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Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson, Andrew Bynum, Doc Rivers, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo discuss Lakers' 92-86 Game 5 loss to Celtics

I'll have a full game report in a little bit, but for now here are attachments of selected interviews.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson on Game 5 loss

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant on Game 5 loss

Lakers center Andrew Bynum on Game 5 loss

Celtics Coach Doc Rivers on Lakers' Game 5 loss

Celtics forward Paul Pierce on Lakers' Game 5 loss

Celtics guard Rajon Rondo on Lakers' Game 5 loss

--Mark Medina

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The Priest never claimed to be on the Lakers team but a fan since since about 1982. I just call it like I see it and you guys are jealous of my knowledge. The Lakers wished they had a scrappy guy like Rambis right now. That's LA problem too many jump shooting stars with no one wanting to get their hands dirty and scrap. But attack The Priest because of yall frustration and lack of understanding. LA can't win if Gasoft lives on the perimeter, he is 7' for Pete's sake. He was supposed to be the NBA's best big man? Please. Get your ass on the block Pau. Because someone is bigger than you is no excuse. Duncan/Hakeem/Robinson etc played good against Snack a real monster in the day.

Gasol with 9 points & can't defend, Odom who was missing from the real action since 2008, Artest who admitted making critical mistakes, Fish who is on and off, Bynum whose knees can't take his weight, Brown and Farmar who are erratic, Vujacic who can't decide on whether to contribute to the Lakers or the Celtics, Walton who was barely in it, Morrison who has no contribution, Mbengga on street clothes, no rebounds, no defense... Are you really satisfied with these guys? When you are the team manager, if you can't see these facts, somebody must be sleeping on the job. Even if the Lakers win the championship, you can't belie these facts. Definitely, drastic changes must be made.

Island Priest,
Now I agree with you on that point!!! It surprises me that there is a Verajao, Lopez, etc. in the NBA & we are stuck with softies. Again, based on the FACTS, there must be drastics changes or the team manager has to go.

Island Priest,
By the way, you were probably criticized for saying you are a laker because you omitted the word fan. And we are not jealous of you nor did we admit that you are more knowledgeable on the subject. Anyways, sooner or later we will agree on certain points. Just don't forget we are on the same side.

Let's face it, the Celtics are a smarter TEAM that plays with more heart. They want it more than the Lakers, just like in 2008.

One guy, ok, a guy and half (Gasol, at times), isn't going to beat the Celtics. LeBron's Caveliers couldn't do it, and neither will the Lakers.

Let's not forget who the C's have-three for sure Hall of Famers starting, plus another very likely one in Rondo.

Hey Moderator,
What's up ? I submitted a Post long before 1/2 these here, got the usual comment being saved for moderation, yet it's still not shown here!

dwntwn atty wrote:
"ummmm, may not realize this, but Lakers still have the home court advantage.

Tonight we didn't execute down the stretch, didn't seize key opportunities and throw in a huge missed call on the 24 sec. violation and we just couldn't turn it around.

Seltic-fan, please continue to believe the series is over, it will make our ultimate victory all the sweeter."

No one out here thinks this thing is over. We're feeling really good about our chances because history out here dictates 3-2 is a good spot for us. We also know game 5 is a KEY game in any 7-game series and we got it. We're not ordering rings...we're just confident.

As for your "...didn't execute down the stretch" argument. Did you watch that game?!?! Yes, your team fought hard in the end to try and pull it out, but your entire team got SMOKED last night. "Didn't execute down the stretch"!?!?!
Kobe was the ONLY Laker who didn't disappear! That was a trouncing. A complete and thorough dismantling of your defense and a turn-the-screws clampdown on EVERY SINGLE PHASE of your offense that isn't named Kobe.
So yes, we're confident. But we know the next game can be completely different so we're not setting up any tents on the parade route just yet. And it's good to see so many Lakers fans not giving up on their team. You shouldn't. But seeing the way they were beaten last night, you gotta be getting worried.

Lively comments for the morning crew.

Ludwig - please watch your language - nobody really wants to read your rants.

It was another great game in a classic series. We don't have a game 7 unless we win game 6. I have FAITH but we need the full, home Laker team to show up.

ENERGY! A week in Boston was far too long.

Let's go Lakers!


PJ was outcoached by Rivers, who found the combination Rasheed Wallace+Garnett to stop Gasol(remember only rasheed was enough to stop Howard before), and Phil didnt do a shit about it. Also has to be said that lakers bench is sad, celtics have better team.

PJ wasn't outcoached. He had to do with what he had. We all must acknowledge that the Celtics was the better team. If the situation was reversed, I seriously doubt it if Doc could get a win. I even doubt it if he'd reach the Conference Finals. The Lakers only have SuperKobe versus a team teeming with talents and courage. Now that's a fact. I'm a Laker Fan but facts are facts... Read my entries.

I like it. That's civil. Go Lakers! Go Kobe!!! Go Home Odom!!! Sorry can't help it...

No need to insult us. Win or lose we will be proud of the Lakers. Just think, we only had Kobe supported by players from the WNBA and we gave the Celtics a run for their money... hahahaha. Just try to be civil, ok?

What the Hell is going on here !!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN WE BE DOWN 2-3 TO A TEAM THAT FRANKLY HAS NOT LOOKED LIKE THE BETTER TEAM. Even the the TNT analyst said the lakers this time agains the Celtics looked like the stronger team. Even game 4 the Lakers led the whole way until the immature outburts by the C's bench. This is absolutley sickening to watch. THey C's play such ugly Basketball. Why in the worlsd do the refs let them get away with this. I HATE BOSTON WITH A PASSION. I HOPE THEY BREAK UP THE TEAM AND GET THE HELL OUT OF THE PLAY-OFFS SO WE CAN DOMINATE. I'm sorry but i'm so pissed off about this. In 2008 they had home court and we were the favorites and we lost. Now we have home court and our the favorites and were facing elimination. Three things: 1) THTE NBA NEEDS TO DO AWAY WITH THIS 2-3-2 FORMAT, 2) THE LAKERS BETTER BE IN A GOOD MIND SET TO GET PASSED GAME SIX 3)IF WE LOOSE WE HAD BETTER GET A GOOD OUTSIDE SHOOT AND GOOD BACK UP GUARD.



re: my earlier post re: a Rambis-like athlete--I'm talking what we can AFFORD vs. the bloated salaries being paid to guys who don't show half the heart he did when he was playing.

Bosh for Bynum? Bosh for Gasol? Hell to the NO. Makes no sense. Bosh isn't that much of an upgrade as a defender.

The trades need make sense...

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