving too fast for Shaw to make a decision.

"Brian is withdrawing his name from the Cleveland coaching job," Stanley said in a phone interview. "Things were moving too fast and the timing of everything was at a fast pace."

Shaw, 44, also may remain a candidate to replace Lakers Coach Phil Jackson if he retires.

Either way, Shaw, who along with the rest of the Lakers' coaching staff is in the final month of his contract, probably will be back on the Lakers' bench if Jackson does come back to coach the team.

After meeting with the Cavaliers on Monday and Tuesday, Shaw had become the front-runner to replace fired Cleveland coach Mike Brown, but no offer was made to Shaw.

Byron Scott, who also might be a candidate to replace Jackson, has interviewed with the Cavaliers for the job, about a week before Shaw had his interview.

-- Broderick Turner

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Brian Shaw made the biggest mistake of his coaching life. He may NEVER get another offer at a top job again.

Whether Phil comes back this year or not, the next Laker coach will NOT be Brian Shaw. It will be Byron Scott or Jeff Van Gundy or somebody else with serious head coaching experience.

Coaching an elite championship team like the Lakers is no job for a rookie. Sorry we can't afford the time for learning-on-the-job.

As long as we're speculating, too can play this game!

As much as my heart wanted Bosh in exchange for Odom my head said that's not good. If Bosh is coming it's better that he comes in exchange for Bynum.

This is why. If Bosh comes in place of Odom who in the starting lineup would sit? Bynum, Gasol, Artest, Kobe, Fish (or whoever is the new PG)? The most likely to sit then is Artest which gives us a lineup of Bynum, Bosh, Gasol, Kobe and Fish. Plenty of length but not necessarily defensive prowess to stop Durant, LBJ, Pierce etc... There maybe some improvements but LA will lose some as well. Would be a huge waste to have Artest coming off the bench to guard opposing bench-warmer forwards!

So it's better if they pull off the trade for Bosh let it be Bynum the one to go. Then we'd have a powerful lineup of Gasol, Bosh, Artest, Kobe and PG. Sure LA will lose a few inches but it will become more rounded and versatile with more speed, athleticism and shooting.

I'm not advocating dumping AB but would not mind to see him go either. In this case I'll place my trust on Laker management, even if they decide to gamble.

Seems Phil is not coming back or Shaw thought he was being used as a pawn by the Cavs.


Liked your both posts...You forgot to mention the injury bug,or you didn't want to remind other gm's lol.We don't know what the fo"s plan is nut lots of people are against Bosh.One things for sure if AB is kept and he get's injured next season he oficially becomes the nexy yao(or the next luke)...and heck there's a few more centers' names I can throw out but it ain't pretty.This would also mean that by then the lakeshow would be f#*&ed cause by then his stock would have O well here's to a few more hours.

P.S. If nothing is done between now and the deadline next year, I'm not so sure... B4 someone chews me out history has shown us after 02... making it there 3 in a row is tuff you do need some upgrades(and that's when we had a young fish)

Before we move on to the free agent frenzy, question on PJ's return (does Shaw know something we don't?), etc there's something we shouldn't forget to say:


Admittedly it didn't seem great for much of the season, but there's no way it could have ended better than it did.

It's funny that both fans and haters seem to assume the Lakers will win the championship every year. Not true, even when you have Kobe, Pau, PJ etc (or Magic, Kareem, Riley etc for that matter). Winning a championship is a major accomplishment, never more so than this year. As Kobe said, it was the hardest championship he ever won.  So we shouldn't forget to savor this moment in Lakers history. 


I don't think he would have excused himself from the Cavs coaching job if he hadn't gotten a sense that he was next in line in L.A.

Either that or he was being jerked around by the Cavs management and was disgusted by the process.

Or he's jerking around the Cavs management because they were getting stuck on the amount of guaranteed money or number of years.

Whether Phil comes back or not, we're probably going to be running the triangle next season. The ideal scenario is that Phil takes less money, takes lighter coaching load, and trains Shaw to be the heir apparent.

Now I'm hearing cross talk about B. Scott not talking with the Cavs about the coaching job today. What a soap opera! I never thought I'd be enjoying the off-season as I have the past couple of weeks. Forget the parade, this is where the drama is!

It's funny that both fans and haters seem to assume the Lakers will win the championship every year. Not true, even when you have Kobe, Pau, PJ etc (or Magic, Kareem, Riley etc for that matter). Winning a championship is a major accomplishment, never more so than this year. As Kobe said, it was the hardest championship he ever won. So we shouldn't forget to savor this moment in Lakers history.

Posted by: Scott

True so true.... that was the thought behind my post about upgrading or tweaking or whatever,glad you made that point,it's a bold claim to make we got it next year...but you never know......

I for one am thrilled. It most likely means Shaw's back, whatever the specific position is. We need all the continuity we can get.

Um, it's pretty obvious Shaw didn't turn down the Cavs, they turned down him. Scott is their choice. This is spin.

Shaw made a wise decision. Cleveland will be a nothing team without Lebron. Shaw was wise to not rush to sign a contract before finding out what Lebron is going to do. He should stay with the Lakers because he will eventually someday replace the retiring Phil Jackson.

I prefer a proven Coach too for the Lakers. PJ or Coach K in that order before going for Shaw. For Brian, he needs to be interned more before going to HC. He should not only excel in triangle but also his fraternal relationship with players. I remember an incident during the season where he had childish gripe with Sasha, wow why Sasha?

I will go for Coop' who never got any break with the entrance of Phil.

Shaw was just being used as a pawn to force Scott to sign. Period. says: "One of my most trusted sources indicated to me last night that a sign-and-trade package is being discussed that would send Bosh to the Los Angeles Lakers — the Lakers mentioned as centerpieces of a potential deal were Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom, though you would expect only one of them to be included in a proposed deal."

~~who is floating this rumor Hobbit, KBlitz or possibly LakerTom himself. LMAO!

Supposing that rumor was true. Lakers got Bosh and lost bynum. They got Miller in placed of LO plus the other rumored players such JCritt, Bell, Blake.

1 Blake/Fisher/JCritt
2. Kobe/Bell/Vujacic
3. Artest/Miller/Ebanks
4. CBosh/Caracter
5. PGasol/Mbenga

Not bad at all. We can revisit the Finals in 2011. I prefer Bynum too but Bosh would still be OK provided they surround them with great perimeter shooters in Blake, Bell and Miller, good PG's in Blake or shall we say "players with common sense". We were lucky to win the 2010 Championship with a 3rd class bench. Never again please, dump them now.

So out of curiosity .... Where is LakerTom?

After his "disingenuous" post this morning, he disappeared.

Edwin Gueco,

Don't be so mean! LOL

There has been some talk that Jeff Van Gundy as a possible replacement coach for the Lakers. He is a horrible broadcaster and I rate him the same as a coach. I rather have Shaw or Cleamons as coach before Scott or Van Gundy.


I read intently your pros and cons with LakerTom on Bynum and Bosh. I'm being impartial, any of them will really help the Lakers go to the Finals again provided the bench are there to sustain the lead not lose the lead; provided we have a reliable PG who can shoot or pass the ball than lose with T/O. We were eyewitness of the Lakers during the season and in the playoffs so there is no need of settling scores, we know who is who and what they are capable of doing? I question the $ 15 M bench who are good for nothing but a display and consternation from the fans themselves. We won against the Celtics because of Fisher and Artest 3 pointers in the last quarter, w/o those we would have been the losers.

Unfortunately, Bosh for Bynum trade doesn't really work as it does not mesh well with LA's remaining line-up

You want Bynum there because defensive he's huge and long allowing him to take on everyone from Dwight Howard, Perkins, Shaq (when's he's in shape). Offensively he's a mismatch at the low post anytime he gets the ball. Bosh plays away from the basket as much as Gasol, he's smaller and not a true center. I really like Bosh, but I don't see him adding more value for LA vs a healthy Bynum (which is the crux in this whole argument). Part of Gasol's advantage in LA is, he gets to play PF whenever Bynum's in where he has so much advantage and it also reduces the wear on him.

And we're not even talking about how much more money Bosh makes over Bynum, LA's on its spending limit right now. Doubt they'll take on more salary.

I don't see any major moves by the Lakers. There's always such speculation before FA signing time but rarely is there anything huge that transpires anywhere much less on a team that won back to back titles with no one in the main rotation retiring or leaving via free agency. 7th or 8th man in the rotation may change but so what? The biggest news will be if Phil retires.

"That is TEAM SPIRIT hobbitmage and kblitz CAN NOT UNDERSTAND and can not and will ever not break the LAKERS CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM as long as Jerry Buss is the owner. "

Oh I wonder who said "TRADE KOBE" and before that "GASOL FOR BOSH" Staples17 and who also stated Bynum should be number 1 option!

A big difference between who is being paid as much as Dwight and was *cheering* on the bench while the Finals MVP was grabbing 14 REBOUNDS together with the Spaniard who grabbed 18 rebounds!

Should Buss trade Bynum will you continue to be for the Lakers or change your name to AirCanada17?

Buss will never break apart Kobe and Pau and he GUARANTEED that. Everyone else is touchable as long as it is an UPGRADE.

Re: Still throwing Kobe Bryant under the Bus? Or forgetting that Bynum's meniscus tear was NONE related to those two accidents and neither was the Achilles Tendon. Something must be wrong with your short term memory.

As for Brian Shaw not getting the job? Good. Let Byron get the job. Shaw remains here, continues running the triangle, and remains the same system should PJ leaves. Edwin as much as rookie coaches can be unnerving especially for a championship remember Pat Riley was an assistant for only two years before he became a head coach barely any coaching resume aside from the broadcasting booth. Still though PJ should return at least for another year and help transition Shaw to become a good head coach once PJ finally calls it quits.

what an idiotic comment. Does anyone realize that Pat Riley was fresh from the ...announcer booth and won 5 rings???????????????????????

"Brian Shaw made the biggest mistake of his coaching life. He may NEVER get another offer at a top job again.

Whether Phil comes back this year or not, the next Laker coach will NOT be Brian Shaw. It will be Byron Scott or Jeff Van Gundy or somebody else with serious head coaching experience.

Coaching an elite championship team like the Lakers is no job for a rookie. Sorry we can't afford the time for learning-on-the-job."

Posted by: Psycorp | June 30, 2010 at 06:16 PM




In any case it will be interesting to see how this much hyped summer will come regardless of the Lakers participating in it or not.

Mitch, call LBJ now!

So Shaw withdrew his name because he said it was too rushed?


Either he didn't want to commit till Lebron does or he knows the Lakers plan to hire him when PJ retires this year or next.

I don't think it was a 'sour grapes' situation.

Mitch, call LBJ now!

Mitch, call LBJ now!

Posted by: EJK | June 30, 2010 at 09:14 PM



How many times do you have to hit your head to realize Lebron isn't coming to the Lakers!

If John Salmons is willing to accept the MLE, I'd strongly consider adding him to the roster. I've been impressed with this guy ever since he was with Sacramento, and how he performed well in Chicago and Milwaukee.

I can see him being the backcourt mate that complements Kobe very well - a big guard who can shoot and create his own shot.

EJK says "Mitch, call LBJ now!"

What should he call him?

I will take a healthy AB over Bosh any time of the day, but the key word is "healthy". If AB is healthy he is a beast and a future ALL-Star, he can be the best BIG man in the leauge if he can stay away from that injury bug.I think we already got the best starting 5 in the leauge besides mayb Dfish who I think is getting older and slower and should be great off the bench.With that said I think we need a new starting pg or atleast a true legit pg to back up Fish so he can play less minutes.We need better players coming off the bench we need a stronger bench.If we get that done with PJ back, I think we ready for a 3 peat, no matter what those FA want to do.They cant stop the Lake show! 3-peat baby!

KB Blitz,

who on earth wrote this:
"That is TEAM SPIRIT hobbitmage and kblitz CAN NOT UNDERSTAND and can not and will ever not break the LAKERS CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM as long as Jerry Buss is the owner. "

Gooney goo goo. WTH?

#1 - Thank God Shaw is coming back. This guy is going to be a great head coach for the Lakers in the (very near?) future. And to the dude that said we don't want a coach learning " on the job" that is total rubbish. All great coaches get their start somewhere. People hated the Phil Jackson hiring when the Bulls first promoted him too.

#2 - No to John Salmons. He's selfish and there's a reason he hasn't stuck with a team very long.

#3 - Stop with the Bosh rumors. They're unfounded and not happening. They show up on web pages because they get a lot of hits from the large Laker fan base.

#4 - Definitely stop with the LeBron to the Lakers crap. Won't happen in a million years. If it does, I'll eat not only my words, but my own hand too.

#5 - Here's my prediction for the Lakers offseason...
A) Fish re-signs for 2 years/$5 million
B) Blake is signed as his backup for 3 years/$11 million
C) Lakers lose all FA except Fish and replace them with near minimum players in effort to cut payroll
D) Both rookies make the team

Wait, the free agent signing period has been on for almost an hour? I have not had all my off seasons questions answered! I don't know what is going to happen yet, and i have not achieved total consciousness, nirvana, or access to a higher plane! Stupid ESPN was lying to me again.

puddle- you and your crazy optimism.

Puddle -
Succinct logic doesn't play well here, haha.

I can just picture Mitch right now with all 8 lines blinking on his phone, a cell phone in one hand, and a coffee pot brewing in his office. Jim Buss is in the war room with the TV tuned into Futurama.

Mitch: "But there is nothing wrong with Walton's back. He plans on lumberjacking all summer to strengthen it. His new knickname is Paul"Lukie" Bunyan.... His lack of foot speed?... He's not slow, he just plans his movements carefully. All the great ones do that Bryan. He'd be a perfect fit for the Raptors. Luke is so unselfish, that's hard to find in the NBA...His poor shooting you say? He's just been in a two season slump, everyone goes through those...but, but, he has such a high basketball I.Q......Excuse me Bryan, I've got an important call with an Eskimo I have to take, be right back"

Okay okay. Stop with all the crazy trades involving LO and AB.

As a Laker fan we all want our team to dump some ineffective guys, and improve for there. We can do that. Farmar, Morrison, Mbenga are gone, and maybe Powell as well. But you don't break a championship core.

Sure. LO has been inconsistent through his career, but time and time again, he proves that he's valuable to this team. A weak showing in the Finals for LO may have you wanting to dump him. But from a basketball player's perspective (Lakers players), LO is a stabilizing force in the locker room and the intangibles and mismatches he creates. Remember Finals 2009? How about the 2007 playoffs when he was playing with a sprained shoulder all series long. LO has heart, his brain may go away from him from time to time but hey, dude's a baller.

As for Andrew, the kid is a beast. I wouldn't give away his talent for a Chris Bosh. Bynum >>>>>>>>> Bosh. The kid has matured and we will all see a different AB next season.

Acquiring Bell, McGrady, and Crittenton/Blake/Ridnour this offseason as well as giving Ebanks OR Caracter a contract for next season will be a great offseason for the Lakers.

Let's not blow our team up and start over by having all of our bench guys learn the Triangle during Training camp.

This is our roster for next season, the way I see things will play out.

PG: DFish/Blake/Shannon
SG: KB24/Bell/Sasha
SF: RonRon/TMac/Luke/Ebanks
PF: Pau/LO/
C: AB/Mbenga

Just my 2cents.


Fish, Brown, Ammo, Mbenga, Powell, Farmar.

6 out of 13.

Seriously, this team is effectively blown. Just how many fingers do you cut off your hand before you say its damaged? Re-tool us fans a champion, Mitch.

"Fish, Brown, Ammo, Mbenga, Powell, Farmar."

Most likely Gone:
Jordan Farmar (Wants more PT, Lakers declined Qualifying offer)
Adam Morrison (Rarely played in LA)
DJ Mbenga (Wants more PT and a possible pay raise more than $1 million)
Josh Powell (Caracter's draft means a possible cheaper alternative)

Still a question:
Shannon Brown (wants to stay in LA but will the Lakers pony up?)

4 of them RARELY played so even "Dacos" won't be missed to much. So that leaves Jordan, a back up at best, and Shannon (who was a journey man even before his time in LA) could possibly leave. Shannon as a SG could be replaced by Sasha or Bell (though the dunks will be missed somewhat). Farmar's inconsistent time and bull headed attitude won't be missed too much even though he could speed the tempo (though did it way too much for the Lakers's own good or did it at the wrong times).

Having Kobe or Pau leave as a Free Agent would be a BLOW. Bynum or Odom leaving as a free agent is a BLOW (trade is something else). Having losing 6 players when 4 of them barely played and 2 of them were back ups that could easily be replaced is something almost every Laker fan can sleep with.

Fish, Brown, Ammo, Mbenga, Powell, Farmar.

we will miss our Pet collection and mascots?

OK, I got it...we reinstate Critter, We scour the Earth to find Kwame's long lost brother "Kreama" (Hands of honey, and cake throwing expert as well :.....We proceed into the season with our core and filler, and when Drew goes down on schedule with his annual injury, we trade Kreama, Critter, 2 first round picks, and we'll need Chuck Person to sign a contract for around $700K and we trade this package to Memphis for Marc Gasol.....The end result, we'll have a useable center, we kinda pulled a double indemnity on the Brown situation, "but those calves!!!"

Seriously, let's stay big, .....Bell, Barnes, ok on Blake, he didn't sepuku himself during his time with the Clips, and he already knows the way to work, no on Bosh, see if Kobe will let Shaq come the Lakers, and be the 15th player, ..... and start thinking about Carmelo for next summer.he's another player who can handle himself on the court while strangling Sasha (gotta love his laugh)......

Start training your asst coaches, even though they're in uniform, (Fish and Walton).....and save a seat for Rambis, he'll be back....

Dave M,

Mitch will call LBJ and ask if he could be one of his Fave cuz' LBJ is the equivalent of "Marie Antoinette" in the 21st Century. He is the highest MVP royals being sought by NBA teams today. Why would you chase a player who could not win a Championship? A player whose sportsmanship character is questionable and lastly, a player with educational level of high school. Well, he could dunk the ball in a style. These are our set of values today. LOL!

Why is everyone talking about trading Bynum for Bosh??

Bosh is another version of Pau Gasol (long and lean, finesse) and can shoot Js from a longer range.

However, he could be neither a replacement for LO or AB. AB is a center and a true center. Bosh is a PF. So, Pau and Bosh playing together would be like a PF and a "can-be-center" starting.

The other chat going on is LO for Bosh. So, what happens (even if it happens) when we get Bosh for LO?? LO comes off the bench. Will Bosh agree for that?? Or do you want to start Bosh and let Pau come off the bench???

But hey, the Grizzlies have one more Gasol to give(gift)!! Mitch, just call the Memphis number, they'll take Powell, Luke and Mbenga and give us Gasol Jr.

Now THAT is a SWEET trade.... hehehehe


>>>A) Fish re-signs for 2 years/$5 million
>>>B) Blake is signed as his backup for 3 years/$11 million
>>>C) Lakers lose all FA except Fish and replace them with near minimum
>>>players in effort to cut payroll
>>>D) Both rookies make the team

I think you've totally hit the nail on the head. As for C, I'm thinking at least one veteran will be willing to take a minimum contract (or at least VERY low) to get a ring - maybe Kurt Thomas, maybe Brad Miller, maybe Raja Bell, who knows.

p ang,

>>>Fish, Brown, Ammo, Mbenga, Powell, Farmar.
>>>6 out of 13.

Yeah, but really only 3 of those matter, and I'm pretty sure they'll bring Fisher back. If they manage to make a deal with Brown as well, then it might be only 1 player lost from the core rotation (Farmar). Problem is, I'm not sure they'll find a replacement at his level or higher who will take the sort of low money they'd like to pay. It may cost them most of an MLE (say 4 million or greater) to get someone at least at Farmar's level.


I love your Marc Gasol trade, but why bother with Krema. Kwame is a free agent. The irony of trading them Kwame and Critter twice would be great. Do Pau and Marc have a little brother?

great news for laker fans that shaw has withdrawn his name from the short list of cleveland's coaching hunt. whooo!!!

Ugh, why anyone would consider JvG a good coach after listening to just one game in which he's a commentator boggles the mind. The's prone to overstatements, hyperbole, and would like be like his brother in that he'd panic and lose his cool. That is the antithesis of PJ, and of how these Lakers are organized.

The core of this team will remain the same for several years. As such, continuity is important, making Shaw the best candidate for the job.



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