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Caught in the Web: Reactions to Lakers' 92-86 Game 5 loss to Boston


Game stories

--The Times' Mike Bresnahan details how the Lakers were outmuscled, outhustled and outperformed by the Celtics in L.A.'s 92-86 Game 5 loss to Boston on Sunday.

--The Boston Globe's Julian Benbow credits the Celtics' teamwork.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding believes that the Lakers' title hopes are slipping.

--The Riverside Press-Enterprise's Matt Calkins highlights how Kobe Bryant's big night contrasted with the poor efforts from the other Lakers.

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford illustrates how the Lakers were no match for the Celtics.


--The Daily News' Teaford reports that Jordan Farmar's days with the Lakers could be numbered. Teaford also looks at Lamar Odom's bad night.

--The Riverside Press-Enterprise's Calkins details Andrew Bynum's struggling night.


--The Times' Bresnahan notes how the Lakers' frontline did very little in Game 5.

--The Times' Lisa Dillman looks at how Celtics forward Kevin Garnett outmatched Lakers forward Pau Gasol.

--The Times' Broderick Turner looks at how Lakers forward Ron Artest folded in the clutch.

--The Times' Baxter Holmes dissects Paul Pierce's strong performance.

--ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg highlights how the Celtics managed to hone down defensively, despite Bryant's big scoring night.

--The Riverside Press-Enterprise's Gregg Patton looks at why Artest struggled.


--The Lakers' poor performance reminds The Times' Bill Plaschke of how the team played in the 2008 NBA Finals.

--The Times' T.J. Simers calls Bryant a ball hog.

--The Times' Mark Heisler blames the Lakers' loss on effort.

--Former Clippers Coach Mike Dunleavy argues in The Times that defense made the difference in Game 5.'s J.A. Adande wants more from Bryant's supporting cast.

--The Daily News' Vincent Bonsignore says Bryant can't win a game on his own.

Bonsignore also notes that Bryant is still keeping his composure.

--The Orange County Register's Ding argues that it shouldn't be surprising Gasol choked in a pressure-filled game.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Arash Markazi argues that Odom and Artest are hurting the Lakers more than they are helping the team.

--ESPN Boston's Peter May likes Pierce's performance.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin criticizes the Lakers' defense.

--The Orange County Register's Jeff Miller expresses astonishment at how poorly the Lakers played.

--The Riverside Press-Enterprise's Patton criticizes Bryant's teammates for not helping him out.'s Chris Sheridan chalks up the Celtics' win to teamwork.

--The Orange County Register's Mark Whicker argues that the Lakers needed to help Bryant.


--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy and Brian Kamenetzky detail how the Lakers imploded.

Tweet of the Day: "What was thrown at Lamar in the fourth quarter? Said Odom: "Looked like a vodka bottle." He could probably use one right now." -- Matt_Calkins (Riverside Press-Enterprise's Matt Calkins)

Best comment on who is the greatest Laker of all time: "I get what Kobe is saying. Magic beats the 80s Celtics. West couldn't beat the 60s Celtics. 80s and 60s are two different teams even if they wear the same uniforms. -- Tim-4-Show

Reader Comment of the Day: "Is anyone on this Laker team showing even the remotest quality of 'rising to the occasion'? As Kobe said in his post game interview, 'offense comes and goes' but the defensive effort of this team is woeful. Granted the Lakers aren't scoring in the 100's but they should be holding this team in the 80's easily. Again as Kobe said, it was layup after layup after layup after layup. 90% of defense is effort" -- You Ever Notice

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Boston power forward Kevin Garnett elevates a little higher than Lakers power forward Pau Gasol to knock away a pass and create a turnover in Game 5 on Sunday. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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CELTICS are the better team. They have already proven they could beat the best two teams in the league.. There is no way in hell that LA can win this series. They are dumfounded right now and searching for an answer. The Zen guru Phil Jackson doesn't have it. Maybe he call tell them in every huttle how the Celtics are the best team at losing and then wonder why Doc Rivers proved the opposite. May the best TEAM win.. CELTICS IN SIX.

Just to rub it in a little - this will be the Celtics 18th Championship banner.. And this will make the finals record against the Lakers 11-2... Title Town USA baby

What a bunch of bandwagon fans! Is there no pride in being Lakers fans? Did everyone think we would sweep the Celtics in 4? Did everyone think we would win 2 of 3 in the Garden? Of course not.

We are 9-1 at home in the 2010 playoffs and have the home court advantage! If the Celtics beat us in game 6 or 7 then they deserve to be the champs. But if we hold home court, then we deserve to be back-to-back champions!

Nothing that comes easy is worth beholding. But the heart of a champion must never be underestimated. Momentum is a fickle mistress and NOBODY comes into our house and pushes us around. Does anyone think the refs are going to let Allen push off all night to get free? What about the BS charging fouls against LO?

So stop throwing the entire team under the bus just because you think you're smarter than PJ. Are you 47-0? Greatness does not come easy and the Celtics are champions, too. After we win handily tomorrow, will all you wussies continue to wine and complain? I don't know about you, but I would rather beat a great Celtics team in 7, than see my Lakers repeat as champions without a struggle.

To the victors go the spoils and there is nothing better (AND I MEAN NOTHING) in sports than Lakers-Celtics, the two greatest franchises in the past 50 years. So stop your whining and let's see Staples make some GANG-GREEN!!!

This Series is not done, yet.

You're about to be 9 and 2

Game 6 is going to be an epic battle.. I am mucho excited for tomorrow night.. This will definitely go down in the history of finals match ups!

the CHEESE shall weigh in, for the first time in over a year...

Past is past. Done is done. I love this team with a passion that borders on mania; they disappoint me, befuddling, muddling, coming up short in so many ways. But all is forgiven, time and again.

I hate Boston with only about 10% the intensity that I love my Lakers. I was a bit disgusted with myself, rooting for the Weenies to beat Cleverlando Magaliers and give us the homecourt.

Now, past is past, and done is done. I will not read a F&*%ing thing about game 6-to-come. I don't care how we got here. But it's time, right now, for my lifelong true love to STAND UP FOR ME. I don't care about game 7 (yet...) If these guys can't pull together and whip somebody's *** on their home floor, they don't deserve me.

On an optimistic note, I do like Pierce's attitude towards the do-or-die coming up: "We just gotta get one..." Please think that way. Remember that, when the Lakers take that first double digit lead in game six, and the crowd is (finally) roaring, and the Shannon Browns and Luke Waltons are making plays, and it starts to get HARD for your weenies...just remember that you don't need this one, you get another chance. Think that way. Do it for me. Do it for all of us.

Here's to the entire blog, and here's to an epic Tuesday night!



If we are 9 and 2 tomorrow, then we lost to the best. But if we are 10 and 1, then this Series goes to a game 7 and will be compared with all the great Lakers/Celtics Series' of the 60's, 80's and 08'. If this goes to a Game 7, there are no losers because somebody is going to rise to the top and make plays.

Talk to you tomorrow night. I'll be here either way. I've seen too many of these games to know when the fork's been put in. We aren't there yet and something tells me we're in for a great game Tuesday.

Well said Cbad.

I say bring all the negativity out right now so the Celtics can buy into the idea that it's 2008 all over again. We're done. We're cooked, toast, mincemeat, dead men waking.

I can't wait until gametime.


cbad721 - Hell yeah brutah! No matter what you have to admit it doesn't get better than Celts vs Lakers finals! The two best teams in NBA history duking it out... I live for this shit!

Why do so many sports fans use the terms "we" and "us" when commenting on their favorite teams? Do they really think that wearing that XXXL fatman replica jersey and drinking beer while they watch games on television makes them part of the squad?

@Rick Friedman,

I know you're a fan of Washington Post columnist Mike Wise, and thought you might be interested to know that he has a talk show on the Fox Sports Radio affiliate here in DC on 106.7 The Fan on the FM dial from 10am - 4pm EST weekdays. You can catch him at the following link.

Also, you(and anyone else who might be interested) can check out another local sports talk show here in DC called The Sports Groove w/Mark Gray whick airs weeknights from 7pm - 10pm EST on WOL 1450 on the AM dial. Here's the link.


PS. Let me know if the links don't work.

Nelson's shot off the back of the rim
McHale's clothesline of Rambis
Henderson stole the ball in 1984
148-114 on Memorial Day in 1985
Kareem's 39 points the next day
The "baby hook" in 1987

The list goes on and on. I just wish the younger generation of bloggers had more respect than talking smack. Let's give credit where it is due.

I hate the Celtics, but only when I have to look up at them (2008), not down (2009).

Well this is what it's all come down to. Do or die, Win or go fishing. We know that PJ, Black Mamba, and DFish live for these types of challenges...question the rest of the Ls...Methinks so.

As Black Mamba said, 'Defense wins championships'!!!

No Rebounds, No Rings!!!



Cbad721, great post"WE GOT THIS"

i think phil should not left out someone in the bench like powell...i believe powell can provide the intensity and energy in the court...

Hamblen, who is in charge of putting the game plan together for this series, knows the task ahead will be difficult for the Lakers even though the next two games are at home.

Frank Hamblen is the coach responsible for the game plan against the Celtics.

Didn't Kurt Rambis leave plans for how to beat the Celtics? *sigh*

Woulda been a threepeat had KG been healthy... You can put an big fat * next to last years championship.

Let's get this FREAKING game started. I am so tired of LAKER BASHING that I could just PUKE.Our Lakers should go in there tomorrow nite and prove to all the EAST BIASED media, and even our own media that we are the defending champs and we will win game 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Plashke and Simers are pathedic and Plashke is a hop on the band wagon when there good. I can hardly watch ESPN. They all are River worshipers. Just remember next year they won't have there defensive coach and he's the one that has gotten them this far. Look for another 20 year drought for the CEPTICS.

I'll say this - there is no better and more exciting rivalry than the Lakers Celtics (maybe the Red Sox Yankees).. These are times to cherish! No matter who wins this will be another one for the ages...

Wild Bill:

You just proved my point. What was the point of your post? That you can criticize without any thought. You just proved Abe Lincoln's comment about being a fool. If you don't know it, look it up. Your picture will be there.

And the answer is 6', 180 lbs, law partner, L(arge), IQ>140, with degrees from one of the best private universities in So Cal. Ever break par in golf? Its a great feeling.

But I'm sure your being the "wild" man is no comparison to my use of the word "we" in a simple blog. Get a life and stop thinking you're the authority on pronouns. Your contribution was only a few words better than a dead man.

I'll leave your momma out of this . . . for now.

Hey Rick,

Correction: Mike Wise airs from 10am - 2pm, not bad.

MattyJ, It matters who wins, you better believe it matters.

In game 1, the Lakers played a damn good game whereas the Celtics played awful, perhaps as bad as they could possibly play. It felt like a bigger score advantage than 13, but it wasn't. In game 3, the Celtics (outside of KG) again played horrible, the Lakers did not and they won, but not by much again.

I think that bodes well for two VERY VERY close games in Games 6 & 7 in LA. No matter how this series ends, the 2010 NBA Finals could be remembered as one of the best series of all time. We have not had a brilliant NBA Finals for a long time.

I'm for Boston but I love good drama and love when things help the NBA's image since many people don't even care, as if this was Major League Lacrosse.

You're in my neighborhood. Enjoy that ride. I always love listening to Art Bell's/George Noory's "Coast to Coast" when I'm making those long drives. So many weird topics...


Posted by: wesjoenixon | June 14, 2010 at 07:48 PM


Hey Wes,

I'm a C2Cam fan too, and I try to tune-in every chance I get. I luv all the 'weird topics' too.(LOL)


Your arrogance is unbelievable. So the Lakers would have swept the Celtics if Bynum was healthy huh? You can't seriously believe that can you? He was great in game 2 and you lost, were you paying attention? He played 31 minutes in game 5 and again you lost. I don't know if you are paying attention or watching these games.

And then you go on to say that Celtic Nation will turn on Ray Allen if the Celtics lose. I live in Boston and I can tell you that Ray (that is how he is known, by his first name) is one of the most beloved players in Boston. Kind of like Fisher, he has a child that has health issues and people feel great compassion and love for this very classy man and his family. If the Celtics lose, Ray will still be a revered figure in Boston. You apparently don't know the truth about a lot of things.

Finally, I can believe the Lakers could win the last 2 games and win the championship and I am a Celtics fan. I don't think the Celts are substantially better than the Lakers. If the Lakers all play great then yes, they can win this. It will be a close battle either way.
Oh yeah, the Red Sox have been the Yankees daddy over the last 6 years, maybe you aren't paying attention once again.



Kate Faber never said no to any cute guy - especially one rich and famous

Use some common sense

@ CBAD721 . . .

LOL . . . Easy there buddy! Wild's taunts of you not nearly at the level to illicit such an eloquent and passionate response. WE are all behind you!

And indeed your summary of the "snap-shot" moments of this greatest of all NBA rivalries does remind us all that we simply are blessed in the moment as spectators with front row, window seats of the behemoth battle of the ages. This is bigger than all of US ~~ pronoun intended. :-)



Peace and decorum is restored by your intervening. If I met Wild, I (pronoun intended) would buy him a beer. Did you feel the quake!!!!

Kevin Tully
You are right, I don't know what I was thinking. Brain fart I guess. I have to try to keep off the sauce, once again it is getting the better of me.

Even if Bynum played we would be down 3-2, I agree to that. The Celtics always find a way to win and they do have 3 hall of famers to our 1.

Anyway, I am hoping that the Lakers win this thing but who knows?

Good luck to you my green friend.

Kevin Tully
You are right, I don't know what I was thinking. Brain fart I guess. I have to try to keep off the sauce, once again it is getting the better of me.

Even if Bynum played we would be down 3-2, I agree to that. The Celtics always find a way to win and they do have 3 hall of famers to our 1.

Anyway, I am hoping that the Lakers win this thing but who knows?

Good luck to you my green friend.

Posted by: LakerTom | June 14, 2010 at 09:37 PM

Sounds like you are feeling better.



Maybe if they learned and PRACTICED the term "REBOUND", that would be a place to start. Too many players (Odom, Gasol, Bynum) standing around and watching the Celtics rebound and get 2nd chance points.

Shannon Brown.....too much showboating!....stick with Sasha, anyone but Brown

Hey guys, it's game 6, Lamar will play like a champ!


How close are you to Terre Haute?

I've found Indianans to be nicer and healthier than Ohioans. And I think the state is a bit more attractive.

That much said, as I went to a store in Terre Haute, I started talking to an employee and he said to me, "People are awful here. It's best not to stay too long."

I also went to a crowded restaurant and the food was worse than even Ohio. I was disappointed.

Anyhow, my experience in Indiana has so far been good.

In any case, tomorrow will be the first game in the series I will actually be able to sit down and watch the game. Every other game I've been slanging drinks to thugs in Akron and catching moments of the game. It's been torture.

You know that I am a complete Lakeraholic lunatic who has the imbalanced belief that the energy and faith of the fans ACTUALLY MATTERS. IT ACTUALLY MATTERS!!!!

Yeah, I believe that.

Well, all my heart and energy will be with this team tomorrow.

I sure hope Utzworld says a prayer tomorrow.

I'll say one too.

It's important that the Lakers win this series.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


KEVIN TULLY… I’m sorry to hurt your feelings but you are the interloper coming into our house so what would you expect other than a typical Bostonian style nasty greeting. You strike me as another of those bandwagon Celtics fans who have only seen one NBA championship in their entire lives but now has an entire wardrobe of vomit green jerseys of your heroes du jour. Is that you, Kevin? Or are you one of the comebackers, who having jumped off the bandwagon 20 years ago, sheepishly went online and bought a KG jersey to replace the Russell or Bird jersey you befouled and disgraced?
Listen, it’s OK. You don’t have to be ashamed or embarrassed. Everybody know that there are not many “real” Celtics fans still around. Most of the them either died or jumped right off the bandwagon. After all, 20 years of failure, futility, and irrelevancy takes its toll. I mean, how low can a franchise go? The Celtics were basically on artificial life support for 20 years. Kevin, I hate to tell you, but I have some bad news about your Celtics. Basically, you need to get ready for 20 more years of obscurity.
As for Andrew Bynum, everybody knows the guy is playing on 1 leg. Even severely injured, he makes Kendrick Perkins look like a bouncer on Boylston Street. Were he healthy, everybody knows this series would have been over in a Lakers sweep, including the Celtics and their fawning media. And were he not injured in 2008, the Lakers would now be shooting for a 3-peat. You guys are the tools who played the injury card first with your poor sport refusal to acknowledge that the Lakers are the defending champs. While take you asterisk and shove it where you brain obviously resides.
Lakers in 7! And none of the games will even be single digits but you can keep your 2008 rings.

kevin tully,

Laker Tom understands basketball. He is a good person and he bleeds purple and gold.

He DESERVES to be confident.

I hope you get that.

He DESERVES to be confident because he is worthy of confidence.

Don't insult him.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


[Begin Unfiltered Rant]

I love the Lakers

We really need this win.

I mean, we've lost 50% of our Finals. We've had in that way more heartbreak than any other team. More meaningful heartbreak. Most of it happening at the hands of the frickening Celtics.

Jerry West and Elgin Baylor are good men.

It fricken breaks my heart that Elgin Baylor does not have a ring. It breaks my heart.

We're what 9-3? Are we going to go 10-3? Really? REALLY?

It can't happen. It CAN'T HAPPEN.

In my madness, I think that somehow that by being closer to L.A. tomorrow that a win will happen. I KNOW it is madness. I know that. But I don't care. I'm being crazy Lakeraholic right now.

We need to win these games.

We SHOULD win these games.

WE are the better team.

We are.

They're not.

We are.

This is our fricken Championship.

Not there's.

OUR'S !!!!!



Let's break them.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



PompousTom is a Yankee fan so he knows what its like to be on life support for 20yrs. He too jumped off the Yankee bandwagon then had to jump back on. He too went online and bought a Jim Leyritz jersey to replace his Billy Martin jersey that he soiled. Speaking of classy citizens PompousTom is in the market for a new Dwight Gooden jersey so if you see one please let him know. If not he will settle for a Steve Howe or Darryl Strawberry. PompousTom roots for teams with CLASSY players.

Ask him about Ed Whitson. I bet hes got a lot of fond memories. But dont mention Luis Gonzalez because he will write a 20 paragraph post of how the Yankees woulda won that Series if ...

And whatever you do ... Dont mention the Marlins. Please.

We really need to win this game.

We REALLY need to win this game.

I mean this.

I am confident that if we win this, we'll win Game Seven.

I mean this.

Let's just win this.

It matters.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


There are not any real Celtic fans left? You should have been at game 5 LakerTom and if you were you would be having problems with your hearing today from the deafening noise you would have heard.

Yes, we had many years of losing and bad teams, I can't deny that. SO WHAT? We are back on top now. Although, yes, I agree the Lakers are the true champions right now and not the Celtics. I have never had a problem with respecting the Lakers, they have a great organization. I actually like many great Lakers such as Magic and Jerry West.

But it is you that show a lack of respect for your opponent, not me. You have no respect for this Celtic edition and that is simply wrong. For you to say that a 21 year old kid would have won the finals for the Lakers in 2008 is patently ridiculous. No way would that have happened. Your team was obliterated in 2008. You lost the last game by 39 points! 39 POINTS!! What, would Bynum have scored 40 points in that game? Get real. The Celtics were vastly superior to the Lakers in 2008. This year the teams are very close in ability.

Also, I see nothing wrong with being an interloper. Yes I am, so what! Anyone can post on these boards. The LA Times is okay with it so you should be as well.

May the best team win and boy, do I hope Bynum not only plays but is a monster in the next 2 games. That way, whatever happens, he can't be used as a convenient excuse.

Practicing my Baastan accent..


Green slime as noted by coach Riley are cunning and secretive and I sense that from both kevin tulley and 131-92.


DANNY AINGE and Kevin McHale were both secretive when they met in the paaaaaaaaaarking laaat to discuss how to bamboozle the NBA league in acquiring KG from M'sota. I must say very cunning of these two ex green slimes. Never could stand looking at those beady secretive and cunning eyes of danny ainge and that secretive looks of ghaaaaden leprechaun Red..

KEVIN TULLY… There’s respect and there’s things to respect. I respect many things about the Celtics even though I abhor many things they have traditionally stood for, which is generally cheaters and cheap shot artists who think basketball is just about bullying the opponent rather than playing the game the way it should be played. You’re the Raiders of the NBA. Just win, baby! Don’t matter how.
I respect Red Auerbach for his BB and talent acumen and leadership in bringing respect to African American basketball players and coaches. I detest his win at any cost attitude towards fair play and sportsmanship. 131 calling me “pompous” is the ultimate irony coming from the franchise that cornered the market on the use of the word in sports. The current squad is populated with players that are extremely easy to hate as players because of the way they play. Doesn’t mean that they’re deserving of hating as people. Just as players because of how they play the game. b
I truly respect Doc Rivers for being able to take what is essentially a fantasy basketball franchise (although obtained through devious means through proven cheater Kevin McHale, one of the greatest power forwards ever but a total failure to anybody but the Celtics as a GM or coach) and get them to buy into the team concept. That is a Phil Jackson quality job of building a team. Yet I despise Doc’s constant whining and the crybaby pouting we always get. In his own way, Doc can easily play the buffoon role that Charles Barkley has mastered so well for TNT. In fact, that’s where he’ll soon be.
Bottom line, there is no better rivalry in the sports world, at least where the combatants have won about the same number of championships (sorry Red Sox fans). I’ve personally witnessed 10 Lakers championships. And I would bet that very few of you Celtics trolls crapping on our blog have seen more NBA championships than the paltry number of World Series triumphs you’ve enjoyed. Just be happy that you are part of the greatest rivalry in sports – even if it is on the losing side.

Kevin Tully and 131,

You are winning games by proving to all that you are the best thugs among players, among b'ball fans and also as posters. When you lose, you can't hear a pin drop among Celtics but when they win OMG, the boasts will reverberate in our ears intermittently without rest. Is there room for humility among the Celtic fans that come into this blog? Very few and one of them is Red's, he could play along and take our gripes in strides. To others, all we hear are those macho words of praise. Macho by being a dirty player, one evidence is KG on the picture on this thread.

With our scrubs, I just wish they click their cylinders and win two consecutive games. For one thing, there will be peace in this blog and get rid of unworthy visitors.

Yes I just want to say I am on my porch watching the stars and everything looks like it's aligned for a Celtic's Victory.. The Lakers have no chemistry. They don't even look like they even enjoy playing with each other.. Some times you can't put a number on vibe. When the energy and vibe is broken, it's almost as bad as having a broken spirit. The effort isn't there. I don't know what happened, but the lakers stopped playing 3 games ago...

No fire. No desire. Sometimes if it wasn't for the fanfare you wouldn't even know it's the finals by the way that the lakers are playing.. Hey.. I am all for cool, but don't be a fool..

IT'S THE FINALS PEOPLE!! THIS IS WHAT YOU SWEATED FOR ALL YEAR. WHY YOUR CENTER HAD HIS KNEE'S DRAINED 2X 4!! I AM A CELTIC'S FAN. DON'T GET IT TWISTED. WE ARE GOING TO WIN! I KNOW IT IN THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Even before your coach just filled up the bullentin board with that stupid timeout talk. Don't front! That was rude. He knew he was miked up. It's all cool. He doesn't play the game and wasn't any good when he did.

By now you can see who the better team is... It's the celtics. Right now the Lakers better figure that out and out hustle us or it's going to be 2008 all over again. Any way I will be here talking smack all off-season.. hahaha Mr. Feruzi...

Yes, it's Finals and there is a reason to be dirty. If there is such thing as Bad Boys team, well the Celtics will be remember as the home of the Dirty and the Brave.

Go back to fundamentals and the rule of fair play. Celtics represents what is ugly about America - RUDENESS

Lakers will defy the history by winning all our home games. It will be the finest hour of our mytical 5 Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, Artest and Fisher. They will not let this team down in our own turf.

Let us all cease and desist from the temptations of these silly leprechauns. You will never get anything substantive from their posts except the 3 B's namely: boastfulness, boorishness and barbarism.

Go Lakers, sleep soundly tonight as we usher a great day tomorrow evening. Celtics will never win our own turf. That is a guarantee.


In your rant against Gasol let me add that they showed a picture showing the basketball coming at him and he was flinching.
What a wuss.


The Celtics are thanking their lucky stars that Phil Jackson is coaching this team.
No need to worry about different looks on offense or defense. This has been the same throughout these playoffs if anyone looks at it objectively.

OKC and Phoenix played the Lakers fairly close after the first couple of games with the exception of game 5 OKC.
It only took Boston 1 game to essentially shut down the Triangle Offense or does anyone want to argue that point?

The Triangle Offense does not allow players to play to their strengths when a defense like Boston can push the post players 5 feet further from the key than they should be. This is why every shot seems to be a difficult one for the Lakers.

Some idiot kept saying to throw it into Gasol more.
HELLO Gasol is being pushed out of the key fifteen feet away from the basket. Since Gasol refuses to fight for the position in the post he got in game 1, he has become more and more ineffective.

Phil needs to just go to the Pick & Roll the entire game. The Lakers need easy baskets. That's the big difference in this series, the Celtics are getting easy baskets and the Lakers are not.



Well, this is what I got. (Really not) But hey;



I've got all kinds of fun coming down mon chute. Ah, bollacks.

Ok, I got all kinds of stuff here. What do y'all want phred to say? phred has the dope.



(pHRED is drinking, but thinking. Ask him what he's got)



Dang, some good stuff. My thoughts (Divine Realizations!?) are getting pushed down to the bottom. My reactions, here we go;


Halosant- 50 cent sucks. Sorry, that’s what I got.

“Phillip, Cleamons, Shaw, Fish, Kobe- someone. IMPLORE pau-lamar-ron-drew to TRAP and/or DOUBLE Paul or Ray when they get the ball on screen and rolls. THEY DO NOT PASS.

Time to make gangrene remember why Staples Center has been an opponent's house of HORRORS.

Posted by: heh8meN1 | June 14, 2010 at 10:55 AM”

A new voice, a new thought, and I think heh should stick around and take a bow. GREAT STUFF, THANKS FOR PLAYING THE GOOD ADVICE SHOUTED TO THE DEAF GAME!

“To blame Gasol is utter stupidity. Pau has been pretty much himself against
the whole Celtic front-line. He's had NO HELP whatsoever. He's been playing huge minutes against the physical Celtic big. Offensively he finally had a bad game in game 5 but he's been consistently just about the only one helping Kobe not just in the Final but throughout the PO.
And even for a bad game 5 he still pulled down 12 rebs 7 offensive. His teammates? Bynum had ONE, Artest had two. Only Odom remotely carried his weight in rebounding dept. with 8.

Utter stupidity indeed. Ask yourself where the Lakers would have been is it had not been for Pau Gasol?

Posted by: Psycorp | June 14, 2010 at 11:28 AM”

Good points.

Wait, ‘touchy feeling zen craps?’ I think I had those once. A bottle of Pepto and a regular diet and I was fine. No, I think when you really look into it, you will find Phil is full of crap on the Zen thing and frankly coaches on a full course of Manichaesianism, stoicism and Sternism, which is to say ‘win the ^%$&er at all costs” But Right on on the Pau thing.

Psycorp- again, with the good points. Props and love.

Hobbitmage- You are on the right track. Good effort, great points. Try a little more love in your analysis, try a little more, take a little

Hey yall-- ive been reading this blog for years but have never commented. but i just wanted to come through and add support for the laker faithful on this blog and urge yall to ignore the trolls-- instead get HYPED for tomorrow's game! if it is meant to be ours, the game will come naturally.

if you are reading this and will be at staples center tomorrow-- i IMPLORE you to be as loud as possible. i would do anything to be at tomorrow's game, as would many of the lakers die-hards out there, but unfortunately i lack the $$. but i say, be as loud as you can! walk out with no voice! the one game i ever went to, a regular season against the warriors (lol), i walked out hoarse. and it was well worth it because dammit i love this team!

also one more thing-- the song "lose yourself" by eminem has some lyrics that are real apt for tomorrow's game. it hyped me up even more and i encourage yall to listen to it! we can channel our positive vibes to the lakers players. yes i believe this is possible lol. and maybe im delusional but so what? !

some snippets from the song:

Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo

nice piece about kobe on a private blog: It’s Your Time, Kobe

Ok, i'm not sure what order this goes in. Ask if you are confused,

FEARLESS- Props. A little wisdom stated well.

LakerMike- Re TJ Simers; Well, Duh.

Kevin tully- phred bites his thumb at thee.

t_sensei- You have struck a few blows for the side of sense. [Bows]
But your criticism of Farmar was a bit off. He really did bring it, all his farmarness. That it isn’t what worked isn’t really on him, and frankly a little more farmar (a couple 3s and a couple steals worth) will be fine, he does have nate robinson on his memo o’ milkshakes to drink. But that’s all.

Captain Off- Oh, heh heh heh, hee hee, chortle chortle. Ha. Captain OFF…BWAH HA HA. That phred guy is a card….haugh….huh…whooooo. Um, what were you saying? Kobe, something, syllable, other syllable, phrase….nope, I’m getting nothing. Try some English next time.

“…What I find funny about the pundits and sports columnists is that they completely buy into one game momentum swings and group-think. They are worse than us fans!..
Posted by: dewey | June 14, 2010 at 11:50 AM”

Dewey- Well, if you have been at the game chats, ‘worse than us fans’ might be a bit harsh. “worse than what you would expect from impartial observers of sporting events who discuss said events utilizing all the hard earned judgment at their disposal, damn what the mob think” is probably not so hard to assume.” “Or whatever”

Ouch- Nice try, but no. I say that Pau Gasol has been damn good in this series. Damn good. You? Not so much. You have some long standing prejudices that bias your appreciation, to go along with your issues with anger and women. I look forward to talking to you someday when you don’t have a stick ‘o pissed off up your nose.

Art- FL – Lakers Fan- we hope we all fall into a favorable category.

LongTimeLakerLover- Yeah, but we need a little bit more from Kobe. A little bit, that’s all.

Zen – re Justa’s apron strings; I would rather dangle from those strings than hold a rope of ‘man up’ that had nothing but your delusions attached to it. This isn’t an apron spring issue. It is an issue that requires your full attention, and maybe a little bit of BRING YOUR &^^$ING LOVE! Jeez.,

Jamie Sweet; Don’t give up on any of those guys too quick, they all bring something to the table. Pau Pau, he owns the boards and the passes. He can’t own the paint by himself. Bynum is fine, if healthy or healthyish, he can rebound and equal points from < 2’. His game. If we don’t have that game, then trouble, but while we have it, his game.

Play Sasha? If we have two guards in trouble. Play Sasha if we need desperation threes, that means we need desperation threes to win, in which case we lose. Play Sasha when we have to. With Farmar? For next year? Farmar or Sasha can play D or hit threes. Either one, if we are desperate. If not, not so much. Play Luke.

131-92- Be careful in your taunting. LakerPangloss (known to you as LakerTom) is worth a hundred of you. Brook his power too much, reap the whirlwind. Frankly, you don’t even come close to understanding him. A Celtic fan? You can be here, if you humble yourself, but you can’t contend with LakerPangloss. You are F*cked ….[*************************}

Wesjoe- Chavs? Man, I can’t get that far into British Prejudices. Ok, lets not do that, let’s see what that can give us, with a bit of ‘let Anna say Aussies ain’t like that’, but still using the whole metaphor. Or whatever. Seriously, you know chavs? You need to acknowledge your own awesomeness so phred can talk to y’all, then Anna. Then …….Brits.


F&^* Y*O!
Rick- Damn, that’s heavy. I guess. I manage, honestly.


If not, and I don't believe they have, you are prematurely ejaculating all over our blog.
Posted by: dewey | June 14, 2010 at 03:42 PM

EEEEWWWW…Get yo’self some Celtic Kleenex and some more Celtic Apology. Not that She’ll be impressed or cut you some slack.

CELTIC FANS, honest question: Has the NBA changed the rules in the last 24 hours so that now you only have to win THREE GAMES for a championship?

If not, and I don't believe they have, you are prematurely ejaculating all over our blog. Though you may have a problem in the bedroom, at least try to show some control here...that's all we ask. Can to a 100 or think of Bill Russell or Larry Bird, but pleeeeeze try to last until your team wins a fourth game...of course, that probably means you'll be waiting til next season, but that's why there is masturbation, which is better done in private.
Posted by: dewey | June 14, 2010 at 03:42 PM

Please read my previous post. I said that we have not done anything yet. I deleted the rest of my post so you wouldnt get confused. Im gonna assume you know who to read ...

I have to enjoy it while I can. Its still gonna be tough to win 1 here. I think we can do it but Im not myopic like Laker fan. We havent done anything yet.
Posted by: 131-92 | June 14, 2010 at 02:21 PM

I hope this helps answering your question. Now you go rub one out!!!
Posted by: 131-92 | June 14, 2010 at 04:03 PM

Noah- I see some issues arising there, that a raven and a pigeon ain’t gonna get you offa.

Wait is there something there about ‘masturbation?’
Lemme Go On, like a blister in the sun, lemme go oooonn, like a blister in the suns…

Ouch- you still need to look up ‘Laconic”



It looks like Pau Gasol's comments early in the year about "touches" really got you pissed off

This is like discussing with friends or family with different political views. No matter how hard you try, you never convince the other person to change his mind.

I won't change your mind you won't change mine.

Let's hope we win tonite even if the stars are DJ and Sasha and Kobe and Pau are sitting on the bench.



So instead of finding a player to replace our weakest link which is Derek Fisher, General Manager Mitch Kupchak has a pissing contest with Trevor Ariza and signs Ron Artest.

Trevor Ariza was evolving into Scotty Pippen, the perfect compliment to Kobe Bryant. Ariza had hops, was a slasher, and proved to be a clutch shooter.
He also had that intangible knack for making great plays at critical times. His defense was solid and he was a perfect fit in the Triangle Offense.

Artest had none of these intangible. He has given the Lakers defense only, his greatest claim to fame was his rebound put-back against Phoenix only after he almost cost the Lakers the game by shooting early in the time clock of a close game.
The risk was never worth the reward in signing Artest. He is older and slower and never showed in his entire career what Ariza showed last year. Yet, Mitch Kupchak in his infinite wisdom gives this basket-case a 5 year contract.

ouch- please elaborate. I always thought Laconia was greek.

Man, please, get over me. I'm not worth it.

ouch- I don't even know where to go from here, man.

I feel kind of awkward here.


is that LACONIC?

I'm already getting ready for next year.

For the Lakers to win this series, Artest and Odum are going to have to play superior ball. Since they've pretty much have played like crap for 5 games, I see no reason to believe that anything will change in the next 2 games. There is no magic switch, these 2 are who they are. Overrated, low IQ, and most unfortunately, undependable.

The only way Mitch Kupchak can save face for signing these 2 baffoons in the first place is to trade both of them for one of the many key free-agents available come July 1st.

The player I want is Dirk, this guy is like Kobe Bryant, plays his arse off but is surrounded by choke artists.


this guy is like Kobe Bryant, plays his arse off but is surrounded by choke artists.


this guy is like Kobe Bryant, plays his arse off but is surrounded by choke artists.

FLUSH THEM OUT! Don't give them ANY hope.

Ron Artest's contract could end up like Luke Walton's

Way to go Mitch









PPG 26.7 RPG 8.20 APG 3.0 EFF + 29.33


PPG 26.7 RPG 8.20 APG 3.0 EFF + 29.33


i think the game 5 debacle was a coach's call...yes especially during the 3rd qrt run of kobe...if phil could have done something and made some adjustment with the other 4 players on the court who are plainly looked just a circus spectators, it could has made a difference..look, what doc rivers has done during that kobe run...phil could also has done something to let those others made adjustment...they were just like some helpless salmons waiting to be devoured by bears...common phil, are you up for something...thought you were the zen master...or are you just told old now to catch up...

Oh, boy... it took me a good 2 hours to read all that you posted from yesterday...

I thought I was getting in to leave my two cents but then after reading it all, I realized that I can't truly add anything that you haven't already enlightened multiple times, and/or in the end I'm asking for Game 6 still the same that I was asking for Game 5, totally unfullfilled by our guys, namely:

1) Feeling and playing as a TEAM.

2)Get back kids missing so far.

3) Keep focusing on D, because only from D it arises good stuff.

NOTE: When I write feeling and playing as a team, I absolutely DON'T imply that the fact we can have Kobe doing miracles excludes team play.
To me these two things gotta happen together, because unlike what some here think, to have Kobe doing 30+ each game doesn't automathically asks for his teammates to disappear, UNLESS his teammates disappear (and it's THEIR responsibility if they do, NOT Kobe's).
In these playoffs Kobe has shot 30+ almost all games, and we had great plus out from that.
Only difference with the Celtics series, is that it has happened that the rest of us (some of us at least) has virtualy disappeared from court, going MIA shamelessly.

Well, it's time to be a team, with a legendary leader (I simply laugh at those calling him ball-hog or pointing out that he doesn't play team-like, because that stopped since a couple of years but maybe people instead of watching games play old DVDs of the Lakers or something...) guiding the road paved to Figueroa.

We are a team.
A great team that happens to have in a OUT-Of-Range&Class player.

And if team like this isn't ready NOW to step up and take what they have been put together for to be taken, well, I don't know what else could push these guys then.

We must.

I was ready to eat here at lab while reading you, and the more I was progressing in the reading, the more my need to eat was disappearing. Zero salivation in my mouth, ZERO will to take anything and taste it.

I realized reading your posts was actually feeding me.

I am so into tonight (3 Am wake up call) that I feel my body reacting exactly like it used to when I was practicing team sports myself and I was ready to game up in a few hours.

It's like I have to play this game myself.

Insane much... but you don't command those feelings that much... they just happen to happen, don't they?

All I know is that I will be there TILL THE END.


It's what I can do as a fan.

And you bet will do it, and do it... and do it till I'll have breathing to sustain me.

Let's GO GET THIS, Lakers.

2 left to 16th Ring.


Have all a great day Fam.

Catch you later on. ;) LLL

Good morning. A few shout-outs here:

** GDUB - Thanks for the Mike Wise links - Will check it out.

** GDUB & WES - "Coast-to-Coast" is an treasure trove of great listening.

** JON K - Keep Traveling Safe. (If you think you see any UFO's, it's likely the power of suggestion from listening to C2C!)

** HALOSANT & NOAH - Thanks for your shout-outs.

** ZAIRA >>> We CAN. We must. We WILL.

Pure poetry that is the mantra for the day.

** MARK MEDINA - Are you OK, buddy? This sets the Guiness Book of Records for longest running blog thread (not that I'm complaining, LOL).

Game Day! Go Lakers!

Well. If this isn't a huge day in Laker history then I've never seen a huge day.

One wonders where Jon K is right now. Jon are you still on the road heading west? Any specific soundtrack you're listening to? I always like Tom Waits when I'm on the road. For me, the best time I've had on road trips is when a woman I love is asleep next to me as I drive. That's like church to me. Something about that slight distance while being together is appealiing. Lucinda knows what I mean:


“Listen, if you told me at the beginning of the year that we’ve got two games at home to win a championship, yeah, I’ll take that.”- KOBE BEAN BRYANT. Now Am confident that the Lakers will win this one!

Game day. Make them obey!
Lakers by 8 tonight. Tacos for everyone!

Only 2 threads in 24 hours.
Maybe that was MM's laptop a Celtic through from the stands last game!
The waiting is the hardest part.

The time is now.


Troll Man, just wondering what you think about the Lakers trying to get Dirk :)

It's "rubber meet the road" time...there are two games left in the season. If every Laker...from Kobe all the way to Mbenga is ready and willing to leave it all out on the floor...then our Lakers will be Champs...AGAIN!!!

If not...well, I don't do goodbyes well...but if you aren't WILLING to step it up and lay it all on the line when it REALLY counts...then f*** it, ship 'em to Toronto or Minnesota or somethin'

OH...and by the way...if one more person says "Kobe needs to make his teammates get better...Kobe needs to get them involved"...GTFO with that bullsh*t!!!! These are grown a** men...if they still need somebody else to get them "involved", what the hell are they doin' in the league.

I saw Kobe poundin' the ball inside during the first two quarters...the Lakers only scored 39 POINTS in the first half...39 POINTS!!!!!! The game was slipping away, and NOBODY ELSE ever helped picked it up. Not scoring is no excuse for not playing hard...and aside from Kobe, no other Laker played hard!!

D. Black,

you wrote:

It's "rubber meet the road" time...there are two games left in the season. If every Laker...from Kobe all the way to Mbenga is ready and willing to leave it all out on the floor...then our Lakers will be Champs...AGAIN!!!

If not...well, I don't do goodbyes well...but if you aren't WILLING to step it up and lay it all on the line when it REALLY counts...then f*** it, ship 'em to Toronto or Minnesota or somethin'

my response:



you wrote: Try a little more love in your analysis, try a little more, take a little

my response: Phred, Love is what happens when the confetti rains down
after we win. THIS IS THE TIME OF WAR!

Our boys need to play like they need this more than their wife. This is for a

In case you haven't noticed it, that is *EXACTLY* the way the Celtics are

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