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Kobe Bryant's performance in Lakers' Game 7 win over Boston still a head-scratcher


Lakers guard Kobe Bryant walked to the free-throw line, and the usual chants of "MVP!" permeated throughout Staples Center. This routine has become as customary as the arena's Kiss Cam, and it serves as just another sign of how Bryant's playmaking abilities and uber-competitiveness continue to capture Los Angeles.

Yet, this time the chant sounded a tad different. The 18,997 fans at Staples Center who shouted "MVP" on Thursday during Game 7 of the NBA Finals between the Lakers and Celtics sounded more like a shout of encouragement than a shout of conviction. Bryant had largely struggled to find a rhythm throughout much of the game, and the Lakers fans wanted to find a way to help push the sluggish superstar along. If only Bryant realized what was going on before sinking three free throws to cut Boston's lead to one with 8:46 remaining.

"I didn't even hear them," he said. "I was so tired, my ears were ringing."

Perhaps it was ringing because moments before in a timeout, fans chanted "Kobe, Kobe." And if his hearing was bad then, it surely was horrible after his teammates encouraged him after his 17-footer gave the Lakers a four-point lead with 5:22 left, his only shot he made in the fourth quarter.

Yes, it was that kind of night for Bryant. Everything, in a way, worked out with the Lakers' 83-79 victory, which clinched the franchise's 16th NBA championship, secured a second consecutive title and avenged a 2008 Finals loss to the Celtics. Bryant also earned his fifth ring ("Just got one more than Shaq," he said), won his second consecutive Finals MVP award and catapulted himself into a small group of Lakers players who have experienced a Finals win over Boston ("It meant the world to me," he said.)

But it didn't happen the way that most fans expected. Many imagined that Bryant would provide a signature moment in Game 7 and further add to his storied legacy. Instead, his 23 points on six-for-24 shooting nearly cost the Lakers the game and even agitated the most ardent Kobe supporters before making adjustments and grabbing 15 rebounds. Many imagined Bryant would play with the steely composure that he has acquired through seven Finals appearances. Instead, it looked as if he had switched identities with Lakers forward Ron Artest, whose 20 points on seven-for-18 shooting, tough defense on Paul Pierce and calmness proved largely instrumental in the win.

It turns out that Bryant's obsession got the best of him.

"I just wanted it so bad," he said. "I wanted it so, so bad. On top of that, I was on E. Man, I was really, really tired. And the more I tried to push, the more it kept getting away from me. I'm just glad that my teammates really got us back in the game."

No doubt, Bryant proved instrumental in the fourth quarter by making eight of nine free throws, grabbing four defensive rebounds and hitting a difficult 17-foot fade-away jumper to give the Lakers a 68-64 lead with 5:22 left in the game. But his teammates made more of the significant shots. Guard Derek Fisher hit a crucial three-pointer that tied the score, 64-64, with 6:12 remaining. Forward Pau Gasol made a layup to widen the gap to 76-70 at the 1:30 mark. Artest made a 27-foot three-pointer for a 79-73 lead. And reserve Sasha Vujacic clinched the win with two free throws with 11.7 seconds remaining.

"Obviously, he didn't shoot the ball well," Gasol said of Bryant. "But we all understand we all had the desire to win tonight, badly. And sometimes that's dangerous because it's a double-edged sword there."


It could have been a sharper sword, because Bryant was about to add a chapter to his legacy that would have said this: He couldn't beat Boston because he tried to do everything on his own and essentially cost the Lakers a game. It's honestly too soon to know whether fans will look back at the 2010 NBA Finals and remember Bryant's poor performance, or if they will just remember that he won a ring against Boston. But it's a safe bet to say he would have been largely held responsible had the Lakers lost to the Celtics in the NBA Finals for the second time in three seasons.

Bryant had put on a stoic game face in the week leading up to the Finals -- as well as during the series -- and had provided clipped answers, even insisting that the rivalry with Boston meant nothing to him. Unsurprisingly, the latter was far from the truth.

"I was just lying to you guys," Bryant said. "When you're in the moment, you have to suppress that because if you get caught up in the hype of it all, you don't really play your best basketball."

But that's exactly what happened. Bryant appeared so fixated with not becoming consumed with Boston that it ultimately consumed him. Rather than allow the passion to spill out, his nerves and excitement burst out as if it had been suppressed in a bottle for far too long.

In all fairness, the Lakers shot poorly in the first half, going 13 for 49 from the field (26.5%). But Bryant's three-for-14 mark represented the most field-goal attempts and clearly showed that he tried to do way too much. That happened when he worked in the post, fought through a double team and shot a jumper that hit the side of the basket. It happened again toward the end of the first quarter when he a jacked a far-corner three-pointer through a double team. That's why Lakers Coach Phil Jackson shared with Bryant at halftime that he played too "animated."

"He's a guy that can try hard and get things accomplished by sheer will," Jackson said. "But this night was not one that he was able to do that on."

It perhaps served fitting that this performance capped off a season in which nothing was easy for Bryant. He spent most of the season fighting through a broken right index finger, back spasms, a sprained left ankle and a swollen right knee. Yet he kept plugging away, showing a willingness to play a facilitating role and picking his spots in the offense. He had his right knee drained and then went on a spree during which he scored at least 30 points in 12 of 13 games.

"It felt good enough to get through the playoffs," Bryant said. "There's some things I'll have to figure out in the off-season, but it was good enough to get through this one."

Just as he had during the season, he met obstacles in Game 7 but made adjustments just in time. Bryant's 15 rebounds significantly contributed to the Lakers' 53-40 advantage on the glass and continued a story line in which the team that got the most rebounds in this series won the game. He displayed trust in Artest by passing him the ball for his late-game three-pointer. And he admitted his faulty game afterward and thanked his teammates for bailing him out.

"He also stuck with it and played excellent down the stretch," Gasol said. He made huge free throws, made huge buckets and that's why he's the MVP and probably the best player in the world." 

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant runs the length of the court to join his teammates for a celebration after defeating Paul Pierce (34) and the Boston Celtics, 83-79, on Thursday night in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times.

Photo: Bryant powers his way to a layup past Celtics guard Ray Allen in the first half of Game 7. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times.

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First – props to the Celtics. That is one gritty, veteran team. Look at what they did in the playoffs, knocking off Cleveland and Orland, the two teams with the best records in the NBA. Then they came about 6 minutes from doing the same to the defending champion Lakers.

Rasheed surprised me with a strong game at both ends. Ray Allen struggled shooting again, but played great initial defense on Kobe all night. Pierce and Garnett were tough. Rondo was all over the place. They pushed and shoved, they banged and swarmed, they hustled, they played hard. A tip of the cap to a group of veterans who everyone counted out, but who almost got it done.

I hate the Celtics, but I admire the way they went after this series.

Tom D.

I love this blog for all the loyal regulars. Clear eyed Laker fans who love their team, but see their flaws. I got burned out at one point of the season with the weak kneed fans who can’t see that the 82 game season and the marathon playoffs are a struggle with ups and downs, injuries, slumps, disappointments. People who don’t understand that you lose a few games on your playoff journey, that it is a struggle, and that it is supposed to be. People who were insulting and name calling their own guys.

I hope some of those folks now see that the struggle is worth it, and the bigger the struggle, the more rewarding the win. And that a lot of these Lakers that guys on here hate have a purpose.

Fisher – forget about it. A warrior and a champion who brings toughness and leadership, and hits so many clutch shots (including last night’s 3). Anyone who still doubts Fish’s value … well … that’s just stupid. Great job on Ray Allen in 6 games of this series.

Gasol – his toughness is questioned but he just stays in there banging away, making plays, getting boards, putting up points. Time to stop questioning Pau.

Artest – His defense on Pierce was crucial. He did it mostly by himself and let the other Lakers stay with their assignments. His defense is inspirational – on that end he leads by example. And he picked up for Kobe on offense in game 7.

Kobe – Oh yeah, the MVP. He got carried away last night. The Celts were sending 3 guys at him and by dribbling too much, he let them have time to get there. Tried to do too much. But he also played DDDD and got boards. An All-Time Great. MVP. Glad he’s on our side.

Farmar provided quickness and wasn’t afraid to attack. Odom – length, boards, a couple of end to end drives. Great help D, especially down the stretch. Brown was solid in the home games. Sasha played tough, and pretty smart. Hit some shots. Made those two key free throws last night – that really impressed me. He earned a spot next year.

And Drew. He played through his knee, gave all he could. He should have been the hero of game 2, but he didn’t get enough help. With Drew at 100% maybe this is an easier series. But with 25% of Drew, the Lakers are better than without him. They won in part because he gutted it out and provided what he could. He learned too, I think, what it is all about. I expect a breakout year from Bynum next year. With his long arms, he may be as long as Yao inside.

This was a series won by defense and the Lakers were tough on that end all series. Throw out the SOFT stuff. This team will need some tweaks – especially the SFs on the bench. And at some point a new PG. But all the posts I read suggesting compete rebuilding are way off base. This is a core that can keep winning.

Three straight Finals trips. Back-to-Back Titles!!!!! All the whiners out there who aren’t happy with team just don’t get it. They don’t appreciate what they are watching.

I can understand Kobe's and the Lakers tightness, but I was disappointed that he picked this game to falter.

As the teams leader, I feel the rest would have followed him by shooting better if Kobe came through earlier.

But.....he had no problem with D and rebounding which kept the Lakers in the game until Kobe and the Lakers played better in the 4th.

He and the Lakers earned those free throw attempts by attacking the basket and forcing the Celtics to foul. Whether from the line or field, those points still counted and Kobe lead his team to victory.

I don't know if Kobe's game was a head scratcher. Kobe himself said he wanted it too much and he tried to do too much.

Boston sent three guys at him every time. He needed to move the ball and himself and get the ball in postition to catch and shoot or take one dribble to get space.

Instead, anxious to lead, he called for the ball, and dribbled a lot. That dribbling gave Boston time to swarm him and force bad shots and turnovers. Kobe adjusted later in the game, the Lakers played as a team, and Pau and Ron and Fish scored some key baskets. a 30 pint fourth, incredibly.

Kobe was too keyed up and tried to do too much. And the Lakers and Kobe found a way to win. And he will learn from this.

Tom D.

Good Morning Lakers Blog Fam,

My eyes keep welling up as I read all the posts and watch the highlight clips. Nobody out in the real world gets why I am so emotional about this championship, but I know you all get it.

Oh what a hard fought and injury fraught season this was. And it makes the victory all the sweeter.

Thank you to my beloved Lakers, my beloved blog fam and of course, a special thank you to our Mamba24. This is truly a special place. Mamba, you're the best.

I know some of you take a bit of a break in the summer, but I hope to see everyone on here as much as possible. We have some intriguing possibilities regarding player movement.

Big Love,

The 2010 Los Angeles Lakers are the

O-f the

C-hampions with an
L-evel of

Priest Butler - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2010 Lakers Team Shout-Out

Kobe: He was killing me with his off shots. Of all times to go into a shooting slump, Game 7 against the Celtics? But when I calmed down, I realized he also snagged 15 rebounds, played great D, and helped out in innumerable other ways. And of course, he was great in every other Finals game. This is the mature Kobe, who is a leader and contributes in every facet of the game, not just with putting up bunches of points. And of course he still made them when it counted, at the end.

Pau: Not a great Game 7 offensively though a BEAST on the glass, but instrumental throughout the series, in fact ever since he arrived here. 2 Championships in 3 Finals since the Spaniard's arrival. Not coincidence.

Drew: I gained a lot of respect for him gutting it out, and he was the unheralded difference-maker in the series, because he kept Perkins occupied and so preventing him from mercilessly pounding Pau in every game, unlike in 2008. Drew gave it his all, and I'm glad for that. Now if he could actually be HEALTHY for a Finals series for once...

Artest: I've said it before but I'll say it now, I'm now glad they got Artest after having doubts in the beginning of the season. RonRon was a PERFECT foil to Pierce and completely justified why the Lakers picked him over Ariza. Save for one game, Artest was the reason Pierce had a generally bad series. And while spotty offensively, RonRon came up BIG in Games 6 and 7. And people thought he would be a cancer that would destroy the Lakers? Far from it, Artest proved to be a total team player who had lots of love for all his teammates. I'm glad the Lakers won this for THRILLER, because he totally deserved it. And man, did he go crazy out there when he won it all!

DFish: He shot the 3 late in the 4th to tie the game, and after that the Lakers never lost the lead. Nothing more to say.

LO: Not a great series by his standards, but he chose the right time to "wake up" in Game 6 and 7 with Drew fading in effectiveness. I guess this is what we have to expect from LO. *sigh*

The Bench: Good in bunches, but not great aside from two monster Shannon dunks in Game 6. This'll be the part that the Lakers need to look at for next year. But Sasha DID make 2 clutch free throws to essentially seal the game. And Ammo now has 2 more Rings than LeBron, Dwight Howard, DWade, Bosh, and Nash combined! How cool is that?

The Adversary: I'll tip my hats to the Celtics, they're a tough, disciplined team with solid defense and a surprisingly good share-the-ball offense. Rondo will be a future star if not HOF and the loss of Perkins showed how underrated the guy is for the Cs defense and rebounding. I dislike Pierce's mouth and KG's punk attitude but admit they got game, and Ray Allen will go down as one of the best pure shooters ever to play basketball. In a year of LeBron media hype, this team with a proud heritage and great coach in Doc Rivers showed what a real basketball opponent looks like. Which made it all the more sweeter when the Lakers won it over them in the end.

Phil: Some head-scratching decisions but that's what you got to expect from him by now, and I can't argue with 11 Championships. This win may be what pushes him to come back next year.

Dr. Buss: What Magic said last night is true. Greatest owner in pro sports, period.

Still basking in the victory from last night... Oh yeah, a victory over PIERCE and the CELTICS... That makes it so much sweeter...


you wrote: I can understand Kobe's and the Lakers tightness, but I was disappointed that he picked this game to falter.

As the teams leader, I feel the rest would have followed him by shooting better if Kobe came through earlier.

my response: I'm going to give him a pass. He's human isn't he?

MJ & Phil never had to face a game 7 in the finals. I'm going to allow a man
with a damaged shooting hand & a damaged knee to have an off shooting

Just as importantly, the focus on defense and grabbing 15 rebounds was

Go ahead an say the pressure got to him. You'd be right. Name another
superstar who played a game 7 while hurt.

I'm just happy we won.

I don't think its fair to Kobe, who actually adjusted quite gracefully in the biggest game of his life, when the temptation to try to "take over" the game was at its highest, by 1.) stepping up his defense, 2.) gathering every rebound under the sun, 3.) passing to teammates during crucial times in the fourth quarter with the game on the line, 4.) taking the dribble to the basket for foul shots. His fourth quarter shots were good shots that he just missed.

In fact all of the "superstars" (except Pau) were exhausted and largely ineffective, including Paul Pierce, who also got caught somewhat in the trap of trying to personally generate offense in a swarm of double and sometimes triple teams.

In reality the defenses were superb, the players exhausted, and yes, tight, and nevertheless they were all magnificent. Congratulations to both Boston and LA for creating a championship series that will be talked about for the ages, and congratulations to the Lakers for winning it.

Yeah I was one of the millions of fans that yelled at the TV with:


And maybe the detractors could have been right in saying that Kobe cost us the Game.. if they lost, but if I remember correctly, we DIDN'T lose!

Yes a BIG THANK YOU goes out to Ron Ron who kept us in the GAME, but let's not forget that ULTIMATELY it was Kobe that kept us in SERIES!!

When he wasn't shooting well last night, what did he do to make up for it? OH YEAH he grabbed FIFTEEN REBOUNDS!!!! WITH AUTHORITY AT THAT!!!! ANNNNDDD... got his Game back in the 4th Quarter where it REALLY MATTERS! And still ended up with the most points...

Scratch your head on THAT!!!

We Are The Champions

We've paid more dues
Time after time
We've finished our season
And did it one more time
And bad mistakes
We made a few
We've had our share, of refs and haters
But we've come through

We are the champions, my friends
And we'll keep on fighting - till the end
We are the champions
We are the champions
No time for losers
Cause we are the champions - of the world

We've taken our bows
And many stupid calls
You brought us love and support and everything that goes with it
We thank you all

But it's been no bed of poses
No pleasure cruise -
We consider it a challenge before the whole NBA
And we aint gonna lose -

We are the champions - my friends
And we'll keep on fighting - till the end
We are the champions
We are the champions
No time for losers
Cause we are the champions - of the world

First of all, I LOVE THIS TEAM.
Every one of them contributed to this championship. Most of them played with passion, energy and attitude.

Second... nah, i'm too happy. I was planning to write a long post ala LakerTom, but i've just said what i feel.

Third, i love Ron Artest, even when he wasn't a Laker, and i wanted him to be expelled when we played houston last year. Even when he shooted like crap, he never forgot the defense. He always played with confidence, and most important of all, with all his heart; something inspiring, a real example. And it showed the most when it mattered the most.

And last, but no least, I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!, from MM who subbed the KBros brilliantly -a huge responsability-, and who is actually the captain of this blog, to the new posters who will appear because of the championship -and obviously all of our nobel bloggers who are cappable to tame trolls!-

You are all invited to my Bday on 06/30 -well, if you are planning to came to the south hemisphere ;-) - but already i have the best present of all: WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!
and GO CHILE!!! -who plays against Gasol's Spain on monday-

We've partied. We've high-fived one another. We've shaken our heads in disbelief thanks to a few idiots setting taxi cabs on fire (and we call Celtic fans TROLLS!). Now it's time for one last act of giving thanks. So...for the final time in this back to back championship season, LET US PRAY!
Dear Lord, we stand in awe of You. We celebrate Your presence. We bless You for life, health & strength. We stand amazed at the work of Your mighty Hands and we give You praise - not just for what you've done, but for who You are.
Lord, we thank You for enabling our Lakers to win their 16th NBA Championship. We tune out the ears of those who diminish our achievement by claiming that the titles won in Minneapolis don't really count. Comfort them as they mourn and deliver them from their jealousy & envy. Let them cry. Let them blame the refs. Let them put up asterisks because their team wasn't at full strength. Bottom line: champions find a way to win. And at this time, this moment, we relyed upon Your wings and You made our Lakers SOAR back onto that great mountaintop.
Lord, we thank You for 131-92. That score has been a source of pain and agony for us. That Game 6 loss in Boston crushed us and broke our spirits. We were dazed and confused. We did not understand what You were doing at the time. We understand now.
You allowed us to go through that pain to build our character. You allowed us to suffer then for the glory that was to come right now. In defeat, You made us stronger. In loss, You prepared us for victory. Because of You, we don't feel the sting of that 131-92 final score. Instead, we remember that score as the turning point for our Lakers - the moment in which our franchise turned it around!
And 2 years later, You allowed us to defeat the Boston Celtics. Erasing the pain. Erasing the bad memories. Erasing the sting of Game 6 2008...and Game 7 1969 as well. Yes it was ugly. Yes it was a grind. But we withstood. We overcame. And we emerged victorious! For that, we thank You!
Thank You for Phil, Kobe, Pau, Drew, Ron, D Fish, LO, Jordan, Shannon, Sasha, Josh, DJ & Luke. Thank You for their teamwork & camraderie. Thank You for leading them and guiding them back to the promised land for one more year.
Thank You for Laker Nation. Thank You for our unity and love for our team. May those of us who attend Monday's parade celebrate with joy & gladness. And dignity. Show the world that the spirit of Laker Nation does not reside in those who set cars on fire or throw rocks at policemen but, instead, in the hearts of those who posted every day on this blog. Who encouraged us to believe when all seemed to go south. Who helped us keep the faith when faith was wavering off the long and winding road.
Lord, we owe it all to You. Thank You so very very much for answered prayers...even the ones that took 2 years to manifest themselves!

I'm still BEAMING WITH HAPPINESS. I'm so proud of our Lakers. They grinded it out last night like true champions. After a whole season of carrying his teammates to get a W. Last night, Kobe's teammates carried him along till he can stand again and pull one last strand of strength from his weary legs and body. There was one incident where I saw Kobe looked as almost drained and lost hope, when he committed a turn over and Ray allen scored. Kobe sat on the floor, his face looked dismayed, the focus was gone, the fearlessness absent, then Jordan came up to him and told him "its just two, its just two points. cmon man" (i think thats what he said). And from that moment on, Kobe never looked back, played like MVP till the clock ran out.

Ron was the heart and soul last night. He showed true grit, and played inspired, focused, and he didnt want to fail. He didnt want to disappoint Kobe, he wanted to make true of his promise. He might be crazy, but sure is funny and awesome basketball player.

Fisher, i love you man! Pau, te amo!

I can go and go on, but my point being is that every single player in the roster showed the world why they are the REAL CHAMPIONS. Everyone stepped up at the right moment, at the right time. I was crying last night, tears of joy streamed down my cheeks. I'm just so proud of the Lakers. We all witnessed how emotional they were, how this championship meant the world to them. We all witnessed the camaraderie, the respect, the trust, and the LOVE they have for each other.

Lastly, thank you all! I started commenting when the season started, and everyone was so welcoming. You guys made the painful loses not so painful. Taught me to believe and to never lose faith in our Lakers no matter what adversities we are facing. Just thank you for sharing this JOURNEY with me. Our collective prayers were heard. The Man above provided our boys the guidance that they needed. Thank you again!


Mamba24, Isn't It Great to Know that Paula "Ingle-Poot" Pierce had to drive back to his Malibu home in silence. He was such a professional, he didn't congratulate the Lakers and he didn't show up for post-game interviews.


Class Acts, NOT!!!!

We All Survived the Troll Brigade as the Lakers Marched On Down to their 16th NBA Championship!!!! Glad You Stayed the Course and Didn't Let Them Drive You Off the Blog-o-Sphere of Lakerdom...

Although I Truly Believe that the Lakers Were Destined No Matter Who the Opponents in this 2010 Playoff Run, I Think We Can Thank the Following Teams Just Like at the Academy Awards.

As Lakers Fans, We Would Like To Thank the Association for the Following Teams:

1. Utah Jizz for Defeating the Thuggets (Size + Altitude Would've Made it a Tougher Series)

2. San Antonio Spurs for Defeating the Dallas Mud-ducks (Probably Could've Beaten the Phoenix Nones & Made it a Different Type of Western Conference Finals Series)

3. Phoenix Nones for Defeating the San Antonio Spurs (Size Plus Experience Would've Made it a Tougher Series; Plus, Phoenix Series Gelled the Lakers Transition D for the Finals)

4. Boston Keltics for Defeating the Cleveland Cadavers & Orlando Tragic So That We Had Home Court Throughout the Playoffs

Again, I Truly Believe the Result Would've Been the Same, But Thanks Just the Same.

Is it me or did Magic Johnson seem a bit too excited at the half when the Keltics were winning. All he could talk about was the outstanding D of the Keltics. Not giving the Lakers' D any credit.

Lakers Held the Keltics to 40 pts in the first half and 39 pts in the 2nd half. Outstanding D!!!!

It's as if Magic was rooting for the Keltics so that Kobe wouldn't tie him with 5 rings. I hope I'm wrong, because that would truly be tragic. All throughout the series he was emphasizing how great Boston was playing. A little too enthusiastic for my Keltic Hating Self...

Is 131 Going to Honor Your Bet and Purchase a Kobe Jersey? Will He Wear It? He Now Should Be Required to Change his Name to "67-89"




MJ had a game 7 against the Indiana Pacers tehy won 88-83 but MJ was 9/25 from the field and 10/15 from the ft line for 28 pts he and Pippen shot terrible MJ played by that defensive demon Reggie Miller the Bulls shot as a team 38 % if not for a 7/11 perfomance by Toni Kukoc they may not have had a second 3 peat

does that game line sound familar ??

All season long Kobe carried the Lakers team on his shoulders, he struggled last night but as a superstar he did other things that helped the Lakers win its 16th NBA championship. I thought as he was trying his best last night, struggling to get his game going, he was like a wounded soldier trying to detonate a killer bomb, to me he is more than a conqueror, he was wounded but able to stood the battle and won the war....thanks to Artest too for fulfilling his promise to help Kobe win a title!!!!!Let's go for 3 peat!!!!!!

Lord, * AMEN! Posted by: utzworld - the ONCE AND FUTURE BANNER HOLDER | June 18, 2010 at 11:05 AM
AMEN! utzworld my brother THANK YOU! Thanks for all season long, the past season bringing us our game day prayer to keep this Blog on an even Keel. Thanks for bringing sense to situations that at times were nonsense. You my brother are one of the cornerstone on which this Blog was built and upon which the Blog rest. How you do it? I don't know. But a greatful LakersBlog and myself individually thank you for your service to this Blog. Thanks for slapping me and bringing me out of my lil Drama_Punk moments with that down home reality. You are a special person utzworld THE BANNER HOLDER and This Blog and the world is a better place for your being. On a side note you don't know how happy I am to hear mini BANNER HOLDER is progressing well. Thank God. It's good to see that her dad is bringing her up to be a good Laker Fan. Lol! My Brother I thank you for all you do and God stay with you and your family and Bless you. Been a heck of a seson utz and you played your part in making it a good one. THANKS


I'm absolutely, emotionally drained. Still happy, but this has been the sweetest single victory of them all.

We have the quirkiest blend of talent, personalities, work ethics. We could say the 09 Lakers were more homogenous, but these Lakers are definitely a 'pluralistic' community.

Part of the joy I feel is seeing it all come together to not only win 1 championship, but repeat. To be completely honest, 'mature' isn't what you think of when you think of these vets. The repeat teams of the early '00s and the 87-88 team had very veteran players. these guys aren't that way. Decidedly not.

But its very good to see how Phil, Kobe, and Fish, managed to bring everyone together. As disjointed as they seemed, every last one of the Lakers that played in the game 7 had a definite imprint on winning it. They all contributed in some little but special way.

I mean, c'mon....Sasha being the clutch player to ice it? Ron being the leading scorer most of the game? Pau and Kobe both rebounding like there was no tomorrow...because there wasn't?

Truly, this is a special team, a special group of guys. How this team isn't mentioned thus far amongst at least the second tier of teams to ever win championships is beyond me. Three Finals and 2 championships? Possible 3 peat candidates? We witnessed greatness and grit....and I expect every bit of that to be here next year, at the same time.

real men do it twice.....

A day later, we're still exhausted after a year watch of the ON & OFF SWITCH, thanks God the switch was ON at the 4th quarter. It was a nitty gritty grind of coming back against a desperate team who needs to win despite their noticeable handicaps. They don't have Perkins and we don't have Drew so the playing field was level with our respective stalwarts that carried us throughout the playoffs. No team should complain of the officiating because it has been inconsistent in both ways. Last night, I read some Celtic fans whining because Lakers went to the free throw line I think 20 more than the Celtics. Well, it could have been 30 if they are calling the hacked and mugged that Gasol got from KG, PP and RW, it's a free for all in trying to knocked out the Catalan soft belly and every time he gets down, he gets up and fight some more. I hope they give him the credit for not giving up to the last buzzer. Kobe was so exhausted of being triple teamed and also hacked, tripped and still standing. That is the highlight of the Championship to survive the rigors of the final game. Whoever remained standing wins and they are the Lakers.

Now I want to know what MM has planned for the bloggers to meet and have rendevouz exclusively for the member of Lakers Blog on Monday. Is LAT giving away any tshirts, coffee & donuts for the regulars who have been in this blog day in and day out all the way from Cleveland, from NY, from Chicago and from Italy and so forth. Whoever will be present in the parade, is there a designated point planned by LAT. Can we meet at LAT office here in downtown?

Good Morning Lakers Blog Fam, My eyes keep welling up as I read all the posts and watch the highlight clips. Nobody out in the real world gets why I am so emotional about this championship, but I know you all get it. Oh what a hard fought and injury fraught season this was. And it makes the victory all the sweeter. Thank you to my beloved Lakers, my beloved blog fam and of course, a special thank you to our Mamba24. This is truly a special place. Mamba, you're the best. I know some of you take a bit of a break in the summer, but I hope to see everyone on here as much as possible. We have some intriguing possibilities regarding player movement. Big Love,
Lass Posted by: LakerLass | June 18, 2010 at 10:54 AM
Lass is it really you! Where have you been? We missed you. So you a lil misty eyed. Most of us are or were though some don't want to admit it.
What you are suffering from is a wonderful addiction called LakerHolism.
Those luck enough to have it are considered special human beings. Lol.
I myself also have this adddiction and believe me I thank God everyday.
I also would like to thank you My Laker Lass, for picking me up when I was down and having my back. I owe you a lot Lass. Well enjoy & celbrate today and check in on the Blog more often. Love ya Lass!

HEARTS OF A CHAMPION… What a tough game for either team to lose. Both teams showed their fans why they were champions last night. As much as I hate the Celtics, my hats off to them for a gritty hard fought effort in Game 7. Nothing ugly about great championship effort by both teams in my opinion.
GAME BALL TO THE TEAM… While everybody seemed to be tight from the enormous importance of the game, it was such a pleasure to see the Lakers role players come through in the clutch when Kobe struggled. From Drew’s heart to clutch 3’s by Derek and Ron, clutch free throws by Sasha, and clutch plays from Pau, this was truly a team win in the truest sense of the word. As Kobe said, his guys saved the day for him.
GAME BALL TO THE FANS… Loved how Kobe, Phil, and the Lakers team all gave the fans at Staples and throughout the Lakers Nation for their great love and support for their team. The passion and support from the Lakers Blog definitely sent championship karma to our boys is purple and gold. We fans were the difference.
ONE MORE THAN SHAQ… I loved how Kobe gave credit to Pau, Derek, Ron, Sasha, and his teammates and acknowledged how much the Lakers fans wanted this victory and how important it was to the city. And I loved how he admitted his rivalry with Shaq but differentiated it from competition with MJ. That was pure class.
I GOT WHEATIES !!! Let the love for Ron Artest overflow. When the Lakers needed toughness and clutch play down 2-3 with 2 must win games to go at Staples, Ron came through like we envisioned when we “traded” him for Trevor. It was so heartening to see him so happy with the win and his contribution.
BUILD A BIGGER TRAIN… LEWSTRS better get busy designing and building a bigger Lakers Dynasty Bullet Train because the one on the blog now is never going to hold all the fans who want seats. By this time next year we are going to need to add an upper level to the roof or a couple of extra passenger cars to the rear.
ADD THAT ASTERISK… There is little doubt now that the Lakers would have won the 2008 NBA Finals had Andrew Bynum not been injured or that the Lakers would already have another three-peat. The championship tally between the NBA’s two greatest franchises should really now read Lakers 17 – Celtics 16.
SEND IT TO BOSTON… Considering how Doc Rivers is claiming that the Celtics starting lineup has never lost, I think it would be appropriate to send all of the Celtics 2010 NBA championship hats, T-shirts, and gear to Boston rather than some third world country. That way the Celtics can continue to keep their lie alive.

USA Team in soccer were inspired by Lakers victory. They rallied 2-0 to tie the score. Well, they have never lost nor won in the World Cup but they have competed to their very best. Go USA.

I'm pretty harsh on Kobe but I agree with Hobbit, Kobe is after all human, and he was hurt-really hurt. When he admitted that he can't grip a basketball without the bandage on, we got a glimpse of how bad the Finger really is. Everybody knows he's a gamer but it really is amazing how much hurt the guy is able to play through. He's so good at it that it's easy to take it for granted.

Boston's D wasn't just good, it was great. You don't see teams recover on rotations like that very often. I was also amazed at how many times Celt defenders recovered after being faked out at the 3 point line. I don't think the Lakers could have ever beaten the Celts without playing as a team, and last night, though it wasn't pretty, the Lakers did in the end play and win as a team. Kobe Rebounded, Pau rebounded, they all made big shots, Ron had an unbelievable game. How cool was it to see Ron that happy!

I think it would have been nice to see Kobe and Pau get Co-MVP, but it's not something I'll lose sleep over. To tell the truth, I doubt if Kobe or Pau cared much about it either.

Mamba24, Isn't It Great to Know that Paula "Ingle-Poot" Pierce had to drive back to his Malibu home in silence. He was such a professional, he didn't congratulate the Lakers and he didn't show up for post-game interviews.
Posted by: Marc B (With a 'C') | June 18, 2010 at 11:13 AM
Marc I told you that Paula was one classy dame! Lol! The skank is lucky they didn't make him go all the way home in that Fake Wheelchair. A Fake for a Fake. Shoot I wouldn't want to shake Paula's hand, you don't know where the hell it might have been. Lol! Thanks my brother for making the web such a fun place. Have a good summer.

Just A Thought:

Injury Plagued Lakers Win 16 of 23 Playoff Games

If Drew was Healthy, Lakers Win the Finals in 5 & Probably Go 16-3 for the Playoffs

If Drew & Kobe were Both Healthy, Lakers Go 16-1 (Possibly Even 16-0)!!!!

Phil Jackson said the Greatest Playoff Run was in 2001. AGREED!!! Everything was Clicking on Defense & Offense. That Team ran the Triangle to Perfection, went 15-1 and Would've Gone 15-0 if it weren't for the 11 day layoff (something that doesn't exist in the playoffs the way they're scheduled today).







Uh, not really, MM. There was nothing head scratching about his performance at all. Tight game, good D.


I'm watching the game again, and they showed Andy Garcia... he looked a lot like Groucho Marx

I was standing on my chair with confetti falling all around me. Drenched in sweat, screaming at the top of my lungs... "WE DID IT. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!"

I went to 25 regular season games. 10 home Playoff games. 2 Finals Games in Boston. What an amazing journey... and next, the Parade.

Love to all of you who never faltered in your support of our team.

Much love to all of you that stood and screamed and pushed the team to Glorious Victory.

See you all at the Parade and let's go get another one next year!!!


Mamba - I'm not on the roll call list anymore. :-( Please, pretty please with sugar on top put me back on!!

Already the haters are out en force. UPS guy is a huge Orlando fan. This morning he tells me that the Lakers are going to come in 6th place in the WC race and OKC will be first. Then he said we wouldn't even make it to the finals.

I promptly told him he should stop smoking the ganga on his route.

Ah well, he can try all he wants to gloom up my day, but it's not gonna work. CUZ WE ARE THE WORLD CHAMPION LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!

Yeah, what happened to congratulating the other team? Didn't see any green on the court, and I'm sure they think they're the best team and should have won.

Too bad!

Lakers win it all. Celtics didn't/couldn't/wouldn't get it done.


RonRon's doctor = MVP (Most Valuable Psychiatrist)

RonRon's interview = best post-game interview ever LOL

mamba24, nice showout to the Lakers, coaching staff, owners and their fans. what a way to finish the 2009-2010. all of the L.A. Lakers NBA Championships are all so important, HOWEVER, the most meaningful titles are the ones against the boston celtics. to me , this game was so awesome, because to win it without kobe having a great shooting night, shows the basketball world that L.A. is just not ALL KOBE! they have a great supporting cast and last night they proved it! also, to defeat boston at "their game," speaks volumns about the Lakers toughness and ability to play "lockdown defense!" congratulation to the 2009-2010 back to back champions, OUR LOS ANGELES LAKERS!

Hi Crue !!

I wanna apologize for being completely WRONG about my gut feeling of a Blow Out Game........ SIKE YOUR MIND !!!! I AINT APOLOGIZING FOR JACK !!!!! HOW EFFIN UNBELIEVABLE WAS THAT GAME?????? OMG I was about to drive to Malibu and drive off a cliff !!!!!! I watched like many of you, wondering, how in the HELL can Kobe AND Pau keep brickin ??? I mean FREE THROWS ? GTFO !!!! For 3 1/2 qtrs I watched in HORROR !!! A childhood friend sent me a txt and he's currently in Kentucky, he told me he went outside, thought about Me, The Lakers and Laker Nation and prayed to the Basketball Gods. I personally thought this was dorky, but I was desperate and what the hell, I already have a GF and she's known about my closet dorky ways for awhile so it wasnt like if I did it, I would NEVER get laid again, so I did it too. Not long after, Fish busted that 3ptr and I tricked myself into believing in Basketball Gods because I sensed a different edge for us and a more desperate edge for them. All I kept hearing was the sound bite of Phil saying " This Team Knows How to Lose in the 4th Qtr" over and over in my head and hoping this Man makes the big bucks because he knows what the hell he's talking about... true to form, a team choked, except it was Boston, not the Lakers circa 2008. Boston fans are crying today about foul calls... EXCUSE ME ??? When you FOUL it should be called !!!!! Nevermind the fact that Boston hacked so much, we got into the penalty early, they KEPT HACKING !!! Hell Sheed damn near pulled Kobe down in a wrestling move and no call.. I thought the Refs allowed the game to be play like Men play.. but c'mon.. you GOTTA call fouls?? so save the bellyachin Trolls.. YOU GUYS HACK !!! If you wanna label it good D, fine, I'll agree to a point, but a FOUL is a FOUL so when you do it, accept that it comes along with free throws..

To me, what made this Win the best, BOSTON HAD IT !!!!! LMAO BOSTON HAD THE GAME AND WE SNATCHED IT AND BROKE THEIR HEART, THE CITYS HEART AND SOUL.. By beating the Celtics the way we did, it HURT THEM alot more than a blowout.. They were believing they were gonna win, the fans, the Laker Haters.. Kobe couldnt buy a basket, Lamar was nowhere to be found, Pau was being strange.. it was all lined up against us.. except.. Ron wasnt gonna let it go down that way... RELEASE THE KRAKEN !!!!! In the face of disappointment, Our guys Man'd Up.. Punched Back.. and Beat Down Boston and TOOK whats rightfully Ours.. a CHAMPIONSHIP !!! Can you really imagine how defeated all things Boston are today?? lmao Kobe stunk up the joint and we STILL have Back to Back titles !!!!!! OMG Sorry to ramble guys.. Im still on cloud nine.. I'll be back Monday.. Im gonna use this weekend to just soak it all up and come back down to earth, AFTER the Parade... Have a GREAT WEEKEND ALL !!!! Fist Bumps and Man Hugs !!!!!!

Good season guys. What a ride.

Ronron's postgame was hilarious and irritating at the same time. Love him, but the ADD stuff drove me up a wall. We love him in our house for his underdog status, the never-won-a-ring status, and his strong and fast hands.

Man. I'm spent. Tired. But so, so happy.

Love my Lakers!!!!

AAAAHHHH.....What a great day, what a great time.

In my opinion, that game last night was the greatest, most excrutiating, yet exhilarating Laker game ever. There was so much emotion poured into that game, it's hard for me to think of any other game that can equal that. The battling in that game by both teams was about as intense as I've ever seen. The defense was ridiculous.

I love this Laker team. They put everything on the line for this. Everyone, from Shannon Brown to Ron Artest put everything they had on the line for this championship. This is as sweet as can be.

*Big time props to Pau Gasol. He fought and he won. This man has a chance to go down in history as one of the best all time. At this point, he's a hall of famer, no doubt.

*Kobe is being put into the same class as Magic, a huge accomplishment in and of itself. Whether it's the truth or not is up for debate.

*Fisher is the heart and soul of this Laker team. Nobody should forget that. The balls and heart on this man cannot be matched. He saved us in game 3 with his 11 clutch under pressure points. Then his three last night, WOW! So clutch!

*Ron Artest baby! What a game, what a player. To come up so huge like that last night. Hittting that three, oh man. Then his defense on Pierce, we would not have done it without him. Ron Artest EARNED his Laker stripes, and his ring. I love this guy. He gave up millions of dollars to be a Laker and win. And it was he who helped us the most to make it happen in game 7.

*Magic and his predictions were kind of weird. I can see why he'd want to try to be an unbiased voice as a commentator, but he is Magic Johnson. He is the greatest Laker of all time. You'd think he'd show a little more support for his team, especially when dealing with Jon 'Laker Hater' Barry.

Magic is a basketball genius. Like all the great ones. I think he was trying his hardest to stay out of the emotional aspect of the game since his job was to be a commentator. By picking the Celtics, Magic could personally disconnect himself from the emotion of the game. Because deep down inside, you know Magic hates the Celtics. On NBATV, Kevin Mchale hates the Lakers and it was clear by what he was saying. Magic was definitely exhibiting more professionalism than Mchale as a commentator. If that matters at all.

We finally beat the Celtics baby! Yeah!
Go Lakers!

coming to a theater near you......The Clash of the Titans! come see the GOOD conquer the EVIL. Phil Jackson starring as Zeus, Kobe Bryant as Perseus, the boston celtics as Hades AND GUEST STARRING, RON ARTEST AS "THE KRACKEN!" RELEASE THE KRACKEN! HA HA

Boy Lakers stunk it up and still won. Why with < 60 seconds does Kobe shoot a 3-pointer? Thank god he drove the rim soon afterwards and we all saw the results.

I think Lakers offense was terrible in the finals, focusing on 2 people scoring rather than 5. I hope phil puts in more plays for Artest and Odom. Also play farmer/brown/sasha during the season ok? The short rotations really hurt the lakers. Since I'm rambling why not put Artest's shrink on the payroll? Odom could use some help too.

Still Pau pulled it together and rewrote his own legacy. He even more than Ron, won teh game. Thanks Lakers for a great year! (and I've got all the games on my HD DVR!)

I hope Phil lerned something about resting players and making the bench play more as a unit.

Laker fan since '81

The game set some media records last night that are worth noting. Game seven of NBA finals was highest-rated game since Jordan won his last title

The game set a new record on Twitter, with 185,000 tweets every minute.

This current generation of Showtime certainly knows how to put on a show. Go Lakers, Champions All!

I love how everyone is coming out to support the team on the blog today.


Actually, make that TRULY awesome and a WONDERFUL day to be a fan.


Mamba - I'm not on the roll call list anymore. :-( Please, pretty please with sugar on top put me back on!!Posted by: longtimelakerlover | June 18, 2010 at 11:48 AM
LongTime what can I say. Man I'm sorry. It will be on there I promise! Sorry Bro! Thanks for your insightful Posts over the season. You made this a much more enjoyable season. Thanks and sorry!

super happy for the lakers but guys face it: kobe choked. he's now won championships on the backs of shaq and gasol/artest and really only has the 09 championship he can really call his own in the way michael jordan had. after last night's performance, you have to be blind to ever compare kobe to michael. "wanting it too much" is no excuse for that poor performance. did michael ever want it too much and produce such a stinking turd in a game when it mattered the most? nope.

By picking the Celtics, Magic could personally disconnect himself from the emotion of the game. Because deep down inside, you know Magic hates the Celtics.
Posted by: Rocky | June 18, 2010 at 11:58 AM


Nice post, good stuff.

But for the record, before the game on the broadcast Magic picked the Lakers to win the game by 2. He was pretty darn close.

But I must admit, some of his comments throughout the series were borderline blasphemy.

He could have shown a little more love for the Lakers, after all, he is part owner. In his quest for objectivity, perhaps he has forgotten the fans, the Laker fans.

But for now, in the spirit of #16, all is forgiven.

THANK YOU 2009-2010 NBA LOS ANGELES LAKERS! Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Fred Schaus, Rudy LaRusso, Leroy Ellis, Darell Imhoff, Gene Wiley, JImmy King, Walt Hazzard, Tommy Hawkins, Frank Selvy, Gail Goodrich and to all of the other Lakers players who never defeated the boston celtics in the nba finals. we still need one more title to tie the celtics for nba titles AND we're still a few finals wins behind boston. IT'S ALL GOOD!

mamba24, nice showout to the Lakers, coaching staff, owners and their fans. what a way to finish the 2009-2010. all of the L.A. Lakers NBA Championships are all so important, HOWEVER, the most meaningful titles are the ones against the boston celtics. to me , this game was so awesome, because to win it without kobe having a great shooting night, shows the basketball world that L.A. is just not ALL KOBE! they have a great supporting cast and last night they proved it! also, to defeat boston at "their game," speaks volumns about the Lakers toughness and ability to play "lockdown defense!" congratulation to the 2009-2010 back to back champions, OUR LOS ANGELES LAKERS!
Posted by: Lakeshowinphx | June 18, 2010 at 11:54 AM
Thanks for the compliment and I agree with your analysis. I don't see anything barring injuries stopping the Lakers to their second 3-Peat. In fact next season may be the season The Lakers set the single season win record and sweep the Playoffs. LakeShowInPhx, thanks for help making this Laker season a special one. Take care!

where's 131 - 92 at? has anyone seen him? ha ha

btw, half those rebounds that kobe grabbed were UNCONTESTED. the celtics, lacking perkins, were already heading back to defend and there were usually only lakers to grab the rebound. he did grab a few good ones but kobe's rebounding tally is pretty puffed up here.

jim rome said this morning, "whatever ron artest is paying his ain't enough!" ha ha. how funny is that?

btw, half those rebounds that kobe grabbed were UNCONTESTED. the celtics, lacking perkins, were already heading back to defend and there were usually only lakers to grab the rebound. he did grab a few good ones but kobe's rebounding tally is pretty puffed up here.

Posted by: mike | June 18, 2010 at 12:14 PM


That's all that matters.

Sooooooo Amazing!

We are in pretty good shape to three-peat next season. We need to stay healthy AND:

1) Find a shooter off the bench

2) Find a PG that can defend the smaller guards in the league.

3) Resign Fish -- but with the idea of using him off the bench (perhaps HE is our shooter off the bench)?

4) Get rid of Farmar

5) Keep Shannon if the price is right.

6) Did I mention we need to be HEALTHY?!??!?

Rock and Roll.


Great day isn't it my friend! You helped pull us all through! PARADE TIME!


That's all that matters.

Good Afternoon Charles....Good Afternoon Everyone...

I have been conspicuously absent from the blog for the last 2 months or so—have been reading when I could, or as much as I could stomach, as it were...

I had to keep my mind and focus on enjoying the ride...and man what a ride...

In early April my business was in it’s seasonal busy crazy time which happened to correspond to an extreme low point of this blog in my (for what it’s worth) opinion...and I just needed to take a break from the excremental stank that was being posted on this blog..

Most of which said fecal matter was being posted by so called Laker fans, or at least extremely whiney and spoiled ones, whom I have a hard time giving any credence to whatsoever, and my tolerance for them is virtually non existent, seemingly...indeed they would be better served becoming Harlem Globetrotter fans..

Trolls I can deal with, as trolls are trolls and just that, nothing more, and even they have their uses...

But those self proclaimed Laker fans who knee jerk react to every play, every game with negativity just rip my craw and they rip it raw indeed—“trade him, trade them, he’s soft, he sucks” on and on and on and on and on and on ad nauseam...

But now and finally there is redemption ---- Pau bashers quite obviously have no basketball knowledge (or walking around brains for that matter) whatsoever, Fisher bashers have now been revealed to be complete morons, and all the whining weakling doubting Thomases of Lakerland can crawl back down to their parent’s basements and play with themselves...

And then there was a lot of unwarranted and totally uncalled for attacks on bloggers who deserved respect, not petty ridicule (and yeah I am talking about you Dfish, among others)...the blog turned extremely juvenile and lame...

Not to mention the vaunted return of Mike T., the only person who can review a game he doesn’t even watch—simply incredible, as is his (and Dfish’s) total lack of basketball knowledge...

I feel soiled reading even a few words of both Mike T.’s and Dfish’s posts—pure unadulterated garbage----hopefully they crawl back under the rocks they slithered from under and leave this blog for good (but that’s probably too much for the rest of us to hope for)

I am a Laker fan, have been since 1966, and always will be, win or lose, up or down...and yeah I get frustrated at our team and different players at various times (and especially poor free throwing and crappy lazy passes) just like everyone else, and I hate losing just like everyone else as well, and I know we all have out ways of dealing with triumphs and failures, but I prefer and believe in positivity and optimism...and enjoying the ride, bumps and all...
Hopefully this blog can return to interesting, insightful and respectful discussions about the NBA and the greatest sport greatest franchise in the world, the Los Angeles Lakers.

As for trolls and the poor misguided Celtic minions, the more you are here, the sweeter the taste of victory becomes, so thanks for being here—of course you have no credibility or relevance whatsoever, but someone has to tell us how our asses taste...

So now that I have had my little rant (and sorry to those of you I respect, you know who you are), we come to the matter at hand....wait for it....steady....WE ARE THE 2010 REPEAT WORLD CHAMPION LOS ANGELES LAKERS !!! OH HELL YEAH !!!

I am going to really revel and relish this one for a looooong time—and beating the fricking Celtics is way beyond description—with redemption being the understated word—go spread the word....

And baby, we are just beginning—as I have said before, 4 or the next 6, 5 of the next 7, so far we are 2 of the next 2 in my little (albeit somewhat humble, ha ha) prediction...

The New Laker Dynasty is just getting revved up, better believe it baby...

And after some short term reveling and relishing, we can all start working our brain trust (trusting that we have some brains, as it were) on this summers could prove to be a monumental summer for a lot of teams, the Lakers included....

But right now it’s about savoring this Championship, celebrating the season, and living in the Laker rapture...

“How does it feel to be, one of the beautiful people?”

“I will tell you the meaning of life....follow me”



is anyone tired of watching coverage of the nba finals, game 7 on the nba channel or espn on the L.A. Lakers 16th NBA TITLE? NOT ME, NOT IN A MILLION YEARS. like mcdonalds, "i'm lovin' it!". where was stephen a. smith last night? kobe was calling him out, where's was his skinny-ass at?

East Coast Bias knows no bounds...but don't worry, their theme song is: "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to. You would cry too if it happened to you!"

It happening being a historical, ratings bonanza, facial on all their east coast and Celtic pandering. Because today, the Lakers are the champs and all they can do is cry.

is anyone tired of watching coverage of the nba finals, game 7 on the nba channel or espn on the L.A. Lakers 16th NBA TITLE? NOT ME, NOT IN A MILLION YEARS. like mcdonalds, "i'm lovin' it!". where was stephen a. smith last night? kobe was calling him out, where's was his skinny-ass at?

wilbon, mchale, webber, jvg, mark jackson

kiss our assterisk!!!

LakeshowinPHX - yeah, no joke. He's not coming back because there's NOTHING he can say!!!! WHOOHOO!!!

Except maybe that they lost.
And they didn't get a ring.
And they couldn't finish us out on our home floor.
And that the Lakers are world champions.
And that the Lakers will be getting the championship ring
and banner.


Great day isn't it my friend! You helped pull us all through! PARADE TIME!
Posted by: D(erek)J(eter) | June 18, 2010 at 12:20 PM
Great day DJ? Great day? No, No, No! It is an...OUT FREAKIN STANDING DAY!! Lol! DJ WE really GOT THIS now! Thanks for playing your part in making this season so great. Your Enthusiasm is contagious. Take care.

BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONS!!! That's all that matters. Posted by: Magia32 | June 18, 2010 at 12:21 PM
It is you know Magai32! Lol. Happy Day After Title 16 Day!
By picking the Celtics, Magic could personally disconnect himself from the emotion of the game. Because deep down inside, you know Magic hates the Celtics. Posted by: Rocky | June 18, 2010 at 11:58 AM

Keep in mind that not all media are e-vil. Here are some great reads:

The latter from Yahoo, so I'm kind of surprised lol. And of course there's always Kevin Ding:

These are worthy of our viewership...not that which shall not be named. "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to..."

AMEN Banner Holder. Thank you so much for all you do throughout the season.

Re: Kobe's bad night...does this really matter now that we've won?? I can understand discussing it if we had lost but this is a mute point right now. He was trying too hard, he was nervous, tired, whatever you want to call it. Bottom line is we won, PERIOD. You can sit there and try to analyze the ugliness that was the first 3 quarter plus but what matters is the score when that clock hits zero.

Let's celebrate and stop whining already!!!

just one more passive-aggressive bash against Kobe before everything dies down for a month or two, eh?


LOL, good golden oldie.

You forgot this link:

Hey folks !!!

and the rest of the blog family :)

Hope everyone is doing great !!

I got a few thoughts I want to share -

First of all, I am new on this blog and want to thank everyone for the things they share on the blog and making this blog fun and a conducive place for someone like me to visit and gain some of the insight you guys have into the game.

Now, About Kobe =>
He seemed too overwhelmed by the moment and couldn't answer the call in the way we all had expected him to.It was uncharacteristic but it happens to the best of them and he hung on, fought through using sheer will.
He had pretty much been awesome until this game despite the injuries and
Some of the bad decisions he made because of old tendencies to stray from team offense resulted in poor-to-abysmal shooting.I guess the only major flaw in him is sometimes thinking in terms of "i want to win" opposed to winning and losing as a team..always...he even verbalizes the desire in the same way..always..."I wanted it so bad".....and never.."we wanted it.."...this is not to say he is selfish but a suggestion that he perhaps internalizes that desire a lot and takes a lot of responsibility on his shoulders.It makes his rare screw-ups harder for him to deal with and the moment can sometimes be too much even for a guy as mentally strong as he is.
Kobe fought on in the game when everything seemed to be going wrong for him and the team, grabbing 15 rebounds and scoring 23 points.He did a good job on defense too.It didn't make up for the damage he did to the team on this given night ( 6-26, 7 turnovers ) ,but was another example of Kobe being a guy who is hard to keep down even when things are not going his way at all.He willed himself to making some key contributions despite having an awful night.And the fact remains that we wouldn't be in the finals if not for Kobe.He absolutely deserved the finals MVP.I hope he heals well, learns to control what is possibly his only flaw and comes back better ( if that is possible ) and deadlier than ever before.

Finally for the victory itself -
It was telling that this team, often criticized for being overly dependent on Kobe and nowadays on Kobe/Pau won when both of them had poor nights offensively, the "Laker team" showed up.We braved the odds and toughed it out on a night when the worst ending seemed a real possibility most of the time.The team showed strength of character and an ability to be greater than the sum of its parts.It makes us have all the more faith in the team and a lot of respect for what they do together on the floor night in and night out.

Savor this victory folks.Hope most of you will be around in the offseason. Have a great summer. Take care and love you all !!

Lakers for life !!


I'm not sure whats the point of this article after we win the championship?? Yes, the whole world know that Kobe didnt play well and the lakers didnt play well but we still won the game

We have no idea how does it feel like to play a game 7 in the finals against the celtics, neither do u MM, neither do any reporters, and I dont think Michael Jordan either, because he never played a 7th game in NBA final against a team like the celtics! What I am trying to say is that the pressure of a pivotal game like that can make a human out of very tough player like Kobe Bryant. We were lucky and Kobe was lucky to have his team mates pull out the game for him and us. Thats why NBA is a team sports. and the lakers won as a team!

So, give some slack to Kobe, will ya? I am sure Kobe's nerve will be much stronger after this game and when he faces situation like this in the future he sure will know what to do.

What an amazing game 7, what a series, what a year! I was fortunate enough to actually be at Staples Center last night and I must tell you that Phil Jackson's comments about needing the fans to help them win was spot on. That last quarter we collectively tried to "will" the team to victory - I have NEVER been a part of such fan electricity before in my 30 years in Los Angeles. As for the posts taking aim at Kobe's off night, I think a lot of folks forget he's human. Did he do too much early on? Yes. Did he make amends in the 4th quarter when the Lakers scored 30 points? You bet he did. What a gutsy, dig deep performance by the entire team. Los Angeles threw off its "Hollywood" outer shell last night and revealed to Boston and the basketball world that has the heart, the courage and the grit to match the Celtics at their own game....and come out on top.
Kobe, D-Fish, Gasol, Brynum, Artest, Sasha, L.O., Jordan, Brown - congratulations! Enjoy it, revel in it. This world title is is OURS. The Celtic "elephant" has left the room, the building, the city. We can all breathe easier now.

MM---Truly a fine post.

The Celtics' strategy in this game was clear: Bait Kobe into playing Kobeball, and send everyone at him to stop him, just like they did in 2008.

Kobe took the bait, and the strategy almost worked. He dominated the offense, not only in the number of shots, but even more importantly time spend handling the ball, which resulted in bad shots for himself and, since the offense was out of whack, bad shots for his teammates. ---As I've said many times before, when Kobe plays like this, he makes his teammates worse.

Only the Lakers' incredible defense, and their huge advantage in offensive rebounds and TOs, which led to many many more possessions and shot attempts, overcame the horrendous shooting.

Will Kobe learn from this? That's doubtful. He feels the need to be the man, especially in the most crucial moments, no matter the consequences. The Lakers play their best when he's one of the bunch, but he just can't sustain that.

I'll end this post with a reminder of my predictions at the beginning of the season:

1. The Lakers would win the championship, because they are by far the most talented team in the league.

2. They would play mostly like crap during the season, and they did. They didn't play to their talent more than 10 games the whole season. Part of this is on Kobe playing Kobeball, part on a lack of team effort. (The effort did become a lot more consistent starting in game 5 vs OKC.)

3. As a result, during the actual games, the experience of Laker fans was mostly not pleasant. It's a sad thing when your team doesn't put forth nearly the effort that we as fans do.

4. I suspect that most fans will remember the championship, not the journey. Even the most ardent Kobe apologists were stung by his performance last night, but this memory too will fade by the time next season comes around.

During the playoffs the Lakers showed glimpses of how well they can play, and I was very proud to see it. I'd like to see it more. And I'd be ecstatic to be able to report one day that Kobe has finally got it.

Maybe next year.

He had pretty much been awesome until this game despite the injuries and the sudden drop in performance for this all-important game can't be pinned on them but I doubt if there are players who can play half as well he had until that point with broken fingers/splint.The injured finger did cause him to turn the ball over a lot more than he usually did but he still shot really well for most of the playoffs and carried the team on his back.The enormity of the moment and the pressure it brought got to a battered Kobe for once and it does little more than proving that he is only human :)

Sorry - Missed that part on the previous post !


>>>The Bench: Good in bunches, but not great aside from two monster Shannon
>>>dunks in Game 6.

You overvalue spectacle and undervalue contributions with that statement.

Shannon's shooting had been so bad for most of the playoffs that Kobe knew he had to give Shannon some encouragement that he could still hit a shot so he gave him that fast break slam. The other one was a set-up alley oop play. That's Phil & Kobe getting a role player two easy shots to get him pumped up so he'd play harder in other aspects of the game.

I valued Sasha's 9 points in game 6 more than Shannon's two dunks.

I also valued Jordan Farmar's 4 points more than Shannon's dunks. Unlike Shannon, Jordan made his own play, went up against KG at the rim, and scored both times. Very clutch. And his 3 steals in game 6 also showed how hard he was hustling in that game.

Basically, all of the top 8 Lakers had their good moments and their bad moments in the series. For Kobe and Pau the bad moments were few and far bewteen, but when they both floundered in the final game, their teammates came through and made up the slack.

In a way, it's ideal that Kobe and Pau both had bad shooting nights in the last game (note that they both still contibuted a ton). It reminded us all that basketball is a TEAM game. It's not about Kobe vs Pau for MVP (ridiculous as that argument was), it's about getting the job done as a team.

I guess we don't have to ask you how you feel today! Thru your post I was right there with you. 2010 NBA WORLD CHAMPION LOS ANGELES LAKERS ! OOOOOOOH WEEEEEE!!!. I hate to say this but, what the hell. Every time I look at that replay of the last few seconds of the game and then the jubilation - sincere and real and not some phony B.S. media staged celebration - My Eyes - Yes My Laker Lass - My Eyes become a lil misty. Mannnnnnnn, that is one powerful scene!!! Who the hell said Kobe has no emotion? Mannnnnnnn, I'm so damn happy I don't know what to do. Ok enough of that. Complex_Brotha, thanks for being like Superman and swooping in at the last moment to save me from disaster after disaster of my own making. You are a truly special human being Brotha! And thanks for putting in a good word for me with Justa. Although she was to Virtually good for me and virtually dumped me, i don't blame her at all. Ok nuff of that! Take care my Brotha and know you have my Thanks!


You sir are no Laker fan. Of course we know how Kobe shot like crap but do you see people blast Michael Jordan when he did the SAME DAMN THING in the 96 Finals as well as Game 6 of the 98 Finals (save for the game winning shot).

You do not deserve the title for your Kobe hate and blasting of Kobe Bryant.

Permit me to be the last Laker fan to utter this line:

Trevor who?

Ahhhh, that feels good!

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy...

KB Blitz: Have a great summer! I look forward to renewing the conversation next season.

I'm having lunch in Neiman Marcus around noon today in walks Andrew Bynum, due looks tired walk over and buy's 5 pairs of Sun Glasses. Nobody say's nothing, I walk over and congrats on the championship and small talk. Also mention that he's got mad love on the L.A. Times Blog need to check it out. He say’s he will As he walks out customers begin asking for his autograph, just another day L.A. PEACE

Ronron's postgame was hilarious and irritating at the same time. Love him, but the ADD stuff drove me up a wall. We love him in our house for his underdog status, the never-won-a-ring status, and his strong and fast hands. Posted by: longtimelakerlover | June 18, 2010 at 11:58 AM
Sorry LongTime but Ron Ron's postgame was one of the greatest moments in postgame interview history. None of those pablum soundbite answers. Ron Ron Took the interview away from the anchor interviewing him & show real world emotions in truth. Funny? Heck yeah! But it was also heatwarning. I was always an Arriza supporter, but I got to admit RonRon won me over this season.

Kobe had a klunker, not doubt. Let's not forget the buzzer beaters that ended up giving the Lakers home court advantage in the Finals. Let's see how things go next years when he's healthy ... and hopefully Bynum too for a full season!

But I want to speak about my greater frustration: Pau Gasol ... one move from a truly great offensive player.

I want to point out the greatest flaw in Pau Gasol's game and the one thing that holds him and the Lakers back from being the offensive juggernaut they should be: the early face up short jump shot.

When Pau hesitates, as he almost always does, and then manuevers to his low post back to the basket position, he turns easy offense and good rebounding positioning into gut wrenching and iffy moves to the basket.

Why? First, defenders sag off because they know he seldom shoots. Second, the sagging off and collapsing makes his move to the hoop 10 times more difficult. Third, defenders get in box out position while the Lakers stand around and wait to see what will happen. All bad.

Paul must learn to immediately take the short shot ... which he'd make at least half the time ... the defender would have to come out, he'd have more chances to break to the hoop and there would be better offensive rebounding.

I hope Pau or someone on the Lakers reads this.

I don't get the idea that Kobe's performance was head-scratching. If it weren't for Kobe's flaws, we couldn't identify with him. The guy is human, as much as he tries to hide it.

Kobe discovered how much a championship is like jello. The tighter you try to squeeze it, the more it slips away between your fingers.

So what? The crowd, his team mates, and his coach all rallied around him, as they rightly should considering all Kobe has done for them. He pulled it together as best he could. He redirected his energy to become a constructive force.

Kobe haters will find any excuse to disparage the Lakers hero. The media always seems to lead this charge. It makes me puke.

The Lakers are back-to-back NBA Champions. Have another conversation if you want, but don't try to include me. I'm not buying.

It was a team win... Someone always stepped up on a given night to contribute otherwise we would never have had this awesome game 7. What I will remember most about this game is how Artest was the MVP for the evening. He made everything go away: Kobe's horrible night, Ariza in Houston and Ron's ill advised shot selection. It was his night to shine and he kept it real: thanked his psychiatrist for helping him to remain calm and he's the only one who admitted that he was wanting Kobe to pass the ball and how he heard Phil's voice telepathically transmitted into his brain not to take the 3! Dude was epic, real and shared his happiness with family, media and fans tuned into the press conference. Another image: Kobe on the Scorer's table and declaring that he has 1 more than Shaq! This was a team effort throughout the season, into the playoffs and right through GAME 7! The Buss family are the greatest owners of a sports team ever!!!! We are the most fortunate NBA fans on the planet!

LakersRule (Amit) - "The team showed strength of character and an ability to be greater than the sum of its parts."

I think that line makes a lot of sense. No one Lakers had an all around great game. But they all had their moments that contributed to a win, that could have easily been a loss as well.

Struggling on the offense, just inspired these guys to dig in deeper on defense and scrape for rebounds, knowing that just one extra board, block or steal could be the difference in this close game. They all seemed to feed off each others efforts.

That pulling together by everyone, held it close enough, so they could take control in the 4th, which they did.

When we started the 4th only down by 4, I knew this game was ours, and so did Doc Rivers. You could see it on his face.

Looking forward to getting to know you better on the blog. Thanks for your contributions.

Well said Rick Friedman.

Kobe has put the Lakers on his back and carried them multiple times in his career. He is the consummate player, and last night his team mates were able to carry him a while. It's still fitting he be the MVP because we wouldn't be champs if not for him.


Savor this victory folks.Hope most of you will be around in the offseason. Have a great summer. Take care and love you all !! Lakers for life !! Amit
Savor it? Heck I'm drunk with it! Great Post and great having you along as a Blog family member this year.
Let's celebrate and stop whining already!!! Posted by: EastCoastJessie | June 18, 2010 at 12:35 PM
Works for me Jessie!
These are worthy of our viewership...not that which shall not be named. "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to..."Posted by: Faith | June 18, 2010 at 12:33 PM
*...You would Cry too if it happended to you dun, dun, dun, dun, dun! Lol!

I'm having lunch in Neiman Marcus around noon today in walks Andrew Bynum, due looks tired walk over and buy's 5 pairs of Sun Glasses. Nobody say's nothing, I walk over and congrats on the championship and small talk. Also mention that he's got mad love on the L.A. Times Blog need to check it out. He say’s he will As he walks out customers begin asking for his autograph, just another day L.A. PEACE

Posted by: 2Phatt | June 18, 2010 at 01:02 PM

So cool.

Phil is a tough one to understand sometimes, but this year provided more insight into his enigmatic personality, especially a day or two ago when he really opened up. Or maybe its just that I have paid more attention to him than I have in the past so am learning a little more about him

He has taken a fair amount of criticism, probably as much due to the difficulty in understanding what's going on in his head as well as us fans not knowing the players as well as he does and what it takes to get to the end and come out on top.

He sure has frustrated me at times but I have to join his bandwagon. His accomplishments are just too great to attribute to luck or having some all star players on his roster.

Some criticism of Phil has been the short bench, the rotations, playing the starters too many minutes.

This series and especially last nights game was a test of stamina.
Arguably the Celtics had a deeper, better bench.
The Lakers starters generally played more minutes than the Celts starters in a rough, tough physical series, and by the beginning of the 4th quarter it was becoming clear this game was going to go to whoever could tough it out, whichever team had the greater stamina.

And it turned out the Celts just didn't have the stamina to finish the job.
Part of that may have been caused by the extreme level of emotion they play with and the high emotional level of their head coach. Doc screaming push that rock, push that rock, push that rock-yet his players were becoming exhausted and he either didn't read it quick enough or make the adjustments needed in terms of playing time with his so-called deeper bench and also in terms of settling the team down.

Phils calming influence gave the Laker starters, who were playing more minutes than their counterparts, just a bit more energy to draw from.
And his putting Kobe on the bench for a short time, in a game 7 when his team was behind, to help settle his mind, was the mark of good coaching.

Call it zen, meditation, preparation, magic, mental mind games, whatever.
Phil did in fact out coach the Doc.
And I'll bet Doc knows it.

The Buss family are the greatest owners of a sports team ever!!!! We are the most fortunate NBA fans on the planet! Posted by: frmkt | June 18, 2010 at 01:07 PM

Well, we were all frustrated with Kobe's shooting performance last night.

But as I've said many times during these playoffs, give credit where credit is due.

Bryant helped his team win the most important battle of them all last night -- rebounding. When he knew his shot was off, he decided to crash the boards to help his team win.

Every Laker starter had their issues throughout this series. No one starter escaped the Finals without at least 1 clunker of a game next to his name. But they were good enough to win four of seven, and good enough to keep two of the three games they lost close.

Rest easy.

What, nobody made any comment about the officiating?

Contrary to game 1 and 2 when the officials were over-officiating in this game 7 they were way overboard in the other extreme, under-officiating. To the point of UTTER RIDICULOUS.

This under-officiating really helped the Celts much more than the Lakers because it was obvious from the beginning LAL was going to take advantage of Perkins' absence and pound the ball inside plus all those offensive rebounds. The Celts naturally had to clog up the middle and tried to help each other out. In the process, Gasol and Bynum were absolutely hammered whenever they shoot or grab rebounds.

Unbelievably no friggin' call.

That extended to Kobe as well. Sure Kobe was way too tense and shot poorly and he tried to do too much but there were also a few times he's got no call in spite of being fouled.

Take for example the shot Kobe threw up from the corner while being double-team that hit the side of the backboard. Initially I thought, along with other Laker fans I'm sure, what the hell was Kobe doing? What a horrible shot! What horrible decision!

However later I got a chance to look at a replay and I saw what REALLY happened. One of the double-team, I think it was Pierce reaching in for the ball and instead grabbed Kobe's forearm. Instinctly upon feeling Pierce's hand, Kobe immediately threw up the ball. If ref had seen/called the foul the way it should have been called it would have been a 3-shot FT.

Other instant Kobe did his usual fake and Allen bit and came down on him so Kobe also threw up the shot hoping for a shooting foul. NO CALL. In other games, especially game 1 or 2 of the final, that would have resulted in a shooting foul.

Fortunately the refs came back to their senses in the second half, specially in the 4th quarter and started calling fouls the way it should have been called. There was a good reason why LAL outshot Boston in FTs in the 4th, because fouls were FINALLY being called for the more aggressive team.

It was friggin UNBELIEVABLE how Gasol was time and time again mugged under the basket.

The Lakers had a poor shooting game, especially in the first half but the officiating contributed a great deal to that.

mike (obvious Kobe hater)

>>> but guys face it: kobe choked.

Well, let's examine that for a moment, shall we.

Kobe had 15 rebounds. That's four more rebounds than Kevin Garnett and Rasheed Wallace COMBINED. So I guess Boston's two bigs choked as rebounders. And since rebounding is a zero-sum game (if two people are going for a rebound, only one of them can get it), effectively Kobe WON the rebounding game versus Boston's TWO best rebounding starters.

So Kobe won the rebounding game (as did Pau).

Kobe managed to lure the Celtics into fouling him a LOT. They were playing ultra-aggressive defense against him, which made every shot difficult for him (thus accounting for the bad shooting night), but also fouled him almost every time he touched the ball. While the refs only called the most egregious fouls, that still got Kobe 15 free throws - the same number as all five Boston starters COMBINED.

So Kobe won the game of drawing fouls to score points.

Kobe only got two assists, but frequently when he was double or triple teamed, he threw the pass-to-the-pass that led to an open shot by a teammate. And it was Boston's overplaying of Kobe that often left some other Laker open.

So Kobe won the game of drawing the defensive attention of more than one Celtic.

Kobe roamed a lot on defense, leaving Rajon Rondo softly guarded. By doing that, Kobe was able to help out on rotations on Pierce and Allen and Garnett and thus heavily contributed to the Lakers holding Boston to 40% shooting as a team. Note that Rondo scored 14 points in the game, which is pretty good for him, but well below the 20 points per game he scored against Cleveland. So despite roaming off of Rondo most of the time, Kobe was able to recover enough to keep Rondo from getting many easy layups or short shots, which is what he's best at. In fact, if it wasn't for a rare 3 (Rondo is a poor 3-point shooter), Kobe would have held Rondo to 11 points while still helping on everyone else.

So Kobe won the game of Team Defender, while not compromising completely as an individual defender.

In short, THE ONLY think Kobe did poorly was shoot. And I ascribe that not to bad execution by Kobe or injury by Kobe, but to Boston's aggressive defense.

So if you want to say "Kobe choked as a shooter", then you're welcome to make that correct observation. But if you understand anything about the game of basketball, then you could clearly see that Kobe contributed a TON to this Laker victory.


Awesome. Chicky baby! This chip's for you.

UTZWorld, MAN..Rev..Pastor...Priest... Rabbi, BROTHER you're OFF THE HOOOK. Thank You and AMEN.

Is it any wonder that on the night of spectacular Defense on both side that it was the BEST DEFENDER who shined the BRIGHTEST?

Way to go ARTEST!!!!

I'm having lunch in Neiman Marcus around noon today in walks Andrew Bynum, due looks tired walk over and buy's 5 pairs of Sun Glasses. Nobody say's nothing, I walk over and congrats on the championship and small talk. Also mention that he's got mad love on the L.A. Times Blog need to check it out. He say’s he will As he walks out customers begin asking for his autograph, just another day L.A. PEACE Posted by: 2Phatt | June 18, 2010 at 01:02 PM
NAME DROPPER!! Lol! The most important Question 2Phatt is in between that small talk...Did you get an autograph. If you didn't ask for one for you, you could have at least asked for one for your Blog Family member Laker Tom lol. Not to mention me! Just playing with you 2Phatt.

jim joyce goes "andy rooney?" what kind of a Laker's fan are you? Kobe has one bad game and you're all over him like a "rat on cheese!" Gasol had a bad game 5. artest, had 3 bad games in boston. but like artest said, "you win as a team and lose as a team." sure, would we Laker's fans have wanted another Kobe-esque performance in the game 7? of course we would have. BUT, don't discount Kobe's nerves or saying he wanted it too much. REMEMBER, THIS IS A TEAM GAME! how many times did Kobe cleaned up everyone's mess this YEAR? quite a few would you say? anyhow, his team-mates just picked up the slack from his lack of offensive production. this is what a team is all about! someone needed to step up and "grow a pair" and in this case it was ron-ron. how wonderful to win another title without a stellar offensive performance from Kobe. also, to win basically without bynum too. 'drew gave a valiant effort but he clearly did not help L.A. in this series. it was almost like 2008 when we didn't have him. kobe's played with so much passion in this playoffs, battling all kind of injuries. i think it's a tribute to the other Laker's players stepping up and rising to the occasion. THAT'S WHAT CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS DO! thanks for an unbelievable season L.A.............I love L.A., we love it!

The Lakers starting lineup has never lost a playoff series when they're all healthy enough to play:

Bynum, Pau, Artest/Ariza, Kobe, Fish


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