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Garnett, Rivers respond to Jackson's comments about Celtics' 'smackdown mentality'

Lakers' Coach Phil Jackson was asked a fairly harmless question Monday -- How would he define his team's toughness? -- but he seemed to steer his answer toward yet another postseason slight at an opposing player his Lakers will soon face. 

This time, it was Celtics' forward Kevin Garnett, who joins Steve Nash and  Kevin Durant as players Jackson has targeted this postseason.

Speaking of his own defense, Jackson said, "We don't have a smackdown mentality." 

Then, Jackson said, using Garnett as an example, "You might have seen that with  Garnett on [Orlando's Dwight] Howard in Game 6 in Boston, where [Garnett] was smacking Howard's arm and was finally called for an offensive foul. That's not our kind of team. We don't go out there and smack people around." 

Now, whether Jackson intended the slight or not, his answer is being used as bulletin-board fodder for this Finals series. On Tuesday, Garnett gave the jab a brief no comment, later adding, "I think nothing of it. It's just Phil playing mind games."

But Celtics Coach Doc Rivers appreciated it on Garnett's behalf. 

"We just thank Phil for the compliment," Rivers said. "That's very nice of him to say." 

Moreover, Rivers said Jackson's usual postseason zinger is a compliment for Garnett. 

"I think he picks the best player on the other team or who he thinks is key," Rivers said. "So I think Kevin should put that one right up there with his MVP trophy and everything else. I think Kevin should be excited about that."

Will other Celtics players be jealous?

"I think Paul [Pierce] and Ray [Allen] and [Rajon] Rondo, they’re going to be [upset] about this because they were hoping it would be them," Rivers said, smiling. 

Speaking generally about the Celtics defense, Garnett said "I think part of defense is being physical. Definitely being firm. You're playing physical guys like Shaq, Dwight Howard,[Andrew] Bynum, you've got to hold your ground. You've got to find some way to absorb it the best way you see fit. Our style is to stay firm, consistent and there's a lot of communication."

Rivers said if they're considered a smackdown team, that's fine.

"Whatever got us here," he said. "We're not hiding from who we are, and we're going to be that. So that's never going to change. We said it from Day 1. We are who we are. If you like us, cheer for us. If you don't, complain. But we're not going to change." 

-- Baxter Holmes

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I see my powers of posting to cause a new thread to come up is still intact...


You asked for me - you got me - WUTTUP PARTY PEOPLE!!!!!!


Ok - first thing's first.

I spend a couple days away from here, then when trying to catch up I find I've missed a proposal from Mamba24????

WHAT THE HELL???? LMAO!!! Wow - didn't see that one coming AT ALL!!!! Mamba24 - I LOVE YOU MAN (but not in that way) HAHAHAHA!!! Also - thanks for getting me on the rolling bandwagons. I"M RIDING ON THEM ALL. AND DON"T FORGET - WE GOT THIS!!!! Fricken Beantown idiots - who do they think they are - standing in the way of our DESTINY?????

complex (my) brotha - OH HELL NO. I refuse to talk to you down. Didn't you see me?? I was the one right beside you pimp smacking KG's mama while you were focused on the lunatic. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Ok - no - I don't condone violence in real life. BUT - in dreams AND on the court - it is perfectly acceptable when we're talking about the green weeners. The nastier, the better.)

Rick - my BFF - congrats on RCOTD - AGAIN. MM - you're gonna have to start paying my friend here. His stuff is right up there with yours!



Noah - can't you talk to your friend and see if he can speed up time? Just this once? I know he can do it. He made the sun stand still once before - doesn't he owe the universe the difference????

wes - awesome posts - and poetry. Thanks!!

Laker Tom - glad to see you didn't bail. No troll is worth that sacrifice.

Jon K - great story about the deer. That is way cool. Hope you get the LA job!! My fingers & toes are crossed for you!!

Sherrif - glad to see you again - where you been??? Better get back here more regular like. It's been nightmare without you keeping the peace.



Our Sweet 16 is 4 wins away. WE GOT THIS.


Nothing but another title will suffice - Kobe Bryant

I'm trying to teach my Parrot, Tarzan, some new words for the Playoffs.

I started first with, "Hola senor. Welcome to Arizona. Can I see your green card?"

Now that we are in the Finals, its "Boston sucks! Boston sucks! Boston sucks!"

She's really smart. She will get it down. She already laughs at all my jokes.

Let the Mind Games BEGIN!


OK, no more mind games. Let the REAL games begin. This is going to be one helluva series, people. Pau won't be surprised by the physicallity, Bynum will be mobile and amazing, our benchies will be up for te task as this all of their collective last chance to play for big money deals come the post season and I expect Kobe will be waging a personal war on the Celtic D. Odom and Artesy will be solid and I forsee Lakers in 6.

@LakerTom - Don't let the Trolls bog you down my man, they're just looking for a rise and I think MM was just using BUTLER to poke a little fun at our team after they got ripped for two games in Phoenix. Nothing wrong with that, and to be frank, I think BUTLER secretly likes our lil team from LA.

For a little fun, there's one heck of a 'Is Kobe the GOAT' on Land O Lakers. Lots of funny opinions and one dude calling Kobe 'the greatest rapist to ever play the game.' Imaginitive and wrong, he's the greatest 'alleged' rapist. That trash got thrown out with the rest of the garbage.

There will never be an end to the haters, Laker Blog Faithful, so it's on us to rise above and defeat them the same way our team does. By playing above their heads. As we head towards the Finals i expect lots of bad attitudes, lame comments and plain wrong things said here by the many Trolls (when it's this many Trolls, can't we call the Billy Goats Gruff and have them, y'know, take care of it?). Our positive attitudes are imparted through the H2O common in all humans to our team, make no mistake, but it's up to us to keep the vibe positive.

Laker fans of old would agree, so let's look to our heroes Chick, Magic, the Dr. and the whole Laker pantheon for inspiration. Would Chick have let anything anyone said ever infect his mood? Did Magic let all te negativity surrounding his HIV admission bring him down? Has the Dr. let all the hoopla affect his decision making in keeping this most excellent team together? No.

Nor should we let ourselves be brought down to the murky, dank under bridge where Trolls reside. Leave them to their caves and crevasses, I prefer the skies of victory.

I'm not a big stats guy, but the Lakers need to take advantage of their superior rebounding. Regular season and playoffs, the Lakers were near the top and Boston near the bottom in rebounds.



I hope Phil plays Mbenga the 7 foot Congolese black belt at least 3 minutes per half. He can quietly do some well placed knuckle raps, shoves, and elbows on Garnett and Perkins.

Also If it is tue that Odom took boxing lessons this past summer, let's hope he gets a refresher on closeup combat.

Hey play fire with fire,

Laker fan since '81

Here comes the beast from the east!!! Go Boston!!

The FAILTICS think that all they have to do is intimidate and muscle us to win the Championship. I've seen this before like the late 80's when Jordan, Phil and the Bulls finally chopped down the very physical, "Bad-Boys", the Detroit Pistons, then the repeat Champions who played then just as the FAILTICS play now. What happened then will happen now, poor sportsmanship a lot of F bombs and technicals.

What the experts and the FAILTICS fail to understand is, the Lakers are vying for a repeat Championship, this is not our first rodeo and it won't be the last.

The Lakers will Repeat at the big bully's expense, aggressiveness, grabbing, holding, crap talking and all.

Execution, experience, and vengeance will prevail in this match-up.

LAKERS in 6 and watch how they become unglued and loose there heads and the achampionship that wasn't there's in the first place.

Poor reporting, if you ask me. Coach PJ referred a specific incident in which Garnett -- not once, not twice, but three THREE times, took his forearm and rammed it into D-Howards arm. The ref stared right at it, in amazement b4 calling an O-foul. Bloggo should have put Rivers on the spot by getting him to respond about that type of play, since it did hurt his team (temporarily) by sending KG to the bench with his 2nd just midway thru the 1stQ. To PJ's credit, that's not basketball...That's bruteball, or shall I say, Celticball. Right on Phil, for calling it out. Mind games? Whatever. Refs gonna have to clean it up, or there will be double-Ts galore, which of course, favors the Lakeshow if K-Perk is involved.

Lakers in 6!

I like that Phil pointed out that play. It was unbelieveable to me that it took two direct strikes to draw a foul on that contact. Equally unbelieveable was that KG saw fit to seriously contest the call. Are we in bizarro world here?

I like that Phil saw fit to attack this action. It's truly something unacceptable.

Further, I always love Phil's first strikes. It always gets a reaction because the attacked must respond to the media. Think the refs and national media aren't paying attention?

I also like his comments about technicals and flagrants being overdone. The league puts a very high value on order and obediance. Further proof of David Stern's fascistic nature, not that anyone really had any doubts.

How to win game 3 in Boston.

I would start Sasha Vujacic.

Sasha Vujacic should just come out of game 3 in less than a minute's game to slap the face of Garnett. That will heat up the battle right away and REFEREES will start calling it very close and tight. So every move they work on Gasol will be a foul or technical.

The Sasha SLAP will prevent the bullies to Gasol. So Gasol can have a nice soft finesse game.

NBA refs will allow this series to be very physical until a real brawl has occurred. THe only then they start calling it tight. So why wait for the Celtics to clobbered Gasol every game, when Lakers can initiate the brawl so refs can start protecting Gasol.

Gasol should SMACK Garnett's arms, the moment Garnett put his hands on Gasol. A video of Garnett smacking Howard should be given to Gasol every game night.

will the thrill,
Get off this post and find a FAILTIC blog center, we're only Lakers here!!!!

It is a compliment. Phil knows his team is not tough and is lobbying the refs already. Just an admission that if Boston is allowed to play their game, soft little LA can't handle them.

Faker fans doing their best, as they did in 2008, to convince themselves that they have the better team.....good luck with that. Team basketball and defense is how it will be won. So keep crying about dirty basketball you west coast softies.

It's true we have to man up on defense to play the Celtics. If Gasol disappears again, we'll be in big trouble. We already know we can't count on Lamar. I hope Andrew elbows Perkins early to get him to commit a technical. Then it's bye bye Perkins! He gets suspended for the next game and that will help us as we need all the help we can get.

Someone mentioned Vujacic's elbow against Dragic in the Game 6 of the Suns series as worse the Garnett's slap of Howard's elbow. First off, Vujacic's elbow to Dragic's chin was completely unintentional. Vujacic threw his arms up to signal that he was open. He had no idea Dragic was behind him. KG was plain bullying Howard, simple as that. Howard gets a bad rap of being dirty when all 3 elbows in Game 5 including the one that knocked out Big Baby's teeth was totally inadvertent. The two elbows against KG's head including the one that the NBA upgraded to a flagrant foul were a total accident. If you watch the reply, Dwight's face is innocent, it wasn't like he was angry and trying to hurt anyone. He was just swinging back into position to make a pass.

It's like they used to say Karl Malone would intentionally kick up his legs during rebounds, like the time he accidentally knocked Tim Duncan out. Are you really going to tell me that Karl Malone intentionally tried to kick at 7 footer in the face? That's hernia material. No one would try to do that on purpose, Malone was just playing hard and Tim's face ended being too close to Karl's foot.

Phil's right in that we have to fight fire with fire. If we can get our bench guys to use up their 6 fouls and try to take out Rondo, Pierce or KG early in the series with some hard, physical play, that's may be the key for us winning this series.

I've just recieved an e-mail telling me that i need to travel on thursday just at the time of the game!! And i don't have money on my phone to follow it in internet.

Luckily my GF will keep me updated.

celtics players are simply arrogant people

Stop your whining---------what a bunch of babies-this is Playoffs---------if ya all wanna hug each other -go wrestle-----------!!!!

The Celtics will play dirty as they always do. Talking about the dirty Pistons of old, how do you think they learned their thuggery? From the Bird Celtic teams. Anyone other than me remember the '84 finals where Kevin McHale committed aggrivated assault on Kurt Rambis? The Celtics are the original dirty team and I've been watching Lakers since I got caught up in their 33 game winning streak in 1972, when I was in HS. Have seen a lot over the years and this is going to be a heart attack series my friends. Expect ticky tack calls against the Lakers the second they step on the court in Boston, that's how it's played in the league. Hell the refs in Baaaaaston will probably call a technical during the national anthem against Artest or Bynum. Expect what a Lakers-Celtics finals always is, it's a *war* plain and simple. And it's the only NBA championship series that really matters. The others are just bush teams.

Go Lakers!!!!
Still miss Chick.....

Guys, bear in gonna be tough, rough and dirty from Boston...
We need to gone through the Ring...

Go go and go Lakers...
Lakers in 6...


Oh man you had me laughing out loud (LOL) and spitting my beer to the screen. But thats what is going to happen sadly. While the Celtics elbow, push, bite and karate kick they will only probably get a foul, while the Lakers will get a technical if they look at the officials the wrong way.

Just have a feeling that the infamous Kurt Rambis clothesline will be repeated. But this time it will be done to a Celtic player. Expect a brawl. Also expect this series to resemble WWE. When the Celtics reach for their canes and oxygen tanks. Also there will be a hit and run; RuPaul hitting Kobe w/ her wheelchair and then throwing herself to the floor.

Who is this Black Momma? She doesn't sound very scary to me.

Hey Doc,
How about We dont Like who the Celtics are and we are goin to kick the Crap outta ya. Ya Lanky Bastids.

Amazing how many people on this thread complain about the Celtics being "dirty"....this is what Laker fans have said so far on this thread:

"If we can get our bench guys to use up their 6 fouls and try to take out Rondo, Pierce or KG early in the series with some hard, physical play, that's may be the key for us winning this series."

"I hope Andrew elbows Perkins early to get him to commit a technical."

"Sasha Vujacic should just come out of game 3 in less than a minute's game to slap the face of Garnett."

"why wait for the Celtics to clobbered Gasol every game, when Lakers can initiate the brawl "

"I hope Phil plays Mbenga the 7 foot Congolese black belt at least 3 minutes per half. He can quietly do some well placed knuckle raps, shoves, and elbows on Garnett and Perkins."

Like, geez I sure hope the Lakers use all the thuggish tricks in the book to...uh...teach those...thugs...a lesson. Yeesh!

I like this one too:

"What the experts and the FAILTICS fail to understand is, the Lakers are vying for a repeat Championship,"

Really? You honestly think that it is some kind of secret that the Lakers are last years champs? Really?

The Rambis/McHale thing was a dirty play, but the key thing about it was it did determine the style of play for the rest of the series. Boston has alwaus been less flashy, more physical. The Lakers are fun to watch, usually stylish
and photogenic.

What you guys are asking you Lakers to do is play the entire series on Boston's terms before a game has even been played. It's like you Rambising yourself!



LOVE your post!
I am ROF & LMAO at the thought of them Rambising themselves. We know who will get the last laugh just like in 2008.

GO Lakers!! Boston and LA will provide a matchup for the ages with LA proving again that WE are the greatest NBA champions OF ALL TIME. WE will win it again with style, finesse and hard nose basketball at the proper time and place. WE will win in the Boston Garden and WE will protect our home court. Bank on it!
LA in 6!!

YeHaw, let the mind games begin! LOL There is no other rivalry in the NBA like the one between Lakers and their fans, and Celtics and their fans. I was raised in a home where dad was a diehard C's fan and mom was a diehard L's fan. So BB season was a fun, exciting time for all of and still is. (cept for dad, he died) So it's down to me being the only C's fan in the family now.

I get a huge kick out of reading blogs for both teams.

So let's all stop whining and making excuses and get ready for some GREAT, physical, psychological and down right all American NBA Finals games!!!

My prediction, C's in 6!!! And may they never change their tradition and the way they play the game. :)



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