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NBA Finals: Players discuss officiating; Doc Rivers sends league office 'a lot' of complaints

The day after his team's 91-84 loss to the Lakers, Celtics Coach Doc Rivers didn't hide his displeasure with the officiating in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. 

No one else did either. 

The seemingly heavy-handed calls that have bogged down the games have been a talking point for both teams, and nearly every answer from a coach or player in Wednesday's media availability at Boston's TD Garden had some reference to the officiating.

FOR THE RECORD: An earlier version of this post reported the Celtics lost 94-81. The Lakers won, 91-84.

But Rivers seemed particularly peeved after Tuesday's loss, and said he sent in several complaints to the NBA league office. "I don't send a lot usually to the league," Rivers said. "I sent in a lot this morning." 

Rivers spoke directly about Lakers guard Derek Fisher's defense on Ray Allen, noting that aside from "flopping, he doesn't do a lot extra" in terms of fighting through screens that had opened up Allen for good looks in his record-setting Game 2 but not in his dreadful Game 3 outing. 

"He's one of the best charge-takers in the game," Rivers said. "He's always been that. And some of them are charges and then some of them are flops, but all of them are tough to call."

Statistically speaking, the foul differential between the two teams is not so great, but it definitely favors the Lakers.

In terms of personal fouls, the Lakers are being called for 25 per game in this series, which is comparable to the 26 per game they were called for in the 2008 Finals series against the Celtics.

The Celtics, meanwhile, are getting called for 28 personal fouls per game, up from the 24.7 they were called for in the 2008 series.

From the free-throw line, there is also a bit of a swing, which again favors the Lakers. 

The Lakers are shooting 32 free throws per game this series, up from the 28.3 they shot in the 2008 Finals. The Celtics, on the other hand, are shooting 28.7 free throws per game this series, down from the 31.8 they shot in the 2008 Finals. 

But it seems that fouls play a greater role when it comes to momentum, as Celtics forward Kevin Garnett said Wednesday when asked about Paul Pierce's struggles this series.

"You know, it's crazy because I've been there, Game 2, with the fouls, and it really takes a toll on you from a momentum and rhythm standpoint," Garnett said.

Celtics forward Glen Davis did what Rivers and others did Wednesday: Praise the difficulty of being an NBA referee. 

"They're one of a kind, and it's hard to be them," Davis said. "I wouldn't want to be them at all."

-- Baxter Holmes in Boston 
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I'd relish the opportunity to be an official - I'd at least be a bit more consistent with my foul calls. That and I wouldn't take ANYONE trying to yell at me in order to advance their agenda.

It's somewhat unfortunate that it takes QUITE A WHILE to become an official. It's not as terrible as trying to become a MLB umpire or a FIFA official, but it's still pretty bad.

Heh...and just 2 days ago Bostonians were fussing about us complaining about the refs.

Doc has a ref issue? Sorry, the tone was set in Boston 2 years ago.

Can't have it both ways. They've set moving screens for years, they've tugged, they've bumped, they've banged Kobe all over the floor. Pau's game is way to fluid and versatile to handle so their only choice is to pound him.

It is a window into how they plan to counter in game 4. It's gonna be live or die with Ray 3s. Your move, Phil.

This summer, they should review the officiating and change the rules. Right now, it is difficult to blame the referees who are just interpreting how they perceived the rules. Like last night on Odom's T/O, on the replay it was a clear foul by Rondo but since the issue is about who touched the ball last? The severe offense which is the foul was totally ignored. Rules must be relaxed a little bit with regards on ticky-tack fouls, only hard fouls should be called. Let the players play it out not refs. interfering with the game. Like for example, the last foul on Garnett, where he shoved and pushed Gasol, would Doc Rivers consider this as non-call. In the first place, why should KG push Gasol in that manner? Well, it is total disrespect on the Spaniard known to be soft so KG would abuse him anytime the referee is not looking to gain advantage. Sorry, they got u there KG you blew the Celtic chances on those waning seconds.

Well let's hope the league doesn't buy into his complaints or we'll be watching a very lopsided blowout of our Lakers on Thursday.

great interviews going on right now on NBATV

Can't keep up with the blog threads? it is like Rondo-like speed with lots of churning on every story lines fisher, artest, bynum, kobe ads now doc rivers. It appears only the blog is making money at LAT while the paper is sold only for 15cents on subscription while bankruptcy is still in progress with Tribune.

May we ask how is Mark Medina spending in between games in Boston? Can he put up a thread to describe the Boston fans and the City.

It goes both ways.

What about that call where Rondo clearly fouled Lamar when he lost the ball out of bounds. The refs said Laker ball, correctly. The replay rule backfired on us there when the refs had to reverse that call. That should have been Laker ball and a foul should have been called on Rondo. Instead, Boston got a free opportunity.

The bottom line is we have to keep fighting through all those sucky calls.

Let's keep it up!
Go Lakers!

I hope Phil sent the league office video of all the illegal screens Perkins and Garnett set. Also, remember that Artest went to the bench early in the 1st for being called for an illegal screen. Not to mention all the time Kobe spent on the bench during game 2. Throw in the video of Rondo fouling Fisher by reaching in and the foul on Odom that cause us to lose the ball after the replay review.

Medina, you should ask Phil if he sent video and if not you should encourage him to - tell him it's what the fans want!

Has anyone else noted that we haven't lost in Boston in about 2 years?

EMERGENCY PRAYER FOR ANDREW BYNUM'S KNEE. Yeah, he's confident in himself and the Laker training staff, but he's gonna need a little Help. So...LET US PRAY
Dear Lord, we lift our eyes unto the hills from whence come our Help. Our Help comes from You. And, once again, we boldly ask for Your Help with Andrew Bynum's knee. His faith to push forward despite the pain and injury is revealing the molding and shaping that You have made with his character. Reward his faith and diligence by empowering his knee with Your strength. May the swelling go down and the pain subside. Grant him the strength & energy required from him to deliver another 20-30 minutes of focused, disciplined & inspired championship basketball tomorrow. Supply him with supernatural that only comes from You - that he would play on in this series and help the Lakers finish out the series as champions again.
We thank You again for answered prayer. Your will be done...AMEN!

Ive been scrolling through the Boston blog and one thing I can honestly say... Their fans are alot like ours.

You have the faithful who believe their team will ultimately pull out victory.
You have the frightened who believe the last game is an omen for bad things to come.
You have the conspiracy theorists who believe the refs are the only reason why this series isn't a sweep.

Funny thing though, trolls like 131 and Red don't really fit in to well on their own blog, no wonder 131 is over on our blog still reveling and gloating in our faces their game 6 blowout in 2008. Red is still here reciting history from the 60's.
Guess we will never get rid of them even after the Lakers win this Championship.
131 will always have 2008 and Red will have his ancient history numbers.

aaahh....the bully is getting bullied and he doesn't like glen rivers, the lakers are using YOUR blueprint to win should be flattered.....

maybe doc should send Ray Allen (0-13 fg) and Rajon Rondo (1-4 ft) "a lot of complaints"

What is the big deal about the Lakers shooting 10 more fts over 3 games (3.3 per game)than the Celts??? Give me a break!!!!! The Celts want to push people around and if you push back then they cry "foul"


Oh Noes! Doc calls Fish a flopper!!

Rewind the tape on Game 2 Doc, and have a look at Ray Allen's defense on Kobe, KG's defense on Pau, and Pierce's defense on... well, Pierce doesn't play defense, but if he did, he'd probably flop.

Well, the Lakers could send in a rash of video too. It has been a tough, physical series that has been called pretty tight. Plenty of ammo for both sides.

I expect Boston to come out very strong in Game 4. The NEED Tursday and the Lakers want it. These are two very good, battle tested teams and I don't expect either to fold until it is all over.

I have been very encouraged by Drew playing hurt, playing a role, doing the little things. Playing to win, not to be an all-star. I think this injury has been good for his mental growth. If he can hold up and continue to play well, the Lakers have a very good chance of winning this series.

Two of the stories in today's Boston Herald note that Boston's rally started when Drew came out in Q3 because of a "tweak." It is clear the Boston scribes see him a force on defense.

By the way, the coverage in the Herald was far better and more in depth than in the Times. And the writers were pretty fair. I am stuck in MA on business right now and thought the local rag's coverage of the series to be better.

You know for all the whining and complaining the Bostom fans are doing about the fouls in last nights game they fail to realize that both teams shot 24 freethrows. The diffrence The Lakers were 21-24 and The Celtics were 16-24...hmmm when you look at the final score it kinda seems to make sense now don't it??

I would also like to point out that Doc had no problems with the crappy calls in game 2 that favored his team. Suck it Doc. You can't complain about the game being to physical when that's your teams calling card!!!

What I liked about about Game 3 is that it was a must win for both teams. Boston wanted that game every bit as much as the Lakers. They threw a big punch in the beginning of the first quarter and the Lakers just shook it off. I think Boston already has some doubts about whether they can win this series, and that's a good thing. I don't know if we can win 2 more in Boston, I'm pretty sure we'll win at least 1 more if Drew can play at all. But I'm positive Boston won't win another game at Staples.

We have a 3 game winning streak at the Gahden, lets make it 4.


Your stats lack context. Which team is the aggressor, attacking the lane more? Which team wants to score in the paint? Have you looked at the location of the fouls and the players fouled/called for the foul?

Roles have turned somewhat -- Lakers are getting to the basket and are getting fouled. Pretty easy. I am actually a little surprised that the disparity is not bigger.

Also, hard to take Rivers seriously, particularly given the no-call on Tony Allen's dive into Kobe's chest...

Thanks Utz - in Jesus name we pray.

Here's one of the video that Doctor Rivers sent to the league:



I'm positively GLOWING this morning!!! WHAT A GREAT WIN!!!

2 more to go. Just 2. Then Larry # 16 comes to visit Larry # 15 in El Segundo - WOOO HOOOOOO!!!

Mamba24 - please add me to ANY and ALL pro-Laker and/or anti-slime bandwagons s'il vous plait. Love you man!

Edwin - STOP spreading false rumors about me & Fatty LOL!!! I have not now nor have I ever been on a cruise ship where I can pinch Fatty to my heart's content. LMAO!!

Mark Geezy - I'm here - just busy at work so not much time to post. PLUS with M "I can put up new threads at the speed of light" M doin' work... well... let's just say I just now got myself caught up!

WHO DOESN'T LOVE THEM SOME FISH TODAY??? HAHAHAHA!!! What a veteran. What a leader. What a CHAMPION!!

I also gotta shout out to Socks. That boy has SHOWN UP. Big time. If he's on the floor - he's ballin his heart out. If he's on the pine - he's cheering his lungs out. You gotta love his grit, effort and heart. LakerTom told us!! (Well - I said it too, but who's keeping track? LOL!)

Oh trolls..... where you at?


I gotta say that the officiating has been horrible. Both sides. All games. I guess it is what it is, but come on. Is Darth Stern going to be in charge forever??? *sigh*

It's a great thing to be able to share my Lakerholism with you guys - here & on the chat both. The lows never get too bad and the highs are even sweeter. So thank you Laker family. I appreciate you all.

I can feel it coming in the air tonight.....


Nothing but another title will suffice - Kobe Bryant

Oh yeah - almost forgot - WE GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!

It’s one thing for opposing teams and their fans to fail to appreciate or respect the Lakers as defending champs but it has been very frustrating and exasperating to the purple and gold’s true believers to hear the rude catcalls and insults from Lakers fans aimed at Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol, Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, and Derek Fisher. This team has proven over and over the last two years that they are more than just Kobe and a bunch of scrubs. You would hope that next year these same Lakers fans would treat this team and their players as champions.
Watching this series develop, which Lakers players would you be willing to trade for their Celtics counterparts? Would you trade burgeoning oft-injured beast Andrew Bynum for stalwart defensive center Kendrick Perkins? Would you trade the best power forward in the league in Pau Gasol for bald-headed has-been Kevin Garnett? How about former DPOY Ron Artest for an aging overrated Paul Pierce? Or how about Swiss Army knife 6th man elite Lamar Odom for an over-the-hill misfit of a player like Rasheed Wallace? Or would you trade Derek Fisher, the clutch hero of the last two NBA Finals, for a young Rajon Rondo who can’t even shoot free throws?
Personally, I would not trade any of the top 6 players on the Lakers for their Celtics counterpart, including the hugely overrated Rajon Rondo. Derek Fisher is in a class by himself as a point guard. Like Kobe so aptly put it, Derek is truly the heart and soul of this Lakers team. His impact transcends the box score. He does the small things and dirty work that usually go unnoticed or unappreciated – fighting through a screen, taking a charge, forcing a turnover, and making clutch shots. His ability to focus and perform in the clutch is second only to Kobe himself. And his inspiring leadership gives the Lakers team a future NBA head coach on the floor.
Almost as annoying as Lakers fans disrespecting their own players are the undeserved praise and respect that many Lakers fans are heaping on this version of the Boston Celtics. Frankly, this Celtics team is a weak shadow of the great Celtics teams of the Russel and Bird eras. The only thing this team has in common is the constant cheating and thuggery and espousal of cheap shots , bent rules, and other forms of dishonesty and trickery. That their fans are also the most clueless and classless fans in the NBA is to be expected. What other franchise would find pleasure in having their fans insult Lamar Odom by targeting his wife with “ugly sister” chants?
So stop all the lovey-dovey fraternization and feigned fan commiseration. Neither the Celtics nor their rude and crude fans deserve anything but our disdain and disgust. Instead, try embracing the greatness of this Lakers team and our roster of great players. Try appreciating the inspiring effort by an injured Andrew Bynum, the consistent play of Pau Gasol in dominating KG, the shut-down defense Ron Artest dropped on Paul Pierce, the superb bounce-back game from Lamar Odom, the great clutch shooting of Derek Fisher, or the NBA Finals MVP performances of the incomparable Kobe Bryant. Because that’s what this team and players deserve. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

celtics, cry babies.

they got alot of calls going to their way already. what the heck do they want? for fouls call on the lakers that's not a foul?

LO didn't get some calls when his hand was pulled. Binum didn't foul "big baby". DFish didn't get lot of knock around calls.

unbelievable!!!!!! i bet you they didn't sleep last night, they stayed up all night crying.

The Ref's Doc? Please...

It is real simple we out played you in game one, out played in three qtr's. in game two, and out play you for most of the game last night.

God I hate those green monsters. Bring on game four, we want to beat you down more.


Laker Tom -


VERY well said.


Terrific post and well said from beginning to end!

Charles - my brothafromanothamamba - good to see you!

Andrew Bynum will never reach his full potential.
I think he'll be a solid pro, but not a "Franchise" player.
Once the Kobe days are gone, I don't he'll be our "guy".
Maybe we can sign Kevin Durant.

The officiating has been terrible!
Joe Crawford should not be calling the finals.
It is so clear he has it out for certain players.

This summer Stern needs to change a lot of rules.
I actually like good physical basketball, a la 90's New York Knick Ball. Our players today take too many jumpshots and cry every ten seconds to the officials.It's annoying seeing Kobe, Paul and KG whispering in the REFS ear every ten seconds.


You asked: Can he put up a thread to describe the Boston fans and the City.

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | June 09, 2010 at 01:34 PM

Response: Just in case you over looked LakerTom's lovely post and like I told you earlier, stop kissing Celtic's rare, they don't really like your kind in Boston.

Here is an excerpt from LakerTom to your query to MM:

So stop all the lovey-dovey fraternization and feigned fan commiseration. Neither the Celtics nor their rude and crude fans deserve anything but our disdain and disgust. Instead, try embracing the greatness of this Lakers team and our roster of great players. Try appreciating the inspiring effort by an injured Andrew Bynum, the consistent play of Pau Gasol in dominating KG, the shut-down defense Ron Artest dropped on Paul Pierce, the superb bounce-back game from Lamar Odom, the great clutch shooting of Derek Fisher, or the NBA Finals MVP performances of the incomparable Kobe Bryant. Because that’s what this team and players deserve.

There wasn't this much talk back when DWade was marching to the line all the way to the championship. You want to talk fabricated calls? Check that out. But as is they've been bad for both sides.

The end of the day the better team won, and yes even in Game 2's debacle.

You can watch the finals hassle free here

Doc is doing what he can to protect his team. Period. Phil would do -- strike that, IS doing -- the same thing.

But it does betray some trepidation for the big, bad Men In Green. Doc mocked Phil for "whining" two years ago. Now he's in full court press mode on the league office.

It may work. But the basic problem is this: the C's are settling for jumpers; LA is more aggressive at the basket and on the boards. And even then, the calls are falling fairly evenly based on the numbers cited.

So, if both squads have beef with the officiating, then essentially they're on equal footing. And that says, what, exactly, about these Finals?

That maybe, just maybe, the C's are either losing steam or returning back to their midseason form, or both. If the lakers expect their best shot, just like they did last night, they'll be fine.

Incredible, ground-breaking posts in the works.

Stay tuned. May the force be with you.

The Moderator

I'm so glad we have a ZEN-LIKE coach........Calm, cool and collected, unlike Rivers who complains about every call. We are very lucky Laker fans and I hope Phil comes back one more year for a 3-peat. Lakers in 6!!!

Laker Blog Faithful... Take a look what Doc Rivers had to say about Fish and his flopping in Hoops Hype NBA Rumors.

Best news of the day is that Doc is complaining to the league about calls. If he had an actual game plan that might address Celtic weaknesses (besides relying on record breaking shooting by one of his players) he'd be spending time on that instead. This series is over.

when the C's push and shoves, set moving screens. Rivers and the NBA writers say's it is a good team defense. now that they're finally caught they're crying because the Lakers is using it against them!!! what a f@*......g joke!

MM, How about the fact that the video replay rule gives the ball to the team that fouled the opponent to cause the ball to go outta bounds. Did Doc Rivers send that complaint?

Lamar's right arm was raked by Rondo, causing the ball to go out of bounds off Lamar's left hand. Yet, the refs still awarded the ball to the Keltics because they're not allowed to determine the cause of the ball going outta bounds, just who touched the ball last.


The Keltics were shoving and pushing, grabbing jerseys and banging bodies a lot more than the Lakers and a lot more than was actually called.

Yeah, they're getting called more in 2010 because the refs have the experience of having called 2008. But they're still letting them be more physical...


why is there Boston postings here?

This blog is done.

>>>Has anyone else noted that we haven't lost in Boston in about 2 years?


Excellent point. I hadn't thought of that. The Lakers haven't lost in Boston since 131-92.

I watched the game again to judge the refs and they did an awfull job in both sides, again.

Lakers side:

Two fouls by Rondo not drawed, both over LO.

A flagrant foul by Garnnot not drawed on Fisher (his last shoot).

A technical by Doc not drawed, again inside the court.

So don't think the refs helped us that mutch.

Posted by: BreakfastSausage | June 09, 2010 at 10:22 AM

There are more but those happended in last minutes.


Doc and the Celtic players are whining about fouls?

It's official.

The Celtics have gone soft.

Far Side,

I have been in this blog longer than you know LakerTom. I am an independent blogger not coerced by lakerholics or any kind of holics. You can report my non cooperation to your LakerTom, I don't give a dam*. Just work on your posts and if you don't like my fraternization with anyone, omit them. That is the best advice I can give you since you don't get where I'm going. This is the 2nd time I got scolding from you, how old are you buddy?

Its too funny that Doc Rivers complains about the Zen master criticizing the officials then turns around and does the same thing. He used to be the only Dirty Leprechaun that I didnt completely despise- this stinks of desperation. What a hypocrite. All over the Boston Globe and Slamonline, Boston fans complain about LA fans criticizing the refs, and then of course they turn around and do the same. Fail.

Regarding those free-throw averages from 2008 versus 2010, there have been two Lakers home games and one Celtics home game. Of COURSE the disparity will favor the Lakers. The free-throw stats from 2008 include equal numbers of home and road games for both teams. And since the Celtics are always bragging about being the more physical team, aren't they, by definition, creating more fouls?

Doc Rivers is complaining eh!!! Well, for your information Doc, you have a player whose name is Paula Pierce who is the best actress in the NBA. You cannot touch Paula because once you do his face contorts in agony or in pain as if something terribly happens to him. He is followed by Ray Allen who took some lessons from Paula and next is Rondo, you've got a lot of talents there Doc..all of us knows there is something going on about the fouls called out by the ref in the last 3 games...I hope you included in your letter how the refs chained Odom in games 1&2, Kobe in game 2, Artest in game 3, how about that Doc???

they call us lakers fans "whiners" about the officiating.....well, well, well, what's doc doin' now? he must be crying his ass off in front of the office...

Whoo-hoo! Edwin throwing down! This blog's sizzling today, it'll be full boil by game time tomorrow.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Like Phil correctly stated: Both teams take their lumps with the officiating.

Hey Doc, so in this series we are kicking that sand back into your eyes. How's dat feel?

Doc Rivers has learned his Celtic lessons well. All the old Celtics took their cue from Red Auerbach who mastered the art of haranguing the referees. Ainge, Rivers, Thibedeau...have all become accomplished bench jockeys. Is it any wonder they put a full court press on to sign Rasheed Wallace, one of the worst examples of sportsmanship ever in the NBA? The obnoxious Sheed fits right in with KG, Perk, Pierce and the rest of those bitchin' and moanin' Celtics.

Sure, every team seeks to gain the upper hand with a certain amount of gamesmanship. But the Celtics take it to the extreme. Always have, always will. It's in their DNA. It was bequeathed to them from Auerbach.

Why didn't you send the league a tape of KG throwing 2 punches at Dwight Howard in the ECF, Doc? Or a tape of yourself running out onto the court in game 2 of this series? Doc, have a little integrity, you hypocrite!

Doc is working Stern to get more favorable calls for game 4. That said, it does seem to be bit overboard and desperate. He's had a look of desperation with his pacing and running out onto the court all series.

And, can someone please get Doc Rivers a towel before those in-game interviews? He's sweatier than some of the players! LOL!

Both teams have multiple reasons to complain about the officiating so Doc should just STFU. As much hacking, grabbing, and holding that Ray Ray has gotten away with he shoulda fouled out of ever game because he can't guard the Black Mamba without fouling him. I won't even discuss Perkins and KG, so shutup Doc and tell your team to play thru it just like the Ls have.

funny thing is that all 3 players (KG, Baby & allen) should have been called for a foul on that Fisher drive..ha ha .. all of them hit him at the same time and he still made the shot!!

Go Lakers

Come on Rivers you have to be able to take it as well as dish it out. The Celtics have come into this thing as being the most PHYSICAL team in the playoffs with the best defense. Closer examination of this "D" is slapping, grabbing, holding and pushing but now because they cant beat us with this style any more they want to take their ball and go home! It will be a pleasure to SWEEP them on their home floor, and make no mistake, that is the statement we want to make!!

There is no way that Boston can beat the Lakers 3 out of the next 4 games. There's just no way. It will never happen.

Which means:

What day is the parade?

It is no longer about a Championship , its about regaining our "cohones" which we lost two years ago in Boston.

I thought game 3 was a very well officiated game, games 1 and 2 were butched by the crews assigned to officiate them. The crew of game 3 is being found guilty by the memory of games 1 and 2. Also I'd like to say the celtics will continue to foul opposing players to force the officials to not call fouls against them for fear of fouling out one of thier star thugs!

I watched the game again and I observed these things about Doc River's complaints:
1. Paula Pierce- well if you take a hard look Doc 4 of those fouls were legitimate, 1 can be 50/50 and that's when Artest and Paula jostling for possession, he shoved Artest and Artest shoved back but the refs called a foul on Paula coz he shoved first.
2. Ray Allen - he said Fisher was flopping on defense, he said Fish was holding Allen, but the truth is, many times Allen was shoving and pushing Fisher but no fouls were called until the last 2 mins of the 4th qtr.
It's obvious that there were bad calls for both teams but his complaints about his 2 players were all legit calls made by the refs...I think Doc is running of ideas on how to beat the Lakers....Pierce and Allen missed a lot of open shots, even lay ups so do not blame the refs when your boys cannot shoot the basket...Don't cry Doc....

Doc Rivers is no Jedi transparent can you be? D-Fish, one of the 'elder statesmen' of the game, TORCHES your team in the 4th, so you call him a 'flopper' and not much else? Hmm....guess that's why he has four rings, huh?

By focusing on D-Fish, his wish is to make sure the refs plague him with fouls so Allen and PP can continue to push off and not get called for offensive fouls.

I agree about the inconsistent refereeing, however, and would appreciate these three dweebs getting together and understanding that they need to call the game the same whether opening minute or closing seconds. Up until now, they need visual acuity exams.


I find ironic that the Doc Rivers is complaining abot how the game is being called. Paul Pierce has gotten away with flopping or throwing his hands in the air as though someone shot in out of a cannon trying to get a call when he cannot get off a shot. Ray Allen pushing and shoving to get open. Pau is not backing down this series from Garnett and they have no answers for Bynum. I guess I would complain if i was getting beat by my own tactics. Man Pierce could not even get off with Walton guarding him. This Laker team is better than 2008 and it shows. I would not be surprised if we finished it out in Boston, but I think the Lakers will be returning to LA leading 3-2 sorry Paul one trip to LA to bad you have to return to Boston to clear out your locker you could just stay in LA and go visit family friends. GO LAKERS

Great post LakerTom. You complete me!!! Hahahha! Let's go Lake Show!

Actually, if Laker fans were honest with themselves they would see that Fisher does indeed foul Allen on almost every single play. Go back to your DVRs and watch closely. You will notice Fisher often fouls both of Allen's hands with his chest or face as Allen pushes off to create space or change direction. It is pretty obvious...

Actually, if leprachauns were honest with themselves they would see that they are crying babies and would STFU and keep away from this blog. Go back to your blog. You will notice that there are a lot of crying babies that are not honest with themselves.


You only see what you want to know?

I'd like to know why Doc did not recieve a Technicals on last games when he was inside the court before the refs called the timeouts.

And why Garnnot wasn't fouled out when he pushed Gasol more than once.



doc rivers is the most arrogant coach in the league. Derek Fisher has been playing hard his whole career. doc is just upset that fisher plays with more heart than his team ever will. docs team flops all the time, so he has NO right to call out a 4 time (soon to be 5 time) champion. I hope that when we win the title, fisher dances with the trophy in front of doc, but fish won't rub it in. Unlike the celtics, Fisher and the Lakers have CLASS. Also when we win the celtics should give Bynum their rings, cause they wouldn't have them if he played. Also doc, fisher scored on 3 of your players. 1 on 3, whos the real man. Lakers will win this championship.

To: Doc Rivers and the Boston Celtics
From: The Cheese Factory
Re: Your Order

After an exhausting search of our warehouse it has been determined that we DO NOT have enough cheese to supply for your whine party. We have also cancelled per your request the champagne you had on order. Your remaining order (baked crow) is being processed and will be delivered upon the conclusion of your 4th loss either in Boston or to our affiliate in Los Angeles. Check #16, signed by D. Ainge and K. McHale, has been received and credited to your account.

Funny how nobody mentions tha fact that Ray Allen was fould out in game 1, KG had 5 fouls in game 2, and Pierce had 5 in game 5.. every1s just a bias Laker fan.. all children and beaners..

Oh boo hoo Doc Rivers, it's going both ways at least the refs are not playing Favs, stop crying about you team being out played because of bad calls, how bout when your team got the ball when it went off of Odem and the refs reviwed it and the reason was because Rondo grabed his arm, cry then you big baby.

Neither the lakers or the celtics are the best teams in the league. TV ratings and sneaker endorsements decide who ends up in the nba finals. Wildly inconsistent officiating ensures that no one will notice the fraud. When the nba figures out what is, and is not a foul, and calls the games with consistency, you'll know d stern has finally been replaced.

Is there any sport more boring than the nba ?
(Unless you enjoy a contrived free throw exhibition?)

Celtics crying officiating is rich. These guys cheat on almost every play. For years the Celtics have written the book on dirty play. They grab, they punch, they step on feet and they never get called in Boston for any of this. Rondo palms and carries the ball over consistently, Pierce skips and travels everytine before he gets the ball on the curl, and Perkins is just a thug. Garnett who I used to respect has become one too.

totally unimpressed with officiating throughout the series but especially game 7. the only reason the lakers were kept close enough in this game to keep it from being a blow-out victory by the celtics was the refs from quarter 1 to quarter 4 - right up to when the lakers finally got their first lead in the 2nd half. then right into the last minute, the officiating were laughably slanted to the most objective viewer (like this one in nyc). not impressed with the refs and so not impressed with the lakers!



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