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Lakers' Andrew Bynum says fluid in his knee has returned

Lakers center Andrew Bynum, who had fluid drained out of his right knee Monday, said the knee has swollen up again over the last few days.

Bynum said the swelling had been expected.

He said his knee "is the same as before it got drained."

"We were just kind of hoping it wouldn't so it would feel better," Bynum said. "But I'm used to playing with the swelling in there. It's not any bigger than before we drained it. So, I'm just going to go out there and play."

Bynum did some light practicing Wednesday at Staples Center and said he still expects to play in Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics on Thursday night.

He said he did some of the half-court fast-break drills during practice, but none of the full-court stuff.

"The tear [in the cartilage] is still going to be there. The problem is still there, so [the fluid] is probably going to come back," Bynum said.

Bynum said he'll be just as limited as he was during the Western Conference playoffs.

Bynum said he could get the knee drained again before the Finals begin, but that he won't do that.

"I want to play," Bynum said. "It's just that I don't want to miss the Finals. I want to get through the whole playoffs, which is something for me that I'm just trying to do. It just makes me feel better. My teammates expect that. Everybody expects that. As long as I contribute, it's worth the pain."

Bynum said the swelling will persist until he has surgery over the summer.

-- Broderick Turner

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Dunknasty - no pain, no gain

Dunknasty loves the taste of Celtic tears

Dunknasty say's Big Baby, Get in Mah Belly! rohmrohmrohmrohm

Well, we all know what happens when Kobe penetrates...his wife gets a RING!

Fatty reacts to Bynum's knee swelling

Well, we all know what happens when Kobe penetrates...his wife gets a RING!

Posted by: RED`S LOVE CHILD | June 02, 2010 at 02:13 PM

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Now that was funny!

I still hate you as a Celtic's Fan... but at least you didn't say "rape"

wesjoe, Noah, phred, I like the Blue(s) theme:

but you did, again.


ok one more..

Hey Sonny,

You should do like the Celtic Fan's HOPE of beating the LAKERS or the chance at winning a Title again and VANISH ALREADY!!!


Buddy sounds good. I tend like his older playing better, but I like the way he sounds here. I usedto care a lot about this music, ya know?

Bynum: Stop talking about your knee. Unless it's all a ruse, and you're going to come out and give us 23/12.

Go Lake Show!

I Shall not go to sleep again until The Lakers Clinch the Crown. It's a small sacrifice, but it must be done!

Sorry to hear the bad news about Drew...I hope he can play through it with no long term damage. He's got a lot of years ahead of him hopefully.

But, Drew...those are reporters, not district attorneys. You are not under oath where you have to tell the absolute truth. Don't set yourself or your knee up for cheap shots.

Mark G

You ARE a spy... lol.
I couldn't agree more. The early Chicago stuff was great, but then he just went off and became Buddy Guy. Eric Clapton adored him...

I think one of two things are going on here with Bynum making his "knee" statements.

First, it could be that he is setting it up so that he can use all this as an excuse if he doesn't perform well in the Finals (which I DON'T WANNA BELIEVE)


This is all part of a Phil Jackson Mastermind plot to get the Celtic's thinking that Bynum will be weaker than he actually is. (Sun Tsu would be smiling)


lol, I have some skills. I gotta take off but here's one last song. This is my fav of all the old blues guitar players. I usually don't like covers, esp of this song, but I think Freddie pulls it off.

I like what I'm hearing from Drew, now man up and take a grenade for the team, enough crying to the media.

..wicked, Mark G.. thanks...

I'm totally disappointed on the liberty given to a player to act as orthopedist about his knee. There was a time when MD's are given full authority on diagnosis and the recommended treatment appertained to it. If you are dissatisfied with the findings, you can go for 2nd opinion, 3rd opinion but the the 1st opinion reamain as is.

I'm tired hearing of Bynum's injuries. It is like the oil leak in the gulf and BP kept on making alibis yet the leak continues. In the case of Drew, it is a well orchestrated scenario that happened two years ago to opt for surgery or not during the end of the season; to play or not in the 1st round, 2nd round, 3rd round. He played jumping and running whacking at nash, amare, jason and yet still make lots of excuses about the injuries. ! I find it really frustrating why they make this as an issue on the road to Repeat. At this point, it is either you show up or you don't. If you fear further injuries or detriment to the team, then sit down and let Odom take your place.

"Well, we all know what happens when Kobe penetrates...his wife gets a RING!"

Is Kobe giving Vanessa his 2010 Championship ring? You bet. Nobody gives the Celtics a chance unless they play dirty. All betting odds point at the Lakers. why?

And Jesus appears at 4:37.


BLAH.. BLAH... BLAH .......hahahahaha ..hehehehehehe...BLAH... BLAH.... BLAH..

Bynum really oughtta stop talking to the media, especially about the knee. But I will say this... you can't say he's soft. Guy's played in pain for a while now. He's practicing and he's gonna play. Except for Kobe, toughness isn't something I'm used to seeing out of the Lakers.

And while I'm on the subject, it's getting a little stale hearing about the Celtics "playing dirty". I know you Western Conference princesses aren't used to seeing tough, hard-nosed grind-it-out defense, but when the Celtics come in and show you what it looks like, calling it "dirty" just reinforces the "Soft" label that's been attached to your team. Don't be afraid. Don't b*tch about the refs. It's just real basketball.

Drew talks too much about his injury status. That is all.


Who is afraid of the leprechauns? In the first place why do you come to this blog? To threaten us....kapow! This is not Cleveland or Orlando but you are coming to Los Angeles. If you can intimidate those fans there, well not here. We have been together in this blog for the last 5 years so we declare: Boston Celtics is a dirty team.

Whatever rhetoric s these leprechauns say, don't believe and don't accept. They are here with one purpose to rile and intimidate just like the good old days. Is there anything new?

Sock it to them, if it's green....flush it.

Mamba 24,

Sound the alarm and LAKER FANS RISE UP. It is 24 hours to go for the repeat. Bring out your colors, flags, get on the blog because the leprechauns are here trying to rationalize their dominance. If you give them an inch, they ask for a foot; you give them a finger, they grab your hand; you offer the hand of forgiveness, they take your whole then your soul...

FIGHT IT OUT and give them hell in the next 24 hours before they flood this blog with all their leprechaun ideas.

MARK G… Nice cover by Freddie. Hard to beat the original by Bill Withers. Also great cover by Otis Redding.
I love the blues. My favorite of the young kids emulating the old master is Johnny Lang. Great voice and guitar player. I saw him a few years ago with Buddy Guy at a great show at the Greek Theater at UC Berkeley.

FIGHT IT OUT and give them hell in the next 24 hours before they flood this blog with all their leprechaun ideas.

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | June 02, 2010 at 04:05 PM


I thought you liked to promote being cordial?

Well, we all know what happens when Kobe penetrates...his wife gets a RING!

Posted by: RED`S LOVE CHILD | June 02, 2010 at 02:13 PM
So when pierce penetrates does Garnett get the wipes?

You find bcscully cordial and humble with this statement: when the Celtics come in and show you what it looks like, calling it "dirty" just reinforces the "Soft" label that's been attached to your team. Don't be afraid. Don't b*tch about the refs. It's just real basketball.

Then, you too must be out of your mind. That's intimidation at 3rd degree. Since when did we succumb to leprechaun threats? We tolerated your handle which is also obnoxious but at least, be like Red....make amends, joke and converse amicably but don't come to this blog with stirring personality. We have been here in the last 5 years and we will defend whatever equivocation uttered here for the Lakers good or bad. We are free to call your team dirty anytime we want to because that's your reputation in this league.

Here's my hope...

Phil Jackson has spoken to Andrew and told him to play mindgames.

Andrew's knee is actually getting better...

The Celtics are getting over-confident...

And then POW!!! The Beast lands them a dunkerific haymaker! And another! And another!

Worst case scenario, Bynum needs to play through the pain and as if his career depends upon it, because it kind of does.

Best case scenario, Bynum is doing a rope-a-dope game right now to steamroll into Game One.

I'm hoping for best case scenario.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Boy paul wheelchair pierce is a cocky little sob isn't he? Did you hear his press conference today? Cocky sob.

Paul Pierce said he didn't even hear Phil Jackson was saying to him when he bumped into him with his daughter. Said he just thought whatever and basically smiled and walked off. Paul the truth is this time around you will be walking off the court with purple and gold confetti falling and we ultimately will laugh in your face for the next 3-5 years. You see, our window is open, WIDE OPEN. This year is yet another cog in a purple and gold wheel silly rabbit. Meanwhile the C's are putting all their eggs in one basket trying the Rasheed Wallace, Nate Robinson, move. You got to be kidding me.

It's not supposed be easy.

Being your BEST never is.

Greatness is only acheived in the presence of Adversity.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I have been very cordial. And to further demonstrate my desire to be cordial and amicable ... I will not wear my "We Beat LA" tshirt today.

I hope some of our players get injured so we have an excuse. Because no matter what, we are going to lose to Celtics. They are playing great and there is no stopping for them.

God help us!!!


As we said, we have known you and accepted you as such. Like Red, we learn to include you in our family converastion. However, for visitors and newbies in this blog who have not paid their dues....we demand respect in this site if they wanted to gain respect as well.

man.. this really sux... everytime we need this kid, he's awol. when mitch offered him this contract, i knew it was a mistake. there was no reason to worry about this kid "bolting." lesson to all: haste makes waste. i really believe our path to winning was easier with a healthy bynum but now, the "chip" is compromised. do not underestimate the celtic D especially vs sporadic Laker shooting. Kobe will lose that Passing Feeling if the rest of the team don't make their shots. if so, we're going to witness Kobe trying to shoot over 3 defenders and Pau better be ready to play and run back on D when he gets pounded on the offensive end. he has a habit of whining over every bump he gets while the defenders are running back on offense. this team can be aggravating. i won't blame phil if he rolls it up after this season. instead of a pay cut, they should give the old man a raise just on patience alone!

an article on foxsports also says Phil was explaining a play while bynum was talking to Craig Hodges and not paying attention to what Phil was saying, Phil noted this and asked him, of course bynum said he didn't pay attention to it.

Please get rid of this guy!


Yeah it's a very tough song to cover, not many people could pull it off, the Wither's original is just that good. I think Freddie pulls it off because he's got enough soul to make it his own and doesn't feel he has to follow the original slavishly.

Hello all lakers nation! I am new to this blog and have watch it from a far for some years now and finally decided to join in. I am so ready for Thurs. is it thursday yet?

Here are my comments to the NBA at, I have been a fan since 1960. Please be aware that in my opinion the league is poised for a class action suit if you continue to make rules and not enforce them at all , then not enforce the equally. PLEASE , PLEASE SAVE THE LEAGUE. How can you ignore the recent official corruption record and go on with business as usual. For years the NBA has lost many fans because the officiating make the games look totally FIXED. It gets worst every year. The Officials pick the winners in every game in the first two quarters with their choice of who they decide to call fouls on, thus we are not entertained. The Celtic and Garnett thing really pisses me off. If you look at the video, he throws TWO punches right in front of the referee. And all he got was an offensive foul! When you apply the rules so haphazardly and unfairly, you diminish the entire NBA product BRAND. I think all fans agree - we just want the games to be called fairly, equally. If they're going to let them play rough, then both sides need to be allowed to elbow and hack away. Can't let one side get away with everything and call touch fouls on the other team.

Kevin Garnett is a dirty player. The video of him punching Howard in the arms, TWICE, during game 6th last week is unbelievable! How could the officials miss that call? Offensive foul, It’s a terrible call and the NBA should review the tape and take appropriate actions otherwise the NBA would be viewed as bias. He should be suspense of his action.
The league must clean up its act

I agree. Bynum, stop talking about the knee already!!! Jeez!!! like a lot of people, Ive wondered why the organization hasn't told him to keep it to a minimum. I mean, it's one thing to say "yeah, it's still a little sore" , but a whole different level when you start saying all that other stuff. Why not just hand over your medical records for cryin' out loud!!! Like another reader said, your setting your self up to be targeted. Phil is from that old school era where that was a lot more common so you'd think he would have shared that with Drew. I am like some of the others that almost have to believe it's all a little misinformation being purposely let out. Mind games like that certainly wouldn't be out of Phil's character, that's for sure. But if that is not the case, someone needs to biatch slap Drew and tell him to pull a Kobe and say "the knee is fine. Next question".

MarkG, Noah, etc,.. back in the early 70's I got a "Best of the Chicago Blues" double LP from Vanguard that I just wore the grooves on, classic Buddy, "I Had a Dream Last Night", "One Room Country Shack", "Sweet Little Angel" and some of his stuff with Junior... also Homesick James (Williamson) and his Dusters doing "Somebody Been Talkin'"... the amazing J.B. Butto and his Hawks, "That's the Truth", etc., etc..

Belfastian, always good to see you pop up. You guys got a good pick in the draft... anybody you hoping for?

Drew sounds like he's just making excuses for why he won't play well. Ok the world knows ur knee is bum but could u pls take a page or two out of Kobe's book on how to deal with injuries and how to hide ur true feelings.



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