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Kobe Bryant loses in Pop a Shot on Jimmy Kimmel Live

It doesn't happen too often where Kobe Bryant makes every single field-goal attempt, yet still loses. But that's what happened when he squared off against Ricardo the Busboy in Pop a Shot on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Deep down under Bryant's playful exterior, you could actually see him wondering how it was possible for Ricardo to fire every shot one-handed with minimal time release.

Ricardo's release was so fast that he actually managed to surpass Bryant's career-high 81 points he dropped four years ago against Toronto. Bryant shouldn't feel so bad, though, knowing that he's in the same company as LeBron James and Charles Barkley, both whom were also humbled by Ricardo the Busboy.

-- Mark Medina, in Boston

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Sorry guys, I figured MM was due for a post. Therefore the dreaded Re-Post! Here goes.

I for one believe that Kobe "needs" a defining moment like this to establish himself as being in a class by himself. In order to reach that stratospheric level, he "needs" a super capable opponent. The Lakers had that earlier in this decade in Portland and then Sacramento.

It seemed to me that playing those two teams that we had our hands full and we had to find something way down deep in order to prevail, and yet the Lakers prevailed. THAT is what makes a champion legendary. Yet, Kobe had Shaq in those two matchups and somehow was deemed to be the Robin in the Batman/Robin scenario. THIS time, it is Kobe and Kobe's team.

I'm excited we are playing such a fine matchup and an incredible opponent. I am glad we have have the opportunity to define who we are for many many years. THIS is the defining moment for the Lakers future. Think about it. If we lose, catastrophe. If we win, Sheer Bliss. There are few moments in life like this and we are living in that moment.

Can it go against us? Yes, the Celtics are capable. That's what makes it an incredible moment. Who will we be in this moment? We found a way against Portland and we found a way against Sacramento. I was on the NBA chat boards for both of those series' and BELIEVE ME, the tention was HUGE. The Drama was intense. The Trolls were feelin it and invaded our chat just like now.

This isn't the same as 2008. We weren't ready for 2008 and it showed. We are ready this time and we are fully capable. You can't do this the easy way, it just doesn't work that way. When you are playing against a worthy opponent, it is supposed to be hard. It will require everything you have. The ending will probably surprise us. A dramatic comeback, a big game from a scrub, a steal in a moment we don't expect.

There is a Gauntlet that one must pass through anytime something incredible is accomplished. That is what makes the moment so incredible. We are witnessing that gauntlet. Let our guys figure this out. I really believe/hope that they will. We truthfully cannot project what it will take. I see images of Kobe winning and collapsing afterwards in exhaustion, Bynum imitation Willis Reed for his "Big Game" or Fish, defining himself and our enduring love for him by making an against all odds shot.

As for me, I thought deep down inside that we would lose against Portland. I also thought that Sacramento had too many weapons for us. THAT is why Championships like THIS ONE are sooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeet. Let the boys figure it out. They will.

Maybe we can suit up Ricardo for Sunday.

Anyone else excited about the US-England match coming up? Hopefully the US can pull off a huge upset in this one.

I'm pumped up after watching Korea put a beatdown on Greece. And watching Messi on the pitch is like watching Kobe on the basketball court...pure beauty.


Can I be on record as saying: Start DJ Mbenga?

Before y'all go sideways on me, hear me out.

We *KNOW* that Pau is a great PF, but only a good C.

We *KNOW* that the C's have some big C's.

We *KNOW* that Mbenga can dunk and he has a 15 jump shot.

We *KNOW* that Mbenga plays defense. He throws a block party every time
he plays.

So. Why not start Mbenga at C? LO comes off the bench, which we all agree
is a good thing. Pau plays KG which we all agree is a good thing. We get
better defense at C, which we all agree is a good thing.

If the defense sags off of Mbenga, throw the lobs and let him dunk.

Go Kobe!
Go Lakers!!!

So ...

I think the extra day off between games helps the Lakers whose main horses have been logging heavy minutes due to PJ's short bench rotations. That should help the defense, rebounding and hustle plays which will decide the game. Expect another battle.


Starting DJ may be the right thing to do, my only Caution was that it hurts us offensively and Perkins still gets to beat on Pau on that end of the floor.

But having said that, there are reasons to start DJ: LO goes back to the bench and makes it stronger (hopefully), DJ can take Perkins on the Defensive end and hold his own, and hopefully DJ helps A LOT with REBOUNDING. I'm open to the idea of DJ starting, I'm guessing PJ won't do it though given his statements.


yes, I'll be watching the US v. Brits.

This loss will be nowhere near as painful as the beatdown the Celts are going lay on him!

Laker nation, the baketball world is embarrassed for you. Getting punked by Big Baby and Lil Nate lol.

Laker nation, the baketball world is embarrassed for you. Getting punked by Big Baby and Lil Nate lol.

Posted by: Montebello Eric | June 12, 2010 at 11:00 AM

Montebello Eric, Montebello is embarrassed for you spewing out that non-sense. When we win #16, I better see you out on Whittier blvd. celebrating...buck up!!

What the hell is Kobe doing goofing around on a TV show in the middle of the Finals?!?! Is this an old video? Did he tape it between series?
Damn, I hope so.

LOL, they did say it was a spot at Barney's Beanery there in LA so he couldn't be "goofing around on a TV show in the middle of the Finals" if he is in Boston! It was so funny to see Ricardo shoot and that ish is clearly rigged, LOL!



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