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Caught in the Web: Reactions to Lakers' 103-94 Game 2 loss to Boston Celtics

June 7, 2010 | 10:30 am


Game stories

--The Times' Mike Bresnahan highlights why the Lakers couldn't stop Boston guards Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen in L.A.'s 103-94 Game 2 NBA Finals loss Sunday to the Celtics.

--The New York Times' Howard Beck focuses on the production from Rondo and Allen.

--The Boston Globe's Julian Benbow credits the Celtics' improved effort.'s Bryan Chu documents how Rondo bounced back.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding showcases how the Lakers lost home-court advantage.

--The Riverside Press-Enterprise's David Lassen explains many of the things that went wrong in the Lakers' loss.

--The Washington Post's Michael Lee showcases how the Celtics were too much for the Lakers to handle.

--The Boston Herald's Mark Murphy features the Celtics' one-two punch in Rondo and Allen.

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford focuses on the Lakers' fourth-quarter meltdown.'s Mike Trudell dissects the team's performance.


--The Times' Bresnahan details Lamar Odom's struggles in the NBA Finals.

--The Riverside Press-Enterprise's Lassen labels Odom a "non-factor."

---The Boston Herald's Murphy is still waiting for Celtics forwards Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to produce.

--The Daily News' Teaford focuses on Tex Winter and Jack Ramsey winning the Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award for 2010.


--The Times' Broderick Turner presents the good and the bad from Lakers forward Ron Artest.

--The Times' Lisa Dillman credits Rondo's contributions.

--The Times' Baxter Holmes dissects Allen's hot shooting night.

--The Riverside Press-Enterprise's Matt Calkins believes that Allen followed the advice of the late John Wooden, who famously said, "Make each day your masterpiece."

--The Daily News' Phil Collin looks at the disappearing acts from Odom and Artest.

--The Boston Globe's Frank Dell’Apa credits Rondo's aggressiveness.

--The Daily News' Jon Gold sets the scene of a lively Celtics locker room.

--Fox Sports Mitch Lawrence focuses on Allen's shooting.

--Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix breaks down the key parts of the game and hands out a player-by-player and coaches report card.



---The Times' Bill Plaschke doesn't like the officiating, but chalks up the Lakers loss to a lack of effort on defense.

--The Times' T.J. Simers takes the referees and Boston fans to task.

--The Times' Mark Heisler compares this NBA Finals series to the 1984 Finals match-up between the Lakers and Celtics.

--In the Times, Former Clippers Coach Mike Dunleavy faults the Lakers' defensive strategy on Rondo and Allen as well as the team's shot selection.

--There were plenty of things in the Lakers' loss that left's J.A. Adande scratching his head, including Kobe Bryant's foul trouble.

--AOL Fanhouse's Sam Amick credits Rondo's "deceivingly-deadly ability to dominate."

--As long as the refs don't get in the way, Sports Illustrated's Chris Ballard thinks this will be an epic series.

--The Daily News' Vincent Bonsignore explains how Bryant's foul trouble limited his contributions.

--The Orange County Register's Ding argues that the Lakers deserved to lose Game 2.

--ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg highlights the Celtics' fourth-quarter run.

--Former Laker Rick Fox expresses concern at ESPN Los Angeles that this team mirrors the 2004 Lakers, who lost to Detroit in the NBA Finals.'s Scott Howard-Cooper says Allen "was working off a movie script."

--Fox Sports' Mark Kriegel argues that Rondo saved the Celtics' season.

--ESPN Boston's Peter May details how Allen bounced back from a rough Game 1.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin chalks up the Lakers' loss to their eight missed shots and three turnovers in the final quarter.

--The Orange County Register's Jeff Miller implores Laker fans not to believe the sky is falling.

--The Riverside Press-Enterprise's Gregg Patton describes the Finals as a "crazy series."

--The Boston Globe's Bob Ryan chalks up the Celtics' win to teamwork.

--The Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy believes the Celtics put together a performance that would make their predecessors proud.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Ramona Shelburne shares her take on the bipolar play from Artest.

--The Orange County Register's Marcia C. Smith says she was touched by the Lakers' tribute to Wooden.

--Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears describes Allen's performance as a "Michael Jordan moment."

--Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomsen credits Boston for overcoming adversity.

--AOL Fanhouse's Chris Tomasson wonders if Rondo's performance will get people to start pronouncing his first name correctly.

--The Orange County Register's Mark Whicker believes that there was very little the Lakers could do to stop Rondo.

--The Orange County Register's Randy Youngman does some number-crunching.


--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy and Brian Kamenetzky break down the Lakers' horrible play in the last five minutes of the game.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius credits the Celtics with increasing their effort in Game 2.

--Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore wasn't impressed with the Lakers' offense or their defense.

--Celtics Blog's Greg Payne highlights four key differences between Games 1 and 2.

--Hoopsworld's Eric Pincus examines key parts of the game.'s Sekou Smith calls Artest's play a "nightmare night."

--Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski calls Rondo "some kind of elastic man."

Tweet of the Day: "So was the time out called before Doc was on the court? BTW -- I believe the actual rule is the coaches box but that's never enforced" -- EricPincus (Hoopsworld's Eric Pincus)

Reader Comment of the Day: "I didn't know it was possible for a coach to run out to the middle of the court to call a timeout. I would have thought that would result in a technical. Silly me." -- bronxlakerfan

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Celtics guard Ray Allen arrives too late to prevent a three-pointer by Lakers guard Kobe Bryant in the fourth quarter of Game 2 on Sunday. Credit: Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times

Photo: Lakers point guard Jordan Farmar tries to find the ball as Celtics guard Nate Robinson begins to secure it during a scramble in the second half of Game 2 on Sunday. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times